Is Obama Trying to Control the News with FCC Monitoring?

In Barack Obama, America has a president who uses the IRS to target and harass conservative, Tea Party, pro-life and pro-Israel groups, who has used the NSA to spy on all Americans, who has used the Department of Justice to attack reporters and now wants to place FCC ‘monitors’ in newsrooms. We have a president who wielded a ‘Campaign of Pain’ upon the American people to make them feel his wrath during the partial government shutdown and remind them of what happens when he does not get his way. So, the Obama regime’s latest plan should send chills up the spine of every American.

According to The Blaze, the FCC wants to study how news organizations select stories. FOX News reports that ‘the purpose of the proposed Federal Communications Commission study is to “identify and understand the critical information needs of the American public, with special emphasis on vulnerable-disadvantaged populations.”

In a feeble attempt to spin the plan as innocent, the agency announced a Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs last year, explaining that it wanted to understand the process of which stories are selected, station priorities, content production, populations served, perceived station bias, and perceived percent of news dedicated to each of the “critical information needs” (CINs) in a community, according to FOX News.

However you describe this plan, there is concern that the ultimate goal is to attack the freedom of the press, pressuring newsrooms to cover certain stories and not others.

Barack Obama himself has added fuel to the fire of this speculation with his own actions and complaints surrounding the press. After all, this is the president who has had an ongoing attack against FOX News, stating numerous times that they are not a ‘real news organization’ and attempting to get them kicked out of the White House Press Pool. At the heart of his beef with FOX is simply that they are a conservative news organization that does not pander to his administration. 

Jay Sekulow, chief council for the Americans Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) had this to say, according to The Blaze.

“This is an extremely troubling and dangerous development that represents the latest in an ongoing assault on the Constitution by the Obama Administration,” Sekulow said in a statement. “We have seen a corrupt IRS unleashed on conservatives. We have seen an imperial president bypass Congress and change the law with executive orders.”

Sekulow continued calling out the repressiveness inherent in this new intimidation attack by Obama.

“Now we see the heavy hand of the Obama administration poised to interfere with the First Amendment rights of journalists,” Sekulow continued. “It’s clear that the Obama administration is only interested in utilizing intimidation tactics – at the expense of Americans and the Constitution. The federal government has no place attempting to control the media, using the unconstitutional actions of repressive regimes to squelch free speech.” 

This new proposal comes on the heels of America dropping to 46th place, according to the World Press Freedom Index. This represented a drop in 13 places from the previous year and 26 places since Obama took office in 2009. This is a study conducted by the group Reporters without Borders. TPNN previously reported the reasons cited by Reporters Without Borders for this drop.

The trial and conviction of Private Bradley Manning and the pursuit of NSA analyst Edward Snowden were warnings to all those thinking of assisting in the disclosure of sensitive information that would clearly be in the public interest. 

US journalists were stunned by the Department of Justice’s seizure of Associated Press phone records without warning in order to identify the source of a CIA leak. It served as a reminder of the urgent need for a “shield law” to protect the confidentiality of journalists’ sources at the federal level. The revival of the legislative process is little consolation for James. And less still for Barrett Brown, a young freelance journalist facing 105 years in prison in connection with the posting of information that hackers obtained from Statfor, a private intelligence company with close ties to the federal government.

If Barack Obama has demonstrated one thing during his presidency, it’s that he will abuse the power of the Office of the President, even if it means granting powers and authority to himself that the Constitution does not. Freedom in America is under attack once again at the hands of a president who has demonstrated disdain and disregard for America’s system of government by his actions and his words. Even worse, freedom of the press is being threatened by this new proposal by Barack Obama. This is the type of thing that you would expect in places like communist China, Venezuela, or Russia. Not here in America.

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