Is Obama Trying to Control the News with FCC Monitoring?

In Barack Obama, America has a president who uses the IRS to target and harass conservative, Tea Party, pro-life and pro-Israel groups, who has used the NSA to spy on all Americans, who has used the Department of Justice to attack reporters and now wants to place FCC ‘monitors’ in newsrooms. We have a president who wielded a ‘Campaign of Pain’ upon the American people to make them feel his wrath during the partial government shutdown and remind them of what happens when he does not get his way. So, the Obama regime’s latest plan should send chills up the spine of every American.

According to The Blaze, the FCC wants to study how news organizations select stories. FOX News reports that ‘the purpose of the proposed Federal Communications Commission study is to “identify and understand the critical information needs of the American public, with special emphasis on vulnerable-disadvantaged populations.”

In a feeble attempt to spin the plan as innocent, the agency announced a Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs last year, explaining that it wanted to understand the process of which stories are selected, station priorities, content production, populations served, perceived station bias, and perceived percent of news dedicated to each of the “critical information needs” (CINs) in a community, according to FOX News.

However you describe this plan, there is concern that the ultimate goal is to attack the freedom of the press, pressuring newsrooms to cover certain stories and not others.

Barack Obama himself has added fuel to the fire of this speculation with his own actions and complaints surrounding the press. After all, this is the president who has had an ongoing attack against FOX News, stating numerous times that they are not a ‘real news organization’ and attempting to get them kicked out of the White House Press Pool. At the heart of his beef with FOX is simply that they are a conservative news organization that does not pander to his administration. 

Jay Sekulow, chief council for the Americans Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) had this to say, according to The Blaze.

“This is an extremely troubling and dangerous development that represents the latest in an ongoing assault on the Constitution by the Obama Administration,” Sekulow said in a statement. “We have seen a corrupt IRS unleashed on conservatives. We have seen an imperial president bypass Congress and change the law with executive orders.”

Sekulow continued calling out the repressiveness inherent in this new intimidation attack by Obama.

“Now we see the heavy hand of the Obama administration poised to interfere with the First Amendment rights of journalists,” Sekulow continued. “It’s clear that the Obama administration is only interested in utilizing intimidation tactics – at the expense of Americans and the Constitution. The federal government has no place attempting to control the media, using the unconstitutional actions of repressive regimes to squelch free speech.” 

This new proposal comes on the heels of America dropping to 46th place, according to the World Press Freedom Index. This represented a drop in 13 places from the previous year and 26 places since Obama took office in 2009. This is a study conducted by the group Reporters without Borders. TPNN previously reported the reasons cited by Reporters Without Borders for this drop.

The trial and conviction of Private Bradley Manning and the pursuit of NSA analyst Edward Snowden were warnings to all those thinking of assisting in the disclosure of sensitive information that would clearly be in the public interest. 

US journalists were stunned by the Department of Justice’s seizure of Associated Press phone records without warning in order to identify the source of a CIA leak. It served as a reminder of the urgent need for a “shield law” to protect the confidentiality of journalists’ sources at the federal level. The revival of the legislative process is little consolation for James. And less still for Barrett Brown, a young freelance journalist facing 105 years in prison in connection with the posting of information that hackers obtained from Statfor, a private intelligence company with close ties to the federal government.

If Barack Obama has demonstrated one thing during his presidency, it’s that he will abuse the power of the Office of the President, even if it means granting powers and authority to himself that the Constitution does not. Freedom in America is under attack once again at the hands of a president who has demonstrated disdain and disregard for America’s system of government by his actions and his words. Even worse, freedom of the press is being threatened by this new proposal by Barack Obama. This is the type of thing that you would expect in places like communist China, Venezuela, or Russia. Not here in America.


  1. Keep going O. Keep going. At this point, we need you to notch it up into overdrive. Only then will some on the communist left see your abhorrently mushroomed narcissism and feel the need to check it, so there’s enough room left for their own narcissism.

  2. It’s a feeler to see how seriously people might react if they actually put government censors in newsrooms.

  3. Is there any surprise after electing Obama we drop to 46th place in the World Press Freedom index? This is the direction you head when you elect dictators.

    1. Excellent point, TeaBo. Time spent browsing indices is time well spent. The avg person does none of this and so lacks vital information on how, why and most importantly, with what degree of acceleration, the world picture wrt to America’s standing in it has and is changing.

      All by the hidden hand of course. As the FBI famously dictates: “There ARE no coincidences”.

  4. This administration bought 1.5 billion rounds of ammo and 2700 tanks (street sweepers) that will stay on American soil to be used against its own citizen.
    This is all by design.

  5. If you have to ask the question ………….
    With msnbc in what appears to be negative numbers with viewers, of course they had to move on to something else.
    Problem is when we find one nugget, theres sure to be “load” coming…….

  6. Absolutely…….he is ALREADY controlling the media……heavily……..and now he seeks to control it completely!

    1. all the sham new channels “heart” him, they dont report real truthful unbiased news, once he silence Fox news, that would be the end and he will be able to carry out his fundamental transformation of this country 100%!

    1. Actually he would look like this:
      This is Yakov Dzhugashvili, one of Stalin’s sons that fought for the Red Army during World War II.

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    1. Beck also warned us on the “Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis” to bankrupt the country that Obama once lectured on. Seems to be working.

  7. Even if this really was some honest attempt at understanding how news organizations select their stories you’d then have the question…”Why/”.

    There is no logical or compelling reason.

    1. Sure there is…. Government censorship of what people are ALLOWED to hear on the news. Including newspapers and the internet. Even now textbooks in our schools are being changed so REAL HISTORY is not taught. One only needs to look at China; what they see, read, or hear, is “hand picked”. I believe it was Egypt???during some of the worst rebelling not long ago; people’s computers and phones were cut off from the satellite so they could not “receive or send” anything. That is Control! You can BE SURE Obama wants that media power! It’s how, over time, you destroy people’s beliefs, values, morals, honor to one’s country, love for our flag, gratitude for our military sacrifices, etc. etc. During Hitler’s reign of terror, he did the same thing….”media brainwashing”. Obama already has censorship with news reported by CBS, ABC, and NBC….when they “dare cross the line with something like the 60 minutes report on Benghazi” the white house goes ballistic and that reporter (who dared to report THE TRUTH of her investigation) has taken a huge HURT to her career. Hope that Fox news has offered her a JOB with them? Obama does NOT want truth reported about anything which is why he has called every investigation into the IRS, Benghazi, spying on the Associated Press, Fast and Furious, (any and all) as “phony investigations…nothing to them, no laws broken, etc. etc.” We ALL KNOW Lois Lerner plead the fifth when she was called to testify about the IRS scandal. THAT SAYS something illegal went on right there, all by itself. Why take the fifth if nothing was going on? Oh, Lois Lerner has now been retired from the IRS job with FULL BENEFITS. Lastly, Obama is very mad at Fox news for reporting TRUE stories about him and he wants more than anything to shut them up, censor what they report, BECAUSE he is now going around saying “Fox news and people like Rush Limbaugh on the radio are the reason his ratings are so low….they say negative things about him.”

  8. “…with special emphasis on vulnerable-disadvantaged populations”

    Right there is your smoking gun. Few will understand why. I will use an analogy: Why is it important to increase food stamp roles? One cheif reason is the billions made by the banksters off of providing the banking behind the food stamp debit cards. Whatever it is that the “vulnerable-disadvantaged” are known to be consuming (through market analysis) is then racheted up and capitalized upon.

    Once again, it is not about the helping any disadvantaged populace. It is about exploiting them for profits.

  9. Impeachments and High Treason and murder gangs. Need to stop playing with all America rights are not being correct and This is now Impeachments are both parties swore to up hold People rights and this is way to far is communism

  10. As soon as the polls open for early voting I am there to vote. I am sick and tired of these animals ruining our country. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    I really think O will not serve out his full term.. I think impeachment will get him but if it doesn’t we all might have him around for a long time like Fidel. Can you imagine that? Michelle and her to bwanna babies to watch on vacation.

  11. Germany 1932 you hear what he wants you to hear that way no communication between the general population.

  12. Its funny, but some time back, the left leaning Rachel Maddow called Obama a despot. Accusing him (may I say properly) of abusing his presidential powers. We now hear little from the Obama ass-kissing lame-stream media about the horrible abuses of this Stalin like president.

    1. True, but she did once criticize this joke as a president, so I didn’t emphasize her bias, even though she actualy is far left.

  13. Warning to the liberal media: now he’s coming after you. Did you think you could help this usurper gain unconstitutional power and there would be no price to pay? Stupid, stupid, stupid!

  14. Boy Little Hitler has started to take over the country! The media is already his slave you cant find an honest one out of the whole main stream networks.

  15. when is this low life son of a bitch going to be put in front of a firing squad and executed with extreme prejudice

  16. Some scary times we live in. I heard this morning on the dreaded Fox network that the reason for all this is to justify bombarding us with “climate change” propaganda. The commentator also said that this “monitoring” is voluntary but he could see how NOT volunteering for their Orwellian experiment could cost the offending station their license. Fox’s license is up this year. Great timing wouldn’t you say. Pirate Radio anyone?

  17. I hope you all like living in FEMA camps with the high fences and all that razor wire, the Gulag for the patriotic Americans who believe in the constitution and the Bill of Rights. I hope I’m wrong about this, but looking at whats going on in this country, I’m not so sure.

  18. Appears to be an orchestrated plan to attack GOP governors. Obama only thinks politics…….nothing else.

  19. That is called.. a Marxists Dictatorship.. the liberal media and congressional liberals will call it, good and will spin it to brain wash the low information liberal voters, liberal Obama lackey supporters, all to be glad, for them to have a communists Pravda news agency too here in America, so they only get Obama’s marxists rhetoric and BS propaganda, to listen to the man they love..

  20. Why is the massive Media Complex taking this like they have no other choice. When will the Free press push this bully back and draw a red line for freedom and liberty that the constitution guarantees. Obama does these things without any push back. He is a man like any other man, and he can be stopped.

  21. IF this goes into effect, it can be exposed by beginning each story with the line “The following story is approved by the Federal Government” and ending each story with a similar line “The preceding story was approved by the Federal Government”. See how long that can last.

  22. We, as a people cannot let this distain and arrogance that Obama seems to live by, destroy what our founders created, and what has been protected by the hundreds of thousands who gave their lives in all the wars since. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press is a basic American right, and no tin hat dictator is going to take that away. No one, much less a president abusing his power has that right.

  23. Barry is a thin skinned evil godless radical whose fcc appointees reveal his hatred if freedom.

    Chief Diversity Officer, Federal Communications Commission – Mark Lloyd
    While Obama is playing coy with his plans to shut down conservative talk radio, we know what his real intentions are, due to his appointment of Mark Lloyd. Lloyd’s view of the 1st Amendment is shocking:
          “It should be clear by now that my focus here is not freedom of   speech or the press.
           This freedom is all too often an exaggeration. At the very least, blind references
           to freedom of speech or the press serve as a distraction from the critical examination
           of other communications policies. “[T]he purpose of free speech is warped to protect
            global corporations and block rules that would promote democratic governance.”
    Like many of Obama’s appointees, Lloyd worked for George Soros, the foreign billionaire who funds anti-America groups. He seems to be enamored with dictators and has even publicly praised Venezuelan Communist dictator Hugo Chavez’s “incredible…democratic revolution.” He also wants to use the Fairness Doctrine to “balance” talk radio and believes there are too many white people in the media. He has written that unless there are “more people of color, gays and other people…we will not change the problem.” One of his solutions to “balance” the media is to fine conservative radio stations up to $250 million and give the proceeds to National Public Radio. Get ready for censorship like America has never seen before.

    1. Its disgusting whats going on in America. Its almost like the Obama supporters are blind to whats going on, like Zombies It reminds me of the tv show, “The Walking Dead”. Anyway how can conservative talk radio be fined? What law can the gov’t say they broke? Balance to the Soros supporters means, we get to speak and you shut up.

  24. It’s beginning to look like the congress is a part of this Obama take over crap. Lip service is all that comes out of the congress. What else could it be by letting this pin head president systematically destroy everything America stands for.

  25. This article suggests the Democrats’ president is ‘attempting’ to control the media. He IS controlling the media. My servor is Consistently, any story that presents Obama negatively is very hard to bring on line, if not impossible.I have explained to my servor many times,”this is illegal” and the problem disappears, until the next time my mail is tampered with. There is a limit, and we are close to it. All that’s needed is the right man, and this devious and destructive politician is removed…to a dumpster.

  26. So now do all news stories have to end with text that says “Paid for by you” with a little javascript of a laughing emoticon belching ROFLMBFAO?

  27. A cult of Personality.
    Demonizing a small segment of society.
    Printing money and inflating the currency.
    Nationalizing companies.
    Controlling the education of children.
    Government controlling healthcare.
    Propaganda and intimidation in the media.
    Prosecuting and imprisoning political enemies.
    Selective enforcement of laws – rule by fiat.
    Militarizing the federal police.
    Spying on our own citizens…….

    ….we are reliving the Weimar Republik.
    And we all know how THAT ended……..

  28. Why don’t we start a movement where everyone in America claims zero exemptions and refuses to pay anymore income taxes. They would have to beg other country’s for money while their credit would be cut off. Alas, it’s only a dream because we can’t get enough people to stand together.

  29. What else should we expect from someone first educated in an Islamic (Communism with a god-head) madrassa in Indonesia, then mentored by Communist agitator Frank Marshall Davis (likely his genetic father who had nude photos of Obama’s young mother in an album) in Hawaii, then by a succession of radicals before becoming a Community Organizer and Chicago politician? Pravda worked well for the Stalin and the Soviets, so why wouldn’t Obama try for a similar “news” service here?

    So this is the thanks you media folks get for being Obama’s loyal lapdogs. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch! Its you idiots that put this guy in power and kept him there. The gods punish mortals by answering their prayers!

  31. How may people are there that don’t understand that Obama is a communist, born and raised? It will take decades to undo the harm he has done to America.

  32. Private business owners already consider themselves unpaid government workers with all their time forced to filing out government compliance and other government forms. Now how much more of their time will they have to waste with these government ‘monitors’ answering their questions, justifying their decisions and providing them with information?
    Government workers don’t care, they get paid no matter how long it takes and have great paid holidays.