How Many Times Did Sharpton Play the Race Card in 2013? You Won’t Believe This!

Al Sharpton, a self-proclaimed Civil Rights leader and self-appointed spokesman for the black community , has made his living as a professional race baiter and bigot. Given his penchant for playing the race card, he is a perfect fit for MSNBC, a network whose hosts are no strangers to hurling the racism claim at those on the right side of the political aisle. That should come as no surprise since the accusation of racism is hurled on a constant basis at anyone who opposes Barack Obama’s policies and unconstitutional actions. The network is so committed to helping Obama advance his agenda that they even changed their tagline to LEAN FORWARD falling in line with Obama’s Marxist based slogan ‘FORWARD’.

The Washington Free Beacon has put together a video highlighting the fact that Sharpton has taken his race baiting ways to a new level on his show. (video below) Although there were only 261 weekdays in 2013, with a re-run or ‘best of’, if that is even possible in the case of Sharpton, running on some of those days, Sharpton managed to say the word ‘race’, ‘racism’, or ‘racially’ 314 times! 

The video is hilarious and the ending is classic Al! 

WATCH the full video for maximum entertainment value.

H/T Washington Free Beacon

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    1. of course he’s not blind. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He gets PAID for this. If he didn’t play the race card he’d have to get a REAL job.

  1. Is there one good reason for this man, or any of his ilk, to be called “reverend”? Isn’t it about time to stop conferring upon men a title which the Bible says is reserved for ONE who is NOT a man?

    1. I think he dubbed himself “reverend”. Every time you see him he has his fist raised and his mouth wide open, shouting “racist!”.

    2. AND it was by his parents AND he was 9 years old AND it was so they cold run a scam for money for the “Little Preacher.”

    3. Not the least bit surprised by that but I am quite surprised at how many blacks have allowed themselves to follow this guy and his teaching, as with Jackson and all the other race baiters!!

    4. so explain to me y bring attention to potential racism qualifies as race baiting do you actually believe that blacks and whites are truly treated equally in this country

    5. except in court, at jobs, schools and in politics
      we’re branded as lazy, stupid, criminals, who don’t know no better than to vote democrat because we can’t see how much the republican party cares about black people just watch fox news see how many uneducated welfare thugs garner the hatred of an entire network and all 1 million of it’s viewers, but if you call attention to racial disparity your a race baiter

    6. So who has done the most good in your eyes jesse jackson sharpton or Martin Luther King Jr? I am beside myself that jackson and sharpton have been elevated to any form of popularity, and even to the point of being compared to MLK, or in the place of MLK. This is certain travesty! The republican party abolished slavery, the democratic party started the KKK???? I am quite confused. Why the turn around? I’m thinkin it is a freebie thing. I lived in Oakland in the early 60′s. Me and my little black friend watched as smoke rose a few blocks away from the rioting. I was about 3 years old. The tension back then was very high, but rapidly died down. Over the years racism wasn’t even thought of, but now we are back to the 60′s tension, why? I am so sick of black folks telling me they are proud of being a career welfare recipient. They tell me mom dad grandpa. . .Seriously? This is sleeze at its finest. If affirmative action wasn’t enough to open the doors for those who want to move along in life like MLK preached CONSTANTLY that’s too bad. But these bozos come along and blow MLK away with complacent laziness. And put you back to the stone age in regards to self respect. Personally I have gotten along finding odd jobs. After I got out of the navy in 1979 I was free to do whatever I wanted so I chose to do whatever I wanted and not be tied down to some ghetto waiting for my dole from the government. Is that the life you want your heritage to have? Is that a life to be proud of? Besides how long do you think the rich man can be taxed enough for you to get the freebies? Even if you personally don’t get the handouts, falsely called entitlements, NOBODY is entitled to welfare or food stamps, Do you think that the government titty is endless? In order to receive the titty someone has to pay, and if that someone is taxed out of business nobody will have jobs nor welfare nor food stamps. Barry BOY is doing that very thing and sorry to say this but the young black man will be the canon fodder for what comes next. Sharpton and jackson are making certain of that, just like they force their people to take their over bloated very expensive services. It might sound fun and it seems like violence is in your genes or something. All one has to do is listen to crap (music) those two words don’t belong together. Crap is not music. anyway listen to the “poetic” putrid language of kill death rape murder ghetto slum hood homie project and every foul word one could imagine and even some that I wouldn’t imagine. Is this conducive to loving kind behavior? Or canon fodder?

    7. Racism wasn’t thought of by you
      Medgar Evers was murdered in his home by the head of the fbi an no one said anything. all those people fighting for the right to vote being beating to death and shot means nothing

      but you sort of have a point about the music. people used to rap their lives and express hopes and dreams or frustrations. now all that frustration hatred and fear is turned inward that and some kids think it will get them rich.

      The clan was reborn in opposition of civil rights like every other horrible thing done in the south around that time was. the dems said that they had given away the south for the next 50 years and look he was right and also most of the suburbs and country in all 50 states (wonder y that is??? geez I’m baffled) ya see I don’t have some fictional or antiquated idea of politics I’ve been paying attention for a long time and I notice you have to go back 70 years and reference facts BEFORE a very critical change in our political climate. all the racist democrats became republicans.
      Lincoln freed the slaves by himself and legislation to change the laws was held up by the next president. that doesn’t matter to you because you don’t think about race.
      Affirmative action was struck down now cal tech is 50% Asian the 5 members of the freshman basketball team are black 1 is black Asian and native American.
      without welfare and food stamps there would be 40 million more people looking for jobs and since everybody shops at walmart they’d either be minimum wage or starve. can’t quote me on that not all starving people will rob and kill for food. one might revolutionize the way we build computers. What we really have to do is train people for different jobs. what Bush started no worker left behind helps put people in places we need them healthcare, it, I think cooking and teaching
      and no ones proud to be on welfare or food stamps kids scores suffer when they deal with uncertainty and poverty.
      every president makes a few bad decisions Clinton deregulated the banks took a few yews but oops. Reagan 4x the debt and his strong stance on crime really just cost a lot of money. bush blew the budget out of the water. What I notice about this presidency is there is absolutely no compromise it’s like war just like Reagan said before he got into office and did the opposite of what he ran on and these people worship the false idea that he ran on , but who else is there Nixon, ford

    8. Want to know what’s really holding you back? It is the very people that claim to care about you, those who have repeatedly told you that you are a ‘victim’ until you have been conditioned to remain in that victim mindset. They keep you in chains through dependency on their party, accepting of living in poverty, and continue to give you crumbs as long as you continue to vote for them. Want to do better, you have the same opportunity as anyone else,all it takes is to stop playing the victim, blaming everyone else, and a willingness to work towards what you want.

    9. yall really have developed a hive mentality about a lifestyle that never really existed for other people. to collectively and continually suggest that other people are poor because they are lazy and would rather take handouts and just sit around getting high or robbing each other a blanket statement about people you don’t know understand the policy ideas of the 20′s. the fact that yall can’t except forcing a crap education on an entire race for generations has lasting effects on the entire culture is appalling. I don’t remember blaming anybody but I could blame the crap schools or the lack of pre-k since read is the hardest and most important skill kids need to develop the rest is at least partially a result of that along with every racist policy that was forced upon black people since the boats dropped us off here
      you think al shapton sticking up for black people is racist I think you’re racist for the suggestion along with basically everything else you said. and if I grew up in a time wher shooting black was a regular occurrence I’d be p

    10. Semaj,, if you used some punctuation,, your statements would be much easier to read and understand. You talk about lack of education, well you certainly seem to fit the bill. The “Rev. Jesse Jackson had a child out of wedlock, yet is still referred to as a Rev. Please!! Al Sharpton hasn’t said anything non racists since Barry was elected. And to say no one is happy to be on welfare and to receive “handouts”,, is bullshit. I’ve seen one after another black women who have 6-10 children by 6-10 different men, half of whom are in prison, say “someone out there is responsible for feeding my kids, someone is responsible for clothing my kids, etc. etc. SO, your remarks, some of which are very true, but most, are so clouded by “your past”, you can’t see the future Barry is planning, has been planning and intends on carrying out, to keep “the black community on welfare, along with the white community”. He’s a very rich SOB, do you see him “donating” to your cause, our cause, the nations “cause”. No,, he wants us right where we are. To bad most democrats are to politically blinded to see what is coming. Time for you to wake up.

    11. Semaj, some of what you said IS true…the education system is dysfunctional…BUT, not just for Blacks…There are probably just as many whites who have had to go through a substandard educational system and are continuing to do so. The Education system has been taken over by people who are intentionally “dumbing down” the population of this country; white, black, hispanic, everyone. The other issue is what YOU as a Person have to WANT to make something of yourself. Do something about it and get yourself up out of the tenement buildings. The color of your skin is no excuse. I’ve had more bias against me in jobs because I am white due to the so called “Equal Opportunity Laws” then you ever did by being black. They Claim the percentage of the Black population in this country is roughly 13% (2010) and yet look at the Labor force; 17.9% of the Federal workforce is Black. It is pretty much the same by state. The facts do not coincide with your beliefs about “discrimination”.
      Again, your letting a Lot of the lies cloud your reasoning. You talk about “in a time where shooting black was a regular occurrence”…it still is! And mostly by other Blacks! Look at Chicago for instance…or Camden, NJ…(Democrats run those cities) Also, that era and the people that you are alluding too were Democrats not Republicans! You need to stop “listening” to the lies and look at the facts.

    12. Problem is that the cry of racism has wore out the shock value. Anyone can call me anything they wish, doesn’t matter because I know who I am and what I believe, i don’t need black or white telling me that we are the same under the skin and I’ve been in many different schools and grew up in a Catholic home for boys, lived on the streets, in my car and no one took care of me, except me. Put myself through college, the Navy, marriage and four productive children, and made sure that my retirement didn’t rely on the government, not that I won’t take the SS, which I and my employers, paid for, and my pension which I worked 26 years to collect. I don’t apologize to anyone for anything that I have or my children have, because the government gave me nothing and when I get Medicare in a couple of years, I’ve paid for that also, unlike millions who haven’t!!!! So I conclude that if you want to make it, you have to do it yourself, because no one gives a crap and I don’t care if they don’t, I’m a man, self sufficent, and a proud American!!!!! God bless you Semaj, I hope you find the peace i’ve found.

    13. I’m not sure how old you are, but I lived in the 50′s and I lived in a neighborhood with blacks, white, and hispanics, and I never had a problem with any kind of racism than. My sister married a black man and I have mixed race nephews, again, no problems with race, none!!! Sharpton and his kind, not just black baiters but also white baiters, who think there is only one kind of and that is their kind. I’m someone who grew up during the civil rights march and was glad that something was done about the treatment of those that didn’t measure up to what the whites in leadership at that time thought. We are now in a place where the law goes the other way with regards to opportunity, i.e. affirmative action. It’s not just one sided, white against black, it’s also the other way also, people don’t just wish to talk about it. I’m guessing it depends where you live whether you think equality is given between the races. I now see a black president, don’t like him, not because he’s black, but because he seems to want to take this country backwards. He is the most polorizing president we have ever had, but he is the president. So yes I think that we are so far ahead of where we were and people like Sharpton only try to bring us back because it keeps him in the spotlight!! My opinion!!!!

    14. yet black unemployment has been twice that of whites since forever and Hispanics 3x that. and backwards would be the austerity and inequality that started the great depression. and the congress was already polarized when he took office. there were meetings to stop his legislation before he took office I think they decided on a 24/7 negative message campaign since actual ideas aren’t popular. he reached across a lot, most of ideas actually jibe with what republicans say they want within reason unlike when senators write bill and then vote against it how do you justify that. the sequester is a job killer and the bush tax cuts alone (or y we blame Bush and Obama) he left those tax cuts in place to give them a chance to work but it really just blew up the deficit and raised the debt. nobody pays attention to how much he reached across the aisle they just call him a socialist. hey it plays with the base who cares if it’s true but do you see a bill to close loopholes in tax code or to create jobs or stimulate the economy. no. any positive motion would be attributed to the president so they won’t do anything. every press conference he says we can have a debate and make things better/ what ideas do you have/ we can work together to make America the strongest it’s ever been but I wonder why he is considered the most polarizing president ever, what could it possibly be???

    15. So this is all because of racism? I don’t buy that but if you do, that is what you believe, I don’t, and you are allow your opinion, I respect it but totally disagree with it. I hope that somewhere down the road it gets better in your eyes, not sure if that will happen for you, but I do hope it does.

    16. You should consider breaking up your comment into paragraphs, as it would be easier to read.

      The Black unemployment problem you mention is because it is easier to get handout from the Liberal masters than a job.

      Same goes for Hispanics, who also have a large illegal immigrant base who are used as cheap “cash under the table” laborers.

      The Blue states seem to have an over abundance of unemployed people. With manufacturing companies and Corporations leaving those states, along with the jobs you are crying(legitimately) about. They are moving to other countries where they can get away with slave labor.

    17. no you r not racist at all. hand outs. you understand we’re 8% of the pop. and the largest unemployment rates are in red states and pay worse in right to work states. and I’ve gone to interviews and saw the change of people faces from resume to meeting in person and they hear my name like I was the only one qualified but so sorry

    18. When you say 8% you mean a specific city or state right? Because the overall population of black is larger than that, has to be. I am not going to say White Supremacy doesn’t exist or isn’t a problem. It is Religiously ingrained into the minds of the unenlightened.

      The interview problems you had, I have similar problems being a veteran for many jobs. There is this bullshit stigma that veterans are unstable and dangerous. Truth is we are tired of stupid people, much as you seem to be.

      I am racist, but I don’t persecute people based on their race. As all races are equally prone to acts of evil and willful ignorance. To be honest I love the Nubian people, as they are a colorful and culturally diverse and balanced people. Much as the Native Americans and Aborigines.

      Sadly the mainstream Religions of Slavery(most predominant are Christianity (don’t lie to your selves people!) and Islam) destroy cultures who have found balance with nature and in their lives.

    19. Obama is not Black he is Bi Racial, but you won’t ever hear that. I remember when Oprah interviewed Tiger Woods and ask him why he wouldn’t say he was a Black Golfer. Tiger replied and I quote ” to say that I would deny my Mother” he went on to say he considered himself Multi Racial.

    20. Yup! He is half white and half Middle Eastern, which I believe is anthropologically classified as Caucasian. That makes him half White and half White.

    21. At least as much as Democrat and Republican blacks are. Ever pay any attention to that issue? It is the best direct evidence that about 98% of claimed ‘racism’ is nothing but political posturing from the left.

    22. so every time I’m followed around a store being the only black man there I should blame Politians thanks i’ll write my senator

    23. I don’t know about you Semaj, but whenever I walk anywhere and there are a few of anyone, I’m leery and I make sure I know exactly where I am and who is close, just in case. We have such a paranoid society because of all of the violence around, by both whites and blacks, but we now have black young adults hitting anyone on the street for a game and you wonder why anyone, both black and white, are afraid whenever they see anyone of color, it’s human nature for self protection, and to tell the truth, if anyone, white or black, tried that with me, I’d shot them dead, no regret!!!!! We live in a give away, free stuff society now and people like FDR and the democrats in particular didn’t do anyone any good by trying to buy votes with welfare, food stamps and section 8 housing. Eventually those that produce will fight those that take, and it won’t be pretty!!!!

    24. I doubt you r in the percentile that experiences the 22% raise in income this country white people grow up in projects too they just call them a different name and exclude by race. so nobody believes that mass austerity in a weak economy leads to total collapse? just talking points and arguments from before the new deal. well you want to create a depression that would be the way to recreate it. most people in section 8 housing don’t vote unless very motivated. and I stay away from large groups of white people too

    25. Actually, yes. If your being followed by police. As the politicians are directly responsible for the actions of the police. Being that police “Protect and Server” the government.

      Look at NYC. They have a dictatorial Mayor who says one thing and does another. The police shoot people on site if they THINK someone is armed.

      NYC and now Detroit are pushing racism from the top down to the beat cop.

    26. They are treated equal. It’s a federal law. I have offered rewards for proof of cases of institutionalized racism towards blacks from whites and not one case has been brought forward. Black racism towards whites has been proven but the laws don’t allow for any prosecution. But if you know of an instances please share.

    27. That’s more than I can say for many “pastors” and “church leaders” today. You give him far too much credit.

    28. He became a “preacher” with a mail-order certificate when he was 6 years old; that explains everything!

    29. We could go on indefinitely quoting Scripture to prove that the negro is merely an articulate member of the beast creation. Even though he has not been given the intelligence and Spiritual understanding of the White Race, he can think and reason up to a point, therefore he is to have dominion over the other animals.

      Let us give credit where credit is due, the negro is King, KING OF THE BEASTS.

      For proof that they are beasts, and God calls them exactly that, may I refer you to the following passages:

    30. I don’t agree with your opinion, but if you are right, maybe the beasts were the white man??? Since humanity started in Africa, it would appear logical the black men are the descendants of Adam and Eve and we are the beasts. Ask the Indians, they think we are beasts

    31. wrong. First at Tigris and Euphrates. Then all life died except for 3 families of Noah and they launched out from Turkey, MT Ararat?

    32. God does. It appears from the Genome that it began in Africa…..though technically in the beginning there was only one Continent. Read about Peleg in the Bible.

    33. First off… this whole thing is nonsense. Second… if you are a believer… Adam and Eve were created at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates (you can easily find out where that is… some of us already know)

    34. No… I didn’t miss that. The initial discussion was about where humanity started… and the answer is Iraq. If you want to talk about the flood… it is inconclusive… but the closest thing we have shows Turkey as a possible location for Noah. There is NOTHING to show an ark landing anywhere on the continent of Africa

    35. Did you watch the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate? If so than you know that all your scientific data is worthless in the eyes of the slave minded population, who chose willful ignorance over enlightenment..

    36. Shem , Ham, and Japheth were our descendants. Shen went toward Asia after the flood I believe, Japheth(whites) went to Caucaus mountains? and Ham (blacks) went South to Aftica after landing in Turkey after flood. Everyone else on Earth was wiped out. So forget Eden, it is toast. Life later came from Noah who was a white man (book of Enoch),white, blond hair and blue eyes. God sees all people as his race.

    37. blue eyes are the result of mutant gene that’s traced back to Italy and it won’t be around for much longer

    38. We are all one race, the human race. BTW Noah was a descendant of Adam and Eve, so humanity still came from the first couple. There is a line of belief that we all started out the same color and speaking the same language. The people who went to Africa they acclimatized to the weather there by producing more melatonin which makes their skin thicker and darker. Those that went to climates that are milder ended up having lighter skin and those that went to cool climates ended up with thin, white skin. All from the environment they became accustomed to. We are all children of God.

    39. Your a Moron. There are far too many “Beasts” of all Creeds, color, religions and in some cases (such as the ones who spew trash) intellectual levels! You just put yourself right into the same category as the other Moron they wrote this story about. It is time for everyone to knock off the dumb crap, realize that we are being “played” to keep tension between the races so that we don’t look too closely at what some “Elite” dirtbags are doing. You are part of the problem! Why don’t you become part of the resolution instead?

    40. My typing skills do not have any bearing on the lack of true intelligence you show. Grow Up and Get a Life.

    41. Sure, it’s a smoke screen for other problems. However, a person with ANY “intellect” can see through this crap.

    42. Your logic is wrong and information but I see where you are coming from. God surely killed animals, it is all over the bible. Billions were slaughtered for food and sacrifice and punishment. People can and do lie with animals, unlike your comment. It is a stretch to afiliate beasts with a sub species. There is no written sub life form until the angels who have fallen from heaven mate with the humans and make the : men of reknown” or greek freak theater. They were killed in flood. Also the gene pool thing, well God himself is the entirety of man and we were created “like him”.God can and does in fact carry all gene pool combo pack. God even says in heaven there is no greek or Jew, male or female etc. Mixed race kids are not mongrels but sometimes a saviour of a race, genetically speaking. The book of Enoch does say Noah came out of womb white, blond hair and blue eyes so you have that..

    43. From Wikipedia Alfred Charles “Al” Sharpton, Jr. (born October 3, 1954) is an American Baptist minister, civil rights activist, and television/radio talk show host. So he IS a bible thumper.

    44. I know a few reverends who got their license for $5 on line. They know nothing but use it to get out of paying taxes.

    45. He is also a liar. He pulled a hoax on the people years ago by claiming that a 14-year-old girl was raped in an empty apartment. He ranted and raved and it was finally discovered he made the whole thing up. He even ran for president at one time. He’s a charlatan and a fake.

    46. Jackson traveled with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King did not trust him. You can see why given his performance since King died.

    47. Good point. It would be like Mike Huckabee using Reverend in his title. I am sure that if the Reverend Al could have won a Senate seat or a seat in Congress (Yikes!!!), he would have ditched the clerical title in a heart beat. Ironically has the Reverend Al ever delivered a sermon?

  2. It is sad that the self-appointed speaker for the black community is such a racist(more so against black) hate mongering hypocrite and a sellout to the black community. One can say that both him and Jesse Jackson are full blown Uncle Toms in the spitting image of Samuel L. Jackson in “Django Unchained”. Both Sharpton and Jackson just look angry and hateful ALL the time, unless they are kissing upto whitey or cashing his check.

    Why are men like Dr. Ben Carson and Niel Degrasse Tyson not chosen to speak for the black community? They look happy, or at least content with their lives and jobs. They are hard working and well respected in their field of study.

    1. I’m not familiar with him, as he is an older gentleman who is largely ignored by the mainstream. From what I have Googled he is a excellent example.

    2. because those men have honor and character and wouldn’t bribe their constituents with freebies, because they believe you should work for what you get… so they’d have nothing in common with most of those that they would represent.

    3. I don’t know much about Mr. Tomas, but I really like Mrs. Rice. I didn’t like her boss but she was someone with some sense and a hard working successful woman.

    4. partisan logic. u like the guy that agrees with you everyone else is evil and hate filed and dangerous to everyone even the people propose to help, pretty crap argument. white man sees a black feels threatened and shoots him doesn’t go to jail isn’t investigated gets off on a jury trail. all things being equal save race black man does time for murder do you really think things in this country are equal when black people serve more time in jail for the same crimes make less money in the same positions and have higher unemployment with the same experience and education? it’s called disparity look it up. and prejudice is why black people don’t do as well as whites with juries.

    5. I like the guy who’s actions speak for themselves. I also notice the way they look, and how they speak. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton both look angry and spout racist rhetoric when they get into the public view.

      There were some really good suggestion for Community speakers, like Condoleezza Rice who is a self made woman. Members of the Black community who have made something positive out of a life around White Supremacy should be the people the Black Community wants to listen to.

      Also, I know more about racism than many would think. I might have white skin, but I am a red head. There are TWO mass genocides in world history in which Gingers were slaughtered. We were also viewed as less than human by the Catholic Church(which condoned our enslavement), Norman Kings(appointed by the Church), and the Nazis(supported by the Church). It is also considered normal to bully red headed children. And, despite the fact we are a minority world wide, this isn’t considered racism or a hate crime. I find the whole White/Black Jesus and Santa arguments absolutely hilarious as both were Gingers.


  4. I’ll never fully trust or respect one of them animals again,after seeing them all cry for punk thug trayvon and calling muslim obama their savior

    I found some information,It makes a lot of sense,It explains a lot.

    Adam and Eve have only their own seed within themselves, so can only produce their own kind. Yet we are asked by intellectual prostitutes to believe that all races came from Adam and Eve. To produce another race or species, another seed would be necessary. When different races mix, they do not bring forth their own kind; their offspring are mongrels or hybrids. This is a transgression against Divine Law, upsetting Nature’s delicate balance and producing THAT WHICH IS NOT GOOD. Little wonder that, so often in the past, God has destroyed His own children for mongrelizing, and, you can be sure, He will again.

    We could go on indefinitely quoting Scripture to prove that the negro is merely an articulate member of the beast creation. Even though he has not been given the intelligence and Spiritual understanding of the White Race, he can think and reason up to a point, therefore he is to have dominion over the other animals.

    Let us give credit where credit is due, the negro is King, KING OF THE BEASTS.

    For proof that they are beasts, and God calls them exactly that, may I refer you to the following passages:

  5. With “leaders” like Sharpton and Jackson, the black community is not one iota better off that they were 10 years ago. And certainly not in the last 5 years of “leadership” fro the emmaculated Obama.

  6. He must be concerned about racism, huh? I think I heard him say something about race. Is he worried about racists? Is he a racist? He seems to have a one track mind.

    1. Fireboy isn’t praying for God to bless Sharpton. He is praying for God to change Sharpton’s heart, to cause him to leave his sinful ways and turn toward the truth.

    2. I have too many good people to pray for, I don’t have time for him and his kind….not black-evil. I pray for my brothers and sisters in need

    3. Matthew 5:44
      King James Version (KJV)
      44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

    4. It doesn’t say pray for those that are evil. I would only ask God to help them turn from evil

    5. Matthew 5:44 KJV
      44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

  7. A saved born again Christian would not show the hatred, mean temperament, racist attitude. A Rev. would be trying to bring people together not separate them. There would be smiles instead of the maddened facial expressions. A Christian and especially a Rev. would not support abortion, lying and the spreading thereof. If he was who he says he is, he would be promoting salvation of souls and teaching others of Christ. Being who he appears to be and the actions he takes and the alignment that he puts his association with. I would say he needs to drop the “Reverend” and stop deceiving people for it doesn’t fit his agenda. His agenda is not a Godly one. He really needs to find his place with God, Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by Me”. He needs to find his way and do it right.

  8. What’s sad is how many black people actually do not see him for the clown he is. I guess it helps explain the fabulous success they enjoy.

  9. Ah, Al Sharpton, the caveman of civil rights…

    What do you do to improve civil rights and spread equality and understanding Al? Why, I spend every waking breath applying a racist attitude to everything I see.

    You are a pioneer Sharpton. Not many people would have the innovation to try and apply the mentality of the Ku Klux Klan to the purpose of ending racism in America…

  10. Who in their right mind, who has within themselves any sense of understanding and well being believes anything that this self proclaimed civil rights leader has to say or what his racist opinions entail. Only a fool would follow this clown around. Him and Jesse are to of the biggest racial parasites in the history of mankind. They continually thwart all integration progress with their blatant attacks on white people. They are no more men of God then then Satan is.

  11. There are thousands of self proclaimed “Reverend’s”. A friend of mine sent in an application years ago in the mail and they sent him a certificate declaring that he was officially a reverend and could perform weddings and a host of other things. You and I know this is all BS just like Jesse and Al, fonies from the git go.

  12. very simple dont watch him………… and eventually msnbc will get rid of him
    also dude got a big head

  13. Al Sharpton is nothing more than a RACIST. That’s right, I said it. Racism doesn’t go only one way. There are plenty of blacks that have hatred for whites and other races , for no reason at all. These people that are bullied by people like the Rev. Al , never did any harm to him. It’s just because they’re not his color. In my opinion, he’s not doing the blacks any justice. I witnessed on a tv talk show many years ago, Sharpton and the head of the NAACP at the time, can’t remember his name, I think Roy something, were both on the show at the same time. Al was saying something bias , as always, and the NAACP leader didn’t like it. He got up and knocked Sharpton right out of the chair and right on his butt. It was the funniest thing I ever saw. I wish I could remember the Gentleman’s name. This was back in the 60′s or 70′s , and Sharpton was not liked even back then. I think it was the David Suskind show. Wake up Black people of America. Al Sharpton is NOT your friend.

  14. No racism , no paycheck , so Al makes it up along the way to keep getting paid. 314 times to be exact- liberal progressive racist -

    1. As long as the both of em get away with dropping the racial trump card, this discussion will always be at molten lava temps.

  15. Racists are not all white and if this guy is a reverend we are worse of than we think he is always angry always make white folks the enemy and always a Hater not what god wanted he wanted LOVE FOR ALL This man Is a FRAUD!!!

  16. Sharpton is a one trick pony. He’s built an entire career on making something (racism) out of nothing.

  17. Remember when someone fighting for civil rights meant that the person was trying to make the rights of the people equal and not specifically fighting for “black power”? Remember when “Racisim” and “Racist” meant someone of one race was putting down or oppressing another race? Now those terms only mean white on black apparently. Al Sharpton is one of the biggest racists around.

  18. The only religion this man has in his heart is money. He has duped the majority of the black race into believing that they are owed something because they were born black. Respect is earned not just given. I have no respect for this type of person, no matter what color he is. This person should never touch a bible, he should never mention the word God, as it is blasphemy to him. He uses God to line his pockets with gold. He is a hate monger, turning the races against each other.

  19. is rush race baiting when calls michelle moochell, saying that they live so high on tax payer money. like they are on welfare in the white house some people buy into the stupidest things. that’s sort of racist if you remember actual Reagan speeches. he had hard time not saying what he was really thinking

    1. So, because he is black, Obama is allowed to spend millions and millions of dollars on each and every vacation he goes on, while you excoriated Bush for going to his own ranch and taking care of his animals. Unbelievable. If you even for one second say you are not racist, I would have to laugh right out loud. You are not only racist, but your president, of whom I did not vote for, is the most radical, and scary president ever in this country. He has not done the black community any favors, because he had an opportunity to prove something, and he has only proved that he lies every step of the way.

    2. you can’t even admit that there is a double standard. all the things that get bitched about on television Obama does less of (maybe you have on blinders for some strange reason) bush vacationed every couple of months. he gets no credit for what he has done and lied about for things he hasn’t done (that sounds oddly familiar I wonder where from) what ever you want to accuse Obama of bush was way worse and probably most other presidents that came before him because of the black double standard. he deports more immigrants than anybody before do u praise that the deficit is coming down and would drop faster without the sequester do you praise that no and so called failed healthcare law saves lives everyday do you care that less people are going die schools are doing better now does that matter. I think people avoid arguments that can be disproved by bing. but that is the 24 hour messaging campaign: Obama bad lazy stupid crony thug socialist weak doesn’t lead just, roll the racist bias in with the democrat bias and voila big streaming piles of lies. I think the birth certificate thing was a test to see how much bull people would swallow apparently it’s a massive dung heap.
      it would be nice if the house and senate did work together to create jobs

  20. YUP! every sentence this lowlife regurgitates is racist! The extremely sad part is there are many innocent colored folks who are wrapped up in his stupidity because of force or intimidation. To be black and against barry BOY today would be quite the challenge.

    1. ur right I’m terrified of what a republican president house and senate makes me happy legislation moves slow

    2. What are you talking about? What would a republican do to you? I have no idea? What would someone like Dr. Benjamin Carson do to you? I love that man. But, you hate him because he is successful not because he is black, and you hate him more because he is successful and black. He might get into office and try to inspire you to be successful and make something out of yourself. That would be scary wouldn’t it. That would not be racist, but you and ole’ Al there would indeed find a way to make it racist. You would call him names and that would be okay, right?

    3. I don’t that he goes on tv and misrepresents facts for political gain and says things that aren’t supported by any facts in few years it would all be proven wrong but someone will hold on to the lie. like the depression that would result from steep austerity cuts. I could care less about him being rich but as a doctor he should be ashamed of himself he is probably one of the few doctors that doesn’t like the epa even after 2 massive spills and daily earthquakes in kansas

    4. I’m scared of a new depression, a deregulated business sector crazy morons can still be ceos, a further weakened epa, less consumer and worker protection higher taxes on worker and lower taxes on the business is an idea to make people dependent upon businesses workers have less resources to spend and it weakens the economy there also equality civil rights voter rights. I’m also scared of stupid policy that lacks common sense and basic decency. I’m scared of people that deny science math and change. I’m scared of going backward because of battles lost in the last century and one sided idealism. my happiness is in the future not the past

  21. He should lose at least 314 votes for this one and he calls himself a Reverend.Are you kidding.God like to unite not divide and as a Reverend you should do the same don’t you think? Think hard . An opinion.You either are with God or against God and as a Reverend you know where you should be.

  22. Just think how long the Jews
    were slaves then Hitler tried to wipe them from the earth. Now the Muslims say
    they will kill all Jews and destroy there country. Do you see them setting
    around wanting for handouts and to be taken care of.

  23. I never imagined and never saw them so close to the U.S.

    Socialism. I hope the American people out of the situation and return to democracy just so you can help Venezuela and Brazil coming out of Socialism that is already on the point of being served the table of Dictators United States return to democracy. OUT OBAMA, DEMOCRATS OUT!

  24. That idiot is one of the most racist douchebags I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait until old age finally catches up and he dies. I’ll be sure and not miss him.

    1. This guy is destined to live a LONG and miserable existence. And, since misery loves company, he will spread is bigotry like he is fertilizing a field.

    2. he’s not an idiot, he knows exactly what he’s doing. his plan is working, he is getting away with it. the communists have gained power and control because they have carefully thought out and planned everything they are doing. don’t underestimate them or they will win, you have to know and understand them for who they really are if you want to defeat them. if you think they are stupid or incompetent when they aren’t they have you right where they want you. they act incompetent to hide their plans and to help protect them from prosecution if they get caught.

    16 MAY 2014
    Washington, D.C.

  26. why would anyone who is awake and knows whats going on in our country be surprised at this? in fact i am only surprised that it wasn’t at least quadruple that. probably is, we just haven’t heard about it.

  27. Al Sharpton….is,…. in his own words “ignint”. That is black slang for ignorant. How can you take a man serious that can’t even talk like he has a brain in his head. He still lives in the past… the perfect example of an old race baiting black man that loves to live in self loathing and hate.

  28. Sharpton is not dignified as a person of color or a Negro man, but rather a N……rs, N……r.

  29. It has to stop. We as American individuals all have the capability to be bigots or racist. This is both on the left and the right.

    BUT….Society is not racist as a whole. Since the GOP/Tea Party is a collective of like minds that is part of this society, it is impossible label any political group as racists.

    The Tea Party is about making people take responsibility for their own successes and failures is not a bigoted stand, its logical. Its not limiting its empowering to know that you are not on the government dole.