Michelle Obama: ‘Young People are Knuckleheads’

Michelle Obama, appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, referred to young people as, “knuckleheads.”

In a segment clearly designed as a propaganda opportunity to convince young people to sign up for Obamacare (actually that word never comes up, for some reason, but is referred to only as the legal name, the Affordable Care Act).

The First Lady, desperate to rescue failing Obamacare, because youth are not signing up in the quantities necessary to float the system, even goes to the extreme of calling any youth (over age 26) who doesn’t sign up for Obamacare a “knucklehead.” 
Jimmy Fallon: While you’re here, I have to talk to you — I want to talk to you about the Affordable Care Act. March, is there a deadline?
Michelle Obama: The end of March, absolutely, yes it is.
Jimmy Fallon: Because a lot of young people watch our show. Would you like to tell me — why would they — because a lot people don’t have the money to spend on this.
Michelle Obama: Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, young people can stay on their parents’ insurance until they are 26. But once they hit 26, they’re on their own and a lot of young people think they are invincible. But the truth is, young people are knuckleheads, you know?


  1. These knuckleheads also have the right to vote and it’s time they woke up to what this administration really thinks of them.

    1. They were to stupid to realize it before they voted this lying narcissistic sociopath into office…some of them are realizing it now almost 5 1/2 years to late

    2. As a young person, 19 years old, I saw him for what he was and voted for Romney instead. Don’t blame me, I voted for Romney.

    3. I too, was forced to vote for Romney, as there was the usual choice, of the lesser of two evils!
      I would never criticize youth….. I wish I were younger …. Lol
      Thanks for your imput!

    4. I always criticize youth – after all, I was one. Most “knuckleheads” grow out of it, tho – that’s part of the program.
      Still, it doesn’t change that they have every right to be one – they also have the right to make their own money decisions AND to laugh at some other knucklehead who thinks calling them names is a good way to get their money

    5. Lol! I know a lot of ” youth,” who wasted votes on the stench of b o, the first time.
      Not many did the same mistake twice, however.
      I find folks who did vote for this traitor-in-chief, are so closed-minded, they don’t want to face reality,and or hide, from the bitter truth!
      Remember the statement ” you can’t handle the truth?”
      Jack Nicholson, at his finest!

    6. A lot of “youth” are not “knuckleheads” at all. I am 15 and even I saw that voting for Obama would be a terrible choice. In fact, in school we did a mock election, and Romney won by a landslide. And, going along with your comment above, youth who voted for Obama would not usually vote for him again because young people tend to be more open-minded than older people. I’m a slightly weird case because I find the conspiracy theory shows and whatnot interesting, bringing me to places like this. Adding on to that, if someone is a “knucklehead, that doesn’t mean that they are so in every aspect of their life, because, as everybody has probably heard, there is a time to play, and a time to work.

    7. Wow! You’ve obviously done your homework, and are very intelligent!
      We need patriotic youth, like yourself, to lead the way, of the future!
      I’m totally impressed with your knowledge, and assessments!
      Keep up the great work Zac!

    8. “Not many did the same mistake twice, however.”

      Ummm, no.

      In winning reelection, Barack Obama won 60% of the vote among those younger than 30. That was down somewhat from 2008, when Obama won nearly two-thirds (66%) of the votes of young people. However, Obama’s youth support may have been an even more important factor in his victory this year than it was in 2008.

      While Obama lost ground among voters younger than 30, he still won this age group by 24 points over Mitt Romney (60% to 36%). He also maintained a slimmer advantage among voters 30 to 44 (52% Obama, 45% Romney), while losing ground among those 45 to 64 and those 65 and older.

      Among all voters 30 and older, Obama ran behind Mitt Romney (48% for Obama, 50% for Romney). In 2008, Obama edged John McCain, 50% to 49%, among all 30+ voters.

      The youth is as brain cell deficit, by and large, as they have been in to get O into the White House the first time, and so is illustrative of the fact that they are incapable of applying analysis to their thought processes while engaged in the civic duty of citizen participation WITH pertinent information driving their personal electorate choices.

      Your statement I quoted above is statistically shown to be patently false. Please research before stating opinion, if you are interested in your opinion having foundations in reality.

      The above statistical analysis does show a near straight line curve AWAY from leftist, progressive, communist/Maoist/Marxist ideologies with age. That does not begin to occur with the younger than 30 sect, thus proving them to be intransigently indoctrinated dumba$$es.

    9. Admittedly I’m no statition, I do however, try to stay as accurate as possible, not having 24/7, to diagnose all stats.
      If I’m not exactly perfect statistically as you are,I’m sorry.
      I’m sure your information isn’t absolutely perfect either!
      One reason why, is the fact that most of the true facts concerning this selection are false Anyway…. Thanks for the insults though.

    10. Show me the insult. You just made a completely wrong statement and got called on it and now you’re being defensive about it. Pretty simple.

    11. Yes…. According to your amazing statistics I did! As I previously said. ” I don’t have 24/7, to decipher stats. Maybe you do, but I, like many Americans have a grueling 6- day work week.
      So while I’m impressed by your amazing stats, I don’t have the time to SIT, and go over stat, after stat!
      I would question your ability to follow me at work.
      Then perhaps you’d understand, why I don’t have ( forever), to go over statistics!
      See ya…. I seriously doubt , at work!

    12. Once again, show the insult. Oh, and btw thx for being not only insulting but arrogant enough to believe you can know the first thing about my career. You seem to be a ‘sensitive’ man, don’t you?? That’s OK, everyone accepts your type these days…That might explain the need you were fullfilling when you chose your ‘rambo-esqe’ avatar.

      There are probably a lot of 1/4″ MOA shooters in this forum that just laugh at that avatar every time they see it.

      Now, THAT was me being insulting, and this time you got what you deserved – insulted.

    13. Whatever. I guess you can’t read. The man spouted off about someone he knows nothing about. But that’s OK. HE is “Patriot”, after all. Try not to be such a simpleton.

    14. Romney is a true patriotic American….an honest man….man of honor…..he would never in a trillion years do what the present president is doing. And the country would have been better off, financially, morally, etc, etc, etc, etc….

    15. Yes sir, I have to agree with your assessment. There are a few things I don’t agree with Mr Romney on, but I do agree, this country, would be much better, with him, at the helm, rather that the stench of b o!

    16. Daniel, Take heart…..many vote for the lesser or two evils. I have yet to vote FOR a presidential candidate; I’ve spent my entire adult life voting AGAINST a candidate….

    17. Can’t stand this woman but gotta agree with her on this one – any young person who voted in her husband has GOT to be a knucklehead

    18. I couldn’t stand his policies and still don’t as they are destroying this GREAT COUNTRY. I did not vote for him any time. I know a lot of knuckleheads, but they aren’t going to vote for him or anyone like him or the demo’s. They do not appreciate being called knuckleheads. Actually, mmmooocccchhheeeelll is one of them as she takes and takes from the USA government. The same with obammy who spends, spends and spends. They are both knuckheads.

    19. Very well stated, they are more concerned about their golfing and vacations than the welfare of our Country. Their reign is coming to an end so they want to squeeze every vacation and perk they can, and the hypocrite in chief and the madam know they will flourish and squeeze till the end.

    20. Hopefully Fuehrer Obama won’t declare himself dictator for life although if that happens I see another American Revolution taking place.

    21. Thought about it afterwards. Vacuum head might be more accurate because there can’t be so much as one atom of brain matter between their ears.

    22. Take a look at her hands and her jaw line – don’t see any women with hands or jaw lines like that.

    23. That would make her an “apeass”, A fitting description given the size of those two moons she sits on. No matter how much she blow$ on clothers it doesn’t help. She’d be better off, at at least we would if she invested in burkas and a madras. It might help in stifling the utterances coming out of her primate oral cavity. At least it would cover that other cavity she has her head in.

    24. She was in the public view and to have her big butt show was very uncalled for. Could be obammy’s lover dressed up like a whore.

    25. You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. No other first lady has ever done anything so – un-ladylike. She is no lady. If she is the most beautiful woman like they say, no other woman has anything to worry about – especially not their looks. She is ghetto and so is her fake husband – the imposter in chief.

    26. I know about the dictator in the w/h is a true imposter. I just read an article that was put out a year ago. It goes nicely with this article. Have you noticed obammy is more of a girly man. He wears his mom jeans, rides his girly bike and he throws like a girly. Moochheelllle is more like a man then obammy. He doesn’t like sports, but bets on basketball. There is no pictures of him firing a gun. He says he goes sheet shooting all of the time, but where? Only picture is him holding a water gun by a pool. He lifted his right leg up like a girl would while golfing. They are both in the wrong bodies. When she opens her mouth to do some yelling, it looks really bad. Mr. Love is the true man for obammy. The daughters don’t necessarily look like them. They are both fake and want us to follow them. I am not going to follow them. They are liars, dishonest, untrustful and a lot more.

    27. since when did we hire the star of planet of the Apes into office?!? Wow i swear they look more like apes than actual people. I am a veteran and it is very hard for me to find a job thanks to Obutthead care. Since i wont sign up for said obutthead care people have called me unpatriotic because i perfer to use my VA healthcare than sign up for Obutthead care

    28. You’ve earned the limited care you do recieve at the V A.
      My son is a Marine who relies on the V A, for combat related healthcare. I’ve a great friend, who was a captain, in the corps in Viet Nam, who also relies on them.
      A patriot, like yourself, who’s served this country,deserves more, than those who leach upon her!
      Thank you for your service, and watch out for the ” ape platoon!” Lol take care friend!

    29. They voted and put obammy in office twice. Now they want these same persons to obey them in getting rotten obammycare. I wouldn’t. I would get the insurance that congress has, the muslims and the unions have. WHAT IS WRONG WITH “US” THE TAX PAYING PUBLIC HAVING THE SAME INSURANCE????????????? We are there bosses and we ought to FIRE THEM AT WILL WHEN THERE JOB IS NOT DOING GOOD. There grade is a – - – - Z, which is very bad.

  2. Sadly, I was excited about watching Jimmy and seeing what the show would be like now, tho I miss Jay! This was nothing more than an ad for the obama’s…Let’s Move and OBAMACARE (call it what it is). The fact that she’s so clueless as to not know that school’s are losing money and kids are gong hungry at school because her her idiotic program, tells all. Then she calls young adults KNUCKLEHEADS. Yeah, that’s a good way to win them over. She’s an idiot.

    1. That’s why Jay is gone. He wasn’t playing ball anymore. He was telling the truth in a funny way. Did you notice near the end of his run? He wouldn’t support them anymore.

    2. Where’s Johnny???????
      A man who actually made sense!
      I guess ” sense,” died with him, because there is nonsense now!

    3. The power of the off button is a wonderful thing. I hear his voice and it sets my nerves on edge giving way to profanity. He’s nothing more than a programmed Manchurian simian. What I want to know is, who are the programers who put the chip on his shoulder up his ass*terix and plugs him in.
      His playbook is not our Constitution but the Marxist, Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

    4. I’m lovin the sarcasm, and your sense of humor! In both replies, I appreciate that!
      Unfortunately, what you’re sayin is quite factual.
      How I wish those facts, weren’t true!
      Thanks! I needed that!

    5. now they have complete control of late night propaganda machine! Qute “In 5 days we are going to fundamentally change this country”. Joseph Geobbells couldn’t be any more prouder!

    6. That is why Jay was taken off the air. Another victim on Obama and his henchmen. You can’t talk bad about the king. That is why he criticized Obama more than ever his last month on the air. Jimmy Fallon will never have the ratings Jay did.

    7. He is not my king. The Lord is my king and always will be. obammy and Satan are in the same boat and they are out to destroy the USA.

  3. Well…let’s hope the “young knuckleheads” do the right thing come election time. Actually, Jimmy Fallon is the knucklehead!! I can’t stand either of them.

  4. I am moving to get your Husband King Obama Impeached.. You and your Knucklehead husband will be out soon… Your destroying this country..

    1. I will help too!!! My son is one of your so called knuckleheads, lol…there is no affordable health care plan for these kids, and you can’t prove that there is a 50.00 per month plan. You two are idiots. Glad I didn’t vote you into office. Unfortunately my son did.

    2. Jesus said the Eagle shall be plucked. Well, I wonder what country he’d be refering to in that instance . . . hmmm?

    3. It truly may be too late. We have a bunch of wimp “RINOs” in there who are just “Democrats” in “Republican” clothing. Now we have McCain crying foul at Obama. What a liar, two faced hypocrite. Only after the vote. These people want America to fall so we can all join the EU. One world government….SCARY! Causing the dollar to collapse, just like the currency around the world. ACA is a part of the scheme. FURY is what I feel. Absolute impotent FURY.

    4. How true you are. obammy wants this country to be like the 3rd world countries and to destroy everything about the USA. He wants to utterly destroy the health care. True it had some problems, but when people sue everything about it, then changes were made years ago. But obammycare is not what the changes were to be. He is hoping that it will fail so they can put another one in place, then we will have the Communist single payer system. IS THAT WHAT AMERICA REALLY WANTS?

    5. obammy has already destroyed the 70% or more of the USA. If people would fight to have VOTER I.D. then the demo’s won’t have a chance to win in Nov. upholder will send out his goons and fight like crazy to not have voter I.D. We have to show I.D. to do most anything anymore, why can’t we have voter I.D.? They used the excuse when this first started the elderly can’t get their I.D. That is a bowl of crap. If they get their S.S. and go and get it cashed, they show I.D. They have family members take them shopping or other people that takes them out. They are bigger and bigger fools than I thought.

    6. That exuse about using old peope is krap. Those on SS are mandated to have it deposited to an account. In order to have it deposited in an account you must show ID and sign your name. Any one with a bank account knows that.
      They don’t want voter ID so they can continue to have mortuary voters, wet backs, and Sybil (multiple personality/ fraud) voters.

    7. Tom – Let hope that we have that chance to get her and her Knuckle head husband before he has a chance to decode Marital Law as he already has one executive order signed for that and ca implement any time he Dee!s it necessary. What is puzzling is none of the medias have not really given coverage to that. Has the FCC already succeeded in silencing the media networks? I would believed CNN, ABC, etc but, certain!y not FOX.

    1. THAT IS NOT OKAY. Really. I am no fan of Obama, him or her. But they are not to be compared to animals. That is beneath us. It is ad hominem. Fight with facts, not fiction.

    2. Yours is the best post ever. I see the resemblance. Her stiletto bicuspids say it all, she is moving in for the kill!!!

    3. The big difference is, King Kong beat T-Rexes to protect the lady. But the Obamas want a T-Rex called Iran to get the best of us!

    4. When I would go to Tea Party rallies, the Leftists would show up with their signs saying we were racists. So, I think it’s counter-productive to give them any ammunition by referencing gorillas, or bananas when referring to the Obamas. I think Barry and Michelle are toxic to our Republic, and unworthy of the sacrifices many good people made to give them the opportunities they look down upon, but they are human beings and the color their skin is irrelevant to their lack of character and goodwill.

  5. The Presidential helicopter fleet known as “Marine one” has lost so many birds into the Potomac trying to get Moochelle’s fat a$$ over to Air Force One for another vacation that the first officer now goes by “Sully”.

  6. So the reason why young people are deciding not to jump off the cliff with the koolaid drinkers is because they are knuckleheads?

  7. Yeah, I’m sure they will sign up for obamaSCARE after THE FIRST WOOKIE refers to them as knuckleheads.

    You do know that the demoncrats are depending upon the young stupids to vote to re-elect all those incumbent demoncrats, especially the ones in the senate who are scared shiitless at their prospects of maintaining their majority in the senate.

    REAL SMART you bubble but biiiiich

  8. I’m sure that’s mild compared to what they really thing about young people. And old people. And middle aged people. Well, heck – what they think about all Americans.

    1. CLPeterson- The knuckleheads as she called them are for indoctrination, the middle age are there to do the labor, and the old people are Obummer’s consignment to FEMA. May god help us if Obummer’s version of AUSCHWITZ ever takes place.
      A nation so divided and so diverse I pray to God will help us overcome such an attempt.

  9. When I was 27 (the age she’s referring to) I had already completed a 6 year tour in the USAF and traveled the world. I was only average responsible, but surely not the idiot she thinks you are. This continuing infantilization of grown people needs to stop. The Democrats think you are all STUPID. Stop confirming their bias: vote against them.

    1. dude we get it you are mature and responsible. but majority of the young people are not. there are plenty of pants sagging, and living pay check to paycheck stupid young people out there.

    2. So you are saying that living pay check to paycheck makes someone stupid? Obummer’s policies and programs have forced the highest number of Americans into that lifestyle since the Great Depression… and the only thing that got us out of that was the genocide of a racial group.

  10. For the first time in my life, I am proud of Michelle Obama. Wow, where did I hear that phrase before? Anyhow, they certainly were knuckleheads voting her husband in not once but twice!

    1. Let’s make it double chocolate, Allen West for President, and Ben Carson for VP. WHAT A DUO! They would do us all proud! Allen West is such an honorable and strong man of integrity, with a military background. He would be AWESOME for President because of his ability to understand the military and foreign affairs. Ben Carson is a man of incredible insight, wisdom, patience, and winning diplomacy. He would be able to bring America together with that wise and uncompromising way he has. I would be SO THANKFUL TO GOD if this ticket could win. If only we could silence the MEDIA and educate the ignorant populace. Is it possible?

  11. after 26, you are not “young” anymore…..duh. i thought the whole purpose of that age was to help parents help their college-age/college bound students primarily. After graduation, you should be on your own wouldn’t you think.

    1. Invisible until her husband needs their votes or insurance enrollment maybe…certainly not recognized any other time.


  13. Those young people simply cannot afford this “Affordable” Care Act. Get a grip, they can’t find jobs.

    1. But thats a GOOD thing, doncha know?? Now they have time to paint, or just sit around getting stoned all day! Who needs jobs to live, other people will take care of you!!

  14. Ok, the worthless piece of crap is saying I am a mother, ok, Well I’m a mother with a young son on his own and I take offense to her calling my son a knucklehead. B@tch, my son has been on his own since 19, held a job and has had medical care on his own. The young are not knuckleheads, they know the bull$hit you and the wana be king is shoveling on the liberal stations.

  15. One of the main reasons , “children” stay on their parents insurance so long … they cant find a job. Then when they reach the age of 27, they cant find a job to allow them the luxury of having health care. I work full time, and have for many years. I pay for insurance and also have my children on the policy. Unfortunately , cant afford to get sick . Thank you Michelle and Barack, but no thanks .

  16. This woman he so into her self it hurts. I wouldn’t have faith in anything she has to say. Lets Move My A double s. She is the only First Lady that goes on late night time talk shows and acts a fool.(NO CLASS). She is not as important to the American people as she thinks. She is campaigning for her lying husband…I would say cheat’n but he hasn’t made a move on Beyoncé yet:)!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. She says “as a mother” she is worried about her kids being in an accident…is she talking about their insurance??? Come on!!!!!

  18. Calling American youth knuckleheads is a very poor choice of words. Like Joe Biden she puts foot in mouth quite often!

  19. Wow I thought she called it the Horrible Care Act! Sure would be a better name than obamacare. Yea sign up, the site is now working and you will find your premium is so high that there is no way to pay it without a second job! Since you have now signed up, you can’t get rid of it!

  20. Why is it every time she opens her mouth she is putting Americans down? She’s talking about young people 27 and over. How many of them are in our military fighting overseas and how many of those “knucklehead” don’t come back alive or come back wounded? According to her they are dancing on bar stools. Does she ever think about what comes out of her mouth? And the bit about the school lunches,,,,how many schools went back to their old food programs because kids were going hungry. Trying to sell Obamacare to the young group 27 and over,,,,way to go. Young people are a heck of a lot smarter than she gives then credit for. Does anybody take her serious any more?

  21. ummmm no sorry im old fashion I still believe when you turn 18 your on your own and dam well off my dime this is nothing but a stall tacktick besides I have to pay for there vacations I cant afford more

  22. HAHAHEHE the knuckleheads who voted you in should vote you right out and hay 26 yr olds are not children , if they are old enough to vote they are old enough to pay for their own healthcare , a patent can’t even ask the doctor about their child’s health after 18 , so you can pay your own healthcare , (they can vote for someone other then who their parents vote for which mine did not ) they can do it on their own.

  23. Isn’t calling someone invalidating names because you don’t agree with them Bullying? I thought this was supposed to be the anti-bullying administration.

  24. Mooch is a typical new rich and powerful ghetto black, shun her and arrest her husband and fine them into poverty. They deserve nothing but our worst towards them.

  25. The reason young people “need” to sign up is so they can pay triple to quadruple what they would have before aca so THEY can pay for sick ppl lol. I bet that’s not the change they voted for

  26. She calls young people knuckleheads??? Suppose, then, it is OK if we call him a whippersnapper and her a whippersnipper?

  27. So – do “young knuckleheads” buy $50.00 pairs of shoes EVERY MONTH?!? And, I’d like to actually see those premiums for 50/month!!!

  28. The statement is true…….young people are fools. Which leads us to decry the fact that 18 yr. olds vote……..because they don’t have the world experience, nor the responsibility, to find out anything factual, about who they vote for.

    They listen to rhetoric, and pretend that is fact………when NONE of it is fact.

    1. 1. How many liberal colleges in this country? 2. How many 18+ yr. olds go to them? 3. How many of them are brainwashed by uber liberal/socialist/communist, professors? 4. I rest my case! Get them when they’re young!

  29. $50.00 a month? HAHAHAHA!!!! Now that’s rich! In other words, that about adds up to what the fine for a year would cost if they DON’T have insurance! What a pathetic joke!

  30. For once she didn’t lie, but even more interesting is her admission that her knucklehead husband got elected by a bunch of knuckleheads. Man, our country is in REAL TROUBLE.

    1. Fallon could have followed up with “A lot of knuckleheads voted for your husband then, right”? I’d have paid to see the look on her face. Too bad Fallon is such a spineless butt kisser. I won’t watch his show.

  31. Jimmy Fallon, sadly enough, proved how much of a brown-nosing liberal bleeding heart he is with this 4 plus minute video. How disappointing!

  32. Obama is out in 2 yrs; (term limitation); 2 laws need changed NOW, 1. Must be at Least a 3rd generation American with Absolute Proof before registering to run fof office. 2, Do away with the Elect-College voting system; Popular Voting only.. ” A person wins the popular vote by a sound magin but looses the election by 2 electoral votes fom one county.

    1. Not sure where you are from Dennis, but as soon as we eliminate the electoral college New York, Florida, Ohio and California will be picking our presidents. Kansas, Utah, Alabama and all the little states in between will have no say. The framers knew what they were doing.

    2. Exactly. If that should happen you would say goodby to the 2nd amendment and hello Socialist police state.

    3. Sorry, but the electoral college is all that prevents a few states having too much influence in elections. California, New York, Florida and a few others could prevent the other states from having their voice heard in elections if majority vote ruled the day. Our Founding Fathers had that figured out and for well founded reasons. You don’t want mob rule and the majority vote would be just that. Every State should have a say in who is elected to POTUS.

  33. Always amazes me, people 18 and now up to ’26′ years of age are referred to as “kids”, Really?
    Starting at “18″ a person is an ADULT!
    Always thought 7-13 age group are KIDS!

  34. Guess they are… they believed your husbands bull and voted for him …you two taught them a valuable lesson guess that’s the positive that comes out of this…all people will do their homework and investigate candidates with a microscope in the next election I’m sure..

  35. The fact that most of them voted for Obozo is proof they are knuckleheads…..what other proof do you need?

    1. So by using COMMON SENSE they refuse to buy O-bomber un-Cair and start the wheels -of-change turning by VOTING out the Senate and other turncoats who want to bring down our nation . By doing this they are not k-heads but FREE-THINKERS —WANTING to preserve

  36. What’s the big deal? I can be a knucklehead and at times, my kids were knuckleheads. Everyone on the face of this earth has been a knucklehead at one time or another. Michelle would be the first to say she has been a knucklehead, a doofus, and a yo-yo. I’m 54, so still quite young and I have been known to be a total airhead and I bet you have acted like a yo-yo too.

    Synonymsairhead, birdbrain, blockhead, bonehead, bubblehead,chowderhead, chucklehead, clodpoll (or clodpole), clot[British], cluck, clunk, cretin, cuddy (or cuddie) [British dialect], deadhead, dim bulb [slang], dimwit, dip, dodo,dolt, donkey, doofus [slang], dope, dork [slang], dullard,dumbbell, dumbhead, dum-dum, dummkopf, dummy, dunce,dunderhead, fathead, gander, golem, goof, goon, half-wit, hammerhead, hardhead, ignoramus, imbecile, jackass,know-nothing, idiot, lamebrain, loggerhead [chiefly dialect], loon, lump, lunkhead, meathead, mome [archaic],moron, mug [chiefly British], mutt, natural, nimrod [slang],nincompoop, ninny, ninnyhammer, nit [chiefly British],nitwit, noddy, noodle, numskull (or numbskull), oaf,pinhead, prat [British], ratbag [chiefly Australian],saphead, schlub (also shlub) [slang], schnook [slang],simpleton, stock, stupe, stupid, thickhead, turkey,woodenhead, yahoo, yo-yo

  37. At 25 I owned my own home as a single mom..I like to see her try that one..well before she was rich and all that is.. ugh

  38. Can you imagine what would happen if a Conservative woman said that? But there’s precious little chance that it will wake up the young people who are Obama zombies.
    At 26 my son was married, a home owner, and had his own prospering business, all in his early twenties.
    This administration wants to make leeches out of our kids.

  39. the UNaffordablecare act. you can keep your doctor. peirod. 2500 less per family . liar of the year award to obama. lies lies lies and more lies

  40. Michelle paints her eyebrows on so high Boy George isn’t talking to her anymore.

    Michelle has worn a trail to white house fridge so wide the Dept of Transportation installed a welcome center.

    Visiting dignitaries are appalled when she forces them to don Viking helmets and stab their roast beef with pitchforks at State Dinners.

    The White House Chef keeps the oven so busy baking for Moochelle he uses the smoke detector as an oven timer.

    Michelle’s so fat the Navy commissioned the White House elevators as a Super Carrier fleet.

  41. Maybe some “young people” will resist tyranny by refusing Obamacare and refusing to pay the fine.

  42. I will be so very happy when I do not open a webpage and see her, Obama or Holder in advertisements. I believe the three communist-community-organizers have worn out their welcome in America.

  43. Youg people are capable of making perfectly rational decisions. If left to their own devices, a healthy young person would purchase a catastropic care policy, because injuy is the most likely event in their lives to require medical coverage. But Obamacare does not allow that. They must purchase a comprehensive care policy at much greater expense. These “knuckleheads,” as Mrs. Obama calls them, are giving this president and his meddling fellow travelers the big finger by refusing to participate. It’s encouraging to see that young people value freedom of choice in their lives.

  44. Pathetic and desperate attempt to save the imploding Obamacare by conning young people into joining their Ponzi scheme…She thinks that since they conned them into voting for Obama again they are dumb enough to sign up for Obamacare. Sorry, reality is sinking in and those kids are waking up to your dirty schemes and destruction of their futures….

  45. That’s right MaBellMichell, all our youth are the knuckleheads dancing on bar stools, that got your jackwagon husband elected!

  46. Really Mooch ? Calling adults who cannot afford it knuckleheads .maybe someone should tell her to put her over sized big mouth where our money is and stick her free loading prebuscent brats on daddy’s Obozo care… Signed…A Mom Against Obama in California

  47. who is she calling a “knucklehead”? maybe she should look in the mirror!
    Lord help us JESUS! why doesn’t she keep her mouth shut?
    she keeps digging a hole everytime she opens her mouth and pretty soon it will be too big for her to get out of!

  48. Way to go, Michelle — calling young people “knuckleheads”. That’s really a great way to show them support!! NOT! People really want you all to move out of the White House, out of office, and out of the country before you totally destroy all our values! By the way, what happened to your life-defining bangs?

  49. The reason Jay was “let go” is because of his right leanings. I guess Jimmy is going hard left, it’s called job security! Jay was extremely popular with his audience, If Jimmy keeps this pandering up his ratings will tank faster than Conan’s.

  50. Do you know of anyone who is getting health care for as little as $50.00? They can tell a lie with such a straight face

  51. She is right, they are knuckleheads, still doesn’t mean you can make them sign up for a government sponsored insurance scam!

  52. Obviously, Michelle had help getting through school. She is such a disgrace to America as ‘first’ lady (hard to address her as such). No Class and no tact. Yes, I believe a lot of ‘knuckleheads’ voted Obama into office. Just hope they will not be such ‘knuckleheads’ now that they have grown up now that they are 28+

  53. KNUCKLEHEADS!?!?!? Shocking and offensive to the young people of our country. Millions are holding down jobs…more than one in many cases. So many of them are College graduates who did not do Affirmative Action to get into college. They are paying back student loans…some , HUGE. They are having to pay rent, utilities, groceries, car payments…you name it !!! Many are continuing their education and they are over 26. And, I would bet many had insurance and doctors they liked that got cancelled! Plus, no doubt, there are millions currently employed with health insurance and young families and are WAITING nervously to see just WHAT OBAMACARE is going to do to their coverage when the employer mandates kick in. AND, the First “lady” have the nerve to call them KNUCKLEHEADS with a smile on her face as if this is a funny situation! How dare her?!?!?!? I only see one KNUCKLEHEAD in this situation.

    1. She was talking from the perspective that young people think they are invincible. It wasn’t a personal attack on “young people” She meant that we as young people don’t think about the outcomes of what we do. We think we are invincible until life hits us in the face and then we get a rude awakening. So in that aspect we are knuckleheads.

      This is some more that was left out from above:

      “They’re the ones who are cooking for the first time and slice their finger open. They’re dancing on the bar stool.”

      “But while young people think they’re invincible, they’re not. You know,
      life happens. And as a mother, and I know there are a lot of moms out
      there who worry that their kids are going to, you know, have a a
      terrible accident, get a bad diagnosis and they won’t have health care.”

    2. You gotta be kidding me! RIGHT! I was a young person once and I NEVER, EVER cut my finger cooking. And, I have no idea what world you live in but young people do a tremendous amount of ordering out! So do folks my kids age who both are in their 40′s, work full time jobs, have kids in school and playing sports, etc. order out! And, so do OLD people! Michelle lives in a BUBBLE!
      And, as for falling off bar stools! How insulting of her! WHAT, does she think all young people hang out in bars! NOT…they are too busy working, going to school, raising young families! Get a hold of yourself.
      And, frankly, Mooshelle was out there SELLING! Through insult!!! :-)

    3. I’m taking particular delight at the mooshie apologists who are willingly accepting and embracing her insults. But apparently not willing to cozy up to the Øbombacare heath-bar and buy their overpriced crappy insurance like good little drones LOL

  54. She is out playing to the low information voter…. “hey yall im just like you so we are cool together, right” NO you are an evil extension of Progressive Socialist Democrats attempting to destroy American way of Life Liberty and the Freedom to do as we wish in a personal responsible manner. I can take care of me and mine and do not need you to look after my children or family thank you very much now go to some other country that wants to be under your stinking regime.

  55. I guess they weren’t KNUCLEHEADS when they elected her husband to a position he was never qualified to begin with,

  56. if you really want this Obamacare to work then all you have to do is make the government sign up for it. with all the money they take from the people they could afford Obamacare for the hole USA and then some. just think what is going to happen when people can’t pay for what they have. just saying .that is what it will come down to. cause if you think for one minute that the people will let there family’s stave or be homeless just to pay there insurance every month , then you are really stupid .

  57. Obama did not tell the truth he knew this was going to be a
    problem long before the Affordable Care Act had been put into place.

    I believe this is an oxymoron when we are told young adults
    can afford insurance on their own when President Obama will let young adults continue to use their parent’s insurance? When I was a young adult I had to buy my own insurance at the age of 22. I believe we are enabling our young adults to stay children if we do not make them stand on their own two

    The Affordable Care Act is the side-door to find out all of the American’s information. It is the back door to Communism!

    Why was big business given a reprieve and not the American people? It is time for equality for all of the American people not just Big Business and illegal aliens. If a person from another country would like to become a citizen and reap the benefits of the United States of America they should have to go through the legal channels just as my great grandparents did. They came through Ellis Island and established a life in the U.S.A. because it had been the land of opportunity. I think if they were alive today my
    grandparents would cry to see how far this great land has fallen. I believe the future generation will not know what freedom is and the older
    generations will have to explain freedom.

    Harry Reid is more concerned about his bottom line than the
    law abiding Citizen of the United States of America. He is more concerned about the President’s legacy than the American people.

    I think some of the people on the “Hill” are more concerned
    about themselves instead of their employers the American People of the United States of America.

  58. She was commenting on the fact that young people think that they are invincible and they don’t realize that they truly aren’t. If the rest of the interview was included in this “article” it would clearly show that. She isn’t making a personal attack on young people.
    As a young person I don’t feel personally attacked. I agree with her statement as well.

    Just calm down and get all of the facts.

    This is some more that was left out from above:
    “They’re the ones who are cooking for the first time and slice their finger open. They’re dancing on the bar stool.”

    “But while young people think they’re invincible, they’re not. You know,
    life happens. And as a mother, and I know there are a lot of moms out
    there who worry that their kids are going to, you know, have a a
    terrible accident, get a bad diagnosis and they won’t have health care.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/02/21/michelle-obama-sells-obamacare-young-people-are-knuckleheads/#ixzz2tzlhtzN5

  59. I find it sad that people can’t simply state they don’t like Michelle Obama, they have to degrade, name call and present themselves like the “knuckleheads” they really are. No one has to like her, but basic human decency and respect and the lack of it is what’s destroying this country, NOT the Obamas.

  60. Tells you exactly how michelle really feels about American voters. Congress won’t do anything…who will?

    1. Congress is involved. The limited few in the fight are just that, a limited few. The rest are on the take. To answer you We The People will need to rise up like Egypt to change anything.

    2. We the People now include the illegals obama is determined to give us, and who have their hands out for any freebies, which include what We The People have worked for all our lives. Yes, definitely,We The People will have to get involved and vote all the criminals out of office and start over. People like Reid, Pelosi, Holder, and others call impeachment “asinine behavior”. They have all crawled into obama’s back pocket and become “Yes Sir Sir” puppets. They have all abandoned their constituents and forgotten their Oath of Office. Oath of Office??? What is That???

  61. Why does she have to talk like she is from the hood every so often? She is definitely not a role model for my generation.

  62. Michelle has got to remember that a lot of those so called Knuckleheads voted for Obama. Nice to be put into the Oval Office, and then call the people who placed you there Knuckleheads. And then those same Knuckleheads votes Obama in for a second Term.

  63. She’s a disgusting beast with a n ignorant attitude. I really like you Jimmy Fallon but stop kissing the Aunt Esther’s *ss.

  64. I hope all young people heard what she said and realize who and what the obamas really are and what they think about our country and stop praising their socialistic ways.

  65. How come the BRITISH have such a refined, classy,well spoken,attractive,and genuinely honest representative in the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, but yet we the United States of American once known as the most powerful,feared , respected and idolized countries in the world and we are left to be represented by the lowest, classless, fatassed, flappy lipped,ugly,mule faced,self absorbed hoodrat skank bitch of a first lady ever known to our GREAT country??

  66. Wow! She is not only calling the voters who were among she and her husband’s strongest supporters knuckleheads, but she is saying that her own kids will soon be knuckleheads.

  67. She was calling all young people knuckleheads, not just those that don’t sign up. But it’s kinda true….. though i’d hope by the time you’re 26 you’re out of that phase….

  68. Love it Mrs BO, you said it out loud, young voters were Knuckleheads for voting for the liar and just in time for the midterm elections you reminded them of just what a stupid vote they cast and will NOT be stupid again and vote for democrats.
    The young between 18-26 learned that nothing is free and that listening to their elders will teach them a few things!

  69. Michelle’s so ugly I sent her pic to “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” and he sent it back and said “I don’t believe it”.

  70. They sure are knuckleheads, they voted for you husband and his whacky Obamacare ……….. nice of you to recognize them on national TV ….

  71. The average age of a solider in Vietnam was 19yrs old and the average age of a solider during WW2 was 26yrs old. Both ages fought bravely and honorably for our country. Neither were they “knuckleheads then nor our they knuckleheads now but brave young PATRIOTS! The youth of America are the country’s future not people to make cheap jokes on Jimmy knucklehead Fallon.

  72. I think if they want to consider adults that are 26 to 18 as minors they should not be allowed to vote anyway. If they cannot figure out how to get their own insurance by that age they are far to imature to be making such a drastic decision as to who should be president.

  73. She is the reason obesity is being talked about now? It wasn’t okay to talk about it before her? The poor woman believes her own tripe, I fear.

  74. I really don’t want to listen to this idiot for nearly four minutes just to hear her reveal the truth.

  75. She is the most stupidest BITCH that there ever was or going to be in the world. Someone please shut this fucking BITCH up and lets get rid of that no good fuckhead some people call the President.

  76. I would write a comment but it would be deleted and I, probably arrested but it is somewhere along the lines as most everyone else.

    1. Yes there is. I signed up for one for $35. Deadbeats are the people with no insurance and no money and a 5 or 6 figure medical bill.

    2. It’s a bronze Oklahoma plan through blue cross Blue Shield. I think it would have been around $175 before the subsidy but it’s around $35 based on an income of about $16,000.

    3. Like I said deadbeats. I have worked since I was 15 which is 40 yrs and I make less than 50K a year and they want me to pay $600 a month just for me with a $12K deductible – why???? To subsidize people like you and all the young people who choose to work 20 hours a week because then they can qualify for all the free stuff. I don’t want to pay for your health insurance or anyone else’s. If I paid that much, I would have to live in a tent. I don’t want to pay for the people who have lots of health problems because of their lifestyle either. Goodluck finding a doctor that will accept what your plan is. Must be nice to have somebody else pay for your healthcare. I won’t be signing up for that redistribution of wealth. I have no wealth.

    4. So when mich said young people are knuckleheads, she was talking about us, not the 26-year olds. Excellent point:: ” I don’t want to pay for the people who have lots of health problems because of their lifestyle either” when those lifestyles are promoted by her husband in another of his trademark flip-flops..

  77. Hey Michelle i have a BRILLIANT IDEA. How about you and “president” obama show us how you move…..outta my white house. then the nation will begin getting on the right track

  78. I think her point was: young people don’t know what is best for them so it is the obligation of the government to order their affairs.

    We watch the slow smothering of liberty, shed a tear, and subsequently click the link on the sidebar.

  79. Barack and Michelle Obama…..Have had an illustrious ‘FreeRide’ in the USA.
    They are America’s First Family of Grifters.

  80. I hate to admit it, but I actually AGREE with moochelle antoinette on the fact that youngsters are “knuckleheads”….
    ….after all, the overwhelming majority of those twerps voted for her husband – TWICE!

    “knucklehead” doesn’t even BEGIN to cover that kind of suicidal stupidity.

  81. She really believes she and Barry are straightening the country out. Liberal logic!!! Up is always down, bad is always good.

  82. Many insurances ALWAYS kept younger adults on their parents insurance, some to age 23 and the highest to age 26, some did not have that option but that is false to claim the “Affordable care Act” did that. Too bad she did not direct all the people who had GREAT insurance and who lost it due to the AFC claiming it did not meet standards and then people were offered crap at twice the price.

  83. IT IS NOT $50 a month. What a LIAR! I cannot look at her. I don’t care how much she moves. She is UNTRUTHFUL!

  84. Well she realized how bad a president her husband is and is calling them knuckleheads for voting for him a second term

  85. Seeing the statistics of how many under 26ers voted Obama in the last two elections, she is probably right. Too bad she just insulted so many people who voted for her husband. I think that is hilariously dumb!

    1. This is satire, guys. I know a lot of younger people who didn’t drink the Obamatown Koolaid.

  86. Michelle obama is milking the American taxpayer to take her lavish vacations. I would say she is the knucklehead.

  87. Just remember, this is the woman who said in 2008, the morning after her husband won the Iowa primary, “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud to be an American.” That’s a pretty high standard there, don’t you think, to wait until one’s spouse wins a Presidential primary to be proud of one’s country. I can tell you, there are tens of millions of mothers, wives, and daughters, who are proud of their country for which their sons, husbands, or fathers fought and sometimes died, without coming within a light year of the White House. She is nothing but a worthless usurping malcontent.

    1. Sure will be interesting the day she leaves the White House. What will she say then?
      When her kids ask her WHY they have to move out of the White House, she will tell them that WHITIE hates their daddy [and lover] and refused to allow him to remain PRESIDENT FOR LIFE.
      The next question. Where will they travel to on the day they leave? The ONLY home they own is in Sshitcago

    1. While that is a point well taken, Moosehell ought to know the dumbing down of America is responsible for that Indoctrination not education in the public schools. The NEA who supports their fellow Marxist Alinsky indoctrinated dolts is behind it and has been for half a century. We were #1 in education now we are 23rd. There latest scheme is the insideous program called Common Core using the lowest common denominator to further their indoctrination agenda.
      Ocrapo has been touting that along with his FU*BARakcare.
      If young people are “knuckleheads” Thank the promotion of a corrupted education system and the mind numbed progressive teachers. Not all of them but far too many who themselves were indoctrinated.

  88. A lot of knuckleheads supported this disastrous legislation because they thought it made their healthcare free.

  89. why people gotta twist the fact. She only said what any fun parent would say. yes young people are knuckleheads, in her context. we do stupid things and we are inexperienced, so we get hurt easily. I’m not saying go sign up for the health care. i’m saying she didn’t say anything bad, why everybody has to act like she’s the devil.
    And quit hating on her just because you hate OBAMA. I’m a young person and i never cared much about politics, but this is the first First Lady who i actually know about, not know know her, but know that she exists. She’s out doing things that she believes can help people, regardless of all the hates she’s getting. I call that bravery. So if you don’t like what they are doing, criticize their doings, don’t criticize the person.
    Those out there criticizing her not being a woman, take a step back, and look at what you just said, was that really necessary?

    1. Oh yes, the “hate” card. Give it a rest. In America, we are actually allowed to disagree w/someone else w/out the b.s. term “hate.” Did you never disagree w/your parents? Did you “hate” them because you disagreed w/them? Didn’t think so.
      BTW, get an education so you can write with correct grammar & not some jive talk.

    2. how about you give a rest on my grammar, you obviously understood what I wrote. i have no problem with disagreeing, but do you honestly believe that everyone out there criticizing her is an educated person like you and that no one is doing it out of pure hate? I dont agree with their agenda but what I see is that she is a decent human being and does not deserve criticisms that are personal attacks. Another thing, don’t tell me every educated person uses perfect grammar, grammar is not the measure of intelligent.

    3. Wanna bet that poster went bat sshit crazy while G.W. was in office and felt it was ENTITLED to do so, but when the shoe is on the other foot expects those opposed to THE DEAR LEADER and THE FIRST WOOKIE to keep their mouths shut.

      Demoncrats only believe in free speech when it is THEIR speech which is supposed to be the only one heard.

  90. Seems the administration made a critical oversight anticipating volumes of young subscribers paying into a system with poor returns. Can’t say I’m surprised, given the difficulty convincing the young to invest in retirement plans that do provide excellent return on investment. On the other hand it no surprise the old and sick did sign-on. When dust settles however the underlying lesson is a government plan should have been focused to the needed and not a complete overhaul including the parts that were working. Sadly, the Obama administration will keep going the wrong direction before admitting failure and asking for help and throwing good money at bad decisions.

    If people appear to be over-reacting to Mrs Obama’s choice of language, could it be due to the Obamas being the face of the ACA dissasster?

  91. The screw balls are those two in our white house and we need to put them in high gear out in the cold just like we have so many today living out of a home.

  92. Well this knucklehead has a family of 6 and can’t afford your “Affordable” care act thank you very much. When my insurance bill is going to be $500.00 a month for just me and my husband I don’t think that qualifies as “Affordable”.

  93. What ever happened to first ladies with intelligence, poise, charm and grace? Michelle made a fool of herself with that assinine skit and political push. One word for that poor representation of our Country—IMPEACH~~ We’ve had enough!!

    1. Those two can’t even BUY CLASS, despite spending $3500 per day at high class resorts when they go on vacation.

      The left loves to bring up that G.W. took more days vacation. Okay, but when you bring up that the cost of THE DEAR LEADER and THE FIRST WOOKIE’s vacations have cost the taxpayers over 3 times as much, the left sputters and calls those who say such things a racist.

  94. Fun fact on how our money is wasted by the Maoist dictator and his fat a$$ed wife:

    Michelle pigs out so much while vacationing on OUR business jet (Air Force One) that it is now the only aircraft in the world with a food court.

  95. I want to know who all those young folks who are dancing on bar stools?!?!? I sure do not remember dancing on bar stools in my day! I was too darn busy paying for a car, my car insurance, fuel for that car, an apartment, utilities, grown up clothes for work, paying back loans from school, just trying to keep myself together, groceries! Plus, I was married at age 23, a mother at 25, and full time teacher the entire time! WHO had time to go to bars much less get up on a bar stool to dance! And, while I know times are quite different today, a LOT is just the same! And, I would bet a huge percentage of young folks are today doing what I did oh so many years ago! I think young people are smart and they know when they are being played for fools and being used! And, even if, as a block they voted for the current administration, they also know when they are being misrepresented, called disrespectful names, and have been openly LIED to in order to get their vote! In my heart, I would bet if they had ANY understanding of how they were going to be USED to make Obamacare work, they would have put serious thought into how they were going to cast their vote! Just wait for the 11-04-2014 election and then let’s see about their support of “O”BLAME”R”!

  96. All I hear in this is Frank Caliendo’s impersonation of Charles Barkley saying, “nuckolhead” “they’s just a bunch of nukolheads”, but on a serious note; I’m now suspecting the fake first family noise might be true. If this woman truly were a mother she would know you don’t ever call kids names – they will never forget it, but with barrycare taking this slowmotion crash & burn I’m sure the nerves in D.C. are getting a bit frazzled.
    The one demographic that barry & co. have completely bamboozled, twice, and she slames them in an instant with a Charles Barkley impersonation, sure to become a classic.

  97. She is 100 percent right, of course young people are knuckleheads because they voted for your husband in the first place.

    Now after they have gotten their vote, the Obama’s throw them under the bus just like they have done with many others that simply don’t fit their agenda anymore.

  98. What about us young married couples? We can’t stay on our parents insurance. That’s some bullshit.

    1. Yeah, been married since I was 19, and been off my parent’s insurance. So, okayyy. Lol.

  99. The commode has overflowed so many times in this fat a$$’s bathroom the Coast Guard has declared it territorial waters and has stationed patrols in the White House bathroom.

  100. Those knuckleheads are going ape $#it when they gov garnishes their wages in April. I think the Republicans should lobby to move the deadline to the end of August. ;-)

  101. First Lady Obama is a beautiful woman inside and out. But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder isn’t it? Some have a different opinion but oh my, how the venom/claws do come out in finding it necessary to express. Open your eyes and hearts people. Help our country by raising the level of your discourse. This is all so hateful. You are better than that.

    1. How about THEY stop hating this nation FIRST?

      Sadly, it is too late since they have done more damage to this nation than all previous presidents have done COMBINED.

      THE FIRST WOOKIE cost this nation HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in her FAILED healthy school lunch program. The food was being dumped in the trash by the children because they said it tasted like SSHIT.

      Rarely before THEY moved into the White House did the first family travel aboard separate aircraft to their vacation location. Never before did the family pet get flown to the vacation location aboard a third aircraft.


    2. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.She is, in my eyes, the most hideous woman that has ever been First Lady! She makes Eleanor Roosevelt look like a Playboy Bunny! And more than her physical looks…..she is a horrible person,and one of the most racist people in politics! I don’t care what context that comment was intended in …..she has no business putting anyone down for not complying with her baby-daddy’s plan.That was completely inappropriate on her part!THEY are the reason that so many people hate them…..All they have to do is open their mouths and show their true selves.

  102. These Knuckleheads that no longer can find a job voted for Obama and his lies and without them he would be where he absolutely deserves to be…in jail with other Chicago Politicians already there! Let’s all pray that now they understand the ways of their mistakes! Today there are many less 26 & Under that have parents with Healthcare or are paying alot more for alot less just to keep their big kids on their Insurance? Just like America has many fewer Millionaire’s and Billionaire’s since Obama and his gang? Many less just from declaring another Nationality, with its highest increases in DECADES! Just this year, so far, it’s up some 212% most are Asians going to other more friendlier country’s! So rise up and show up in Washington, D.C.
    16 MAY 2014

  103. I can’t imagine Jackie Kennedy or any other First Lady behaving in this manner. What an elitist! I wonder what she was doing at 23.

    At the age of 23, I was an NCO in the Air Force working as a supervisor at the Air Force Weapons Lab. I was married and had a stepson.

    Watch for the Tonight Show ratings to bomb as Jimmy Fallon proves himself to be yet another mouthpiece for Obama.

  104. Come on. If Teabaggers have a problem with this segment, THEY are knuckleheads! ACA is a poorly understood debacle, but you can’t seriously expect the 1st Lady to come on a talk show and trash her husband’s most critical domestic issue of his tenure, do you?? Calling people near the age of 26 “knuckleheads” sounds like an American mom to me. She was probably thinking back 24 years ago, feeling like SHE, at that age, was comparatively a knucklehead. If the Tea Party wants to stop losing credibility, it HAS to develop a more adult narrative to combat the most divisive president since Abraham Lincoln. The political Right HAS to do more than trash-talk the only answer to a fractured health care system

    1. First off, I would expect a First Lady actually NOT to be on the first week of a late night talk show! Then I would expect her to dress appropriately. Plus, I would NOT expect her rude comments about a segment of our population who overwhelmingly voted for her KNUCKLEHEAD of a husband!
      And, while I agree this program is a disaster, I would NOT expect her to so obviously discuss a program SHE, “O”BLAME””R” himself, and the girls are NOT SIGNED UP FOR DUE TO SOME SECURITY SNAFU with HIS Social Security number(s)!!!
      Have a nice day!

    2. What does the Tea Party movement have to do with this? Even Democrats are bailing on this train wreck.

    3. wow mark, you are fucking dense, did you really say divisive president since abraham lincoln? you have to be fucking kidding me. I dont understand your logic, were is your points cause i honestly want to hear how that man that traitor of our country is an an honest good president

  105. I would like to know just who all these young people are that are always falling off bar stools while dancing on top of them! And, then there are the young people always cutting themselves! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!

    “TALKING POINTS” Michelle was sent out by the WHITE HOUSE to make sure she got into her conversation with Jimmy Fallon!! Right to the point! Based on the notion that she is popular with young people, she was armed with her Obamacare advertising points to get in. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

    And, INSULTING!!!!!!!! :-(

  106. She’s just setting the stage for the next onslaught of Obama care ad’s: “Don’t be a knucklehead, sign up!”

    1. WHITE HOUSE TALKING POINTS she was sent to Jimmy Fallon’s program to be SURE she got in! WALKING…TALKING Advertisement for Obamacare!
      BTW..a program neither she, “O”BLAME”R”, or the girls are going to participate in due to some SNAFU with his Social Security #’s and the names assigned to his social security #’s!!! And…she is not a Head of Household!

  107. So, a person under 26 can stay on their parents health plan. Whag about the companies that cancelled coverage or dropped dependent coverage? Who’s the knucklehead?

    1. And the reality is…it is happening and once the entire employer mandate goes into effect…WATCH OUT young people who think your parents will be keeping you on their policies!

  108. I’ll have to take your word for it, I cant watch the video because this woman makes me physically ill…

  109. THE FIRST WOOKIE knows that the young invicibles are not going to sign up for this scam in the numbers they need by the 31 Mar deadline.

    In a Freudian slip, Joe Biden let it slip that they know they will never get the 7 Million to sign up by the 31 Mar deadline to make it work, that in FACT the actual number who sign up ;will fall short by close to 2 Million.

  110. “O”BLAME”R” and his cohorts made an ASSumption based on the fact that the (so called by the First “lady”) KNUCKLEHEADS would gladly accept the responsibility of actually PAYING for Obamacare in droves! NOT! Once “The Plan” made the light of day…after folks actually sat down and READ this DISASTER of a healthcare bill…it was finally brought out WHO, exactly, were going to have to accept the fact that they were LIED to and manipulated and continue to be LIED to and manipulated in order to get them to actually SIGN UP! SHAMEFUL!!!

  111. When we WERE the Younger Generation of “KNUKLEHEADS” and Michelle refers to this Young Generation of “KNUCKLEHEADS”…..
    We should realize that some of us OLDER KNUCKLEHEADS haven’t changed…..Some KNUCKLEHEADS voted for our first Family of Griffters.

  112. This knucklehead can not afford the 450 a month healthcare that you guys implemented. My healthcare before was 800 a year and now is 450 a month! Sorry being a college student and working I can not afford this. Yes, I understand there are subsidies but I still have to fork out the cost up front and then subsidies are only for the first year. Sorry this knucklehead is smart enough to not pay such high cost for insurance.

  113. They are “knuckleheads” because they voted for her husband two times. She just let it slip what she and her husband think of them!

  114. You Tea Party people are so stupid, if you are so sure of yourself, why every Republican Adminsitration in every State is trying to do the utmost to stop people from voting by making it more difficult, at Florida State the Governor close the campus voting booth, why, because he does not want the 100,000 student to vote. See the problem with you Tea Party people is that you guys have Alzheimer, you forget everything, you ran in 2012 against Obama Care and you lost but you think you won, you forgot how to count, you think 2+2 is 5 and that 2 people are going to vote for you and the third one imaginary voter will also vote for you, given you the race. The truth is that you are lucky to get 25% of the votes, why, because you are against Hispanic, and they represent 17% of the voting block, you are against Asian and they represent 6 to 7% and growing of the voting block, see my dear Tea Party friend you have to recognize that behind every Asian or Hispanic and even some white Europeans recently arrivals, there is an illegal cousin, uncle or brother, who do you think that cousin is going to ask his family members to vote for, that is why 77% of Hispanic voted for Democrats and almost 80% of Asian, you also are against women, is funny how you want small government but you don’t mind creating more government to check the women vaginas, or the biggest Army in the World with the same budget as 17 of the top armies in the World combined. You are against gays and lesbians even thou they probably represent 6% of the population and in some areas like South Beach or San Francisco maybe 40%. So how are you going to win, If women perceived you as the evil Party trying to get into their bodies, women are only 50.5 % of the population but 56% of the voting block, So while a Democrat presidential candidate starts the race with 246 electoral votes, needing only to win one big Midwest State like Michigan, Indiana or Ohio or a Southern State like South Carolina or North Carolina, or Florida which is half way to become a blue State and at that point you never going to have a president. The Republican candidate has to win at least 9 States to go from 160 electoral votes to 271. It is very difficult losing 77% of the Hispanic votes, 78% of the Asian vote and 98% of the black vote plus at least 51% of the women vote. See my friends you do not understand one thing, America was a white country, so the senior vote which you count so much on, is dying, see 80% of the American 75 to 05 retirees are white, they are old over 70 years of age and they have a life span of 79, in ten to 15 years, even thou the Hispanic population will still be in the 50 to 75 million they will represent 25 to 35% of the voting blocks, maybe more, so if I were you, I would take some remedial math, start counting and figure out how you can get more Hispanic, Asian and women to vote for you, you can forget about blacks they will never vote for you. Good luck!

  115. Did she just say $50 a month is cheaper than gym shoes!? I don’t buy $600 gym shoes every year, sorry not everyone gets whatever they want on the tax payers dollar.

  116. Do you even know what “knucklehead” means? It means “hard headed and stubborn”. Which describes young people in ANY generation. Grow up.

  117. If Romney would have won the Presidency, I wonder how many of you “knuckleheads” realize you may have been going into yet another war?

  118. Hi… I life in Germany / Bavaria. Can you tell me please, what problems does the US people have with Obamacare??? We have since more than 50years the same in Germany. The social market economy! And everybode have the same supply if we are ill ore need a doctor. And perhaps… in Germany we have not so much poor people! And the level of living is for the most people better than for you ;-) We have less national debt. And of coure we are more free than you, without NSA!

  119. Well Michelle would do good to focus on the fact that young citizens; at the age of 26 do not purchase a pair of tennis shoes every month at any price!! Michelle is talking about the young American Citizens; who are unemployed, and do not have $600.00 a year, which is the reason they are on their parents healthcare insurance in the first place!! I just cannot believe that Michelle Obama is so out of touch with the grassroots!! Also as far as who the citizens are that are accident prone……….well it is the baby boomers, who are now applying for social security and retiring!! Finally, the ACA is not the problem……….it can be fixed………the problem is the Individual Mandate, which is a bailout for the insurance pimps!! Michelle Obama has the mindset of enslaving every taxpayer for the sake of their wealthy political donors!! “We the people” are taxed before we get our paycheck, we are taxed as we spend our paychecks, we are taxed as we try to save and invest our paychecks!! Under the Individual Mandate, now “we the taxpayers, are being taxed on our income tax refund checks, which will be used only to bailout the insurance pimps!! God loves a cheerful giver and President Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic party loves angry and unwilling givers; to bailout the insurance pimps, who have nothing to do with healthcare!! It is also amazing that President Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic party refuse to obey God; yet they want “we the taxpayers” to obey their “Individual Mandate” policy; that has nothing to do with paying the doctors or hospitals!! Finally, Michelle Obama, I want you to know the real reason why “we the people” are eating with knowledge of what we are eating……….it is because of Dr. Oz, by way of Oprah; not you or the democratic party!! I am also not surprised by the way, Michelle and the democratic party, are enslaving “we the taxpayers” to the Individual Mandate, by using the force of the IRS!! This individual mandate is just about bailing out the insurance pimps: nothing more!! To enslave taxpayers to the individual mandate policy; is all that slaves know how to do with their leadership!! Finally, there is nothing free in this world; but Grace by the Lord Jesus Christ!! Good show Jimmy Fallon; thanks for being a light for the taxpayers living in America!!

  120. the hole suckers call her “first lady”,some just say “michelle,mochelle,flotus-flatus…but as a thing,name her “that girl” should be ok.

  121. Yes ,young ones now you see what they think of you, finally! It took you 5 1/2 years but now you see.It’s just not you it’s everyone they see as knucleheads

  122. Why haven’t I heard anything about the term “Knuckleheads” being a racist statement? That term is very racist. Just because it was used be a woman of the correct race does not mean it is acceptable.

  123. Well, they were dumb enough to keep voting them in, so, at least she’s got the demographic down.

  124. It was called the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act. Amusing how they’ve dropped the “Patient Protection” part.

  125. So she has two “knuckleheads” in her family. I guess she’ll do the thinking for them as she’s trying to do for everyone else.

  126. I heard about this before and I was planning on fighting with one person in the comments but it seems we are all on the same page. lol

  127. Well now all you KNUCKLEHEADS that voted obammy in, how is this workin out for ya????

  128. First of all, you are a first lady not a Hollywood celebrity. Just because you hang out with some doesn’t make you one. The word “knucklehead” does not belong to the First Ladie’s Dictionary. Talk and act like one. Second of all, thank many of these so-called “knuckleheads” because they voted for your husband, therefore allowing you to open your mouth on national television. God Bless America.

  129. All in all she is right…you do need health care for younger ones that are always getting hurt…to those of you talking about the vote…Do remember your vote for the president did not count anyways… its the people that you vote for as mayor, governer, etc who’s vote counted. We as a people have no say in who runs the country.

  130. Well, there’s a way to inspire confidence. She and her husband show disdain for the American people at every turn. I can’t wait till they are gone and we elect somebody who can begin to repair the massive damage they have caused.