‘Smart Guns’ Hit the Shelves in California: Why They’re a Terrible Idea

Smart Guns

The first so-called “smart gun” hit shelves on Thursday in California, kicking off lively discussions on the future of gun control in America as technology continues to advance. While the left continues to lob questions at gun owners such as, “Why do you need a gun?” and “Why are you opposed to ‘common sense’ measures like universal background checks?” the nature of the gun debate is likely to shift as we enter a new era of firearms technology.

The Smart System iP1, a .22-caliber pistol made by the German gun-manufacturer Armatix GmbH looks futuristic and is designed to ensure that only authorized shooters are able to fire the gun. The shooter wears an RFID-equipped watch that is activated by a PIN number. When the shooter grips the gun, the watch and the gun sync and the gun “unlocks” to allow the wearer of the watch to shoot.

This is a recent innovation for which the left has long awaited. For decades, the same crowd that confuses “semi-auto” with “full-auto,” insists that barrel shrouds are “a shoulder thing,” that classifies weapons based on how scary they look, have eagerly awaited the day that technology can produce a “safer” gun that the know-nothing left can promote as a viable alternative to the barbaric man-killers of yesteryear.

With the “smart gun” hitting the shelves, it can only be days before we hear, “Why don’t we legislate so all guns sold in America are equipped with this technology?” In fact, a 2002 New Jersey law mandates that three-years after so-called “smart guns” are available for sale in the U.S., New Jersey will prohibit the possession of conventional firearms.

While it’s laudable that some are looking for safer ways to keep the guns out of the hands of those with mal intent, it’s also laughable that this could be thought of as a viable solution to gun violence. No matter how safe we make firearms, the true instrument of murder is evil intent- not the instrument itself.

Many suggest that such technology is good for parents who don’t want their children to have access to their firearm. But like poisonous chemicals, sharp knives and power tools, the answer is not electronic gadgetry- it’s to instill a respect for such dangerous instruments.

I, and many other gun-carriers, carry only the most-reliable firearms. Antiques, relics and oddball firearms are for shooting with friends; the carry piece must be the most reliable handgun one can afford. With such a new technology, I cannot endorse anyone trusting their or their family’s lives to an RFID chip.

Furthermore, the cost of the gun- $1,399 for the gun, $399 for the watch- is an outlandish cost for an unproven gadget that should give any home-defender pause as he reaches for the tool that could save his life.

The new “smart gun” provides a talking point for the ill-informed and is likely to serve, in the minds of liberals, as a viable option to reduce gun violence when it is anything but. The Saturday Night Specials that flood the streets of inner cities will continue to help facilitate the nefarious deeds of violent criminals as the $1,800 “smart gun” remains a mere curiosity.

Microstamping, “smart guns,” gun bans- they are all useless measures to further hinder the law-abiding. If we are ever to reduce gun violence, we must be willing to address social malaise and the erosion of common decency. We must also be willing to lift the burdens on the law-abiding and affirm the God-given right of people to carry firearms for self-defense. 

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  1. One of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of. As everyone knows (except for liberals), people kill people. No amount of legislation will ever change that. In the meantime, only law abiding citizens pay the price. But isn’t that by design?!

    1. Oh I’m positive that all the criminals will run down and have their firearms retrofitted !(notice the sarcasm ) lol

    2. It is amazing how the mindset has changed so radically over the past year alone. It seems like, well it makes me think of the dark ages where those who tried to live according to their conscience were not allowed to, and were mercilessly slaughtered in the name of the popes who claim to be God on earth.

    3. Wow, talk about Propaganda! There’s enough hate here to go around but to blame it on Popes and not the facts are all wrong! Read about the Crusades but get a fair and honest read!

    4. You need to read about the witch hunts and get the facts straight. Read information that was not written by the fox in the chicken coup jesuits! I have spent my life studying these things. As for hate, well you must be a liberal because they try to think of any excuse for name calling. If the truth is hate, well you have been believing lies! BTW read about the hundred or so million people the popes murdered!

    5. Valid point but this comment underskirts the fact that this can prevent accidental deaths in the homes of gun owners since it prevents others in the home, such as children, from misusing the gun unsupervised.

    6. So does a gun safe and trigger guards. Responsible gun owners don’t leave their guns out unlocked for kids to play with. Then supervision is not required 100% of the time.

    7. I am a hunter more so then a PP kind of guy. Never had a concealed carry permit until recently in the past 4 years because of the direction this president is taking our country. I trained my grandson gun safety by taking him deer hunting. The first time I shot a deer from our stand I explained to him the same results would happen if you shot a person. He got a whole new outlook and respect for firearms at that point. We need to educate our kids not just look at them and say don’t touch. That just makes children more curious. Still a hunter with a more PP mind set now.

    8. Excellent, excellent post (and viewpoint/wisdom), IC! The NRA – and all of us of this similar mindset – should establish a reliable SYSTEM to have this brief, but effective concept/notion offered and presented to the masses on a regular basis (say, weekly letters to opinion editors of local papers,… 30 second ad buys to run on every TV/radio outlet once a week, etc.). Dammit,… we need to neutralize and overturn the “guns are bad” message proggs and libs have beat into our minds for decades now!

      @expatscott: PERFECT (brief and to the point) reply!!

    9. And perhaps that will be a good enough selling point to attract buyers with children in the home. Perhaps they will manage to take market share from the “dumb gun” manufacturers. The objectionable aspect is the “mandatory” legislative-violates-second-amendment part of the story.

    10. That’s it exactly. When choice is removed and you are told what you can and cannot do and what you must and must not do, it is called a dictatorship.

    1. Wrong !Stupidity ,thy name is Liberalism !Get it right asshat !I’m a conservative gun owning Californian that loves his state but hates the leaderships the morons have elected!

    2. Did you vote for the other guy? Or did you bother to vote at all? I see many people complaining but the polls show less than 20% voted in the last election so the libtards were selected by about 11% of the population.

    3. Yes I vote every election ,those who don’t vote don’t have the right to complain!I have never voted for any lib…

    4. Apparantly, Scott, these people want to single YOU out, because of living where you choose. I would invite these critics, to attack those who’ve destroyed the ” golden state,” and made her a ” paradise lost”
      A prime example, of how we truly, are a ” nation divided.”

    5. I see it all the time ,I was born and raised in Cali .Taught the difference between right and wrong ,attended and passed the hunters safety program before the age of 10 .California is such a beautiful state but the libs have given it a bad name .We are told not to judge all muslims because of a few wackos ,and all gun owners argue that they shouldn’t punish all gun owners because of a few wackos but yet everyone judges all Californians because of the wackos in LA and SF !I think people of all races and geological locations need to start using the most powerful tool they were born with ,,,their brains !Obama has succeeded in one thing for sure, dividing the nation!

    6. Geography is not the ‘state’. The people are. A very considerable portion of the people of CA are un-assimilated and hyphenated, not American. See what Teddy Roosevelt has to say about being an American. Likewise, neither are the people in power, like Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer and Brown, who clearly want to destroy our Constitution and the freedoms it
      guarantees. It is difficult to understand how a state wise enough to elect Reagan could go so wrong in such a short time. But our job is to recognize reality, and the reality is that denizen of dopes, [there is a reason it was called 'dope' and the term still applies] has 55 electoral votes and 53 votes in the House. THAT is a huge problem the forces of freedom must reverse.

    7. I”m backin’ Scott as He’s absolutely right on this. They’re are more conservatives than Libs in this state. I vote always (for the conservative) and never for the incumbants. People need to go to the polls and vote them out. It’s a damn shame only 20% voted. Voting is a right, a privilege and, most important, an obligation.

    8. Its a Privilege. If you have to register (get permission) it is NOT a right, because that permission can be denied.

    9. yet ovomit had districts voting at between 100 and 140% of the registered voters show up and vote? Really? Why hasn’t there been an investigation into that yet? Is it because the same moron is in the white house and he prevents anything that might take him down?

    10. Sorry, that I did not BOther to give the required LIBERAL PC BULLSHIT Qualifiers…
      Attention Everyone … that’s ALL OF CALIFORNIA, …. EXCEPT for Scott!!!

    11. FYI Liberals populate almost every large city across the country ,they spread like cockroaches .The city I live in is basically Republican ,everyone I know is republican including every member of my family !

    12. but anywhere you are you still have those few people who would vote democrat if it was satan himself

    13. Hey assclown,I used to live in Cali (born & bred Hoosier ) it was a Liberal utopia when I lived there ,back in the 80′s .You had over 20 f’n YEARS to vote Pelosi ,Boxer,Fienstein out !

    14. Hey asshat You must’ve lived in LA or SF I don’t !And for the last 20 years I have put my vote against them every time!It’s the dumbshits in LA and SF that seem to like these nazi’s !
      I even got banned from Feinstein’s website for my opinion about her!

    15. You couldn’t pay me enough to live in either of those two cities ,I live right between them in a city of 100,000 people ,most of which vote repub .The truth is the majority of the smaller cities in Cali are repub but the larger more densely populated cities seem to control the vote and cancel out the repub vote!

    16. People in Illinois knows that only to certain. If not for Chicago the state could turn red. These big cities like that need to go the DC way and separate from their given states so they can live in la la land.

    17. I’d say if you could put a big bubble over the fruits in SF and a big bubble over nuts in LA ,the libtards would never win another election in California !

    18. Upon review of this thread – I think the real problem is that California is populated with ass-hats and ass-clowns and that explains how Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein got a foothold in the state in the first place.

    19. I’m not an idiot nor are my friends and family .Have you ever even been to California ?Ever met anyone from Cali ?Now your comment about Pelosi and Feinstein I have agree with but not everyone in Cali are idiot democrats !

    20. i know there are real people out there.i apologize if i offended you.but pelosi and feinstein are idiots and i forgot to mention boxer.i live in NEW YORK…we have schumer and gillibrand and cuomo and although we got rid of him,bloomberg.i believe that our elected officials are convinced that the are royalty and we are their loyal subjects.and i’ve never been to california but someday i’ll get there.

    21. I feel for you ,see we have something in common ,we’re both living behind enemy lines !But no where have I ever insulted the people of NY because of the idiot libs that live there ! There are good people that live in the bluest of blue states so lets try to not judge the whole population of a state ,it would be better just to single out the libtards!OMG that was almost a politically correct liberal statement someone shoot me now!

    22. my name is TOM,SCOTT.thank GOD for people like us.it makes me think that we have a chance.i write emails–send letters–postcards and even peacefully demonstrate once in a while.it’s frustrating sometimes but i will never give up.i can hold my head up high.at least i try.i also sign petitions.i’ll keep an eye out for you.i’ll look for you on the tea party news network.

  2. Amazing the stupidity behind this…. like you are going to wear that thing….. lol It is just a way for the government to know who has a gun… and if someone wants to steal it from you while holding you up with a stolen gun how hard would that be?
    Why doesn’t the government spend our tax dollars to find and get rid of the corruption in the White House..IRS that should keep them busy for quite some time….

    1. You took the words right off my keyboard.
      If gun owners in CA want to waste thousands of dollars on this ridiculousness go right ahead, just remember who holds the kill switch!

    2. Excellent point Robert. I never thought of that but it is true. I will stick to my good old fashioned guns; thank you!

  3. So, if you own 5 “smart guns” you have to have all 5 watches with you at all times, because you certainly cannot leave them in the safe with the “smart guns” lest the safe be stolen and the thieves get both at one time. Or perhaps you can have 2 safes? Hopefully the thieves won’t have time to take 2 safes.. Or, maybe you can get a safe deposit box and keep the extra watches in that?!?

  4. Why don’t they require smart drugs be made by the drug companies. More people die from prescription drugs than guns each year.

    1. My point was, lets say a kid gets a hold of his daddy’s gun Bang! he’s dead. Same kid gets a hold of a safe gun no bang! Unless he find the watch too.

      But what about when he abuses daddy’s back pills and he dies. There are more deaths from abusing prescription drugs than gun deaths. So why isn’t the government making the drug companies develop tecnology to stop this.

      The answer is because you can’t resist a tyrannical government with back pills.

    2. That is a given. My point is they use the safety issue to justify the gun laws. If they told you they want to disarm the citizens because they want to control us tyranny that wouldn’t work so they lie.

  5. Once more, the ignorant attack the entire state of California. THIS is why we’re trying to break apart the state…so IDIOTS don’t blame ALL of us for the actions of the attention whoring libtards. Put down the remote control and back away from the lame stream media slowly, people. Don’t judge the entire state by what you see “on that thar movin’ pitcher box”! We Cali Cons are so sick and fed up with the night time raids on our liberties, the cheating at the ballot boxes, the corrupt libtard judges – as well as being blamed by jerkoffs who don’t even live here or never even visited but think they have the right to judge us all by what they see on TV. Instead of flapping your lips, why don’t you walk away from the computer and go to the ballot boxes yourselves? Vote out liberals anywhere you can. So no…stupidity, they name is FedUpLibBS.

    1. I must be one of those jerkoffs you’re talking about. But I don’t judge California by what I see on TV, I judge it by who represents them in Washington, D.C. Change that first, then you can throw stones.

    1. Yeah ,if I’m gonna pay that kind of money ,I want one of those 1000 rps ,clip fed scary black guns with the thing that flips up :)

  6. It’s very James Bondsy, but in the practical sense even the gun James had in Skyfall like this didn’t work when he actually needed it. I know that it’s a movie, which is scripted. But the technology isn’t going to stop people from doing harm if they intend to harm others, and vice versa, I highly doubt this tech will be helpful in the event you have to protect yourself with it.

  7. Let’s see…a battery controlled firearm activated by a separate battery powered device via an RF signal…what could go wrong?

  8. My 10th grade history teacher had to shoot a burgler one night with a .32. Gun had laid untouched for 10 years or more in her night stand drawer. Bullets still worked.
    Would the batteries last that long?

  9. All any of these “Laws” do is make the majority of the nation into a nation of Victims. The more they legislate guns, the more the make it harder for Honest people to own something that could protect their family or home. There is no reason for this “gun” to do anything more than make it harder for honest people to protect themselves. What happens if there is a “glitch” and someone is killed because the two didn’t talk to each other properly when someone needed their gun? Will that change them? No it won’t, they will again change them and the laws that constantly attempt to control them. Criminals will always find access to guns that kill people regardless of whatever government does, we need to find a way to prevent the Criminals not the Citizens from ownership.

    1. I can just hear the liberal response.” You should have thought about that before.”
      This is a ridiculous ploy, to sucker sheer fools, into believing lies!

    2. There is actually a petition on We the People/Whitehouse petitions site to get rid of the Stand your Ground laws in Florida and all other states that have the law.They want to make all of us victims !Libtards are among the dumbest and lowest of all creatures on this planet!

  10. Simple question: Why do we need these? Please go down about 5 levels of logical responses before you embarrass yourself with a published answer on the internet.

  11. Since the watch obviously has a transmitter that talks to the weapon… it is likely that like cell phones it is talking to someone else as well… GPS data – Time of fire – etc. Just saying…

  12. Just because the technology exists to build this doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do so. My carry piece is an old school revolver. Why? It goes BANG every time I pull the trigger. Simple but effective. That’s the solution.

  13. Another stupid idea by stupid liberals. This is what a real smart gun is: using your brain and training.

  14. Sorry to say this (NOT Really) the Idiot Loony Liberals would NOT be smart enough to fire / use this smart gun.

  15. All my guns are very smart. They only fire when the safety is released and I pull the trigger. What else could anyone need?

  16. What happens when someone breaks in your home in the middle of the night and you can’t find your watch? Dumbest idea ever!

  17. 19,000 gun owners commit suicide with their guns every year in the U.S. The mental health of gun owners must be addressed. Some report that nearly 20 children per day are hospitalized with gun injuries. Gun responsibility must be ramped up. Far too many irresponsible gun owners.

    1. There’s more than one way to commit suicide.

      How many freedoms must we surrender to have our own and every one elses “mental health” evaluated, and who would you trust to set the passing criteria?

      20 children per day are hospitalized with gun injuries ?? Really? Chicago slums no doubt.
      It’s an imperfect world Kansas but the best things in it are wild and free.

  18. boycott the manufacturers of any ‘smart’ gun sold to the general public. These are death traps for anyone using one. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated or tricked as a fool.

    1. At close range aim for the eyes. With virtually zero recoil multiple shots are on target and quick. How many people do you know that are willing to stand at the business end of a .22 ? (I recommend the Walther PPK in .22). If you prefer a long gun, the HMR .17 is supersonic and virtual flat-line trajectory.

    2. Good point … if you’re calm cool and collected in a panic-fight-or-flight scenario. I’d rather go for a body-shot with my 9mm hollow-points. Just sayin’…

  19. Pfftt! How do “criminals” get guns? For those in Cali, I will give you the answer….. they STEAL THEM. Now, if you have a gun that won’t shoot unless it’s activated by a watch… which part do you think they will STEAL first? Good lord people, get back in your damn boxes because trying to think outside of them is really taking a toll on you. Ugh. You want to stop “criminals” from getting guns? Put the RFID chips IN the criminals if the criminal even so much as touches a gun, it sends an alert to the police along with coordinates of the crim. Bury it so far into them that it would kill them to take it out.

  20. Are batteries included?
    With today’s technology we should demand more of a “smart” gun. How-bout a GPS locater, video camera /w infrared & audio (fore & aft), satellite link to local 911 service. I wonder which manufacturer will be the first to incorporate all the features of the iPhone into a compact concealable handgun, the iGun if you will. Think of the possibilities ! We have the technology, we can re-build it.

  21. Why do I need a gun, they ask? Because THEY can’t keep ILLEGAL guns out of the hands of criminals. Are they REALLY that stupid?

  22. Interesting article. Always thought smart guns were stupid, (sorry, couldn’t resist) it’s the user that needs to be smart. And liberals may want to end gun violence, but what the leadership wants is an end to gun ownership, and for that they need to be willing to FORCE me to surrender my rights. What scares them is that they risk a revolt from an armed populace for the corruption they perpetrate against a free people. I honestly cannot understand why the people haven’t already yelled enough loud enough to stop our descent into socialism.

  23. how many times do WIFI, Bluetooth, and whatever tech fail? not to mention the insane price of this weapon and the watch. stupid!

  24. Well the next war they want fought, don’t come around looking for me to fight it for them. Maybe Bush’s, Clinton’s & Obama’s daughters can get on the front line since women are now front line approved ?

  25. I can tell youhow to fix the country. get an education, become a reporter, an investor and take over the news and media industries. that is what the left has done. these are a minority amongst us but they control the message. They control the schools, unions, government agencies etc. Yet in numbers they are a small minority.
    We have been disengaged for too long and allowed them to do this. Get up and fix it!

  26. First off, let me say that I do NOT think that this should be in anyway mandated or required. That being said, I want to look at the technology point of view. Whether nor not you would choose to utilize this option, at least take a look at the merits of such a device. At first glance, I would think that if I were in a situation where my gun was taken form me. I could take comfort knowing that the bad guy couldn’t shoot me with it. A gun that recognizes you and only you, to me, is a good thing. Sure there are arguments about hacking the device and remotely controlling it. Bugs can be worked out. Private companies can make it secure. *shrugs* I just don’t think we should toss out the idea completely. I will now bow out and allow the sarcastic remarks begin.

    1. When your wife or significant other is at home and a “bad guy” is kicking in the door, she cannot use your “smart gun” to defend herself. Yeah, really smart.
      You can bet that there will be many gunsmiths who will be happy to defeat this “smart gun” technology . . .

    2. My laptop has fingerprint unlocking tech in it. I can program the device to recognize more than one set of prints. Taking stabs at my intelligence doesn’t support your argument. It only makes you an asshole.

    3. Do you have any facts to support whether or not these watches can be programmed for more than one person?

    4. HEY! Lay off the name-calling . . .
      Your name-calling exposes your juvenile attitude. GROW UP!! It is very possible that this “smart gun” technology would be restricted by law to only one person. I would wish you best regards, but you might respond with another slur . . . for chrissakes GROW UP, already!!

  27. classic story of the burglar at night being thwarted by the gun in the nightstand…. oops, forgot to wear my watch to bed… just for argument sake, wouldn’t a bio-metric grip make more sense? Of course linking electronics mandated by a government to the firing system of any weapon is just stupid. This will sound “conspiracy” theory but how would it be protected from an EMP burst or how do you know that there is not a subroutine in the program to disarm it by remote control. Governments around the world already admitted to using the app game “Angry Birds” to track people.

  28. I suggest we wait until they come out with a .40 or .45 acp version of this weapon and the police and military start buying, carrying and using. And watch how fast it gets pulled when they start dying in the line of duty. What part of your trusting your life to electronics, they fail, can be jammed, can be hacked. The watch has to be within 10 inches, and it uses RFID technology, it will be really easy to jam or with a personal portable amplifier tuned to the RFID freq
    saturate, now the cop or soldier has a plastic rock to throw…how quaint!

  29. probably has a chip that tells where the gun is at all times -my suggestion beside being to expensive – steer clear

  30. If I were a Liberal, especially an anti-Second Amendment Liberal, I’d try to convince ‘good’ people that making the children safer was more important than anything. I convince ‘good’ people that making guns inert (except, of course, for the lawful owner). That way, ‘good’ people wouldn’t get children killed if they found my gun. We’d be all one, big, happy family. Of course, I would make sure that these guns also could be turned off by ME and my Liberal friends, because, naturally, we know stuff that Conservatives just can’t understand, and we want to ‘protect’ the Conservatives too. Gee. I think I would come up with a really neat gun I COULD CONTROL. Of, course, I’d call it a “SMART GUN” so everyone would appreciate my genius when I developed this ‘helpful’ gun idea. With Dianne Feinstein’s help, we could make this the new standard for California firearms, and ‘poof’…just like that…the Second Amendment is NEUTERED in my state, ready to serve as a model for the other 49 (or 56, however many states there are).

  31. Smart cars can be disabled on the highway. Smart guns can be disabled when they want it disabled. Are you with me so far?

  32. No Thanks, I’ll stick with my Colt 1911′s. I’m not dumb enough to have one of these “smart guns” and not stupid enough to let some liberal convince me that I need one…

  33. Expect that any such “smart” gun will come built in with an automatic disarm feature should it come within range of the police, the FBI, the TSA, NSA, FBI, DHS, and any other agency, oh and of course, within range of, well you know what, they will just “concidentially” disarm at the “oddest of times”, with nothing but blustering denials by the government that they somehow tinkered with it.

  34. And what happens when someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night and you aren’t wearing your watch? Stupid idea for home protection.

  35. A firearm is an inanimate object and inanimate objects are neither smart or dumb. They are inanimate. Only stupid people think an inanimate object can be smart. And, you cant fix stupid. But, we can certainly vote it out.

  36. Just another way of redistribution of your money to their friends and cronies not for any other reason except to get rid of guns altogether. Don’t take this anymore and join US in Washington, D.C.

    16 MAY 2014

  37. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of
    a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
    shall not be infringed. Do these people not understand the definition of “infringed”? Sorry, I forgot the U.S. Constitution is not on their approved reading list.

  38. I oppose this completely. Besides, you will store the watch where you store the gun. How many of us wear watch to sleep in? So you are screwed when the kick burglar breaks down your door at 2 AM. Basically, this is a relly stupid idea and won’t work or solve any problems.

  39. Excuse me Mr. Burglar, while I find and strap on my RFID watch and try under stress to punch in the PIN number. I normally do not wear it to Bed.

  40. Unfortunately, the black thugs who commit the vast majority of gun crimes in this country aren’t going to give up the stolen conventional guns. The result will ultimately put a largely unarmed law abiding citizenry at the mercy of millions of well armed black and hispanic thug killers. Oh wait, that is what the black and hispanic killer thugs want.

  41. This debate is yet another diversion from the essential argument. Those who want to destroy the Constitution are pleased to see diversions from the essential issues drain energy from defense of the Constitution, as written, to extract incremental concessions of our rights.

    Every law, regulation, ordnance or other device regarding gun
    restriction/regulation is unconstitutional because they infringe on
    the right to bear arms. This includes any restrictions at the state
    and local level because of the supremacy clause in the Constitution.

    Just what part of “. . . shall not be infringed.” is not understood? Wanting it to be different does not change it! Stop drinking the ‘kool-aid’ of sentiment, emotion, distractions, and especially, self-defeating logic. If the Second Amendment can be ignored, so can all the rest of the Constitution – as the Obama-led Democrat party has consistently attempted to do, and sadly, have sometimes been successful at doing. It must stop.

    The Second Amendment is there to guarantee the First Amendment and all the other elements of the Constitution we chose to live under. Enable the current Administration, or any Congress or Supreme Court of the moment to ignore or disregard any element of the Constitution and the entire document is discredited. This has been happening at least since the early 30′s, gaining momentum with each encroachment on the Constitution that was not opposed by the people, as they were routinely paid off with government handouts of money and ‘pork.’ The process has turned into an avalanche under Obama and the 111th Congress, 2009-2011 and has barely slowed since. Attacks on the free exercise of religious life, a free press, free speech and peaceful assembly have grown over the decades, but like the frog in a heating kettle, have grown with little notice. Take notice: the forces of evil that would destroy the freedoms Americans take for granted are unrelenting and growing. What will you do about it?

    Don’t like the Constitution as written? You have three choices, – - Use one of the processes specified by the Constitution to change it, or – - Live in another country, or – - Live with it as it is. Anything else is unconstitutional and tyrannical. We fought a revolution to throw off the yoke of tyranny, the Right to keep and bear arms gives us the power to do it again if needed – exactly as stated in the Declaration of Independence:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government,
    laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in
    such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and
    happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long
    established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and
    accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to
    suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by
    abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train
    of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a
    design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it
    is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards
    for their future security.

  42. The so-called ‘smart-gun’ concept seems to come back up in discussion every few years. The only thing new about it this time, is that someone seems to have made what I assume to be a functional prototype. If they become reliable enough that our police will adopt the technology, then maybe….. I’ll consider it as well. But not likely.

  43. If a criminal wants to bypass this system they can easily do this by getting a gun elsewhere. All this really does is make it more difficult to be a legal gun owner. This apparently is exactly what the politicians in California intended. No wonder people are leaving the state. It doesn’t matter, illegal immigrants will eventually take over the state anyway.

  44. I don’t know but how long do you think it will take someone to invent a jamming device for these signals rendering the whole outfit useless?