For First Time Ever, Majority Believe World Leaders Don’t Respect Obama

Gallup Poll

For the first time of his presidency, the majority of Americans believe that world leaders don’t respect Obama. This is according to a new Gallup poll released today.

In 2009, 67% believed world leaders respected Obama, while today Gallup reports that the number has literally crashed, all the way down to 41%. This comes after very little change from 2010-2013. Last year, in 2013, a majority, 51%, still believed that Obama was respected by world leaders. 

Gallup states that the decline has been most pronounced among independent voters and among Democrats (Republicans already believed world leaders didn’t respect Obama).  Now 57% of Independents and even 28% of Democrats believe Obama is not respected on the international stage. 

While the poll doesn’t speculate as to the reason for the decline, it is likely Americans believe that world leaders, including our allies, don’t enjoy being spied on by the Obama NSA and that Obama lost significant credibility after his “line in the sand,” comments about Syria. 

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  1. It’s nice to see that graphs are finally coming into compliance with the EPA’s new “Greener Graphs Initiative” program.

  2. Well I was wondering when the liberal flock would start to recognize what an ineffective administration is good for. I just thought it would start on the FIRST term.

  3. No, it is not about the spying. That ha gone on since there were opposing bands coming in contact with one another. No it is about this administration’s failure to stand by our friends or accurately define who are enemies are. They have also failed to hold secret things shared in confidence. Respect is also engendered by fear. Our stronger friends have determined that they better be ready to go it alone. Those that were not our friends no longer fear us. This is a problem of national priorities. The principle duty assigned to the federal government is national defense. The federal government spends far too much on other crap they should not be doing to do a good job of this primary responsibility. Does any body else remember the stink about under protected vehicles and personnel carriers being used in Iraq? I do. It was due to the Clinton administration’s aditude toward the men and women who defend this nation. They wanted to buy votes with welfare.