Black Pastors Call for Impeachment of Eric Holder

Black Pastors Call for the Impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder

Black Pastors Call for the Impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder

Today, the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) is launching a grassroots efforts to push for the impeachment of Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder, saying the radical leftist should be impeached over “repeated lawlessness.” 

Rev. Bill Owens, CAAP Founder and President said in a statement that Eric Holder has no legal authority to pick and choose which laws he’s going to enforce: 

“The Attorney General of the United States should be impeached over his repeated lawlessness in attempting to impose same-sex marriage throughout the nation. 
It’s one thing to make a political argument that gay marriage should be the law, but it’s quite another to take actions that ignore federal law, Supreme Court rulings, and the constitutions of dozens of states that have specifically rejected the redefinition of marriage which the administration is trying to impose.
As much as President Obama and Attorney General Holder would like it to be otherwise, we live in a democracy—with government of, by, and for the people—not a monarchy ruled by a king issuing decrees from on high.
The citizens of several states who have voted overwhelmingly to preserve marriage have had their votes voided and thrown out by radical federal judges; and the Obama administration—in particular the Justice Department—has been shamefully complicit in this attack on the rights of those voters.”

Rev. Owens contends that Holder is so zealous in his desire to redefine marriage that he’s willing to “run roughshod” over the Constitution, federal law and Supreme Court rulings. Rev. Owens also called out leaders in Washington for failing to hold lawless Holder accountable for his “illegal conduct.” Referring to Holder as a “dangerous ideologue,” Rev. Owens stated: 

“Yet our leaders in Washington are letting him get away with his illegal conduct and doing nothing meaningful to hold him accountable. Our campaign to gather one million signatures of citizens calling for Holder’s impeachment is intended to create a groundswell of support, giving Congressional leadership the encouragement necessary to remove this dangerous ideologue from public office.”

In June of 2012, Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for withholding information in the Obama regime’s gun-running operation which let to the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and others.