Boehner Booted by January?

John Boehner

A top Tea Party congressman is predicting that Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, will no longer be speaker by next January, and that the ending of Boehner’s speakership will happen regardless of the results of the midterm elections. 

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told WND in an interview that he believes the majority of GOP voters have Tea Party values and that he approves of conservative primary challenges against establishment incumbents. Gohmert stated the GOP establishment is at war with the Tea Party out of “fear.” He also said it’s realistic that a Tea Party candidate could win the presidency. “I think people are ready for a change,” said Gohmert.

Boehner is under fire from several Tea Party groups for unconditionally caving on the debt ceiling issue. Under Boehner’s leadership, the national debt has grown by $2.7 trillion in 2 1/2 years, and is now over $17 trillion. 

Gohmert last week started the GOH PAC in order to defend the Tea Party against GOP establishment attacks, telling WND that Karl Rove and other establishment Republicans have waged a “war on the Tea Party.” Gohmert explained: 
“Someone asked me why I am going on the attack. I said, ‘You don’t understand, setting up this PAC isn’t an attack; it’s a defense against those who want to attack tea-party candidates.’ I want to raise money to help conservatives. And to show them we can raise money and we will help.”
Gohmert said that the GOP establishment has stopped listening to its natural base, which he sees as the Tea Party, and is committing self-destructive behavior by seeing the movement as a threat, instead of embracing it: 
“There are just too many people who feel like the tea party is a threat instead of recognizing it like they should, as a God-send. Instead of being afraid of the tea party, I think they ought to embrace it.”
Gohmert went on to criticize the plethora of “moderate” GOP establishment-approved presidential candidates that failed to turn out the party’s base, like Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. 

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    1. Make it so Booze costs ‘necessarily skyrocket’ to unaffordable levels. Maybe $5000 for a pint of JB for a period long enough to sober up John Boehner and other drunks in Washington D.C

    2. Just before the gov shutdown, a purchase order for over $400,000 worth of booze was OK’d by a bureaucratic lemming in DC.

      This is by definition, an autocracy. It will ‘serve’ itself first every time – on the rocks or perfect, with a twist or an olive, and ‘keep em coming’. After all, it’s ‘on the house’ and we dupes keep picking up the tab.

    3. Call your reps and say do it now would be a start! We are running out of time! 2014 is the year.Not 2016! All I can say is do the best you can!

    4. Sure is, and as much as I don’t want him in FL, he just bought an $850,000 condo in Marco Island, this past week – he can go there right away. Don’t wait to boot him out – do it now!

    5. Proof that ‘service’ in DC is really one big looting of tax $. They all leave MUCH richer than they came.

    6. It’s not Necessarily TAX dollars. It’s all about LOBBYIST Dollars.
      That is the REAL selling of America. Lobbyist money controls Congress
      so they forget who elected them. And the sheep keep sending them back.

    7. Thx but I think I understand that. I also understand that the lobbying is all about procuring above all else, the spending of tax dollars perpetuating the wealth confiscation in favor of the incredibly wealthy, i.e. for one example, the monumentally disproportionate military industrial complex which has created unimaginable wealth paid for by Americans’ taxes. No matter what the figure of the lobbying dollars involved, it is only a down payment to procure the spending of vast sums of wealth which could only be aggregated through the power of taxation.

    8. In addition to ‘term limits’, we should have a law BANNING Congress members who lose elections or retire be BANNED from serving as a paid lobbyist for 6 (or more?) years after leaving. This all in addition, of course, to requiring that any laws written for the public MUST include being applicable to Congress, as well!

    9. Absolutely. The second part is already in the Constitution (if I am not mistaken), but like so much is just ignored.

    10. How would a recall election work? Or a direct mail campaign to the entire House?
      Or.. a campaign to vote him out of the Speaker’s slot…? There’s three.. in less than a min… I’m sure that if a little actual consideration were put to it.. a solid plan could be had.

    11. they tried to get rid of him last time the did an election but he whined and convinced enough that he would be tougher and that they should stick with him…didn’t work out too well…don’t think they will fall for it again

    12. Eventually, one would hope that the Representatives that WE send to DC to do OUR bidding.. would get enough backbone to understand that what they are there for is NOT to work on making it a life long job… but to do what WE want them to do, for their FIRST TERM. And begging off because someone whines and tosses a few scraps around.. is NOT the way to win favors from US… or the US A.

    13. Looks like it is now up to We the People doesn’t it! We the People now have used all other peaceable means available to us! So far these ways have gotten us no where! The House and the Senate are now betting on the strength of the will of the people! Are We the People to be or not to be! And the House and the Senate I bet you are betting that the will of We the People are Not To Be! This is the year my Friends and not 2016! And so far there hasn’t been a whole lot of action! March is now here and all is quite so we shall see! God Bless!

    14. Nope. That’s why people really need to study up on this May 16th march on Washington to make arrests for treason and for lying on oath to defend the Constitution. These guys are serious and are ex-military.

    15. Thank you, Larygrant876, We need as much support as we can get, I will be driving from Denver to be there by May 16, if someone wants to come along and help with expenses just drop me a note on FB and i’ll send my email. Thanks again…Joe

    16. We’ll just send in the Marines to kick his pansy @$$ to the curb. I’m sure, given how he’s treating the military, there would be lots of volunteers.

    17. Yeah! Why doesn’t Obama send young people off to die in unfunded and illegal wars like Bushie did? What a baztard!

    18. Seriously? If you like flowers so much, look up opium wars. Obie just LOVES his opium income from dead American troops and addicts the world over. Nevermind Eurasia. Find Africa on a map, if you can. Obie has us in undeclared covert wars all over the Northern part of that continent. You really CAN’T be that dumb…..right?

    19. It is still the law that he serves two terms. The WH is not a rental property throw his a$$ onto the street.

    20. Oh he’s going. if impeached, or not. His term is over. He’s a worthless piece of crap even with the office of the presidency, how much more useless will he be without it.

    21. Not if he declares Marshall Law. There will be no elections and he will become a dictator. That’s why he’s fired about 30 senior Generals/Admirals over the last year or so.

    22. You mean martial law? I know he’s stupid, but even a dumbass like him can see what happened in Kiev, Egypt, and other places in the world. If he thinks these were bad. He should realize people in America are armed. That’s why he’s working so hard to negate the 2nd Amendment. He’s going one way or the other. The people are tired of him and his corrupt administration. They are willing to allow him to finish his term. Maybe, but our patience is wearing thin with him, his NSA, his IRS, his AG, and the rest of his BS. Do not mistake America’s patience for a weakness. He has backed the rattlesnake into a corner and it will strike with a vengeance when cornered.

    23. Yep, you got me on the spelling. He may be a dumbass but according to one puiblication, He’s already drafted the executive order and is just waiting. i hope you’re right. As a Naval Intelligence vet, something inside of me refuses to believe the US Military will fire on it’s homeland. I hope I’m right about that, too. Meanwhile Congressional Republicans just fiddle while Rome burns.

    24. Yeah i have twenty years USAF, and i believe there are many who will not side with him. There are those who will though.

    25. He also stated that his father’s casket was flag-draped. He’s a pathological megalomaniac who WOULD absolutely be put into prison where he belongs – or be assassinated. Whichever comes first.

    26. I agree he may not want to leave if impeached, but that would be a terrible mistake. Under that scenario he could be charged with attempted overthrow of the government. That is a serious charge which could result in imprisonment, or a death sentence. No one ever accused Obama of being to brigh but I think he ‘s smart enough to know that if impeached, he’s done.

    27. As much as I’d love for him to get impeached, your worries are quite seriously delusional. Wake up. This is a country of laws, not a cult of personality. He literally would need ML for that to happen, which suspends elections. If THAT is what you are alluding to, why not just it? If not – I suspect not – then you really are just booya-ing to the choir to get attention (up votes), which is pretty much guaranteed in this forum.

    28. Boehner is the biggest obstacle to filing Articles of Impeachment in the House of Reps., and the only one who can get a Special Prosecutor to investigate The Coverup of Benghazi.

    29. Then everyone needs to call him, mail him, tweet him or whatever whether you’re from SW Ohio or not. This is a national matter, not just a concern for Ohioans.

    30. Amen to that Patriot I also say that the Czars have said nothing yet at $150,000 each to start what are they making now… since they were elected by Barry Soetoro/ Barack H. Obama. Why not all of them a bulk Impeach. Get Hillory, Pilosi Harry Reid, yes all of them especially the Loosers in the Congress.

    31. Why wait? Because to replace Boehner, he has to either lose his seat in congress (which is what we are hoping will happen in the Nov elections), or the Dems have to sieze the majority (disaster defined). If Boehner loses his seat, then when his replacement takes office in Jan, then we get a new Speaker. Or if disaster happens then he hands the Gavel back to Pelosi and the country is doomed.

      Short of killing him or finding substantial criminal or ethical wrong doing there is no way to remove him before Jan.

    32. According to the Constitution (pesky little thing, isn’t it?) both the Houses of Congress make their own governing rules. Speaker can be removed at ANY time simply by a majority vote of all of the members. Also, if he were to be indicted on an ACTUAL criminal charge, then under the rules she would have to renuonce her leadership position (remember Tom DeLay being indicted for election fraud in Texas?).

      If Boehner’s caucus wants to depose him, the House Rules allow this to happen. According to Jefferson’s Manual, a 19th century procedural manual that has been largely incorporated into the House Rules:

      A Speaker may be removed at the will of the House, and a Speaker pro tempore appointed.

      A resolution declaring the Office of Speaker vacant presents a question of constitutional privilege, though the House has never removed a Speaker. It has on several occasions removed or suspended other officers, such as Clerk and Doorkeeper. A resolution for the removal of an officer is presented as a matter of privilege.

    33. I agree!! Get him out NOW and send a warning to the RHINOS that we are sick of Boehner’s lack of leadership.

    1. As difficult as it is to throw away precious money that we may or may not be able to afford, we have no choice but to support our candidates if we hope to see them elected.

  1. You about said it all. Corruption in government begin ONE compromise at a time and progressive corruption cannot be corrected easily. It ONLY gets worse because if forces guilt on the population rather than good judgment and common economic sense.

    1. I agree with you longbowman, but If WE THE PEOPLE had been listened to four yrs ago, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today. No one did anything when it should have been done. One day at a time is all Obama and his cronies have needed. One day at a time there was always something new that came up that was putting America in harms way. Now it is so big, it is going to be a major situation to get rid of the bums. We have waited to long to kick Obama and all of the JUNK out of D C.

    2. Our RINOs in Congress have gotten used to padding their nest with compromises instead of listening to the people and doing the RIGHT thing even if it hurt for a short time.

      They lost the principle they once had and now they just want to KEEP THEIR JOBS and not make waves. And one reason is the “people” have gotten so fickle listening to the media and Hollywood for guidance.

      None of them really deserve that term, “We the People”, or the protections the Constitution is supposed to afford them. They have already sold it for a new smart phone and a vote.

  2. The day when Boehner leaves as Speaker of the House can only be trumped by one other event: when Obama leaves as President. Let’s hope that both of them go to some remote island to live together and play golf with each other every day. Boehner has sold out the people of this country so bad that he has replaced Biden as the creature in Obama’s bowels.

    1. Agree, BUT if CANTOR is put in he is just a young RINO like Boehner. That whole crew Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy all need replaced.

    2. You’re absolutely right – the entire Republican leadership group in the Senate and the House of Representatives needs to be replaced. I look forward to the day when I don’t have to look at Boehner or McConnell, Cantor or Cornyn, McCarthy or any of the rest standing in front of a microphone pretending to be “fighting” for conservative principles.

  3. The people that have the authority should get off there butts and get him out of the speakers chair he is a ratical just as is Pelosie neither of these two prople are qualified to do the Job they are both Obama yes people whether he’s right or wrong. We need a person that works for the people be they Rep/or Dem/.just as long as they are hinest people and are there to do the job they are paid to do. This needs to be done before January it should be done ASAP we need a strong leader that can think with the Republicans and the Democrats to get the job done and not kowtow down to Obama because they are afraid of loosing there position it is Obama that really is in Dire straights in this situation he is not qualified to be in this position in more ways then . 1. he isn’t smart enough, 2. he isn’t a leader, 3. he wastes more money then any President weve ever had in Office 4. He isn’t even and American citizen . 5. he is and African. 6. this makes him not legal to even be in this Office. more then enough reasons to fire his Queer Butt.

    1. You are wrong on one point: Obama IS an American citizen, by virtue of his mother being an American citizen. It does not matter where in the world you are born, if either of your parents are citizens of the USA, then you are, too.

    2. He is a citizen ONLY if the paperwork was done properly when he was born somewhere other then in the USA. Even babies born to U.S. military when they are on foreign soil MUST have the paperwork in place to be U.S. citizens.

  4. I don’t understand the priorities at all. This is strategically backward. Why not concentrate on winning the House and Senate, then Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the milquetoast Republicans are meaningless. You take on incumbents with weak candidates who can’t attract Independents and you lose, simple as that.

  5. Make no mistake, the RINOs in the GOP will feel just as comfortable as Demoncrats, and will switch partys if it benefits them. Like all politicians they will do whatever it takes to stay in power.

  6. About time someone recognizes the situation for what it is, a moderate cadre of RINO’s that don’t want to lose their personal power. Instead of embracing the concept of the power of the people, these RINO’s think that power belongs to the party through big government fiat.

  7. I think Gohmert is right. This country is primed to throw the bums out. Why else would the Democrats be getting laughed at and jeered when trying to put a positive spin on Obamacare? Its a flim flam effort to get reelected to their cushy jobs they wheel and deal to keep.

  8. The sooner Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy and other Republican “leaders” go the better off we will all be. And can someone please tell Mitch McConnell and John McCain to shut up and sit down? The lack of connection this group of fools has with genuine Republicans and Republican-leaning Libertarians is astonishing. And, sadly, I have to say that I[‘m on the fence even with respect to Ryan who seens to have or want to have any real influence on the GOP apart from budget issues.

  9. Today’s GOP is nothing more than a minor plank of the DNC platform. Boehner is just a bent nail in that platform. So are Rove, McCain, Dole, Cantor, and too many others

  10. The TEA Party grew out of what once was known as “The Silent Majority”. The republican establishment preferred us to be silent. As with mushrooms they liked to keep us in the dark and occasionally throw some more manure us. We will be silent no more and will take no more crap out of RINOs or Progressives.

    1. No you and your ilk are not a “silent majority, ” you’re the Whiny Minority.

      The Tea Party is only perceived favorably by a mere 30% of Americans.

    2. I long ago learned that arguing with trolls is a waste of time. I pity you and your kind Sky. It’s difficult for folks like myself who believe in hard work and self reliance to relate to those such as yourself who wish to be lead cradle to grave by self serving progressive socialists. Useful Idiots indeed.

  11. GOP fighting GOP = Dem control…when are we going to put aside our differences (at least temporarily), compromise on some of our values, and unite to defeat the DEMS????

  12. 2014 is the time to give Louie re-enforcements by electing more Tea Party to congress and the Senate! It will make us stronger for 2016 for Our New President! Lets get this train on the right track!

  13. “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, Tomorrow never comes.” Earl Grey Dancing

  14. Mr. Stupid writes:
    “Boehner is under fire from several Tea Party groups for unconditionally caving on the debt ceiling issue.”

    Yeah, genius. He did that to avoid what, under Tea Party pressure, the Republicans did in Oct. 2013. We do anything if we don’t win elections.

    Mr. Stupid writes:
    Under Boehner’s leadership, the national debt has grown by $2.7 trillion in 2 1/2 years, and is now over $17 trillion.”

    Gosh, and all this time I thought Obama was President.

    With friends like the Tea Party, Republicans don’t need enemies.

    1. Stupid??
      Since all spending bills must originate in the House Boneyour and the republicans have the power to stop excessive spending, (assuming they have the guts to). He/they did not. This makes him just as responsible for the rise in debt under his leadership (ouch) as the administration and their hacks in the Senate.
      Before you call someone stupid you should know what you’re talking about.

  15. This entire Congress; Republican and Democrat have failed miserably. It is time for a new broom clean sweep. I personally am not voting for a single incumbent, regardless of party…

  16. Boehner has been elected Speaker until January – if Republicans hold the House, they will elect a Speaker. There really isn’t any other option that I have researched because I would be all for it! He has traded his soul and has bowed down to the throne of Obama.

  17. All I can say is, ” IT’S ABOUT TIME,” and I agree with others… January is too late. He needs to go NOW. I don’t even like calling myself a Republican these days. We are becoming the “Cave In party with FEAR BASED MOTIVES & ACTIONS.”

  18. He needs to be gone immediately. Every moment he is there is another moment away from freedom for our country. Any other strong leader would have put an end to this over the top spending a long time ago.

  19. January is too far off. The Republicans in the House need to go ahead and force a vote of NO CONFIDENCE, then re-elect someone with conservative values who won’t cry at every turn, and isn’t afraid of his shadow, or the dumb-a$$-clown in the White House.

  20. Eric Gurr is a true Conservative candidate running against Boehner in 2014. I don’t believe Boehner stands a chance, so he definately will not be the House Speaker. The next Representative to rid ourselves is his partner Eric Cantor. The supposed Conservative, yea right! Of course the Rino’s are done in 2014. We the people will not forget the knife in our backs!

  21. Boehner is a good Republican, but has ruined his chances of retaining the Speakership in the House. I hope that if the Republicans maintain the house in November 2014 they will take a good look at Trey Gowdy of South Carolina. He would make an awesome Speaker.

    1. I agree with Carole. I had high hopes for Boehner but he has been a great disappointment. Trey Gowdy is a true straight shooter.

  22. Boehner should have not been elected leader in the first place. He is weak and he has problems with his personal consumption habits. When interviewed recently he said he did not want to be president. He just wants his cigarettes, his wine and be able to play a lot of golf. This is not the character of a leader. It is the pitiful life choices of a slacker. He was a back bencher and he always will be.

  23. Not soon enough! He can do a lot of damage with another year and now no threat of being removed over his head – show him the door NOW!

  24. This is good for the RNC and the TEA Party-Boehner is useless, Cantor is no better and McCain is just a flat out lying Democrat. The RNC needs to listen to the people it represents and find its true Conservative roots again-plain and simple.

  25. I hope to see the same look on his smug, strangely orange-tinted face as the one in the picture above when he is not chosen to continue as Speaker. The only thing better would be if he lost a primary challenge and his House seat all together. RINO jerk.

  26. If we wait until January, Boehner will have already sold us out on AMNESTY. Boehner is our biggest obstacle to re taking the Senate and our last chance to save America! John Boehner MUST GO N O W !!!


  28. Bonehead and others only care about their self and the money lining their pockets that is why they hate the Tea Party and Americans in general.

  29. Take him out now. Him and the rest of the Rinos are against tea party conservatives, won’t stand up to the dictator Obama

  30. I’ll bet Boehner’s parents make a lot more in their bar now that ‘sonny boy’ is drinking in Washington now.

  31. The only way Boehner will leave the Speaker of the House position before January 2015 is if he’s carried out feet first or resigns. There is no such thing as a recall election at the federal level.

  32. NO Cantor,Ryan,McCarthy No leadership they are all bought pieces of shredding their oaths(secret oaths) TGowdy please

  33. Boehner must go he is failing the American people in his Strong position as Speaker of the People’s House he is silent on every major issue to save this Nation from Obama!!!

  34. I’m tired of hearing the word Moderate! When you negotiate as a Moderate then you get what we have here today, a mess! When both parties negotiate as Moderates it works but Obama isn’t a Moderate and doesn’t know how to Negotiate.

  35. Obama wants 2014 to be a year of action, so let’s get after it! Republicans should follow his lead and let’s get rid of the rino king Boehner.

  36. Never under estimate a politician’s ability to turn a situation that requires only balls into one that ‘requires’ donations to PACs.

  37. Don’t put it off ! He’s had more than enough time to prove himself worthy!
    As John McCain, has shown……. Rino, all the way.. Shameful!

  38. Why is this thief still Speaker of the House?
    Why wait till January is right? How about all of us who are sick of this garbage in Washington , i mean all the thieving politicians,stand up and send them a No Confidence Vote based on their voting records.Don’t be intimidated by any of them , because you see we are the majority, they are to answer to us , were not to answer to them.Be not silent anymore , if you want real Hope and Change send in your No Confidence Votes, flood their offices.. They attack the Tea Party because of fear that they will be openly exposed for the thieves and liars that they really are.

  39. The ONLY WAY a teapublican wins the presidency is by cheating and we all know these losers can do that oh so well. But I think there will be a few surprises that the teapublicans didn’t count on…

    1. The President raise the deficit to the largest in history and you think he did a good job and give him credit for the drop because the US could not maintain that level of deficit spending. Amazing!.

  40. I never thought I would say this but I would much rather put up with Boehner that someone from the Tea Party!!! Those people are total idiots whereas Boehner is just a selfish jerk. The lesser of two evils.