Holder to State AGs: It’s Okay to Ignore the Law, You Don’t Have to Defend Gay Marriage Bans

Attorney General Eric Holder is taking his progressive activism to a new level. We have heard Barack Obama constantly state that he will rule by dictatorship with his repeated mantra ‘I have a pen, and I have a phone and I will use both to further my agenda.’ It looks as though Holder is following his example of making tyranny in America commonplace. 

As Attorney General, Eric Holder is supposed to uphold the law and prosecute those who break laws. However, at a recent meeting with state attorney generals, Holder instructed them that they do not have to enforce gay marriage bans that may be in place in their state.

This activism should come as no surprise given the fact that Holder, and Obama, refused to defend the ‘Defense of Marriage Act’, refused to prosecute New Black Panther members for voter intimidation, and have failed to thoroughly and properly investigate numerous scandals including the IRS targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups.

Keeping in line with the progressive attempt to equate gay marriage with the Civil Rights movement, a time during which blacks could be lynched, were made to enter through back doors, drink from different water fountains, were refused service in diners, and had powerful water hoses turned on them, Holder turned to the Brown v. the Board of Education case, which dealt with school segregation, to defend his encouragement of the states attorneys general to be selective regarding which laws to enforce and defend.

If I were attorney general in Kansas in 1953, I would not have defended a Kansas statute that put in place separate-but-equal facilities.” 

Rev. William Owens, president of the Coalition of African-American Pastors responded to Holder’s green light to attorney generals throughout the country to ignore laws within their state dealing with marriage. The pastors are also calling for the impeachment of Eric Holder.

“I am ashamed of Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder for turning their backs on the black community and the values that we hold dear – values we want strengthened and promoted rather than weakened and undermined. The ongoing process of civil rights rightly calls for the building up of a healthier marriage culture. When the top law enforcement officer in the nation runs roughshod over the rule of law, that problem cannot be ignored.

With these actions, the nation’s supposed top law enforcement officer sends a clear message. The rule of law does not matter.

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  1. Attorney General Holder, it is NEVER okay to ignore the law. If you are in a position to enforce the law but do not agree with the position of integrity is this: 1. either do your job and enforce the law or 2. quit your job and work to change the law. When you stay inin your job and ignore the law you violate the publics trust. Think about this: President Eisenhower did not personally believe in racial integration but after the Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. Board of Education he did his job and enforced the law. He had INTEGRITY. You do not.

  2. All laws must be enforced in a free society. To do less is a violation of trust and a dereliction of duty.

    1. It is not the gay’s fault. It is our governments. Just like illegal immigrants are only partially responsible when they know our laws will not be enforced. It is our government. They set the worst kind of examples for our children.

    2. Then who are all those noisy people in front of the state house in AZ and who is suing the bakers
      and photographers for not CELEBRATING the so called marriages ?

    3. While I believe that what the gays did to those businesses is wrong, I really feel that has nothing to do with them actually getting married. That said descrimination against anyone for any reason is illegal for a reason. I do not uphold Holders decision to say what he said, he is a crook and a traitor. But the gay marriage issue needs to drop. it is a black hole on funds that could better be spent helping those in need and it also drains political time that could better be spent on fixing issues that actually have an affect on everyone. Gays aren’t trying to invade the country and they generally aren’t hunting poor innocent pure Christians down to convert. So go waste your thoughts on an issue that actually affects you.

    4. I am a Christian. Personally, I believe homosexuality in the bible and homosexuality today are very different. Every homosexual couple I know is in a committed, loving, relationship. In the bible homosexuality was lewd and lascivious, like prostitution. Today, homosexuality may in fact save the institute of marriage because heterosexuals have battered it so.

      All that being said I am also a woman and a small business owner and I think I should be able to do business with I want to. I don’t think the government should be able to tell me who that is. Not all Christians think about homosexuality the way I do. They truly believe it is a sin they should stay far, far, away from. So are not their religious rights being violated by making them do business with a homosexual?

    5. the bible says more things disparaging about women but we don’t hear about laws to discriminate against them

    6. Without making a single religion the sole religion of a country religious rights automatically must take a back seat to civil rights. A religious right is based entirely on biased opinion that only works for the believers of that religion. While it is true we were built on the concept of religious freedom, Freedom to be who we want to be was the greater principle in our countries foundation. Civil law says discrimination is wrong and therefore bares with it penalties. I am sorry, but civil law must be upheld over religious law or beliefs if this country is to remain true to its founding principle of freedom and equality. Otherwise next we have revenge killings that are legal under religious law even if it was for malicious reasons. Your religious beliefs do not mean diddilly squat in a fair and even court of law. It is because of religion that we do not have a fair court of law. It is from religion that hatred and self entitlement are born, and it is from religion that nearly all evil has garnered its proof of rightiousness. Religion has no place in a society built upon equality and fairness and freedom.

  3. States have punished businesses for denying to take an active part in gay weddings even though gay “marriage” isn’t legal in their state. (Such as bakeries, photographers, churches and B&Bs.) Gays are welcome to use most services, but not for “weddings”.)

  4. Laws? What laws…Obama makes them then changes them then just writes another law to to fix that law, then…well you get the picture!!!

    1. @ Glenn Jay Paulus what constitution obama has managed to destroy what was put in place. This bozo and his band of freaks need to be impeached.

  5. He just violated his oath of office. He should be evicted and/or impeached and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law that he failed to uphold.

  6. @ Glenn Jay Paulus what constitution obama has managed to destroy what was put in place. This bozo and his band of freaks need to be impeached.

  7. You know, I really don;t get the whole gay marriage thing. A marriage license is just a piece of paper issued by the state. This license has no connection to any religion. So religious beliefs should have no bearing on whether or not gay people can get a license. That’s called separation of church and state. If you personally don;t like gay people, well then that’s a personal problem.

  8. If you were true patriots you would believe in equal rights for all americans. Stop using your religion to enforce scripture on the countries citizens. You all are no better than the islamic countries you hate.

    1. So, are you saying that in this free country that we no longer have freedom of religion? Because you do not believe and or hate my religion, you have more rights than I do? I DON’T THINK SO!

    2. You have the freedom to practice your religion. You do not have freedom to use your religious beliefs to put a boot on the throats of those who disagree with you. You have the right to believe whatever you want and to live by those beliefs within the bounds of civil law. You do not have the right to use civil law to enforce your beliefs on others who do not share them. They must follow the same rules. I see far more wasted energy and money and time spent trying to strangle the rights and equality from gays than I do gays trying to snuff out religions.

  9. “Do like WE do, govs: only obey the law when it benefits you to do so.” (What if we taxpayers decided to stop paying taxes because we don’t approve of the way our money is being wasted by you Chicago-like thugs…hmmm?)

  10. He took and oath to protect and defend the constitution, yet according to him it is okay to violate the constitution, his oath of office and even the moral integrity of his office and the people of this country. Since when?? If I break a law, I go to jail, I don’t pass go and I don’t collect no $200.00. Yet you tell us it is okay for people to not enforce one law but they must enforce other laws. Selective enforcement is not an option. You enforce all laws equally to all people regardless of finances, position or station in life. If you cannot do this, you need to remove yourself from your position and become an average Joe Schmoo citizen.

  11. The President of the United States says he can do anything he wants (even if it is against the Constitution) and the United States Attorney General tells state Attorneys General they don’t have to follow the laws of their states. We are headed down the road to anarchy. The President is not a king and the Attorney General should not be his mouthpiece. Both of these men studied law. The President is said to have studied Constitutional Law. I think every one of the people in this country needs to have a personal copy of the Constitution in their possession so they can read about what your rights are. I think they must have forgotten what they learned in history class years ago. Hopefully they don’t ignore it as the President and Attorney General seem to be doing. You can probably read a copy of the original in a Library, maybe even have a copy made. All who have computer access can go on line and copy it. Might even want to get a copy of the Declaration of Independence also. Re-educate yourself of the rights you have and what the military (who by the way are deliberately being decreased) served and died for to protect. Don’t allow an inept government to take them from you.

  12. Join the Assoc. of Black Pastors at holderimpeachment.com, sign their petition, they’re trying to get a million!

  13. Apparently, the rule of law is no more!
    I’m done!
    I’m not incriminating myself, but I’m DONE!
    No more following the laws that are just for the masses… In my America, there is no ruling class and citizen class, if they can pick and choose the laws they want to follow, I will do the same! AND Eric Holder’s statement will be used as my defense if I get caught up in trouble for violating a law…

  14. Big gay bar in S Calif is making a list of legislators that voted against a gay rights bill and will deny them entrance to the bar. Can you say hypocrisy? Any Christian business that produces a product that epitomizes artistic expression (cakes/photo layouts) has the right under the First Amendment to exercise that expression when and where and if they choose period!

    1. Yeah right! Makes me shiver thinking about it. Who would want to venture into a infectious viral vector venue!?