Obama Told Governors: ‘I Do Not Trust You’ According to Rick Perry


Texas Governor Rick Perry presented a disturbing summary of Obama’s meeting yesterday with a group of governors at the White House. Perry says Obama made it clear that he doesn’t trust governors to make decisions about their respective states on a variety of issues:  
I don’t mind telling you I was a bit troubled today by the tone of the president. When you have governors, and we all compete against each other–we are the laboratories of innovation–and for the President of the United States to look Democrat and Republican governors in the eye and say, ‘I do not trust you to make decisions in your state about issues of education, about transportation infrastructure,’…that is really troubling.
Perry also claimed that Obama threatened any governor who speaks out against bloated federal spending: 
As a matter of fact, I heard him (Obama) say in that meeting, ‘If I hear any of you pushing back, making statements about Washington spends too much money, you’ll hear from me.’ If I’m a Democrat governor, if I’m a Republican governor, I’m highly offended by that. 
  • tsigili

    NOR, can any of them, even the Dems…….trust Obama…….the corrupt dictator.

  • https://www.MadamJenny.com/ Jenny Lee

    Not surprising. The current goal of the Obama Administration and the DNC is to increase federal government control and turn the U.S. into a dictatorship. In order to do that, they have to eliminate the middle man, so to speak. Remove the power of the state governors and bypass the House and Senate.

    • WAYCAL

      Time to neutralize the Fed government. Too much Fed over reach!

  • Bob Haavisto

    Those of us who knew what this SOB is all about before he was elected the first time are offended every day that there are those who either want power or are wanting the government to take care of them and still support him.

    • Danni Smith

      Yes, I was there b-4 the first time too-there is only two good things for us in this whole mess-we don’t have any regrets about our voting, we don’t have to deal with any shock, as many others are (hope it’s enough) with who this communist, muslim, dictator really is.

  • SaneZidane

    What a buffoon Obama bin Lyin is. We The People don’t trust him because he has flushed that trust down the toilet. Now, he belittles the U.S. state governors who are trying to keep this president in name only from flushing America down the toilet with him.

  • Anita

    And they are suppose to trust this lying muslim, communist pos.

  • Anita

    Well if all of this is true what Perry said, then we are winning. He is desperate now. Now he’s using the Chicago thuggery attacks against the governors. I say now we push back harder than we ever had before. He’s running scared. Let’s keep his muslim, communist scared.

    • Linda Lee

      Anita I agree. His impatience to finalize his dictatorship is growing rapidly by the day. e .

  • Terry Dilmore

    Chance, the gardener, and his gathering of incompetents that lie to cover their lack of ability and action don’t trust the state leaders! Is that audacity, stupidity or blind faith in the brilliance of my own mind?

  • G W

    Obama and his Czars trouble me!

  • G W

    Obama is becoming more and more like Castro with every day that passes. He is now openly threatening our States Governors, that if they even complain about his policies “they will hear from him”. Impeach this tin horn dictator NOW!

  • Midwestmike

    Funny the Benghazi Liar tell the governors he can’t trust them; now that truly is the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Premo Mondone

      You said the word “black”, so obviously you’re a racist.

      • Franky Morales

        Hahaha, thats exactly what came to my mind, too.. This POS isnt a president, he is a communist race baiter

  • theresa huntinghouse

    I guess he wouldn’t t like it if we exceed from the union

  • Ponyrunner

    Tell him to F off Rick!

  • Rani Rich

    Who voted for the Governors….We The People…when Obama threatens the Governors…he’s threatening American Citizen’s!

  • Rani Rich

    We The People own all Federal Reserve Land which holds more oil than all of OPEC…we are not poor….obama is trying to stop us from our given wealth the Forefathers held aside from us! We have every right to be Sovereign again without the Federal Reserve Bank! We must fight back….send the support for the Pipeline…it’s our money! I support Ted Cruz who will return the full power to our constitution and We The People!

  • wabby99

    When will these Governors wake up and realize we have a Dictator in the White House. And if they do not stand up and tell him to go pounce sand you will find yourself relegated to nothing more than a rubber stamp.

  • earnest.roberts

    then “we the people” CAN trust the governors.. I will never trust obama.. or anyone for that matter who has supported the treasonous, usurper! history will record the proper sanctions that these treasonous, usurpers will receive!

    • Thomas James

      If he had done that he would be history. Better to stay and fight another day.

  • Melissa Katsmom Votano

    Scared much Mr. President. Maybe your wife’s next program should be about bullying.

  • Freedomswatch

    I think Perry should have replied, “Mr. President, the feeling is entirely mutual. We don’t trust you either!”

  • Joe Roy


  • masmpg

    Who cares if he “doesn’t ‘trust’” them. He needs to realize that they have more power than he does in their respective states. Poor poor egotistical maniac.

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    Obama delusionally considers himself as a little Dictator, that has been proven over and over, as he ignores the constitution, legislative and judicial branches and as he wants to pick and chose the, Rights, he likes and then wants to null and void the ones he doesn’t like, he has done that from day one in office.. ,

  • candy martin

    Oh now, resident in the White House wants to silence governors?? Well, as Perry just displayed, that sort of talk just doesn’t fly in Texas!

    • Janean Guy

      I’d hope that it wouldn’t fly anywhere, even with the Democrat governors. I t hink it’s time that we come down heavy on this administration from every angle that we can. Hit them from all sides each and every day on all issues and keep them boucning from one issue to another just as they have done to us for all these years.

  • H.c. Maas Sr.

    I can get behind what his message meant. This is a very dangerous time.

  • raycom4rt

    Since most of the Congress has capitulated, these guys are the last bastion of defense to an America that we’re watching being trashed. Thank the Lord for this non-connection to Washington!

  • davienne

    OH! Mr Bogus Potus… Im sure the feeling is mutual…

  • wincihwol


    • Danni Smith

      Why? Have been considering Texas to move to from Illinois. Consider myself to be informed but never heard this before. If you are a lib I can understand, because of the Texas principles, otherwise, confused and concerned.

  • whadayakiddinme

    O is a bully, a cry-baby brat, a liar, a self-serving elitist, a socialist, a divider, a blamer, a fraud, is lazy and corrupt, and is an irresponsible destroyer of our Constitution.
    Yup, that about covers it.

    • alicegl

      You left out TRAITOROUS TREASONOUS CRIMINAL who should BE IN JAIL NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Whiteeagle

    Kick The Bum Out !!!

  • http://www.davidasnow.com/ David Snow

    Is it not just like this Egocentric POTUS to call to question “trust”. He has the trust of less than 42% of Americans and I don’t trust that 42% to know much or anything about the issues. The old adage “Trust but verify” fits. Mr. Obama America has verified and you sir are not to be trusted.

  • Brenda Lynn

    What a thin skinned bully! And they thought it was going to be a sweet cordial visit. Ha,he had them all in there to threaten them…the Chicago method. Freakin’ gangster in the white house.

  • Peggy

    More chicago thug style tactics, He needs to be shown the door permanently. He need to answer for Benghazi, the IRS scandle, Fast and Furious, Etc. If we would bring him and hillary up on charges, it would solve a lot of this country’s problems, and fire Eric holder. Until people want to stand together as they did in Ukranine, nothing said will make any difference.

  • Lee Ware

    I am so sick of this President. A wise man seeks the advice
    of council. This man is far from wise. Single handed he has destroyed us. The
    Irs, Epa, shovel ready jobs, ect.
    Nothing he has done has worked. It is so obvious that he is trying to
    destroy us with the same tactics that Hitler and Napoleon used. EVERYTHING that
    the Republicans have proposed to pay off the debt and create jobs has been
    stonewalled by Harry Reid and Obama then they blame the Republicans for not
    working with them. He is trying to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    He has made us look like fools to foreign powers. He foreign policy alienates
    ours allies and makes friends with our enemies. It is just all wrong. The Rep.
    have lost their backbone and are more
    concerned with politics than the people, thus they are to afraid to impeach him
    because they will place the race card. Make no mistake that this President is a
    Muslim terrorist. He has purged our government and military and replaced them
    with people who are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Plus anyone who is
    investigated for wrong doing gets off. He will not hold his own people
    accountable because they are aiding in his dirty work. He will say praise Allah
    but not under God. Even his so called christian front has been exposed. His own
    Pastor in Chicago called him a warmonger. The ignorance in this country
    astounds me.. Is it worth putting a half million people out of work to help out
    a million. With the raise they will be getting it will have to be taxed even
    harder to support the millions he has already put out of work. This is just
    going to get messier. He has been caught in so many lies why should we believe
    anything he says. Actions speak much louder than words and words come dirt
    cheap but his actions are costing us our rights and a debt ceiling my grandkids
    will be paying on.

  • don ellsworth

    get a life he has threaten us from day one an no one will do anything–WE set an watch this happen to our nation–what have we done –call on someone else to fix what we let happen-folks only we the people can fix this nation now—fat chance

  • Frank

    Did any of these governors say kiss my a$$.

  • akansan

    It is as if President Obama is in High School and he is the leader of the pack. I think I remember conversations like this 35 years ago. If you tell ANYONE I said that, etc….. President Obama you promised America yours would be the MOST transparent Administration in our history. Start acting like a confident President versus an insecure control freak. Lead with little ACCOUNTABILITY and INTEGRITY or we will impeach you. We have freedom of speech, you will not take it away from US or our Governors. The media might cow tow to you but We the People will NOT.

  • http://yahoo.com Larry

    This is the begining of marshal law. The same thing happened in the Philippines when Marcos was President. and declared marshal law. His excuse was that he was protecting the country from communist. He then began to purge the country of his enemies. Wake up people. It will be coming to your town soon.

  • http://yahoo.com Larry

    This the begining of marshal law. This happened in the Philippines when Marcos was president. He declared marshal law withe excuse of he was protecting the country against communist and then purged the country of his enemies.

  • mathis1689

    I don’t trust the Hypocrite-in-Chief either. You snoops at the NSA can feel free to pass that on to the Fuehrer if you like.

  • mjrdm

    And a little king wannabee runs his mouth at the real leaders of this country and the GOP of Washington cower in their corners and wring their hands and worry about being called racist by the national Obama media

  • PapaBear1130

    There is always the power of Governors to control State Militias in a time of crisis. Most National Guard members are loyal to their state, too. This is a balance of power that the founders set in motion to prevent a dictatorial tyrant taking over the locus of control.

  • FreedomFighter

    The right reply from Perry would have been to respond that if 0bama was worried about negative press over doing such a horrible job with out of control spending and suicidal economic policy the 0bama can kiss my Lonestar. I do not suggest any governor being muzzled by the dicktatertot.

    • James

      YEAH AND THIS IS EDUCATION !!! “Electricity
      is a mystery. No one has ever observed it or heard it or felt it … We
      cannot even say where electricity comes from.”
      From a “creationist science” textbook called “Science 4 for Christian Schools”. Here’s the book: http://amzn.to/1psIAJ8

  • elizabeth cohen

    Are they now going to do something about that or will they continue to sit on their arses and be do nothing Governors???

  • Tig

    He’s floundering in the WH swimming pool now. He can’t get respect from anyone. Not from the American People, Governors, foreign leaders, his wife, his daughters and I’ve heard those damn dogs we’re paying for routinely piss on his shoes…

  • antilib

    No teleprompter needed here!!! Man, it is so encouraging to see them stand up, finally. Just wish some others in Congress could/would do the same. Oh, yes. Obama is a threat to everyone and the future of our nation.

    • James

      and this is not ???

      is a mystery. No one has ever observed it or heard it or felt it … We
      cannot even say where electricity comes from.”
      From a “creationist science” textbook called “Science 4 for Christian Schools”. Here’s the book: http://amzn.to/1psIAJ8

  • Timewarped

    Pathological narcassitc liars like BO know no shame or guilt and therefore are ego maniacs who believe they can control everyone and everything

    • JudithDear

      Look how easy everything has been for him? What else could he be? He “edited” Harvard Law REview but never wrote anything for publication. He had “help” writing his autobiography, now known to have been primarily the work of Bill Ayers. As a Congressman, he rarely showed up for a vote ….apparently wanting no record as he prepared to run for President. He’s a “construct” of Liberal ambition…nothing more.

  • Brenda Lewis


  • texanfree

    You’re a Texan, Governor Perry, don’t take his bullying.

  • Tony Budz

    For once I agree with the president, they are self centered crooks.

  • IngeC

    Obama is small petulant wannabe douche bag. I would really like for any gutsy governor to challenge this loser. Sure they would be smeared and, audit by the IRS but what else is new with this guy? He is setting us up for the kill as he used his tool Hagel to cut the military – doing the bidding of the globalists right alongside the establishment rhinos.
    Unless challenged – frontal – we won’t know if he just blows hot air or not; he is not the smartest tool in the wood shed. Jarrett also needs to be subpoenaed and questioned who elected her to be president because, we all know that barry does not make decisions. Being infiltrated by the jihadist muslim brotherhood can’t end well and, needs to be exposed.
    Don’t his wealthy supporters understand that when Shiite hits the fan that they too will not be spared? They can’t be that ignorant – cult worship or not.
    In the meantime – we need to start speaking up although, we do not have a trustworthy leader yet and, Cruz is not enough alone.

    • mark biggs

      Obama is a tyrant trying to bring down America. our elected officials in congress have failed us. Obama should have already been impeached. American patriots are taking matters in their own hands. look up : operation American spring.

    • James

      You trust your kids education to this ?? “Electricity
      is a mystery. No one has ever observed it or heard it or felt it … We
      cannot even say where electricity comes from.”
      From a “creationist science” textbook called “Science 4 for Christian Schools”. Here’s the book: http://amzn.to/1psIAJ8

  • Redskinsfan2

    Don’t worry, President Pinnochio, nobody trusts you as far as we can toss your wife.

  • Sandra Hammond

    I think it’s fairly obvious that Obama didn’t actually say those things. Perry is going he was, like, you know, i don’t trust you. If he actually had said that, wouldn’t there be other people who truly despise Obama leaping at the opportunity to vilify him? Actually the whole event was characterized by acceptance and tolerance (which I must say is sorely lacking in the comments posted here) Until Bobby Jindal spoke after the event was over. Get a clue people. If you’re going to go after Obama, get the facts, otherwise you’re doomed to fail.

  • Debra Diroll

    I can see that this is an Obama hate site. Too bad. Keep watching Faux news. I wish you all good luck when Hilliary is President! Then you’ll hate that a female is in charge.

    • vassago1

      No I would hate that a corrupt, fear mongering, lying, murdering, cheating, and stealing, cupid stunt is running the country.

  • Ian

    Marshall law here we come

  • playnice

    It has always been known that their is an enemies list of Obama and a friends list. No one will talk about it. So they all came out smiling and talking nicey nicey but as usual no one really talked the truth. Thank you Gov. Perry but they should all have come out and given a press conference and ratted Obama out at the scene.

    • James

      is a mystery. No one has ever observed it or heard it or felt it … We
      cannot even say where electricity comes from.”
      From a “creationist science” textbook called “Science 4 for Christian Schools”. Here’s the book: http://amzn.to/1psIAJ8

  • Mary Brown

    Obama the wannabe dictator better watch his back, november is coming, then impeachment and trial for treason

  • Carl Willhoite

    Bring it on to Texas.

  • judenjager

    Whats the bag limit on politicians???

  • James

    I don’t blame Obama !!!! “Electricity
    is a mystery. No one has ever observed it or heard it or felt it … We
    cannot even say where electricity comes from.”
    From a “creationist science” textbook called “Science 4 for Christian Schools”. Here’s the book: http://amzn.to/1psIAJ8

  • MOM

    Rick Perry lies more than he speaks the truth. I would have to hear the whole conversation, in it’s entire context for myself.

  • Linda Lee

    hiw goal is absolute control, because he is arrogant and thinks he knows better than anyone else. His wife is the same way. Yet neither of them has made a sound decision and began his first term LECTURING everyone on anything and everything. When he threatens the governors , he threatens US!