Joe Biden Equates Voter ID Laws to ‘Hatred’


Taking the race card to new heights while endorsing the time-honored tradition of Democrat voter fraud simultaneously, Obama Vice President Joe Biden says that being required to show identification prior to voting is “hatred.”

Forgetting that applying for any government program requires presenting identification, and that somehow is not racist, Biden says that recent Voter ID laws passed in various states is evidence that racial hatred still exists. 

Speaking at a reception for Black History Month, Biden said about Voter ID laws:
“These guys never go away. Hatred never, never goes away. the zealotry of those who wish to limit the franchise cannot be smothered by reason.” 
According to Time, Biden told the group of 150, after recognizing former NBA player and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, “I may be a white boy, but I can jump.”
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  1. requiring an ID to vote in America is race and hatred? who vote’s for a@@holes like these to be in the White House?

  2. Voter ID laws were designed to stop illegals from voting……….something the Dems WANT to happen……..because they want the illegals to vote for THEM!

  3. The democrats playing the race game again is tiresome. If I cash a check at the grocery store, I must show an ID, what seems to be the problem with these stupid democrats–it is too hard to commit fraud if you have an ID?

  4. VP Joe Biden is apparently attempting to one-up his boss in the lying and stupidity departments. His remark utilizing the term “boy” no matter what color precedes it is about as offensive as you can get. Even Hollywood knew to use “white-men” in the movie title. You greatly underestimate the intelligence of the masses Joe. 2014 is here.

  5. For anyone who remembers “Blazing Saddles”, an anti-racism, J E W indoctrination, old west spoof; remember the one ‘Howard Johnson’ gold panner who gave his little speech at the town hall which didn’t have a single recognizable word in it, but all the ‘Howard Johnsons’ applauded him?

    Yeah, that’s Uncle Joe, and all the dumb-downed trons who listen to him are the left-tards. The movie script tongue-in cheek portrayed them as the racist ‘right’, which should come as no surprise to anyone.

    Lunchbucket Joe. Crazy old miner or VP? Who’s to say. He’s too senile to understand, which is a statement with two meanings – which is apropos to any political discussion involving ‘progressives’.

  6. Biden is a dumb-ass, as is anyone else who tries to make that argument. If EVERY VOTER is required to have the same thing how is that racial? Somebody please tell me WHY we would NOT want to eliminate voter fraud. This is ridiculous. The answer is “THEY WANT VOTER FRAUD”.

  7. No, Joe, we don’t hate. We just find excessive stupidity to be beneath contempt, especially in an elected official. You and your buddy Barry should resign immediately, and leave the country you hate so much.

  8. I hope I am “hated” every time I go to the polls to vote. Biden needs to go away along with his partner, the President. They are anathema to this country working the way it should.

  9. You are lying sack of crap, Joe Biden! For one, you are trying to trash American Votes by your defense against Voter ID.

    Truth: in order to use Obamacare, you have to show the ID, now, everyone using Obamacare already has a ID and please tell me it’s a problem to show it to vote….Tell the truth Biden….you want more illegal alien’s and dead people voting!

  10. Biden is so stupid to say that! People have to have a ID to cash a check, they need one for drivers license. He just wants the illegals to vote for his own party. requiring an ID to vote has nothing to do with race.

  11. It is so transparent, at this point in US history Democrats are the very group who clearly profit greatly from the cheating and loopholes allowed by not requiring voter ID, and lax ID requirements at the polls.

  12. Joe, the only limit being imposed on the franchise is a limit on cheating at the polls. No hardship is imposed on those voting legally.

  13. It just amazes me that they are so stupid to make this same old argument. How can it not be obvious to everyone on this planet that the Democrats don’t want Voter ID because it would keep them from winning by fraudulent means. They cheat, cheat, cheat and have no qualms whatsoever about doing it!!!!

  14. Biden is a wornout puppet trying to be a cheerleader. BO must not let him out from under the desk often.

  15. Except that you are required to have a government issued ID to use Medicare or your “free” ObamaCare when you go to the doctor or hospital.
    So the poor who need an ID to use their “free” healthcare can get an ID for *that. That isn’t a problem or any kind of way to bar them getting healthcare, but requiring that very SAME ID for identification when VOTING, that they are who they claim to be, or who their voter registration card claims, THAT is too much of a burden?
    If you have it to prove that you are the person on your EBT card, or your insurance or Medicare card, then why is there such a burden to pull it out of your wallet when VOTING?
    The democrats KNOW that they cannot WIN an election without cheating! Without ballot stuffing, double, triple voting, dead people voting, illegal immigrants voting, people being bused to different precincts to vote, they CANNOT LEGALLY WIN!

    It isn’t “racist” to require ID to vote. It is just too DANGEROUS to them.