Steven Seagal: If the Truth Comes Out About Benghazi, Obama Will be Impeached

Actor Steven Seagal, who has been mentioned as a potential gubernatorial candidate in Arizona, appeared at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix last weekend during a portion of the program that was dedicated to be a light-hearted roasting of long-time Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 

When Seagal came to the podium, the audience was expecting a comedic roasting of Sheriff Joe like the speakers before him. Seagal did just the opposite, appearing to speak without notes or teleprompter. 

Seagal’s tone was anything but joking, as he sternly and seriously gave his grave assessment of the political leadership and tyranny taking place in America today. Seagal begins by displaying disbelieve of the depravity coming out of Washington, DC: 
“Never in my life did I ever believe that our country would be taken over by people  like the people who are running it at this day.”
Seagal then accuses the Obama administration of treating the Constitution of the United States like a “joke,” and blasts the Obama Department of Justice, led by Eric Holder, of  making up a judicial system “as they go along.” 

Seagal then speaks about the various Obama scandals, asking, “What’s happening with the ‘Fast and Furious,” and asks rhetorically, “What’s happened with the truth,” with what Seagal refers to as some of the “greatest scandals in American history that have happened right before our very eyes?” 

In regards to the Benghazi terrorist attacks, Seagal warns that if the truth was revealed, Obama would certainly be impeached: 
“If the truth about Benghazi were to come out now, I don’t think that this man would make it through his term. I think he would be impeached.” 
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  1. Another fact. If the truth came out that Steven Seagal hires illegal aliens as maids, etc., no one would believe a word he says.

  2. WRONG ! Push that crap somewhere else ! Segal is a Border Control Agent and a Sheriff who patrols the border to catch illegals and has never hired illegals for anything ! PERIOD !

    1. “Border Control Agent”?

      Knew I’d get some push-back. My station arrested her. Doesn’t matter if you “believe”. A fact is a fact…nothing more to say.

    2. He knows what the rest of us know, that the whole thing stinks. And the more its stirred,.. the more it stinks.

    3. Haven’t heard of his reality TV show “Steven Seagal: Lawman” on REELZ on Thursday nights? Season 3 has him working along side Sheriff Joe in Maricopa County as a Deputy Sheriff and a lot of what his team does is illegal immigrant and drug trafficking busts. He is 100% anti-illegal alien. So I don’t know where you get that he hires them for his aides.

    4. You ask that question as if it is Monday Night Football or something, not a bad action star on a relatively obscure cable channel.

    5. You must be as Ignorant as the rest of them, PAY ATTENTION to What you Hear & See & you’ll KNOW Without Question that the Present Administration was Delivering weapons to the Jihadist Rebels through the Consolate in Benghazi, Lybia

  3. Yes he is a border patrol agent with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. And I just googled it and it has absolutely not one single reference to him hiring an illegal ! NONE !

  4. I doubt The Patriot Steven Seagal is hardly Marked For Death for being Out For Justice, but his new-found role as a Mercenary For Justice may just find him Submerged in The Belly Of The Beast as every Executive Decision of The Foreigner Barack Obama finds My Giant lying prezzie more Under Siege than his usual Above The Law.

    But The Glimmer Man prezzie may find himself to not be as Out of Reach as usual this time, thus forcing him to be Out For A Kill as his own Fire Down Below proves a little Hard To Kill. Indeed, looking Into The Sun of his future, the POTUS’s Ticker might just make him feel Marked For Death, or at least Half Past Dead. Make no mistake though, Obama has proven himself more Out For A Kill than The Prince Of Central Park type of stander-by when facing criticism, which if the drone happy President has his way, may find Segal figuratively at least On Deadly Ground. Lest Today You Die, Steven, better hang on the down-low and play some of your music instead of talking so much, careful not to find yourself full of Exit Wounds.

    Did I miss any?

  5. Why was Amb Stevens in Benghazi on 9/11?

    Answer: to meet with the Turks who were acting as the pipeline for Libyan weapons (mostly shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles) to the MuslimE Brotherhood in Syria.

    Why did Stevens only have ‘local security’?

    Because he was to be (phony) “kidnapped” so B. Hussein Obama could “trade” the Blind Sheik for him

    The 2 brave Navy SEALs who refused to ‘stand down’ made the plan look like a double cross, so the jihadis killed Stevens.

    The orders (for the fake kidnapping, the stand-down and the fake video story) probably would have come first from Valerie Jarrett (Iranian in the white house pulling Obama’s strings).

  6. That is PRECISELY why the elaborate lies about the Islamic video were given in the first place.

    What was REALLY going on, in Benghazi, was ILLEGAL!

  7. We need more conscientious US citizens like actor Steven Seagal who mentioned publicly that Obama should be impeached before his term ends because of his role at making the USA’s diplomatic immunity onto a Benghazil. An American ambassodore Stevens and 3 ex-Navy seals foreign service officers were killed at the Benghazi Embassy with nobody from the USA ever having arrested and held accountable for the tragic murders of the diplomatc staff serving there. The whole matter was an attempt by Obama at covering up the truth completely,contradictory to Obama’s promise to be TRANSPARENT as a POresident. Now the whole matter has been covered up by him and he as well as Hilary Clinton) has escaped accountability for theiri un-American handling of the Benghazi situation.

  8. Benghazi is unfinished business to hold Obama up for impeachment and Hilary Clinton for misconduct as the Secretary of State who contributed to the US Embassy to be deliberately burned and for Ambassadore Stevens and 3 Foreign Service officers to be murdered in Benghazi.,