CBS Poll: Only 6% of Americans Feel Obamacare is Working

Obama Speaks At Wall Street Journal CEO Council Annual Meeting

Though Democrats have worked to frame the issue of Obamacare as “Republicans vs. Democrats,” the reality of the healthcare overhaul has fallen flat with the vast majority of Americans as only 6% of Americans, according to a CBS News poll, feel that Obamacare is working as is.

According to the poll, only 2% of Republicans feel that Obamacare is working well as it is now. Though that is not surprising, only 13% of polled Democrats feel Obamacare is working well.

That means that only 6% of polled Americans are happy with Obamacare as it is now.

The poll also found:  

Shortly into his sixth year in office, a majority of Americans (59%) are now disappointed in Barack Obama’s presidency so far. His overall approval rating is 41%, down from last month (46%) and close to the level it was in December.

Though Democrats have portrayed Obamacare as a saving grace for the uninsured, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only 22% of uninsured Americans view Obamacare favorably.

The DNC has officially claimed that Democrats intend to run in 2014 on the success of Obamacare, but vulnerable Democrats have been conspicuously distancing themselves from the healthcare law.

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