CBS Poll: Only 6% of Americans Feel Obamacare is Working

Obama Speaks At Wall Street Journal CEO Council Annual Meeting

Though Democrats have worked to frame the issue of Obamacare as “Republicans vs. Democrats,” the reality of the healthcare overhaul has fallen flat with the vast majority of Americans as only 6% of Americans, according to a CBS News poll, feel that Obamacare is working as is.

According to the poll, only 2% of Republicans feel that Obamacare is working well as it is now. Though that is not surprising, only 13% of polled Democrats feel Obamacare is working well.

That means that only 6% of polled Americans are happy with Obamacare as it is now.

The poll also found:  

Shortly into his sixth year in office, a majority of Americans (59%) are now disappointed in Barack Obama’s presidency so far. His overall approval rating is 41%, down from last month (46%) and close to the level it was in December.

Though Democrats have portrayed Obamacare as a saving grace for the uninsured, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only 22% of uninsured Americans view Obamacare favorably.

The DNC has officially claimed that Democrats intend to run in 2014 on the success of Obamacare, but vulnerable Democrats have been conspicuously distancing themselves from the healthcare law.

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    1. Because YOU (94%) don’t know JACK
      The KING of JACK knows more than YOU (EAT your peas!)
      HE is the ALMIGHTY !!!!!!!!! ———- (SARCASM off)
      I despise him

    2. my Aunty Amelia got a new blue
      Land Rover LR4 only from working part time off a home computer… helpful hints

    3. Exactly! Why are our Congressmen not doing what their constituents want? We must get through to them. Write your Congressmen, tell them to REPEAL ObamaCare, or face losing their cushy jobs in DC!

    4. Correction the term is not ‘like’ they did not say they liked it at all. You’re spinning. ACTUALLY the term was there are ‘SOME’ good things but it need to be changed. The is NOT LIKE! Hey Kansas55 how much to you get paid to troll Conservative sites? Is it good money?

    5. Hey, J, if you only read TPNN or listen to FOX News, do you really think you’re going to get fair and balanced? Do you actually believe that? You seem to be TEA Party guy- love, love that Constitution and everything in it… Which of these was ruled constitutional and which was likely to be ruled unconstitutional- 1. The ACA. 2. The AZ Religious Freedom Bill ( promoted and approved by majority TEA Party types)?

    6. The ACA in it’s original form was Constitutional. All challenges to the changes that Pres. O put in after the law was passed are Un-Constitutional (to be decided) as the President of the United States does not have the authority under any circumstances to change a law once it has been passed by the Senate. That is actual law. Pres. O has circumvented Federal Law and violated the Constitution and his oath of office. This will be decided by the Supreme Court at some time. Not fast enough for me or this Nation.

      On another subject Kansas55, apparently if you think that you are getting fair and balanced from CNN, MSNBC or any news agency for that matter, I guess just a quick glance at who are the CEO’s and how much they contributed to the Big O, then as always check on whose relatives have been given positions in the cabinet and staff. Fair and balanced means no conflict of interest, no coercion, no pandering, and maybe actual unencumbered, truthful and honest journalism. But by all means keep proselytizing what you think is fair and balanced. I am sure when the truth really does come to light, you will be one of those that claims, “I never voted for the man”. The proof is in the pudding. We shall all know very soon what the truth is.

    7. Well, since the other news media outlets refuse to report on the problems with the ACA at all, guess there is no other place to get information now is there?

    8. Kansas55′s 56% is like 3mil enrolled in O’care LOL pure fantasy. 56% didn’t say they liked it, they said ‘some’ parts are good the rest has to go. And really we all know the part (singularly) they are talking about, pre-exsisting condition. Kansas55 likes to spin and spin and spin…

    9. You are only partially right. What I don’t understand is why TPNN would even cite this opinion poll. CBS/NYT has never been consider unbiased in their polling methods. I used to work in the industry and what questions you ask and how you ask them is vital.

    10. I am tired of writing. LETS MARCH on Washington, 10 million strong! These socialist punks are so arrogant and feel so smug, let’s be Americans and have another TEA Party.

    11. When you look at it, 6% want to keep it as is. 42% want it repealed, and an additional 50% want it changed. So 92% ARE NOT HAPPY WITH IT. No one asked of the 50% how much and what parts needed to be changed. The range of opinion is likely diverse on that subject. Re-writing a law to change it is really no different than repealing it and passing something else.

      How many of that 50% answered that way because they don’t believe repeal is a viable possibility at this point in time? Are we too far down a bad road??

      Bottom line, according to that poll. 92% have an issue with the law the way it is currently written.

    12. The difference is between is the ACA working or as the poll question was posed, “Is the ACA working well?” Big difference is how people will respond to that.

    13. You know how my personal health insurance responded to ObamaScare? Which you prefer to call the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT…

      The AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, caused my health insurance to become UNAFFORDABLE.

      Meaning that you and those who passed it… LIED.

      Meaning that you and those who passed it, intentionally sought to deceive me and my neighbors.

      Meaning that you and those who passed ObamaScare: SCREWED ME and my neighbors.

      Meaning that ME AND MY NEIGHBORS… are on the precipice of dealing with you.

      Meaning that we’d like to vote you and those who passed ObamaScare out of Office, removing you from having any means to influence public policy. But if we can’t do that… we’re going to drag you out of your homes and remove you from the equation, entirely.

      Golly… I REALLY HOPE that we have some luck removing you from power. Because if we can’t to that… it’s gonna get real, very quickly after that for ALL OF US.

    14. You still have not provided any facts or references- just your words. We’re going to need more than that. Personally, I’m sick and tired of my medical care costs going through the roof because people have no insurance, leaving the hospital or the taxpayers to eat the bill.

    15. Yes… “My words” are what is known as Soundly reasoned argument.

      What you NEED is an endless appeals to emotion, which distracts from THE TRUTH.

      The Truth is that EVERYONE that has come here, or will come here, has THEIR OWN EXPERIENCES WITH OBAMASCARE.

      Now, IF ObamaScare had actually provided for a less expensive, higher value Medical experience…

      We would not be here having this debate.

      Because I and everyone else would be HAPPY with our new and improved healthcare experience.

      JUST as >IF< the Socialist "FIX" for the economy, HAD produced more opportunities for more people to freely exchange goods and services to the mutual profit of both parties, we would not by anywhere CONTESTING the rapidly decreasing opportunities for such, and would instead be out, ENGAGING IN THOSE OPPORTUNITIES!

      Singing the praises of her Furer and his 'new deal' which fixed us all up with 'shovel ready jobs.'

      Anything gettin' through here Scout?

    16. Prepare to stay sick – CBO has estimated that 30million are still going to be using the emergency room as their doctors office after a decade of Obamacare . This was never about healthcare and everything to do with redistribution of wealth.

    17. Kansas MORE people are without insurance now than before, plus the Insurance companies are being saddled with all the sick people and the healthy ones are going to pay the fine to NOT have insurance. Just wait until next year, the premiums will go thru the roof

    18. If you believe that is the only reason your medical cost have increased, then your not fully informed. Most of the increase is do to the fact that Medicaid only pays 75 cents on the dollar. The excess is rolled onto the next insured patient. Of course the insurance company knows this and then attempts to negotiate the price. This is why what you pay is actually much less than was charged. In the end, doctors are left with no choice but to increase prices. And don’t get me started on tort reform as well as R.V.U. based pay. Bottom line, a government program is responsible, not the uninsured. At least not in whole.

    19. It doesn’t matter what the damned poll says. Polls have always been manipulated by both sides to prove whatever point is to be made at that time. It is irrelevant. The ACA will fail in it’s present form. When it does the Presidency and the Democrats will move to revamp it into a single payer plan. Nothing is being done for a reason. The endgame is what is important for the Presidency and the Democrats. The end of March will be the finale. There are only so many scenarios, 1) Most will not sign up. 2) They may attempt to sign up and the system will fail again, causing delays. The IRS will not be able to handle the penalty phase of the ACA as not all the information will be available and the IRS will be hard pressed to get the issue resolved. The end result is the ACA will be Bankrupt before it even gets any head of steam. The Congress will have no choice but to stop it. This will be the result that the Democrats want anyway. Of course, this all depends on the Democrats continuing control of the Senate and the dollar not crashing. In the long run It is all about syphoning money from the masses and creating a complete dependency on the government for it’s people to survive.

    20. The GOP controlled House gives the option to keep the gov’t running by offering it only if the ACA is repealed…? You call that an offer to compromise? They might as well have demanded the moon be painted purple. It would have gotten the same response. So yes, the TEA Party supporters in the House and Senate did shut down the gov’t and cost the tax payers $24B needlessly.

    21. You do realize that there are two legislative houses right? Besides, how can you compromise with a president that says he refuses to compromise and anything that comes his way will be vetoed? I like how the democrats like to play the blame game.

    22. Because it is Obama’s legacy and Hilary’s too! These socialist stubbornness will cost them dearly in November. Prediction, Obama is Impeached and Hildabeast never gets to become Queen.

  1. Can we stop wasting my hard earned tax dollars on this mess, as Ted Cruz proposed but fell on deaf ears!!

    1. Ted Cruz is an idiot and only interested in furthering his own career. He has no idea what is best for the country. He only picks the fights he knows he can’t win and wastes tax payer $’s in doing so.

    2. Another fact based response from the learned Kansas55. Could you please show me your proof that Cruz is an idiot? “He only picks fights he knows he can’t win and wastes tax payer $’s in doing so.” And your proof on infighting and what is the statistical proof that he wasted tax payer $’s? You have been spending far too long in the “Land of Ahhs” (Actual ref. on road signs in Kansas) Of course it is completely evident that Politicians as a whole are interested in furthering their careers. Let’s not pidgeon hole Cruz on this non statistical fact. Why wouldn’t they be, it’s kind of their job.
      If you think that spending 41 million dollars every minute of every day is best for the country then you are as deranged as the Big O himself. And the Big O just asked the Fed (Not a Government Agency) to print more than 700 billion more dollars (actually not money, Federal Reserve Notes are nothing more than a note of debt, sorry another point of discussion entirely). Oh, and wait for it………….Those numbers come directly from the Treasury, the Federal Reserve and the White House Press briefings. Who really knows what is best for the Country, actually nobody really knows. You hope the Government acts in the best interest of the whole and listens to its people as to what they want. But when an individual believes that he knows what is best and ignores the people, that makes him dangerous. He is no longer adhering to his oath of office and is nothing more than a criminal using the highest office in the land to spew his carcenogenic agenda and ideology (my opinion, no facts necessary) and use any means available (even illegal) to make it happen. I will not cite federal code here to support my claim as to Big O’s in flagrante dilicto actions as there is not enough time or space to waste here on such a useless individual. If we actually had a viable Justice Department and Holder wasn’t such a waste of a carbon footprint, this would all be a moot issue. But I digress, for you to make some of your most profound misgivings, I have taken to checking the weather and air currents from Washington State and Colorado to make sure all that smoke is not passing over you diluting your intelligence.

    3. Cruz was the driving force behind the gov’t shutdown and was responsible for the $24B wasted needlessly. Of course, that makes him ‘brilliant.’

    4. The President is the driving force of the the White House, so his refusal to even sit down and talk makes him a disgruntled child. Politics is about power, nothing more. The pissing contest between the White House, Democrats, and Republicans sets the stage for an endgame where the People of these United States will ultimately bear the blunt end of that pissing match. Pelosi made a statement about the ACA, “We have to pass it to see what’s in it.” That’s kind of what a doctor says to a patient about a stool sample. It’s all the same.

  2. Really BAD NEWS when you have a liberal lame street media poll showing how THE PEOPLE really feel about this mess.

    Think THE DEAR LEADER will care? Nope, it is all part of his plan to destroy this country and everything it stands for. He is so set in his ways that he doesn’t care that the disaster of obamaSCARE will result in his political party LOSE BIG in Nov.

    1. That’s because he’s not a DEMOCRAT. Obama is a Marxist / Communist, so he doesn’t give a hoot about the DNC. Not his party.

    2. TPNN didn’t share all the facts with you. Just the ones that would suit their bias. 56% like the ACA well enough to keep it but realize some changes need to be make to make it better.

    3. No one ever said the 56% like it. that question seems to be answered with only 6% liking it. The remaining 50% want it changed, so no, they do not like it. You are just like the administration. Spin the numbers all you want. 92% do not like the law the way it is currently written with 42% so dissatisfied they want total repeal.

    4. So, it is all in how you say it, right? TPNN with their headline is leading people to believe 94% want to repeal the ACA. Correct?

    5. Please go back and read my post and the article. I did not say what you just said, nor does the article. If you are anything other than a spin-master you will retract your slam and stick to the facts. What I said was, and I quote: ” 92% do not like the law the way it is currently written with 42% so dissatisfied they want total repeal.” which is EXACTLTY what the poll says. The article says the same. Go read it! The fact that there are two camps, divided 42% to 50% disagreeing about what method should be used to correct the mess was not covered in the article. But that was not the subject of the article, was it?

    6. Well give us some facts on how this law is working, the way it stands now 3million signed up while 7million lost their. how is it in your mind this is working

  3. Obama and the healthcare reform is a Big disappointment. Everything this president has done has proved that he is out to destroy the American constitution and what we as a people have fought to protect since the revolution. IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER REVOLUTION NOW!

    1. Well of course it’s the same poll-that 21% is likely the 21% of the population who are now part of the Tea Party, because they have come to an understanding about the Tea Party principals. You can see this is a movement that continues to grow. So the dems think they can stamp it out by dictator tactics-ORS targeting and excluding the Tea Party from their constitutional right to speak, not the dems or the unions but teapartiers who believe in less government, lerss taxes and constituionality. You absolutely have to be a non-working on the dole person getting everything free, otherwise bocare would be destroying you too. I’ll give you some $$$ if you can produce evidence that you are a contributing member of society, proof you are paying for the leeches in bocare and paying your own way. Never will happen.

    2. another reason, would not bother to dispute with the freeloader, is why is the news filled with so much about how the dems are backing away from bocare, so worried about losing their cushy jobs as fraudulently elected pols, worried that even their system of voting fraud may not be enough to get them re-elected? Tell me, do you hear this from just fox and the teapartiers? Is it just a rumor that the dems are worried about the 2014 mid-term having results like the 2010 mid-term?
      But according to freeloader, it’s simply not possible it has anything to do with bocare, because 56% like it. Really.

    3. Hey Danni! Love the terminology! I personally would love to see democRATs thinned out to the point of not being able to boss us around anymore! If you take a look at reality, all the mass shootings in the last century were done by RATs, as in dem. who’s the ones crying about stealing our gun rights…. Yup RATs as in dem. I’m tired of them!
      Look at the reply he gave me… Still no real answer!

    4. it answered, just as expected from the unaware-bo shut down the gov and nothing’s been proven about Benghazi or the IRS. It will be but then it will say the court was stacked, like kerrykennedy.

    5. How many hearings have they had on the IRS and on Benghazi and how much money has been spent… and so far, they have proven no wrong-doing. No charges have been filed. Nothing. The TEA Party affiliated representatives shut down the gov’t and wasted $24B and then deny they are the ones that shut down the gov’t. It’s a fact but I’m sure you will blame others for that, too.

    6. hmm-hil-had a heart attack and then it didn’t matter, and lois begged the 5th, and eric had a heart attack and daley had a heart attack and the Great and Powerful Tea Party funded everything except bocare and then bo shut down the gov and who cares and who noticed-the gov employees had a long vacation and staying on vacation is the best work they EVER do for us-oops, not you, but, all the rest of us.

    7. As you lay blame without actual proof. As far as wrong doing, that hasn’t been decided by anyone as of yet, and I would like to see a Special Prosecutor not chosen by the President to actually investigate. That would be something to actually watch. Benghazi has not been investigated except by a biased source chosen by the President who happened to be a major contributor to his run for the Presidency…Kind of just over the edge of Conflict of Interest I would say and grossly not conclusive or honest in it’s endeavor to actually find some semblance of any truth. Just more words and spin by you which is getting to be egregious on your part as you keep demanding proof like you are the final arbitrator in a debate. It’s tough trying to be all knowing, at least in you mind. You keep using only one source for your diatribe, the all knowing NY Times. The Tea Party did not shut down the Government, The Senate and the House failed to come to a consensus on the budget. Both sides played it out as if it was a game of King of the Hill. It’s happened before. Both sides failed. It takes two to tango in politics. One side, a shut-down, did not make.

    8. Spin the shutdown however you want. Fact- The GOP controlled House gives the option to keep the gov’t running by offering it only if the ACA is repealed…? You call that an offer to compromise? They might as well have demanded the moon be painted purple. It would have gotten the same response. So yes, the TEA Party supporters in the House and Senate did shut down the gov’t and cost the tax payers $24B needlessly.

    9. The Dems know the ACA will fail, Would you call Obama’s refusal to even talk to the House any compromise either? Please, I pointed a finger at both. Spin that fact any way you choose. The truth is hard to swallow, but like I said it takes two to tango in politics. This is by far the worst Congress and Presidency in the History of the U. S. And Government costs money, that is the good, bad and ugly of it. Where did your $24B figure come from, I hope not from the White House, they have trouble with honest statistics. More than one source would be ok, but at least one impartial would be even better. I would like to point something out to you. In your original comment you stated the Tea Party shut down the Government, now you claim the Tea Party supporters and the Democrats in the Senate shut down the Government. So you are actually agreeing now that it was both sides?

    10. Hi again K-55!
      You really don’t like the tea party movement,do you?
      I’ve chatted with you , on occasion, and what I’m personally seeing in you is a left-leaning sorta guy.
      A personal question, if I may….” What is YOUR assessment of the mandated portions of the so-called ” a c a?”

    11. You mean like the stay on your parents’ policy until you’re 26? Or the preexisting conditions? Think about this, Patriot. If you are hospitalized and do not have insurance and cannot pay the bill, how does the hospital get it’s money? They raise their fees and/or get taxpayer help. Either way, we taxpayers are still paying the bill. The ACA is far from perfect so far but it is moving us in a better direction that just doing nothing to fix the medical mess in the U.S.

    12. Ok, but still you didn’t answer my question pertaining to the mandate to America….. “Do it or else”

    13. Personally, I don’t have a problem with requiring people to have health insurance. I’d be willing to compromise on that though, if the person could actually prove they had the resources (liquid assets/cash) readily available showing they could financially handle being self-insured. (I come from the era of the draft, so I’m used to ‘do it or else.’)

    14. There will always be the poor, but that is a sad excuse. I think it’s ridiculous for a 26 year old to expect to be on their parents insurance,They are adults, if your not in school, then join the military……it will help you grow up, quick….of course there are all the illegals crawling into out country…don’t think they are required to have insurance….hum, and of course obama and his cronies aren’t taking obamacare….it’s not the care they want, but it is okay for us peons !!!

  4. WHO THE HECK are these 6%??? By my thoughts the only people who could feel good about Obamacare are people who aren’t supposed to be in this country anyway. Is THAT the 6%? In Europe, and I mean really ANY European nation (well maybe except England i haven’t heard much about this) but, in any European nation you are required to have your papers on you at all times and cops WILL STOP YOU, EVEN if you’re walking down the street, and ASK TO SEE THEM. Why the heck do we have to be the free for all country???

    1. TPNN didn’t share all the facts . 56% actually like the ACA well enough to keep it but realize some things need to be fixed.

    2. The Tea Party is a loosely aligned group of people who’s commonality is that they recognize, respect, defend and adhere to the principles which define America.

      There’s nothing about those people which provides that they’re in any way in need of misinforming anyone about anything.

      I know everything I personally need to know about ObamaScare, through my personal experience with such, wherein my own Blue Cross Policy, which I had for a decade prior to ObamaScare taking effect, which increased in cost many times what I had contracted, driving the cost well beyond my means to pay for it.

      So in short, before ObamaScare I had Health Insurance which I could afford, it wasn’t cheap by any means, but it was within my means to pay for it, and after ObamaScare I NOW HAVE NO HEALTH INSURANCE!

      It’s pretty simple stuff.

      (Ya see that’s how I know you’re a
      lying sack of Evil C R A P.)

    3. Ain’t nothing scarier to a socialist then an American who knows their rights huh, Kansas55? No wonder you see the TEA Party as evil.

    4. correction, they did NOT say they “liked” OBAMACARE (that’s some liberal spinning right there) they said it need to be changed. whereas the rest were for repeal (accept 2% who had no opinion) SOOO that means the Obama crony pay off law is an EPIC FAIL!

    5. That was only 45% wanting it repealed. Correct? 2% no opinion. The rest then apparently do NOT want it repealed. Is it perfect? No, not yet.

    6. The 6% is either; A)getting free heath care out of this, B) Paid, C) exempt from omamacare, D) complete morons. My guess would be Kansas55 meets 3 out 4 of these categories.

  5. Everyone knows it isn’t working, everyone knows premiums are bankrupting the middle class, everyone knows that the deductibles are beyond what we can afford, everyone knows you will probably lose your hospital and doctors, everyone knows Medicare is going to skyrocket, yet no one will demand a repeal of this law! What’s wrong with you people?

    1. Actually, before the ACA was enacted, 62% of the personal bankruptcies in the U.S. were due to medical expenses.

    2. ROFL!

      Understand what this ‘person’ is saying.

      “Before ObamaScare, Medical Care cost too much! So Obama decided that the way to fix THAT was to drive the cost of medical INSURANCE BEYOND THE MEANS OF THE AVERAGE PERSON LIVING IN THE US! He’s done that now and most people like it!”

    3. You actually think people believe your comments? The GOP and TEA party have trotted out numerous “horror” stories to the press about folks whose “rates went up” and every single one of them has been debunked.

    4. People do not need to ‘believe’ my comments. They have THEIR OWN EXPERIENCES TO “BELIEVE IN”.


      Here’s your problem: Not being in the majority, is IRRELEVANT. What they’re not in, is:


      What they’re not under is:

      Sound, sustainable, objective Governance.

      What they’re about to BE in, is:

      Your a s s .

    5. So everyone’s experience is exactly like yours, then? If that’s the case, where are the riots? Why is the outrage only being reported by TPNN? (here come the conspiracy theories and black helicopters…)

    6. Everyone’s experience is what it is…

      Just point to the experiences which have come to light wherein the cost of their health insurance and care has been lowered and their medical experiences have been improved…

      Or … STFU!

      Because that’s all that is relevant here.

      FACT: ObamaScare is NOT what it was PROMISED THAT IT WOULD BE.

      Fact: 100% of reasonable people are not happy that ObamaScare is NOT what it was PROMISED THAT IT WOULD BE.

      Fact: ObamaScare has MADE HEALTHCARE WORSE…

      FACT: 100% of reasonable people, are NOT HAPPY about ObamaScare having MADE HEALTHCARE WORSE…

      Now you’ll ask what defines: reasonable people?

      Allow me to help you through this:

      Reasonable: having sound judgment; being fair and sensible.

      Agreeing to accept lower cost heath insurance, which provides that one can keep their existing policy, while paying less for it, while continuing to be treated one’s own doctor, is a fair and sensible position, which demonstrates sound judgement.

      Demanding that those who were promised that they would PAY LESS for their health insurance, that they could keep their existing policy and doctor, but who come to find that NONE OF THOSE PROMISES WERE TRUE…

      That instead, they’re going to pay much, MUCH MORE for health insurance, that they will NOT be keeping their existing policies and that their doctors will not be available to them on their new policies…

      That such people should BE HAPPY and continue to agree to accept such policy…

      IS NOT FAIR, it is NOT SENSIBLE and it, as a result, is decidedly NOT: REASONABLE.

      Does ANY of that help?

    7. You offer what you call “FACTS” but offer no references to substantiate your claims. You, sir, are just yelling and ranting, which makes your argument appear to be ridiculous.

    8. The truth is self evident. That you deny it, is irrelevant, as your point of view is subjective, axiomatically rejecting the otherwise irrefutable.

      That you ‘feel’ that I look ridiculous, is the best sign that I am correct.

      Please understand, I am only interested in what Americans think. I have no concern for socialists, what so ever. The only purpose you people serve is evil.

      And with that said, your default concession is duly noted and summarily accepted.

      And Karl, I want ya to know that it is obvious to me, that you’ve done the very BEST you could, such as it was.

    9. Ah-now you are making sense-the GOP and Tea Partiers are furious about their lower rates, better access to doctors and medical care-WE want to pay more and hate paying less-oh, that debunking missed every person I know-too bad.

    10. You must be one of those think tanks for Obama. if this was such a great law why are most of in disagreement? if this is costing us less why are we arguing? can you answer any of these question.

    11. Believe it or not, I’m just an individual. The big reason there is so much disagreement is merely political. Nixon was one of the first President’s to want something like this. Romney put this program in place in MA while he was governor. If you’re a Republican to TEA Party type, you want the ACA to fail, because if it succeeds it makes the Democrats looks good. Conservatives have tried all kinds of tricks, lies and false claims trying to make the ACA fail. The ACA has had a lot of problems besides those that were actually created by the conservatives. It’s far from perfect, but it’s getting better and it will continue to get better. To summarize the reality of it all- “both parties actually want the ACA to succeed. It’s just that they only want it to succeed if they are the ones that can take the CREDIT for its success.” If the GOP has shoved this ACA through and gotten it enacted, the Democrats would be against it.

    12. On MASScare – the state legislature which is controlled by demoncraps were the ones who wrote it and passed it into law. Romney’s only role was to sign it. If he had tried to veto it, the state legislature had enough votes to override the veto.

      How did conservatives created problems for obamaSCARE? Ever amendment they tried to include in the law was rejected by the left. Conservatives were LOCKED OUT of the process of writing the law by PIGlousy. obamaSCARE passed SOLELY on a partisan vote – NOT ONE REPUBLICAN VOTED FOR IT, SO DEMONCRATS OWN IT.

      You need to go to another source for your information because the demoncrat talking points and media [doesn't] matter are lousy sources of your brainwashing.

    13. And that rate will grow even higher because one of the affects of implementing obamaSCARE is hundreds of thousands of employees who were working full time [30-40 hours per week] ARE NO LONGER working full time, but are working PART TIME which means


    14. Show me the source of your information for your outrageous claims. Do you really expect ME you just take you at your word?

    15. If you are incapable of using common sense and use common math, it wouldn’t do any good to explain it to you.

      When someone is working part time they are making LESS than they were when they were when they were working FULL TIME – common sense.

      Hundreds of thousands who USED TO work full time are now working PART TIME because obamaSCARE has forced employers to review their bottom line and save themselves money.

    16. Who are these “thousands” that worked full time but are now working part-time? Show me the source of your information (or was this just something you heard from a friend of a friend of your ex-wife’s sister?)

    17. Before finally retiring this past summer my employer was very open with their employees by advising them the reason they were cutting rank and file from full time to less than 30 hours was because of the cost they were going to encure because of obamaSCARE.

      One person I worked with at night not only got cut to 29 hours, but his schedule was changed in such a way as he is working more hours a day, but was losing a full day.

      The only people working full time there now are department managers and store management.

    18. What Facts do you have to support your claims. Share some details on this- employer name, city, state, etc. let’s check this out.

    19. Were you the person on Jimmy Fallon the other night, the ewwwer? I like the style and dignity of figure skaters, Kerry Washington, Dr. Carson, Allen West, more than yours. Their taste in costumes for television is better too. Have you contacted their stylists?

    20. Count me out of them….I’m in the same boat as you….I xan not for the life of me figure out how many people in the country have been so blinded by the smut…and the lies he spews forth, it’s like a second nature to him. Impeach and Repeaal !!

    1. You are not the only one who can read the poll. i don’t think the average person reading these comments is so challenged that they can not understand those simple words. But you seem to be one of the few who doesn’t understand it. I suggest you go read it again. People, republicans, democrats, teaparty members, independents, and most everyone else, 92% of the total polled, do not like this thing.

    2. Oh! Well that IS too bad.

      I was buoyed by the 6% thing, as THAT served reason.

      I mean ObamaScare is a joke. It increases the cost of health insurance beyond the shrinking means of most people living in the US. It is SO BAD that they’ve officially put off subjecting most small businesses to it, until AFTER THE ELECTION.

      Typically, ObamaScare costs 3 to 4 times what folks were paying for Health Insurance premiums prior to the absurd requirement set upon insurance carriers by ObamaScare. “Pre-existing” pools are gone, and what pools there are, they’re unsustainable.

      Doctors hate it. Patients hate it. Medical care is getting worse as a result and there’s nothing within the stratum of ObamaScare, which shows any potential to do anything except further drive the value of US Medical care down, further devalue US Medical Care Dollars, undermine the depth of US Medical Resources.

      In short, ObamaScare is literally, the PERFECT MEDICAL CARE KILLING MACHINE.

      Yet you claim that 56% of the people polled ‘feel’ that this is a good thing.

      Where do these people poll? And is there any way to identify these people?

    3. You’d have to contact the NY Times. Don’t assume TPNN or FOX or MSNBC is going to give you the complete picture. You have to do due diligence yourself.

    4. I don’t have to contact anyone Scamp.

      I’m in contact with you.

      I’m a citizen who’s health insurance was priced many times above what I contracted to pay for it, in the wake of ObamaScare being shoved into law by a pack of Ideological Lunatics.

      So I already know everything I need to know about it.

    5. Again Scout, I don’t need to ‘share’ any facts.

      Everyone that has or will comment here, either has health insurance that his gone up many times beyond what they were paying before ObamaScare OR they have been DROPPED by their Insurance carrier OR they have been forced to DROP THEIR INSURANCE because they can NO LONGER AFFORD IT AS A RESULT OF THE “AFFORDABLE CARE ACT”

      There are no exceptions… People of substantial means still have Health Insurance.

      You feel that you can come in here and buttress lies through these feckless, pedantic ‘interpretations’ of the poll and that this will somehow influence people to believe that THEY ARE AN EXCEPTION.

      Of course, the problem you have is that, as is ALWAYS THE CASE with you people, you’ve secured sufficient power to COMPLETELY SCREW IT UP!

      And … you’re now one election away from being kicked to the political curb.

    6. Well, never let all the facts get in the way of a good discussion. Pick the ones you like and just those that fit your agenda and enjoy your day.

    7. Folks, allow me to interpret this for you. What Kansas 55 is saying is:

      “I never let all the facts get in the way of a good discussion. I pick the ones I like and just those that fit my agenda, then I project my behavior on my opposition as a means to make myself appear reasonable, then when I’ve been exposed, with my would-be argument crippled, I pretend to wish for them to enjoy their day.”

      Understand that Kansas55, as a “Progressive”, is a Relativist.

      Relativism is an addled species of reasoning which rests upon the rejection of objectivity, as demonstrated by its rejection of the irrefutable evidence, wherein there exists NOT A SINGLE DEMONSTRATION ANYWHERE IN THE ObamaScare history, of ANYONE keeping their policy, having their premiums reduced and enjoying a higher value, less expensive medical experience.

      Instead it projects that all relayed experiences which convey a negative experience are FALSE TESTIMONIES, which they then turn to point to the evidence of public polls, wherein, in this instance, ’56% of the people’ are said to be HAPPY WITH THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, because the poll doesn’t show them demanding that such be repealed.’

      This, in its mind, provides that those who come to convey their own personal experiences, which are hostile to the unpleasant nature of that experience, should ‘feel’ that ‘THEY ARE AN EXCEPTION!’, because “MOST PEOPLE LIKE IT!”.

      Ya see folks, Relativism rejects objectivity and objectivity is an ESSENTIAL ELEMENT of “TRUTH”.

      Meaning that without objectivity, there cannot be “TRUTH”. Because ‘truth’ simply becomes what one ‘feels’ the truth is or what one wants the truth to be.

      Which is of course, an unsustainable ‘point of view’. Which is why such fails… everywhere it’s tried.

      So here’s how it works:

      Objectivity is, as noted above, essential to truth. Trust is essential to trust. Truth and trust are the fundamental components to Morality and soundly reasoned morality is essential to justice.

      No objectivity, no truth.

      No truth, no trust.

      No trust, no morality.

      No Morality, no Justice.

      No Justice, no “Liberty for all”.

    8. Actually, you are the one with all the outlandish claims and not one reference to support those claims. We call that “full-o-crap” in KS.

    9. Really ? Those are your links of liberal liars like yourself The L.A. Times yea we can believe those liars and the Daily Banter is laughable as well as your other liberal links , your not in Kansas anymore toto go read some real links

    10. What part of IT IS A CBS POLL don’t you get?
      TPNN did not do the poll, they are reporting what the results were.

    11. Why is Obama pushing back Bussiness mandate back? you seem to have all the answers. seems to me he’s running from it..come on you have the answers make us believe.

    12. No, I don’t know exactly why they pushed back the large business mandate. I do know the ACA horror story the GOP response used following the State of the Union address was proven false. I know the latest ‘cancer patient’ ACA horror story put out by the GOP was also proven false. Her premiums were cut in half and her out of pocket was higher, but the net result was no change and she even kept her same Dr. Several ‘stories’ put out prior to these were also proven false. If the ACA was truthfully proven to be a rotten deal for everyone, I’d be on board wanting it thrown out. I’m not going to believe opinions, guesses, outright lies, or falsehoods.

    13. None of what you claim as “Proven False” was actually proven false. Her premiums were not lower, her premiums were roughly the same, her out of pocket expenses were higher, leaving her healthcare UNMANAGEABLE!


      You people are absolutely IRRATIONAL!

    14. Her premiums were previously $1100/month and were lowered to about $570. I call that lower in KS.

    15. Hee Hee Hee, a stupid libby who doesn’t see that the whole effort behind delaying the employer mandated until AFTER THE NOV 2014 ELECTIONS is solely to help those demoncraps who voted for the law to escape the wrath of the voters.

      Everything THE DEAR LEADER does has a political reason behind it.

    16. The New York times is not a journal of news events. It is a propagandized publication by people who write and have a forum to publish. New York just elected a socialist/communist mayor. There are other polls that totally dispute that bocare is working. For the millions who lost their healthcare insurance policies, who were forced into part-time work, who have lost their doctors, of all those reporting their personal obcare failures, who harryreid says are lying, those “liars” represent 100% of the population who say bocare is not working. kerrykennedy acquited for driving under the influence while she was driving under the influence-the democratics are priming us for something so fearsome, I am very worried.

  6. WOW!!!!! Mainstream megaliars actually printed a news worthy story! I think I will faint! After all the arguments from these people in support of their darling libturd issues are they actually coming to the light? Or is it just a way to get more conservatives to watch their idiocy?

    1. I agree with the mainstream megaliar part. However, when the statistics are not manipulated in any way, that would be newsworthy. And yes you are correct the only reason for slanting the news in the other direction is to draw conservatives in to the web of deciet. Believe me if they think more people are listening the Pandering will start back up. MSNBC and CNN are doing the same thing right now.

  7. The socialist party aka democrats are going to get slaughtered this November, then We The People can demand IMPEACHMENT of Public Enemy Number One and ALL his UN-elected CZARS and the corrupt gunrunner AG Holder.

  8. 56% think it’s good , you poor souls are as stupid as this web site ! Views of Health Care Law Working well, keep in place 6% % Good things, but changes needed 50 % Needs to be repealed entirely 42 % . sounds like 56 like it somewhat and only 42% want to repeal LOL

  9. IDIOTS can’t
    even tell the truth on this website .. this is the what the WHITE MARGINALIZED AMERICA WANTS To BELIEVE ..

    1. If obamaSCARE is such a great thing how come the people are FORCED to enroll or face having the gestapo agents from the IRS pounding on their doors.

    2. How many uninsured citizens can actually pay for all their required medical care during their lives? When they don’t pay, the rest of us have to pick up the tab one way or another. That’s how you’d prefer it work? (that’s call socialism…)

    3. The only difference between the old and new – under the new folks are STILL paying for others healthcare via subsidizes but at a much higher cost than before.

      Funny how you morons from the left ignore the fact that the taxpayers are the ones who are paying for the subsidizes.

    4. It was dished to the Supreme Court and the American people based on lies. Supreme COurt should hold them in contempt. Most Americans are hurting because of this…unlawful law. it was told to help the middle class, reduce costs, add better healthcare. Bullshit. My premiums have gone up, what use to pay 80% now only pays 50%, some treatments no longer covered….how has this helped? Lies got this law passed, like lies got obama elected…you bought the lies and the American people suffer for it.

  10. Actually…the MANDATORY or we will FINE you part I think is the major stopping point of the ACA. If they had just provided the ACA as a market to get affordable health insurance, who would have anything against that? But, no, its the control measures forced on us through the liberal use of the IRS that is probably the biggest component that people do not like. Not to mention, that fine? You know the IRS is going to late fee and penalize you to death on it. So even if it was just 500.00 for year 2015, when they finally catch up to you in 2020 its going to be 5000.00 and growing.

    1. What I love is how the left embrassed Justice Roberts opinion that it would only be constitutional if it was considered a tax.

      They walked right into the booby trap and did not see it and many still do not see it.

  11. Where did they find 6% pro on this loser? Must have been the employees and reporters of CBS.

    1. There is a story link on THE DRUDGE REPORT about how folks who have attempted to cancel their enrollment are having problems getting out from under it.

  12. So 36 congressmen have jumped ship. some to run for the Senate, others for state positions, but the one that smacks me as hilarious is the guy running away from congress to be the Supervisor of San Bernardino county California.