Rep. Trey Gowdy on Lois Lerner: ‘I Think She Connects this Scandal all the Way to Washington’

Congressman Trey Gowdy appeared on FOX News this morning to discuss the Obama IRS’s Lois Lerner being recalled by Congress to testify in the out-of-control agency’s targeting of the Tea Party and other groups that disagree with the Obama regime. 

The segment begins with Jason Chaffetz explaining that Lerner’s attorney said yesterday that she would be glad to testify if she received immunity. Chaffetz says that Congress is, “not interested in giving her immunity,” warning that she may “have to face some consequences.” 

America’s Newsroom’s Bill Hemmer asks Congressman Gowdy to assess Lerner’s upcoming March 5 testimony. Gowdy says that if Lerner refuses again to testify, she may be held in “contempt of Congress,” and when asked by Hemmer what Lerner is hiding, Gowdy responded that Lerner connects the scandal “all the way to Washington.” 

“I think she connects this scandal all the way to Washington and she’s holding out for a better deal. But it’s not going to be immunity until we know what your testimony would be. And you can’t sit there and say you’ve done nothing wrong, and nothing illegal, and then hide behind the Fifth Amendment and expect us to give you immunity. That is not going to happen.”

Initially, the Obama IRS’s targeting of the Tea Party was blamed on “low-level” Cincinnati employees, however, in June of 2013,  House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released transcripts of interviews with employees from Cincinnati, one of which, when asked whether the orders to discriminate came from Washington said, “I believe so.”

On Super Bowl Sunday, Obama was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly, saying without reservation that there was not even a “smidgen” of corruption at the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service falls under the Executive Branch of the federal government, which Obama heads as president. 

Lerner was the Obama IRS manager of tax-exempt groups who publicly admitted to targeting non-profit groups with the words “patriot” or “Tea Party” in their names, singling them out for extra scrutiny. Lerner said about the targeting, in response to a question she planted at an American Bar Association conference in May of 2013, “That was wrong, that was absolutely incorrect, insensitive, and inappropriate.”