Apple CEO Tim Cook to Shareholders: If You Don’t Believe in Global Warming, Sell Our Stock!

Apple CEO Tim Cook

It looks like former Obama EPA Chief Lisa Jackson (alias: Richard Windsor), who Apple gave a job to last year in spite of her scandals, and Global Warming High Priest Al Gore, an Apple board member, have gotten to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Cook is so entrenched in the faulty theory of man-made global warming that he’s even willing to see his shareholders dump his stock. 

Never mind that a plurality of Americans reject the myth of the discredited belief in man-made global warming and that the co-founder of Greenpeace this week referred to the myth’s followers as being like members of a religious cult, Apple CEO Tim Cook has a message for his shareholders. Cook says if you don’t like believe in man-made global warming, you should sell his company’s stock

The National Center for Public Policy Research, a free-market think tank, who owns shares in Apple stock along with National Center executives, released the following statement on Friday: 
Cupertino, CA / Washington, D.C. - At today’s annual meeting of Apple shareholders in Cupertino, California, Apple CEO Tim Cook informed investors that are primarily concerned with making reasonable economic returns that their money is no longer welcome.

The message came in response to the National Center for Public Policy Research’s shareholder resolution asking the tech giant to be transparent about its environmental activism and a question from the National Center about the company’s environmental initiatives.

“Mr. Cook made it very clear to me that if I, or any other investor, was more concerned with return on investment than reducing carbon dioxide emissions, my investment is no longer welcome at Apple,” said Justin Danhof, Esq., director of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project.

Danhof also asked Apple CEO Tim Cook about the company’s green energy pursuits. Danhof asked whether the company’s environmental investments increased or decreased the company’s bottom line. After initially suggesting that the investments make economic sense, Cook said the company would pursue environmental goals even if there was no economic point at all to the venture. Danhof further asked if the company’s projects would continue to make sense if the federal government stopped heavily subsidizing alternative energy. Cook completely ignored the inquiry and became visibly agitated.

Danhof went on to ask if Cook was willing to amend Apple’s corporate documents to indicate that the company would not pursue environmental initiatives that have some sort of reasonable return on investment – similar to the concession the National Center recently received from General Electric. This question was greeted by boos and hisses from the Al gore contingency in the room.

“Here’s the bottom line: Apple is as obsessed with the theory of so-called climate change as its board member Al Gore is,” said Danhof. “The company’s CEO fervently wants investors who care more about return on investments than reducing CO2 emissions to no longer invest in Apple. Maybe they should take him up on that advice.”

“Although the National Center’s proposal did not receive the required votes to pass, millions of Apple shareholders now know that the company is involved with organizations that don’t appear to have the best interest of Apple’s investors in mind,” said Danhof. “Too often investors look at short-term returns and are unaware of corporate policy decisions that may affect long-term financial prospects. After today’s meeting, investors can be certain that Apple is wasting untold amounts of shareholder money to combat so-called climate change. The only remaining question is: how much?”

The National Center’s shareholder resolution noted that “[s]ome trade associations and business organizations have expanded beyond the promotion of traditional business goals and are lobbying business executives to pursue objectives with primarily social benefits. This may affect Company profitability and shareholder value. The Company’s involvement and acquiescence in these endeavors lacks transparency, and publicly-available information about the Company’s trade association memberships and related activities is minimal. An annual report to shareholders will help protect shareholder value.”

Apple’s full 2014 proxy statement is available here. The National Center’s proposal, “Report on Company Membership and Involvement with Certain Trade Associations and Business Organizations,” appears on page 60.

The National Center filed the resolution, in part, because of Apple’s membership in the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), one of the country’s largest trade associations. In its 2013 “Retail Sustainability Report,” RILA states: “Companies will often develop individual or industry voluntary programs to reduce the need for government regulations. If a retail company minimizes its waste generation, energy and fuel usage, land-use footprint, and other environmental impacts, and strives to improve the labor conditions of the workers across its product supply chains, it will have a competitive advantage when regulations are developed.”

“This shows that rather than fighting increased government regulation, RILA is cooperating with Washington, D.C.’s stranglehold on American business in a misguided effort to stop so-called climate change,” said Danhof. “That is not an appropriate role for a trade association.”

For even more information on RILA, read “The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA): A Cartel that Threatens Innovation and Competitiveness,” by National Center Senior Fellow Dr. Bonner Cohen.

“Rather than opting for transparency, Apple opposed the National Center’s resolution,” noted Danhof. “Apple’s actions, from hiring of President Obama’s former head of the Environmental Protection Agency Lisa Jackson, to its investments in supposedly 100 percent renewable data centers, to Cook’s antics at today’s meeting, appear to be geared more towards combating so-called climate change rather than developing new and innovative phones and computers.”

After Danhof presented the proposal, a representative of CalPERS rose to object and stated that climate change should be one of corporate America’s primary concerns, and after she called carbon dioxide emissions a “mortal danger,” Apple board member and former vice president Al Gore turned around and loudly clapped and cheered.

“If Apple wants to follow Al Gore and his chimera of climate change, it does so at its own peril,” said Danhof. “Sustainability and the free market can work in concert, but not if Al Gore is directing corporate behavior.”

“Tim Cook, like every other American, is entitled to his own political views and to be an activist of any legal sort he likes on his own time,” said Amy Ridenour, chairman of the National Center for Public Policy Research. “And if Tim Cook, private citizen, does not care that over 95 percent of all climate models have over-forecast the extent of predicted global warming, and wishes to use those faulty models to lobby for government policies that raise prices, kill jobs and retard economic growth and extended lifespans in the Third World, he has a right to lobby as he likes. But as the CEO of a publicly-held corporation, Tim Cook has a responsibility to, consistent with the law, to make money for his investors. If he’d rather be CEO of the Sierra Club or Greenpeace, he should apply.”

“As in the past, Cook took but a handful of questions from the many shareholders present who were eager to ask a question at the one meeting a year in which shareholder questions are taken,” added Ridenour, “leaving many disappointed. Environmentalism may be a byword at Apple, but transparency surely is not.”

The National Center’s Free Enterprise Project is a leading free-market corporate activist group. In 2013, Free Enterprise Project representatives attended 33 shareholder meetings advancing free-market ideals in the areas of health care, energy, taxes, subsidies, regulations, religious freedom, media bias, gun rights and many more important public policy issues. Today’s Apple meeting was the National Center’s third attendance at a shareholder meeting so far in 2014.

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  1. Sell any stock you have and stop funding/wasting your money on ianything products… Stop funding the Progressive Satan warriors dooming our society. Tim Cook is another Satan worshiper…period!

    1. Apple is a good company with good products. I ‘ d rather hold my stock and force the greenies out of senior positions.

    2. 700 high to current 400 per share says it all. cook is cooked. hair brain political ideas and hiring failed epa directors makes apple a has been stock in price and product. time to move on. good riddence. steve jobs is rolling over in his grave

    3. Apple does not have good products, they use at best 3 year old technology. They have an AMAZING marketing department though and one of the best legal departments of any company ever.

    1. Samsung has tones of ecofascism in their policies. You might want to look closer at that.

    2. wait… you guys are really gonna base your decision on buying a phone over whether or not the CEO believes in global warming…? jesus….

    3. ECOFACISM? Did you make up that one all by yourself or did you have some help from Captain Planet?

  2. I dont own that stock but if i did i would write him a note laughing at him, telling him im not selling the stock and to stfu and get back to work making me money.

  3. Tim Cook has plenty of personal wealth, which he is free to spend on political issues, no matter how stupid they are.

    But, corporate funds are another matter.

    I support transparency, as well as sound & focused leadership.

    To the extent that Tim Cook & Al Gore interfere with these core business principles, they should be terminated from employment at Apple, and any other corporation with which they are affiliated.

    1. Generally, the shareholders routinely approve the reelection of board members. I suspect that will not be the case next time around.

  4. What a f ing idiot … Apple us going to fail with this idiot and the jackasses on the board

    1. While Al Gore laughs all the way to the bank on your money. Much like Obamas taking lavish vacations separately on tax payer money. And No One stops it. This guy is dealing with investors, they can stop investing ! In his bottom losing line !

  5. i sold my apple at 700 and its gone down ever since. steve jobs is dead and so is apple. global warming science isnt exact and cook is cooked. glad i sold.

  6. The Tea Party who has taken on the entire global warming denial of the Republicans and the religious right, is showing its true colors, as a GOP organization, when it denies that global warming exists.

    This proves to me, that the Tea Party is not truly an independent party, from the GOP, on that one factor, alone.

    1. Global warming doesn’t exist. Nasa has even discredited it. Try doing some research instead of repeating the party line.

    2. First that data is several years old and it makes a wold claim that is not true. 97% do not agree first. 2nd it supports the claim that warming has stopped around 10 years ago.

    3. Sounds like you’re grasping there friend. The fact is, that link shows that there is still a large majority of Scientists who agree that global warming IS happening and it IS caused by man. No crying about it hurting your companies’ bottom lines will change that.

      And about your second point, how does it show a “Decade long plateau” when it’s a long term chart over the course of a century?

    4. Nonsense from a leftist. Let me ask you, if the TEA party agreed with the Democrats on any point, would that also mean the TEA Party is not an independent organization, too?

      Why are leftists so bereft of elementary logic?

    5. Oh really??? Tea Party may be smarter than you… Even GreenPeace founder says it’s baloney… Or didn’t you read that?… There may in fact be some climate change – but more of a natural issue than anything else… From the evidence, appears that man has little influence on global warming… So maybe we need to start listening to REAL scientists, who have no particular ax to grind and let them go about the business of learning, discovering and inspecting… Instead of spending money on junk science, spend it on real science so we get on with the business of making this planet better for all of us, and not just a few idiots like Gore richer… Have you checked out his carbon footprint??? What a hypocrite…

    6. The scientific community as a whole has seen acceptance of the theory drop dramatically and it is continuing to drop. The group you mention have a financial reason to push teh theory for as soon as it is no longer pushed they lose financing.

      Again, your own link shows that warming has stopped over 10 years ago and it currently in a plateau period.

    7. “Global warming” is scientifically debunked by the complete failure of the computer models upon which it is based to make accurate predictions. And, if you haven’t noticed, the Statue of Liberty is still dry.

    8. The left’s insistence that “climate change” or “global warming” or “man-made global warming” or “global cooling” or whichever term is in vogue today is to be a taxable event rather than a scientific inquiry is rather nauseating, don’t you think?

    9. You have a right to your idiot opinion of yhe GOP but you are not correct about me being part of the GOP and the Tea Party being pary of the GOP. Part of the Conservatives or Constitutionalists maybe. Get a better conspiracy grip if you insist on ranting, please. IMHO

  7. I own the stock, believe in Apple and even believe in Tim Cook….but, I don’t believe in Al Gore’s theory on Climate warming. If Tim Cook believes in it than that his own opinion. How he acts with regards to the Apple Corp. is up to him.
    I’m not selling my stock in Apple as I do believe in Apple.

    1. Could be you as a stockholder should be concerned about where Cook is spending Apples’s Money (and yours)… 700 to 400? How low can it go!!!

  8. I think they should get rid of this guy before their stock goes straight into the basement. Mixing ideology, especially a faulty one, with business is irresponsible to the stockholders. This man has shown himself to be incompetent IMHO.

  9. By the laws of incorporation, the CEO’s only responsibility is to ensure profitability. He has, therefore, violated the law and should go to jail. Maybe he could be Ken Lay’s cellmate.

  10. I think Apple should concern itself more with its use of child labor in the third world.
    But if Cook really believes this fairy tale he should ask for Al Gore’s resignation.
    After all, Gore walked off with $500 million in Mid-East oil money when he sold his failed Current TV to Al-Jazeera.

  11. I would do what the man said, sale the stock, and will not buy apple products again. Timmy is not all he thanks he is, he has done got to be to big for his britches. These boys get a little money and power , then he thinks he is going to tell me what to think and do, along with everybody else. There have been a lot of men in power thinking they are invincible, But find out later, that GOD calls the shots, not little old man!!!

  12. Just buy one share, that way it costs them more to service that one share than what it is worth. plus you get full shareholder rights.

  13. Is that man made “global warming”? Well Apple has contributed more to “Man made Global warming” that most all other company’s put together.

  14. This guy has hung around Al Gore to long and now lost any ability to think straight. If I had Apple stock I would sell it. Good luck with this brain dead strategy for Apple. Time to abandond the sinking ship. I wonder what Al Gore has to say about his 2007 perdiction of Kansas becoming a dust bowl and the Polar ice caps totally melting by 2014?

    1. Me and Toto are still in Kansas. I think Dorothy may have run off with Al Gore and associates…..Sell your Apple Stock or convince the other investors to vote Cook out!!

  15. I own a hundred shares, but I’m having second thoughts about a company run by someone so lacking in judgement. Not because I think global warming is a hoax, which I do, but because such an intemperate assertion belies a dangerous tendency to make emotional decisions.

  16. You would be better off selling your apple devices. They are the ones using all that electricity. Selling your stock is still a good idea. I don’t have any money to buy stock because of the scare tactics of global warmer,cooling, warmer people. I had to use it for fire wood to keep warm. Got to go the Arctic glacier just pushed my BBQ grill off the back porch.

  17. i don’t believe in BFing either, and I do believe in Jesus Christ.

    Do you want me to sell your stock, you neo fascist putz ?

  18. Al Gore and Tim Cook and the same species hypocrites pollute the environment at least 50X more than the average everyday Americans.

  19. Stock holders need to FIRE Cook, Gore and Lisa Jackson. This business or any other business has no room for STUPID politics.

  20. I was seriously thinking about buying an Apple Iphone. I believe I will be going to Samsung now. Thanks Tim Cook for chasing me away.

  21. Nope I’m going to hold on to each one of them. This almost sounds like a threat. My money, and investment shouldn’t be at risk because of some ones political beliefs, even if he is the CEO. Or should they? Mr. Cook you shouldn’t openly threaten my investments in your company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Most company boards would be holding a ‘confidence in the CEO’ meeting after a statement like that. He would have already been sued if “global warming non-believers” had been the word “gays”. Isn’t it strange how an irrational group can be discriminated against, but a ration group can’t? It’s almost seems that truth, or standing up for your constitutional rights, must be avenged with a lawsuit, but a liberal lie is free speech.

  23. Would love to see a massive stock sell off. See the price drop through the floor and then see someone swoop it up at a bargain price and remove him as CEO. You do NOT tell share owners to sell your stock if you are a publicly traded company.

  24. Look at what they build last a short time then it’s trash. All there product waste energy and they are trying to make the last product that they built obsolete so it will be tras

  25. Just goes to prove, Apple board members don’t want people with brains to own any part of their company. Only sheep allowed. Baaaa.

  26. He screwed up anyway. The left doesn’t use the term global warming anymore because it was proven that warming stopped several years ago. The now use the term climate change. Same as the way the went from Ozone depletion to global warming after it was shown they used doctored pictures in that claim. The same way the went from global cooling to ozone depletion when that claim turned out to be wrong.

    According to Gore we should not have a coast line today due to the melting ice caps. The climate control ship getting stuck in some of the thickest pack ice ever in the antarctic in the southern hemisphere SUMMER was priceless.

  27. Doesn’t matter to me. Apple products are over priced anyway! It’s not as if there isn’t a alternative out there to buy!!!!

  28. Steve Jobs, is rolling in his grave, No worries Tim, I sold all my Apple stock when Mr. Jobs got sick, it’s a shame an idiot took over his role as CEO

  29. The JOB of company managers is to make the decisions that increase the value of the company’s holdings for the people who own them (shareholders). Mr. Cain, you apparently don’t have a clue what you were hired to do. Your JOB is not to indoctrinate others to your dis-credited whacko views on global warming, it is to exercise your fiduciary (you remember THAT word??) obligation to the shareholders you work for. But, if you insist, I’ll invest in Samsung instead.

    1. First, who’s Mr. Cain?

      Second of all, his job is primarily to be a leader. Part of that job is the bottom line for the company, but another big part of that is the “bottom line” for society. Ben & Jerry’s has what they call a “triple bottom line,” which include social metrics. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple does the same thing in the near future.

  30. Perhaps selling/trashing the devices I already own is a good next step. I’m sure Microsoft would rather have my money.

  31. Cook needs to resign. No wonder Apple has problems with him running the company. He has no clue to the damage he has done.

  32. I have been an Apple user since 1978 with the Apple II. Now that this jerk seems to be in charge along with Al Gore I have bought my last Apple product. And as for him a small piece of advice; opinions are like a** holes, everybody has one.

  33. Tell you Tim, we’ll follow your global warming critique, when you start paying overseas workers 10.00 an hour!!

  34. The lax environmental regulations in China can be overlooked when it comes to Apple’s bottom line.

  35. My I-phone now is the last one I will have. They don’t want me as a customer. and I can deal with that!

  36. Talking about a CEO that drives away and cuts the umbilical cord to investors? Tim Cook did just that. Look for him to be seeking a new job like…today.

  37. Isn’t Apple one of those companies that moved manufacturing overseas to pay nothing wages to poor, over burdened workers, and he is telling US to have a SOCIAL CONSCIENCE?

  38. This is highly offensive. Why don’t they stick to making computers and leave the politicking to the professionals? I’m not going to purchase any more Apple products after this. Glad I don’t have stock.

    1. First of all, “politicking” is everyone’s business. Laws affect life for everyone, from CEOs down to undocumented workers. Secondly, climate change is bigger than any one corporation, and indeed bigger than any one country. Anyone with a voice as loud as Cook’s should be using it to make the case for responsible policy.

    2. The point was what he said was hurtful. I shared my opinion. Global warming/ climate change is just another tool to try and control and at times oppress the freedoms of Americans. He’s spouting the same retarded message that our corrupt government is pushing.

    3. Hurtful to whom? Oil companies? Lobbyists, lawyers, and advertising managers paid by oil companies? Sorry if I don’t have much sympathy for their plight.

      Climate change is a major threat to our species’ continued existence. Perhaps not to our generation, or even our children’s, but the danger with such a long-term threat is that it becomes increasingly difficult to correct the longer we let it go.

      Most government policy aimed at climate change has the effect of encouraging public transportation, rewarding high-mileage vehicles, and incentivizing things like recycling and research into renewable energy. Unless you seriously think that the governments of the world are all conspiring to force us into solar-powered ghettos and survive on kale in our hemp huts, I really don’t understand your concern.

    4. Where did that come from? My position is that you do what you want in your own home and don’t flash it my face.

  39. Apple’s days are numbered. Their cell phones and IPADs and PCs are made in China, the now number one Global Carbon emitter. Now I don’t care how much CO2 China spews I just think it is highly hypocritical to be making these gadgets there if they are all about reducing CO2 emissions . So Apple destined to reduce their carbon foot print by no longer existing as a company. Yep, that’s pretty much sums up the extreme left. Stop producing so we are not polluting.
    What a bunch of stupid educated people!

  40. After reading some of the comments on this site, I now understand why you guys are called the Tea Party. Because you were either born in, or are stuck in, 1773.

    1. This is exactly why “climate change” is a better term for what’s actually happening. The overall global temperature is increasing – rapidly – which in turn is destabilizing normal weather patterns. One symptom of this is that more extreme weather becomes more common (e.g., hurricanes are more powerful, as are winter storms). In the short term, this means some winters may be full of snow and quite cold. But that doesn’t change the fact that the long term trend is higher temperatures, less polar ice, higher sea levels, and ultimately a lot of pretty serious consequences for our way of life.

  41. Does he also want us to stop buying his products? I never thought they were all that great anyway. It feels like another BIG BROTHER joined the others.

  42. but they are all screwed up i hate Windows and bill gates and i guess i’ll have to buy chinese products from here on out.

  43. But I bet apple has no problem having their products built in china were they haven’t seen a day of sunshine from their smog in how long????
    How about apple building plants were green laws are in place and then talk about global warming…Till then bull$hit talks….

  44. Of course he wants them to dump stock. When people dump stock it can drive down prices and the company can buy them up. When the prices go back up, they sell them off. Scandals have always played an interesting role in business. People are just too stupid to realize it.

  45. I will be selling my Apple stock. Man made Global Warming is a Ponzi Scheme and any honest person with a brain knows it. Unfortunately our computers and phones are Apple and I can’t just throw them out. A CEO with an attitude like Cooks doesn’t belong as CEO.

  46. Believe brothas and sistahs… YA GOTTA BELIEVE!! BELIEVE AH TELL YA!! Ya don’t need no evidence just BELIEVE and good things will happen to ya! Them Scientists don’t know nuthin’. Listen to Al Gore and BELIEVE!!

    If’n ya don’t BELIEVE we don’t want ya in our midst. Ya ain’t got no business ownin’ no Apple stock if’n ya don’t BELIEVE!!

  47. Really? Isn’t it good that I don’t want to own Apple stock OR Apple products.

  48. How about this…If you don’t believe in Global Warming, then don’t BUY their products. If they want to be judgmental and exclusive, ( as well as believing in a mythical politically driven “environmental problems”,) then let them start by taking a hit to their profits.

  49. I’m starting to become embarrassed to be a Mac owner, given this and Apple’s recent thuggery against AZ.

    1. Samsung, great product. My son and wife will be replacing their iPhones with Samsung. Will not spend 1 penny on a apple products any longer. Selling the IPad as well. Screw apple.

  50. Everyone to Tim Cook: how about worrying more about your company, and less about what shareholders do and do not believe. Maybe start by making sure the gaping security holes in iOS are fixed, and holding the people who let the release go live accountable.

  51. We are now full into the era of large corporations joining with the democrat party to push the “America is an evil empire” message loud and clear.

  52. Where is the Board of Directors? They should remove him for saying they should dump the stock. Where is the NYSE? Shouldn’t they take notice of this?

  53. It’s probably for the best. Climate deniers should probably stick with Fisher-Price phones.

    1. Ignore James Johnson everyone. He’s an ignorant racist and founder of an anti hispanic hate group in NC. He is a coward and a man without honor. He recently accused a dead marine of being a drunken illegal immigrant. He does not represent the values of any conservative that I know.

  54. You bitches wouldn’t being crying like butthurt babies if he threw his money for anti abortion and against marriage equality even though that isn’t for profit……. You fully support Chick Fil A even though none of that money is for profit that goes to those hateful groups. If Tim Cook did that he would be a saint and “fiscally responsible”. This is the very reason you guys are taken about as seriously as a drunk horney rodeo clown in a mental ward. Even republicans despise you.

  55. Ha ha, you wouldn’t know a free market if it came up and punched you in the face, which it should do for being so stupid, anti-science, greedy, and ignorant. And you’re only fooling yourself,

  56. Funny enough, Apple produces the least recyclable, most un-repairable, products with planned obsolete periods.