Barack Obama and MSNBC’s Al Sharpton: The New ‘Pete and Repeat’

Growing up, ‘Pete and Repeat’ was always a funny riddle shared by many children. But, Barack Obama and Al Sharpton have taken that once silly riddle that so many children recited to a new level. (watch video below) The mainstream media has not done a good job of hiding their allegiance to the Democrat party. They have failed to report on the numerous scandals that plague not just the Obama regime, but Democrats in general. In addition, they have been caught on a number of occasions repeating Democrat talking points.

But, Al Sharpton has taken his parroting of Obama’s words to a new level – and it is hilarious.


H/T Washington Free Beacon


  1. When Sharpton does Dangerfield I might listen to him. I could just see him pulling at his tie while saying “agh uhuhu, I’ll tell ya, it ain’t easy being me.”

  2. The reason to watch Al Sharpton is when your volume control is stuck and you can’t hear the President…(Not that you might want to.) Sharpton does Dangerfield would be a great routine. Of course when he says “I get no respect” no one would laugh.

    1. Because the whole station is that way. Media Matters writes the scripts for NBC and MSNBC, and they have a daily briefing at the White House. And the Media Matters folks think “journalism” is repeating what people say. Is it any surprise that the folks over at MSNBC say the same thing when they are simply using photocopies of whatever the writers at the White House are writing?

    2. Obama, with taxpayer money, bailed out GE. GE owns MSNBC They don’t have to turn a profit. They are working on free money. That is the only reason MSNBC is still on the air.

    3. If they put him on Obama’s lap a hand would have to go in someone’s ….. Maybe it’s better to let the photocopier make his lips move.

  3. Sharpton is so funny because, as you watch him, you realize that he is simply a black preacher with no particular credentials to even be on national television. He is simply a race baiter – nothing more – maybe less. If he wasn’t black, you wouldn’t know his name.

    1. Those were my thoughts exactly, he has no original thoughts, he just repeats his “gospel” and hopes people throw money at him.

    2. I would bet my bottom dollar that he has no divinity degree. I believe he is a self pronounced preacher!

    3. I have seen no evidence that suggests Sharpton actually believes in God. The “reverend” part is only there for tax evasion

    4. I want to know where he got his divinity degree. He doesn’t behave, or speak, like any REAL pastor I’ve ever known…and I’m 60 years old.

    5. He has no divinity degree. In fact, he dropped out of Brooklyn College after his sophomore year in 1975.

    6. George Leblanc: State the true facts about this vidio Al Sharpton may not even be a legal Bible Preaching preacher don’t know that he would be abled to read the good book And as George said if he wasn’t a black you would never have heard of him.

    7. He’s also the Democrats plantation overseer along with Jessie the adulterer Jackson!! He still calls himself Reverend! My dog’s turds are more Reverend than that POS is!

    1. You would want a parrot like that? Seriously? Buy a good parrot, one that’s trainable.

  4. What’s so funny about two of the biggest idiots in the world competing to see who can pass more gas?!?!?!?

  5. If I were a cartoonist Sharpton would be a parrot on Obama’s shoulder. Obama would be looking at his parrot saying,’Will you quit repeating me, they heard the lie the first time.’

    1. He would have a thousand parrots on his shoulders, you know, the media, joe biden, carney, etc.

  6. I find it hard to believe that only 59% of the voting public disapprove of our president. Stupid is what stupid does.

    1. I think if polls were honest the numbers would be higher. You certainly can’t count on honesty from the MSM. They are the propaganda branch of the WH. Do they send all of BHO’s scripts to Sharpton to be recycled?

    2. Simple YES If your a illegal alien with two wives and 9 kids in two countries pulling in 10 grand a month in Government checks & free health care NO if your a American citizen paying 65% of your wages to local, state an Federal Taxes., have current private car and health and home owners insurance

  7. Man now I’m hungry for parrot stew! All kidding aside it’s a shame we don’t have a… oh crap my base for my stew is burning gotta go I’ll finish this conversation later!

  8. Sharpton is so dumb, he has to repeat any thing that he has heard.He is one of these rug rats from the ghetto. He is like Jessie. They are no more ordained ministers than Pied Piper.

    1. Sorry le riley, but Al Sharpton is ordained. He got his credentials from the back of “Preaching for DUMMIES” by sending in the application with a $2.50 fee!

  9. I think it’s obvious…Obama is a pirate raiding the US for it’s wealth and success and Al Sharpton is his parrot! After all, don’t all pirates have talking parrots in stories? Isn’t Obama living the dream right now? Well like all good dreams it has to come to an end some time and the time is getting near. He is buried in scandal, lies, spies, and tons of federal offenses and they are all being challenged. And when “We The People” hold him accountable and make him answer simple questions with which require direct answers but make him raise his right hand in the court of law where lies become accountable with evidence.

  10. Puppet and the Tyrant is pulling his strings and putting the words in his mouth. He is nothing but a puppet and only wishes to use RACE as a divide between the White and the Black citizens of this nation. Well I am hoping that with the progress we have made in the last 40 years uniting and getting over our differences that a black preacher and a mix raced tyrant’s agenda to split our unity can be over come by knowing that we have come such a long way. BUT the way I feel about this man is that judging by his character — he is not here to help promote a more united Nation but to divide it and to try to make people think that nothing has change since the 60′s and the Bill of Rights. MLK would be all up in this mans face if he were alive today, for spewing such bullish Rhetoric

  11. 13% of the population is in 100% of the scenes on television and there is at least 1 of the 13% in 100% of movies. What is that? Normal television and movie production or brainwashing a “new normal” into us? Affirmative action on steroids? Every person in the world is an American-In-Waiting…waiting to complain about everything and receive their free stuff. I wonder what the state of the nation would be if Putin were here instead of in Ukraine. Do you think Putin would be putting up with this put-them-on-a-pedistal-and-give-them-all-free-stuff baloney? “To the victor go the spoils.” We fought the war on poverty and poverty won…poverty gets the spoils. The inmates have taken over the asylum. No. We gave it to them.

    1. Actually Putin made a point of saying in a gathering of the world leaders,,in front of Obama,,,”if you live in my country, you will WORK, you will speak Russian and if you don’t like it you will get the He$$ out of my country”. Guess by that statement,,,don’t think they will get any freestuff and will have to work. (This does not include those of you who are TRULY on disability.)

  12. Heard this on the radio, its hilarious. There was some speculation that it may just be the inability to read a prompter, where they give the final words of the speaker as a cue the clip is over and it isn’t intended to be read.

  13. this reminds me of the SNL skit where they had hard of hearing were accommodated by Garret Morris shouting the news behind Chevy Case’s news broadcast. Play a portion of that then play this. The comparison would be hilarious.

  14. Al Sharpton is nothing more than a racist preacher and Obama is nothing more than another scum bag lawyer…Obama talks so much, yet doesn’t say a damn thing worth listening too…reminds me of if you can dazzle w real brilliance than baffle w bullshit…sharpton thinks Obama makes him look smart…guess again!

    1. I think Obama and Michelle both surrendered their law licenses several years ago. Not sure where, but probably Illinois. Not sure if a reason was given.

  15. Tawanna Brawley isn’t even mentioned in wikipedi On al sharpton. Tawanna TAWANNA TAWANNA!!!

    1. And the Duke lacrosse players, and the destruction (by fire) of a business in Harlem where people died.

  16. who believe’s that al is a reverend, he is so full of bull sh—t he reminds me of

  17. Sharpton has gotten so skinny that it’s difficult to see Obama’s hand up his puppet behind but moving his mouth to repeat what Opama has said. Sharpton has no other value than to mimic what Obama says – his own validity has been long destroyed and lost to history.

  18. its a shame that negroes believe this crap, it doesn’t bode well for their intelligence. smart black people of which there are too few don’t believe any of that rhetoric.

  19. Where is the proof that hr is even a preacher. I agree with everyone. I think heis am obama puppet

  20. Is the man capable of talking in a normal tone? He always seems to be yelling like he’s giving a sermon.

  21. Al (the dummy) might as well be sitting in Barry’s lap with Barry’s hand up his back. LOL

  22. The black racists in America, are working themselves into a frenzy in their attempt to take over this country, by means of dictatorship.

  23. Sharpton is nothing more than a race baiter . If he ever ended the Civil rights movement of the 60′s he would be out of a job. He is a fake Reverend that can’t even speak for himself, not to mention is lack of enunciation.

  24. Since I don’t watch the race baiting msnbc, I wouldn’t have given second thought about the two magpies and their likeness. I find hard enough to watch the pres go through his rants about how one political party is. Didn’t he say before taking office of the presidency that he would work across the aisle, and has the not so sharp guy even given a thought of trying to get all ethnic groups together, rather than separate them? Our house, country, is being divided more than ever, and these two guys aren’t helping.

  25. Al “Not-so-Sharpton” speaks and the Dems should be embarrassed when he does. The Libs call anyone who disagrees with them “a dumb mouth breather and hater”. I think Al tops that one. If the Libs are so smart, why do they trot out such an idiot to support their agenda???

  26. Obama parrots what Valerie Jarrett tells him to say.He isn’t smart enough to have an original thought.

  27. Al “Notso” Sharpton is a tool. He just needs more money for his latest squeeze, a woman his daughters age. Such a class act.

  28. After Nobama is done with his Q cards they then give them to MSNBC, Mr (race Baiter) Sharpnot. and, Miss, (got to read it to see whats in it) Polosi, Mr, (Its all Lies),Reed, and the rest of the Dem for their dayly Talking points,

  29. The guy is a mindless jerk just like his buddies. This shows that libtards cannot think and reason for themselves. By the way, just where and when did he become a reverend? He must have attended Alinsky’s School of Communist Theology.

  30. I don’t think he is Black but I do think he is an ARAB just like Barrack Hussein Obama.. Why do you think Barrack Hussein Obama BOWED to those SHEIKS??

  31. He is a lying POS scum…..Lying to destroy peoples lives and the left makes him a hero….Similar to Obama…

  32. you got to be some kind of racist not to see Sharpton is serving the hearing impaired, even if it is like so many Tracy Chapman routines from SNL. The Mandiba send off send up was inspired.

  33. The sad thing is that this president mocks the Senators, Representatives of the other party and he thinks that is the “American” way. He really needs to go.

  34. So, when Al is reporting what Obama says he shouldn’t use the same words?
    I’m not saying Al is any kind of investigative reporter, or greatest thinker. But I have seen some these shows and this is not fully reported…..words are taken out of context, not showing when and how he is repeating Obama’s words because he’s reporting what Obama said . You can do this with any news reporter reporting on just about any really famous or significant person.

    And Al does not writr all of this, the editors do after Al has told him what he wants to talk about and gives them the information.

    1. maybe out of context to some degree but the point is they have the same writer , speaking the same thing over and over and sad thing is some will believe the the B.S. as truth because they hear but are not listening

  35. Could there be any larger disgrace to the heritage of Martin Luther King than the trio of race pimps known as Barack Hussein Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

  36. Sharpton’s a wannabe & Obama’s a has been & I never could stomach either one of them! Nothin’ but trouble makers…both of ‘em.

  37. Maybe Obama should take dummy Sharpton on the road. He can play behind Jeff Dunham and Ackmed the dead terrorist. Their ‘act’ could be funny…if it weren’t so pathetic.

  38. The Democrat media is owned by Democrats and hires Democrats.
    The stranglehold they had was broken by Ronald Reagan, and Democrats
    have tried ever since then to get back their grip on tyranny. They side with
    dictators around the globe, they provide cover for all the atrocities done
    by dictators everywhere, including their own Obama. Do you realize that
    he spent (personally) $6.2 billion in one year? The royal family of Britain
    spent $52 million. That’s only about 1/4 of the .2. How does a person in the
    WH spend that much money on personal stuff? Sending air travel for the dog
    to come to the vacation, after traveling separately on two private airliners
    themselves…eating the most expensive foods…making a huge footprint, (not carbon) Conspicuous consumption…are you paying attention?

  39. Al sharpton and his brother sold pretzel’s in Philly at a stand on the street never paid tax’s nor got a permit, they were a thorn in the mayor’s side and they were very good friend’s with the drug dealer’s and also agreed to bomb the move people in powellton village, so that is a little history on that sick man

  40. Sharpton reads much better than I thought he was capable of (or is he merely reiterating what ‘a bug’ placed in his ear prompts him to say?).