Face of the Modern Military: Gay Troops Perform in Drag at Air Force Base

While Russia invades Ukraine, as Islamic terrorist factions plot the West’s destruction, our service members at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan, are being treated to a gay and lesbian drag show.

Thanks to the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the military’s longstanding policy towards gays in the military, the military has seen an influx of gay marriage ceremonies and other events that celebrate the alternative lifestyle.

According to Stars and Stripes:

Six servicemembers — gay, lesbian and straight — donned heavy makeup to dance and lip sync songs such as “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” for a raucous capacity crowd at the Rocker NCO Club at Kadena Air Base. The event was a fundraiser for the recently formed Okinawa chapter of OutServe-SLDN, which is the largest nonprofit advocate for the military’s LGBT community.

“We didn’t think there was much of a desire for an event like this on the island but it has actually blown up,” said Navy Lt. Marissa Greene, co-chapter leader of OutServe Okinawa.

Proponents of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” have long argued that lifting the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military might create division within the ranks.

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    1. Oh well, when we get taken over by a dominant group, the gays, and the PC mob will be too afraid to speak anymore. Kinda looking forward to that part.

  1. Why do I beat to death the subject of the military destroying itself through embracing leftist ideology and reverse discrimination policies? There you have it….

  2. This is what happens when you buy into the destructive liberal agenda. They push and push. We have a military to win the nations wars. It is not a place for social engineering. Less than 1% protect the 100%. If I were an enemy General I would see the has a total break down of discipline and train my troops to exploit it. As this becomes more and more prevalent it will degrade the recruiting effort. Pride, tradition, and esprit draw people to the military.

    1. Yeah. Putin saw 6 people in drag in Okinawa and said, “I’ll just freakin’ invade Crimea.”
      It takes a special kind of Tea Party crazy to draw that conclusion, man. A special kind.

    1. The military, and their families, serve as the unwilling test subjects for whatever social experiments that liberal socialists wish to conduct. They test it there first, and gauge response before springing similar policy on the public as a whole. You’ll know when the gun confiscations are going to start when you see them start against military families living on post (or base) first.

    2. Not quite true. Don’t forget our US military is all volunteer. Three, four, or six year enlistment (more time required for officers), and the GI can separate with an Honorable Discharge and veteran benefits. So they are “willing” up to a point. The social experiments are very real, especially when filling quotas for enlistments; minorities, women, most likely gays now, and promotion percentages go along with demographics. It’s not PC to say many white service members wonder how lesser qualified minorities and women seem to get promoted. Some join simply to get their education and have as many kids as possible, and that could save them a hundred or so thousand dollars, so they put up with the nonsense. Three kids, and a bachelors degree in 4 years, all while playing soldier with pay and allowances.

    3. Wow… It’s times like this I have to remember that I am a Soldier in the United States Military and I can’t respond to your BS the way that I want to…

    4. Speak your peace, it’s a free country. Don’t hide behind your uniform. I wore it for 25 years, wrote the AF TIMES and pissed off a 3-STAR, got a personal phone call from the CMSGTAF himself because “they” didn’t appreciate what I thought. That was back in the ’80s. What I wrote is from first hand experience and observations, enduring the Clinton years when Congress asked about women in all specialty codes, and where were the black pilots in our fighter jets? Suddenly, the recruiters when at it, and we saw plenty of women joining. Those new women in uniform didn’t put on pole dancing demonstrations to celebrate their sexual identity. Some did however join to find a husband or to drop a kid every year, or both. “I can’t deploy, I’m a single mother!!” became a reality. “I need a few months off after having my baby so I can bond!” was a reality, and some of these girls were promoted signed off on training, and promoted along with the guys who did what was expected. Blacks were promoted, and they made sure they helped junior black members reach their full potential, too but only white supervisors were questions about a balanced approach to non-white members. Hispanics entered the service with less than adequate grasp of English, they were assisted through technical training, given a pass when they could not understand field manuals. All for the politically correct promotion stats. Keep this in mind as you go on with your career. You supervisors and chain of command are no Godly.

    5. My mother joined the military as a single mother well after she had me and my brother and served over 20 years and retired as a high ranking NCO. My mother deployed 4 times in her career once for Operation Desert Storm and another to Somalia. She never cried that she had to stay with her kids. She knew that enlisting came with those sacrifices and still to this day she never complained about it. I myself joined not thinking “Oh hey, let’s find a husband” or “I should get knocked up to mooch on the benefits.” I don’t know about quotas or statistics but from my service I’ve noted that the “lesser” minorities were more qualified and able than other soldiers. This will also include those who were homosexual.

    6. and I notice there are plenty of free esl classes, but no free Spanish classes for those living in border states with more Hispanics than whites. wouldn’t it be reasonable to accommodate everyone? this is not a free country. i was fired for saying heteros should have a ribbon. Carry on. We are IN GOD’S HANDS

    7. what in specific do you have a problem with, Nique? the_truth did nothing but what his name implies…TOLD THE TRUTH! I too served, along with a couple of deployments, and I watch minority after minority get promoted over MORE QUALIFIED whites for no reason other than political correctness…I once even got an ARTICLE 15 for OPENING A DOOR for a female officer who told me it was “sexist” and tried to force me to apologize for “offending her”…I refused, and was thus punished by UCMJ.

      If you want to challange “the_truth”, go for it, but know that it will still remain, “the_truth”

    8. ridiculous. thanks for sharing. i can’t post what i want to say cuz its obscene. i don’t get the _ __- part

    9. You can’t spell, use proper punctuation, and you wish to use obscene language to state your case. Wow, pretty easy to see what kind of PC cheerleader you are. Thanks for doing us the favor and remaining silent.

    10. Now in all fairness, even I notice there are some (for lack of a better term) pretty errr….sloppy-looking soldiers around today compared to what we saw in pictures from 1900-1980. One does tend to wonder how the heck did these folks (of all creed and color) qualify? You see it with our police force too. I think when numbers of high quality people aren’t signing up anymore, they must lower the standards.
      If we are being honest here too, you only have to watch the media to see it is obvious we are living in a very ‘anti-white anything’ time era. I do believe the current administration hates this particular racial group, so when I hear that a non-white got a promotion over a more qualified person who happens to be white (and “white” is not a dirty word), it does grate my nerves. I think racial identity should be hidden for applications for universities, jobs, and military. Affirmative action is an epic failure. If we are all equal, and we are assigned numbers so we cannot be identified, there is no need for A.A. May the brightest star shine.

    11. Actually, this has nothing to do with the purpose of the military. People can wear outrageous clothes occasionally, then go back to doing whatever they were doing. It is entirely unrelated to military readiness, effectiveness, etc. If you think that the actual *purpose* of the military is to ensure that soldiers are never, ever allowed to be the individuals they are, then I’m not sure you’ve got a very good understanding of the purpose of the military.

  3. we are in trouble Lord help us the libs have destroyed our military. My father a master sgt 2 tours in nam would be so ashamed.

    1. If you feel ashamed to know that American citizens (specifically LGBT Americans) are more free to express their identities today than they were 40 years ago, then fine. Feel ashamed, man. Feel deeply, deeply ashamed. I guess freedom wasn’t what you were fighting for….

    2. The only reason anyone comes out that is serving in the military or walking the streets of a free nation is so they can get something for nothing, I didn’t serve with any one that thought we should have a SOCIALIST country or administration. rgenecoxsr@gmail.com
      Wait until we must have a draft because of a really bad situation and you will see all of this changed and it won’t take the elected or president to make the change.

    3. Something for nothing? Coming out gets you something for nothing? What in God’s name does a person get for saying “I am gay” or “I am trans” except the freedom to say who they are?

      You CLEARLY have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Which, of course, qualifies you for a job in the military and lifetime membership in the Tea Party.

      Your kind is dying off, you angry and hateful old man. You are all literally dying off. Good riddance to you and you kind, and WELCOME to a new, more inclusive America.

  4. Damned glad I managed to get the money together last summer to purchase a Beretta 9mm and an AR-15 and a small stock of ammo for each which I intend to double, then double again because it is not going to be pretty down the road.

    1. Glad to see there is somebody other than me paying attention. The liberals and the lawyers have destroyed everything from the smallest tiniest thing to the largest thing.
      I really wish they could become their own country because I do not want to tolerate them anymore, they are out of control and getting worse. They are bankrupting all the cities they are in charge of and don’t seem to be the least bit concerned about it.

    2. Guarantee I have been and am still paying attention. I will not be caught as a sitting duck when it gets ugly.

    3. I recommend you separate from us. Drive on down to TX, separate from the reasonable people of this nation, and form your own little Christian fundamentalist theocracy down there. The liberals wouldn’t mind. Really. Just go do it. We’ll let your form your crazytopia. With our blessing. Go ahead now… just go do it.

    4. Finally, a good idea from you! Yes, I would dearly love to divorce all of you. You all go and live in your little la-la land, we’ll settle in ours, and then we can see how things turn out. And btw, “Christian theocracy” — you are a bigot and a hypocrite. Not name calling, those are FACTS.

    5. I work in healthcare and while I applaud you for saving and making a plan, those two calibers are not very effective. Better than nothing if you are short money however I recommend .40 cal and 7.62/.30 cal. Seen many survive the 9mm.

    6. All hollow points. Have yet to get any of the new copper projectiles. Those hollow points are reported to be nasty because being made of softer material upon impact they peel back and shred at the point of impact.

    7. I’m just an old country boy,but damn I have more than that stocked up.A few shotguns a few rifles 22. -7.65 and a few handguns every one a revolver.Ammo? bout a thousand rounds each.and those ar-15s are pretty close to useless against a .50.

    8. Picked up 150 rounds of .223 this morning with more to come. The store I buy from has a limit of 3 boxes of each caliber per day per customer.

    9. Yes. If “kill ‘em!” is the only command simple enough for your brain to process, then small arms are clearly the thing you’d want to buy. Congrats on your purchases. I’m sure you’ll overthrow the government and create a wonderful homo-free utopia with those guns some day. Good luck.

  5. Is anyone really surprised that REMF’n LEG’s have corrupted the U S military!? Really!!!!??!!!!

  6. Complete abomination. I can’t believe what has happened to our military. Liberals, I am pointing my middle finger at YOU.

    1. Like your peepee in their bungholes? Because your hatred of gay people is really a symptom of your deeply repressed homosexuality?

    2. because we don’t think soldiers should dress in drag we HATE gay people? Really??? It must be a sad, scary place in your world :(

    3. just keep it in the bedroom and stop shoving it down our throats. that is ALL we ask. not much. just a little. my gay friends do, why can’t you?

    4. It was a private fundraiser for which tickets were sold. If you wanted to see it, you had to pay to be there. That isn’t shoving anything down anybody’s throat.
      I’ll tell you what we should stop shoving down people’s throats – Christianity. Now THERE is some idiotic, worthless, shameful crap that gets shoved down people’s throats.

    5. I don’t need the well-wishes of your invisible imaginary friend who you read about in an old old book of Middle Eastern mythology. But thanks all the same.

    6. “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was a liberal wedge policy. Uganda has the right idea.

    1. I don’t know about that, but what I do know for sure is that we greatly resemble ancient Judaea in the decades leading up to its destruction by Babylon.

  7. Actually the military has a BIGGER problem with the military wives on the bases in Japan “servicing” the neighborhood. While hubby is away at sea they are all living in one house and “renting” out the other ones. So this post is the TIP OF THE ICEBERG as far as immorality in the military.

  8. This is another successful attempt of Obama’s objective which, is to destroy the integrity of the United States of America. Remember the story of Nero and the fiddle? It’s Obama and the Democratic version of change. Every single thing that Obama’s regime have done, has resulted in degrading the American values.

    1. The difference between Obama and Nero, is that Nero’s malfeasance involved simple neglect (literally, fiddling around while Rome burned). This was similar to Jimmy Carter’s failure due to simple ineptitude. Obama, on the other hand, is deliberately destroying this country. He does this while his generals are fiddling around, allowing it to happen rather than living up to their oaths of office to “…defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC.”

    2. You are so disconnected from reality. For the love of all that is good and holy, just try to unplug yourself from Fox News and EIB for a change.
      This kind of nonsensical B.S. is why y’all lost the last election, by the way. If you want to keep losing, keep on spouting this craziness. It works to the liberals’ advantage.

  9. As much as distasteful that it is,, its a free country , and tho we all have rights , it has no point other than to show a weakness to other countries as they view being gay as very differently and our enemies laugh , so they need to be smarter and show a better strength , and that doesn’t do it .

  10. May I suggest you all go back and watch South Pacific… a guy dresses up in drag to perform in a show — set in WW2. The show first appeared on Broadway in 1949, and the film in 1958. Nobody cared that a man dressed up as a woman (ie. in drag) for 60+ years… but NOW those “freaky” gays dress up in drag to perform in a benefit show and you are “sickened” by it? Give me a break.

    1. Perhaps YOU should go back and watch South Pacific, and then describe how these are similar. The show South Pacific was just that, a show. Make believe. A movie, a script, cameras, film. The men were actors, not servicemen. The movie, the script, the actors….not a one of them represented the long line of honorable men and women who wore the uniform in peacetime and war. Straight, gay, bi, asexual, it didn’t matter. They acted with pride in their nation, and respect for the fact that they were a serviceman. If you can’t tell the difference between make believe and real life, then I can understand why you are a lefty. But if you expect us to step into your unicorn world…well, some of us have to get up and work in the morning.

    2. Well one way you can tell the difference between a musical and the real army, is that the real army leads off on its left foot while marching, whereas in show biz, they lead off on the right foot.

    3. Give me a break, Tim A.! The movie portrayed lonely guys having fun in a show, not homosexual’s parading around stage celebrating that they really want to be women! They weren’t gay! You see the same thing in a bunch of movies about POW’s also, Bridge on the River Kwai, Stalag 17, The Great Escape, etc. They were play acting about the things they missed because they were far away from home with no women. I’m sure they weren’t “Tea Bagging” each other afterwards. Any that may have kept it to themselves. Now that this sort of thing is in the clubs, few will go and the gays will be the only ones there.

    4. Homosexuals don’t want to be women. Transsexuals want to be women. They’re not the same thing.
      Second of all – what if they did want to be women? What if they really like wearing those clothes? Who the f*k cares? Who did it harm? Nobobdy! Literally not a single soul. It happened on the other side of the Earth, it was a fundraiser so only people who paid to see it could see it – yet you’re bothered by it. Strange.

    5. Well, Backpackjack, I am bothered by it because I am military and it affects morale. A very small percentage are homosexual, transgendered, etc. but it has and will adversely affect the vast majority of troops who wish to use the club system that they are very dependent o
      n while stationed overseas. Whether they want to be women or not, they are homosexual and the military with it’s vital mission of defense is not a proving ground for the left’s social experiments. This not only affects morale but the continued recruitment and retention of quality troops. Note that I didn’t say that homosexuals were not quality, but what I mean is that the previous policy of don’t ask don’t tell better served the overall force. Now we are having “Gay Day’s” on base and open homosexual conduct in uniform. Christ, even heterosexual conduct is not condoned in uniform! What the command structure and the news media hide from us is the fact that most sexual assaults in the military are now homosexual.

    6. Giving people the freedom to be who they actually are is not a liberal “social experiment.” Your good pals at Fox News and EIB have told you it’s an experiment, but if you had paid any attention to American history, accepting people for who they are is not an experiment. It’s American. Integrating African-Americans into the military, integrating women into the military – these weren’t experiments. They were simply the right thing to do. Because FREEDOM applies to every American citizen, not just the citizens with sticks up their arses about who’s doing what with their peepees.

      You appear to be freaking out over an incident that is of incredibly little consequence. What are the actual negative impacts of a drag show on a military base? None. Nada. Zero. Zip. You would like to *speculate* that it’s the end of the world, but until you can demonstrate to me that homosexuals have somehow in any real sense degraded the capability of the U.S. military to kill people and blow up things, you have no basis whatsoever for your intolerance.

      And homosexual sexual assaults are not the result of accepting homosexuality, my little simpleton. They are the result of putting a whole bunch of young men together in one spot for very long periods of time. Sexual assaults are not a problem in gay bars. They’re only a problem in the military… among men who are supposed to be young, virile, masculine, manly men. Do you really think a bunch of limp-wristed girly-men are running around the barracks putting their peepees in Bubba’s bunghole? Nope. It’s the big, testosterone-pumped studs that could physically hold down another man and penetrate him. It’s the enormous manly Bubbas that sexually assault other men, not the men having fun in make-up and skirts.

  11. We still are great country and a military power. Get over your selves. They are defending your freedom so that your closed minds can speak

    1. They’re sick freaks who should never be able to put on the uniform of this great country.

    2. Yeah! We can’t put sick freaks in a uniform! We can only put people who want to kill other people (which is surely not sick at all) in uniform! The desire to kill people is healthy and American. The desire to wear a skirt is perverse and evil.
      Yeah. I see your logic there. Well done.

    3. I guess you were never in the military. The goal is to “kill people and break their sh!t”. Not prance around in dresses. Yes a fighting force with a desire to kill people is “healthy” as that is what the unit exists to do. God forbid someone break down your door and attack you, sounds like you’d put on a dress and let them rape you.

    4. I understand and believe that everone should have free speech. I do have one small question just how much experience do you have concerning the military? What they(leadership) are doing to readines because of the ralax in standards will not be sufficient to defend the U.S., although it will be OK to help control us.

  12. This makes are military men look like fools. How come they attend these performances?

    1. Better question: How can any honorable general officer remain in the military under these conditions? Answer: They are not honorable.

  13. I’m really not looking forward to the show with the military woman with the family dog on her back.

  14. When I was at Kadena the NCO club would never allow any of this bullshit. Today’s military is a sad affair.

    1. I did two tours at Kadena and absolutely loved both. I spent a lot of time at the club and it just breaks my heart to know of this crap!

    1. My Dad is MIA in Vietnam, and he was in the Air Force, so does that make him less of a soldier. He was in Air rescue which saved a lot of lives while they took a lot of hits doing it.

    2. Your dad was a real man and not a pansy like thes transvestite faggots! Saving Lives is Honorable; I was In the Coast Guard myself!

    3. Yeah, you were in the Coast Guard, you’re a real Tuffy, with all your anti-gay rage. I bet you were one of those sailors going flip flop below deck.

    4. Whith a name like Blair Cornhole we all know what you are! Blair is one of the most gay male names on the planet! Take your two cents elsewhere as this conversation is about Cheryl’s dad who I think was or perhaps still is a great man!

    5. I think its more of a sibling rivalry than anything. I love to call my Marine friends seamen! They are under the Navy after all!

  15. As long as these fuckers stand and fight let them do as they want but not at our military’s expense.gays have been soldiers for a thousand years or more.Live and let live

    1. We shouldn’t have women or gays in the military. It’s terrible for morale. It’s not the American way.

    2. This was a fundraiser. People had to pay money to be there. So nobody was forced to see/hear anything that they didn’t want to.

      That’s called freedom, Jim Bob. Our soldiers are as deserving of freedom as you and I are.

  16. it’s obvious here that No American is safe in any Civilized Country with these perverted warps being shipped around a disgusted planet, courtesy of the Ubangi Fruitcake infesting the White House…

    1. Nobody’s stopping you. I can see how another person’s freedom to express their identity on the other side of the globe would affect your digestive system. It makes perfect sense.

  17. Freaking sickos, so sad our military has turned into this. Of course, with Obamanation in office, what would one expect?

    1. Hang in there, Shipmate. Soon we will need all of the loyal Americans who take the oath seriously to be in place. Thank you for being there.

  18. They would be up front in battle, Taliban areas of Afghanistan. PDQ if I were the commander. That is no joke! I really do not care what anyone thinks! That is what they should do. That is what the military could do, another form of “Don’t ask don’t tell.”

    1. OH good Lord. I hate drag. Posting six gay, lesbian and straight idiots in drag on a military base is disgusting. What is even more disgusting is every single post I’ve read that somehow equates this gross behavior as a reason to discriminate against a huge segment of our population. These comments are nothing less then Hate Speech and spit in the face of all the gay and lesbian service members that have fought and died for their country. The drag show WAS disgusting. The hate speech WAS even MORE disgusting.

  19. No military in the world can take our military or our country seriously after seeing that. This is a terrible disservice to the brave, straight men and women serving our country.

    1. Back in the day when I jumped out of airplanes in service to this country, we were there to kill commies. Now we make them Commander-in-Chief.

  20. I was in the army for 9 yrs and got out in 2009. I guess I got out at the right time because it looks like our military is turning into a joke. I know when I was in the army, most guys wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that there was a gay guy that had is back. First off, being gay is just wrong and it’s just gross. God didn’t intend for men to be with men. Plus Obama is destroying our military with cuts and down sizing.

  21. Transvestite faggots bring dishonor to the military! How can those officers in charge permit this crap to go on? I would not take orders of any kind from these queers! Our military has become a laughing stock!

    1. Probably what they want, replace upstanding officers with insubordination with their gay replacements.

    2. That is the plan. Part of the move to destroy The Constitution and replace democracy with a dictatorship.

    3. … said the crazy guy who lives in his Mom’s basement and fantasizes about government conspiracies…

  22. Wow. SO inappropriate. You are on a MILITARY BASE, for God’s sake. If you want to put that show on in town, KNOCK YOURSELVES OUT. Military bases should be for military operations, not crap like this.

    1. You think the Japanese would enjoy seeing that in their towns? Isn’t it enough revenge for Pearl Harbor that we nuked them twice?

    2. Haha! Touche’! However, I was deployed to Japan several times during my time in the Navy, and the Japanese are some of the kinkiest, most sexually forward people I’ve ever met. I don’t know how they feel about THIS sort of thing, but the Japanese are no shrinking violets when it comes to sexuality.

    3. Yeah. It’s almost like they’re more free than we are, and they don’t have to go killing people all around the world to be free.
      *GASP!* This raised the possibility that maybe we Americans could be free without killing people all around the world, too! Imagine….

    4. Okay, totally different subject, but whatever. In some ways the Japanese are freer, in some ways not, but regardless, the reason we fight elsewhere is to keep the fight from coming to us. Would you rather have the battle on our own soil? And read your history. The Japanese have done PLENTY of killing, just not since WWII, and WE are the reason for that.

  23. The only good thing I can say is……Thank you, Lord, that is was not the Marine Corps.

  24. We deserve to lose a war, maybe our nation. We’ve let the lunatics run things for too long.

  25. Oh ya the gays are having fun at an NCO club…..this is one part of fundamentally transforming our country piece by piece……scary…

  26. I guess the old Sec 8 has also gone the way of the dodo bird. I served in the 1950s and proudly wore the uniform. Ike was my CIC and was most respected. I would never join today under this president. Obama is destroying our military as part of his agenda to take down America. Remember – American Spring beginning May 16 in D.C. Time for Americans to stand up and tell this administration We the People are mad and we’re not going to take it any more.

  27. Obama has purged the military of generals and other officers who do not toe his line of allowing openly gay behavior in the intimate confines of the military. He has promoted gay men and women into positions of power. He has remade the military. They have PC police now in their meetings with official titles and they interfere in conversations or presentations that don’t meet their standards of diversity and fairness. What a nightmare. And now they are downsizing the military. Who do you think will get let go? Gays or straights? Pretty soon Obama will have the military he wants, that will do what he wants and we will find them helping him control the country. Remember when Obama shut down the government by 13%, his first acts were to shut down veterans memorials that didn’t even require personnel to keep open and his storm troopers obeyed him. Check out (Google) “Operation American Spring”…

  28. Now there are ‘gay advocacy’ and ‘servicemens legal defense’ groups
    that are infiltrated into the military that real military authority is intimidated by. They are
    also a special considerations group that does not benefit military order and morale in any way.

  29. My goodness! This can’t be the same military I served in for 6 years from 1970-1976? Wow, it is no wonder America has fallen so far so fast. I am embarrassed this is the symbol of our military! PC has run amok in our military.

  30. I don’t believe these freaks will obey commands in combat situations. They will probably sabotage rather than obey!

  31. You do realize when the military was ‘straight’ this was a common occurrence. Servicemen world-wide do this. It’s tradition to dress up and perform. I helps blow off steam. Anybody in the military knows this. Stop being addicted to being outraged and learn to have fun.

  32. All the G’s and L’s are celebrating, but today in most of the Islamic world homosexuality is not socially or legally accepted. In nine Muslim countries, Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, the UAE, and Yemen, homosexual activity carries the death penalty . The bible says that it is an abomination and that GOD is the judge not man to decide their fate. So to all you Gays and Lesbian’s that claim Christians are haters, if we are haters, what are Muslims and Islam when it come to this behavior and their punishment for it.

    1. Instead of shooting all those soldiers in Ft. Hood, TX, MAJ Hassan Nidel should have filed a lawsuit against the military for forcing him (as a religious Muslim) to cavort with the LGBT. He would have really put the screws to the military then.

      Darrow…for the Prosecution

  33. Wow, when I was in oki, they wouldn’t even let marines in the nco club, now they allow this crap, crazy, glad I cant see this, USMC!!!

    1. NOT letting the Marines into your NCO club was just GOOD, sound policy. But in Korea we OFTEN did permit a Tiger and Bear act to perform. We ALWAYS felt we were in complete control. :–)

      Darrow…for the Prosecution

  34. don’t be mean to those soldiers, they might hit you with their purses…not the military i knew..

  35. Well I guess the joke is becoming a reality.150 guys go to sea and 75 couples come back.It’s a real disgrace.no morals or respect. GODS JUDGEMENT WILL WILL SORT IT OUT.I FEEL SORRY FOR THE STRAIGHTS THAT ARE IN NOW.

    1. You believe in freakin’ fairy tales.
      If God turns ANY of these guys into a pillar of salt, I promise to come to your home, give you all my money, apologize for doubting your superstition, and then go drown myself in a shallow pool.
      Until we see pillars of salt, this is no Sodom and Gamora. That’s a mythological story. It didn’t really happen. Nor did Rapunzel, nor Cinderella. Just so you know.

    2. Unfortunately for us, although the ‘mythological story’ may not have happened, THIS is reality and it DID HAPPEN. Truth is still stranger then fiction.

      Now, about this CInderella thing…are you SURE it did not happen just the way the story is told?

      Darrow…for the Prosecution

  36. My God, My God ,we can certainly understand if You forsake us. We should all be on our knees asking forgiveness for letting our country come to this pass.

    1. Yes. Talk to your invisible, imaginary Father in the Sky. That’ll make all the nasty gay people go away.

  37. What all you dumbass ignorant bigoted bastards forget is that no one was made to go to this show. It was simply something fun to boost moral of troops protecting a nation where everyone is equal under the law. You don’t get to pick and choose who has rights. Segregation is ending in all forms. Its a fucking show you dimwitted baffoons!!

    1. OBVIOUSLY, you have never been in the military. This show was NOT ONLY sanctioned by the Brass but they use their iron fisted velvet glove of persuasion to make sure that you DO attend. It is bad form for the military management to hold a ‘war’ and nobody show up.

      Darrow…for the Prosecution

  38. “For this cause God gave them up unto vile
    affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that
    which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural
    use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men
    working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that
    recompence of their error which was meet.”

    1. That is a great quote from an old, old book of Middle Eastern mythology. Thanks for sharing.

    2. your welcome…here’s a couple more quotes from it…ya might want to take it into consideration…
      Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.
      For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.
      Have a blessed day :)

    3. backpackjack – There is absolutely nothing normal about practicing COPROPHILIA. You are a sick, demented person.

    4. A man wearing a dress is not coprophilia. I don’t know why you even bring up coprophilia. Except, of course, for the fact that you must be one of those repressed conservatives who is constantly envisioning those sick sinners doing sick sexual things. Like coprophilia. Nobody mentioned that here. Coprophilia came out of your own perverted little mind, Ernesto.
      You conservatives are a hoot.

  39. the military should not be politicized at all. There is no reason for this action. If this is the case then let Christians have a charity concert. Not sure why this is happening, i think regulations and restrictions have gone out the window. PC police really out to destroy. what happened to a military that just dealt with staying out of the news.

  40. We are doomed as a country if our military allows this. These men and their commanders should automatically be court martialed for conduct unbecoming of a soldier/marine. That queer in the video has no business in our military. And you liberals can slam me all you want. I don’t have to be politically correct. I am not a politician.

    1. You’re right. You can be as politically incorrect, intolerant, ignorant, and hateful as you like. ‘Cause your an Amurican!

  41. go OFF BASE for your personal preferences…WTF- OUR MILITARY BASES ARE MILITARY no matter your agenda..,.ON BASE YOU ARE AN FN SOLDIER – YOU ARE MAKING US WEAK

  42. We’re a complete joke on the worlds stage and you know, I’m not even going to blame gays, liberals or blacks. It’s everyone’s fault. America and Americans are a joke. A sickening, pathetic joke. Congratulations all of you.

  43. Barack promised to fundamentally transform America and that includes weakening the character and moral principles of the military. How can good solders continue to serve under this imposter-in-chief.. or have the good ones already left? Today’s fruit-loop military is no match for the greatest generation who fought in WWII….and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin knows it.