Ted Cruz at CPAC: If You Want to Lose Elections, Stand for Nothing

Texas Senator Ted Cruz kicked off CPAC 2014 with a rousing speech (watch video below) that kept the crowd engaged and excited. Cruz opened up his speech by reminding those in attendance that they are at CPAC because they understand the stakes have never been higher. Having been attacked by numerous from those within his own party, accused of trying to fight to many battles, Cruz let one thing be known in his CPAC speech. He is not backing down.

We can either choose to keep our heads down, not rock the boat and not stand for anything. Or we can choose to stand for principles. If you want to lose elections, stand for nothing. 2006, 2008, and 2012 we did that. We stood for nothing and we got walloped. In 2010, we stood for something. We stood unequivocally against Obamacare and we won an historic election.

When you don’t stand and draw a clear distinction, when you don’t stand for principles — Democrats celebrate. 

Recognizing that the future of our republic is greatly dependent on whether the GOP can win the young vote, Cruz then went on to talk about how we need to win young people. He said to the crowd, “I going to suggest something radical for you. Hope and Change.”

He explained that Obama’s hope has diminished around the world. The nation of Israel has been left without its friend and ally. Back at home, Cruz continued, millions have lost hope due to the jobless numbers. Cruz has demonstrated that he has a connection to the people and truly has the pulse of the people unlike many of his colleagues in DC. He demonstrated as much as he continued and talked about the issues plaguing our nation’s Capitol and the change that is necessary to fix it.

Cruz said, “Real change is changing the corrupt and broken system that is here in Washington, D.C.” In order to do that, Cruz continued speaking about the importance of winning the young vote. He asked the crowd, “Who are the two Republicans in modern times who have most energized young people?” One member of the audience yelled, “Ron Paul!” Cruz said yes and added in that the other individual who energized the young voter was Ronald Reagan.  He added, “Neither one were the young, rugged James Dean rebel without a cause. They were septuagenarians. But, they stood for a vision of America.”

Senator Cruz laid out the current plight that young voters face saying, “ If you were to sit down to try to design an agenda to hammer young people, you couldn’t do better than Obama’s economy. One generation after another coming out of school and can’t find jobs.”

In regards to Obamacare, the senator laid out a cold, hard fact. The real truth, according to Cruz, is that Obamacare is simply a massive wealth transfer from young people to others.

He then called out those on the right for failing to simply state the reality. Cruz said, “The Obama agenda has been horrible for young people, but how many Republicans have said that?”

The key to inspiring young people, Cruz believes, is to tell the truth, something he said Barack Obama has a problem doing. He then took a page from pop culture and, doing his best Jay Leno impersonation, shared how Leno has told the young voter the truth in his late night monologues.

Last fall, Leno said, “President Obama called me. He said, “Jay, if you like your job, you can keep it.” He followed that up a few months later with, “The holidays are coming up. At the first Thanksgiving, the pilgrims said to the Indians, if you like your land you can keep it.”

One statistic that many of the politicians and lobbyists in D.C. probably don’t’ want the American people to know is that the DC area is located in one of the richest counties in the country. While many Americans suffer with job loss, home value decrease, pay cuts, and hours lessened, the DC area has flourished and actually increased in wealth. To this, Cruz said, “We need to tell the truth. The truth is, Washington is corrupt. You are in one of the richest counties in the country as more and more people are making more money in Washington and Wall Street, but Main Street suffers.”

Cruz then laid out the 10 points that he said is necessary in order to win elections.

How do we win elections? In the contrast between corrupt Washington and the American people, we stand with the American people. 

We stand with a straightforward and bold agenda to inspire everyone. 

  1. Defend the Constitution. All of it. The right to freedom of the press – The right to freedom of religion – not having the IRS ask citizens ‘tell me the content of your prayers’. Second Amendment, 4th and 5th amendment rights for privacy of every American.

  2. We need to abolish the IRS.  We need to adopt a simple flat tax that is fair so that every American can fill out their taxes on a post card.

  3.  We need to expand energy in this country and create high paying jobs all over America. President Obama talks about an increased minimum wage. The real minimum wage under Obama’s policies is $0 an hour.

  4. We need to expand school choice. Every child deserves an opportunity to have an excellent education regardless of race, religion, creed, or where you come from. American dream.

  5. We need to repeal Dodd Frank. Talk about a bill that you don’t need to read any further than the title to know nothing good can come from it.

  6. We need to audit the Federal Reserve. Unaccountable power in Washington debasing our currency and driving up the price of fuel and gas is hurting every American.

  7. We need to pass a strong balanced budget amendment. We need to stop bankrupting our country.

  8. We need to repeal every single word of Obamacare. When millions of Americans stood up last fall and said stop this train wreck, this disaster that is Obamacare that is hurting millions of people, the Democrats said, the mainstream media said (but I repeat myself) just move on, you can’t do anything to stop this.

  9. We need to stop the lawlessness. This president of the United States is the first we have ever had that believes he can choose which ones he’ll follow. If you have a president who is picking and choosing which laws to follow and which laws to ignore, you no longer have a president.

  10. We need to end the corruption. We need to eliminate corporate welfare and crony capitalism. If you come to Washington and serve in Congress, there should be a lifetime ban on lobbying. And we need to pass a strong Constitutional amendment that puts into law term limits.

Senator Cruz recognized that there are many voices within the Washington, DC area who will say that this plan is too bold. Taking a jab at establishment Republicans who far too often stand for nothing and operate as big government party #2, Cruz said, “A friend of mine suggested a bumper sticker “Republicans….we waste less.” His joke resonated with many in the audience as laughter erupted. But, this ties into the importance of Cruz’s main point –you must stand on principle if you are going to change a corrupt Washington. Cruz passionately shared, “You win elections by standing for something and inspiring people that there is a better tomorrow.” 

The solutions, according to Cruz, will not come from Washington, but from the American people. At that point, he rallied the troops to the cause of creating a better tomorrow through the fight for his ten-point plan by directing people to social media. To get more involved, Cruz said to text the word GROWTH to the number 33733 and, on Twitter, tweet to the hashtag #MakeDCListen.

In closing, Senator Cruz said, “I have never been more inspired than I am right now. Not, by Washington, but because all across the country people are waking up. We need to turn this country around. We did it in 1980 with the Reagan Revolution and let me tell you, the same thing is happening now.”

Rising up and telling the truth will make the difference in the future of our republic. Americans must not give up, but stand together to #MakeDCListen.

WATCH Senator Cruz’s Full Speech at CPAC 2014:

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