Issa on Cummings ‘Hissy Fit’: He Got His Job Because He Said ‘He’d Keep Me From Accomplishing Anything’

Elijah Cummings

Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, spoke with Megyn Kelly of The Kelly File on FOX News last night (see video below). The topic was Democrat Elijah Cumming’s angry outburst at the recent hearing in which Lois Lerner again refused to testify in the Obama IRS scandal. Issa tells Kelly that he’d already adjourned the meeting, and that Cummings “hissy fit” was pre-planned. Issa insists that he was following the rules and that the meeting had already adjourned.

Issa responded to charges of racism by Jesse Jackson and others as “sad,” and said that the reason Cummings received his committee appointment was because he promised to stifle Issa’s investigations into Obama’s numerous scandals: 
Mr. Cummings and I both had opening statements nine months ago. He asked me before the hearing if he’d be able to make an opening statement, and I said “no, this is a continuation of a hearing specifically recessed.” I then adjourned the hearing. After I adjourned, Mr. Cummings, in what appeared to be a pre-staged event, then went into this, “I have a right to talk,” and screaming and so on. 

I broke no rules, I did exactly what is according to the books. I had a script in front of me that had been approved by the parliamentarian, and I followed it. 
You know, it’s sad, my last chairman, Chairman Ed Towns and I were dear friends, we worked well together. Elijah Cummings got this job quite frankly by saying he’d be different than Towns, that he’d hold me to a stop, he’d keep me from accomplishing anything. 
The IRS targeted conservative groups and held back their ability for years to get their approvals, and that is what the investigation is. 
When asked by FOX’s Megyn Kelly why Issa didn’t just let Cummings go off, even after he’d adjourned the meeting, Issa responded that he’d probably have handled the situation differently if given another opportunity, but insists that he was just following the rules. 
Megyn, anybody would do something over again if they had the chance. But the fact is that I had adjourned the meeting before he asked. He didn’t raise a point of order or parliamentary inquiries, the normal ways, especially for people as experienced as he is. 
He asked, “Can I ask a question,” and I said that we’d already adjourned but go ahead and ask a question. He then went into that diatribe.
Kelly then asked Issa if he’d apologize to Congressman Cummings. Issa addressed charges that his disagreement with Cummings was being used by Jesse Jackson as opportunity to use the race card:
You know, I broke no rules and he broke the decorum of the House, but I might mention that several years ago, Henry Waxman pounded a gavel and said he would have me removed because I was pointing out that he was breaking the rules. We didn’t launch any kind of House attempt, and I certainly didn’t say that he was somehow anti-Arab American. 

The fact is that I did things according to the rules. I followed a script, and then Mr. Cummings decided to have quite a hissy fit
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  1. Time for ALL the Loud-Mouthed, Whiny-Azz Unhappy Liberals to be incarcerated in CUBA…Sorry, Castro

  2. Issa truly has a thankless job. Nothing but obstructionism from this administration and their syncophants.

    1. And the fact is that everyone knows it! Why do you think Obama’s poll numbers are in the toilet!

    2. and Congresses are even lower than Obama’s poll numbers. You only like telling half truths,eh?

  3. Yeah, to he11 with the American people, all about the tender ego of a career pol and imaginary slights.

  4. I said when it happened that it had all been planned out ahead of time by the democrats. He had pages of his rant in front of him prepared and ready to go.

  5. The dems. are not interested in the truth. WHY?
    Cummins is the one that needs to tone it down and do his job. He was elected to represent his people not lord it over them.

  6. Megan, that’s the worst interview I’ve ever seen you do. You sounded like a wacky liberal. “Republicans are now mad at you”? Who? Which ones? Cummings staged a sting on Issa, AFTER the hearing was closed. Watch Issa, his first reaction is confusion an he goes back intending to see what Cummings needs, then when he realizes it’s a hit, he goes on with business as he should. Cummings appeared as a first rate fool, and you, Megan, basically covered for him. You won’t be in prime time long like that. Or on to CNN with the other black apologists. Race has NO BEARING in this situation. NONE…NONE.

  7. To use a deliberate idiom, Cummings needs to sit down in the back of the bus, and shut the h3ll up! I’m sick and tired of the libs playing the ‘race card’ every time they get uncomfortable under scrutiny. Cummings is doing nothing more than throwing a distraction and giving cover for Lerner, the IRS, and Admin. Props to Issa! He’s doing a good job!

  8. Cummings seems a little troubled by something, it’s not normal a person expect busy people to listen to his pointless ramblings. Perhaps the IRS should look into his financial dealings – he wouldn’t be the first rep found with money in the home freezer or expenditures beyond his reported income.

  9. Correction: He got his job because he is black. Period. The race card is old, torn up and dilapidated. The more it’s played, the less significance it has. If it weren’t for racism, blacks would have to blame themselves for their problems. And until we eradicate white liberal guilt, nothing will ever change. Stop empowering “racism”. Do it today!!

    1. The racist black community is the main reason we stand divided in this country. Isn’t it ironic that “their gov’t” pushes the racism card…they allow it….they embrace it….they hide behind it..they think it gives them power over whites. It is one of the only reasons we have not come together as a nation and eradicated this gov’t!!

    2. “The racist black community is the main reason we stand divided in this country.”

      You know how this problem could have been avoided, right? Your ancestors simply could have given up the idea of slaves and slave trading from Africa.

    3. It was your ancestors that enslaved you and sold you…get your facts str8! And don’t ever give credit to the whites that fought in the civil war to free you…..and your comments indicate you are still racist!!

    4. My ancestors fought against Caucasians in the Indian Wars when Caucasians illegally came to this land.

  10. Of course this was planned.
    Cummings was doing it to divert attention from Lois Lerner’s 5th amendment refusal to testify. He changed the conversation from the administration’s lawlessness to poor little Elijah’s feelings getting hurt because those big bad Republicans ignoring his diatribe.

  11. The Obama Presidency is the sole reason that only white men will ever hold that office again.If a female or racial or ethnic minority holds the office and you disagree with them down the road,even if you voted for them you will be labeled a woman hater or a racist and your position on the issue will be disregarded as just another loudmouth bigot.If you vote yourself into a corner and you become trapped there you have only yourself to blame and the Cavalry isn’t coming.There is no time to waste if you want to continue to live as a free American and not a financial slave to the money changers of the world.I really like Herman Cain and Dr.Carson but I can’t vote to make myself out as some racist POS if at some point I disagree with their ideas. After all who would want race baiters like Jesse Jackson or Rev.Al calling you names,and you have no defense for your position.

    1. You don’t get labeled a racist if you disagree, dislike, or even throw racial epithets at black conservatives. You get praised by the MSM and the left. However, if you are white and disagree or dislike a black on the left you’re a racist and if you’re black and do the same, you’re an uncle tom or “house n*gger” (as the left referred to Condaleeza Rice).

  12. I listened to the episode. Cummings said he would like to ask a question, but instead went into a prepared tirade/speech that had nothing to do with any question. Cummings lied and just wanted to make a scene! This was all planned in hopes of making Issa look bad. They will stop at nothing.
    If Lerner told the truth, Obama would be finished! But by claiming the fifth, she can stonewall and protect Obama from impeachment! So far she has got a promotion out of this, and quite probably some future promises as well! She needs to have a contempt charge and pressure needs to be applied. Where is the special prosecutor?

    1. I too watched this disgusting spectacle and agree that it was indeed planned! Trouble is I believe it backfired on the Cummings. He showed all of America his lack of decorum, lack of intelligence & just what a good Obama lap dog really looks like.

    2. Issa backed off Fast and Furious b/c he didn’t have backing from Boehner. This will end the same way. The White House has Boehner blackmailed on the drinking problem. Holder’s Dept of Injustice has the surveillance video..plenty of it. That doesn’t mean Boehner’s not a drunk, just that he isn’t going to take a public fall over it.


    4. They could always waterboard her. Seriously, I don’t understand why her attorney told Issa she was ready to talk. I noticed her looks kind of changed-maybe she wanted to show off some plastic surgery.

    5. Remember that scene in the Godfather when one of the old mob enforcers was going to testify to the congressional committee, and saw an old relative from Sicily sitting in the gallery, surrounded by mob muscle? Yeah…it was probably something along those general lines.

    6. She needs to fear for her life. Where are all the others who had information that could bring down Obama? 6 feet under, that’s where.

    7. If she turns cheese eater on the Barry Hussein Soetoro Regime she’ll have to be put into the Witness Protection Program. Problem is, where do you hide from Barry and the Clintons?

    8. She is drawing a 6 figure retirement from her former employer that is US,you and me.What kind of promotion does she need?They should phrase the questions so that she talks or commits perjury due to future finding.Kind of like the old gag question,”when did you stop beating your wife”? (This is not meant to endorse wife beating.but I’m sure some tool will spin it as that). I’d like to see Trey Gowdy rip her a new as—le.Then focus on the one in the White House.

    9. BTW, Trey Gowdy is now on the ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY bandwagon so he’s dropped more than a few notches on my personal respect index.

  13. If whites weren’t terrified of working in their collective self-interest then the idea of “racism” would have no power. Political Theater like this is the purview of grievance mongers.

  14. How come no one in the media is calling Cummings out and asking h im why he broke rules or if he didn’t think HIS behavior was unprofessional or if HE isn’t the one playing politics by trying to use a hearing to make partisan speeches? Hmmmm?

    1. He would never answer the question anyway. It’s a waste of time. OR he would simply justify it away with some random comment about racism or whatever.

  15. the primate is putting on a show for the muslim loving primate swinging from the chandeliers in OUR WHITE house

    1. I do disagree with Cummings but you referring him to be a primate shows us your a liberal trying to pretend to be a conservative that is raciest ,,we are all tired of that rant and lies you mutter , the tea party is not raciest nor are conservatives , but you liberals have no arguments except to deceive as your politics are bad

    2. Totally agree that wildman is actually a heinous liberal troll. I’ve nrver met a conservative who actually thought like that, much less wrote like that. Liberals, as a general rule are very racist, but trying to paint conservatives with that brush! What is incredably sad, is that so many low information voters actually believe them, to their own detriment.

  16. As someone who has been a parliamentarian for a committee, and is familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order (get the book), I know Issa HAD to follow procedures/order…that is the law/accepted practices. Cummings had plenty of opportunities to ask questions, both prior to any testimony, or submit prior to convening. He was grandstanding and attempting to lay cover for Lerner and the IRS Gestapo. Typical M.O. of those covering their a$$es= DAMN, DENY, DEFLECT.

  17. Lerner holds obama with the fifth, as as asked bg obama. And cummings throwing his hissy is part of dems plan to derail this investigation Period

  18. Anyone else sick and tired of this game? Issa should have been prepared to hold Lerner in contempt the very moment she took the 5th. Her lawyer signaled well before the hearing that it was a possibility. The republicans are doing NOTHING to resolve the IRS scandal. They are all playing games. Lerner walks, again, and the republicans don’t have the backbone to do anything substantive about it. Lerner should be in jail on contempt charges and held until she testifies. Then, when she commits perjury to protect Obama, they can throw her back in jail.

  19. Democrats just want to take the focus off the problem at hand. The POTUS, using the IRS, targeted people and groups who do not agree with him and the methods he is using to further his personal agenda. This old Black man’s sole purpose was to disrupt the proceedings and once again make it a racial issue. This is why he chose the end of the meeting once he was adjourned. Of course the rest of the race baiters then voiced in. Lerner elected to invoked her fifth amendment rights because it’s what she was told to do because the accusations against the IRS under the POTUS orders are all true.

  20. Continued Lying Based on a Progressive Liberal script, one question why does she not state this herself? Lying about Lying.

  21. Divert attention from the real issues. Oh and of course RACE RACE RACE, always Race. Well what about my Race? When do I receive a voice? Never, because I am an AMERICAN. The Race never spoken of.

  22. The angrier and more shrill the other side gets, THE CLOSER YOU ARE TO WINNING. Anyone defending this wants to keep it all hidden. What happened to Obeyme’s platitudes about how he loved whistleblowers? Tell that to Edward Snowden.

  23. This is a non-scandal and Issa knows it. This whole thing is just politics running up huge bills. Wasteful!

  24. Cummings had it planned. His words were nearly identical to what Issa said to Waxman years before.

  25. Please stay strong Mr. Issa. I have been amazed by you since day one. Keep playing by the rules and let their bad behavior bite them in the butt.

  26. Lois Lerner has already admitted her guilt by the apology that started this whole inquiry. Hold her responsible. Hold her in contempt, put her in detention and withhold her pension. She was an employee of the American People not the white house.

    1. As soon as Lerner gave the speech and then refused to answer Q’s, Issa should have ordered the House Sgt. at Arms to place her under arrest for contempt. If Boehner had a problem with that, then he could take it up with the chairman.

  27. In his rant he is demanding respect (or RSPECT as Obama spells it) but he, in no way, is going to give the proper respect to the chairman or rules of order. It seems it’s always a one way street for these liberal minded, infantile, cry babies.

    1. Look, the broad lawyered up and wasn’t going to answer any Q’s so why waste everyone’s time. Surely even Cummings has better things to do than rant..oh..wait..he’s a Democrat so he doesn’t.

    1. What’s worse the courts have demanded that they be gerrymandered along racial lines. You think Cummings is bad? Try Sheila Jackson Lee or that nut job from LA, Maxine Waters. Jackson Lee actually asked the folks at NASA if an unmanned rover could photograph the flag left by the Apollo astronauts. Only problem was, the rover was on the planet MARS! And this dimwit ‘represents’ 3/4′s of a million people in Houston.

  28. If you believe the lies out of this “man” ‘s mouth, you are quite frankly more dumb than even Trig Palin. I mean even Triggie, despite his slackjawed faux Midwestern upbringing, could see the lies spewing forth.

    To think, the Tea Party could have been used for good then it got ransacked by an Alaskan witch and snorted the Koch. I actually considered voting for a tea partyer once, then I remembered that they stood for religious bigotry, hate and discrimination of anyone who wasn’t a part of the supposed master race.

    1. “One of Obama’s commies” ?

      No, hardly. I hate him as much as I hate the tea party. I just believe in telling the truth. Yes, Obama’s rating is down, but Congress is just as low if not lower.

  29. Typical commie strategy, disrupt, talk trash, blame someone, this guy should be in prison, on bread and water…….wait……hold the water!!

  30. The Democrats send their trained orangutan into the room to fling feces all over the place,jumping up and down, screeching and whooping during a serious congressional hearing and Megyn thinks that disallowing this absurd spectacle is a distraction. Why are the Demoncrats so united in their evil tactics and messaging while the good guys snipe at each other endlessly.

  31. Isn’t that the goal of the “ranking member” of every House committee right now? Stall until Madam Botox is back at the podium, or they’re all dead?

  32. I’ve seen more racial tension in this country since Obama came into power. He uses it at every turn, and from my experience, the race issue was pretty well neutralized before then with a few exceptions like sharpton and Jackson. They love racial tension. Obama has brought out the worst in people.