Obama’s Surgeon General Nominee Threatens Gun Rights More than Any Legislation Ever Could


President Obama simply can’t help himself; his choices for nominees to top government positions reflect a telling illustration of the president’s radical agenda. After being dealt a defeat when Congress rejected his most-recent pick to head up the DOJ’s civil rights division, Obama doubled-down and is pushing for Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy as Surgeon General.
The problem? Dr. Murthy is an anti-gun rights zealot who views firearm ownership as a public health issue, not a guaranteed right afforded to Americans.
Obama’s pick for Surgeon General betrays a pattern of behavior that has gone largely unnoticed. The new war on the Second Amendment comes as a guerrilla operation. As outright bans and heavy-handed legislation simmers on the back burner, the new wave of gun control comes in the form of reframing the debate by declaring the issue a “public health issue,” a “mental health issue,” or, in the case of ammunition, an “environmental issue.”
President Obama continually touts his willingness to “compromise” with Republicans, but with government nominees ranging from defenders of cop-killers to anti-gun zealots, it is abundantly clear that this administration, and the left as a whole, are truly unwilling to cease with their relentless pursuit of radical policies.
Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy is the president and co-founder of Doctors for America, a liberal group whose crusades for anti-Second Amendment measures are predicated on the erroneous notion that gun ownership is an issue between doctor and patient.
In a letter to Vice-President Joe Biden, Dr. Murthy clearly outlines his group’s proposals for helping curb gun violence. The first, a predictable one, is to eliminate what he calls “military-style guns and ammunition” from the private sector. He writes,
“Medications and medical devices are pulled from the market when their risks outweigh
their benefits. So should we rethink the weapons that we allow on our streets.”
The letter also calls for strengthening government oversight on gun ownership, stating,
“Pharmacies track and limit the purchase of pseudoephedrine to prevent the manufacture of
crystalline methamphetamine. Every state requires a driver’s license and car registration in
order to drive, and physicians certify those who should no longer drive because they would
be a grave danger to themselves and others. We should approach the purchase, transfer,
and operation of guns and ammunition with similar rigor.”
Dr. Murthy’s group also wants doctors to play the role of nannies by eliminating the barrier between doctors and their patients with regards to gun ownership. The letter advocates:
- Prohibit laws preventing physicians from discussing gun safety with patients.
- Remove the provision in the Affordable Care Act and other federal policies that prohibit physicians from documenting gun ownership.
- Invest in improving access to mental health resources.
The underlying assumption upon which Dr. Murthy’s laughable positions are based is that gun ownership is not a protected right, but a privilege that should be afforded to those who hunt (so long as the government says it’s okay.)
Like cigarettes and alcohol, the radical Surgeon General nominee seeks to make firearm ownership a personal and public health issue- the surest way to set the stage for gun control as a means of medical practices. But unlike cigarettes and alcohol, firearm ownership saves lives every day in America and, more importantly, firearm ownership is a guaranteed right afforded to citizens.
It’s simply perverse that a doctor would use his position as a respected medical professional to try and weasel his way between citizens and their Second Amendment rights.
It is equally inappropriate that our president would nominate for Surgeon General a doctor who engages in such political arm-twisting that masquerades as legitimate medicine.
This is the new face of gun control in America. While Democrats still cross their fingers and eagerly await the next horrific tragedy to gruesomely pounce on victims in a macabre attempt to enact federal gun control legislation, they are actively pursuing a parallel course to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ran the last lead smelting plant in the U.S. out of business with burdensome regulations in late 2013. With the plant no longer producing lead bullion from lead ore, the price of ammunition is likely to go up as shooters will have to purchase ammo made from recycled materials or imported from elsewhere.
Micro-stamping and legislation pushing for “smart gun” technologies are also taking hold in places like California and New Jersey. With such costly technological extravagances likely to be mandated in the coming years in several states, the obvious implication is that these features will drive the price up and firearm ownership down- a point certainly not lost on the anti-gun crowd.
As gun owners watch the front door, anti-gun rights crusaders are sneaking in the back. 


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    1. I want that nut case Reid out……….but I agree that McConnell would not be much of an improvement, if any.

    2. Maybe we will get lucky and someone will defeat him in this upcoming election. We need to pray every day that this will happen and another Republican Tea Party thinking person will be elected instead. Pray a lot.

  1. Reminds one of Steven Chu. Gave a speech late in ’08 suggesting gasoline prices should be inflated to about $8 a gallon. January of ’09 he’s the Secretary of Energy.

  2. I would like to know if Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy was born and raised in the USA. If he was not, but was an immigrant, then his position speaks to the issue that many foreign born individuals move to the USA for the income or freedom, yet they want to bring much of their original country here and to change our country. I have spoken with more than several dozen immigrants about our second amendment and each of those immigrants have said something like “why do you need guns? In MY country no one has guns!” to which I reply “YOUR country? Do you not believe in MY country’s Consitution?” to which they reply that they are anti-gun and plan to become citizens and they would vote to change the Constitution. This is what will happen, our country is at risk of losing our rights due to the many tens of thousands of immigrants that arrive here from countries where guns are illegal, and they may try to make the USA look more like “their” country.

    1. Tell them to go back to their country where they can feel safer. That way they do not have to worry about the backwater, behind the times country like the United States that holds that each of the amendments to the constitution are put in place to keep the government in check and to understand that the government works for the people, not the other way around. If they need help packing I am willing to help them board the plane out of the country with a prohibition preventing their return ever.

    2. If these individuals don’t like America and her Constitution-LEAVE!!! NOW!!! BTW…how did these individuals get into America in the first place??? They all are dying to get here and then when they do they use and abuse this country and try to change it into the shit-holes they came from!!! I’m willing to help ALL anti-American, anti-Constitution-haters pack for their trip and make sure they go back to the God forsaken holes they came from!!

    3. Ask them if they do not like our Constitution then why did they move here? They could keep “shopping” until they find one they like and move there.

    4. What those people don’t understand is that once you remove the 2nd amendment, you no longer have a constitution.

    5. It’s not just the money why many immigrants leave their homeland. It’s oppression. The dangers they and their families face daily because their governments are the only ones with guns. Ask your immigrant friends that if their country was/is so great and free, why did they move here? And tell them the only reason we have the freedoms we have, are because we citizens have a right to own guns. Then hand them the Bill of Rights along with a book about the American Revolution.

    6. amazing that they can’t figure out the ownership of guns is why our country is where they wanted to be

  3. there was an article a few years ago that said there are enough illegal guns (stolen from rightful owners or untraceable ones) on the streets of the USA to give EVERY person that is in prison one. so tell me Dr. how is banning the purchase of guns by law abiding citizens going to get ALL of those off the streets out of the hands of the REAL problems oh yeah its not. you know what they say when you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns that is how it is going to be just ask Great Britain and Australia how banning guns in their countries went for them all violent crimes went up and those are a lot smaller countries with less guns per person then the United States so i would say that what they saw would only be doubly bad here

    1. Better wake up then.. He’s already stated that guns are the biggest health hazard to Americans, which is another lIberal Democrat LIE!! Guns have NO RELATION to health.. If that were true, those who don’t own guns would be healthier than those of us who do. That’s totally STUPID!! Anyway, these lib/Democrats are fighting a losing battle!! WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP OR GUNS —NEVER!!

    2. I think Kay means that, like New York’s mayor de Blasio, he has no intention of going after the very real problem of taking guns out of the pockets of gangstas. It’s so much easier to go after legitimate gun owners. He’s a coward.

    3. The libs do not care if criminals have guns they want to take away the guns because then they can control the masses. Just look at all the dictators throughout history who first took the guns and then what happened. Remember tyrants prefer unarmed peasants.

  4. Indian Kommie Dok-Tor does the gangsta stance. That’s just frightening….my legs are shaking….

    1. Must be my dyslexia, I had to read twice, but I first read ur post;
      ‘Another dim lib hand job nut picked by Obama.’
      Lol. But it still holds true.
      I’ve been saying BObama needs to get some nuts. But I didn’t expect he’d nominate one.

  5. Wow, how great for you to post an article I can’t even read, because of your “social media” and “share” icon on the left side of the page. It must have been a great article, but the struggle to read it through this obstruction is not worth it.

    1. I had that too. Changed some browser settings, reset my fone, and it was gone. Wish I knew which ones, i’d tell ya.

  6. Holycrap. Comparing Sudafed & meth making against ammo and public health. Where every instance of meth is illegal. Not guns nor guns being fired. The two dont compare.
    Q. How many morons does it take to skrew a constitution?
    A. 1

    1. Obama has betrayed his oath and the nation with his repeated attacks on the Constitution. If anything he is levying a war against our freedoms, thus making him a legitimate enemy of the United States as he is a threat to our nations security and state. He has done nothing to better our country other than push Gay Rights. but one right does not make all other wrongs right. And no, comparing Cigarettes and Drugs to firearms is beyond retarded. Nicotine and other Drugs alter a persons mental state. Weapons do not, unless youre already unstable as is.

    2. The gay rights thing is all about destroying the moral authority of the
      church. The government seeks to be the top moral authority over ALL the

    3. The push for Gay Rights was more PR than anything. It was to make him seem like the “Good Guy” who looks out for the “Little People”. And yes, the Government wants a totalitarian rule over this country. I’m not going to deny that in any shape or form. I’m happy Gay Rights passed, but I’m NOT happy that it was done by this shady asshole. No telling what he did and backdoor, loopholes he exploited. As for the Church. Defend your right to worship and I’ll stand and fight alongside you. But don’t damn a person for being different or his/her Sexual Orientation. We are all American and should stand as one.

  7. He and the rest of them can take their kooky anti-rights agenda and Jam it right up their own butts.

  8. So if someone tried to choke him and his stupid ideas out with a piano wire would he then say that all pianos be confiscated too?

  9. These leftist radicals are legitimately crazy! If gun ownership by citizens is eliminated crime will run rampant!

    1. Crime is already rampant. Look at the government’s actions. So many violations of the Constitution. So to change things get off the couch and get involved in the election process. It is a lot of work but we must do it to take our country back. It is our fault because we have not held the elected officials accountable for their actions.

    2. It is not about crime. It is about control. As long as we have an armed populace, the federal government cannot impose an oligarchy on the citizens. Get rid of the guns, and the people will have no way to defend themselves from an overbearing and overreaching tyranny….

    1. The case of “forceful gun confiscation” boils down to if they are FOOLISH enough to attempt it? If it does come to that I believe what will happen to paraphrase the “Patton speech”, “We’re gonna murder those lousy ba$tards, BY THE BUSHEL!”

  10. Gee….another ‘person of color’ trying to take away our freedoms and tell middle-America how best to live. Sound familiar?

  11. According to Wikipedia, Dr. Murthy’s parents were born in India and he was born in England. Raised in Florida from childhood and is a Soros Scholarship fellow, with a medical degree and mba in health care management from Yale. He is brilliant and accomplished, 36 years of age, but wrong on socialized medicine and the second amendment.

    1. If he is brilliant it means he is an evil destroyer of freedom. It means he knows exactly what he is doing and should have an accident befall him.

  12. I’ll keep saying it: If you are ever in a situation where you need a gun but do not have one, you will not likely ever need one again.

  13. DR. Murthy needs to apply his efforts and clear abundance of spare time towards the CORRUPT Pharmaceutical Industry, which kills many more than guns (This is a documented fact).

  14. I’m an NRA member, concealed carry, etc. But please stop referring to the lead smelting plant having anything to do with ammo prices. If you check you’ll find that bullets use recycled lead from batteries, etc. NONE was used from that smelting plant.

  15. time to write your elected officials,telling them to not put thru the presidents choice. This hater of American freedoms cannot be appointed by our so called president. Start writing America, today.

  16. Some are allergic to Penicilin; dr.’s continue to prescribe. I could make a list, but what’s the point? There are two reasons that require a driver license: Money and control. And so on. I wonder what I will say if or when my Dr asks if I have a gun at home. What will you say?

  17. The doctor’s arguments are irrelevant and not equivalent with the ownership of firearms by American citizens.
    The access to drugs, medical devices, and driver’s licenses, is not a guaranteed Constitutional right, as is the citizen ownershiip of firearms suitable for “the security of a free state”. Those firearms would be exactly the ones that this unAmerican American seeks to ban. The Second Amendment is about weapons suitable for war, not for hunting. Weapons equivalent to what the standing army possess, as a means for citizens to resist an American government that morphs into tyranny and oppression, and reinstate government, “of the People, for the People, and by the People.” This doctor is a radical leftist, and an Obama tool.

  18. There is no argument here. In the sixties the Surgeon General declared that cigarettes could lead to lung cancer. This is a well documented fact
    So stop and think about it, cigarette smoking causes lung cancer and death at a much higher rate than that of weapons kill people as a result of mental illness!

  19. The egalitarianism and welfarism of modern liberal government are incompatible with the facts of human nature and the human condition. But the rise to power of the liberal agenda has resulted from the fact that the people of western societies have irrationally demanded that governments take care of them and manage their lives instead of protecting their property rights. This misconception results in massive violations of those rights while permitting government officials to act out their own and their constituents’ psychopathology. The liberal agenda gratifies various types of pathological dependency; augments primitive feelings of envy and inferiority; reinforces paranoid perceptions of victimization; implements manic delusions of grandeur; exploits government authority for power, domination and revenge; and satisfies infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation.

  20. He’s not even American, born in the UK. That already makes his opinion meaningless to start.

  21. why did the writer of this article put the Doe Run shutdown in this? fucking idiotic moron, ammo isnt made from virgin lead

  22. This article is superb. I love the way it not only highlights Obama’s ludicrous choice for a nominee but also does a brilliant job of exposing the broader strategy and deviousness of Obama and his leftwing cohorts. These people take scheming and manipulation to a level that Machiavelli never even imagined. I’d bet money that even the White House dog-walker is a radical loon.

  23. There should be some way to bump this article back to the top of the page. This thing needs immediate attention.

  24. As anybody check this guys citizenship???? I am sick and tired of these moronic idiotic lamebrains coming out of the woodwork to destroy this country. Doesn’t anybody care? We have opened up the door to just let anybody in too run this country.

  25. There’s no cause for alarm. All is well. Only 19,000 gun owners commit suicide every year in the U.S. Only 10-20 children per day are hospitalized with gun injuries in the U.S. Thanks NRA! All gun owners are responsible and more than adequately trained so as not to present any danger at all to anyone. Night all!

  26. The republicans let Barry put a justice on the Supreme Court who never served one day as a judge. It is time they completely and unanimously started blocking the appointments of people who are unqualified, socialists, or, as McCarthy use to describe them “Un-American”.

  27. There are ALWAYS three prongs in any attack.

    The first the the legislators and executive office, both of which, O-commie has threatened to use to every measure of.

    The second is the behind-the-scenes attacks, such as these outlined above.

    The third however…. is far more disturbing. My instincts do not lie that something….. very terrible is coming. Something unseen yet lurks in dark corners. Waiting for the perfect chance.

    We must ever more be on our guard.

  28. America take over plan step by step –

    1. Vilify legal gun ownership by tying it to senseless random crimes committed by deranged psycopaths. Attempt to enact legislation to restrict legal ownership as much as possible. Brainwash populace to believe self defense is not needed…

    2. Quietly begin purchasing large amounts of “legal” ammunition for agency uses but in reality just stockpile ammo to keep it out of civilian hands. Ensure orders eventually become so large virtually all manufacturers are tied up filling orders for lucrative government contracts thereby choking off civilian orders/supplies…

    3. Have the EPA shut down the last lead smelter in the US to choke off the domestic production of lead/ammunition with the goal of drying up existing domestic stocks.

    4. Promote liberal state bans on the use of “lead” ammunition on the grounds it harms the environment. Work towards an outright country wide ban on the same grounds.

    5. Quietly begin converting DoD/agencies over to non-lead substitute to further reduce domestic ability to manufacture lead/ammunition thereby further reducing civilian capacity to replace/manufacture new ammunition.
    6. Arm agencies with no real law enforcement duty/capacity to further intimidate/condition the civilian populace.

    7. Militarize local police forces with MRAP style vehicles, body armor, night vision, drone capabilities etc etc. Tie these “gifts” to funding down the road to ensure continued compliance. Intimidate/harass/ostracize local law enforcers who refuse to comply…

    8. Conduct training and real world drills in urban population suppression to include martial law, and door to door searches, highway traffic control points/stops and mandatory checkpoints at all major transportation hubs/facilities to further intimidate/condition the civilian populace…

    9. Quietly develop internment process/procedures/locations to include internment trains and FEMA camps…

    10. Surveil the population to pre-identify likely opposition areas, groups and individuals for initial first sweep incarceration/suppression/elimination…

    11. Purge the military of any officers who it is deemed would not comply with the planned take-over or carry out take-over orders…

    12. Allow or manufacture a significant crisis to justify take-over…

    By the way 12 is the only one that hasn’t already happened…yet

  29. My mother, who’s getting to be a little old lady, went to her doctor and he asked her “Do you have any guns in your home?” Most of the doctors in her AO tend to be pro 2nd Amend, but i told her she doesn’t have to answer that.