Obama Quietly Releases Newest Edict: Everyone can be Exempted from Individual Mandate if they Can’t Afford Obamacare


President Obama has made it no secret that he considers there to be few political problems he can’t remedy with his pen and phone. The imperial president has, especially in his second term, become quite comfortable with enacting policies and changing laws with the stroke of a pen. With Obamacare looming large for Democrats, the president who once promised hope and change now operates as a king to avoid the political fallout of his signature “achievement.”

President Obama quietly and unilaterally delayed the dreaded individual mandate once again. In a move telling of their duplicity, the Obama Administrations Health and Human Services purposefully did not release to the press the mandate change but, instead, buried the change in an obscure rule that dealt with Obamacare insurance requirements.

The Wall Street Journal, who stumbled upon the rule change, reported:

That seven-page technical bulletin includes a paragraph and footnote that casually mention that a rule in a separate December 2013 bulletin would be extended for two more years, until 2016. Lo and behold, it turns out this second rule, which was supposed to last for only a year, allows Americans whose coverage was cancelled to opt out of the mandate altogether.

In 2013, HHS decided that ObamaCare’s wave of policy terminations qualified as a “hardship” that entitled people to a special type of coverage designed for people under age 30 or a mandate exemption. HHS originally defined and reserved hardship exemptions for the truly down and out such as battered women, the evicted and bankrupts.

But amid the post-rollout political backlash, last week the agency created a new category: Now all you need to do is fill out a form attesting that your plan was cancelled and that you “believe that the plan options available in the [ObamaCare] Marketplace in your area are more expensive than your cancelled health insurance policy” or “you consider other available policies unaffordable.”

That’s right; in order to qualify for the individual mandate exemption, one must claim a “hardship” that renders one unable to procure insurance.

The true and tragic irony of this is that Obamacare was pushed upon an American public that did not want it with the promise that the Affordable Care Ac would make insurance… well… affordable.

This “hardship” exemption applies to people who merely claim it without any proof or standard. Though, in theory, one should show proof of a hardship such as an insurer termination notice (something Obama promised repeatedly would not happen as a result of Obamacare’s passage), one can also simply claim that they’ve experienced “another hardship in obtaining health insurance.”

Another waiver allows someone to be exempted, even without prior insurance, if they claim they simply cannot afford it. So, conceivably, everybody can be exempted.

The WSJ also reports:

Keep in mind that the White House argued at the Supreme Court that the individual mandate to buy insurance was indispensable to the law’s success, and President Obama continues to say he’d veto the bipartisan bills that would delay or repeal it. So why areObamaCare liberals silently gutting their own creation now?

The answers are the implementation fiasco and politics. HHS revealed Tuesday that only 940,000 people signed up for an ObamaCare plan in February, bringing the total to about 4.2 million, well below the original 5.7 million projection. The predicted “surge” of young beneficiaries isn’t materializing even as the end-of-March deadline approaches, and enrollment decelerated in February.

Meanwhile, a McKinsey & Company survey reports that a mere 27% of people joining the exchanges were previously uninsured through February. The survey also found that about half of people who shopped for a plan but did not enroll said premiums were too expensive, even though 80% of this group qualify for subsidies. Some substantial share of the people ObamaCare is supposed to help say it is a bad financial value. You might even call it a hardship.

Most important to Democrats, however, is the likely political fallout. As the 2014 midterm elections shape up, Democrats are startled to discover the tremendous dearth of support from mainstream America. The 2015 tax penalty for being uninsured would add insult to injury at a time when Democrats will be trying to revive their brand and the 2016 elections might very well be a disaster for Democrats unless they abandon ship right now.

While the duplicity of the Obama Administration in trying to obscure this new waiver is troubling, the ease with which President Obama so readily changes laws is outright terrifying.

Obama and his fellow Democrats have maintained that the individual mandate is key for the law. As it stands right now, the once proud accomplishment of the left remains in tatters and serves as a definite “I told you so” for Republicans and conservatives who have maintained a fierce opposition all along. 

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  1. Greg, “fierce opposition” to Obamacare would have resulted in defeat of the bill or at least “fierce opposition” i.e. legal intervention of the President’s illegal, unconstitutional end run around Congress in the fashion that it unfolded. “fierce opposition” would actually have included the speakership in quite a damn lot more than idle threats that it needed “fixing”.
    Once again, you show a truly astonishingly naïve grasp of the Constitutional duty of the fourth estate’s role in service to democracy. Keep making pretzel logic enough and eventually everything makes sense merely because it “sounds” patriotic.

    1. The Democratic Party has a supermajority in both houses of Congress at the time, even fierce opposition couldn’t keep it from passing.

    2. That’s an over-simplification. It is funded. Period. It should not be. There is no ‘fierce opposition. Period. And that extends to the states level, where opposition could not possibly be characterized as ‘fierce’. I don’t know why you feel it necessary to argue a moot point, but you have – ineffectually.

    3. At this point,what would you suggest that we do as Americans, obviously appalled at this nonsense?
      Personally, I will never submit to it.
      Apparantly( as in most laws,) there are loopholes to avoid the so-called “individual mandate.”
      I must admit, I agree with your assessment of ” fierce opposition.”
      There wasn’t much!

    4. You have not like my answer to that in the past where our visions of what could possibly result in reconciliation of the problem. There is no evidence that anything has changed on that score in the interim time, so you will not like my answer this time either: “never get in a land war in Asia.”
      Seriously, it is a waiting game. It’s the most important election year possibly in post WWII times. The make-up of the Senate is at hand and will steer the course forward. I’d love to think that a citizen revolt could work, but it cannot.
      the ship of State is far larger than a few million Americans. It literally runs the entire world through the International Bank of Settlements. The vote in the US does not really even matter, as both sides are under the control of the CFR.
      Short of imparting energy into the apparatus of the CFR which is proportionately sufficient to effect a change in direction on Global policy, our fate must be accepted.

  2. If you write a horrendous plan, that cannot possibly succeed, then you build into it, the power to modify, postpone, and manipulate it, at will.

    1. True. Releasing an unfinished, un or illprepared plan on the public means you were blowing smoke up the nations a $$. A POTUS with all the nations resources at his disposal, couldnt have it ready nor knew how to represent it upon it’s announcement.
      Out of his league often.

    1. Hey dont knock BObama. See, his day job ain’t working out so well & his fallback career, comedy, needs some polishing.
      bless’em. Poor lil feller.he’s tryin.

  3. How are dems going to respond to the barrage of anti Øbamacare ads before the elections? As fellow humans, I feel sad for them.

    1. How will they respond? Let me make a prediction, conservatives are racist and it’s Bush’s fault.

  4. A comedy
    A soap opera
    Not really
    A reality show?
    WWE, WWF
    NOoo not yet.
    WTF are we Watching?
    Crazier than I am, and I’m talkin to mehself.

  5. Somebody crack a joke about this please. We need some humor.
    It’s so wrong, a distraction is in order.

  6. Um – it was always that way. For a bunch of people that criticize the Democrats for not reading the thing, you seem to be a little short of knowledge about it yourselves. Although the part about costing more than your canceled policy is new, from day one it was always the case that if the cheapest premiums were higher than a certain percentage of your income, you were exempt.

    1. Um-no it wasnt always that way. New mandate allows exemption over any undisclosed harship. I can say’ I can not afford it ‘ and I’m out. Exempt.
      Kinda guts the purpose in creating it. No plan to tell anyone. The media uncovered it.
      Read that again. Scan it slower.

    2. I did more than “scan” it, Skippy. Perhaps you should have. This is from the WSJ OPINION piece referenced above – it’s the section they left out from between the two passages they quoted.

      “And yet another waiver is available to those who say they are merely unable to afford coverage, regardless of their prior insurance.”

      That “yet another waiver” has ALWAYS been part of Obamacare. Try reading it some time. There are plenty of other reasons to hate it, stop acting like a libtard and swallowing everything the press spoon feeds you and do your own research.

    3. Im going by what the potus said, which you dont remember. Like most libtards, ur too mad about conservatives disagreeing with ur mighty PARTY, to remember the Words. U were probably cheering to loudly to hear.

    4. “Like most libtards, ur too mad about conservatives disagreeing with ur mighty PARTY, to remember the Words.”

      Typical libtard argument style you have there, putz – if someone disagrees with you, then they MUST be a liberal. You act much more like a libtard than I do, Skippy – criticizing something you haven’t read and aren’t capable of understanding because the media led you by the nose and told you what you’re supposed to think.

      “Im going by what the potus said”

      Does that even need a response? Another thing that you have in common with libtards – you’re a fucking idiot.

    5. Brian, I’m conservative. U know it. Hellu can see any other comment I’ve made.
      Dude u brought it ,Being such a superior acting smartass.
      I wont argue with an idiot
      There’s no shortage of dumfuks
      like u looking to spend ur anger on anyone at random.
      “I’m going by what the potus said”
      That’s the point. Its simple
      ( Imsaving this here. B back in abit 2 edit)

    6. Editing on a little android isn’t workin so well.
      you said 4.5 years its been up on the web? They’ve had the plan that long and it works like a failure when the gate drops? There’s liberal planning in action.
      Buck Ofama and u too if u dont agree.
      I’ve spent far too much time on your dumass. Bubye.

    7. And yet another page out of the libtard playbook, taking the time to say it isn’t worth your time. What a fucking putz.

      Perhaps if you got a third grader, or anyone else a lot smarter than you, to help with your reading comprehension, Skippy: In none of my posts did I say I supported Obamacare, supported Obama, said he wasn’t lying, or anything else. The post you responded to (clearly without being able to understand) made a single claim, that the people criticizing this “edict” are as bad as the libtards they accuse of supporting the bill without reading it since they obviously haven’t read it themselves, as the provision for financial hardship exemptions has been part of the law from the very beginning. As for the latter part, I’ve shown you the evidence. As for the earlier part, about those people whining like little bitches here about the “edict” not knowing what was in the bill, your comments have proven that point better than I could have asked for.

      “Most of us couldn’t imagine a prez thats that full ofshit.”

      And nothing you’ve said could make it more plain what an incredibly naive dumbfuck you are. If you actually take the word of a politician, ANY politician, about what’s in a piece of legislation, without actually reading it for yourself before deciding whether to support OR oppose it, you’re too frikkin’ stupid to be allowed to participate in the political process, let alone criticize it. Now run away, little boy, and leave the discussion to the adults and others who are capable of understanding the issues you continue to embarrass yourself by trying to comment on.

    8. “Shared Responsibility. Beginning in 2014, MOST individuals will be responsible for maintaining minimum essential coverage or paying a penalty of $95 in 2014, $495 in 2015 and $750 in 2016, or up to two percent of income by 2016, with a cap at the national average bronze plan premium. Families will pay half the amount for children up to a cap of $2,250 for the entire family. After 2016, dollar amounts will increase by the annual cost of living adjustment. Exceptions to this requirement are made for religious objectors, THOSE WHO CANNOT AFFORD COVERAGE, taxpayers with incomes less than 100 percent FPL, Indian tribe members, those who receive a hardship waiver, individuals not lawfully present, incarcerated individuals, and those not covered for less than three months.” [emphasis added]


      This page has been posted on the Senate’s website since November 20th 2009, Skippy. Maybe if you’d taken a moment or two in the past 4-1/2 years to educate yourself instead of “going by what the potus said” you wouldn’t be such an uninformed moron.

  7. If a third term was allowed, they would still vote his butt back in. LIV’s are just stupid entitlement minded people. Nothing more.

  8. I am pissed I had to sign up for this circus sideshow. I am 28, have cancer and lost my previous insurance.

    This is a joke.

    1. Good luck in seeking treatment! This fiasco is nothing more than selective elimination.( similar to what the nazis, did to the Jews.)
      I truly hope you can become a survivor, and may GOD be with you!

  9. The Liar N Chief once again plays his hordes of illiterate sheeple like a flute. If you couldn’t afford ObamaCare before you got it free right? So now if you can’t afford it you don’t you have to sign up for it? WTF?

    1. And don’t forget…if you can’t afford it, it’s your fault…you don’t know how to manage your own money…need to give up your cell phones, internet and cable TV so you can pay for overpriced, low quality insurance that most didn’t want to begin with….says the POS!!!

    2. Amazing, the sacrifices HE wants US to make for a bad…. No, notorious p o s so-called law, like this!
      I think by making HIM pay for a few vacations, we’d all be able to afford this crap!
      The amount of money wasted on that useless family could support a nation!

  10. Lets have a understanding about Obamacare; it ain’t and never was about healthcare; It was is about power and control; It is a law that never will be law as it will continually change according the moods and Power needs of the Evil Democratic party or as Dictator Pinocchio Obama sees fit to do.

  11. The thing that nobody has tried to explain, is why the Democrats are SO COMMITTED to ramming this unpopular white elephant down our throats. I know that the rank & file, regular citizen Democrat thinks it’s “because my Party just cares so much” – but there must be a real reason Democrats want, so passionately, to take over healthcare. They MUST be seeing a prize for them in the future, something they can ONLY get if Obamacare is implemented without prior analysis or disclosure, EXACTLY as they prescribe it without any changes. WHAT is their motivation here, what goal do they seek for their party or the government they worship?

    1. CONTROL don’t you get it yet?
      The Govt. that controls your healthcare, and with the IRS deciding what they will and will not cover…controls your life forever! They can raise fees as high as they want when they have control and deny whatever care they wish.
      The DEATH panels are REAL…..first the elderly, then the mentally challenged, then those with Aids etc etc etc. Wake up! Wake up!

  12. I know a person who went to the exchange. Oh yeah she qualified for subsidies and the plan she was considering, a Bronze plan, would only cost her about 2 cents….yes cents….per month. Okay great until she discovered the deductible was over $12,000.00/per year for her, her husband and her 17 year old daughter. True story Harry Reid.

  13. Shhhhhhh……the dictator is thinking he can lull his fold to sleep so they”ll forget about it until after the upcoming mid-term election…….please don’t wake him…….

  14. I would never submit to unconstitutional law! When John Roberts, was the deciding vote to literally cram the stench of b o care down our throats, I realized, there a very few ” non-new world orderists,” in any aspect of the federal governments reach.
    We MUST all come together, in still opposition, to any government, individually mandated act!
    As the saying goes ” united we stand!”

  15. Not until he is gone will this episode of un-American activity be ceased! The respite from the left will continue it’s path of our destruction of our freedoms! Semper Vigilans people! Cruz in 2016!!

  16. I was told my husband does not make enough money to get this stupid Obama Care crap. I was told by an insurance anget that you have to make at least 30,000 and my husband and I make less then that. So there for we were told we did not qualify for this Obama Care. I thought that was what Obama Care was for was those who could not afford other insurance…