The Power of Denial: Jay Carney Claims Obamacare Had No Effect on Florida Election

The Obama Administration and, indeed, the entire Democrat Party ought to be justifiably nervous right about now. With Republican David Jolly’s victory over Democrat Alex Sink on Tuesday, it seems clear that the Democrat strategy of running on Obamacare is bound to fail in the 2014 midterm elections.

Still, on Wednesday, the Obama Administration shrugged off the notion that Obamacare had an impact on the Florida race that has widely been seen as a referendum on the failed law.

After years of ramming Obamacare down the throats of millions of Americans while claiming, “You’ll thank us for this,” support for the failed healthcare overhaul has dwindled to a trickle and Tuesday night’s victory of Jolly over Sink is illustrative of what is to come.

On Wednesday, as reporters questioned if Obamacare had an effect on the Florida Congressional race, White House spokesman Jay Carney claimed that it had a neutral effect, saying, “It was not a negative or a positive.”

Reuters reported:

The White House on Wednesday rejected Republican arguments that a Democratic congressional candidate lost a special election in Florida due to public displeasure with President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.

Republicans have tried to connect the loss of Democrat Alex Sink to Republican David Jolly on Tuesday as a sign that Americans are eager to register their opposition to Obamacare in November congressional elections.

Obama’s Affordable Care Act had a rocky rollout in October and problems continue to plague the new system with many Americans complaining their private insurance plans were canceled….

Carney said Obamacare appeared to have a neutral impact on the race, saying, “It was not a negative or a positive.”

And he said Democrats took away some comfort because Republicans had overwhelmingly won the same seat in the House of Representatives for decades but that Jolly barely eked out his win.

“This was a safe Republican seat for them,” he said. “Republicans held the seat for 58 years. Last night they won by 2 points. So it is what it is.”

Of course, while Republicans have survived in the seat for years, the district is far from being “safe.” The 13th District is heavily urban and is largely moderate. Carney’s sour grapes aside, Democrats had a chance to secure the seat, outspent Republicans by $1.5 million and still came up short.

Democrats ought to be worried.



  1. Uncontested victory over progtards can always be precisely measured. It is the exact time the first ranking DNC stooge makes the “It was the right policy…someone [other than me] just didn’t implement it properly” argument. We’re not anywhere near that moment yet. Carney will never make a statement like that. He’s not senior enough for it not to hurt his future in the Reich.

  2. I can’t shake the feeling that O is going to make his big move prior to November to finish us off…

    1. My prediction: There will be NO Presidential election in 2016. Obama will declare martial law via a contrived incident, and suspend the presidential election. He enjoys too much the numerous (every 90 days) vacations on our dime and will not give those up. Can’t happen you say? If he can govern via presidential decree/fiat now, then what is going to stop him then?

    2. Tyler, as much as I dread the prospects of obama declaring martial law and proclaiming himself “Emperor for Life”, I dread even more the violence you proposed. Not the way to go, IMHO. Tyler, be careful, the Secret Service monitors these sites and you could become the subject of an investigation.

    3. I dread a communist America more than I fear for my life.
      We are all being investigated. NSA treats Americans as if we are all enemies of our own country. Big Brother is present and accounted for.

    4. Note to Tyler. There are only two Communist nations left in the world, Cuba and North Korea. Niether is a thhreat to the US. The rest of them went away in ’91. Relax.

    5. I would hope the American people will stop him. Believe me, youre not the only one suspecting this.

    6. What a mucking foron. What planet did you recently return from where people think that a US president could do such a thing? Puleeze, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, repeat.

    7. Name calling won’t win any arguments my friend. Grow up and deal like an adult with my assertion. Now, CVASN, what will stop obama from doing such a thing? The Constitution? If he can change legally approved laws (e.g.: obamacare) to suit his political objectives, what will stop him from declaring martial law? He is establishing a pattern of ignoring the congress and establishing an imperial executive. Call me all the names you want and say it can’t happen here if that makes you feel better!
      BTW: I guess you think you are very clever calling me a “mucking foron”. Grow up!

    8. Sorry, Frank, very childish of me, but sometimes when I read drivel like yours I just can’t help myself. The mere thought of someone thinking like you do, and seriously too, just shows me how ’round-the-bend folks like you are. C’mon, martial law, give it a rest, will you?

    9. Apology accepted! I hope you are right and I am wrong. However; “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” –Thomas jefferson. Based upon his current behavior, I don’t trust your president to abide by the laws of the land. Our freedoms will not be taken away in one fell swoop. They will be eroded slowly so that the majority will not notice until it is too late.
      Looks like we will have to agree to disagree.

    10. Roger, that. Believe me, I’m no big Obama fan. I think he’s done a pretty miserable job in many places. He’s been reactive instead of proactive, and has let the conservatives run the show for five years. Can you imagine what Lydon Johnson would have done with a bunch like the current House? His Justice Department has let the Banksters get away Scott-free with their billions, for instance, and he often seems adrift on energy policy.

    11. That is what you get when someone totally unqualified is elected to the highest office in the land. It is akin to making a shift supervisor the CEO of General Motors. He has NO record of accomplishment in any part of his life. But it is too late and we are screwed. He said that he was going to fundamentally transform The United States and that is exactly what he is doing!

    12. I, at least, have the ability to put thoughts together and explain them. Something idiots have trouble doing. You’re a case in point.

    13. you like telling people to relax. is that because you like the situation and you want those that don’t to do nothing about it.
      Is this the part where you redirect now?

  3. If Sink was not sunk, there is no doubt the liar in chief and his fellow spokes women would have claimed it as a major victory for obama and obamacare. Does anyone doubt me?

  4. The poor spokeskid is sent out every day to lie for the regime. I imagine that by now even the most degenerate liberal reporter doesn’t believe a word he says.

  5. CAN YOU PLEASE GET RID OF THIS FLOATING BAR TO THE LEFT? It totally interferes with reading articles, and it blocks half your screen on a phone. I’m about to remove myself from the tpnn because of it!

  6. Unconstitutional Transgression against Our Constitution is an act act of war against its people.

  7. He will find a way to circumvent the election. Why do you think he is arming and has a 25000 man homeland security police force? Why does EPA,IRS buy hollow point bullets? Wake up man wake up!

  8. he is up to nogood and lets hope he will be impeached soon for his lying cowardly ways unlock that paperwork you are hideing and show the world that you have ben lying along u just need to vacate the white house for fradulent ways

  9. He is lining up the muslims to take over. That has been his agenda all along. All these scandals and health insurance is a cover to keep our minds off national security. They are devious people and have put their man in the White House. They took years to align this and now they are infiltrating the government with the muslim brotherhood. They are not a religion of peace and Obama is one of them. They want nothing more than to destroy us.

  10. I am simply amazed Jay Carney, being the putz that he is and well paid btw, can sleep at night. What power is drawn from getting up in the morning and knowing your day is going to be defend, defend, excuse, excuse. Outside of being married, i can only imagine his life has to be wretched. I also imagine he is addicted to tagament. PR Liar for King Liar.

    1. He’s providing personal services to the idiot in chief under his desk.. These days, marriage proves nothing.. Idiots in charge.

  11. Go have a drink Jay. Your life seems to be getting “a bit much”. You’re turning to dust, y’know?

  12. Is it mandatory that these people take stupid pills….this administration is overflowing with stupid people….seriously!

  13. I don’t think that there is much of anyone left who pays attention to what the “lying little crap weasel” Carney has to say. It has been proven, time and time again that he is nothing more than the “minister of propaganda” for the obozo administration. Wonder how big a check he gets for having sold his soul to the devils in the obozo administration?

  14. that is why they have just announced another delay in the individual mandate to Obama care. They are making Obamacare a non factor in the election by saying that they are going to clean it up as a Democratic Senate and Democratic House that is why the individual mandate has been delayed.