Report: Govt Didn’t Release Bin Laden Photos Because SEALS Pumped ‘Magazines’ of Ammo Into Body


After years of searching for Al Qaeda terrorist Osama Bin Laden, American forces finally caught up to the heinous terrorist in a compound in Pakistan on May 2nd, 2011 and killed the Al Qaeda leader. Patriotic Americans rejoiced, but the enthusiasm was somewhat muted when the Obama Administration refused to release photos of the killed leader.
Though so-called leaders alleged that Americans did not need to see the man who inflicted so much pain on this nation, a new report has emerged that alleges that the real reason that the Obama Administration has refused to release the photos is because SEAL Team members pumped magazines-full of rounds into the dying terrorist’s body.
According to SOFREP, a military-oriented news site, Matt Bissonnette, one of the SEAL Team Six members on the raid, has claimed that the dying terrorist leader was twitching in his final moments and SEAL Team members pumped a few rounds into Bin Laden.
But SOFREP says that other sources have relayed to them that that is a dramatic understatement, that SEAL Team Six members pumped, at bare minimum, at least 100 rounds into Bin Laden’s body.
SOFREP reports, “[O]perator after operator took turns dumping magazines-worth of ammunition into Bin Laden’s body, two confidential sources within the community have told us.”
The report condemned the SEAL’s actions, however, calling the number of rounds fired “pure-self-indulgence” on the part of those on the raid.
American forces have long been criticized over the last decade for their willingness to go beyond what is considered textbook engagements with the enemy. However, the call for a gentler, softer military has been confronted with a reality that all but prohibits such extraordinary restraint.
Whether one feels that the number of bullet wounds afforded the world’s most-sought terrorist was appropriate, the simple fact remains that if ever there was a man so deserving of gruesome disrespect, it was Osama Bin Laden.
Let us not lose focus on the issue; Osama Bin Laden is dead and he was killed by brave men who risked life and limb to orchestrate an incursion in a country where we had no authorization to enter- all to track down and kill a man who escaped justice for his role in the deaths of thousands of Americans.
So, perhaps we should forgive them for not having afforded Bin Laden’s corpse a dignity afforded to common enemies on a battlefield… 
  • Ma’Balz Es-Hari

    “American forces have long been criticized over the last decade for their
    willingness to go beyond what is considered textbook engagements with
    the enemy.”

    So WTF is wrong with that?

    • Josh Sharma Ramnauth

      Umm, so you endorse America being viewed as reckless and violent? That’s patriotic…

      • Gary Gardner

        Well what would yup call flying civilian jets into innocent civilians in the WTC? This guy deserved all the disrespect the USA could muster.

        • Todd Moreau

          We are violent. Do not fuck with America, it’s allies, or innocents globally, then we’ll have no reason to kick down your door and give you a fist of freedom that you will taste for the rest of your life.

          Other than the fact that this entire article is bullshit, it’s liberal hippies like you that are slowly castrating America as a force to be reckoned with.

          • randy63ism

            Whoa there partner! Great comment, but you addressed the wrong guy! I think you meant those comments to be directed at Josh Sharma Ramnauth, rather than Gary Gardner.

      • Nick Hibbard

        While America is out fighting against people who would go as far as strapping bombs to children to murder innocent people, you’re worried about us looking good? News flash.. majority of the world hates Americans viewing us to be ignorant whiners. War isn’t about making a fashion statement, it’s about taking necessary measures to bring a means to an end that could not have been handled any other way.

        • misterdawg

          When we have a Idiot for president we’re not going to improve how the world looks at us, they are jealous we such a great nation, so Obuma wants to change that, He’s a AH big time.

        • David F. Podesta

          If they hate us so much, maybe they should refuse to accept our genero$ity. Personally I don’t feel the need to be loved by ingrates. Just be advised not to screw with us. We don’t like it when people screw with us. We might react in ways that make that very plain—when we have a commander-in-chief with a spine.

      • MeanieHead

        Please don’t vote. You’re too much of a liberal to vote.

      • Gary Iampaglia

        Anyone who views our soldiers as reckless and violent is the enemy. So, let me ask you—–do you view these soldiers as reckless and violent?????

        • Dale Cannada

          Reckless & violent in NO WAY!!!

        • Todd Moreau

          Our Soldier, Marines, Airmen, and Seamen are trained in delegation and appropriation of force…

          If this article weren’t complete bullshit, I would simply ask…why didn’t they have more ammunition to pump into him? Why didn’t they saw off his head with a rusty butter knife? Why is there anything left of him at all?

      • GaylePutt

        Violent, in this case, yes. Reckless, no way. You can see where Obama’s “kinder -gentler” foreign policies and his appeasement have gotten us. Those bastards need to understand what’s in store for them. OBL had no regard for thousands of innocent lives, of many different nations, so in my humble opinion that pig got just what he deserved. All those rounds pumped into him were not just for the indulgence of the Seals, but for all of us. What is NOT patriotic is the way Obama is letting the world walk all over us. For all of the might America possesses, I think as a nation we have always shown great restraint. That area of the world should be a radioactive sandbox by now.

      • disqus_F2q3EuSApg

        Josh, you’re an idiot. What should we train our military to do, yell “stop in the name of the law”? Somehow I think you’ve never been in the military or you wouldn’t make such insane comments.

      • Jesse Clark McAbee

        Bin Laden, and every other terrorist who chooses to attack the US deserves whatever they get. You attack the US or our close allies then expect violence. Its not like the cowardly terrorists who hide behind women and children deserve to be treated like human beings.

      • Paul Huggins

        better than the Muslim animals that kill and behead innocent people in their WANTON MURDERS

      • Uncle walt

        Yes it is. Get it done….get it done fast and thorough. Not like politics. Like a real fight. You fuck around and you get hurt. So get it done.

    • DefendConstitution

      I hope every round was annointed with bacon.

      • Doc


      • Tom Kratofil

        Who cares how many rounds were shot into him, he deserved everyone of them and more.

    • Lars Skiipole

      I see you’ve been hanging out with Robt DeNero :)

  • Decode_This

    HHS argued that the reason they missed their signup goal in Feb was that the month is short a few days, and those couple of days caused them to miss their Feb goal by huge margins. Bin Laden was a very tall Arab. It is not outside the same reasoning, then, that because he was about half a foot taller than the average Arab, that it took a proportional greater number of wound channels to ensure that his wounds were instantly mortal wounds (which was done by the Seals out of compassion to alleviate any chance Bin Laden could have felt pain and suffered during his final moments). Those Navy seals softies. Such big hearted blokes. Now that is all American. Ask Bonnie or Clyde. They received the same compassion from Cops. Turns out we’re all kinder gentler ‘just as a rule’.

    • ed blake

      Yes it certainly does. We hear these same arguments from those who oppose capital punishment because the drug cocktail might not be correct. Excellent point !

    • Edwin Bartley

      Your political comedy aside. I doubt very much that they actually killed the man.

      Even the Lamestream Media reported he had health problems prior too the events of September 11th. The big thing everyone wants to conveniently forget is that he worked FOR the CIA.

      Even IF 9/11 was not an inside job. Where was the investigation on who dropped the ball. Why didn’t the Feds advertise all their hard work in finding him. The FBI boasts all the time about stopping Domestic Terrorism, while admitting they were behind the attack in the first place. Yet, mums the word on Bin Laden.

      • Decode_This

        I’ve read Gary Bernstein, Gary Shroen, Steve Coll and many others. Bernstein recounted his team having Bin Laden in the cross hairs of their laser, he made the call from that ridge on a SAT phone directly to the seventh floor, and what was he told to do? “Don’t take the shot. Stand down.”
        You are correct. Bin Laden was a fabrication. A boogey man.

        • shamu9

          Bin Laden died from Diabetes and several other health problems, long before the SEAL Team Raid. The Raid was a Stunt, calculated to ensure the Re-Election of Hussein AliBama!

          • danapointdad

            tin foil hats a bit tight boys???

          • Decode_This

            Do you have a reading list of first hand accounts of CIA ops written by the CIA operatives who actually have been deployed in the sandbox and returned home to recount their experiences so that the public can be aware of what is REALLY taking place in far-flung oil-rich stone-age meat-grinders around the world? Well? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Huffpost and OFA is your reading list.

          • Brian

            And all that means jack.. diddly and squat. Know why?

            A person was deployed to Iraq, they can say what they like about what went on and verse it as “first hand accounts of what REALLY went on”. Got an un-redacted copy of a report that verifies word of mouth? Nope. Got any proof beyond what John Doe #143 said or says? Nope.

            At the end of the day it is idle speculation at best and nothing more. I can see the tin foil hat industry is alive and thriving and that this blog has more than a few Alex Jones followers in it’s midst.

          • Decode_This

            Documented, footnoted, cross corroborated best-sellers written by the CIA field ops who served in the sandbox and reported on events during their tours, you lunatic. But you don’t read books. You just parrot whatever you hear said on MSNBC and Bill Maher. Stoopid moron.

          • Brian

            lol Decode, let’s SEE these un-redacted copies then. Until then, as much as you spew out idiocy, that just makes YOU the lunatic.

            Newsflash for you, there will be be no en-redacted reports and if there were it would never make the light of day, not in this lifetime because these are and were sensitive operations that are classified beyond secret.

            You can read all the books you like because like all books the authors put them out to do one thing. To MAKE money. They can claim what they like but in the end it makes them money and if someone “claims” something that is at the time controversial, it makes a splash and that sells.. bigtime.

            You are one of those little armchair people that are well read and have probably never set foot INTO the real world to experience. You talk a good game but that is it. At the end of the day you can add a little more tinfoil to your ever growing hat, scoot your chair a little closer to the monitor as you commune with Alex Jones.

            And as much as you hate it and deny it THAT is the truth. So yeah, makes you the stoopid moron, with the sarcastic over-emphasis on your spelling.

          • Decode_This

            Amazon, fool.

          • Brian

            lol FOOL. I said SHOW me the un-redacted reports. Not tell me where I can bid purchase a book. If you’ve read it then you have access to it and can provide the Un-redacted reports. The fact you can’t/don’t speaks volumes that you are speaking un-intelligently and uniformed, yet again.

          • Brian

            lol No Decode, you DON’T see my attitude towards books. You seem to be of the perception that just because someone writes a book and was there and has the necessary CIA etc Credentials that it automatically makes them credible and that 100% of what they put out in THEIR book is credible. You offer no proof in the least yet expect people to just gobble it up and not challenge it.

            News for you Decode, IF this was real and authentic, it would never have seen the light of day, let alone press. Why? Because those operators, CIA or otherwise are bound by National Security the exact same as I am, which means that they cannot talk about, write about etc their missions or the specifics of an operation until/unless it is declassified and made available for public dissemination.

            You look at a book and see what you want to see, but oh wait, you probably believed every word of what Obama wrote in his books as well. Imbecile.

      • Jen

        A Pakistan Dr. turned in Bin Laden’s whereabouts. Now he is in prison in Pakistan for treason…and the U.S. did not try to protect him. His name is Dr. Shakeel Alfridi….google this and get the story. I’m glad they nabbed Bin Laden, but this Dr. is in prison for providing this info. and that just isn’t right that U.S. didn’t take him somewhere and hide him.

    • spatcher

      Non-official word is the body needed extra weight to sink to the bottom! Just sayin’.

      • randy63ism

        72 virgin mermaids in Poseidon’s realm. Not exactly what Bin Ladin had in mind, ay?

        • Lou9999

          Especially since those virgins turned out to be guys.

          • Decode_This

            I wouldn’t dive on Thursdays, then. (doubt anyone here is gonna know what that means).

          • Lou9999

            I do…spent 20 months total in Afghanistan. Not a good place to be on Thursday nights…..especially if you are a teenage boy.

          • Decode_This

            Allah must look the other way when the heroin-addicted cops have their ‘teaboy’ parties. Kinda justifies all the killing, in a way. Thank you for your service. I watched one Major’s constant agony (he commanded a FB) over this constant raping of the teaboys. Heart wrenching. He is much too fine a human being not to let it get to him. It’s on youtoob.

          • Lou9999

            You just have to accept it and stick to military issues when dealing with the Afghans. They have been doing that for a 1000 years. It is ingrained in their culture. We are not going to change that. If you can’t accept it, then it will be a long tour.

          • Decode_This

            Americans just like to wrap our guys in the stars and stripes and focus on hicaps and .50′s and all the tacticool. But it’s really that sh*t that tears apart the souls of our guys – that and the gore juxtaposed against the boredom. I would not comment, as a civilian, as I do, except in deference to duty to the Constitution. It’s a hard line to tow in forums sometimes, but pales in comparison to your experiences. Thank you sir.

          • Cassinus

            or male camels

          • Samuel Ciraulo

            Fat ugly half fish guys

          • Ronnie Bailey

            Guys and obama’s “buddies”

          • trustnooneinpower

            or camels!

          • Jibba Bean


          • randy63ism


        • jeanal5dogs

          He gets nothing in the afterlife but a butt ugly demon arab boy stickin him with a pitch fork, just to hear him yell.

        • Doc

          All versions of Madeline Albright, Hillary Clintoon and Mrs. Obama I hope. LMAO

        • CsfhVwrbi


  • jony101

    I wont lose any sleep over it, like zombies you can never be too sure.

    • FreeYourMind2

      Double tap!

  • TouchStone

    As a retired Infantry NCO, my only problem with this – IF this is true – would be the lack of professionalism it shows.
    I can understand it, but in my professional opinion, it’s time to rotate those boys home for some well-earned – and much needed – down-time to switch off a bit and reconnect with their families.

  • A_leader

    I call bullshit on this story.
    If there were a shred of truth to this – there could not have been ANY after-action facial identification made to confirm they had gotten the right target – because seals are very good at head shots at close range.
    There would have been no head remaining.

    • Guest

      so we don’t really know for sure they got the right? just that they said they did……..if they did bless the seals that got him……if they didn’t they lied..right….remember how well our GOVERNMENT HIDES the TRUTH

    • jeanal5dogs

      So, you saw pix of his fu#%in face!?
      Didn’t think so…

  • Culture Vulture

    Here’s an idea to improve TPNN.

    I read your articles mostly because I think that it is important to cultivate a variety of opinions about issues, but one thing that always bothers me is the lack of reference to your source material. You could easily just make some of the words in the article link to the sources that your pulling your information from. In this article for instance it could be helpful to provide links in the following places:

    Paragraph 2: “a new report” [link to that report]

    Paragraph 4: ” says that other sources” [Link to the other sources, or at least the quote summarizing the other sources.]

    Paragraph 7: “have long been criticized” [Link to an article leveling some criticism of the armed forces that supports this claim]

    Paragraph 7: “call for a gentler, softer military” [Link to another article that shows this call.]

    I personally think that that simple act of going the extra mile would really help the TPNN increase its validity as a news source and would help the readers gain a broader view of the issues at hand. Ok, that’s just my thoughts..

    • Decode_This

      TPNN has no illusions of being a news service. It is a psy op which started as a grass roots opposition to big gov over-reach and upon achieving usefulness as a mass psy op operation was effectively co-opted into the service of the Oligarchs just like everything else that might have served the people at one time. The avg person has no idea that there really is no left/right dogma. Both are controlled by the same people and “opposition” voices are nearly exclusively there to actually move the ball forward for the Globalist elite.

      It sounds conspiratorial, but it takes a more disciplined reading regimen than simplistic disinfo stories on Breitbart and TPNN to really have an accurate worldview of the dissolution of the fourth estate into service of the Globalists. TPNN is just another psy op. Don’t kid yourself.

      • Culture Vulture

        That may be true, but at least they can be a psy op with better journalistic standards!

    • jeanal5dogs


  • Pat McNees

    Hundreds of rounds was not enough–we shoulda dragged his bloody corpse thru the streets ala Somalia.

    • RichardandJan Bawol

      Right, just like they had done to 3 of our Military men and then hung them off a bridge. I don’t feel sorry for any of those bas…ds!!

      • jeanal5dogs

        They were Blackwater Brothers they hung from that bridge. First of 43.

  • Jeff Hail

    This article is un American and left winged. No military person especially, A Navy Seal would waste rounds like that. It is a badge of honor to use the least amount of rounds to kill the enemy. 1 rifle 1 Marine 1′shot 1 kill.

    • Decode_This

      The Clinton Creed: “One airplane. One ratchet. One main wing spar without nuts.”

    • Dylan Kroll

      if you’re gonna call it those things, why not look up the former Ranger and Green Beret sniper who wrote the source for it, and tell it to him? I’m sure he’d love to debate you on patriotism and military policy. No, really, I’m sure he would.

    • beenthere

      I guess they ran out of ammunition.

  • Charles_C

    I really find this hard to believe, Our troops act professionally for the most part, especially the elite groups.

    • RichardandJan Bawol

      Pardon me but I served in Viet Nam and I can guarantee you that not all are professional. I have no problem with that either. We have to be Professional but the enemy is allowed to do whatever they want…….NOT!!!!!

      • Zabilde

        Vietnam was a conscript Army, the modern Military is 100% volunteer. A major difference in attitude and purpose of thought behind their behaviors. And while I won’t begin to claim that all our troops are always professional. I will make that claim for the SEALs. Those guys are the best of the best. Consumate professionals who would not waste ammo in this juvenile manner while hundreds of miles from the safety of base, and with a downed helo possibly complicating proper exfil. None of them would waste shots so, when they might need those shots to get home safely.

        • JimWinchester

          You are full of “it”, There were more “RAs” in my unit than “USs”. After a month or so in country and under fire there was no difference. You trying to put down Vietnam Veterans?

          • James Hampton

            would be willing to bet you that Zabilde doesn’t even know what US ,RA or NG meant.

          • Rolando

            Zabilde , never put yourself in this type of situation again because you make a fool out of yourself. When it comes to the military and since you have not fought in Nam, we did not care if you were an Ra, US, NG, okay, I’ve seen more experts like you jumped into their fox holes when the battle beg

        • Brian

          And now you are going off opinion rather than cold hard facts. MOST of the soldiers in Vietnam were not Conscripts but were in fact Enlisted. Why? Some did it so they could have a reasonable chance to choose. If you waited to get drafted then you were 95% chance going to going into a Combat Arms.

          Major difference between the soldiers of the Vietnam Era and those of today is training.

      • Charles_C

        Do you understand the concept special operations? This isn’t playstation or xbox and I never said all soldiers act professionally, only those in special operations/ elite groups

      • Decode_This

        Seals and CIA have very very little to do with war fighting, like the service branch you were attached to. It is a whole other Op. A seal will kill you in seven languages, sit down beside you as you respire your last breath and read some Foust while checking his FOREX acct on his PDA.

      • astrojohn

        Oh, you mean like Jawn Kerry, right?

  • Toni Rose

    and still another site reports that it was 3,000 rounds -where do these stories come from?

    • astrojohn

      How many in the unit – 6? So they carried 500 rounds each??? Not likely…

      • Dylan Kroll

        I forget the exact number reported by Matt Bissonette’s book, but it was something like two whole SEAL platoons, so about 35 or 40 guys.

    • Decode_This

      non-journalists. Not a single investigative journalist on the roster at TPNN, according to their own bios.

  • Elaine Millican

    I don’t care how many bullets they fired, it doesn’t come close to the 1000′s of American lives the Terrorist’s was responsible for!!! All I can think about when that name is brought up is the people jumping from the buildings to escape a fiery death in exchange for a 50/50 chance of survival!!! THANK YOU SEALS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!!

    • Joey Circeo

      10s of thousands

    • kljohnson77

      Maybe there should have been one round for each victim of the Twin Towers attack.

      • Todd Moreau

        That would have went above and beyond the SEALs basic loadout along with an entire platoon’s loadout and then some. This includes demolition equipment.

    • Semilogical

      This is just my opinion, but I could have accepted one bullet for each American life lost.

  • Charles_C

    I don’t get it, everybody keeps saying bin ladin was behind 911, but those who mastermind the attack and the main backers were captured or killed in 2003 and 2004

  • Jim Frazier

    Yeah, but they were probably loaded with M855, and everyone knows that crap has no stopping power. They had to be sure they hit something vital.

    • Dylan Kroll

      best answer yet.

  • JudgeRoyBean25

    Forgive tthem?….we shouldn’t even be talking about this. They should’ve hung a slab of bacon around his neck when they dumped his carcass in the ocean.

    • Glen Barnhart

      NEVER wast bacon!!!

  • Carter

    I could care less if they chopped of his head, quartered his body, and placed the remaining pieces in pig’s blood. A dead terrorist is a dead terrorist.

  • Richard StJohn

    They fired too many rounds into the most wanted man on earth? Pure self indulgence? There were babies on board those planes. People found jumping to their deaths a better iption than trying to find a way out. The only language the enemy understands is brutality. I believe the SEALs did the right thing. The government should have msde the pictures public to be shared loud and proud. A visit from the 72 virgin datingvservice.

  • Edward hille

    Can we have it both ways? Are we talking about 911? Is that why we went after him? Was he not created by the US goverment? Anyone realy care how many times he was shot? Dont we all know who realy did 911 yet? Just asking.

  • Tim

    He had been dead for years from kidney failure but Obama needs a #’s boost..Why do you think so many special forces where loaded on 1 helicopter in unsafe territory you know the same guys that “killed” him. Research what special forces told their loved ones before the crash..

    • ese hombre

      Yep, they killed someone but not bin Laden. According to other sources it was a man all the people in the neighborhood had known for years. SEALS didn’t know. They just did their job. One of them must have figured it out wasn’t bin Laden.

    • shamu9

      Thank You Jim, that is most Probably the Reality of the situation.

  • amandaleane

    We must get back to the concept of “winning” any war we go to. … forget rules of engagement since the enemy will not follow the rules.

    • Decode_This

      I will no doubt be flamed for this by people who have no knowledge on the subject, But if “The Art of War” were actively taught in multi-semester courses in our academies – not so much to our Cadets but to our Congress members – we would not only be winning wars but the battles as well.

    • Rated Republican

      War is ECW rules which means there are none. The only way to win is by any means necessary.

  • aair q

    I’m sick of all this pu*** a** PC bull****. Who cares how many bullets they put in him? Why dont some these people complaining about it go over to Afghanistan and apologize to the terrorists? We can see how long it takes the terrorists to cut off their heads!!!! This is why we lose wars because of pansie BS like this and all the morons complaining. Either send us over there to destroy the enemy or STFU and keep us home!

    • Dylan Kroll

      Just FYI, the guy who wrote the original source material for this article made a career out of sending terrorists to Allah with a bullet to the head from 1,000 meters. He’s no liberal, and certainly no pansy.

    • Darran Markham

      I agree with aair q, our military has been on a leash way too long and that is why there has not been a clear cut victory for our military in decades. The media is way too involved with the military reporting all the bad and forgetting the good. I also agree with if we are going to go over there then let us kick their a $$ .

  • Brett Brawdy

    They should have put 1 bullet in him for every single life lost on 9/11!

  • Pappy Hinnant

    I can’t/refuse to believe the quiet professionals of the SEAL ranks would have done what is reported in this write up.

  • RichardandJan Bawol

    He sure didn’t worry about the 3000 people he killed in the WTC. Some of them were totally vaporized so nobody could take a photo I don’t feel sorry for him and kudos the the Navy Seals. That’s the problem these days. In War bad things happen and that’s a fact. I fought in Viet Nam so I am experienced in Combat. They’ll cut our heads off and post a video on the Internet but God forbid we shoot too many bullets in an ahole who was well deserving of them!!

  • J.R. Palmer

    they should have brought this POS back to America , taken him to the top of the Empire state Building and thrown him off the top of it and shot him as he went by every floor

  • Brian

    Oh let me see, cutting the heads off of victims tied up like dogs begging for their life and having done absolutely nothing wrong is showing respect? Ok just so long as I understand the ground rules. What a joke.

  • Butch

    Forgive them ???????????????? They should be given the medal of honor for what they done.

  • Jason Scott Owens

    Can I pump a few rounds in the person that wrote this BS article! Way to go Seals!

  • Joey Circeo

    They should of cut his fucking head off and put it atop the white house as a warning to the next fucker who tries to provoke us

    • GaylePutt

      I don’t think we should foul the White House any more than it has been since 2008.

    • shamu9

      His Head, and the rest of Bin Laden IS in the White House, if he’s Alive, helping Valerie “Hajette” Jarrett, James ‘Ali’ Brennan, Houma Abedien and the rest of the Damned Moslem Grand Visirs, advising B. Hussein Ali Bama how to destroy the U.S.

  • renec

    However many bullets they pumped into this POS it was not enough.

  • Zabilde

    What is the point of publishing this, even if true. Which is doubtful because the raid participants were conveniently killed in Afghanistan.

    But to publish this will only stir the anger and hatred of those who already see him as a Martyr. A professional journalist knows when to not report every little fact or rumor, but it is evident that TPNN is lacking in real journalists and is nothing but a Tabloid looking to draw views, supposedly in the name of fiscal conservatism and small government.

    This story is highly doubtful, SEALs are the consumate professionals, they were still in the middle of an op, hundreds of miles from safety, with a downed helo making exfil more difficult. They would not have wasted the ammo, the time or the noise such an act would have required.

    The most likely reason for no picture released to the public is that two to the chest and two to the head rarely leaves a picture that can be publically published.

    Bad form and BS on TPNN, thanks for putting all our troops down range at greater risk.

    • Decode_This

      I’m not alone in the wilderness. Comforting to know.

    • Dylan Kroll

      False premise, right off the bat – the SEALs killed in Exortion 17 where from a different element of SEAL Team 6 than the ones on the UBL raid. Those guys were Gold Squadron, UBL was Red Squadron. You understand there’s at least 100, probably more guys, in SEAL Team 6, right? Only 17 were killed in the helo shootdown, hence the name of the incident. I mean, if you knew a few guys from the 82nd Airborne Division that were killed in Afghanistan, and somebody else you met also knew someone in the 82nd Airborne, you wouldn’t assume that other person’s friend was killed like yours was, because there’s a bunch of people in the 82nd and your assumed reference pool is too small.

  • Sandra Manzi

    Very well done….. He deserves nothing less…. must ticked obama off, after all it’s his muslim brother….

    • gordon davis

      well said sandre! good day

  • GaylePutt

    They should have filled him with one bullet for each person who died on 9-11.

  • dummyface

    I was in college when they got Bin Laden. Most of the college students I knew, sadly, thought it was a “tragic day” and that “people should never celebrate the death of another person.” So I took a drink on behalf of all of them in celebration, because college hippies are the biggest and worst morons.

    • Decode_This

      You have not partaken in drinking from the goblet of stupidity. Either you have a strong supply of iocane, a dizzying intellect or wise parents is all moot now. It is enough that you exist in the world.

    • Teeseeree

      aka, Snotnosed, Misinformed Intellectual Idiots!

  • Gary Ellis

    like to buy those brave men a cigar and a beer. one helluva job.

    • Charles_C

      You can’t they’re dead. 6 months after bin ladin they were killed in action.

  • Sunny Workman

    Because cutting of heads and setting them on fire or sodomizing them with objects is so mu h more humane. Who would have thought that jihadists were so interested in humanitarianism.

  • Kathy Carter Meigs

    One bullet for every person he was responsible for having killed sounds pretty fair to me.

  • youcancallmecrazybut

    Unless they pumped 2,996 bullets into that scumbags stinking corpse it wasn’t enough! Job well done men! And hats off to the intelligence groups also. Not so much for the bower-in-chief who has to jump to the front of the parade as it passes the TV cameras. Joe Biden, you stink for outing the extraordinary SEAL team who did the job and made the sacrifices to kill the goat herder. God bless America!

  • wandamurline

    Bin Laden was not killed in that raid…he had been dead for years from kidney failure…this guy was a look a like the kind that Hitler used to have….a look a like to keep Al Quada running that is why the videos stopped and audio only came after. A BBC reporter talked to an Afghan guy who said this “bin Laden” was his neighbor and called him by name. This is the reason for prompt burial…no photos and the deaths of the Navy Seals who knew the truth…yes, I believe in conspiracy and this is a big one.

  • Seattle_Guy

    Well, if it is true, (which I hope that it is) it’s the “Feel Good” story of the week! I was personally affected, in very dramatic terms, by the terrorist attacks on 9-11, organized by that scum Bin Laden. I celebrated his death by going to my shooting club the next morning and “pumping hundreds of rounds” into a paper target with Bin Laden’s near full size picture on it! I have that bullet hole riddled target photographed and in my scrapbook. :)

  • BoSSspy

    I hope they had the foresight to dip a few rounds in pig’s blood! :P

  • Elizabeth Nenno

    I agree with most of these posts in that he got what he deserved. Had it been me pulling the trigger, I’m sur I’d have done the same. However, I think Nobama hasn’t released the photos because its his way of continuing the pain and insecurities of Americans who are not given the chance for closure.

  • bless2live


  • Kenneth A. Smith

    If obummer keeps going the way he is, maybe someday, somebody will make that happen to him too!!! jus~sa’en.

  • Peggy

    What idiot thought that a terrorist who killed over 2000 Americans deserved dignity? And since when is war pretty? Tell the bleeding hearts they need to go over there and risk their lives and limbs for people who hate us, and then decide. It is easy to sit in your office and critisize others, who when and if captured are not treated with any amount of dignity. Put up or shut up.

  • Laughing at you

    So what is the purpose of this article? To stoke the Islam fire and get more Americans killed? Or perhaps to get some more ambassadors killed by “spontaneous demonstrations”? Or just to give the “anti-military” fools something to complain about? Stupid, stupid, stupid….

    • Lou Bator

      I hope your bleeding heart drains itself onto your lap and you keel over into your quiche and Starbucks. Have a nice day.

    • Decode_This

      All Patriots who are intelligent enough to question the purpose of propaganda pieces they are fed by the co-opted fourth estate should be applauded for having their eyes wide open and actually following the wisdom of your forefathers. If they were here today, they would welcome your insightfulness. “Lou Bator” is a kool aide drinker. A useful idiot.

      It is acceptable – and in a distant past, even expected – to align with one ideology while constantly questioning those in control of that apparatus and their own agendas. Keep questioning and exposing. It is in reality the truly Patriotic (capital P) thing to do. Slow golf clap to your comment….

      • Lou Bator

        It’s spelled Kool-Aid, you tool. As for “useful idiot”, that’s a Leninist term for Western leftists. At least you’re consistent in your inconsistencies. Moron.

        • Decode_This

          How’s that hook feel in your gills, bottom-feeder? You buy the whole scam yet applaud yourself for having spellchecker turned on. I’m familiar with the term. Are YOU familiar with the realities that Marxist ideals and ‘isms’ are deployed on your weak mind every single day by media outlets you blithely follow just like the lemming you are? Not. Btw, no need to capitalize the word ‘western’ in that sentence.

  • Michael Spangenberg

    only a hundred or so? I say a bullet for every man women and child he had a hand in killing.

  • SFS444

    I wont believe any of this bs until I see a body… this whole thing is a clown show.

  • Loren Reece

    Anti tank missile to the head.

  • Diggsc

    If true, and I doubt it, good for them. If I was the Captain of the Carl Vinson carrier, and ordered to bury binLaden at sea, I would have made sure that he was wrapped in bacon, and any sailor on that ship that had a relative lost in 9-11 or the GWOT would have been allowed to piss on him if they so chose. And I would have refused the President’s order to have his fellow America-hating muslim buried with muslim traditions, and just tossed him overboard near the screws.

  • Ridgelon

    They could have shot him a million time, I still want to see the pictures. Gruesome or not we can not trust our government to tell us the truth anymore, is this man really dead, did he actually die at the hands of The Obama, praise his holy name, as we were led to believe at the last fixed election?. Just telling us something happened is like telling us we can keep our doctors if we want, only the gullible morons jump in line, thinking people doubt the magical unicorn “truth” coming out of Washington.


    Good job boys. That POS deserves no dignity. I just hope none of fish that fed on his corpse got lead poisoning.

  • Mimi Schmaltz

    Needed lead weight for the sea burial. Case closed.

  • Ernest Ortenburg

    “Dignity”, he deserved to die like a dog!! He wasn’t on a battlefield, possibly never!!!!

    • Henry

      Dogs deserve better than osama.

  • Cheryl Stroup

    “… calling the number of rounds fired ‘pure-self-indulgence’” does not even begin to rival the self-indulgent VACATIONS on taxpayer funds taken by O and his family.

  • ltcolcap

    Nothing wrong with that. After all, he orchestrated the hijacking of the 4 airliners which crashed into the Twin Towers, Pentagpn and into the field in Pennsylvania. They should have topped it off by dropping his corpse into a taker full pig renderings and then burning it.

  • 1straightshooter

    Nothing here needs forgiven.
    Probably made Obama sick to have to do this to his idol just to try to get reelected.

  • 1straightshooter

    p.s. Why so few? Did they run out of bullets?

  • Kenneth A. Smith

    Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


    What a stupid write. Must be short on revelant material. The military is a killing machine, not a second chance for the enemy to strike again.

  • rdrodd1

    Sure……I believe this like I believe Ovomit.

  • Elaine Millican

    Decode_This!!! You talk a big talk but that’s about it!!! You probably think Obama is an American born Citizen too, huh??? People, I warn against people like this that just put anything out there that sounds logical but if he admits it, Mr. Decode here voted for the fraud in office and the corrupt that worship their King!!! Demrats are pretty easy to pick out and they will say anything to try to keep control of THIS COUNTRY!!! WE HAVE GOT TO STAY FOCUSED AND PUT THE ONES IN THAT WILL DISMEMBER THIS CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION! AND TO BE FAIR, WE HAVE GOT TO TAKE OUT THE OLD SCHOOL RHINOS TOO LIKE, JOHN MCCAIN, MITCH MCCONNELL AND PLENTY MORE!! GET INFORMED PEOPLE AND GET INVOLVED!!! This Country belongs to the PEOPLE OF THE USA, NOT TO THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!!

    • Decode_This

      You could not be any more of a sheeple. Maybe one day, with enough self educating, you will wake up. Maybe not. That is up to you. For your to in any way equate my words as those of a progtard serves as evidence as to the length your journey must take for you to actually become aware. I hope your journey is an enlightening one. Mine has been.

  • David Michael

    The SEALs had to put the poor guy out of his misery, and they had to dump the weight of so much ammo. So, they only had to hump the bullets, and not the shell casings. Hehehe….

    • Decode_This

      Not even that much. It’s in the floor @ pbr.

  • danapointdad

    fuck people who want a kinder gentler military… the only way to win war is to out terrorize your enemy… period.

    • Decode_This

      Terrorizing your enemy is not the end game to prosecuting war. It is effecting your political objectives. Wrt to the US intervention policies since WWII, it is about cause and effect (you first cause the effect you desire) which in the case of US/Zionist goals effectually means ever-increasing war to feed ever-increasing military budgetary waste, fraud and abuse of working US citizens. The end game is to feed itself. I flagged your comment for language.

  • Elaine Millican

    Very enlightening indeed!!!!! I follow the Road God leads me to thru Jesus Christ!!! I didn’t choose politics, I’ve always despised politics, however I have been led here for a reason and only God knows that reason!!! The human in me would say because I have fingers and I have a phone!!! But it’s much more than that!!!!!!

    • Decode_This

      “I’ve always despised politics”. Great. Find a religious forum and rant there without any benefit at all of what you’re talking about wrt political commentary. I’m sure it will win equal favor there.

      • Elaine Millican

        I have the freedom to post wherever I like just as you do and if you don’t like what I have to say, then don’t reply!!! I am not one to be intimidated by anyone and that includes you!!! I will continue to post as I please and warn the people of this Country of those like you!!! HOW IS OBAMA WORKING OUT FOR YOU???

        • Decode_This

          Just pointing out the innate contradiction of your own words and the fact that what you have said is entirely without fact. You attacked me personally. Do not forget that, you hypocrite. I replied by wishing you an ‘enlightening journey’ on your very much-needed education.
          Also, get a clue dumba$$. I am very staunchly against the boy king, the progtards and everything progressivism stands for. The fact that you are too ignorant to understand my comments will never be accepted as a relevant observation of your own myopic, narrow, uneducated views. I get that.


    I’m not buying it.

  • Nancy

    I don’t believe any of this is true. I think this is another elaborate lie thought up by Obama, to make himself look good. Obama is braggart, and would have wanted to show pictures of the enemy that his elite force killed on his watch. I think this is some of Obama’s lies, to make himself good much better than he really is. If this was a true kill, I think Obama would have had hundreds of pictures published of the actual body of Bin Laden splashed all over the papers and TV, instead of throwing the only proof, the body, to the bottom of the sea, where no one would ever find it or even look for it. I think he made the
    Seals swear on their lives, that they killed him. That was the first thing I thought when the announcement of the killing was made, and that is what I still believe now. He has been lying about Al Quada (sp) being on the run now, and we all know that is another Obama lie, they are not on the run, they are still killing people right and left. Obama always has been a liar and always be a liar. A tiger doesn’t change it’s stripes!!

  • al003

    If you believe this then I have a bridge I would like to sell to you….
    First, think about this… The pictures of BL we saw directly after 9-11 showed a man with the classic conditions of end term diabetes…. and he was on dialysis at the time…. The reported death of him in December of 01 fit perfectly with his medical condition…
    Now, some twelve years later we have Seal Team 6 killing him in Pakistan…. and no photos of him at all….
    Within six weeks all of those who participated in the supposed killing of BL are also dead in an unscheduled mission, chopper shoot down. Call me a doubter of these issues and the truth of the reporting…. As I wrote at the time – Seal Team Six had better watch their backs, witnesses to actions by politicians are in mortal danger…. AND THEY WERE.
    Now lets look at Benghazi;
    Two ex-Seals went to the aid of the Compound and defended it. The Ambassador disappeared and no one knew where he was. The ex-Seals went back to the Annex. The AAS then came into the Compound and found the Ambassador in a room on top of the main building and took him prisoner. They took him to their hospital where he died from smoke damage to his lungs. The Compound and the CIA Annex came under attack and was destroyed. Who died? The two ex-Seals who went to the aid of the Compound. Both were killed by the supposedly same mortar…. The two ex-Seals were the only witnesses to the Ambassador and his aid on the roof of the Compound… What did they report to the OIC CIA Operative when they came back to the Annex? Does anyone, besides me, smell a rat in this whole scenario?

  • WhoBeen

    You’re kidding…right? Do you still believe that Obama got Osama? Two words for you. Prove it! Heck, even Obama cannot prove it. Osama was dead long before the faux attack on an Osama look-a-like took place. Besides, Benazir Bhutto identified Osama’s murderer…but I guess they had to shut her up, for she was assassinated shortly thereafter. Also, this was the first time in the history of mankind (with all the wars and such) that a so-called conqueror (in this case, Obama) destroyed all the evidence of his conquest. Wake up people, you’ve been had.

  • cantonst

    One round or 1000 rounds, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” —Hillary Clinton…

  • Smiley Whiplash

    I don’t give a **** about how many rounds they put in his body. It would have never been enough for my liking. And, if thinking like that makes me a bad person, then that is what I am.


    give me a break..they can show american servicemen dragged naked through the streets but not the precious martyr . its all smoke and mirrows if you ask me. TOTAL BS

  • steven

    What is so very sad Osama bin Laden won,look at America before 9/11 and look at America today, you can’t even wipe your rear end out the government knowing about it.
    What George Bush did to this country is pathetic, what Obama bin Laden has done to this country is 10 times worse.
    I just hope the progressive liberals realize the loss of constitutional rights are going to come back to bite them on the butt.
    Just like the outrage those clowns in Congress are feeling after finding out the CIA has their fingers up their rear ends to.

  • Eddie Whittington

    Lets not forget that this is pure spin of speculation and conjecture. The FBI has zero evidence of Bin Laden’s supposed involvement in 9/11 plus Bin laden was a CIA operative AKA Tim Osman. Oh and lets completely overlook a few key elements of the subterfuge going on, such as the Seal team being systematically wiped out. And the manner in which most of them were on board a Chinook with no other air support in a hostile region has me calling complete BS.

  • Decode_This

    Greg Campbell, ARE YOU LISTENING? Informed people here aren’t buying your red white and blue dyed bullsh*t anymore. Have a sit-down with your boss – or a conversation with your mirror. Oh, and while I’m speering your abject lack of any semblance of credulity to death, good job cropping your pic to make it look like your shoulder holster is actually suspenders. Some of us who are trained to have keen eyes saw that BEFORE you cropped it. Why on God’s earth did you feel embarrassed of that? Could it be that your handlers are a whole damn lot less “Patriotic” than they lead the lemmings here to believe? I think yes to that.

  • pablof

    I wish our government would stop acting afraid and walking on egg shells when dealing with radical Muslim terrorists. We have nothing to fear if we actually fight them the way they’re fighting us.

    If we had fought World War 2 against the Japanese and the Germans the way we’ve fought this so-called War on Terrorism we would have lost.

    Who’s ever heard of not wanting to “further anger” OUR ENEMY?! What the h*ll?

    Just let us Marines off the leash (the other branches of the military can stay home) and let us fight them the way they fight us and we’ll be done and back by the end of the Summer!

  • Rated Republican

    Like other Americans, I still have my doubts about the Osama Bin Laden raid, and this is just a story to try to get the cover up behind Obama and the US Government.

  • jeanal5dogs

    They should have pissed on it then burned it…as well.

  • joshuasweet

    are any of them still alive to tell us that?

  • muslimmustgo

    BS!!! I believe they may have fired a few more rounds than usual, into (some muslim)but “hundreds”!!! I think this “govt” has got deceit and lying down to a science!!! I think bin laden was long dead before this operation ever took place and the seals KNEW IT,hence their demise! The king wanted a false flag to stand on in the election year!!

  • Mr Dux

    Greg Campbell…Fuck you you twit!

  • Chief47

    They should have mutilated his body and brought it back to NYC to put on display for every single victim of 9-11 could walk past it and maybe get a little it of closure (if there is such a thing) for all of the grief that h caused. It would also have been a warning to other Islamic terrorists out there as to what would be in store for them if caught. Hts off and a big sale to the Navy Seals for a job well done!

  • pugilist66

    God, I can’t wait for the day when the US is no longer run by a bunch of corrupt p*ssies!!! We need strong leadership, not a bunch of corrupt buffoons who treat murdering coward terrorists better than American citizens! Liberty or death!!!

  • Michael L Clark

    BS, why didn’t the body make it to America to be confirmed? exactly how was seal team six killed? why were they killed? Lets get him and destroy all the evidence of it ever happening. How convenient. I don’t buy into it. sounds like a claim, ” I killed Osama bin laden”. Barry our Hero. where is the proof? laying next to your real birth certificate that is where.

  • Anonymous

    Just more propaganda. The democrats, republicans and the tea party seem to be dishing a lot of it out lately. I don’t think any branch of government is really in the peoples best interest. This article proves that even more so.

  • Steve Wilson

    Less to carry back on the chopper home. Im good with unloading extra weight. I think leaving extra lead behind is fine,especially if the rounds have been made inert.

  • Tyrone Shoelaces

    I really would have loved to have ‘dropped a deuce’ in his mouth as he was dying….. you know – Martin Bashir style!

  • rwinger

    I hope the bullets were soaked in pigs blood.

  • Ma’Balz Es-Hari

    God bless them all!!! But I get the feeling there’s more to this than what the WH has released. Just like Benghazi.

  • mabera19

    Not so.

  • Tay

    That is the story they came up with. afraid of showing him with to many bullet wounds? It was all make up. Like they really put his body in an oil drum and threw it in the ocean. You people can not truly believe any of this i hope. Oh well. Matters little anyways. November is the only thing that matters.

  • Mark Enriquez

    As the POS lay dying, they should’a pumped hundreds of cc’s of kidney filtered, lifer juice all over him. That is the level of respect he was due. Drown the damn rat with with bladder squeezings!

  • Sherry Welch

    Probably the appropriate number of rounds would have been upwards of 3000, one for each of the people he murdered on 9-11-01. And a few extra for being the sorry, worthless piece of scum that he was.

  • verutum

    I would have peed on him, to boot!

  • TimboT

    Once an enemy is dead and no longer breathing any further action is meaningless/sick/stupid/ridiculous/inhuman/perverse and like farting in a wind tunnel. There is no pride in this type of action. Perhaps urinating on the corpse is tolerable if they killed or injured a comrade.

  • lokiswife

    I read the headline and the BS alarm went off in my head – what a stupid excuse! Bin Laden was supposedly dead of kidney failure long before this raid, which was just another Obama fake “see what a great leader I am” story. it wasn’t Bin Laden who died and photos of his face would prove that.

  • mrtmd1

    Every man there earned the right to make personal ballistic confirmation that OBL was in fact dead.

  • Michael DiBari

    Seymour Hersh, arguably the most respect investigative journalist in the world, had this to say about the binLaden raid; “Not one word of it is true.” He goes on; “It’s pathetic, they are more than obsequious,” Hersh said of the American media. “They are afraid to pick on this guy [Obama].”

    Personally I still think the claim made that burying binLaden at sea was a Muslim tradition as being the most absurd thing said about this hoax, with this bogus story of a bullet-ridden body being a close second.

  • Shaun Miller

    Sheeple we are the terrorist, saudis on the plane not iraq, if any at all explosives blew the buildings up! Not osama he was what you would call a patriot here! Protecting his people.
    we created enemys when we bombed iraq for not excepting Emerican dollars for petro and killed all those innocent people 2-6 hundred thousand people for oil and another nice Rothschild central bank because they where one of seven countrys that didn’t have one;)
    Can you guess how many countrys dont have a Rothschild central bank now? 3 iran/ north korea and cuba can you guess then four new places since 2001? Iraq, afganistan, libia which also wouldn’t accept emerican dollars;) and well think and research you tell me!
    We can only change when the truth sets you free;)
    The planes that hit those buildings

  • Renny

    Boo frickin’ hoo.

  • Mr. Thatcher

    Did bin Laden show respect for workers in the Twin Towers? Then why should respect be shown to him? Do unto others…

  • bmartin79

    They should have made jello out of him and fed him pigs .

  • Fred Martinez

    Thousands of rounds, followed by peeing on the body , and fed to wild pigs. His body should have been desecrated every which way possible, and then some.

  • Richard L. Collins

    I have the utmost for this country’s special op’s personnel, as I was one. I have a hard time believing that they would lose control and waste ammo knowing they still had to get out. Especially when a single shot to the head would be sufficient. But I wasn’t there. Only those involved will ever know the real truth.

  • borgerboy

    or, maybe there was no body to photograph….

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I wonder if he is still alive and if that is the reason.

  • RFlanary

    Sounds like it was almost 1 round for each 1000 victims of Islamic terror. Or at least a good start.

  • Kris

    Bla bla bla below. They should have released the so called pictures!!! With all the violence on T.V, video games etc I find it truly odd they did not!!! Just as the rouse on the moon landing and much more staged by Our Government. They showed all the dead in New York and the gruesome pictures there, did they not? Yes so you may want to consider the source here and he has lied to Us All numerous times from Our White House!!! If this is so the people who lost may loved ones in the 911 attack deserved to see this so called dead man!!! They need to come forward with those pictures! But you see old obuma will not because he supports the Islamic killers and I agree with one man below. We can not change their thousands of years of thinking and religious believes but now supporting t hem as this so called president is doing as when he bowed to the king of Saudia Arabia which no President should ever do is bow to another leader period. So demand these so called photos be released!! Who is Obama think he is in what is right or wrong for the American Public and on that consider again all the lies he is so very well at doing. Yes the team may deserve praise but not until We All can see and confirm on Our Own!!!

  • Debby Ward

    I, myself, don’t believe anything our officials are saying. been too many lies and cover=ups, and I believe our own govt had our military members killed.

    “In February, 2004, Iranian state radio
    claimed Osama bin Laden had been captured in Pakistans border region
    with Afghanistan a long time ago. Pentagon and Pakistani officials
    denied the report. Osama bin Laden has been arrested a long time ago,
    but Bush is intending to use it for propaganda maneuvering in the
    presidential election, the radio report said.

    Osama bin Laden died of kidney failure soon after the September 11,
    2001, attacks. In 2002, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said bin
    Laden had kidney disease, and that he had required a dialysis machine
    when he lived in Afghanistan. That same year, the FBIs top
    counterterrorism official, Dale Watson, said, I personally think he is
    probably not with us anymore.”

    • glenn47

      I agree, when they showed videos of going thought “his” house, there was no evidence of any medical waste or dialysis machines.
      One seal said his hair looked darker than he expected.
      I think he was long gone and thus the need to get rid of all those seals.

  • George Murrey

    Our soldiers are taught train to fight, fight to win. We really don’t know how many rounds were fired, but what is more important is the oama ben stupid is dead. Too many people get so knee jerk reactive they overlook at the outcome.

  • trustnooneinpower

    Way to go Seal Team 6!!! Wish I could’ve pumped a couple in him myself!

  • Michael Cooper

    He deserves more than what he got

  • David F. Podesta

    If they really did that – which I doubt – they should’ve left his body right there for everyone to see, with a little sticky post-it note on his skull which said.” Don’t make us come back”.

  • Brian

    Really at this point it matters about as much as the flavor of ice cream you choose to eat. Why? Military engagement is simple. You engage the target be it by Missile or Bullet. You go in and follow the mission objective. We have learned thru hard lessons that Terrorists, especially Islamic Jyhadist’s are not the “Give up the fight when wounded” types. They think nothing of sacrificing their lives in their cause. So the normal rules don’t apply.

    If it moves, put another burst into it. You move in, sweep and clear. A man can be hovering on deaths door, moments away from eternity and with one flick of the finger still activate that IED, release that grenade spoon and still hold down the trigger of that AK and take lives away.

    What this report assumes is that what another person says is correct. A LOT of times pictures are not released because, let’s face it, war is nasty and bullets are indiscriminate. Have you ever seen what even a few 5.56 manglers do to a head? Hamburger and bone bits on the exit folks and if the bullets caught him from the back, exiting out the face then no news agency is going to print those.

    War is war. Politicians and the bleeding hearts need to stay out of the War Fighters face and let him or her get the job done. But down thru our history politicians have continued to meddle in things that they have no clue of or business in. One prime example is Vietnam.

  • hobblergobbler

    What would have been a better outcome, would have been to knock his old, frail butt out with a punch, then take him to a black ops site, where you can drain him of any intelligence he had, without being constrained, by “laws”. The world thinks he’s dead, right? Dead men tell no tales, but a live one, sings like a canary. It could have been anyone under that sheet they dumped in the ocean.

    • Joe Marlow

      I’ve often wondered about the same thing. He was worth more alive. Not
      that I’m trying to tell those soldiers how to do their jobs.

  • james

    I call b.s. …. Just another way that Obama ruined a fledgling alliance with Pakistan and claim he was still cleaning up Bush’s “mess”. I’m sure they got someone, probably a body double,. But we’ll never know for sure will we,.. It was just another timed political move just in time for the voting polls.

    • Michael Superczynski

      If they hadn’t got has-Bin Laden, wouldn’t we have had a video demonstrating that? Al-Queda admitted the Seals were successful.

      • james

        WTF!!!!!! I DID NOT POST THIS! !! I don’t believe the Seals would have wasted anymore rounds than necessary but…… I DID NOT POST THIS COMMENT!!!!!

  • quinn stilletto

    This story was fabricated by a right-wing extremist think tank to provoke a terrorist attack before the midterm elections.

  • D2

    Funny how the government dictates the “topic of conversation”, through propaganda/TV, for the people, while they pursue their agenda right under our noses.

  • Joe Marlow

    What does it matter, now?

  • Chris Chambre

    They aren’t cops! They can kill with as many bullets as they feel is necessary.

  • Charles_C

    What am I talking about you ask Butch? Bin Ladin was not the mastermind behind 911 he wasn’t wanted by the FBI for the act. Bin Ladin was a figure head of Al qudea And yes all those connected with 911 were either killed or captured between 2003 and 2004.

  • John Bergman


  • MystikWizard

    Not sure what to say about this. Obviously, the job was done and firing the extra bullets clearly accomplished nothing since Bin Laden was well beyond dead. All this was done for was additional satisfaction on the part of each of the team members. Not sure there is anything wrong with that other than unnecessary bullets were used on the taxpayer’s dime. I am sure 98% of the public would take no issue with that.

  • HomeAgain

    Protect your brothers. No one man killed Bin Laden and is a target alone.

  • Avory † Blonde

    And then bin Laden was given a respectful burial at sea with a service from a muslim imam. They should have put his body on one of those catapults they use to launch jets from a carrier, and see how far they can fling his cadaver out into the ocean.

    • Walter Hewitt

      The list is without end of all the things I can never forgive Obama for, and this is one of them…”a respectful burial at sea with a service from a muzlim Imam.”
      This was just Obama standing up for and respecting his Islamic brethren.
      He shows the f-ing muzlims more respect than he does our own veterans… how anti-American is THAT? The man is a bone fide traitor an’ I hope one day everyone know that…he’s never gonna see any real justice, but if everyone KNOWS what a POS he really is, that would, at least, be some source of satisfaction…

  • Tammy Jarrett

    We will never forget 9/11…My daughter went over there to find him…I don’t care if it was one bullet or 100 as long as that s.o.b. is DEAD

  • glockman44

    Why did they stop? I think one round for every dead and wounded American is just about the right amount. The seals should carry more ammo.

    • Walter Hewitt

      That’s a bit ridiculous…

  • fulltank861

    I do not believe we got bin laded . I think he was long gone as in dead already . he was in ill health for a long time .

  • Eddie

    and why would you disclose any of SEAL Team Six members names?

  • TheAblePatriot

    If somehow he had been alive when they removed him from the compound, some bleeding heart liberal would have wanted him to stand trial. The SEAL team ensured this was not possible. GOOD ON THEM!

  • Beth Garlitz

    OH YEAH! that is what I want.. a “SOFTER MILITARY,” how’s that work, again?

  • Mancave001

    My only regret is we can’t kill him twice. “Go beyond textbook engagements.” Shut up. They probably would have hit him 1,000 times but ran out bullets.

  • Willie Watkins

    Like beheading and rape etc the so called ethical terrorist of the world liberals cry babies I bet it would be different if they killed someone in your family though wouldn’t it.

  • arthur facteau

    Good for them, should have wrapped the body in pork as well. He deserved no respect.

  • Jr Sanchez

    I think one round for every American that died at the twin towers is appropriate enough.

  • PennJim

    The SEAL’s showed extraordinary restraint, he should have received one bullet for every American killed on 9-11.

  • vietVET

    As far as I am concerned they could have pumped 1000 rounds into the POS and it wouldn’t have been enough. The author indicated that they should have “afforded Bin Laden’s corpse a dignity afforded to common enemies on a battlefield… ” that would give credibility to this POS as a warrior….he wasn’t…he was a POS coward who indiscriminately killed thousands of innocent women, men and children!!!!

  • Hal Briggs

    I don’t believe that. Seals are highly trained and disciplined. The only ammunition they have is what they can carry with them. After that is spent…. they have nothing. Nothing behind enemy lines.
    Come on folks, look at the source…. The 0bama administration. The liar in chief.

    • Walter Hewitt

      I believe yours is the most rational explanation of this… they would not have wasted their ammo…dead is dead. What I have heard over and over is that Osama took one bullet to the head (through the eye, no less) and one in the chest. That makes sense to me…

  • Steve

    One shot or hamburger, dead is dead.

  • Doc

    If they didn’t release pictures, how does anyone know? And even if they did so what? I as an American would have done far worse like wrap him in bacon.

  • Jim in Denver

    I call it ‘overachieving’.

  • jack the zipper

    and just how many rounds did bin laden pump into others either directly or indirectly, geez big deal, he or his henchmen did far worse so i say our boys were entitled to do so, not that it mattered he was a dead m*****f***** either way in my opinion its way past time to turn the middle east into a gigantic glass parking lot anyway…….

  • MeanieHead

    Okay, let me get this straight. They are condemning our men and women for going overboard on the battlefield against a group of people who don’t give a $hit who they kill as long as they kill “someone”??? We’re not dealing with “textbook” enemies. Are these people that stupid????? They must be Democrats.

  • michael johnson

    The same people that think gun control controls gun violence think that a gentler military makes the world a more peaceful place. Neither is the case. Enemies are more emboldened and likely to attack a softer enemy whether it’s an unarmed citizen in his own home or a military force in the field. What’s the difference between one and one hundred bullets? The difference is the message. It is also that an enemy would rather fight a restrained individual. The fear of facing superior force and a willingness to use it protects us and our home, whether it’s our personal house or our country. No sympathy for Bin Laden or the “sensitivities” of his supporters. Put one in his body for every murder he committed on 9/11, and then go back to the mess hall and serve up Bin Laden Swiss cheese and ham sandwiches to the troops.

  • Scott Bell

    And the problem is what?

  • TrustbutVerify

    Not that I would have a problem with it if they had, but a couple of things argue against this. First, as someone else said, fire discipline – just not going to happen with a SEAL team. Second, there WERE pictures of the place where Bin Laden was shot, both from our military and Pakistan’s – none of them showed the amount of blood that would confirm “shooting him hundreds of times” from close range with automatic weapons with jacketed rounds. Third, the SEALs would not have had time to police a hundred shell casings…and they would have shown up in photos, too, and the Pakistanis would have been talking about all the shots fired. Now, there are attachments for weapons that can catch shell casings, but they generally stick out from the side of the weapon significantly….not good for an assault team possibly facing tight confines in a building. Just sayin’…

  • theame19

    Sounds fair: One round per 911 victim…

  • Walter Hewitt

    If they dumped a 175-pound bag of “human hamburger” that was formerly Osama bin Laden into the sea, that’s totally fine an’ OK by me…
    He could never possibly get in this world what he truly deserved…
    the Seals did their very best to “bring it to him”, though…I’m sure…’Good for them !!

  • Michael Blevins

    Justice still hasn’t been served. Why does Osama look so much like our POTUS?

    • Walter Hewitt

      Do you believe in “reincarnation?”
      I would wager that Obama sent a very private message of apology to the family of bin Laden in Saudi Arabia for the unfortunate but necessary apprehension and death of their “beloved son”, Osama, at the hands of the Great Satan’s military operatives.

      He’s the biggest “Vag” (y’know…”hoo hah”?) ever to live in the “white” house, but I suppose that offsets the fact that Shrewbakka doesn’t have one at all…

  • ronbos63

    ALL BS!!!! The wtc was an inside job,osama,the fall guy!

    • Walter Hewitt

      That statement is a product of delusional thinking…

      • ronbos63

        try thinking outside the box for a change!

        • TexasDeano

          What a tiny, little brain you must have.

          • ronbos63

            small brains think in a box asshole!

          • TexasDeano

            I hate to be the one to tell you, but most things happen “in the box”. That’s why they call rare things “outside the box”. You should learn to think for yourself and not just adopt the opinions of your circle-jerk buddies.

          • ronbos63


  • Joseph Kerns

    So every terrorist in the world should see this picture.

  • Jason Colgin

    Why are most of the seals dead now?

    • Tim Russell

      Obama got them duh

  • Tim Russell

    Good job Boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! orahhhhhhhhh

  • Enrique Roman

    Osama is an invention of the Bush administration, had nothing to do with 9-11, but gullible people believe what the “official media” says.

    • American man

      Tell that to the people that he and his friends killed. Oh you can’t.

      • Enrique Roman

        I just did, meanwhile you continue living in your bubble

        • American man

          Hey speaking of bubbles, did you blow bubbles when he was a kid, because he said to tell you hi.

  • Terry

    We have nothing to forgive our soldiers for. They accomplished their mission honorably. Phooey on anybody who thinks they’re entitled to criticize those soldiers for how they did their job because none of the rest of us were there. Thanks for your many sacrifices, men.

  • Jibba Bean

    Seal Team 6 perished on this day…Bin Laden dies in December 2001 of lung complications…Bin laden was the presidents “re-election” ploy…no one could find him, but just as elections started up, Obama found and had him killed? Nothing in government happens by accident. the fugitive died in December 2001 and was buried in the mountains of southeast Afghanistan. Pakistan’s president, Pervez Musharraf, echoed the information. The remnants of Osama’s gang, however, have mostly stayed silent, either to keep Osama’s ghost alive or because they have no means of communication.

  • American man

    I hope the special forces remember how disrespected they have been treated by this tyrant and his henchmen.

  • Jibba Bean
  • Sean James

    That was the only way to make death humane. Those of you that don’t know, that have never had to kill, that have never lived on a farm, ranch, or worked in a slaughter house, you should know now. Killing ANY living being, or animal is hard. We/they have an incredible will to live, to fight to the end. If you don’t do it right, it is traumatic. Pain, suffering, convulsions, the death twitch can go on and on…I know. It is better to get it over as fast as you can, and then try to get over it, but you never will. These men did as they were ordered, leave them out of the equation, question the top…always.

  • Gordon Waite

    I guess it would be too much to expect from adrenaline hyped up soldiers, to maintain constraint in their use of “overkill,” once the “target” is eliminated!

  • olhg1

    Is it true that all these guys are dead?

  • Bri Stu

    I think the SEALs showed Bin Ladin every bit of the same respect that he showed the 10′s of thousands of innocent men, women and children that he was responsible for slaughtering over the years. Great job, men. Show the World that if you screw with the U.S. we will destroy you.

  • Outlaw5080

    should have given him one for every person killed in all the attacks they did on us, 93 bombing, the Kohl, just to name a few….

  • Lowell T Gentry

    And the point is?????? What …… be kind to terrorist????? To make the world safe THAT (aka. terrorism) must be ELIMINATED from existence. There is no other effective way.

  • Chris Smith

    Unless it was more than 2,996 rounds I fail to see a problem.

  • Jimmy Andrew

    this is a complete lie !!! bin laden has been dead for 10 years !!!

  • Gordon Waite

    Hit your enemy hard, hit your enemy fast. Overkill is preferred to no kill! I would prefer our enemies, and our potential enemies, fear use as opposed to laugh at us!

  • Jackie Collins

    I say they are heroes and should have shot him one time for each American he killed

  • Glenn Kulich

    the enemy reads the same book. like the book all our government officials read. if you follow the book your dead. Great……… WAR BOOK FOR DUMMIES. its life or death out there which do you choose…hummmmm let me see.

  • 1937

    Should have kept him alive long enough to give him a direct side by side blood transfusion from a pig while filming it. Then cut off his head and post the video on youtube.

  • Connie McConnell Hopkins

    Any critics of our Military and the actions these Navy SEALS took, in my opinion, doesn’t have a clear understanding of what kind of stress these folks are under. No, I have NOT served in our Military but my dad (retired Army Sargent) has and he would be the first one to tell you that “Americans want to be protected but they don’t really want to know the ugly details!” The constant pressure of living with the uncertainty of life and death, comes to a boiling point and something has to give. God Bless our Military!

  • John Carr

    He probably looked like swiss cheese….

  • El Silverdawg

    So they say.
    Prove it.

  • Mindmech

    Sooooooo………what is the problem? Remember the innocents in the Twin Towers? In New York? The Pentagon? In our country?

    The American forces have a job of breaking things and killing people. THAT IS their job!!!!!! Boo hoo for Bin Laden.

  • Thomas Trevor Lewis

    I have no problem at all with this….Overwhelming force is the way to win.

  • traverdog

    There was less bullets fired in him than dead bodies from the twin towers.

  • rjlahr

    There is still a-lot of them to exterminate.

  • Barbara Schold Kiser

    Still blaming Bin Laden …. smh. I will be dead & gone 50 years before the truth is ever public.

  • Pamela Pearson

    Remember “The Big Red One” at the end? Mark Hamill (future Luke Skywalker) was a Pvt. who found a German soldier trying to hide in one of the ovens that Hitler had used to destroy the bodies of the Jewish people he had killed. Mark’s character had seen the result of Hitler’s actions and this German soldier was part of the carnage. Hamil shot and killed him, and he did not walk away because the German was dead. He kept firing and firing into the dead man’s body. Bin Laden got exactly what he deserved. Thank you, Seals, for standing up for our country since no one else seems willing to do that!

  • Gladys Schiellack Yarbrough

    He deserves one for every person who died on Nine Eleven

  • Ron Cook

    Don’t believe any of this.

  • keribari

    I dont believe much about this “event”. Only the part where the Seals were killed in the helicopter…….on purpose.

  • RJ Ronyak

    Our Thanks to the Brave men of the Seal team for pumping as much lead into this Basturd as they did, he didn’t care how many innocent people he killed on 911 he finally got what he deserved, an no 72 virgins just firkin dead

  • gail

    Should have been at least 3,000!

  • mike

    does anyone actually believe that they really even killed Osama bin laden…. I think its a hoax

  • David Worley

    LIE LIE LIE -Osama Bin Laden died in the Mountains Months before the Fabricated attack on a compound where it was to give Praise to the Master Obama for saving the World… Obama saw a waste in allowing Bin Laden to Die from unknown causes for Two reasons… One – Obama as a Muslim of Deception under the islamic provision of Al-Taqiyya can Claim Fame and Praise in Islam Law to fool Moron Americans as long as his Islamic Brotherhood was aware that Osama Bin Laden was already Dead…. Two. – By Appearing to Kill Osama Bin Laden in the eyes of the world by Infidels would without assure Bin Laden as a Martyr. By being declared a Martyr will ensure that Thousands will take up arms against America. Well Played Barry Soetoro… You Win, Again over Normalcy Bias Numericans.

    • David Worley

      You saw ZERO Proof Osama Bin Laden was Killed… No Body, No Photos and No DNA. Never happened!

  • Fred Martinez

    Any terrorist worth killing is worth over killing. Well done, Gentlemen!

  • Nanci Crock

    I see NO problem with what they did….who would really care??? His family??? LOL.

  • Knifester

    I have no problem with this as long as they kneecapped and elbowcapped him, and he felt every single round before the POS died.

  • David F. Podesta

    And??? That POS killed almost 3000 people. He didn’t feel anything after the 3rd round, anyway. All the other POS at Gitmo should’ve got the same treatment. I think it’s pretty funny being called a butcher by a butcher. If they can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. All that have to do is stop what they’re doing and nobody else gets killed

  • Mel Walters

    A shame they ran out of ammo.

  • Patrick Williams

    Here, here. A bullet for each 9/11 victim!

  • vf6cruiser

    Go Seal Team Six………..they risked their necks going after the biggest terrorist in the world at the time…….that house could have been rigged to blow killing them all, the adrenalin was pumping and what they did after the victory is fine with me……..nobody deserved a few magazines pumped into them than the mastermind of 9/11…………liberal idiots ignore the airline crews that got their throats slit on that day and the innocent travelers flown into buildings at 500+ mph………….I won’t forget……………..

  • Lars Skiipole

    I think they should have covered him with bacon grease just for good measure.

  • Mary Kaywork

    As long as he is dead who cares how he died if I were there I would have wanted to pump bullets in him too.

  • 1_Flatwound_Plucker_2

    I wish I could have taken a few shots!

  • Laura

    I’d say he deserved one bullet for every innocent person killed in the 9/11 attacks. A quick death was too good for him, though.

  • righteousreverenddynamite

    For one thing, aerating his carcass with bullets would lighten its weight, something to consider when SEAL Team 6 had to quickly get out of the compound with it in a body bag and into the back-up helicopters as the Pakistani military was closing in (and would improve gas mileage of the helicopter by not being as heavy). Also the Team would not be weighed down with extra bullets in their ammo pouches. Another thing that always bothered me was that Muslims, who had for years claimed that bin Laden and Al Qaeda were not “true” muslims but renegades who “hijacked” their religion, had a theological cow when he was buried at sea and the Pentagon also tried to follow “muslim” burial practices so as not to offend the Ummah; so which was he: a renegade muslim or a “good” muslim??? By not showing photos and movie clips of his carcass, it strengthened the viewpoint that the US commanders and President were “weak” in the eyes of the Muslims and too afraid to make muslims “mad”. It also guaranteed the tin-foil hat brigade something to latch onto, and possibly convincing the muslim world we fabricated this whole thing. I don’t remember the censors for Life Magazine having an issue with photographing the carcasses of Mussolini and his mistress hanging by their ankles after anti-fascist partisans did a pinata-job on their heads with lead pipes in Milan. If the U.S. had captured Hitler alive or his non-burned dead body, do you think Truman would have balked at letting the press photograph it (or having it paraded on a Sherman tank through Paris, London, and NYC in a world-wide victory lap?). If I were President, I would have had bin Laden’s head preserved (either in Lucite or that plastinization technique done by that German anatomist/”Bodies” impresario) and placed in the public toilet at the WTC museum or on the Oval Office desk as a cigar-guillotine/ pencil sharpener (or fit a specialized bacon-only micro-oven in it for delicious, hot bacon for guests on White House tours).

  • Mary Beck Furlong

    How about the people in the twin towers whose bodies where so blown up & burned there was nothing left to bury or identify!? What comes around, goes around.

  • Theodore F Mills

    Waste of good ammo

  • Todd Moreau

    This is a poorly researched article. One, anyone who knows anything about America’s elite SpecWar operators know they aren’t called “operators” for nothing. They are precise, elite, and well-trained.

    They aren’t grunt riflemen Greg, they don’t lay down fire unless they are suppressing the enemy or conducting a flanking movement, they are operators, and their operating table is the battlefield. Your college degree wouldn’t understand this, and neither will your chain.

    You need to wise up, precision is their game, damn you, and damn your editors for releasing this smear campaign on people.

  • Tony

    I woulda made sure the magazine was immersed in pig piss before I emptied it into that piece of human garbage…

  • calboy147

    As a combat vet i can understand how these guys ended up behaving badly in this situation. Bottom line? They behaved badly. Why is it wrong? Because we are Americans and we need to be better than everybody else.

  • John

    Nah. I think the reason we’ve never seen images is because we never really killed him.

  • Vicki Albertson

    How do we know it was Bin Laden?

  • Eddie

    Until I see some photos or hear from a Seal who was there that night, it’s still just another government lie. I never believe ANYTHING the government says !

  • disqus_BLN09GquEo

    SEALs deserve nothing but respect and honor. Especially with the sickening rules of engagement they have to put up with that do nothing but endanger their lives and protect the terrorists. The only Americans who will be upset with OBL being pumped full of pounds of lead are the ones sitting behind desks at MSNBC and CNN.

  • elsydeon

    The Soviets did worse to Hilter. They burned his body (he already dead, having shot himself and used cyanide), cut it into pieces, and repeatedly buried and exhumed the parts in different areas. This is not just America, but everyone, who wants to overkill a hated enemy.

  • Suzanne

    There should have been a round for every human being that POS killed.

  • Suzanne

    There should have been a round for every human being that POS killed.

  • Tom

    This article reveals no evidence at all. Seal members are highly trained professionals, everything released to this point shows not one shred of evidence of round after round after round being needlessly fired, they where on a time sensitive tactical mission that was being viewed live by the Sec of State, Commander and chief, National security adviser and every other high ranking official I guaranty they were not standing around shooting a corps. This is irresponsible reporting I would expect something like this from MSNBC.

  • probuiltenterprises

    one for everyone killed on 911

    • cardnut

      That would be fitting!

  • Ron

    No photo’s no proof? Are we sure he’s dead? Obama’s buddy?

  • Chris Mathews

    I could care less what they did to Bin Laden, he’s a vile man. But first, this shows rampant unprofessionalism, lack of order, lack of self-control and lack of discipline. yes, Bin Laden deserved it. But in performing an act of revenge or whatever like this, are we looking any better? America is viewed as terrible and evil yes, but we do have the choice to be better people, as in, not shooting dead bodies to pieces.

  • billwhit1357

    Or, as we have seen this Administration’s lies and deceives, is this just one more? Maybe to take focus off something more important? It has long been obvious that this President, nor, any of his Administration are to be trusted with anything. All they say and do needs to be questioned. Obama is like the Boy who cried Wolf, lying so much that it is hard to believe him even if he did tell the truth, not just him, but his entire God Forsaken Communist Administration of Tyrants and Traitors.

  • Dennis Ray Watkins

    personally, i think we should’ve nuked one or two citys in afganistan and then announced to the world that ANY country that harbors terriorsts will suffer the same fate. then we would not have a terriorst problem.

  • JDR3RD

    If you pump him full of enough lead it will become virtually impossible to tell who actually made the kill shot there for you are eliminating any and all retaliation against the brave men that killed the son of a bitch.

  • MontieR

    Get a life WEENIES, Yes american forces MIGHT have went a LITTLE far, as a liberal anything beyond recognition is EXTREME. Sometimes a little RETRIBUTION IS necessary to achieve SANITY. What does it matter, he was DEAD, no less OR more than pissing on his grave.

  • segundo asensio

    ya no engañais a nadie, era amigo de cia y 11s fue trabajo interno.americanos del gobierno asesinando 3000 americanos el 11s. bin laden…hombre de paja. y hombres del sello asesinados tambien para silenciarlos.ya no engañais a nadie el enemigo esta en casa y se burla de los hombres de buena fe

  • samsul karim

    political,social,economical bankrupt american’s killing their own paid donkey and rejoicing for his death.when will the yankees will understand the world is laughing at them

  • Brandon

    Big freaking deal. If I had been there I would’ve put a few extra rounds into that POS too. They’ve been “condemned” for that? Well whoever is condemning them for that can just go F— themselves.