Report: Govt Didn’t Release Bin Laden Photos Because SEALS Pumped ‘Magazines’ of Ammo Into Body


After years of searching for Al Qaeda terrorist Osama Bin Laden, American forces finally caught up to the heinous terrorist in a compound in Pakistan on May 2nd, 2011 and killed the Al Qaeda leader. Patriotic Americans rejoiced, but the enthusiasm was somewhat muted when the Obama Administration refused to release photos of the killed leader.
Though so-called leaders alleged that Americans did not need to see the man who inflicted so much pain on this nation, a new report has emerged that alleges that the real reason that the Obama Administration has refused to release the photos is because SEAL Team members pumped magazines-full of rounds into the dying terrorist’s body.
According to SOFREP, a military-oriented news site, Matt Bissonnette, one of the SEAL Team Six members on the raid, has claimed that the dying terrorist leader was twitching in his final moments and SEAL Team members pumped a few rounds into Bin Laden.
But SOFREP says that other sources have relayed to them that that is a dramatic understatement, that SEAL Team Six members pumped, at bare minimum, at least 100 rounds into Bin Laden’s body.
SOFREP reports, “[O]perator after operator took turns dumping magazines-worth of ammunition into Bin Laden’s body, two confidential sources within the community have told us.”
The report condemned the SEAL’s actions, however, calling the number of rounds fired “pure-self-indulgence” on the part of those on the raid.
American forces have long been criticized over the last decade for their willingness to go beyond what is considered textbook engagements with the enemy. However, the call for a gentler, softer military has been confronted with a reality that all but prohibits such extraordinary restraint.
Whether one feels that the number of bullet wounds afforded the world’s most-sought terrorist was appropriate, the simple fact remains that if ever there was a man so deserving of gruesome disrespect, it was Osama Bin Laden.
Let us not lose focus on the issue; Osama Bin Laden is dead and he was killed by brave men who risked life and limb to orchestrate an incursion in a country where we had no authorization to enter- all to track down and kill a man who escaped justice for his role in the deaths of thousands of Americans.
So, perhaps we should forgive them for not having afforded Bin Laden’s corpse a dignity afforded to common enemies on a battlefield… 

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