NEW SURVEY: Do You Agree with Obama’s Decision to Give Control of the Internet to Foreigners?


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    1. We could put him on trial, if only our elected officials were Patriots.
      If wishes were dollars…

    2. Don’t forget to add all of the countries politicians to that list of treasonous traitors. There are only a handful that are true to the US, everyone else is &#*t.

    3. Yeah because it is treason to let someone else assign internet addresses. Look up treason. You are a moron.

    4. I have to agree, unfortunately, that this individual decision is not traitorous. However, it is supporting evidence that the decisions he is making are intended to harm the national interests of the United States and are, therefore, post of the pattern of traitorous acts economical to the U.S.

    5. If it is found that his changes directly result in reduction of first amendment rights in this country, then it may be a case of treason. He is always looking for ways to circumvent the constitution. Many other countries search for and remove content. Only time will tell, but with this one’s known rebellious behavior, I am willing to bet there is more in the giveaway than assigning IP’s.

    6. And you are a DEAF, DUMB and BLIND moron, if you think that’s all it’s about, Just as if you would give the keys of your house to a stranger while you’re out of town, he would only raid your refrigerator. Yes, it may not meet the dictionary definition of treason, but it is you that are the moron. In fact, people like you are worse than Obama, because it’s fools like you who put him in power.

    7. Why Barry Soetoro, alias Barrack HUSSEIN Obama, still paying millions of US dollars, to have top secret his identity?

    8. It is treasonous to do anything that violates the Constitution and the decision to turn over control of a major communication system to foreigners will accomplish just that. Countries that have no problem limiting free speech will now have the power to limit our speech whenever they don’t approve of what we are saying. They will also have control over our freedom of the press and freedom of religion by censoring what we or our press say & print when they do like it. They will limit free trade because they will have control over what we buy & sell. Having control over something this huge has all those foreigners salivating, because now they will have control over America. All of that amounts to violating our Constitution, which is treason.

  1. There goes the people’s best way to communicate with each other and stay informed. I don’t really like having the UN or China or any number of nations in control of disseminating information.

  2. Just another way of destroying America, which was his intention from the beginning. It looks like there is no stopping him. He is trying to stop news networks altogether. I think it is too late to stop him and we are headed for destruction in our way of living. God Bless America

    1. Remember, Lorraine, that as disturbing as this sounds, God is still on the throne. If He decides He’s done blessing America, nothing can save us. On the other hand, if He’s still got plans for us, it will take a lot more than this little peon to destroy us.

    2. How dumb do you have to be to think we need to be blessed by God for our country to be great. God has nothing to do with it. It’s ALL up to us.

    3. how dumb do you have to be to think that God is not in control?Our country was founded on God,and blessed by Him or we wouldn’t be here now.All our founding fathers knew this,and prayer and scripture was everywhere from our money to our schools to our public offices.Just keep on removing it and watch everything get worse,just as it is doing now.People are so low and common,I’m surprised God allows them to breath His air.Who would have imagined the horrible things that are happening now? School shootings and murder in our classrooms,planes disappearing,a Muslim atheist in our highest office, the list goes on and on.Just keep watching for your proof,if you need it.

    4. I am not sure He is watching out for us anymore and really why should He be? We have removed any mention of Him from all public places and are in the process of replacing Him with other religious entities and are blatantly breaking all of His commandments. We ignore Him until we are in dire straits and even then many do not turn to Him. If we were treated the way we are treating Him, we would not be forgiving either.

    5. 15 years ago, ICANN decided no one country would be permanently in control. There was no actual time limit set but 15 years seems to me, you and everybody else a long enough time for the internet to function safely without only one country dictating it’s course.
      I remember the news report on this way back then!
      This is where education is SO important!
      Obama was not President 15 years ago when this policy was set; he was NOT EVEN A SENATOR yet.
      The way this story is written thank God he wasn’t in power; Obama would NEVER have let this go! Greedy Dictator that he is! :+)

    1. None, but he is betting no one in Congress has the spine to stand up to him. The shiite is about to hit the fan.

    1. Up to 10 now. Probably Nancy, Harry, Joe, Eric, Barbara, Michele and others just like them.

    2. 28, when I took the poll, only 1%, maybe it automatically gives 1% when the numbers are one sided, to make it look like there are at least some idiots out there who agree with him!!!

  3. I SAY THIS IS JUST ANOTHER WAY TO DESTROY OUR UNITED STATES. I don’t understand, he must be using his pen & phone. IMPEACH HIM.

    1. They arent going to IMPEACH him..HE took their pens and phones away from them and gave them to his Islamic buddies.

  4. well he took away your health cost thousands of jobs wants to take our guns wants to tear down our borders wy would you be surprised he gave away the internet wake up peope he’s not on our side impeach him befor it’s to late and that day is closer than you think

  5. He is doing exactly what he wrote as his intention in one of his books: to turn the USA into an equal of the third world countries. In that regard, he’s doing an excellent job. God help us!

    1. If people who voted for him had done a little research on the man before casting their vote, we wouldn’t be in this situation!! He was recorded as a Senator saying what he would do if Pres. and has done most of those thing already! The next 2 years will be the demise of what used to be the worlds leader!

    2. If the people who voted for him had known all of this, it would not have made any difference to most of them, because they voted for him because of his color and to get all the freebies he promised them.

  6. How is this Idiot getting away with this? Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal, which we built then gave it to China. What a bunch of F$@king Idiots. Its not his to give away the Country’s property bought and paid for by the Tax paying Citizens!

    1. We, the American government, did not build the Panama Canal. It was built by American private industry. It took ten years and was finished in 1914. The Canal was given to Panama, NOT China.

      Remember, it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    2. Yes, he gave it to Panama, which has become home to the Chinese, so in a roundabout way he did turn it over to the Chinese.

    3. Check your facts, please or you bring discredit to our cause. The Panama Canal wasn’t “given” to Panama. The transfer was made according to the original contract.

  7. and the limp-wristed liberals, and the media, knew this! for gods sakes, they live here too! how can they be so in love with tyrants? the media adored castro. and later, the late hugo chavez. what do they want??

    1. The liberals & the media figure they will continue to be among the privileged elite in a left wing totalitarian regime. That is what they want, because then only their views will be heard and everything will be done the way they have always wanted.

  8. Why do Democrats feel like they own the internet? Didn’t Al Gore think he created the internet? Oh, thats right, Democrats believe in full entitlement. If they dont have it, they find a way to take it. And then give it the parasites (other Democrats). I second what Lorraine said, God Bless America!!

  9. Ovomit is an ILLEGAL KENYAN MUSLIM POS who needs to be tried for HIGH TREASON with appropriate punishment meted out IMMEDIATELY!!!

    1. Barry Soetoro alias Barrack HUSSEIN Obama will pay dearly, real soon…………………………………..

  10. And don’t get me started on Common Core Educational Standards. That is ten times worse then this could ever be.

  11. I don’t think people really understand how mind-boggling idiotic this is. There are two issues here, security and more taxation. If the UN (and it appears that they will) control the architecture or core of the Internet, you can expect them to tax the crap out of it as the UN is mostly made up of European socialists. Don’t believe me? How would you like to have to pay $40 a month more just to surf the web? Thinking of getting a domain or a website? Imagine it being $30 to $50 more per domain!! It’s obscene. Now, as for IT security, it leaves us, America, open to more cyber attacks. This is neolithically R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. Not surprising, though, when you have a Marxist in the White House.

  12. How does he even have any authority over the internet anyways? I didn’t know anybody ‘owned’ it.

  13. If we,the people, do not stop him soon,our country will be no more.Nor will we.We will allbe in FEMA camps or dead.

    1. Except of course for the happy little fools following him with a smile on their face, until it effects them personally!!!

  14. This is EXACTLY what the UN has been wanting for YEARS…Im telling you …Obama wants to be the LEADER OF THE WORLD….he wants the UN and he THINKS he already has AMERICA…HE DOESNT.

    1. Yes he does have America! Sad to say, but true. He can do pretty much anything he wants because he knows nobody can stop him. The Repubs now only control one half of one of the 3 branches of our government, so they have their hands tied behind their backs. And the majority of people in the country are content to let him do whatever he chooses as long they get their welfare, food stamps, free housing, free phones, free daycare, amnesty and all the other gimmes he & the Dems are providing them.

  15. How is the “Internet” america’s to give? The internet doesn’t belong to any country or single person.

    1. Actually the internet started off of a US military underground base to base communications network which eventually was allowed to be used by major universities. After a long while it was opened up for civilian use. It was still controlled by the US government which controlled how much bandwidth was allotted to each node on the internet and IP addresses could be allotted as a big chunk of them are reserved for US military use. The control of domain names is handled by a domain to IP conversion server that…belongs to the use military and was managed by them until it was privatized and now given away.

  16. ridiculous. if congress doesn’t say “OH NO YOU DON’T”, their leadership will feel my scorn

    1. The Dems don’t want to say no to him because he is fulfilling their long dreamed of agenda and the Repubs do not have the power to stop them on their own because they only have control of 1/2 of the Congress.

    2. they Do have the power to make some noise, and it wouldn’t take much help from a few agreeable (or scared) democrats to put a stop to this unwise yet predictable nonsense

  17. Nothing good comes from this man and nothing good can be said of him. He is no good through and through.

  18. I don’t believe one word of what comes out of this POS’s mouth. He will do everything he can to trash our system and destroy our economy before he declares martial law. It’s time for all of the Patriots left in this country to make a stand. I’m old and broken but would still give my life for my country OOHRAH

    1. OORAH is right! And SEMPER FI. I’m old, too, but I still have a life to give for my country to live. And will give it willingly.

    2. Then why don’t you both take your own lives and do your country a favour ? America needs less morons !

    1. You see, John, this tyrannical government even has the so-called “Tea Partiers” shaking in their boots. And they claim to be against censorship? Perhaps the “Tea Party” is a False Flag?

  19. This was a promise made back in 1998. The only thing that is being given up is the assignment of ip addresses. It will be given to only a non governmental agency or board comprised of groups interested in keeping the internet open and free of government control. Believe it or not, this is an excellent idea. Do research before you write.

    1. Boy you must be looking forward to the one world tyrannical Government Obama and his cronies are speeding us towards as fast as they can, go ahead and try to tell the rest of us how good that will be for us too.

    2. It will be turned over to a foreign global entity, and they do not even know yet which foreign entity will be in charge of it. And think about this. What is going to stop that organization from only assigning those addresses to people they agree with. What if that organization is comprised of those from Islamic nations who do not believe Christians and Jews have the right to exist? Do you think for one minute that they will hesitate to refuse addresses to Christians & Jews?

  20. The list of totally off-track decisions he has made continues to grow longer each day. WHY do the citizens of our once great country allow this to continue??

  21. This person (not a man as far as I am concerned) has hated America and Americans long before he was ever elected as President!! He has done so much damage that we will never see the America we had!!!

    1. I believe we will, Linda, if we only have the guts to take it back and see it safely through this hellish crisis.

  22. IT horable what this idiot is doing not only to our country and its people but for himself, hes all show , never doing anything good, all bad, just wants people to suffer unless your Muslem or black

  23. If you can assign Internet addresses doesn’t that also give you the power to cancel an address or re – write it’s destination? Imagine the possible havoc on International Banking. Without delving into all the personal information stored within an a single account. Keeping control of the dissemination of personal data alone should always be a high priority of our government.

    *with infallible security and no government tracking / blocking !!!

  25. just destroying our country one piece at a time..this is next to being Hitler..time to call in the reigns and get him for treason


  27. Obama has been working hard for the last five years to destroy America. This is merely the latest step he has made in his long war against his own country. What is particularly pathetic is that Americans continue to put up with it and do not impeach and jail this traitor. Americans, HELLO??? Anybody home?

  28. What will we be using now Islam On Line? Yes GOD is still sitting on his Throne. It is we who threw him out of our Government,our Schools and most of our daily lives. Being the Gentlemen that HE is HE stopped interfering in our daily lives.

  29. He keeps trying to take our rights which aren’t within his power to take and now he is giving away something that is not his to give. Where are our congressmen and senators?


  31. NO
    I DO NOT AGREE WITH IT… but then again i don’t agree with, when you
    call for support help for something here in AMERICA, you get some idiot
    over in India or somewhere to answer the the phone after i had to press 1
    for English!!!!!

  32. Obama want to get us down as a third world country and there are plenty in congress that want that too.This is just one more thing for the world order to take control of the U.S.

  33. Hello people of America….here’s the Antichrist hard at work …..Obama… elected him ….now let’s get him out of office

  34. He proves every single day where his allegiance lies and it’s not with our great Country! For our president to want us to be like 3rd world countries is to bring is down so far. Would you aspire to live in the slums or to be a prisoner?? If he wanted to live like that, why didn’t he just go to a third world country and become king of that world? I just wish we could all wake up and demand more of our government. They exist because we put them there and we have a voice, but as long as we let them, they will always do what they want and not what the people want. Remember it’s “We the People”, not “We the government”!

  35. I knew something must be going on while we were distracted by the missing Malaysian Flight

  36. Wonder who the idiots are that agree with him…it’s just another way for this fraud in the White House to progress his agenda, a sure way to hinder the news & information coming out on the net. This POS is out to destroy this country, one way or another.

  37. Just another violation of this country by an illegal and a USURPER! He’s as much an invader as all the other illegals in this country.

  38. Just another step towards the New World Order. One government, one media, one everything. When will one of these elected officials stand up to this tyrant and get the impeachment that everyone wants so badly started?

  39. What a bunch of crap Obama should have no say whatsoever on the matter of the internet, NObody should have control of the internet.

  40. Oh man, NOBODY in this thread understands even the most basic functions and architecture of the internet.

    Sad day, you all discredit your own cause.

  41. That is NOT what they did! You are now no better than the propagandists on the left! What they did was handed the Internet over to the private sector, period. Where it belonged in the first place.

  42. By the time our government is finished we won’t have or do anything here but manage foreign manufacturing plants and collect welfare. So one percent will be rich and the rest will be living in third world conditions.

  43. This isn’t over and you need to get involved with emails and phone calls! Come on man it is a gimmick! This has more to do with Obama lies and loss of Credibility of the Democratic Party with their progressive ideology which is as old and as bad an idea as communism itself! Throw Obama and the Demowits out and really unleash the economy with no taxes and literally close down the IRS! The world will jump on board and again America will be Respected not laughed and mocked at by the likes of Cuba, Venezuela , Russia and Iran with China and other’s not far behind! Thanks Obama for making America more Respected like Yourself? Obama is a joke and even Carter angry about his lack of both Knowledge and Wisdom of the position he holds.
    16 MAY 2014
    Washington, D.C.

  44. Next?? He has already trashed NASA…Removed the installation of the missiles shield in Poland…Gave Brazil the building contracts for our military jets…Gave Morsi…his Bro-hood 16 F-16s…submarines and billions of dollars…Gave his big bundlers millions of our tax money to build the Wind Towers and Solar Panels and all and they ALL failed on purpose then, sends the guilty frauds/thieves as Ambassadors to Foreign Countries…Now…he wants the criminals at the UN control over our guns….our lands and seas…and so much more…But….he can…he has the entire “controlled” Media to spit HIS talking Points…Unless we get “Captain Philips” to save us again from the garbage…it will continue…

  45. It’s going to be “turned over” to a “group” (most likely very rich people) so they can charge more for usage

  46. just another way to destroy free speech, not to mention now anyone who uses the internet will be subjected to being policed and arrested by a foreign power for exercising our rights under our constitution.

  47. Yeah, sure, we can trust the UN with its corruption, quest for world domination, and pedo rings to rule the internet, which only gives access to our private information, bank account information, and infomining data…are YOU HIGH?