GOP Establishment Defeated by Tea Party Write-in Candidate

Scott Wagner

Tea Party candidate Scott Wagner wasn’t on the ballot in an election for the state Senate in Pennsylvania, but it didn’t matter. He won anyway, and it wasn’t even close. 

GOP establishment-backed candidate, Republican Pennsylvania State Representative Ron Miller, who was on the ballot, received 26.64% of the vote. The Democrat candidate, Linda Small, received 25.67%, but Tea Party grassroots candidate Wagner received 47.68% of the vote as a write-in candidate, almost double that of Miller. 

In a statement, the victorious Scott Wagner, a small business owner, lifelong York County, PA, resident, and first time candidate, said that he’d made history:

“Our victory is a result of the hard-work of many people throughout York County participating in our campaign along with our campaign team. I want to thank all of you.

Tonight demonstrates the people of York County are committed to doing what is right for our community and the state of Pennsylvania.

Again, thanks to everyone for all that you have done to make history tonight.”

  • Ma’Balz Es-Hari

    YES!!! We’re on a roll fellow patriots! The “establishment” had better get a clue or face the consequences. Yep…patriots have grown weary of the same ol’, same ‘ol GOP rhetoric, left leaning, RINO bullsheet!!! Does my heart good!!!! Contact your reps today. Tell them you’ve had enough of their shenanigans!! God bless you.

  • Bill Gregg

    If the GOP “leadership” fails to embrace the Tea Party, it’s doomed. The Tea Party will eventually, one way or another, control the GOP. I don’t expect to see it happen overnight, but as more and more TP candidates are elected there will be a significant change as to who wields the most influence within the GOP. The likes of Karl Rove will see their picks struggle in the primaries while the RNC financial backing goes to their challengers — candidates that couldn’t get a dime from it before.

    • Elaine Millican

      I am all for the new generation, fresh minded Tea Party Republicans!! I really don’t even like to degrade them by associating them with the old school Rhinos! People, vote for the Ones the other 2 parties are so intimidated by!!! That would be your Tea Party!! They are the the only hope for our children and Grandchildren!!! The Demrats and old school Rhinos are old dogs with no new tricks!!! Get it right this time people!!

  • TouchStone

    One more down….

  • karmafordems

    Yay! We are taking our country back

  • karmafordems

    Wonder what Boehner thinks of this

  • Nancy Pickering Churchill

    Finally a senator for the people!

  • nam_vet6869

    Hay, Boehner, you going to kick who’s A??????? IT is time for a change, that is the message. The long term establishment Republican’s have been appeasing the Democrats so long they did not realise it was out of fashion.

    • lraivala

      That was Mitch McConnell that said that. But we get your point and we say bring it on RINO’s we will meet you at every turn. You ridicules us you can talk tough but on the end you will be collecting unemployment.

      • nam_vet6869

        oops, wrong RINO, my slip up. Thanks Iraivala and you are right, it is time to stand toe to toe with the RINO portion of the party, I am with you.

  • sreynolds

    It’s a beautiful thing, and I think it’s a sign of what the 14 and 16 elections are going to be like. Democrats and RINO’s getting kicked hard to the curb with new “Tea Party” candidates taking a huge swath of victories. One thing is for certain, obamas attack on ouyr country has certainly woken up a majority of it’s citizens. MAY 16TH, DC PLEASE COME!!!!

  • unclegeek1

    Boehner has a challenger in the primaries. His name is j.d.winteregg. repeal the speaker! !!

  • TeaDrinker

    One win does not make a roll. We can not get too jazzed about this. Rand Paul has just endorsed that turtle-faced, moon pie – Mitch McConnell, as has Rick Perry. Both of them carry a lot of weight. However, it is not Paul or Perry that elect the candidates, it is us. I just hope that those in the Paul camp are strong enough not to follow his lead.

    • Josef Roesler

      One win makes a step forward. Don’t knock it.

  • zooed


  • spacegasp

    Trey Gowdy 2016

  • ken clute

    NOT SO FAST Tea Partiers! This is what the tea party wants, Amnesty for illegal aliens! See it here! Don’t fall for the lies! The tea party is a wolf in sheeps clothing(demorats infiltrating the GOP)

  • Mike Shockley

    Anyone who voted for Obamacare-OUT

    Anyone who voted for Gun Control- OUT

    Anyone who doesnt uphold the Constitution -OUT

    Boehner -OUT McConnell – OUT Rhino’s – OUT
    Anyone who supports Obama -OUT

  • Connie Alsip

    YESSSS!! Didn’t this article just make my day?? There just may be hope for the people weary of Obama’s relentless attempts to silence us. For the rinos in congress to take stock of what they are preaching and what the people want. Maybe it will cause them to answer to their constiuants rather than each other. Full speed ahead, Tea Party! Let’s whip our country back into fighting trim, and elect a president not willing to compromise with the communists currently in power, Progressive Democrat is merely a buzz word for communist,.

  • greatgrandmasue

    Yes! Go team go!