Race Baiter Al Sharpton Believes He Decides Who Can Talk About Race

The race baiter Al Sharpton has made himself judge and jury in regards to who can talk about race and racial issues. The inarticulate, to put it mildly, MSNBC host, who said the word race, racial or racist 314 times last year alone, is livid that Rand Paul would dare reference a moment from Civil Rights history to make a case against the NSA. (watch video below)

During a recent speech at the Berkeley Forum, Senator Paul spoke about the actions that J. Edgar Hoover took against Civil Rights leaders with his illegal spying.

I find it ironic that the first African-American president has without compunction allowed this vast exercise of raw power by the NSA. Certainly, J. Edgar Hoover’s illegal spying on Martin Luther King and others in the Civil Rights movement should give us all pause. 

Now, if President Obama were here he would say that he’s not J. Edgar Hoover, which is certainly true. But, power must be restrained because no one knows who will next hold that power.

Paul Bremmer, in an article on Friday at Newsbusters, calls Sharpton out for not only his incessant hurling of the race card to hustle for support and make money, but also for his dangerous racial allegations that led to violence in more than one instance.

If Sharpton couldn’t talk about race, he would barely have anything to talk about. But he has done more than talk about it over the years. He has used it to further his career. He used race to whip up support for Tawana Brawley and didn’t apologize after her rape story turned out to be a hoax. That incident launched Sharpton into the national spotlight. In 1991, he used anti-Jewish rhetoric to incite deadly violence in the Crown Heights riots. A few years later, he incited deadly violence again by leading racially-charged protests in the Freddy’s Fashion Mart incident. 

You would think the reverend would appreciate Paul’s concerns about race and NSA spying. Sharpton surely wouldn’t want the government to spy on him, would he? He is a prominent civil-rights crusader, after all.

Al Sharpton’s fly off the handle to yell about race tendency got the best of him when he forgot which ‘Paul’ was the focus of his hate-filled segment.

But Sharpton claimed that Paul has “no credibility” to talk about racial issues because he once said he would have modified the Civil Rights Act if he had been around in the 1960s. The reverend exclaimed, “[W]here does Ron Paul get off talking about race and civil rights at all?”

Um, Rev, we’re talking about Rand Paul, not his father Ron. But here’s the point: it’s disingenuous for a man who talks about race so much to criticize another man for talking about race. 

But, this type of antagonistic, speech police, vendetta-filled, unscrupulousness makes Sharpton a perfect fit for MSNBC, Obama’s LEAN FORWARD network. 

WATCH MSNBC’s Al Sharpton fly off the handle…..again.