Illinois Middle School Workbook: Second Amendment is for ‘Certain Weapons’ that are ‘Registered’


A workbook for a 7th grade classroom offered to students at a Springfield, Illinois, middle school is creating controversy with its candid, and erroneous, declaration that the Second Amendment only applies to “certain weapons” and requires citizens to register such weapons.
Rich Kinison, whose son attends Grant Middle School in Springfield, Illinois, first posted a picture of the workbook on the Facebook page for Illinois Gun Owners Rights. The workbook gives a brief summary of each amendment of the Constitution and tries to explain its function. However, Kinison’s son recognized that something was wrong with the clarification offered for the Second Amendment that detailed: (emphasis added) 
“This amendment states that people have the right to certain weapons, providing that they register them and have not been in prison. The founding fathers included the amendment to prevent the United States from acting like the British who had tried to take weapons away from the colonists.” 
Of course, the Second Amendment holds no such provisions and, in its entirety, only offers the provision that this right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.”
The Second Amendment states,
“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
Apparently, this is the first time this issue had been raised at the school as Kinison was told that the workbook was several years old, predating Common Core, the academic curriculums and standards pushed by the federal government that has drawn criticism for rampant liberal bias.
While this controversy could easily be attributed to a simple, isolated incident, the fact remains that such purposeful misinformation continues to be fed to our nation’s children on a variety of issues.
Even though the administrators of Grant Middle School have noted that the book is several years old and that they will be looking into the issue, administrators and teachers should have noticed this issue long before Mr. Kinison raised the issue.
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    1. tragedy ensues when people believe whatever is posted on the internet lol…please where are the facts to show this thing is published like this? it claimed to be a workbook…title? authors name?? publisher name?? yes no one can or is willing to name the title author and publisher of this supposed workbook…which means they are hiding the fact this was typed and posted as a lie by someone pushing a conservative agenda….to rile those of you up to make it appear the liberal schools are ruining your children with lies…when the true lie is posting this article with no facts,…and you don’t question it at all….muslim terrorist enemies will have a field day with you easily manipulated with lies…..

    2. tragedy is brainwashing socialism Marxism masquerading as education, that’s a real tragedy when our children should be learning science, math, English.

    3. Ms. Lass, have you asked for the same level of proof from Hilary Clinton on Benghazi? Eric Holder on the IRS investigations? Barack Obama on Obamacare regulations? John Kerry on global warming? Please show us your request for validation from these “trusted” leaders. If you can’t answer, I suspect you are paid Obama drone.

    4. can u read? that is my son’s homework…. what part of any post have you NOT been able to verify? Its very sad that my kid had to find it, and further more, have this garbage shoved down his throat… the big BIG BIG issue is , if this not taught correctly, what other part of the bill of rights is not being taught correctly?

    5. Wendy here is something for you to read “Apparently, this is the first time this issue had been raised at the school as Kinison was told that the workbook was several years old, predating Common Core, the academic curriculums and standards pushed by the federal government that has drawn criticism for rampant liberal bias. “<<< this comes directly from the above article. This indicates that the page photocopied above is form a workbook. I asked for the name, title, author and publisher name of said workbook. If this is your childs copy you then have the information of that workbook publication. I am not arguing whether what is in the picture above is ok or not ok…im saying before people rant about it as if it is true, it should in fact be proven true first. You have not done that, the article has not done that……listing the workbook that was published that this pictured paper supposedly came from would at leats legitimize that this is published and in a workbook for places to use. The article claims it is from a workbook, I stated they haven't factually proven their claim and backed it up and asked them to provide information that could easily validate their claim. That was not given….until its validated its a moot point ranting and discussing what is in the pic above as being wrong or not…if in fact it isn't REAL…..that's like arguing that the easter bunny is discriminatory….when NO easter bunny in fact exists……how can one then argue a point about the easter bunny when it isn't real to begin with? THATS the point im making….but by all means you could end this now with giving us the workbooks title and author and I can order it and see if it does in fact say this…or are you now saying the article is wrong in its claim that this picture came form a workbook used by the school?

    1. Yeah, blame the Unions, blame your imaginary Commies. they have a new model aluminum hat, you should invest in one.

    2. Nothing imaginary about it. Tragically, it is where we are and what the conservative backbone of the country must now fight to undo because of their lack of resistance to unions and the government.

    3. Unions are the working people you dumbass. Drinking the corporate Kool-Aid again. How soon people forget it was the unions that ended 7 day work weeks, made it so we all had a living wage , and are the reason for our labor law we all enjoy today.

    4. You’re right, unions did a lot of good in years gone by, but today they are, in most cases nothing more than useful idiots for the democratic party and when it comes to teachers unions, I know what they are like because I taught high school for 15 years. Unions can say what they want, but they more often than not were more concerned about health insurance, days off, conventions (which most didn’t even attend) and pay increases. Very few were concerned about improving education.

    5. The corruption of the unions today surpasses anything they did in the past. Some of the unions that made deals with obama over obamacare are now recanting. They realized (TOO LATE) just what they were supporting. Now they’re SCREWED as are the rest of us ! ! ! !

    6. There once was a need for unions, now they suck the blood out of their members with ever increasing dues, support 90 to 95% leftist and communist politicians, drive up prices and diminish growth in our country.

    7. Actually it is not the Union that diminishes growth. The true culprits are the CEO’s and officers of the large companies. Union comes along and organizes fair pay and benefits and this affects not just Union members but non-union as well.

      If companies want to truly do away with Unions, pay employees a decent wage and benefits and provide decent hours. You do this by capping officers pay and limiting bonuses that are paid to CEO’s. You organize it so that each employee of the company gets a percentage of the profit sharing plan, which bonuses are paid out of. The remainder is paid to the CEO as a bonus. This encourages employees to do better and achieve more.

      If a company works with it’s employees and show that yes, they are out for the best bottom line but they are are to help the Employee as well, then the Employee is now vested in the company and the retention rate is phenomenal. In turn that increases morale and hiring as well as productivity.

    8. I have been in unions for over 30 years, IBEW and AFL-CIO… Am and have been Building rep. Unions suck the life blood out of business. They drive up cost and diminish competition.

    9. Unions like many things are really needed a d start out with the best of intentions, but become so big and powerful they become as bad if not WORST than what they were formed o fight against!

    10. What’s wrong with a seven day work week? I’d work ten days a week if I could. You liberals are so lazy maybe if you quit worrying about how many days a week you get off, and instead take care of personal responsibility this country wouldn’t need Obama care or any other socialized liberal handouts.
      Mike Bates Thomas wv.

    11. Mike, I think there’s nothing wrong with working 7-days per week….. Only as long as you’re not forced to do so.
      I do realize the corruption, in the upper eschellance of the unions, and that’s the problem. Not the members themselves typically.

    12. Dale,I grew up in a union household, ( my dad being a union contractor,) I think the original idea of helping ” working stiffs,” has now been lost.
      It seems as though the union bosses, are trying to influence their members to vote certain ways, and are lining there own pockets at members expense.
      I’m still believe in workers rights, but I have to at least partially agree with Mike, above.

    13. not all unions do this. Like politics, and any businesses, there can be corruption i.e people pushing for an agenda….that may or may not align with its members….many things unions have done and can do are good…..but society has an all or nothing mentality in some groups….some unions may not be as good so lets get rid of all unions…some people on welfare abuse the system so lets do away with it all…that’s NOT a good philosophy……as you lose the good parts in there as well….challenge the unions that are being corrupt, don’t claim all unions are bad and shouldn’t exist…stop approaching the world as all or nothing black and white only…many gray areas exist.

    14. Name ONE union which has donated more of their extortion money (they call it “dues”) to republicans than to democrats.
      ….just one……

      When the unions worry more about politics than the people they are supposed to represent, then they need to go away.

    15. How much money did the unions contribute to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign?


      Unions contributed a bit more than $400 million to Obma’s election campaign. The money came from dues paid by members.

    16. Extortion money – “pay us or you don’t work”.
      …neat, eh?

      “unions” supposedly “represent” their “members”.
      One has to wonder if ALL their “members” are democrats.
      …if not – well, then, so much for “representation”.

      Ain’t Logic fun?

    17. and politicians in areas are suppose to represent all their people too …their constituents…..but how many republican candidates overlook the needsa and rights of their “people” who happen to not be of the republican party?see how logic works? you say it is wrong for democrats to do that in the union and NOT represent all…but the politicians who are in the republican party today….the tea party extremists…are NOT representing all their people of the area they were voted in……so please tell me why that’s ok for one party but not another? it should be wrong for both…..see how nice logic works? when its used properly?you however use it only to support what you want…and instead we should be using it for all regardless of what we believe personally……that’s what a true America will look like

    18. Perhaps you could provide us all with an example of how YOU – yes, you personally – have EVER done ANYTHING for anybody besides yourself.

      Yet you have an undying belief that your all-knowing-all-feeling-all-caring nanny-state will always do what’s right for everybody else.

      How comfortable for you.

      Unlike you fascists, we of the TEA Party ARE “We The People”, and that terrifies the tyrants like you.
      THAT is why you hate us Americans.

    19. 1.) please learn the proper use of your and youre please. 2.) you ask what have I personally done for anyone? well in what capacity are you referring? What categories of Help would be legitimate to you for my response? as I have done LOTS for people within the cope of my limited self….3.) I have never made such a statement you contend i.e I have never stated I believe an all feeling nanny state would do all right and no wrong or is perfect by any means….please explain where you came to that conclusion as it was not based on any factual basis(i.e no comment I made here ever said such a thing). 4.) I don’t hate americans. 5.) We the people also include the people you call progressive, fascist, minorities, lazy etc…NOT just the people you agree with….THAT is America, and in case you are in denial soon rigid extremist white conservatives will be the minority big time…so this “we the people” stuff really is amusing since more people exist in America who aren’t like you than who are…6.)define fascist….as I understand fascism to mean”views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation and asserts that stronger nations have the right to expand…and a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government…….I have no control in government, last I checked people still have a say and make change through that and still can vote people out of office…..but how does that definition , based on what I have stated in my responses, make me a fascist?I think you should truly understand words, before you use them.

    20. Very true :) I think he’s just repeating words he has heard others say . He has no real understanding of what he is saying. He could use a dictionary and someone to explain it to him.

    21. If you want to work in a union shop then logic would suggest you want to be a member of that union. Now if one party is trying to end your union and the other is supporting your union logic would suggest that you support the group that supports you. Yes, I can see how logic can be fun, Thank you!!!
      Oh another fun fact is union leaders are voted in just like Government leaders.

    22. Bingo!
      ….and unions are RENOWNED for their “fair, unbiased votes”, right?

      So – given the septic tank which is the democrap-union economy these days – what happens if someone DOESN’T want to sell their soul to a union, but still wants to work?

    23. Were you playing Bingo? Is it that you can’t read or you just don’t understand the word?

    24. Unions aren’t supported by the extremists in the republican party. That’s why the unions don’t give as much to those candidates. The unions wont support people who want to go backwards and take away the rights people already have established…..that’s like saying lets take away womens right to vote….that’s an extremist view and when views like that or things like “legitmate rape” are said by a party member…they wont support that party as they don’t agree with what the current platform is……you think because these extremists call themselves republican party it means they are the republican ideology, however, if you research history you will see a shift has taken place, what was the republican party in the 50′s is no longer and in some ways the party is trying to put us back to 1950 which when progress has been made you cant try and go backwards………

    25. so basically unions are bad in your mind because they tend to align more with the rights of all (liberal) and not just of the Christian white man?(republican) The fact is, in politicis today republicans and democrats have gotten away from their true ideology the names democrat and republicans stand for….and with that distancing there are areas that one party may leave out and if the unions happen to be the organization that helps with that area that one group supports but another does not of COURSE then they will slant more with that. perhaps if the republican party wasn’t quite so rigid as a group of politicans today are trying to make it…you would see the support of unions for republicans….as they once did support the republican party. They deviated from that when the party started getting extremist in nature and exclusive in who they support for certain rights instead of supporting all for all rights…. its not unions that have changed as much as it is the republican party and their agenda…..they stopped supporting unions….not because unions changed drastically..although by all means I am willing to read up on anything you share regarding how unions changed…something NOT written by a conservative extremist but more a neutral party would be nice….I believe unions would support republican when they stop trying to take us back to 1919. Many thinsg some of the extremist politicians in the republican party(which is not agreed on by all republicans) are trying to tell women what to do etc….many true republicans from what the party stood for in the 80′s don’t agree with the new conservative extremsist taking charge….problem is people see “republican” and think oh I MUST remain republican and begin siding with these extremsist calling it republican when in fact it has deviated from what true republican was….

    26. Don and Christina Smith: a great read but get ready for a huge change as the curtain gets pulled back and we see the truth of what lies behind it (our American revisionist history)…..”American Betrayal” by Diana West; this will explain that “for three quarters of a century we have been” 1933 is a date that you could possibly say was RIP America…comment on your you tube link. We must educate every American citizen that this government and current administration “DO NOT” have our best interests at hand.

    27. bigoted in what way touchstone? Again merely typing it does not make it so. Provide evidence of such. If by progressive you mean independent, then yes I am “progressive” . It is interesting to me people use this word progressive as if it is a bad word. Progressive is defined as ” moving forward. : happening or developing gradually over a period of time. : using or interested in new or modern ideas especially in politics and education .” What exactly about that definition is bad? Do You want to stay stuck in the past…should we never progress in science and medicine and military weapons too? Are those things considered progressive and bad too?

    28. Read any union convention book about the resolutions proposed and or passed. Their agenda is not about work place issues but homosexual rights / marriage ,gun control ,abortion for any reason I could go on but you get my point. These are extreme positions that we members pay for . The liberals that have taken over the unions have to paint anyone that don’t agree with them as extreme . The Republican party platform and Tea Party Patriots are much more main stream and working family friendly . Read this stuff for yourself I did and it changed my outlook on who my friends are.

    29. Well would you donate to someone that doesn’t want you around? I am not a democrat/ libtard but unions are important and needed more today than in the past 60 years. With fewer and fewer jobs and more corporate control of Washington they are the only voice the people have. And please don’t tell me how unions are pushing out business because that’s crap. If anyone here wants to work for the same $2 a day they do in China I guess the corporations would stay. But how would you live on what you could make? It cost 8.56 to make an iPhone in China and $12 to make one here. They charge almost $700 for one, I think they could squeeze out a profit. While these companies are failing and being bailed out but the tax payers the CEOs still get hundreds of millions in bonus money and the worker get screwed. I have a hard time feeling sorry for corporate America. Thank a soldier for your freedom but thank the union for your labor laws, they fought and died for workers rights.

    30. I’ve been watching people like you write for the corporations. Keep the CEOs making millions in bonus while the company fails and blame the unions.

    31. Sorry, twinkles, but I’m a retired Infantry NCO, and I have only ONE dog in this fight – the U.S. Constitution.

      ….try just the least bit of rational thought – not the union-label-line – and answer this question:
      “WHY do they not allow the military to unionize?”

      THAT is where I’m coming from – the Constitution.

      unions are like dinosaurs – they had their day, but now they’re just dangerous creatures stepping on little people, extorting money (“dues”) to buy democrap politicians with “negotiable morals” so that they can soak the taxpayers for more subsidies.

      IF unions have any VIABLE place in America, PROVE IT:
      MAKE THE ENTIRE NATION “RIGHT TO WORK”, and let real people decide.
      …oh, that’s right…….
      Except for government unions, people ARE leaving the unions.
      Seems like We The People have ALREADY figured out the extortion racket of the soon-to-be-extinct unions.

    32. TouchStone

      “WHY do they not allow the military to unionize?”
      This is your question???? You claim to be an NCO and you can’t figure this one out for yourself. And if people are leaving the unions what is your problem? I’m ok with people that are against unions working for change or whatever the corporation is willing to let them have if they are really good.
      Government was a good idea once too and they are worse than any union I know of, I don’t hear you ( the NCO ) trying to take down the Government.

    33. I already KNOW the answer, but – obviously – YOU do not.
      …who’s drinkin’ the union koolaid now?

      As for “taking down the government”, I AM! – but I’m doing it the HONEST way (not the union way) one election at a time, as a proud member of the TEA Party.

      And the GOVERNMENT unions still have their incestuous little money-laundering scheme with the democraps – the unions extort the money from the workers to buy the democrap politicians who steal money from the taxpayers to give to the unions to extort from their workers, and on and on and on.
      …or are you too koolaid-drunk to see just how WRONG that is?
      Which is PRECISELY WHY the unions AND the democraps fight fang and claw to make certain that the nation will NEVER have an honest “RIGHT TO WORK” law for ALL Americans.

      ….now, perhaps you could answer the F*’in question, unionite?

    34. Wow! TouchStone you are out there. I’m thinking you named yourself correctly, alittle touched and very stoned. You believe what you want and please don’t let facts get in your way. :) I’m thinking that’s Kool-Aid in your tea :) but you believe what you like.
      If you read some of the things I wrote you would know I do not belong to any union but I do benefit from them as does every American. They are needed more now than they have been in many years. With companies trying to lower wages, cut benefits and control even their employees personal lives. The higher unemployment gets the more we need unions to protect employees from abuse from the large corporations. The corporations pay for people to write against unions and some sheep buy into it but it doesn’t make sense at the end of the day. If you wish to work for less than a worker in China please do, I do not and in the US you would not be able to have food or shelter at their wages. So if you are not willing to work for less and money is the reason for businesses moving to China why would they stay here? So you think American should dump the unions and be slaves to the Corporation. No Kool-Aid drinking there. :) :) :)

    35. Fact: unions give to democraps over other parties by a 9 to 1 margin – at least.
      Fact: the dem politicians make sure union-infested corporations get more government contracts than non-union corporations.
      Fact: the hideously mis-named “stimulus act” dribbled out the money which supposedly needed to get out there “yesterday”, and over 80% of it (at least) went to union-infested operations.

      … facts bore you, or is it just that you’ve got that oh-so-progressive attitude that ALL corporations are “eeeeeviiiiilllll”?

      Grow up and get some facts, unionite.
      ….and you STILL haven’t answered the question.
      The reason why you won’t is obvious.

    36. Ok Stoner, step away from the crack pipe. I know fiction and fact start with the same letters but they are not the same.

      A fact is something that has really occurred or is actually the case.
      Facts do not bore me and if you had any you may not feel the way you do. The first Stimulus package was a 2 trillion dollar bail out of wall street and was done by Bush which in FACT was not, and still is not a Democrat, nor am I. 380 billion dollars of that Stimulus went to AIG , not a union company. The worker’s bonus were canceled but the CEO and other board members still got multimillion dollar bonus packages even after they caused the company to fail. Most of the rest went to banks and other fortune 500 companies. Less then 75 billion went to Automakers which employ about 4.1 million Americans. Now these are facts. And your 9 to 1 margin is actually called a ratio which is also a fact unlike the 9 to 1 figure you stated. I don’t believe your version of the Tea Party gave very much at all to the Democrats either. So why would you think the unions should give to people that fight them?
      One of the many reasons I do not believe you were ever in the military is your question, ” Why doesn’t the military have unions?” Are you really that stupid ? That was a rhetorical question.

    37. You might wish that I was as stupid as yourself, twinkles, but the fact remains that my DD214 calls you a liar.
      Now, as for facts – something you appear to be unacquainted with – try this on for size:

      Bush43 was and is a “progressive” – just an unregistered democrap….his actions spoke louder than his words when he said, “I had to abandon free market principles in order to save the free market system.”
      …not really much of a Conservative statement, eh?

      Then there’s the Wisconsin union payoff:

      The teacher’s union bail-out:

      …enough, or do you want more, unionite?

      And you STILL haven’t answered my question, noob.

    38. Wow ! What planet do you live on? The most troubling thing here is, you can vote? Are you doing this to discredit the Tea Party? Pretend to be a member and make them look uneducated and misinformed. It’s an old trick there Stoner.

    39. ROFLMAO!
      I could scan copies of my last few deployment orders, but you’re not worth the time.
      Besides, you’re runnin’ on fumes with your attempts at insult, spin, and overall desperation…and it sounds more and more like YOU are the union plant, pretending to TEA, but just spewing nonsense.
      …were you the bozo that showed up in D.C. with the old Confederate Stars’n’Bars, just begging for a media puke to come take your picture?
      Just curious….

      You’re clueless about the question, ain’cha civvie?
      Let me break out the crayons for ya:
      The military is a government organization.
      The Post Office is a government organization.

      One is unionized, the other is not.
      Why not the military?

      Can you answer the question NOW, twinkles?
      ….it will be hard to dumb it down any more, unless I get some common core union teacher to lower the standards for you.
      So – answer the question, or just go back to your union shop and print up some more bogus anti-TEA Party signs.

    40. unions are not working people. unions are organizations who have all priced themselves right out of a job in the last 50 years and caused many large companies to move overseas to make a profit, resulting in no jobs. Unions are absolutely of no use if there is no work. They just want you to pay dues, and keep you from working if you don’t. If you want to call people names, Dale, or don’t like what others say, get off of here. At one time unions were good for the people, and did a lot of good. But just like our government, over time greed and control factors set in. It is all about power, control and influence now. Debbie Lass and Charles were having a good healthy debate, then you show up calling people dumbA’s. No need for that kind of nastiness.

    41. Have to correct you merc. Unions ARE for the working people. Granted, most Unions are corrupt as the day is long but that is in the upper echelons and in certain practices. Unions overall, protect both Union and non-union workers by getting better pay & benefits for the workers.

      Those companies that have chosen to move overseas have done so, yes, to make a profit but at the expense of the workers. They can go to Mexico, Korea, China etc., where for what they spend to employ ONE worker in the us they can pay that same amount and hire 50 workers for a week. There is another word for it.. it’s called being cheap and greedy.

    42. so you blame the unions for corporations taking their businesses over seas? wow….you ARE blinded…..unions push for fair wage….corporations take jobs over seas so they can pay cheaper labor….thus increasing the money their ceo and board members and investors make….NOT increasing pay for their workers…and which group does the average American fall into? the worker….so basically you want no unions so corporations control all and have jobs here but they wont pay fair wage for you to live and get out of poverty……that sure makes a lot of sense…problem is you want to “fix” one side of the problem without fixing the other…until you are able to see the greed and corruption and the disregard for the hard working man by coporations…ou simply wont get it and will continue to be used by them to promote them getting richer and you getting poorer… tell me…take unions away, get gov out of any control….tell me how corporations will change their pay and wages and such to give americans fair wages? the cheaper labor will still exist in other countries… tell me how unions being gone will suddenly make corporations want to come back and pay you a fair wage today……

    43. I hope you don’t mind but I copied this and posted it to an anti-union
      discussion I’m having on facebook. I was making the same statements but I like the way you worded it better.

    44. merc I will respond anyway I’d like and you will do nothing but bitch about it, thank you. I’ve already posted to your BS about unions causing corporations going to places like China for below living wages. I see no need to repeat. Sorry about the dumbass statements but when people think the way you do I have to figure they are either a dumbass or a paid writer for the corporate world. Can I assume you make an income off your posts or are you the other?

    45. Living wage, labor laws, 5 day work week, holiday and vacation pay, healthcare benefits etc. Please get a history book and read up, you’d be surprised what has happen in this country. :) Now you did ask about the past 100 years not the past 100 days, right?

    46. And what have they done lately?. Besides take your money for “union dues” and give it to politicians who you do not even agree with!, union people are SHEEP! you go along because of your greed and sense of entitlement. The people you’re talking about were good hard working people, who, rightly had enough of the mistreatment of 7 days a week and other cruel treatment. DON’T YOU EVEN THINK OF COMPARING YOURSELVES TO THESE BRAVE PEOPLE. You’re just riding their coattails to give credibility to your DISGUSTING GREED!! EAT THAT DALE FIFIELD YOU PUKE!!!!

    47. How exactly are union members greedy and feeling entitled when majority of them are the average middle class? let me give an analogy here…a friend has been working out a lot. She runs many miles a week but cant seem to drop the 35 pounds she wishes to drop. She gets discouraged and decides to stop working out because it MUST NOT BE WORKING since she cant drop the 35 pounds. So she stops working out and puts on another 25 pounds. Heres the moral of this story, just because her efforts and working out werent showing the results she wanted, it was preventing something worse from occurring(gaining weight). So you think unions arent doing much now as they havent made changes the way unions in the past have….thats because of the ground work already laid by unions….they did the “dirty work” so to speak back then as they were starting from scratch. The fact that that was done and things improved in work force means unions have less to do today to make drastic changes. However, if you remove the power of the unions then all that was achieved by those Brave hard working people you mentioned, will all go out the window…and the work force will “gain weight” so to speak and become in worse shape……thats what you dont understand…having union now isnt as much for making BIG changes, its now for maintaining what was already changed….because if you take unions away and no accountability on corporations by gov they will do for THEM not for you the average worker…..

    48. Unions are not the working people , Union members are the working people there is a big difference. Union leaders only need members to push their agenda ,( your money and numbers to lobby with .) Pretending to care for your family to your face while killing the American Dream behind closed doors. You can’t be for a welfare state and the middle class worker at the same time .

    49. Liberal progressive socialist statists. Statism, that big central government control, whether Fascism, Socialism, or Communism is bad for the People and bad for the Nation.

    50. How can anyone be soooo out of touch with the truth? Just go online and do even a little bit of research and you will then know how utterly ignorant you are! You apparently don’t even have a CLUE as to what the so called progressives are doing to our country…

    51. and you ahev NO CLUE that the true power lies in the wealth…that pays the politicians…and that wealth is controlled by the corporations…please show me how any corporation will suddenly come back and create jobs for the us…and give fairer pay to workers JUST because unions are gone or gov isn’t involved…so they have the money the power and the greed…and you think they will suddenly say ahhh ok unions are gone I can come back and provide jobs with fair wages….we know 7.35 an hour isn’t enough for a family to live on with inflation and prices of things today……so if ten an hour is seen by coporations as too much to pay they leave overseas, what do you think they will pay when no one says we deserve higher pay? we have more people needing jobs than there are jobs….if they cant find people willing to work here for their pennies they will take the jobs overseas anyway! cripes. lol what incentive do companies have for NOT going overseas even if unions don’t exist? its still cheaper labor….so unless the hard working americans agree to get cheap pay they still wont stay….they don’t care they are rich…..they can retire in another country on our expense……please tell me what will motivate big corporations with lots of money to provide fair wages for workers here just because unions would be gone….

    52. And of course there are no WEALTHY extremist Democrats are there?.Unions have ruined this country, private and public, just take a look at Madison, Wi. Vandalism, extortion, bullying innocent ppl. And that’s because the union could’nt have CBA . AWWWWW! POOR BABIES!!!. Iworked for over 25 yrs in a non union shop and did’nt make the most money in the world, but, i raised 3 girls and my wife worked in the same place, she;s going on 20 yrs. Sure we got screwed on some things but in our generation we bitched a little then went back to work. Bottom line Debbie Lass is SUCK IT UP BITCH AND QIUT YER CRYING ABOUT THIS THAT AND THE OTHER THING.

    53. Wow, are your daughters as classless as you? I imagine if a man called your daughters a BITCH for merely having a differing view you would pull out your gun and “learn them”. I think someone who resorts to calling a stranger a bitch merely because you don’t agree with what they are saying is the one crying….let me get this straight…YOU can interject and call someone a name who has said and done nothing to you, and that’s OK, but I am not “allowed” to speak my mind on here civilly? Way to try and restrict my freedoms and bully me into silence. Last I checked, dictators do that. If you do not like what I have to say, don’t read it. Since you have nothing intelligent to discuss, I see you resorted to the typical name calling.

    54. and Barry, of course both parties have wealthy extremists. What does that have to do with corporations still taking business overseas for cheap labor even if unions weren’t in existence?

    55. You have to feel bad for Barry he doesn’t know a lot of words , or much about what he tries to write. :) I’m thinking 8th grade maybe 9th grade education. :)

    56. The corporations do need people like Barry to work for dirt and defend the companies right to treat him that way. He is not aware it was a union that stopped him from having to thank the corporation for a 7 day work week.

    57. Silly girl, wages are low and jobs are scarce Because there are too many workers due to foreigners taking jobs that should only be available to Americans (because the government lets it happen). AND because the government will not allow millions of jobs to be created by allowing the oil and gas drilling that would double US production.

      The government sets up low wages and limits job growth. That is what the Democrats in control are doing.

    58. Silly male, do you understand statistics at all? in statistics they discuss that when one or more variables are acting on something we cannot state only one variable is the cause? You try to blame this all on democrats, yet the republicans have done nothing about immigration when given the chance. Many variables, not just immigration play a role and act as a variable in the issue of less jobs.The gov sets up low wages and limits job growth? Please share how the democrats do this versus republicans. Here is something to read…it shows that Obama has created in this recession from 2009-2013 as many jobs as Bush did in his second term in office. And way more than Bush’ first term in office. However, some scholars and pundits suggest that it doesn’t make sense to judge presidents’ performance by how many jobs are created on their watch. James Campbell, a political science professor at the State University of New York in Buffalo, stated, for instance, that any analysis must consider the “lagging” effects of economic policies from one administration into the next. And when that’s the approach in assessing the economy, Campbell says, the reality is that since the 1940s “there are no presidential party differences with respect to growth, unemployment, or income inequality.”

      Bush did not need to create jobs when he took office he took over office with a surplus instead of a deficit, I believe unemployment was at a very low percentage. The country was working and things were good. Im not sure of what Bush could have done to stop it but some captain of industry thought it would be good for our economy to export our jobs into India, China and other places. That is what created the business failures, the bankruptcies and the housing collapse, banks collapsing and yes even more unemployment. While a president cannot tell a company how to run, he certainly could have made it tougher or given incentives to keep the jobs here. I understand companies got tax breaks to offshore outsource from the Bush camp. private sector job creation under President Obama has far exceeded private sector job creation under President Bush. 40 months into his presidential term, there are currently more private sector jobs in the economy than when Obama came into office. At the same point in President Bush’s term, the total number of private sector jobs was still down 1.7 percent from where it began.The irony is republicans keep saying they create private sector jobs and the trickle down effect. The public sector job creation is where bush did better than obama, and yet republicans claim smaller government….many jobs that were public sector were lost due to things such as the gov shut down etc…and the cuts that were done to government…..Those making the most wealth are corproations and those with money in the stock as businesses do better wheres the republican trickle down they keep spekaing about?

      The key components here are missing, such as productivity which has jumped through the roof in the last 20 years, out sourcing which has cost us millions of manufacturing jobs along with the closing of 45,000 manufacturing facilities.Until we get money out of Washingtington we will not see any significant job growth especially in the renewables market because BIG OIL, BIG COAL and BIG NATURAL GAS owns Washington and our elected representaives

      The republicans control the congress and yet refuse to do anything regarding immigration at this time as they are too busy tryingt o get obama impeached and get rid of aca. Bush had eight years to do soemthing with immigration. THis isnt to say democrats are best, just shows you are blinded and refuse to see the negative of what the republican party represents currently at this point in time for america.You make one variable the cause and fail to see or recognize or comprehend that many variables play into the state of our country, EVEN republicans under a democratic president play a part as well…

    59. 1,700k something, your unions have communists leaders! Ask them they will tell you! They don’t even hide it! Get right on TV and say it! Nothing imaginary about that.

    60. please provide a legitimate news source that has someone who is truly communist in America saying such a thing…by all means…id love to be informed with facts and truth…..

    61. What does it have to do with unions? Who do you think pushes for these workbooks that rewrite our nation’s history! It isn’t just a decision made by the school board, they rely on the teacher’s unions representatives to propose what is needed.

    62. our union doesn’t push workbooks like this in schools…….it is a curriculum the dept of education in the state must approve as well as the board of education of the district….programs change almost yearly regarding reading in my district and that’s based on new information shown about education that comes out regularly…and new programs tried etc…..has NOTHING to do with the union….just because you want to hold onto untruths doesn’t make them actually true…

    63. It has EVERYTHINGI have read all of your posts Debbie Lass. Nowhere have you taken a stand in favor of parents deciding what is best for the education of their kids. You continue to staunchly discount the story as false, avoiding the crux of the matter. I ask myself why? Now we get it. You do not stand for the kids. You don’t care whether there is a question of validity to the story, but instead you would not want the story to be true because; You are Union. Unions generate class warfare. Unions purport that a member is superior to a non-member, that Union pay scale should be higher than the average. Unions protect the incompetent member to support the theme “stick together, power in numbers”. Unions put their members above the needs of the customer. That is all well and good in the private sector but is a disgrace to the profession of teaching. Teachers should put the needs of the student first. Good teachers do.

    64. what I repeatedly and staunchly have advocated and stated is that before believing something as true and factual that was NOT backed up with facts and proof, that you should wait to be sure it is in fact true and factual before going off on rants about it and making assumptions and judgements from it…..youre arguing for something that you haven’t even verified was in fact true……one person claimed they were a parent who got it from childs workbook and that they talked to the school and all was rectified….that’s ONE person you don’t know claiming something…not factual basis… I asked for the workbooks title and author as the artciles claims “workbook” ….yet the parent cant and has NOT posted it here. That will at least show validity in the fact that paragraph exists like that in some publication……I asked for more information to verify its validity before you all go raging about the schools and liberals and unions and such…..why you have a problem with someone questioning truth and wanting facts of something is beyond me…..

    65. once we have established this as true then I have no qualms expressing my view about it and about parents input in things…..but I don’t believe we should take it as true without verifying it…I asked for verification by requesting title author and publisher name of the workbook the article claims it came from….

    66. Again you keep assuming I am a member of the union without any facts as such. Thus the problem in this country. Assumptions…and lack of ability to prove ones intent but to merley make your own opinion as truth, without factual basis what you believe IS in fact true. That being said pumpkin, all of the things you claim unions do are what politicians, especially the tea party members are doing. This very type of posting is in fact causing divisiveness and inciting basically what youre saying is “good teachers do what republicans tell them” So when a teacher must teach about the second amendment. and part of that teaching then e ntails discussion that the supreme court decises what is unconstitutional or allowed based on their interpretation of the law…..and that the supreme court upholds the fact citizens cant own ANY weapon they like, but only certain ones…and that they require registering their guns all upheld by supreme court as NOT violating one constitutional rights……those are facts…..yet many gun advocates claim that’s not right… you see you aren’t for children knowing FACTS you are for them knowing ONLY the facts that support your ideology…..FACT: unions have and do do some good…if you had your way to teach you would teach them as bad…yet in fifties they were widely supported by republicans….fo the VERY reason they should remain today….however somewhere along the line ideology of the republican party changed and somewhere in there, when they allowed corporations the power, this shifted and now they teach unions are bad…..because unions hold coporations to accountability…can unions be corrupt also? absolutely…but should we do away with all organizations that have corruption? or should we fight against the corruption and make changes to lessen it … soeak of “free thinking” yet indoctrinating children to believe antiunion and support republican no matter what isn’t free thinking….you fail to realize yo aren’t advocating free thinking…youre merely saying free thinking exists ONLY when your views are taught to children… thinking netails expressing both views on something and letting the child decide……do you have an objection to the paragraph stating that citizens cant have any weapon they want…and that guns must be registered? whie I have issue with the paragraph being worded ina way that some may mistakingly think the second amendment says those things…..I KNOW many are upset those things are IN the paragraph at all. Im willing to bet even if reworded to NOT give a misunderstanding of those things being in the constitution and merelt stating ” the second amendment says this” and quoting it” then afterwards saying but the supreme court decides on issues of constitutionality…and as it stands guns must be registered and citizens cant have any weapon they want and this is supported as constitutional by the supreme court…Those are factual things I just typed…nothing misleading or deceptive about them and I guarantee you……MANY extremeist gun advocates will attack a pargraph that states that….and before you or others idiotically try to say im antigun..I am NOT antigun…but I am not a fanatic who tries to force guns on people either… thinking ONLY exists when you allow both sides of an issue and debate to be included…..and I don’t believe youre advocating for that…..My stance is…both sides of a topic should be given….that’s allowing kids to think for themselves…but many parents indoctrinate children to think as them….

    67. Doesn’t make a difference if the curriculum is pushed by the Dept. of Ed. or who, it is the individual schools that decide if they want the books or not and in most cases it comes down to the little group of individuals selected by the union to review the books and make the decision.

    68. IT has not been verified or validated with facts that this in fact WAS a curriculum used by that school. I simply stated that before you go off the deep end and rant about the awfulness of this, it should be verified as legitimate and true first. It has not been. Thus I asked for the title author and publisher of said workbook they claimed it was from….for all any of you know…someone with a beef or an agenda typed this paper up themselves and photocopied it and posted it on facebook claiming it came from the school. Before you debate and banter and rant about what its supposed wrongness was, you should verify it is in fact true first…THATS the point I was making. Otherwise youre blindly believing whatever is posted on the internet…… example is…I saw a posting one day about how supposedly obama was bringing in 80,000 muslims to wage war on America……and they acted like they had PPROOF of this…when investigated I found their supposed proof for their claim was a paper he signed that said that we can as a country let in up to 80,000 refugees who are being persecuted…..this is an act the president MUST do each year…we use to only allow 60,000 refugees in, guess who upped it to 80,000? BUSH….so they distorted what was a presidential act that all presidents must do…and that George bush signed himself stating exactly the same thing as obamas…..and twisted it to claim hes bringing in 80,000 muslims….this sort of distortion and untruth perpetuates anger and hate and division… before people believe and act on something without proof, they need to verify its truth first……why any of you have a problem with that…challenging something validity and truthfulness is beyond me!

    69. Debbie: I ask one question to you ma’am.” Do you think this wording, in the interpretation of the 2nd amendment, was appropriate?”

    70. Patriot, I do not feel the wording was appropriate(but I don’t feel it was a deliberate attempt to indoctrinate children a certain way either) and as a matter of fact I first saw this article posted on facebook by someone on my friends list and I stated as such that while I believe the wording was poorly done and should be reworded so there is NO misunderstanding by anyone…not just by the students but so those who are paranoid and think everything is a conspiracy theory ….. in reality it is condensing information and trying to inform children of the facts….while the amendment doesn’t have the wording this article suggests, what the facts they state are not untrue. Having a gun does mean we have to register it…having a gun does mean we cant have any weapon we want……the supreme court has NOT deemed those two things as unconstitutional or against what the constitution says…so informing people of all the facts…even if you don’t like the facts…is NOT wrong…..I would have worded it differently though so that it wouldn’t cause people like yourselves to think it is teaching kids that the amendment says those exact words. Trying to shorten and condense what facts you wish to share with someone can sometimes come out inferring something that was not intended…however, theres been NO, absolutely NO factual proof this is true thus why I was not engaging in the discussion of the paragraphs wording since no one has provided proof the paragraph is true and exists in a workbook at all yet……so why debate something that could be made up? Do you or do you not not agree we should question truthfulness and validity of things especially on the internet and when they provide no factual evidence to back up what they claim?

    71. Thank you for your reply. I agree, I want the truth, and always seek it.
      I do not ” jump to conclusions, based on what I see written, and or hear.
      What I do, however, is support our constition, to its fullest.
      I have no interests, in arguing, and throwing a ” fit,” over others opinions.
      We have lived, comfortably, in a constitutional republic, for more than 2-centuries, due to sacrifices made by people, like my dad, who landed on Omaha beach, fought int the battle of the bulge, and was in the first American platoon to Auchwitz, subsequent to the Russian takeover. My youngest son also serves, as a lance corporal, in the marines, and served 2- terms in Iraq,

    72. Patriot, The mere questioning by me of legitimacy of an article that is clearly spun to rile up people who are just looking for a fight has been challenged. All I was doing was saying “hey wait, before you go ranting against all the things you dislike or before you(not you personally a general you) go ranting about how this is some conspiracy to indoctrinate children to be antiguns(which I don’t read that paragraph at all as antigun) maybe we should be sure it is valid and truthful as it is posted on the internet and even those who are NOT liberal may post lies for their agenda and have done so…..that ALL good americans should question the validity of it if they cant provide facts when the burden of proof lies with them….do you agree that when people attack someone for merely saying that….that that is scary and problematic for this country? regardless of which political side they belong to? With that being said then….you mentioned that if the paragraph was true that it means they are teaching “lies”. For something to be considered a lie we must show deliberateness….as in they deliberately were writing something false to mislead. No one can prove intent here at this point. Is it possible that perhaps in teachers zealousness to present a lot of facts in a short paragraph that they combined information. while the paragraph is poorly worded and because of that sound slike one is saying the second amendment states guns must be registered, when it does not….the fact that guns DO have to be registered and the fact that we cant own any weapon we like, which has been upheld by the supreme court…and the constitution created the supreme court and makes them the supreme ruler on constitutional issues….means they didn’t type false information to be antigun. her eis a link to a school situation in Georgia. read it. tell me…do you think the people who wrote the questions and who allowed it to be used throughout the school were intending to be malicious and advocating slavery? or do you think they made poor judgement in an attempt to condense two subjects in with one for a lesson? my next question then is also, isn’t it republicans who are advocating for letting states and districts themselves decide whats taught? and are anti government creating one set curriculum? isn’t this the results we are going to see then? Wouldn’t having ONE group write curriculum for all eliminate some of these mistakes? wouldn’t it then be ONLY one place people have to object to when something comes out….when its left to states schools and teachers, then you may have to fight these types of mistakes a lot…and no I don’t mean this to say government should impose their agenda…I believe that things can be written neutrally or written to present both sides…and should NEVER give only one side….should their not be discussion of the second amendment…sure we can teach kids what the second amendment says but not all agree on its interpretation…should children be allowed to hera both sides and make their own decision? the fact the supreme court does not state registering guns is unconstitutional means that despite a right to own a gun it MUST be registered…how does one share that information then in a way that those who disagree will view is accurate? when they cant even agree on what the supreme court allows? which the supreme court was created by the constitution for this very purpose….wont people still get angry and up in arms? I for one feel the best approach that should be taken, should this paragraph be truly stated as it is and used by schools…is to approach the school and NOT say “YOURE TRYING TO INDOCTRINATE MY KID TO BE ANTIGUN” as intent is not proven, that’s an assumption…but rather I would say the best approach should be” I realize in the interest of trying to condense many things on the topic of guns and the second amendment that this paragraph was created, however, the way it is worded may in fact be confusing to children and cause them to have wrong information as it implies that the second amendment specifically states that guns must be registered and that we cant have any weapon we want. You and I know that’s not what it says and we all want children to be educated on facts and truth. This statement worded as it is, may cause them to have wrong information and I know NO school district wishes to teach incorrect information. Here is my suggestion on the wording of this paragraph…what can be done to change this? Don’t you think that would get more people to side with a person and not just be divisive and inciting…..since NO ONE has truly proven Intent to deliberately deceive or indoctrinate anyone…just as the teachers in Georgia weren’t teaching people to have slaves…..

    73. Ok Debbie. Thank you. I always appreciate someone who does homework. To answer a couple of queries, yes, I want the truth, and don’t think kids should be indoctrinated.
      As far as the 2nd amendment goes,as with all, in my opinion, it was made to protect individual freedom, from oppressive government. It’s very simple, and I believe it not to be at question.
      The second, seems to be the most controversial, because of the wording ” militia.”
      I suggest to anyone who doubts it, to define” militia,” in 1776.
      I’m always open to discussion, so feel free to ” chat with me at anytime.

    74. I understand your compassion for the unions. In my opinion, you need to look slightly deeper into the corruption of the bosses, that’s all.

    75. yes, forget the fact this article is a lie and has not proven its true or legitimate with facts nor provided the source…the workbook title and author to verify or prove and or disprove its factualness….lets just skip over the fact youre defending something that hasn’t been proven true which it is the burden of the person making the claim to show proof….and that you use this lie as a means to merely speak negative hate about unions and liberals in Washington…..and you think this country is headed in a right direction having people in who can feed you any lie they want that you vehemently ignore the lie? that makes us very vulnerable as a country to bad people when youre so easily manipulated and swayed and in denial of truth….

    76. My dear ms Lass; “the fact” this story is a lie. I hadn’t realized that has been born out yet……. Hmmmmm?

      So, hypothetically, should the story be proven to be true, then you fall into the category of “…….. bad people so easily manipulated and swayed and in denial of truth….


    77. Here is what is factually true: this story makes a claim that has a group of you all riled up. The story however provides no factual foundation regarding the workbooks title, the author, the publisher for anyone to at least verify if in facy a workbook exists and if in fact said workbook states the paragraph that’s presented in the picture. For all any of you know…one person with an agenda typed that page up then photocopied it and claims a school is teaching that. This story may or may not be true. But before anyone can get all indignant and demand heads roll, or get attacking of public school, common core and unions from the claim in this article, it should be verified as true and valid….and it has not been…..if something is presented that shows it as true then that’s a different discussion to be having. NOT EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET is true and factual and yet many of you allow this story without being proven factually true to incite you and get you all riled up for the conservative agenda….AT LEAST VERIFY ITS factualness first…..we ALL in this country should question, not just things from what you THINK is an opposing party. But its scary that you think, should proof be shown that this information in article and the claim it makes is true, that you some how think that means im ” easily manipulated” lol that is NOT what that means…should it be proven true, then it merely means…I pushed for someone to be able to back up what they say with facts otherwise it means nothing….easily manipulated means you believe whatever you hear….without questioning or without facts….when facts are presented that no longer means believing it is “manipulation of someone” its sad I have to educate you on this…and yet you condemn education…oh the irony….

    78. Greg Campbell please give Debbie the facts she has requested to settle this argument once and for all. I would also like to research this workbook if they should try to slip it into our schools here.

    79. Yes! thank you, just provide what I asked for to answer the question of its legitimacy once and for all then we can have a healthy debate about it….

    80. Debbie;
      I did not realize until I went back and read a lot of your earlier posts that you were a union troll out to discredit something you have no idea about. You jump on the “It’s all a lie,” bandwagon with absolutely no proof, yet you demand proof from others. This is an extremely dishonest way to have any discussion, but realizing now what your background and motives are, I’m not surprised.
      I don’t know where you teach, if you do, but I have personally seen material from common core that is definitely not education, but definitely is endroctrination. The liberals are now in charge of education right now and I hope it will not be long before parents demand better results than graduates from government education who can not read or make change without a calculator. And yes, THAT is rampant. So, live in your union dream world and tell yourself it’s all lies, and some definetly is, but thare;s a LOT of truth. I fully expect you to demand sources and such for my remarks, and that’s too bad because you can’t see the forrest because of all the trees.

    81. I am no union troll, but that is what is wrong with you and others. You make assumptions. The mere fact I am questioning the legitimacy of this article and asking for the factual proof of the claim made by it causes you and others to attack me is scary and sad. We should all be questioning legitimacy of information just presented to us. The irony of all this is you all are bitching and complaining that a district school is indoctrinating children with false information and claiming that it is being done on purpose with some agenda behind it….the VERY thing you are complaining about, people giving false information to others, and how you should be more aware to catch ushc behavior from happening is exactly what I am doing regarding this article…I am challenging the validity asking for them to produce the facts of evidence of the claims made in this article…which has not been done…..the fact you would attack me for doing exactly to this article what you claim people need to do to the workbook page(i.e challenge what one thinks is false info) means you don’t care if false information is being given by someone as long as its by the political party you support or have ideologies aligned with…..when you stop questioning, even those in your own political party to be sure people are legitimate and honest, then you allow room for corruption to occur in government. You can make whatever claims you like of me but stating it doesn’t make it factually true. neither does making a generalized claim in an article that doesn’t have facts to support it….

    82. Sorry, Debbie, but you are the guilty one, not to mention the FACT that you are asking the wrong people for proof. Nobody on the thread published this article and none of us have any control over it. You started out by saying the article is a lie with none of the proof you say is important, yet you said it anyway. That’s why I said your discussion was dishonest and that’s still true. I believe it to be true because I have SEEN other examples of the same thing personally. And by the way, I did not attack you, I said you were using a dishonest discussion technique and, if you see that as an attack, you are too thin skinned to be calling anyone a lier.

    83. Guilty of what Charles? you are attacking me for questioning the validity of this article because it is void of facual evidence…it is simply “on person word and claim” no other fact or evidence exists to back it up. I challenged that and now you and others feel the need to attack me or bring up what you feel our liberal gov is doing wrong….so when you comment directed at me, you bring yourself into it…and therefore if you are going to attack or challenge me for challenging this article, you are in essence defending the article….and if you defend it because you know it to be true, of course I will ask you for your evidence and facts that make it true to the point you would defend it…otherwise youre telling me you are defending an article that hasn’t met the burden of proving its claim to be true… youre taking one strangers word on it….which means you may be defending a lie…….if you believe in the validity of it so much why not YOU demand and ask the parent to post the workbooks name and publisher and author so we can ALL verify it factually exists and was being used possibly… cant even provide truth that the workbook even exists at all….and if it does not woudnt that then make the persosn claim UNTRUE?

    84. I am through sparring with you, Debbie, because it is plain that you are always right and everybody else is wrong. And you don’t read well because I pointed out that you are asking the wrong people for proof, but apparently that went well over your head. And the bottom line is that I don’t really care if you believe me or not. For someone who’s always right, that is never a consideration. Have a nice day.

    85. Charles, when I am wrong I say I am wrong. IF you feel a person is wrong challenging an internet articles validity that doesn’t have facts to support it…then youre entitled to your OPINION….but there is not one factual thing I have said that was wrong….can the article be true? yes can it be a lie? yes…only factual evidence to back up which of those sides one takes is what will make something truly true or not….and that hasn’t been provided….what exactly is untrue about that? and you don’t read well, im asking those who defend the article and challenge my challenging of the article to then support it with facts and evidence…if you cannot then then you have no basis to challenge me for challenging its validity… shouldn’t be saying a thing to me for questioning UNLESS you have evidence of its truthfulness…and NO your past experience with reading something in schools you didn’t agree with is NOT evidence that this article is true……and factual….have a wonderful day Charles!

    86. ok first of all it is spelled LIAR. second of all, how is questioning your being willing to believe whatever is printed on the internet as factual and true without any facts that show it is true as some sort of dishonest discussion technique. Its real simple…publish the name of the workbook …title author publisher…this at least provides facts that show a workbook doe sin fact exist…then said workbook can be looked at to see if in fact it has such a paragraph in it….that would be factual more trusting information to go by than one man you don’t know saying such on the net…..its scary you approach the world this way that you wont even question claims without facts presented to back them up. anything that wont be verified with facts and truth is NOT true…when something is UNTRUE and presented as true its then a LIE so yes, if they continue to allow this article to remain without facts backing up the claim to show its true, then it is open to being a lie… cant claim it isn’t alie as you have no facts yet to support your claim that whats posted is true…that’s the point…but the original claim was that this is what was being taught..burden of proof lands on the person making the claim…again something you should have learned in school…so since they are making the claim its true they must show facts it is…and they have not…therefore it is not credible to believe and cannot be said to be true….

    87. you apparently don’t care that something could be presented without facts and validity so long as it goes along with your political agenda…that’s sad….scary that you vote when youre so blinded to think that ONLY one political party does something for their agen da and that NO ONE in the party you want ever does wrong…hmm really Reagan sold arms to rebels remember…..which helped strengthen al queda…but yet yu want to say ONLY one party should be questioned instead of all parties being questioned what theirr AGENDA is and to what means they are willing to go to promote it…..

    88. Wow, Debbie. You should put down whatever you’re smoking and plug back into reality.
      1) You know nothing about me and my political persuasion and I have not moved into politics. Both parties are guilty of less than stellar Americanism, but you have no reason to assume ANYTHING about my beliefs other than that I think the education system’s self evident push to change the interpretation of our Constitution is wrong and perhaps criminal and I have seen it with my own eyes.
      2)You seem to think you are some sort of authority on respect or disrespect for one party or the other. You are not. And it is truly amusing how you try to berate me for defending Reagan or the GOP when I did nothing of the sort. If it matters to any of your arcane ramblings, I am a registered independant with no love or allegiance for either of today’s parties.
      And finally, you try to come across as some arbiter of equality, but its plain you lean to the left from your writing, and you really have a problem seeing the meaning in someone elses’ writing. You should read more carefully before you start typing.

    89. I suggest you take your own words and then apply them to yourself Charles especially the “you don’t know me or my political persuasion” since you did exactly that to me….by your very comment in the same post of” its clear you lean to the left in your comments” I made no statement of leaning left in any comment. The mere fact I challenge what a conservative page posts as factually true with no facts to show it is true does not automatically make me on the left or a liberal politically…you just made yourself a hypocrite by pointing out what you claim I did(imply I knew you and your political affiliation without knowing you) and then turned around and did the same thing……

    90. exactly, and I am an independent as well…and stated such numerous times….see how that works…you did what you claim I did…..that is what we call hypocrisy, so I suggest you mind yourself then and move on as you are questioning my questioning of the articles validity….thus means youre showing you believe the article and disagree with my challenging its validity

    91. you also cannot state that because at times you have seen some things you think are questionable that education does regarding what they teach and take that to mean this article is true….if you wish to discuss the topic of common core in general and pros and cons to it or downfalls of it that’s one thing…but to state because you have issue with common core that somehow makes this article and claim true is ridiculous…that’s saying it mildly….

    92. what part has been proven factually true? writing something on the net in and of itself does not make it true and valid…..the whole argument is, you haven’t backed up the claim with factual evidenciary proof…all it says is one person makes this claim and said person claims they spoke to the school….that’s it…people do tell mistruths….so believing the word of one complaintant without truth wont stand up in court, why should we allow it to stand up in life….we all should question anything that cant be proven with facts… persons claim is not backing it up with facts…..

    93. it has not been proven fact that said workbook exists so NO it isn’t an indisputable fact the workbook says it…THATS the piece I keep asking for…give the damn title of the workbook thus all can read it as an indisputable fact that a workbook says this…..THEN we can discuss its content….that’s all I am saying!and yet show me where ONE time anyone has provided the name of the workbook to make it indisputable! I have been asking for three days…Just give the title and author and when it can be verified this workbook exists and that it in fact says such a paragraph THEN ill stand right along with others to say the wording CAN be misleading and should be revised….I wont however make this as some conspiracy to deliberately trick children into some antigun agenda…and why wont I do that? because I believe mistakes are made all the time without deliberateness and agendas…..and intent cant be proven factually that it was an agenda….case in point… Georgia….some teachers were trying to coordinate a math lesson with a history lesson…as they have a lot they must teach kids in short times… sometimes they try to combine a history lesson with a writing lesson etc so kids get their science and history in while more attention is on math and reading……anyway in Georgia a school had some teachers who wrote word problems for math but ncorporated history in them….so it asked something like ” if bill has 40 slaves and joe has 32 slaves….etc……this caused many people to be upset….were the teachers deliberately trying to advocate slavery? NO….they made a mistake not thinking of the outcome…but intent was merely to get in history and math in one lesson as they were on a crunch to get all things taught to kids… again…provide the name and author of the workbook and I will research it and if in fact the paragraph says that…..I will discuss that the wording is bad, can be misleading and should be rewritten…..but I don’t agree its some “agenda” against guns…

    94. I read that Unions such as the UAW contributed every single penny of their political
      funds to Obama so much in fact that they were facing bankruptcy
      if not
      for a timely bailout . Geee funny how that works huh?

    95. and you fail to see what you accuse other parties of, your own party also does….that’s the problem… are blinded to the corruption and incestuousness on your own side…two wrongs don’t make a right….

    96. Wrong again, leftist.
      “progressives” like mccain, graham, boehner and the rest all need to go, too.

      You must be in good shape, with all the exercise you get jumping to wrong conclusions.

    97. LOL oh you mean like the “conclusion” you jumped to that I am a “leftist”? Look up hypocrite and you will see a picture of you :) Since when is Boehner and McCain and Graham of all people “progressive?” lol please do enlighten us on what makes them so “progressive”.

    98. Touchstone, Which Republican leaders do you feel are NOT incestuous and NOT progressive that you support? because the tea partiers are VERY much owned by the NRA and Koch brothers who both possess lots of money and have politicians in their pockets…but by all means share with us which politicians of the republican party you think isn’t how you described liberals as……Im quite curious….

    99. Look, twinkles, it’s been fun, but I do get tired of feeding “progressive” trolls like you.

      Simply put, if you do not see “boneless” boehner, “moderate” mccain, and “gutless” graham for the wanna-be democraps that they are, then you need professional help.

      Don’t spend all your ofa paycheck at once.
      Remember, taxpayers like me worked hard for you to get that propaganda money.

      Have a nice life.
      ….until November.

    100. LOL those men you named are on a republican platform and republican ideology. Just because they don’t go along with extremists in the party does NOT make them democrat. And just because someone named touchstone types they are democrat does not make them one. Basically they just don’t have extreme views of ideology you have that bring us back to times of regression, so you lump them in with democrats…

    101. someone please explain to me what an OFA paycheck is….oh wait, that’s cute. you think I am on welfare. lol This is the problem with this country…assumptions, opinions stated as if they are facts with no basis for them, lack of intelligence such as yours, etc……You pay NOTHING for me thanks :) I have never received a “Government benefit” ever in my life and I am certain I pay higher taxes than you unless of course you make more than 65,000 a year. I love (but am also saddened) when people are losing a debate to an intelligent person and all they have to retort is “enjoy that welfare check my taxes pay for you”. You can always tell when someone who is not up to par is losing a discussion, they resort to name calling, insults and the “im paying your way” comments….and provide nothing in their comment that elicits intelligent discussion or debate….

    102. Try blaming the GOP and Dems for being idiots. Also blame the voters for voting these people into office. America….we are slowly sliding backwards everyday.

    103. They say it was Alexis de Toqueville who said, “In a Democracy, the people get the government they deserve.”

      He was right.
      Apathy is deadly.

    104. So you advocate for no democracy? Lots of countries are NOT a democracy, by all means move there and see how well democracy here is :) Alexis was A liberal whose deepest commitment was to human freedom, Tocqueville believed that political democracy and social equality would, inevitably, replace the aristocratic institutions of Europe. Tocqueville saw democracy as an equation that balanced liberty and equality, concern for the individual as well as for the community.

    105. Tocqueville wrote “Among a democratic people, where there is no hereditary wealth, every man works to earn a living … Labor is held in honor; the prejudice is not against but in its favor.”<<<<<this is no longer what our country values…there IS hereditary wealth, and the stock market now makes people wealthy, NOT necessarily hard work..especially not hard labor work….labor is NOT held in honor by the fact they get paid so little now so that the wealthy can get wealthier….working full time no longer elicits respect or a good wage.Prejudice is now against those who work hard.and remain poor or struggling…but those who are rich are valued….

    106. not sure what happened in posting above but there was a lot more it was suppose to say…but got all jumbled some how in posting….the gist was that today however because of corporate wealth etc and stock market wealth we no longer have the value and concept of hard work because hard work does not elicit the values it once did…i.e making a reputable living and providing for family. So we cannt hold society today in same standard as back then as what we deemed the American dream is no longer…back then it was how hard people worked, now its about how much money people make….

    107. DEMOCRACY is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch.”

      “democracy” is – by definition – MOB RULE.

      Take a class in American History – the real thing, NOT what’s being indoctrinated in the union-infested public schools – and follow it up with a basic Civics class.
      …better yet, READ THE CONSTITUTION.

      America has NEVER been a “democracy”, but you “progressives” believe you are turning it into one.
      …then again, you’re all wrong (again), and are merely turning it into an unhealthy hybrid between bureaucracy and tyranny, run by unions, socialists, and DEMOCRATS.
      ….like I said – mob rule.

      Research “Weimar Republic”, twinkles.
      You twerps are redoing it, step by step.

    108. Au Contraire, we technically live in a constitutionally limited representative democratic republic. Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally—either directly or indirectly through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. A republic has two forms and definitions. A republic can be a form of government with an elected president instead of a monarch, or a form of government with an elected president and elected representatives responsible to the people. Madison proposed a scheme of representation that would control the effects of factions and demagogues. But our society is now inundated with factions, and government is controlled by the tyranny of the minority. Of course, the most glaring examples are the dominant Republican and Democratic Party factions, which control elections and government with the “two-party system.” Jefferson wrote of a Democracy. And Madison in 1834 said, you know, after all these years, we can use the words interchangeably. And that was about the time that the Democratic Republican party that Jefferson created dropped the word “republican” from its name. And that was about the time that Madison, who was one of the early founders of the Democratic Republican party started again using the word democracy. So even From the founding fathers days, they were divided in their defining of our government. In the mid 1780s until the mid 1830s we referred to America as a Republic. From the 1830s until the modern era we referred to it as a democracy.
      In Our form of government, the constitution limits the power of government. We elect representatives, so it’s not a pure democracy. But we do elect them by majority rule so it is democratic. And the form of, the infrastructure, the total form of government, is republican, it is a republic. Therefore, it is a constitutionally limited representative democratic republic. But as with everything today, you conservative extremists only speak of the part of things you agree…like the constitution, the bible and now how we define our government, you choose the parts you agree with and ignore the parts you don’t agree with….Lest we forget, the word “republic” identifies some of the worst of dictatorships, authoritarian and tyrannical governments. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the People’s Republic of China are two glaring examples. But if that’s the type of government you feel we should have, why not just go live in one of those places?

  1. Whoever wrote that was watching too much Piers Morgan instead of reading the Constitution. I wonder where they’ll get their information from now?

  2. These storys are worthless with out the name of the authors and publishing company. With this information we can quickly find where this book is in use elsewhere.
    WHO, what where……

    1. He is right. We need the names of the authors and the publishers. That is where the pressure must be applied.. The school uses just what the school board buys for them. The school board buys the books that give them the best kick-backs and goodies, and don’t ever bother to read them until someone points it out to them.

    2. Apply the pressure to half of the citizens of the USA. They are gun control Liberals and LOVE this kind of tripe.

    3. in other words, if they wont provide the title, author and publisher then the workbook in fact does NOT exist and this story is a lie that cant be backed up with facts…..they don’t provide the names because then it can be disproven….ever wonder why no fox affiliate local station hasn’t reported on this? why only media extremists sites on the net for conservatives is the ONLY story listed about this… because the one false claims gets poste don one conservative blog and three media conservative extremist online article posting sites then run it as if it is a legitimate story when in fact it was NOT backed up with factual proof and verification…something TRUE journalists do……thus why no TRUE journalist site has reported on it…..

    4. No. These stories are not worthless, they are important. They point out the constant attack on the US Constitution.
      Love it or Leave it.

    5. no, they are worthless…and prove no truth just a made up lie….. if you cant provide the true legitimate author and name of said workbook to back up legitimate fact it exists and that someone from springfield school district approved said workbook to be used in schools then these stories are nothing but fabricated lies for propaganda purposes….truth stands for itself…if you have to hide the truth then it cant be that true……if it is true then no one would have a problem with the author title and publisher being named to verify the legitimacy….

    6. It sounds just as believable as obamacare doesn’t it? And people still insist that your ins price will go down and it will be the same quality as you have now. We are expected to believe that and are called racist if we question it. So here we have the opposite side of the pendulum and we need absolute proof right now or it is worse then a lie.

    7. lol thts right, when faced with a legitimate argument that something you believe may be a lie and not have a legitimacy to it, your response is to bring up something from the liberal party to condemn lol…so youre ignoring the fact this article may be a made up bold face lie and cant be backed up with facts and that’s ok…so long as it is your party doing it?

    8. He makes a good point. This is the internet. And we currently live in an age where it’s very simple to fabricate information. Now, while that doesn’t mean it has happened in this specific case, wouldn’t you become a bit curious if no one was ever able to produce information as simple as a source? After all, propaganda exists for both sides. I can assure you that whatever party you support, they fear-monger, manipulate and fabricate with the best of them. That’s politics.

    9. Darren…MY POINT is exactly what you stated….all of my postings have been questioning the legitimacy and truthfulness of this article because of the fact it is being commented on as if it is in fact true and factual when it is not. The conservative who posted it on facebook could have fabricated it and now all those responding anti Obama nd anti liberals and anti schools and anti unions as if this article is true without verification of fact that it is….is sad….so what you claim is his point is EXACTLY the point im making…..nad yes both sides have propaganda but then is it ok to say well its my party who is lying so ill support it? or should we as true americans question and challenge all lies regardless which party they belong to?

    10. Now, YOU, ms Lass, lie. Before, you quite explicitly said the story is false……. Eh?

    11. and I still claim the story is untrue or as you say…false… apparently you are confused in reading …or is it reading comprehension that is tough for you since my paragraphs are long….I have never stated anything BUT the fact that this article has NOT proven its claim that a workbook exists with that second amendment paragraph in it and that it was taught in grant middle school..that claim was NOT proven … was ONLY stated….no facts citations sources to back that claim up to make it true…..

    12. basically your supporting the person saying “well if liberals can do it so can we” as if two wrongs make a right… does that negate the current article? its a typical ploy I have watched when I challenge someone who supports a lie they assume im with the other group and that it gives them the right to list whatever the other party might be doing wrong….so basically you can tell a cop hey that person went through a red light so I can too….as a defense to get out of accountability for a ticket….NO and it shouldn’t be allowed….yet that’s what youre supporting when claiming rona has a point……their point is to bring up the other parties flaws as if that makes it ok for this article to be an untruth being promoted as fact that cause such hateful responses from some on here?

    13. sooooo, you are a Liberal and want schools to teach anti gun material. good for you.

    14. nope but then again you think because you typed that it must make it true lol….that’s why you believe the lies of this article…so my questioning the validity of truth of what this article claims some how you ascertain that meNans I support teaching antigun? 1.) antigun isn’t being taught 2.) calling out a lie that’s made is NOT supporting the lie that was written…..the point is the material you claim was taught is NOT proven to be even in existence nor that it is used in a middle school….if the material is true then why no name of the workbook? no name in any link online that has posted this lie….

    15. so again, you and they are contending that since all parties do it…its ok if their party does because well..thats just politics? so two wrongs make a right and as long as the lie supports their ideology or party that supports their ideology then lying is ok?and yet conservatives are suppose to be so christian and of christian values they say….since when did god approve of lies and promoting anger and hate especially based on untruths? …..and this is how we will have a better America? scary

    16. There is a simple fix for this banting back and again, call the school. Its is listed in the article. This isn’t resolving anything, other than calling the reporter a liar, btw would fit in nicely with the government. Lol

    17. There is a simple way to end this as well..the man who claims he has the workbook and posted the supposed page could list the title oft the workbook, the author and the publisher…..and the name of the school official he spoke with that we could in fact call….why wont he post that if this is true? because if a legitimate workbook doesn’t exist and was not published it will show the lie……

    18. Either way, a call should be made. So far the thread has being interesting but not very edifying… I stated it earlier that the solution can be made by a simple phone call. I am assuming you haven’t. You have the man’s name, the city, school, (I’m assuming) a phone. If you’re right, well good for you, if not, well that happens too. Enjoy the day. :o)

    19. DR daddy you DO realize its Sunday and you DO realize that schools aren’t open Saturday and sunday? and you DO realize I can call this week and be told NO and come back here and type that the school says NO this article is NOT true no workbook exists stating this…..and then what? suddenly you and others will believe this article is a lie? you wont even agree to admit its fishy and not proven and that the person stating he has the workbook and copied this page supposedly from it who wont give the title and author of said workbook…..but yet you wont admit this is questionable but you WILL believe me when I call thema nd come back and make the same claims I made all along?

    20. LOL… I did not mean to drop everything and call now. I also stated that, as it stands right now, is all speculation until all the facts are know. There multiple outlets reporting this however. I personally take people at face value until you are proven otherwise. I actually agree with your speculative view, that it may be rubbish lest the facts show otherwise. Please don’t put words in my mouth that aren’t there, I’m married to someone else…. lol

    21. He don’t have to account to you ms Lass. He reported it to the media, several are running it. Do you really think they would print it without determining it has some merit? Sooo, you can, off the cuff, determine the story is false? Ha.

    22. lol what “media ” is running it that is not some obscure extremist conservatist blog page on the net? name one legitimate news source…fox news…cnn…..msnbc…..local news stations in springfield Illinois…name ONE legit news source that isn’t a conservative online newspaper that is running the same exact information as posted here……and YES dummy there are MANY things run ONLINE that aren’t backed up with facts….the fact that fox news station isn’t running the story means it cant be backed up with legit sources…..thus why the ONLY places running it are online sites that have people like you who eat up the lies so easily……burden of proof is on the one making the claim, and he has NOT proven the story factual and true… any stretch…..

    23. So, now I touched a nerve and you resort to name calling. Calling me a dummy don’t reinforce your stand. Once again you have fallen for the motivations of the Left. On one hand you would scream to the highest that the reporter had the right to not reveal the name of the source, but now since that don’t fit your agenda it’s turn it around to make your case.

    24. so without knowing me…other than the mere fact I challenge this article as a lie because it has no legitimacy backed up with facts to support it that I must be 1.) liberal 2.) in support of whatever Obama does? wow that’s a lot of assuming about someone you know nothing about except that they challenge the current lie being posted……

    25. Noone is asking for absolute proof but let’s be honest. From the picture shown it looks like junk that a person taking 20 minutes at home with a computer and a printer could manufacture. There is no cited information. There is front shot of the supposed book. No author information, do date of publication etc.

      Be honest, if a Democratic site had pushed something this juvenile out there, you would have been all over it asking for verification and proof. It’s common sense 101 people or do you want me to sell you that perfect and beautiful land in Louisiana?

    26. The school is posted in the article. Easy to check it out if you were really concerned about the truth rather than insisting on denial. But this is only one of hundreds of examples of Common Core liberal indoctrination.

    27. And I intend to do that but seeing as it’s 2117 Hours here now and every school in the US is closed for the day.. this will have to wait for further investigation till in the morning. I was not insisting on denial, I WAS pointing out that this one picture is fishy and does bear further scrutiny as it does not show any variations in the 4 sites that are running this article. Don’t you find it strange that not once is there a mention of WHAT the book is called? Or that this is the ONLY picture of it? It’s called critical thinking and this country used to be real good at doing that at one point in the not so distant past.

      Now I guess we just suffer to let others do our thinking for us. Yes, I agree that common core is a problem. We are fast becoming the laughing stock of the world due to it.

    28. For someone that says CC is a problem you are sure bending over backwards to deny the truth with out any research. So now that 4 days have past, why is there no recognition of the facts from your phone call? Do not like eating crow?

    29. Recognition of facts? What facts you dimwitted moron? Show me ONE ounce of fact that backs this up? Are there any further articles that back this up and by back up I mean provide additional proof rather than a single repetitive, rather fake looking picture of one page. No name of the book mentioned, no author, not even the names of the “supposed” 2 teachers that wrote it.

      See StephenW, THOSE are facts and IF this had been a legitimate story, then someone would have asked those questions and gotten a picture of oh, gee.. a front cover?

      Logic son.. logic and common sense. You need to get an ample dose of both.

    30. YOU said you were going to actually call to find the truth. Either YOU did not and show your insincerity to find the logical common sense truth, boy, or you did and found the truth that the book is REAL and refuse to admit that your rantings were ignorant of the real truth due to your lack of logical, common sense, due diligence to find that truth.

    31. lol My the ignorant is strong in you. Listen here “boy” as you like to refer to people you neither know nor associate with. The book is fake. There are no copies of it ANYWHERE to be found. Further, upon calling the school it was found to actually BE a hoax. Do you like the word of “sucker” as it’s tattooed on your forehead in bright red?

      You were the one ranting and being illogical in whatever idiotic crusade you have going. Posting link after link and going on in non-sense fashion. It’s a duck, it got shot, it died. End of story.

    32. YOU are the one that called me “son” Just returning the reference. NOW they deny it. I would too. Initially they did not. They had better ditch that book. The thousands of other examples of indoctrination with political propaganda by Common Core are constantly being called out and the deniers like you come out of the woodwork to defend this sick attempt to copy Stalin and Goebbels to control the nation with minds of the children. In England political propaganda is outlawed in public schools. In America Common Core institutionalizes it. Attack me all you want and deny all you want. Common Core is sick and must be removed. Central government control of education is illegal, against the Constitution. But as in most areas, the Obama administration and his disciples do end runs to accomplish their goal of removing America as a world power. Obamacare, National Debt, Foreign Policy, Common Core, Cost of Energy, Dividing the People along any lines you can think of, even immigration to depress wages and increase unemployment. ALL planned and designed to destroy America. Obama is the most successful President ever. He is achieving his goals and implementing his agenda through any means possible, like no president before him has ever been able to do.

    33. lol really? so what school is it? grant middle school in springfield Illinois? and when I call and ask if the posting on the internet is true, is there a workbook that talks about the second amendment and does it say what this article posts and they tell me..NO we dont teach that here and NO we have no workbooks certainly none children take home etc…..then we come back and post “I called grant school and officials told me they dont teach this, this is untrue” then it will be believed when I say this article is a lie? LOLOLOL that’s what you think proves it? the ONE TRUE fact that can prove or disprove what was claimed is the name of the workbook which the supposed father who posted this pic has…and yet refuses to give……he is supposedly holding the workbook he claims its from but that’s not better evidence of fact than me calling the school and being told no they dont teach that and this is false?

    34. LOL. The first time I called it was confirmed in use. I just called again, it is no longer in use. I guess the pressure was too much for them.

    1. I’m thinking that the American people are finally turning off idol, and waking up since “Dear Leader” took over, at least I hope……….

    2. lol what???? it is ridiculous to me that you all bitch about indoctrination of something that hasn’t even been proven to be true and legitimate. Whats the title of the workbook? who is the author? who is the publisher? why would that be NOT presented if this was a true story? why hasn’t any fox affiliate local channel reporting on this? why was no school official name cited? This story has no legitimacy. For all any of you know, some angry gun owner who wants to push a conservative political agenda made this up and copied it to a facebook page. Nothing has proven otherwise….when the source of this bogus story is willing to post the workbooks title and author and publisher and date of publication then we can ALL verify its truth and legitimacy and take action, til then its a made up bs story that you all blindly not only buy into to comment but also post on facebook and allow it to cause you to make untrue and unfair assumptions about the president, liberals , unions and public schools…..scary youre willing to believe a lie to support whatever angry ideology you have against such groups….that’s what will be Americas downfall…that youre so easily swayed by lies…..that a true enemy will just know how easy it is to manipulate you….oh the irony as you banter about how your children are being indoctrinated lol when youre the one being indoctrinated with lies you don’t even make sure are truth first……

    3. Wow, that’s rich, a lib talking about truth and facts, you ppl amaze me !! Anything for the agenda, anything !!!!!!!!!!

    4. lol that’s rich, you calling me a lib as if you know truth and facts lol. I am not a lib. And this article is NOT true and not factually based. BUt apparently facts and truth are not important to you by your actions here today :)

    5. All I said was the ppl of this country are awakening, and your saying I believe everything written on the internet, look if your not a lib, you just a trouble making fool, so go sell some girl scout cookies !!!!!!

    6. no, youre implying that im a lib talking about truth and facts and anything for an agenda……that’s implying a LOT more than the country is awakening…and that also indicates youre against liberals questioning the truth and facts of something a conservative sight posted….because you assumed I was and am liberal

    7. I believe the proper word usage is Youre….and so I am to understand then youre leaving without giving the facts that make this article true and legitimate. Got it. When all else fails…and you cant show the lie is a truth, just insult the person pointing out the lie… it.

    8. lol questioning legitimacy of an article and asking for the sources to prove the truthfulness of it is troublemaking? so youre ok believing a lie that you haven’t backed up with facts to be true? got it.

    9. oh and I am NOT against people owning guns OR the second amendment :) consider your mind blown…..but that’s because youre not intelligent enough to function on anything but assumptions….

    10. I am amazed at how hard you are TRYING to deny the truth of this article. YOU present no proof of it not being factual. Call the school and the local newspapers. They will be able to tell you. THEN if it is denied you will have proof. Other wise it is obvious that you doth protest too much.

      HOWEVER here is the proof that this is not just an isolated incident. Now lets see you deny any or all of these and there are many more examples of the political propaganda of the liberal progressive socialists using CC to indoctrinate a generation.

      A response to above
      Assignment that promotes Obama

      NY Times editorial used as reading
      assignment to form student’s opinions.

      “While minorities could likely view
      whites as an enemy, the constant barrage will make the majority feel
      either guilt or bitterness.”

      pro-Muslim Anti-Christian propaganda

    11. but hey mike….please enlighten the readers with the factual truth….whats the name of the workbook? what the authors name? whats the publishers name? whats the name of the school or districts source they allegedly spoke to?IF you want to believe a lie as fact then show us the facts… all means :)

    12. angrymike if you cannot present the facts then you have nothing to stand on, and are showing you choose to believe a lie….

    13. Remember Debbie, it’s hasn’t been proven to be a lie. until then, it is all just politic humor…….

    14. Here is some more “politic humor”. Laugh so you don’t cry

      A response to above
      Assignment that promotes Obama

      NY Times editorial used as reading
      assignment to form student’s opinions.

      “While minorities could likely view
      whites as an enemy, the constant barrage will make the majority feel
      either guilt or bitterness.”

      pro-Muslim Anti-Christian propaganda


  4. If this was important, parents would be at all board meetings and eventually pulling their kids out of school. If there were enough parents doing this things would change.

    1. That wouldn’t help. Liberal anti-gun advocates LOVE to hear the school is teaching their kids this crap.

    1. Yes, parents need to quit whining about what their kids are being taught and get involved, as MOST OF US HAVE DONE ALL ALONG! Blaming schools is not the problem. Kids that succeed have good parenting and any parent that doesn’t already know they better get busy and ‘home school’ every kid, even if they attend public school.

      Dad/Mom “son, let me see your notes for today’s lessons”.
      Son. “I didn’t take notes”.
      Dad/Mom “son, from now on take notes.
      I want to review what they’re teaching you.”

      Next day; Dad/Mom; Son, “I see you studied the 2nd amendment, I want you to get out the Constitution and compare what it says with what you were taught in school, and from now on after you do your school homework I’m going to go over it with you.”

    2. I agree parents should be involved but should we have to check every lesson every day and/or proof read our kids text books for errors? We should not “have to.” Instead why don’t we elect people with like values and get teachers and school administrators who will and should keep a close eye on this. And get a state board of education that will make sure the text books are right in the first place. This would be a ground up effort to correct on a national level. If we are going to check the kids lessons and books every day because we don’t trust the school system, we might as well home school and be done with it… Our public school system should be a big home school…

    3. Yes. Parents should be involved every day with education.
      Your Q, “should we have to check every lesson every day and/or proof read our kids text books for errors?” You exaggerate to argue against the parent getting directly involved. How’s about the parent checking some lessons once in a while. The key is to get the kid involved in not believing everything told. Inquisitive kids excel. Teach the kid to check EVERY LESSON and verify it with the technology available.
      Expecting education to be controlled at “a national level” is folly. That mindset is the biggest problem we face in this country, to expect government to do what the citizen can do better at. With modern technology the parent is more equipped to teach the kid than anybody. In my day the teacher and school board were HIRED by the citizens in the community. If they didn’t do what parent-teacher committees dictated they were fired. The more government gets involved in education, the worse it gets.

      Government (by the constitution) is to protect the citizens from foreign attack, provide public safety(police and fire), build roads and bridges, write law to do those things and collect money to pay for those responsibilities of government.

    4. Your statement shows great wisdom and you properly called out the roll of the federal government. Those powers not enumerated are reserved for the states, and very few are enumerated. The federal government is violating the constitution by usurping those powers that are the purview of the states. By allowing this to continue, we will continue to see our freedoms erode as we move toward tyranny.

    5. I am afraid you are correct. Just so you know, I was in elementary school when the local school district was owned and operated by the parents, property donated to the community and parents (parents ONLY) were in charge. They hired a school superintendent and teachers. The school board and teachers were selected by the Parents. The day the teachers got together and formed a PTA, was the day things started going downhill. Teachers should teach what the School Board and parents decide, not anything else. This was all monitored/controlled by the State. Then one day about 1954 or so, the US Department of Education took over. And forced the states to take power away from the parents. All of those school districts were ‘consolidated’ and the parents lost control of the process.

      Now, the US Department of Education runs the show, dictating to the state by hook or crook on everything. Teachers unions muddy up the water even further. The problem is that the majority of the electorate is for a Nanny Society and vote for politicians that are leading us toward Socialism because they fall for the promises that the US Government will do it for them. The kids are all being taught that this is how it is. They teach kids to be afraid of guns instead of teaching them how to protect themselves.

      Now, the only answer, for responsible parents that care, is home schooling, or at least making sure the kids know what to look out for.

      None of that will ever change.

    6. I was not exaggerating, I was responding to your scenario above which I thought would be unnecessary if the Dept of Ed would do its job. And as I said starting out “I agree parents should be involved.” In your first statement you implied parents need to “re-school” the children when they get home from school. That is what I find redundant when we should correct the things that are wrong “in the school” and not have to re-teach the kids. Just as you said -”In my day the teacher and school board were HIRED by the citizens in the community.” I very much agree with continuing that but, of course it was paid for by the county “government.” There is nothing wrong with public education if it is controlled by the citizenry. What has happened is us parents were too trusting and government DID get out of control. My point is we need to get OUR government under control and make it do what we want and need done and not just in Education but in all areas that have run amuck. I have been very involved with my kids and the school system over the years – I have 3 college educated kids one of which is an asst. principal today.

    7. We disagree. I am not as optimistic as you, that we could ever get government to do something they have (so far) failed to produce. It should not be the government’s job to pay for the education of the kids, it should be paid for by the parent.

      No, the school was not paid for the county government. It was paid for by land donated by a local businessman for the expressed purpose of it being used for the school. The land was leased out to a custom farmer and the profits were split. There was never a time when the land did not pay for upkeep on the building, and pay the teacher. The school board was voluntary. The Parents ran the school. In 1949 or 1950 the State took over all of those schools and ‘consolidated’ them. From then on, the parents have been gradually shut out of the process. The answer, if you care about your kids is to home-school, or private school, otherwise they will be short-changed.

    8. The system you describe above is a good one for its time, but can you see this system working today in the inner city schools where there a hundreds of thousands of students who’s parents are largely indigent and ignorant. In either case, we must take the school system back, however it is set up, and the government as a whole. Can’t you see, the more you and thousands of other home schoolers withdraw, the more the administration advances and institutes its philosophies and policies. We have to TAKE it back and assert our influence or soon, our freedoms will be lost. When/if we do take it back, we restructure the education system- abolish Fed. and state dept. of Ed. and hand education back to counties where it is closer to the parents. However, this switch would not be enough if you know anything about what is going on inside schools today. There are many social problems/horror stories that drag down the education of our kids. Don’t let the Liberals/Socialists have their way with the children of this nation! There is no giving up…

    9. It is a parents responsibility to see that their children are being educated properly and not brain washed. Government and education is untrustworthy and must be constantly monitored or they will gradually take away your freedoms. The natural evolution of government is toward tyranny.

    10. The trouble with this is that there are too many kids who were conceived just to get a welfare check and who don’t have parents so to speak. They are sent to schools for baby sitting and not to learn anything. Liberals love children like this because they can fill their heads with their socialist agenda and there is no one to balance their education.

  5. The fact that they point out that the workbook is several years old only makes it worse. It proves that the teachers that use it are either not paying attention, don’t care, or are themselves leftist liberal propagandists. The other thing that it proves is that the creep of socialism has been going on for a much longer time than many are aware.

    1. and yet the fact that this article 1.) presents no citation of sources, does not list the title of the workbook, the author of workbook, the publisher of workbook or who at the district would have approved it. 2.) that nothing but a supposed alleged father posted a pic of it with no citations which means anyone can create this sheet and posta copy of it claiming someone else is using it in schools 3.) no fox news afilliates have picked up the story and reported it getting the schools side and showing any legitimacy to this story at all… and you and others buy into it….a faceless person posts a copy of something on facebook that they themselves could have created and doesn’t give the workbooks name, author, source of this alleged document …..and you send it on and comment on it as if it is factual news that’s been verified with true sources and facts. The alleged parent has failed to provide the information I question regarding verification of legitimacy of true publication of this workbook…..despite being asked for it…..that’s astounding then that you believe it….

    2. So Debbie Lass, as long as a constitutional source is written wrongly it is false, but if you agreed with the concept it would be correct if the title of the workbook, author, publisher, etc. were left out. I can read your bias in your comments. I would suspect that you are one of those liberal teachers that would push this type of garbage on the students.

    3. no, that’s the point im making to you. That you are willing to believe a lie presented without any facts or citation of sources to prove its legitimacy….I am questioning the truthfulness and legitimacy of the article and the supposed constitutional paper youre referring to. That’s the point. YOURE responding as if this article is factual and true…im saying it appears made up and a lie as no citing of sources was given and no name of the workbook, no authors name, no publisher name….so tell me dog how do you verify its truthfulness and legitimacy? no fox affiliated true journalist station has picked up the story as it isn’t factually based… was posted on facebook by an alleged father…nonames cited of officials at the school he spoke to ….no citation of name of workbook to prove it exists and wasn’t typed and posted on facebook by a conservative with a political agenda….

    4. Here is a thought call Grant Middle School in Springfield, Illinois up and ask for the name of the controversial workbook and everything else you are asking for. If I wanted to delve into this further that is what I would do. By the way Debbie it is a 7th grade workbook for just a little more information should you want to ask. Don’t just assume it is BS without fact checking which a report does not have to do for you.

    5. Indiana here is a fact….YOU can call the school and ask. Lets say for argument sake though I call them and then come back and report here that they told me no this is false and no such thing was ever taught here. That’s your basis of proof? so you will then believe this is a lie? that’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard of….and this explains why we rank so low compared to other countries in science and math and reasoning skills….because that’s not at all proving truth. However, the man who claims he has the workbook and who posted what he claims is a copy of one paragraph of a page from that said workbook on here cannot give the workbook name, author and publisher….says to me ther eis NO workbook or it could have easily all been proven true by now…but NO that’s not given despite time and requests to do so…..that is more factual proof than a third party saying something that may or may not be true…..ONLY being able to find said workbook published and read that this page actually says what he claims it says is the ONLY factual evidence of this story…..and they refuse to share that information that could easily prove or disprove this story….calling wont tell us squat, the school can say NO we don’t teach that here….then what? come on ….any legitimate news source and journalist provide their sources….and can back up claims….if they publish something like this they would have published the reference to the workbook with the info of title author etc so anyone can go and look it up…this article does not give that….

    6. Ok, any other suggestions as to proof of legitimacy? You’ve got my attention at this point of the conversation, so I truly would like to hear your reply. Thank you.

    7. Patriot, I have repeatedly stated what would help show legitimacy and factual proof…a TITLE, AUTHOR name and PUBLISHER name and date of the said workbook this article claims it came from…….I have repeatedly asked for this and never received from anyone a reply on it…except attacks for my questioning the truthfulness of the article….to be able to verify a workbook exists that has this very paragraph in it is a much more factual start to begin with…then it must be pushed by those who feel the wording is wrong and misleading to be changed…..all I have seen in three days replies to my repeated request for this information was a brief message from someone claiming to be a parent and that it was her childrs homework and “cant I read” lol when the article clearly states”Apparently, this is the first time this issue had been raised at the school as Kinison was told that the workbook was several years old, predating Common Core, the academic curriculums and standards pushed by the federal government that has drawn criticism for rampant liberal bias.” So yes, I can read, and I still am asking for this workbooks title, author and publisher to research if the paragraph in fact says what it says…..what about this do you feel is wrong to ask for and what about this is so tough to produce and give then if this is a legitimate story and article?

    8. Ok. Just remember, I was never critical of your opinion, just curious as to your beliefs. I agree with what you’ve replied to, and look forward to finding out the truth.
      As of yet, I’m not happy , with the accusation, but open minded, enough to look to ALL possibilities.

    9. yes I know and never felt nor indicated you were critical of my questioning….you however are the ONLY one who questioned me who was NOT being critical for my merely questioning legitimacy and asking for more information of proof and facts first. I am certainly NOT advocating FOR the paragraph in the photo….but many take my questioning its legitimacy as just that…that I MUST some how be OK with its wording….why is it they can erroneously make assumptions about people and take them as facts when nothing has provided their claim with facts to back it up…i.e I NEVER stated I supported the paragraphs wording….yet read how many are jumping on me calling me a union member without fact if I am in a union etc….they make HUGE gross assumptions and conclusions about me without facts…based on their anger against anyone who doesn’t one hundred percent agree with them on their ideology. Do you see why I challenged this article to begin with? because people take things that haven’t been factually true, like their own assumptions, and run with it as if it is in fact true…..even IF this paragraph is true…one can merely state that it can be confusing deceptive and misleading and should be changed…no one can factually without proof jump to a conclusion about ones ‘agenda” or “intent” by anyone using it…..I think they lose many supporters for things by doing this…id stand with anyone to peacefully and respectfully request a rewording of such a paragraph to be factually correct….and not confusing or misleading……but when they rather run with conspiracy theories and make the argument “they are antiguns! and indoctrinating children to hate guns” they lose many people who may in fact agree the wording is wrong… you get my drift on this?people gte lost in their own agenda and hate and anger rather than sticking to the true topic…the ONE factual thing we know for sure….that the wording is bad and heres why, it causes some to think the second amendment literally says those things when it doesn’t. End of story…but its overshadowed and becomes some political agenda to rant about

    10. Thank you, again. I only seek true statements, and realize, there is alotta bs, out there.
      In order to retain freedom, in my opinion, we need to question all.

    11. And you are vehemently arguing, also without fact, that the article is false. So who’s the hypocrite again?

    12. so youre calling me a hypocrite because im claiming something someone posted has no factual basis of proof … apparently you don’t know the definition of hypocrisy….and your angry why? and your desire to ignore the truth or ask for facts to back it up is why? you fail to be educated enough to understand that I wasn’t the one making a claim , the person who wrote the article is, the burden of proof is on the person making the charges ” “the necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges.” So that means if the author of said article or of said publication of the paper claims that the school used it and taught the children from a workbook with that in it, then it is their burden to PROVE IT…cripes, maybe you should go back to school instead of trying to defend a lie on here.

    13. Again Debbie; I have a supposition for you. Just supposing this article IS factual, where do you stand, on the issue, at that point?

    14. lets show its validity and truthfulness and I will express exactly what my view is..many make comments here condemning common core when the article itself says that it was supposedly used for years therefore was NOT part of common core but people are using this article as proof common core is bad….how can it be proof about common core when 1.) it hasn’t been proven to be true in the first place and 2.) it says in article it was used before common core began so common core has NOTHING to do with it yet its now being used as a reason to bash common core….regardless of ones view on common core, using this article as a basis for common core being bad is wrong….due to reasons I mentioned above…..that’s the issue I have with this all…this defensiveness that people have waiting to pounce and attack and misinterpreting peoples intentions and also trying to take something unrelated and some how use it as proof to show a negative about something they dislike…..if you think that’s ok for them to do then we have nothing to discuss further….as it means you cant see how wrong doings of some who have the same ideology as you is causing problems and wrong….

    15. Ok, that sounds reasonable. Like I’ve said before, and will continue on. I want the truth, and am tired of b s! I truly hope, that we can find out if this entire accusation is true. All I can say at this point, is” I’ve read it, and am waiting, for positive confirmation.”
      If so found to be factual, it’s wrong, and should have public scrutiny! If it’s a lie, that too, should be exposed.

    16. Agreed. If it is true and factual then I definitely agree it needs to be reworded and changed so as to not mistakingly teach any child or to cause any child confusion about what the second amendment says. I branch off from you in 1.) the possible Intent of the publication and 2.) that many will still be up in arms” pun intended” even if it was merely worded to be factually correct about what the emdnment says. For example. If the paragraph merely stated the second amendment as written in the constutitution, then stated The supreme court was created to uphold the constitutions interpretation. Currently gun owners cant own any weapon they like and guns must be registered. The supreme court has upheld this thus meaning it is NOT unconstitutional to have these laws about guns. That would be true and factual and say what this paragraph was trying to say…I still am willing to bet half these people ranting on here would STILL be ranting and angry about the paragraph even when written correctly. as the facts they presented were true…just worded poorly to erroneously cause one to t possibly think the second amendment worded it that way…it is in fact upheld as a constitutional matter to have registries and that we cant have any weapon we like….many don’t like this so they don’t want their children taught that….many don’t believ ein free thinking they just want to indoctrinate their child with their views…and if whats being taught in schools doesn’t go along with their view they want it to NOT be taught. regardless if it is in fact factual. So I would side with you on rewording the paragraph. But I am certain as I have bore witness to peoples responses, that even rewording this factually correct, they would have issue with content….

    17. if my calling out something someone claims is true as a lie because they have not PROVEN it true…is a political agenda then the agenda is TRUTH. Apparently the truth and facts are something you don’t agree with?

    18. Debbie Lass has no Political Agenda. She is Union. Union members “stick together” no matter what their political affiliation. It is considered uncouth for Union members to discuss Politics among’st themselves. They simply vote for the candidate the Union tells them to vote for and go on their merry way.

    19. what factual evidence do you have that I am union? because I question truth and validity of an article that hs no factual proof backing up its claim that a school was teaching that paragraph to kids? I merely asked for the workbooks name and author to research the truth of whats been stated…..and form THAT you have stated I am union lol that’s your problem and with many here…you take something stated without facts or evidence to show it is true and act as if it is true……that’s why we as americans are dumber than many other nations….because you don’t realize the importance of proof and facts to back up things as necessary …..

    20. actually NO lol but I do laugh at how idiotic you appear now. My stating “our union” does not state “I am in a union” That’s YOUR interpretation of it. When I am referring to My distircts union…..because you are referring to this unions district allowing the book…..I stated “our union” as in MY DISTRICTS union not MY union…or id have said MY union…MY union would grammatically say that I am in a union. I said OUR union as in Our districts union that I work for. So no you factually proved nothing. IF I was in a union I would have stated MY union if I was talking about a union I belonged to. Our district has a union and they do not determine the curriculum.. the district as a whole union and non union determine the curriculum that must be approved by the state.

    21. Sighhhhhhh………… Goodby ms lass. Please reply with your typical backpedaling, incoherent liberal-speak.

    22. Just because you do not understand or comprehend the english language and make incorrect inferrences…that just means prehaps we do need change in public education as it has failed you :)

    23. since you make a claim and have no facts to prove it correct then you are sharing a lie with people claiming it as true…that’s exactly what this article may be doing when theres no proof they are giving, when in fact proof can be gotten by merely giving the title and authors name of said workbook…..when they can give something that will show proof but they choose not to, then one must question its validity……otherwise science and medicine will never be accurate and we will be in shambles believing falsehoods….

    24. hmm so everyone on this feed is progressive except brian? since everyone is trembling with someone questioning their belief in this article as the article has not met its burden of proof proving their claim to be factually true?

    25. Oh good Lord Debbie.Go read the 2nd Amendment than get back with us. Its only a sentence long so shouldn’t be an issue for you. Its pretty direct and to the point!. Your just arguing with folks to be arguing. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”. Now quit arguing with folks over facts!

    26. Oh good lord Terrence, what does the second amendment have to do with proof and validation and erification that the paragraph posted in this article was in fact real and not made up and wa sin fact in a workbook used by schools? this is not a debate of what the second amendment in fact says, IM well aware what it states…..and im well aware the paragraph in this article implies the amendment discusses registry and not being able to have all kinds of weapons….when it doesn’t say that…..that’s never been anything I disputed….im challenging if in fact the paragraph youre acting as true was in fact legitimately in a workbook publication and used by schools. when one cant even give the title of the workbook and the author to verify the paragraphs legitimacy of being published this way then NO it holds no truth as having been used at all….post the workbooks title, publisher and author and we can look into whether the paragraph was written as such and THEN we can discuss how it is misleading…..

    27. ahh but I don’t have to prove it…the claim that it was in fact true was made by the author of the article and by the supposed alleged parent….that puts the burden of proof on them as they are making the claim it is true….so they have burden of proof to show it is true with facts and proof…when they fail to do so….then it cannot be said to be true….and when something cant be said to be in fact true… then can in fact be untrue…and deliberately giving something untrue as true…is a lie……shall I copy and paste the burden of proof definitions or can you do something productive and google to learn the facts for yourself….

    28. Your slip is showing; You are incapable of understanding that you don’t have to prove something you said……

    29. really? show me where it states that the person making the original claim…in this case this article, does NOT have the burden of proof…do you understand the phrase burden of proof? in court if the state is stating a person committed a crime they don’t have to bear burden of proof of their claim that you violated a crime? really? hmm that’s news to me…..last I checked if the state claims someone committed murder they muct provide evidence and facts that show they did….otherwise anyone can claim you raped them and you will be convicted…..that’s the type society you wish to reside in?

    30. Nobody has to prove anything to you debbie lass.
      You certainly a piece of work, and the TRUTH IS PROVEN; in your posts.

    31. lol thats right, you ignore facts…like the fact that a perosn making a claim holds the burden of proof…when they have not met that burden and are questioned you get bent out of shape….and make all kinds of inferrences from it that are NOT true and not factually based,Thats a problem…

    32. and I can see that you are one of those people who hate so much you will push a lie so long as it backs up what you believe……so you are ok with a false item being posted on facebook and falsely stating that a school is pushing it and causing people to get angry at the government administration currently in the white house when in fact its all a lie just to push an agenda of arousing anger against liberals before an election….that is something you promote? lies? and untruths sthat incite hate just because it may mean your party might get elected? wow….this country is screwed with people like you then….and many teachers are conservative and independent also idiot…again your response implies only liberals are teachers lol….and that ONLY liberals would ever try to push their agenda at all costs….hmm and yet their is voter suppression going on by conservatives…and that’s ok to you because it means your party wins? what a wonderful loving Christian message that sends…ignore truth so long as doing so means your party wins…..I feel for you when you meet your maker…

    33. Ah! so I hit a nerve. Where is that voter suppression? Oh you mean to actually show an ID to prove that you are who you are at the time you vote. It does not cost anything to get one and they are easily gotten. There were many precincts around the country that had more people voting then were registered to vote. Most teachers I run into are liberal. It’s a job where you get three months off with pay and do little to nothing while working. The teaching profession has changed greatly since the 1950′s, most for the bad.

    34. no nerve hit. If you mean it bothers me when people believe a lie at all costs because it helps promote an agenda or ideology they are pushing, then yes…I do not like that. You shouldn’t like that either. But that is why our country is deteriorating and our enemies will destroy us not because of them but because people like you divide the country based on lies to promote an agenda even with untruths…and you clal it freedom and justice…when really that’s what the countries who have such corruption and issues have….soon you will be voting in people who know you will believe whatever lie they give, soon the enemy will disguise as one of you and feed you lies and you will believe it and then bam they will destroy you….I am not a teacher nor am I liberal….so if you think talking down about teachers and public school will hit a nerve with me not at all. You seem bitter though that teachers get three months off and you do not.

    35. Debbie that person you have described is already among us. He is now the President of the United States. He is trying his damnedest to be President of the One World Order. You mentioned Christianity. I am a Christian, and I read my Bible daily. Read the book of Revelations in it’s entirety. You will see that the world, not just this country is in deep peril

    36. Bruce, you are on a page that has an article that has NOT met its burden of proof proving its claim….which would then make this a LIE……and you don’t blink an eye to question it…or to challenge it, or to refute it…or even to back it up with true facts……thereby you are allowing the lie to continue….and are DEFENDING it because when you ignore the true issue here…this article makes a claim it has NOT proven true…..and is thus NOT then true……and you bring up to me about the president of the United states? for what purpose? to make a claim that he does wrong ans therefore the wrong of this lie in this article is OK to do…please show me where god makes a distinction that if you believe in the pharosees ideology then its ok if they lie….and then you lie… long as it is to support a particular ideology of man on this earth? please show me in the bible where jesus or god condones lies and hate spewed like on this feed for questioning somethings validity……id be happy to read THAT passage thank you…..

    37. Debbie;
      Did you not see the part of my comment where I stated that I AGREED WITH YOU? I also stated the LACK of proof about the author’s claim in the article. I also stated that not ALL articles written without proof are lies. Yes, some if not most are just that. Lies. But not all. I NEVER claimed to be defending the article nor it’s author. In fact I did just the opposite. In my comment, I had agreed with you that there was no proof to the validity of the article, and disagreed with your statement that since fox news didn’t report it that it had to be a lie. Just because fox news does not report on something does not make it any less true. But, yes I think that unless the author can prove the validity of his claim, that people should not put any stock into what he is claiming. I hope this clears up the misunderstanding

      In a message dated 3/24/2014 2:26:19 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

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      A new comment was posted on _TPNN | Tea Party News Network_ ( 555&thread=2487439681&behavior=click&url= nois-middle-school-workbook-second-amendment-is-for-certain-weapons-that-are -registered/#comment-1298560410:bi7kCNxzC2RSeMtcv2bdif3u6qE&post=1298560410&

    38. the country is in deep peril but it isn’t because of barak Obama…in gods eyes that is… is because of things like this….that people are willing to allow lies by those they side with ideologically with…when we all should be siding with what god says is right…and lies are wrong for all doesn’t matter what political ideology you align with…….and the fact you don’t get this shows why this country is in deep peril… judge Obama while allowing your own wrong doings as ok when god judges us all equally…you think your removed from that judgement because of your political ideology that’s where your downfall will be…..

    39. People like you disgust me. What has Obama done for you that you’ve got your head so far up his rear end?

    40. LOL wow….this country is in a scary state with people like you who have such anger and rage at someone who merely differs in a view on something than you. First of all I spoke NOTHING about barak Obama and wether he was good or bad as a president or anything about his actions. This article has NOTHING to do with that…stick to the topic at hand. I merely mentioned barak Obama because BRUCE brought him up claiming he is the problem with why our country is in peril..I stated a disagreement that the country is in peril in GODS eyes because of people like he and you who have such anger, rage and hate and who are so closed minded… have you made this about the president of the united states when I was saying GOD sees us in peril due to the unchristian actions you and others have displayed….unless you are now calling yourself a saint devoid of sin…..

    41. there are many things that I disagree with our president on….but unlike you I don’t BLAME him for the sins of the people and sins of politics that GOD would be appalled by…..God will judge Obama on obamas actions, God will judge me on my actions and god will judge you on your actions. YOU cant blame Obama or anyone else for your actions…and that’s what youre accountable to god for…if you believe in god that is…..I wont assume that you are a believer…..

    42. your question implies something that is not true. So there is no answer to give… my head is not up obamas ass….that’s your interpretation and assumption all because I challenge an article legitimacy and truthfulness…..which in fact is NO proof at all that I have any positive or negative view of Obama…..YOU have brought Obama into a topic that has nothing to do with him…..two completely different topics… sticking with the topic at hand…and not digressing based on your unintelligent assumptions…

    43. the Malaysian flight 370 disappeared….thanks Obama!!! I got my period today, thanks Obama!!!! idiots make opinions and assumptions and think they are in fact facts…thanks Obama!!!8 years of bush…thanks Obama!!! in case you aren’t picking up on the sarcasm of these comments please google the video by Jenna marbles in which she is making fun of people like you who blame all things on Obama.

    44. I didn’t blame anything on the Obomber, I said “Two years and nine more months of that sumbich……….”

    45. I never stated I was union in any post…but by all means cut and paste where I have and give the date and time of the said post…….secondly you do realize many people in school districts are NOT union also right? just because union exists in school districts does not mean all employees are union members……SMH at your lack of reasoning, understanding, and lack of intelligence shown by assuming all people in schools and people like me who challenge truthfulness of something are union….even you can google to see percentages of people who are not in the union who are in education…cripes im done educating you on simple things you should have knowledge of…..good day, I shall converse with the othe rposters who at least know some basics like that. all the best to you and yours :) oh but when you find that post where I stated I was all means share the date and time stamp and such …id love to see it…..because I know it was your interpretation that I was and not something I in fact stated…..because I never stated I was union…..

    46. You stated “……………our union doesn’t push workbooks like this in schools…..”

    47. Debbie Lass Tagdogs • a day ago
      “……………..our union doesn’t push workbooks like this in schools……

    48. A Union member gets three months off and non-Union don’t? My, my, how petty. How revealing. How Union……..

    49. You needn’t waste your time trying to convince Debbie. You will just confuse her with the actual facts because she has already made up her mind!

    50. LOL @ facts…thats the fact YOU HAVE SHOWN NO FACTS! lol but please show us the “facts” that show this claim to be true Don. Since there is none I will expect you will merely respond with more gibberish that even a mentally challenged person can spew…insults…YOu do realize you look foolish right? when you claim I don’t know facts when youre ignoring the lack of facts this article presents! people sure do get a good laugh at the irony of your comment though :)

    51. If you’re looking for “hate”, grab a mirror, buttercup.
      …or just look around at the other people working with you at ofa….or is it cap?
      You’re either a paid troll or a koolaid-drunk-useful-idiot.

    52. lol really buttercup? look at the hostility and aggression you and others pose because someone asks for PROOF and facts to back up what their claim is….imagine of we went around claiming things and used no science or medicine to back up or proof what we claimed….wow….so the fact you all seem more bent on being douches instead of questioning something that lacks facts and hasn’t proven their claim true…is scary and sad to me……none of you have provided anything to show im wrong in my claim that they have NOT proven with facts the claim it happened and was not falsely created by your own trolls….not ONE of you has provided the name of the workbook, the author of the workbook to easily show and prove this claim true lol because you cant so instead you try to smoke screen with attacks….

    53. Guess ALL these news sources are wrong over this story than also???????

      News for illinois middle school and 2nd amendment

      Middle School Workbook Reportedly Includes What Could Be the Most Outrageous Definition of the Second … ‎- by Jason Howerton ‎- 2 days ago

      An Illinois father claims a workbook that teaches the Second Amendment comes with a requirement to register firearms was handed out to …

      Middle School Workbook Claims Second Amendment Requires Gun Control

      The Inquisitr‎ – 18 hours ago

      More news for illinois middle school and 2nd amendment

      Illinois Middle School Workbook: Second Amendment is for ‘Certain ……/illinois-middle-school-workbook-second-amendment-…‎


      2 days ago – A workbook for a 7th grade classroom offered to students at a Springfield, Illinois, middle school is creating controversy with its candid, and …

      Workbook teaches kids that Second Amendment includes gun ……/workbook-teaches-kids-that-s…‎


      The Daily Caller


      by Robby Soave – in 44 Google+ circles2 days ago – A social studies workbook, used in an Illinois public middle school, … Second Amendment / Illinois Gun Owners Rights Facebook screenshot …

      Middle School Assignment: Second Amendment Requires Gun ……‎


      Alex Jones


      3 days ago – Middle School Assignment: Second Amendment Requires Gun Registration … Provided to the Illinois Gun Owners Rights Facebook page by a …

      Illinois school handout teaches Second Amendment requires gun ……/illinois-school-handout-teaches-second-amendme…‎


      3 days ago – According to a workbook handed out to seventh grade students at Grant Middle School in Springfield, Ill., the Second Amendment only allows …

      Middle School Workbook Claims Second Amendment Requires Gun ……/middle-school-workbook-claims-second-amendme…‎


      18 hours ago – A middle school workbook for Illinois 7th graders reportedly claims that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution requires gun registration …

      Illinois Middle School Revises Second … – Weasel Zippers…‎


      2 days ago – This is taken from a workbook of a seventh grade class at Grant Middle School in Springfield, Illinois. It says: “This amendment states that …

      Illinois Fails Again: Middle School’s Definition of the Second ……/illinois-fails-middle-schools-definition-se…‎


      2 days ago – According to a workbook handed out to seventh grade students at Grant Middle School in Springfield, Ill., the Second Amendment only allows …

      Illinois Middle School Workbook:2nd Amendment is for ‘Certain …

      19 hours ago – Illinois Middle School Workbook:2nd Amendment is for ‘Certain Weapons’that are’Registered’ @olretiree …

      Illinois Middle School Revises Second Amendment: Only “Certain … › Uncategorized‎


      2 days ago – “This is taken from a workbook of a seventh grade class at Grant Middle School in Springfield, Illinois. It says: “This amendment states that …

    54. terece, all those news sites you quoted are extremist conservative online media blogs and publications of articles written by people with the same ideology as those posting them… story is posted on one of them and the others post it on their site…that’s NOT proof of any facts or truthfulness….that’s merely conservatives supporting it without facts just as you are on here……why hasn’t the fox news local tv station picked it up? why has NO site presented any differing info or more in depth info in them….its the exact same article copied to their page is all…not ONE of them posted the workbooks title, author etc…nothing was deviated from this aticle…so sorry maybe you should go to journalism school to learn why the links you give do NOT provide verification of the stories legitimacy as NONE of those sites posting it follow the guidelines real journalists must….comfirming sources and presenting facts.if the blaze reports it why hasn’t glenn beck been on foxs news with it? because the facts haven’t been validated! and true journalists have a code to follow regarding that type of reporting….

    55. I agree the article should have cited sources. At the very least it should have named the title and publisher of the textbook. But oddly enough, with overwhelming examples of similar liberal bias and error found in today’s “progressive” education curriculum, you take the ideological stance that the article must be illegitimate, simply on principle. The mere appearance of impropriety is enough for you leftists, isn’t it? When you’re beaten with content, argue semantics, right?

    56. I think what Indiana is saying is don’t just believe because it is what you want to believe. Before jumping on the hate wagon see that it is not made up just to enrage. If it is true people should be very angry , but make sure it is true first.

    57. since you typed it here on the net IT MUST BE TRUE lol just like this article, since it was written by someone then it MUST be true eh? that’s your basis for determining what to believe….that anything typed on the net that aligns with your hate MUST be true…..and you have the audacity to bring God into this? god will be the one holding you accountable for speaking and believing and promoting lies…..the bible states THAT as true….but nowhere does the bible claim jesus handed out brains to people…he gave them free will and guided them to be Christian in behavior…lying is NOT condoned behavior in the bible…..maybe you should go back to church or read a bible….before being the expert on God :)

    58. interesting how you belittle the woman you disagree with yet two men also state the same facts I stated and you leave them be….only weak men are scared of men and choose to try to go after the woman thinking he has an equal playing field…your lack of proof to support the article shows you have no skills to play…:)

    59. Well, here is the thing. We all know that sites like this often put out pieces to provoke thought and controversy. Normally such a piece would have at least SOME cited references. There is just a shot of a page that may or may not be real.

      There is no mention of what the workbook is entitled, who authored it, when it was published let alone who published it. Kinda hard to take this at face value given that it is cited as simply a post off of a Facebook page.

      Let’s face it, with the garbage floating around the internet, ON FACEBOOK. Do you take anything that is pulled off of it at face value? If you do, you are a fool without doing some serious digging. I mean come on, not too long ago they were listing the castle on the rick in Scotland as a “go to” spot for vacation sight seeing, and that was shown to be a hoax. Looked good, sounded good but in the end.. photoshopped.

    60. You do not have to stop with this little example in your denial of the Liberal propaganda. Try to also deny a few more. Maybe do some actual research for yourself instead of believing the lies of those pushing Common Core. Of course if you are just one of the lying liberals attempting to convince others that Common Core is not a vehicle for propaganda, then try to deny these as well and there are many more.

      A response to above
      Assignment that promotes Obama

      NY Times editorial used as reading
      assignment to form student’s opinions.

      “While minorities could likely view whites as an enemy, the constant barrage will make the majority feel either guilt or bitterness.”

      pro-Muslim Anti-Christian propaganda

    61. Well, let’s just stop you right there since you thinking deficient right now and have not engaged your brain before typing drivel.

      I am asking for proof that this work is legitimate before things go further. It just makes no sense if this was actually legitimate that the ONLY photo of it would be one page that looks amateurish at best. If this was an actual handbook and contained what is stated then a person would take a photo of the front of it as well as this excerpt from it. Yet in this article, in the Wikistory as well as theblaze there is ONLY this photo. NONE of these three so much as mention the title of the workbook.

      It is suspicious. You may go on with your baseless ignorant attacks and assumptions now Stephen.

    62. Engage your brain. In ALL the articles out there from all the sources that running this. From the Facebook page to here, to the Blaze to Wikistory… NONE of them post any other image of the book? Don’t even mention the name of it? To any SANE THINKING person that raises red flags and says do some research.

      But then to sheeple like yourself it might not. All I am saying is don’t take everything you see at face value and use what god gave you a brain for and think and stop sipping quite so hard in your kool aid at your attempt to bash teachers and liberals until the truth is in.

    63. There is good reason for me personally to believe that this is real, I have seen the same type of garbage in my grandchildren’s homework from workbooks. Yes, personally SEEN those same type workbook pages. That is why I do not doubt for even one second that this is authentic. Do you have children that attend these public schools? I am not pointing at the teachers of our schools although they share in the blame, it is the fault of those that review school curriculum. The teacher’s fault lies in the fact that they are not actually reviewing what they assign the children for homework. (I hope that is the case.)

    64. No. I can thankfully say that I do not have any children that are in school. One followed in my footsteps and is in the Army, overseas in Afghanistan and the other 2 are married and in college.

    65. lol really? wow its scary how much you not only DENY lack of facts and lack of proof of a claim…but you also defend it…..JDON where is the proof? since the claim was this was used to teach children the burden of proving that claim is on those making the claim…wheres the evidence and proof other than some faceless person online typing it out? you have no proof therefor it has not been proven therefor it cannot be said to be true….THIS is why we are 25th in education and science and such compared to other countries as you and other show a poor understanding of statistics, burden of proof, English, etc….

    66. amen! thank you for being the one intelligent being so far on this page who actually sees truth….and again yes for pointing out everything I have been stating…..things they should be questioning if they are true good Christians and true good americans and want whats best for our country they should be able to see and acknowledge a lie no matter what ideological agenda or group it comes from and demand it not be allowed….but instead they merely respond with what they think the “liberal” group did wrong…..scary because that means they will allow wrong doing so long as its done by their party representative……all the while trying to say others do that…SMH

    67. Just call the school, fool. The Superintendent publicly refuses to remove the workbook seeing nothing wrong with presenting this modern view of the 2nd amendment. I would give you a link to the article but I am sure you would make up some sick excuse to deny it and want other proof.
      It is YOU that posts drivel and refuses to research the truth. Because it is clear that you lose on the truth of the issue. I cannot present you with the first person truth of calling the school because there is no recording of my conversation. Do it or STFU loser.

    68.…go…fool. Yeah, you get the late to the party prize. You are replying after 4 days. If you want your view to be taken any kind of serious YOU have to post the link, fool. At this point without it, there is NO credibility with this reporting as there is ONLY one page posted and that looks like something any child could whip up.

      It’s called logic and reason, things that children learn in school to apply objectively to a problem. Things which you seem to neither possess nor apply.

    69. It is called research and looking for the truth from additional sources like in the town where it actually occurred rather than being a denier based only on how you can spin the above presentation to forward your ignorant agenda or maybe not so ignorant as your agenda may be to support the indoctrination of students by Common Core virtually copying Marx and pre WWII Germany’s example. Statism. That big central government control, whether Fascism, Socialism, or Communism is bad for the People (especially our children) and bad for the Nation.

    70. Ok, clearly you are an idiot. This thing is 17+ days old and you respond now with idiot koolaid drivel without so much as an ounce of a thing called additional “proof” to back up your claim that it is real. No follow on photos, no recordings of phone conversations with the school, no letters of correspondence, nothing to support that this was/is anything more than a hoax.

      Yes, it IS called research. I said what it looked like and the fact that in EVERY SINGLE NEWS outlet they ran cabon copy stories that ONLY, I say again ONLY showed the one photo of the one page. A page that any half-brained idiot looking to make a splash could make on a computer with a printer. There is NOTHING, ANYWHERE that says the date of publication, the title of the book, who authored or even who illustrated it. Common sense would say that a person seeing this would.. and I’ll take a leap here, take a photo of the front of the book, leaf thru and take OTHER pictures as well but where is that? NOWHERE to be found.

      If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck and walks like a duck. Guess what? It’s most likely a duck.. and in this case.. in the absence of any clear and defining evidence that would give credence to the claim.. this duck is a fake.

    71. Prove it with anything other than lying drival. Call the town news outlets any thing. You do not want to reveal the truth because you are simply a supporter of this sort of Common Core indoctrination by the progressives that want to do as Stalin and Goebbels preached. Control the minds of the children and control the nation. If this were the only example there would be no problem but there are thousands of examples of the progressive indoctrination in our public schools thanks to Common Core. In England they outlawed political propaganda in public schools. In America Common Core institutionalizes it.

    72. You’re boring son and you fail to accept common sense. IF this was an actual book used in school and IF ANY parent saw this, they would have taken the time to take a picture of the front, NOT just one page. The local TV and papers would have picked this up but where is that? The ONLY single solitary image of this supposed book, anywhere is this one page that my daughter could have created on her laptop.

      Calling the school reveals no such book. And yet you continue to deny. You fail to grasp the reality of it and you look like a buffoon for falling for a fake story. The first clue should have been the fact there ALL the news outlets have the same image and NONE of them could get confirmation that it exists let alone other photographs of it. Common sense StephenW, clearly you lack it.

    73. Those that love and fight for central government control through Common Core propaganda forced on our children will never stop denying and deceiving the people. In England political propaganda was outlawed in public schools. In America Common Core institutionalizes it as hundreds of examples that parents have exposed attest to and yet we still do not see these in any media. Deny as you might, Common Core is about political indoctrination.

    74. And idiots will never stop inventing things that are false and proven false and blame it on something else. Why? Because they have no effective way of fighting it other than to fabricate lies and shine the most light on those fabricated lies.

      Stop dodging StephenW as this was proven to be false and yet you still don’t acknowledge you screwed up. You were quick to jump on the bandwagon and bash it with NO proof that it was legitimate and low and behold, it turned out to be false.

    75. First, where is the proof it is false? All I have seen is you, an obvious liberal mouth piece supporting this Common Core indoctrination, claiming it is false with no proof.

      Secondly the hundreds of other examples of this same indoctrination permeating Common Core have been proven to be true.

    76. We are not talking about the other, as you claim “Hundreds” and no those have not been proven, not by your or anyone else. Stop claiming falsehoods.

      There are ZERO other stories that add additional evidence on this story about that school. There are NO other photographs, there is no record of publication. There is, in ALL the media outlets about this story, ONLY one photo and that is of that SINGLE page. ALL the stories are carbon copies with few revisions.

      When the school was called they denied any knowledge of it. Given, if this WAS a real thing, more parents would be up in arms, there is NOT ONE SINGLE OTHER PARENT reporting on this.

      THAT is all the proof that is required to call it what it is. A father, if he was that, upset over common core made of himself a drama queen and it was jumped on by idiots without fact checking. Each idiot assumed the story was true and lumped it into the “Blame common core” category. And yes that means you.

      I don’t support common as you facetiously claim. However, unlike you I actually look into a situation before crying wolf or scream out that the sky is falling. When people jump in without looking or researching it tends to make them look like the idiots they are.

    77. lol SHow me ONE place where I lied StephenW? Otherwise you are just a rambling idiot that got shown up and his butt handed to him for once again.. assuming.

    78. Your statement: “you claim “Hundreds” and no those have not been proven, not by your or anyone else. Stop claiming falsehoods.” LIE! You copy Obama and the rest of the liberal nut jobs. 66% of Democrats believe Obama lies and do not care. SICK.

      But I notice you do not deny the truth of the links that PROVE Common Core is laced with Liberal Political Propaganda to indoctrinate our children.

    79. Moron, the idiot and stupid run strong in you. I said proven, not just thrown up there. You claim hundreds and just of the few you have thrown up there, several JUST on that list are obvious shams… JUST like the one you got called on here about. An invented Hoax, but who would do such a thing JUST to blacken the eye of common core.. hrm, one has to look no farther than Conservatives and people like StephenW for that answer. Nice political ploy to “invent” a problem and draw attention to it. I do believe that is called “crying wolf”.

    80. Totally understand. You are a troll who would deny anything negative to Common Core. Just a big central government control freak that follows your savior, Obama’s tactics of lying and deceiving the people. A lie told often enough will be believed. It works on many people as was proven by Lenin who invented the technique and Goebbels who perfected it now Obama, his zealots, and his pet media, who takes it to the next level. For you to deny all I have posted proves your true colors. Sick puppy.

    81. so basically your contention is, well this may be a lie BUT BUT BUT common core sucks and is bad so …who cares if this lie is used to propogate people to hate public school and to hate common core….THIS article even states that the person alleges it was used for years BEFORE common core evens started…..yet some how you have made this LIE about common core being bad…..

    82. Just saw your post of calling the school and their denying use of the workbook. My first call to them resulted in confirmation of its use. I called again and was told it was removed. I guess the pressure that education should be about truth got to them.

    83. Since I have witnessed first hand some of the unbelievable things such as this in school workbooks and assignments I would tend to believe this to be authentic. It resembles many of the things that have been seen in some my grandchildren’s homework assignments. Why do you refuse to believe that the left would do this to our children, or are you just providing cover for yourself and them?

    84. I never said they would not or could not. I am not defending them in the least. What I AM saying is that until this is proven to be real and not a clever conversation piece, that I reserve judgement and will look at it critically as I do further research on it.

      I KNOW the left does some hokey crap but I also know that not everything that is put out there can be attributed to them.

  6. The TP is right on this one, but they should also not trash the first amendment by saying, it means freedom of religion,, when it clearly mean s SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. THAT’S MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY OTHER AMENDMENT.

    1. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights.

      The key words here JC are “respecting an establishment of religion.” Where does it state or mean “SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.”
      You need to go back to school and retake a civics class.

    2. Actually it means freedom of religion and that the federal government (states do not follow this) is not allowed to set a religion. It was to insure that we have the freedom to chose what religion we celebrate! IT DOES NOT MEAN SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Reread the amendment!

      Actual text from the Bill of Rights! found here:

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      No where within this does it state that schools may not teach about the different religions!
      No where within this does it state that schools may not have a moment of silence to pray if the student so desires!
      No where within this does it state that children are not allowed to wear or express their religion!
      No where within this does it state that the military must not allow their soldiers to express their religion or talk about their religion!

      In fact the constitution tells the government what they are not allowed to do and does not tell the government what they must do for the people!

    3. One – wikipedia can be changed by anyone and is not a valid source!

      Two – it states that it was a state supreme Court not the US supreme court

      – if you read the 2nd amendment it doesn’t state that, that was how it
      was incorrectly interpreted by that court! And if you further read from
      your invalid source there were descents in it where other judges stated
      that was incorrect!

      Therefor my statement is in fact correct!
      There is no where that it states that schools may not have a moment of
      silence TO PRAY IF THE student so desires! In that statement it does not
      say that the school is forcing prayer on the student just a moment of
      silence. That moment of silence may be used as the student wishes as
      long as they are silent. To pray would be one way to use it. Another way
      to use it would be to think about their day!

      Try again!

    4. hahaha what? it’s a wikipedia link about a UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT case, you can look the actual case up. Jeez. I hope you don’t vote.

      here is a better link for you.

      that should have all the resources you need to educate yourself. although it’s clear you didn’t even bother to read the link I posted properly, or you would have already found your way to the US Sup Ct case all by yourself. I don’t have high hopes, but maybe you will bother to actually read.

      There were dissenting opinions. They are not law. So according to the majority of the Supreme Court, which is all that matters in constitutional interpretation, Second Amendment rights are not absolute, and you can’t force kids to pray in schools. Have a great day.

    5. I hope that you don’t vote because obviously you do not use critical thinking when deciding and reading sources. You also did not understand what I wrote. I in fact did read the source and found the court case. Also, took a legal class and as far as all that matters in constitutional interpretation dissenting opinions do in fact count because they could decide something else in the next case. You do know they can vote differently based on the case.
      I in fact stated that the second amendment gives people the right to freedom of religion. It does not say that a school cannot force a moment of silence TO USE AS THE CHILD WANTS! That is not forcing kids to pray in schools.
      Also, all of the bill of right amendments are in fact ABOSOLUTE. Which means that the federal government cannot force a religion on the USA. The federal government cannot prevent a person from speaking their mind. They also cannot force a law abiding citizen to give up their arms!
      I in fact only use Wikipedia as a starting point in searches if I use it at all. The fact that you used it as your source is laughable because I could go on the site right now and change what it says. Not that I would do so, but I could. I only use and cite sources that are legitimate and in fact use critical thinking to interpret those sources.
      Again, as I stated, the bill of rights was to put a limit on federal powers and not state powers. Which in turn means that the court incorrectly stated that the school violated the 2nd amendment.
      I am all for having a moment of silence, since we do have many different religions in the schools. I am also for the schools teaching what the different religions believe.
      I will pray that you become better educated and look at the true founding and founders of this country.

    6. not anywhere in the constitution. it says freedom of religion meaning not any one religion shall rule the state back in those times in England the Church ruled the State it does not mean to get rid of religion in the government such as prayers (at the beginning of each day in Congress), pictures, documents, money, on government buildings, etc. All the amendments are the foundation of our freedom and liberty each one stands upon the other and are equally important

    7. Separation of church and state is nowhere in the constitution. All it says is that the government may not create a state religion. Clearly, that is what they are doing. By excluding religious expression in the public discourse , they have created the secular state as the religion, and they are making us subjects of that religion.

  7. The first question I would have is, “Who authorized this change in the printing of this text book, and who authorized it to be used in schools?” Time to “FIRE” each and every administrator who is in connection to this intentional attack and misleading data on our National rights and laws.

    1. The real question is “why do we need any damned textbook to teach the US Constitution in school? Have every PARENT get a copy to start with. Then when the lesson comes up at school have the teacher hand out copies and review them with the class. THAT, is teaching, pure and simple.

    2. the real question should be who published this alleged workbook? who is the author and whats the title? you assume its a legitimate fact when nothings been verified or proven.

    3. The following day, the parent says he went to the school and talked to
      his son’s history teacher and the head of the history department. After a
      “civil conversation,” he was informed that two teachers no longer with
      the school created the workbook several years ago, but it has continued
      to be used. The officials also assured him they are taking his concerns
      seriously and vowed to “go to the proper people to have it changed.”

    4. which proves nothing! no names given of who did what and who said what to verify……anyone can state such a vague claim…how convenient after one conversation , and no names mentioned, it is now resolved lol and you think this vague comment by the same person who wont provide the source of the workbook that he allegedly has, isn’t also lying with the vague statement? really?what “officials” assured him it was being taken care of? interesting how such a vague story with no citations and no names given to verify its truthfulness is suddenly also resolved by one contact with the school over a workbook the district purchased for the students…yes that’s right lets not forget the district would have had to purchase said workbooks for the child to have it and most don’t let kids take workbooks home as they reuse them year to year to save cost…nothing about this story bodes true…..just because a stranger types he spoke to someone with no name and they have “taken care of it” that’s a red flag….if its being taken care of why post about it to begin with then? unless you wanted action but action cant be taken when you wont cite the source and the people you talked to….so seems to me its pure propaganda to promote an agenda before elections….

    5. I do like what you are saying. I am not a liberal, matter of fact I am very pro gun and am an NRA member. But you are right each side always believes stuff because it fits their agenda. I thank you for pointing out that it was not verified. Anyone can post stuff and to many people believe and never take any time to check facts. I don’t care who said it.

    6. dolphe, then perhaps you too need to do your research to see the truth about the indoctrination in CC. See the links I provided above. This one example is hardly an isolated incident.

    7. Stephen you can post as many links to your political ideological group contending their view of common core being bad all you want….it is worthless here and does NOT prove this claim is true… its a moot point really…..this isn’t an article about the pros and cons of common core…its an article making a specific claim it has not proven true…… and the article itself claims it was something used for years…which means BEFORE COMMON CORE….for god sakes, stop being blinded for your dislike of something that you try to twist everything to fit in with your view……to the point of blatantly ignoring outright lies about something

    8. Talk about a blind political ideologue, you would not bother to find the truth if it bit you. The Superintendent refuses to remove the workbook because he thinks it is fine to present a politically biased view to the students. He has publicly stated this. If you were not a biased ideologue, you would simply call the school to confirm the workbook. I do not expect sickos like you to do that as you likely prefer the liberal progressive socialist statist political indoctrination of the coming generation to create the New World Order Oligarchy.

      Statism, that big central government control, whether Fascism, Socialism, or Communism is bad for the People and bad for the Nation.

    9. thank you and dolphe I would then consider you a person of reason, truth and intelligence….even if we may differ on views on things I have the utmost respect for you…all party supporters should always be able and willing to see a lie and call it out for what it is…..differing in view doesn’t make something a lie…but lack of facts to support a claim means at the very least it is NOT true….but if deliberately presented as a falsehood then makes it an outright lie…and NO ONE should support it and even worse, defend it….regardless which party says it…..thank you

    10. Debbie, keep your head buried in the sand. It is a standard response of Social Democrats to come back on stories like this and say “prove it”. All I know is Obama lied about AVA, and therefore, everything his party says is tainted.
      YOU are the ones that have to start providing proof.

    11. Jdon, its typical that when confronted to show facts some conservatives retort back with insults and attacks about liberals…. 1.) your dodging the true fact that you cant prove their claim to be true and they have not either….2.) that you make assumptions that you aren’t clear on again lacking more information and facts…as not everyone who questions or challenges nonsense like this is liberal…independents and conservatives do also …..3.)burden of proof is on the person making the claim and the person who claimed this page was from a workbook used by a school to teach children what you contend is wrong information is NOT proven by them, and the fact you dont know the burden of proof lies on them not the person asking for proof….burden of proof is on who makes the claim is not on me to disprove the claim….and their lack of facts and citations means they have not met their burden of proof…..this shows ou need further education as you dont grasp this concept ….4.) how did a discussion of someone saying hey this article hasn’t met its responsibility of proving their claim and therefore could be lying suddenly become about Obama? and how does the fact this article is a lie since it has not been proven true, has anything to do with what liberal party members supposedly say?

  8. A man with a gun is a citizen, a man without a gun is a subject, if you indoctrinate the young they will soon be the “elected” officials making the laws. Makes me wonder how long this has gone on and what it says about the first amendment, thou shalt not talk bad about liberals and their agenda!!!!!

  9. I’ve read where many educators and administrators should get fired. Someone’s thumb is on them to teach it… I say, go to the source of the problem. ELIMINATE THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION because this is obviously THEIR agenda, pushed by the politicians. DOE is liberal through and through. You know we used to think this was only in communist countries. My how times have changed…

  10. This is why you, as a parent, have an obligation to pay close attention to what your children are being taught.

  11. please cite source and publisher. I would love to get an original book. Or even a copy of the CIP.
    As CW states below- documentation please.

  12. The phrase “the free exercise of religion” is very important as it means we
    can publicly exercise our beliefs that stem from the worship we engage in during
    meetings. Our founders also warned us against the free exercise of Islam.
    They rightly discerned that Islam is about fascist, tyrannical government.
    Hitler’s alliance with Islam was not accidental. The man put in charge of
    the extermination of the Jews, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was working out his
    Quranicly inspired idea that Jews are “apes and pigs:”

  13. We are slowly letting them dumb down our children and refusing to wake up and stop them because we don’t want to “Get involved!” If this happens and we wake up one day to tyranny it’s our own fault!!

    1. Yep. Parents need to get involved. Yep. Parents should quit whining if they think the schools aren’t doing their job.

  14. Ideological indoctrination is what Common Core is all about. I England Political propaganda is outlawed in public schools. Common Core institutionalizes it.

    1. This article is propaganda… citation of sources names titles or workbooks information to look up thata workbook in fact even says this. I could have typed it and posted it on facebook and it would be as true as this article….which is NOT truth at all….so until the original posters publish here the title publisher and authors to verify its legitimacy, this article is nothing but lies and propaganda…..common core has nothing to do with it, sorry, even in this article and a commenter stated supposedly it was used for years before core curriculum even started… people seem set to believe whatever negative thing is stated about the party you aren’t part of….and you don’t seem to care if they are made up and lies…..all you care about it sending it along to incite others who hate the party you hate…..that will be Americas downfall…

    2. Debbie Lass either you need to open your eyes OR stop with YOUR liberal progressive propaganda of denial in hopes that others will believe your lie. So which is it are you a lying liberal or just ignorant, listening to the liberal lies and not bothering to do your own research???

      If you do not believe this on try these FEW examples (and there are MANY more) on for size and research each of them or remain ignorant.

      A response to above
      Assignment that promotes Obama

      NY Times editorial used as reading
      assignment to form student’s opinions.

      “While minorities could likely view whites as an enemy, the constant barrage will make the majority feel either guilt or bitterness.”

      pro-Muslim Anti-Christian propaganda

    1. The union workers built the schools and supply the labor force for the public jobs. The unions protect the laborers from unfair management bosses that will reduce wages and benefits the second they get the chance. Teachers, police, firemen, city workers, they all depend on the unions. I’ve seen the impact when union members believed they would be better off to withdraw from their union. Lost wages, no pay raises, no retirements, benefits gone. NO THANK YOU!!!!!!

    2. The unions have long been subverted to serve as a tool to bring about a shift to communism. As such they do not protect teachers or wage-earners and merely use them to reach their evil goals. I firmly believe that unions in public employment must severely limited in their reach or fully eliminated. Unions have become instruments of the destruction of America. In addition, they reduce production, increase costs and discriminate against workers by unfairly limiting who can hold a job.

    3. The unions are a tool of the Socialists and Communists to destroy our freedoms and our republic. It is a very clever ploy on their part and they have had much success in increasing the tyranny of government over us. Unions are more corrupt than government.

    4. please elaborate how unions dstroy your freedoms and the republic…and do you know how things were before unions? please enlighten us how giving all power back to employers will some how make them suddenly compassionate and pay us fairly etc….its been shown even now WITH unions companies don’t pay fairly anymore compare to what ceos are paid and in comparison to the inflation we endure… please specifically state how unions will destroy your ability to have democracy and freedoms…..

    5. The unions destroy our freedoms because they are so corrupt, and the government collusion with the unions to buy votes they distort the way a true republic should operate. They have destroyed numerous industries with excessive demands and companies moved their operations overseas, so that meant loss of jobs. Detroit is a prime example of what unions and government working in collusion have destroyed the free enterprise system. The free market if left alone will set a fair and just price for products and labor. If the companies do not pay a fair wage, the worker is free to seek another employer who will or launch out as an entrepreneur in his own business. That is the American way. The liberal and union policies have produced the highest unemployment rates, the largest number of people on welfare and disability in decades and the highest debts ever incurred on such a short period of time. Many if not most of these people have been out of work long enough that they are now unemployable. The government claims 6.7 unemployment rate and the true rate is closer to 18 %. They claim the inflation rate is 1-2 % and it is closer to 10 %. They keep changing the definition or the way this data is defined. The unions and the government are very much alike because they gain power and stay in power by deception and fraud. The car manufacturers that are successful and pay the best wages are the ones who are not unionized. The smart workers have figured out the unions siphon off their wages to line the pockets of union officials and politicians.

    6. Yes, I want to go back to the days before unions where freedom was working 7 days a week, 14 hours a day, with the fire exits chained shut.

    7. You have to remember when and where the unions started. They came from socialist/communist groups at the turn of the 1900′s. My mother, a union organizer (United Rubber Workers) was a big supporter of the communist way of thinking. She was upset at me in 1967 when I took a job that paid, $0.95 an hour, $.25 more then she was making. “Everyone, no matter what their job is, should be paid the same” was her favorite saying. What was really strange was they were both union jobs.

    8. The union has nothing to do with a made up fabricated story that wont cite ONE school official name they spoke to and wont provide the workbooks title author and publisher to verify its existence as opposed to being created by some gun owner who is pushing a conservative agenda with a false story to incite people…..

  15. The real question is “why do we need any damned textbook to teach the US Constitution in school? Somewhere in the curriculum given the teacher there must be a lesson objective stating to teach the constitution. When the lesson comes up have the teacher hand out copies and review them with the class. THAT, is teaching, pure and simple

  16. previous commentators are correct, we need the name, author, publisher and ISBN. I am in a debate with some friends, and they brought up this.

  17. This, and stories like it, also illustrates what I have stressed to my kids for years. These people, authors and the enablers in government on the left, are in it for the long haul. By endoctrinating children, they are attacking at the weakest point, but they know it will bear fruit for their agenda in the future. Children will grow up with a warped concept of the Constitution and role of government, which is exactly the plan.

    1. Continue to stress to your kids that you are interested in their education. Teach your kids to question what they are told, not aggressively, but passively. The fact that the teacher lies in contradiction to the facts is a good lesson in-of itself. Once a kid realizes that all that they are told is not necessarily true, they will take a load off you. I have always encouraged them to even question me. If I am wrong, I need to know.
      Expecting government to do the parent’s job is folly. In some cases, parents shirk their responsibility. For too many, it is even in their best interests, they are too busy with their self-serving agenda to care about their kids.

    2. I agree, but what is not realized by many parents as they complain about working so hard to make a living, etc., our dear government has encouraged parents to “Let them do it.” I think the liberals in DC want it that way to continut the morass of union supported education and family disintegration. I can only pray that, along with an awakening of the people to tha dangers of government control and manipulation, they will take a more active hand in bringing up their children as Americans.

    3. and children will grow up to believe lies to when you promote this type of story that hasn’t been factually proven or legitimate sources cited to verify its legitimacy…yet you run with it as if it is true and proven…because you WANT to believe this and use it to promote against an ideology of liberalism you disagree with…when in fact you fail to see the true problem with America is propaganda, lies distortion of truths by all political parties today…..when we divide as a people and are blinded to the party wrong doings of the party who aligns with our ideology while condemning the party that doesn’t align with our ideology for the same acts WE THEN are all part of the breakdown of America….because now youre advocating for an ideology even if it means lies and rights of people being violated instead of standing up for a true ideology which will either be right for all parties or wrong for all parties…..when a group says its ok that they do it but the other group cant…that’s when we are headed for destruction by an enemy who keeps us divided as a country because it weakens us….

    4. Debbie, you’re the one who refuses to wake up and smell the coffee. This has been going on now for at least thirty years that I am personally aware of. Re-writing the most elemental parts of our history to fit the liberal philosophy and deride American exceptionalism while crying that we are our brother’s keeper and big brother government needs to control us from cradle to grave for our own good, yet still picking winners and loosers to buy re-election. BULL! The reason this country is devided is because of that same government practicing democracy. Yep, that dirty word, Democracy. Mob rule where the politicians promise goods or money from one group to another to gain the power of elected office. It’s been happening since the fall of Rome and human nature has not changed a whit.

      The liberals trying to transform America into Western Europe love folks like you trying to show how one side or the other is wrong for wanting to abide by the Constitution rather than tampering with it for some agenda.

      The only ideology I advocate for is limited government, the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and the bill of rights and keeping the government out of areas where that same Constitution says they have no right to intrude. If you think that is not proper then we have nothing further to discuss. Our Constitution has served us well until the politicians decided it was too constrictive and out of date. Just as Ben Franklin responded to the fellow who asked what kind of government he had given the country, “A republic . . . if you can keep it.” That’s what I advocate for.

  18. This administration is using the same tactics that Hitler used by using the younger generation to support his political agenda. Remember the quote, “If you are not a liberal when you are young…you have not heart. If you are not a conservative when you are older…you have no brain”. Government is not, and should not , be allowed to clutter the minds of our youth. That is political child abuse.

  19. This administration is using the same tactics that Hitler used by using
    the younger generation to support his political agenda. Remember the
    quote, “If you are not a liberal when you are young…you have no
    heart. If you are not a conservative when you are older…you have no
    brain”. Government is not, and should not , be allowed to clutter the
    minds of our youth. That is political child abuse.

  20. it also says that the first amendment applies to only saying “certain” things!! oh wait…!!!

  21. The Constitution speaks for itself…not what the ‘school books’ try to tell you it says. Learn to read what’s there, not what leftist educators want you to believe is there!
    Every home needs a copy of the Constitution available….to correct the educators!!

    1. But the Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution as saying basically what this textbook says about the Second Amendment. Sounds like everyone could learn to read what’s there, not what others want them to believe is there…

    2. Obviously you have not read the second amendment recently.
      It says nothing about “certain weapons”.

      The 2cnd Amendment could not be more clear!
      The Supreme Court has NOT interpreted the 2cnd Amendment, nor have they said anything about ‘certain weapons’.

    3. I repeat….It is not the job of the Supreme Court to ‘interpret’ he Constitution!

      ‘One of the primary purposes of SCOTUS is to assess the constitutionality of laws passed by the United States government. This process is known as judicial review and any legislation that is deemed unconstitutional by the majority of the justices is discarded. This function provides for a system of checks and balances on the power of the executive and legislative branches of the government.’

    4. I think the trouble you’re having is with the meaning of “interpret” here. It’s their job to interpret what the words actually mean, so they can assess whether a law is constitutional or not. They have to interpret what the words mean or they wouldn’t be able to say whether this law or that actually violates the constitution. So it’s literally impossible to exercise judicial review without constitutional interpretation…

    5. It’s not the word that is the issue but the fact that…. you are confused trying to give SCOTUS the right to do that which is not their job.

      SCOTUS has to interpret whether the NEW/PROPOSED law/bill/complies with etc… or FITS/FOLLOWS the Constitution as the Constitution is written! SCOTUS is not interpreting the Constitution.

      We all know what the Constitution says and means…it couldn’t be any clearer….the right to bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed,……. no interpretation necessary, required or allowed!! SCOTUS is assessing/interpreting the NEW law…never the Constitution.

    6. I’m not sure where you get that idea, but it sure goes against what the Supreme Court has been doing all these years. Maybe you should take it up with them. Yes they apply the constitution to new laws, but in doing that, the also determine the original meaning of the document, which isn’t as clear as you’re assuming. For instance, “congress shall make no law…” in the First Amendment has lots of exceptions to it. The Establishment Clause seems to suggest congress can’t make any laws respecting an establishment of religion, only when the bill of rights was passed, congress had a Christian minister giving opening prayers before them. So clearly what the text seems to say isn’t exactly what the text means. That’s the Court’s job. To determine exactly what our forefathers agreed to when they wrote and ratified the Constitution and its amendments.

    7. Also it’s not even up for debate that the “shall not” in the second amendment isn’t absolute, despite what you believe. United States v. Miller put that to rest almost a century ago.

  22. Yeah, except that:

    The Second Amendment DOES only extend to certain weapons. U.S. v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174 (1939); see also District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008).


    Felons may be denied to right to own firearms without violating the Second Amendment. Lewis v. U.S., 445 U.S. 55 (1980).

    I would hope someone whose “area of expertise is in firearm and Second Amendment-related issues,” would have bothered to read the few Supreme Court cases on the subject and picked this up. Now, it does say that the Second Amendment actually says these things, but your argument, if any, could only be that we aren’t doing enough in schools to explain how constitutional interpretation works. I’m sure that will be explained in American Gov’t class. I hope they pay better attention than this author did.

    1. I don’t think anyone in the majority group of law-abiding citizens would say that felons should be allowed to have firearms. And I doubt that a majority would disagree that some weapons should be considered out of the scope of the Second Amendment. Nukes, mortars, LAWs, Stingers….these are all “arms” that the average citizen would consider rightly regulated out of the common arms market for law-abiding citizens. The main problem with the above interpretation, is the statement that the Second Amendment “states” such limitations, and it does no such thing. Furthermore, it also says that the Second Amendment “states” that the arms be registered, and not only does it not say anything of the sort, a requirement to register arms goes clearly against the meaning of the Second Amendment. The ability of “the people” to maintain their “free state”, in other words, their ability to maintain their freedom, is dependent upon the government being controlled by the people, not the people being controlled by the government.

    2. Right. Which as I said, was a poor way to say it, since it doesn’t state those things. It has been interpreted by the Supreme Court to mean those things, however.

      A requirement to register definitely doesn’t “go clearly against the meaning of the Second Amendment,” but don’t ask me, ask the Supreme Court in Heller. Reasonable conditions of firearm ownership are clearly within the bounds of the Second Amendment, according even to the conservative wing of the court.

  23. well I dont think the founding fathers would agree with that text book dont think they would be worried about gun registration what so ever

    1. please provide the proof this was in fact used in a school and that this workbook in fact exists and was published…..and then you can say it was a mistake that got by someone…til you can prove this is a factual story and not made up by conservative person to promote an agenda….as facts and truth matter……then there is nothing to discuss here….

  24. There has been tons of “Misinformation” in school materials for decades. It could be laziness and lax teachers and parents. But when they stop the pledge of allegiance in classrooms and start referring to our form or government as a “democracy” it makes you wonder. (we have a democratic process but we are a “constitutional republic” the pledge would make that distinction clear)

  25. which school official said they were looking into it? there is no one named even from the district regarding this alleged story. No fox news affiliates have reported locally on it….this seems not legitimate to me…seems made up propaganda to incite and push an agenda to get people riled and angry against liberals for upcoming election….to sway voters…..create anger and hysteria making people believe their children will be indoctrinated to think the constitution reads a way you disagree with… facts, no sources cited except a faceless name of rick kinison…an angered parent….really? that’s how we should report news now? one person posts on facebook a copy of something hat they themselves could have made and send it off claiming a school was using this and nothing else, and no one else cited as sources to legitimize the information as true and its passed around on facebook as gospel truth….unbelievable….

  26. Well, the Democrats are working on a provision to make the right to free speech apply only to certain people that have registered themselves with the government, i.e. journalists. The rest of us, you know, the people who don’t believe that Democrats own the Constitution, will have that right taken away from us. That is, if we follow the Democrats belief of what the Second Amendment says.

  27. The main problem with the above interpretation is the statement that
    the Second Amendment “states” such limitations, and it does no such
    thing. Furthermore, it also says that the Second Amendment “states”
    that the arms be registered, and not only does it not say anything of
    the sort, a requirement to register arms goes clearly against the very
    meaning of the Second Amendment. The ability of “the people” to
    maintain their “free state”, in other words, their ability to maintain
    their freedom, is dependent upon the government being controlled by the
    people, not the people being controlled by the government. The Founding Fathers, having just years before, maintained their “free state” through the use of unregistered firearms, were clear as to just how important it was to have a government that was controlled by the people, not the other way around.

  28. The Constitution of The United States of America, is God and Country! WE have something here in America that they don’t want! They want FREEDOMS gone and “You” that have it! Vote FREEDOMS, The Constitution of the United States of America! obama and liberal democrats voted to be gone 2014! Vote no king for America!

  29. Do you know the publisher of such a marvelously wrong book? We don’t have many educational publishers and therefore, very little competition. Perhaps boycotting is in the wind.

    1. no, because this story is bogus. They provide no publisher name, no author name, no title of said workbook name and no name of any school official they allegedly talked to…..seems to me this violates true journalism and therefore means this could be completely fabricated and you all are posting it as if its true and legitimate….without facts that it is

    2. Nonsense. I see the stuff my 2nd grade grandchild brings home from school. Last week it was “Your rights are what the law says you can have or do”. Where did that garbage come from? I majored in American history and taught SS for 30 years, nowhere can I find anything that justifies that statement. Certainly not in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Leftist crap is being pushed in our schools, all you have to do is open your eyes and you will see it.

    3. or perhaps your just looking for things that aren’t there and twisting anything written to suit your agenda? what SHOULD schools teach that no one has to follow any laws and that whatever you think is a right…even if it violates the rights of others should be viewed as a right? you do realize you don’t get to have liberty to do whatever right you think is a right don’t you? you do realize that what you think is your personal right may violate anothers rights and therefore then the gov must decide which right takes precedence…that no country will ever exist where someones rights in their mind are NOT violated…that utopia and will never exist as what you deem a right may be different than what another deems as a right….please provide us then with the approved list of rights the schools should teach children they all have and which laws they should be told to violate to support some right you think exists in your mind….

    4. for example… an unborn baby may have a right to not be aborted, but what of the womans right to not carry a baby that could medically kill her? or the womans right to not carry a baby conceived from rape? so here we have righst legitimate on both sides…and one must be deemed legal and the other not…..what of childrens right to not go hungry as they didn’t ask to be born into poverty? etc….lots of people can list many things they feel are their right that you may not agree with and vice versa……so what your advocating then is schools should ONLY teach what you deem is ok despite numerous others disagreeing with you……that’s not democracy that’s a dictatorship…..don’t like how democracy works…then move…..true democracy goes with what the people want…and sometimes that means something you don’t agree with….then you advocate to vote in someone you believe will promote what you want…..legally and honestly…however, not illegally just to win…that’s democracy…

    5. You are very convoluted, but I’ll start by simply answering one question. What rights should be taught. Start with the ones that are guaranteed under the constitution. Secondly don’t teach lies. The workbook page a distorts the truth, that is a very poor starting point for any discussion of right or wrong or rights and non rights. As to what the people want, 2 points. One, in the US we also guarantee the right of the minority opinion and two we have the right not to have government institutions impart the biases of those in current power.

    6. homicide is a common law and state issue, not a federal issue with regard to private actors in the individual states.
      state, county or local authorities should look into every death of a human before or after birth within their jurisdiction.
      grandjuries of regular citizens at the state and county level should from time to time review the cases of the police, sheriffs departments, prosecutors and coroners.
      killing another person or getting help to kill another person is legal for self defense.
      If a born child is trying to kill his or her mother, its legal if its necessary for the mother to kill the child or to get help in doing it.
      The same is true of an unborn child, the mother may kill the unborn child in self defense.
      Since the child did not do the rape the fact that the child is a product of the rape of the mother does not automatically give the mother the right to kill the child born or unborn.
      If a mother does kill the child or gets help in killing the child which is the product of the rape of the mother the mother and the helper or abortion doctor can claim self defense of the mother if they think it is so.
      Then its up to the proper authorties, the peace officers, the coroner wither they think the individual case should be presented to a public coroner’s inquest or out of the public eye to a grand jury if they doubt the merits of the claim allowing the fully informed grand jury to invesgate and decide if the grand jury thinks the case should go to trial before a trial jury.
      That would be a presentment.
      If the district attorney thinks the killing is homicide then he or she can ask the fully informed citizens grand jury for an indictment by presented the case for it.
      Either way if the fully informed citizens grand jury sends the case to trial before a fully informed jury of 12 regular citizens, the trial must be local and with a local jury unless the defend ask for a change of venue within the state.
      A conviction under American common law require the unanimous vote of all 12 plus the judge also has his or her veto but it also takes the unanimous vote of all 12 to find not guilty if the prosector seeks another trial unless the judge dismisses the case.

    7. It’s my understanding that you’re a teacher?
      You can’t even distinguish the proper use of the word you’re. Why should we believe anything you say? Your use of spelling and lack of punctuation and capitalization of words at the beginning of a sentence is atrocious. Your sentence structure is pretty bad as well. But you’re a teacher? That’s shameful.

    8. please show the proof that what is posted in this article is true and factual and legitimate… cannot as facts don’t exist to support it…..youre just mad because you already feel a disdain against the left party and therefore even if its a lie it supports your agenda and ideology so you don’t care it may be false and made up……and show me facts that say your rights are what is illegal……please show me where the constitution says its ok to violate any law that says you cant do something…..and that the constitution supports this…ill wait

    9. You need to drop the “L” and your screen name would be perfect.

      We have a photo which upon opening it in photoshop shows no edits unlike a certain BC.
      We have multiple news outlets contacting the school superintendent and his stated refusal to change what he admits is not the 2nd Amendment wording but falsly claims is the 2014 version. Well that may be the effect IN SOME STATES or CITIES but it is NOT the 2nd Amendment.

      At this point it is on your shoulders to PROVE the photo is fake and all those media outlets who spoke to the superintendent are false.

      Without Saul Alinsky”s dishonest debate tactics I doubt you could walk and chew gum at the same time.

    10. No, the burden of proof was on who wrote the article…the aticle says nothing factual to back up its claim. I questioned that and asked for proof, specifically the name of the workbook and author….and that all could see…and I challenged people to verify validity of the truthfulness of what the article was saying by asking for more info that proves the truthfulness of it…if you are NOT in favor of anyone ever questioning anything that anyone writes on the internet and doesn’t provide proof of it by deliberately NOT writing the title and publisher and author…..if you wish to bury your head in the sand and never question true validity then it would appear you have the problem. My questioning of validity and asking for the proof which is on the person making the claim…as you should know by researching who in fact has burden of proof. I can post links to those pages that spell it out for you if you need it. Now why is my merely questioning and asking for vlaidty of whats being said, BEFORE people get all enraged…wrong to you? Youre making an assumption that I agree with the paragraph liste din this article…and that’s never been said…that’s ONLY implied erroneously by you… do tell why YOU feel no one should question validty of something posted on the internet that hasn’t been shown by the person writing the article as proven factual…..

    11. what is incorrect about that statement you posted? are you contending your right is to do something illegal? you claim youre a history major but then fail to grasp history. The Supreme court was established BY the constitution. In the legal system of the United States, the Supreme Court is the final interpreter of federal constitutional law, although it may only act within the context of a case in which it has jurisdiction. So when something is illegal to do, and someone feels it violates their rights under the constitution, they can bring it to the supreme court. When the supreme court rules that it is NOT unconstitutional…they have ruled and they are the supreme ruling body regarding the constitution…so it means that anything that is illegal to do and NOT found to be unconstitutional by not allowing it..IS IN FACT NOT A RIGHT. That does mean the laws dictate what our rights can be. The statement was NOT incorrect. Your interpretation of it is whats at fault….how then if supreme court upholds laws or overturns laws based on constitutional law is the statement you have issue with””Your rights are what the law says you can have or do”.incorrect based on the facts of our government set up.

    12. Its very doubtful you know the story is bogus and just because the author did not provide any of the above info does not make it bogus.
      I suspect its fact although
      It could be bogus but I read stories all the time and listen to reports all the time from Mainstream news stories from liberal to conservative leaning and in between or unknown that don’t report any of that info.
      So those stories may or may not be bogus as well but I don’t usually assume either way.
      Now yes its better and more convincing if authors give the info.

  30. A seventh grader is perfectly capable of reading amendments verbatim. No need to “dumb it down” for the sake of “reading levels.” Could this be more “Common Core” drivel?

    1. cripes, sure go ahead blame common core when the article and commenter said that it supposedly has been used by the school for years BEFORE common core started. But lets go one step further. It hasn’t been proven to be in fact TRUE! and your commenting on it as if it is true and factual. Tell me what facts are presented that make this a true and legitimate news story? no sources were cited. The title of workbook wa snot listed, the author was not listed, the publisher not listed. Three things that make it easily verifiable to see if this is in fact truly written this way. All this shows is someone claiming to be a father at a school posted a picture of this paragraph claiming it was part of a workbook in his childs school. THATS IT…no proof…just some stranger on the internet word…anyone can type whats in the picture above and post on facebook and claim whatever they wanted…doesn’t prove it true or legitimate……

  31. here is a comic book support of the 2nd, against the UN and for juries being told of their veto authority against bad legislation so the jury can deny the government permission to take the defendants life, liberty or property including their money for unjust taxation.
    They are good for adult education especially.
    Its the Grandpa Jack series at Jews For the Preservation of Firearm Ownership.

  32. Just another tidbit of brain washing people to accept democracy over republic rules of law. Misinformation is a weapon used to indoctrinate.

    1. its not even about democracy or majority rule anymore when representation is so defused as to only have one in the US House for over every 700,000 people and most of congress win by a plurality of those able to vote and often a plurality of actual voters.
      Same thing with the selection of the president.
      Obama in the 2008 primary season was the first choice of less than 15% of Americans able to vote.
      In the 2012 primary season Romney was the first choice of less than 10% of those able to vote.
      In the 2012 general less than 30% of those able to vote voted for Obama.
      With voting by machine, abinstee voting and voter fraud the outcome is questionable

  33. Communist pukes,would rather walk on their knees,and beg the government for a hand out than due the right thing like Men!

  34. We have the right to posses ANY weapon we can affords to purchase, and in whatever quantity we can afford. Period.

    1. George Washington state you have a right to any weapon the government is willing to use against you otherwise the 2nd Amendment is meaningless.

  35. It seems like the government tell lie after lie, etc. Where is the apology when they are caught? There is none, they just tell another lie. It is very easy to determine when the books were published as the date is on the 1st. or 2nd. page. I wonder how long a period of “several years” is. Maybe 3 or 4 or 5? This is a pretty loose answer.

  36. The writer needs to cite his work to make this a credible story.

    Dear Mr. Campbell,

    Please give your audience references for this article. What elementary school? What book was this taken from? And any other pertinent information that supports the article.

  37. Did anybody from outside of the school check the publication date to see if the book was several years old or just take the administration’s word for it?

  38. Id like to know the name and author of this workbook if anyone knows.. This is the second instance of the 2nd amendment being rewritten in a schoolbook ive heard of in the past few months..

  39. It is the ramping up of the Progressive/Communist message, designed to rot the country from within.
    We must push back at every turn, and teach our children the true meaning of Liberty.

  40. If the people running and teaching in our Schools are so stupid then.It’s no wonder he kids come out of school so Stupid!

    1. they come out stupid because of the faulty thinking and logic I have born witness to on this feed. That a group of people on here are so angry and hate one group so much they are willing to believe lies so long as it makes the group they dislike look bad even when it is a bold face lie, shows the dire straits this country is headed for…..the fact that people want to believe this article despite it lacking any proof or evidence of the claim being true….and continue to defend it when questioned with intelligent undisputable questioning about its legitimacy…shows you just want to hate more than you want truth. Since no one else has proven this article factual, by all means Ronald ill be open to you providing said evidence and proof…but you wont because you dont have any…but you will vehemently defend this article for the lies it holds! That’s why we are dumber as a country….

    2. Your problem Debbie is that you can’t, “see the forest for the trees”. As a teacher you need to put aside your rose colored glasses and look at how everything is being “dummied down” with programs like Common Core and grading systems where you don’t get an actual score, but instead you get a S for Satisfactory. Our public schools are trying to make every student exact copies of each other, so someone doesn’t feel “unequal” or left out in some way or another. “BREAKING NEWS FOR YOU”, people aren’t always EQUAL in abilities or likes and dislikes, so stop trying to make them into your left wing zombies!

    3. So we have a photo of the work book and can see those false words for the 2nd Amendment.
      We have a School superintendent who has spoken to numerous media outlets and refuses to correct those false words and you don’t see any proof?

      Good grief, no wonder we have so many low/no information voters in this country. Your religion of big all controlling government is being exposed and you cannot break away from your failed logic.

    4. Oh, they are not stupid but insidious sneaky enemies within.

      The communist manifesto required a public school system to provide a conveyor belt of socialist/communist indoctrinated children to slowly alter society. We ignored their words and they completed that task.

      We also ignored the communist takeover of unions and then placing those communist organizations in our schools.

      1) Home school if you have the ability and time.
      2) Private school if you have the means.
      3) Non-Union Charter School as a last resort.

      Any other choice which leaves a child’s mind on that conveyor belt is child abuse and a 100% guaranteed destruction of this country.

  41. NONE of those added terms are in the Constitution! Not “registered” arms, not “certain” arms, and NOT even if the person is an ex-jailbird, PERIOD! The government has NO ‘right’ to take away the GOD-given rights to self-defense! And the 2nd Amendment recognizes these rights, to “keep and bear arms” (certified by the Supreme Court!), but does NOT GRANT THEM! The school’s administration needs to be ‘horsewhipped and run outa town! [Borrowing from old-fashioned language, such as is the Constitution!]

  42. Maybe these dummaasses really don’t know what the constitution says! So many of them don’t! Rep asked under what clause of the consitution was his support and vote for healthcare was determined! He answered “under the good and plenty clause”, kinda makes you want to puke doesn’t it!

  43. This is why more and more parents have taken their children out of the Federal Schools and Homeschooling has blossomed under Common Core because this President and his Administration has emphasized what’s wrong with their party by paying Tribute to Che instead of Attending Security Briefings about the World and sending Susan Rife(who is a known liar which Obama knows and promoted her which actually harms her career because she will never go before Congress), and this is who the EDUCATED VOTED FOR? Our Brightest are now pawns for a Political Party which uses our National Media as their Personal Political Correctness and Propaganda Pushers! Wake up like the rest of the unEducated who apparently proves that an Ivy League Education isn’t worth what the National Media has helped ruined! What College Education is Honorable today? Apparently the closest was Doctor’s but apparently the rest of the College Professionals don’t think so? Colleges once were important and today they’re more of a Business and not an Educational Tool. Just look at who they have party’s for? Yesterday it was for the woman who served Prison for Voter’s Fraud as An Election Day Worker?? I don’t make this stuff up! So please attend Washington, D.C. ,16 MAY 2014!
    Hopefully a great get together for Americans by Americans for Our American Veterans and Our Nation’s Future which can be just as great as Our Pasts and only because of our Citizens and their drive! Cowboys were National Heroes and the Cowboy only lived for about what 30 years? It just shows US what can happen when the Citizens are the Force that drives our country and not a Tax and Spend Government! Wake up! Obama is shaping America with Fantasy Land and False Promises and Lies! Until Obama toughens up and acts more like Mr. Bush and less like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood nothing will change to benefit our Country which doesn’t lead any longer under this guy which isn’t any smarter than a 5th Grader!
    Because Obama really isn’t much different than Mr.Putin except Putin may believe in God and Obama Trusts Russia, China, Iran, and Syria more than his very own Military?? Think about that for just a second and then you know why Putin attacked and the attack started way before the Fall of Another Russian Neighbor! It started when Obama was elected and it has just gotten wider as Russia and other country’s understand that Obama doesn’t Love nor Trust the USA!
    Our Military makes, takes, and creates Markets which this Administration is handing over to the UN and our enemies which our men and women have died for! Wake Up and really study what the American Democratic Party stands for which is Socialists!
    Because poor and Middle-class people are already dying under Obamacare? It gets worse with the Death Panels and look to Belgium where Obama had his selfie with while they voted to kill children who won’t provide to the State?

  44. It’s illannoy (sic). Statist democrats and teachers union have no respect for the Constitution or real American values.

  45. I just hate it when people rewrite history. I also hate it when they mess with the Constitution. We have seen it rewritten several times in history, but by the body which is supposed to interpret it for us, the Supreme Court. While we may question their decisions, as they have questioned their own, they do not change the words of the document itself. The clause says what it means, and seen in an historical framework, this was a big deal for the colonists, who wanted to be able to form militias long before the Revolution for their own safety, chiefly against the French and sometimes against the Indians. Benjamin Franklin was the instigator for a well-formed voluntary militia in Pennsylvania, and other states had their own ways of defending themselves, as need dictated. The royal governors and Crown saw it a bit differently and as the colonies became more rambunctious, they brought into question these militias, and took away the power from some to form them. Whereas history can be changed by new discoveries of the past and more research, the Constitution is pretty clear, even if open to interpretation. That’s why I believe children should know a good deal about it before they leave elementary school. And they should read the original source and discover why it was written as it was. We certainly have a wealth of information describing the thinking that went into this well-worded document (many primary sources), and children (and all) should be well aware of what it says and how it protects THEIR freedoms, and limits and organizes the government.

  46. I know the English language and logic are difficult for you, but does the 2nd Amendment apply to your “right” to a nuclear bomb? Does it apply to a cruise missile? No, it does not. Therefore, it only applies to “certain weapons”. Duh

    1. Duh, the amendment simply states:” a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep, and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
      Now if you want to break down the true meaning, of this particular amendment, I strongly suggest,studying the constitution, and taking a realistic look at historical facts.
      This was written, prior the the advent of afore mentioned weapons.
      In the opinion of the s c o t u s, it’s legitimacy has been upheld.
      There are no specifications on weapon types in this amendment.

    2. I know the English language and logic are difficult for you,but the Second Amendment applies to THE GOVERNMENT. It is a denial of power, stated in simple language. If you want to outlaw nuclear weapons and cruise missiles, you’ll have to find that authority in another part of the Constitution, because no authority is given to the government in the Second Amendment.

    3. Actually it does if you took the time to read the writings of the founders.

      George Washington stated we have the right to ANY weapons the government is WILLING to use against us otherwise the 2nd Amendment was meaningless.

      Thomas Jefferson wrote at great length about the need for the people to be able to defend themselves against people and government with a view like yours.

      If you are an honest person you don’t have to go back too far in our history (mid 1940s) to see the brilliance of the 2nd Amendment against a corrupt government and LEOs.

      Look up the Battle of Athens, TN and read about REAL LOYAL Americans who took up arms against a corrupt government and police force and WON! It was a shooting battle and the citizens were armed with weapons equal to the corrupt government and LEOs.

      Had they been hamstrung by people like you they would have lost.

  47. Remember most of the teachers who are permitting this kind of rubbish (by the Department of Education, school boards and revisionist historians) have themselves already been indoctrinated by this type of propaganda and do not even know it really exists for themselves against their US Constitutional Protections(?). The only ones who are aware of the outright assault on our God given (not government sanctioned) freedoms and liberties are the ones behind it (!)

    1. There was nothing incorrect in any of those statements. Can you legally own a shoulder fired rocket, or claymore mines? These are all weapons. You can own firearms, such as handguns, rifles, Gatling guns, and with proper licensing, machine guns, but not other weapons. Prisoners are also not allowed firearms at all, they have given up that right by committing crimes, so all of those statements are absolutely correct.
      Also, who’s god gave us the freedoms and liberties? Allah, HaShem, Hari, Budda, Ormazd? Please leave fairy tales out of our government.

    2. Jim any more extremes?…your comment completely is fitting the Liberal mode…go to the extremes first and or name calling second not necessarily in that order. i.e. in Free Speech issues it is; who can yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theatre?, questions regarding Islam (you are a Islamaphobe), etc. type arguments which only stifles any and all debate.
      The point is the editing and rewriting of our 2nd Amendment….if the lesson plan had a comment section regarding (possibly) their state’s law and or constitution then maybe(?)…These same type lessons will tell us that the FDR won the second WW, or the Stalin did not murder over 20 million of his own people, that only Germany invaded Poland, that we are just a fat white rich slave owning (who created the slave trade) country and we took from everyone else,…..You know the picture, and the story….it is called “incremental indoctrination” and so your kind (possibly, You may only be off just a bubble from level) however the PL’s go after the children and have them spouting to their parents “save the polar bears” because of Global Warming!
      as for God and our Natural law and unalienable rights given to us by our creator we were founded under a Judeo-Christian (Protestant) believing Yahweh and in His word doctrine, but as it is shown that religious beliefs was never shoved down anyone else’s throat (1st amendment)..that is called compassion, leadership and love. This gives you Rights too, extremely exceptional country our founding was….Progressive Liberals want to change this, please do not be a party to this. Read the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and Articles of our US Constitution, if you would like some other reading material recommendations let me know.

    3. Read the writings of the founders before you try to impress us with your enlightened view.

      George Washington stated that the citizens had the right to any weapons the government is willing to use against them.

      So if your beloved unconstitutional government is willing to use RPGs or claymore mines against its citizens then the citizens have the right to protect themselves against people like you and governments people like you vote for.

  48. This is what happens when Americans are No Longer in Control of the media, local politics,the judges, etc. The time has come to assemble and Create another Contract with The People and lay it on the line! If one member messes up then this Groups keeps Honest this person with consequences!
    Politicians shouldn’t be a Lifestyle! Let’s have a great day in MAY!
    16 MAY 2014
    Washington, D.C.
    We need Honor once again in Washington and also no Lobbyists and this should also be part of this Contract!

  49. A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it’s going to get.

    -Ian Williams Goddard

  50. I know, every year we keep having to oust Christian nonsense from classroom after classroom. It’s a serious problem .

  51. Why didn’t the author of the article also put the phrase “and have not been in prison” in bold?

  52. Well, let’s see. Considering that citizens are not allowed to own Assault Rifles or Hand Grenades, so the term “certain weapons” is correct. It is also illegal for felons to own any type of firearm so that is also correct. Just seems like rabble rousing of misuse of the word “states.” If they are going to teach the constitution they should at least be quoting it word for word and then have an age appropriate discussion on how it is interpreted by the courts.

    1. The Constitution was not to be interpreted by the courts as it was not in hieroglyphics HOWEVER laws passed by congress were to be interpreted as to their Constitutionality. A huge difference.

      Sort of the same difference as “Freedom OF religion” vs the fake and lying “Freedom FROM religion”

      Unfortunately for us all, lying liberal leftist lawyers turned politicians and judges have subverted our system such that iron clad prohibitions of government power are being allowed via “case law” and not the ONLY LEGAL method of a Constitutional Amendment.

      There is no legal wiggle room in “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” in an honest person’s mind but the professionally trained liars in legal system, lawyers, have make enough people think you can change our founding documents via Case Law and an Amendment is not needed. Well why the heck did the founders go to such lengths to create the Amendment process and to make it slow and deliberate? Because they wanted us to make sure such changes were in the best interest of the country and not just the ruling elite.

      If we as a nation want to ban all guns, then fine, start an Amendment process and you will have a legal framework not this smoke and mirrors of thousands and thousands of pages of legal hogwash known as case law.

      Even if lying liberals had written the 2nd Amendment as shown below we would still have the RTKBA and that right would not be infringed;

      A liberal 2nd Amendment: “Guns being extremely dangerous to citizens and governments,,,,,,, (note the damned comma) the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

  53. Well regulated militia = National Guard

    B.S. the amendment was misinterpreted and then that misinterpretation codified by special interests.

    1. You sure seem to want to be a Serf:

      A simple reading of the Owner’s Manual (the Federalist Papers) for the Constitution would tell you were to be armed against an abusive government.

      In fact (inconvenient for you) George Washington stated that we had the right to any weapons which the government is WILLING to use against us.

      Thomas Jefferson was quite prolific in his writing about the 2nd Amendment and made it abundantly clear the founders knew governments ALWAYS try to exceed their power limits and the 2nd Amendment was our escape clause should the ballot box fail.

      Another indisputable fact and a perfect example of Thomas Jefferson’s brilliance and foresight was displayed in the Battle of Athens GA where the citizens took up arms in a shooting battle with a corrupt local government and corrupt JBTs in the police departments. By the way, they won.

      Unfortunately because we have too many like you in the USA we do not have enough people of character willing to defend what the Founders risked life and fortune to give us.