Progressive Democrat Senator to Reporter Asking Second Amendment Question: ‘Go F**ck Yourself’

Are you concerned that our Second Amendment rights are under assault? This progressive Democrat, in a complete moment of candor, has a message for you: “Go f**ck yourself!”

When Rhode Island State Senator Josh Miller was approached by Infowars correspondent Dan Bidondi about the portion of the Second Amendment that says, “shall not be infringed,” Miller shot back, “Go f**ck yourself,” with a grin. Then for emphasis, it was repeated. 

How many other progressive Democrats feel the same way about the Second Amendment of our Constitution?

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  1. Limited vocabulary, huh? Maybe that is indicative of an education system that it somewhat sub-par.

  2. Pretty much sums up how the opposition to the obamacare (ACA) bill was address before democrats made it the law of the land.

    1. Very few Conservatives speak in such vile ways – especially elected officials. Liberals/leftists frequently do. When they have no good answer they curse. The ACA is a tool to destroy the American economy. It is about CONTROL, not healthcare.

    2. Good God, Cheney had been raked over the coals about Halliburton and
      had about enough and I know Leahy and have known him for a number of
      years and he is jerk, to be blunt about it. He has been in D.C. for
      over 40 years and thinks his crap doesn’t stink. Leahy has his own
      skeletons in his closet and Halliburton was a bunch of Liberal B.S.
      is nothing as compared to a Senator making such a comment about the
      State and Federal Bill of Rights, LIVE and directly into the microphone
      and camera..

      Nice try though

    3. I also knew of Leahy, as far back when he was state’s attorney in Burlington, Vt. – even back then, Leahy was a moron – nothing has changed – he’s still a moron, The voters in Vt. who keep voting for him need professional help !!!

    4. He has been in Washington for so long he has no clue how we in Vermont feel or need.
      I spoke with him and that other jerk Jeffords after the AWB went thru congress and they both voted in support of it. Neither one of them knew the difference between a Full Auto and a Semi Auto and both made comments that they didn’t think the AWB was going to affect the crime statistics. I was buffaloed as why they both supported it. It was a fact, that the AWB went thru pretty much like the AHC as within in two hours of receiving the Bill, the congress was passing the 1500 page bill. No one had read it.

      To answer your question, College towns in Vermont support him and Sanders, what to read something really neat? This was created with Howard Dean and Bernie. Bernie would have NEVER been re-elected if it weren’t for College Votes, but read the pamphlet from the link. Anyone can vote and YOU don’t have to register car to do so, you can give the Freeman’s Oath to yourself, and just the last four of your SSN is good enough. ROFLMAO, I have to id myself when I vote at the Town Hall and yet College Students can vote and move away the next semester and stick us with their IDIOT results.

    1. Hence why democrats want illegals and felons (and the dead) to vote… to keep them in their power.

  3. And this guys is an elected official? I’m no prude….but if a public official said that to me. First I would be shocked then I’m pretty sure people would have to hold me back so I would not hurt the SOB.

    1. From looking how you are posting all over the place with your little
      comments, I would say you need to PRACTICE what YOU are preaching as you
      are being DISRUPTIVE and ABUSIVE with YOUR Comments.

    2. Im not the one hurling insults left and right. Yes a few hear and there and I agree they could be considered abusive and disruptive. But mostly because I am responding to hate and vitriol. Like the comments advocating violence against Senator Miller.

    3. Right. You feel a need to be ABUSIVE and DISRUPTIVE and yet you are doing so because you felt the reporter was ABUSIVE and DISRUPTIVE to Miller. ROFLMAO Makes sense to me.. LOL

    4. Why are you here, Robert? For any other purpose than to troll? Obviously he’s the one that responded with hate when asked a perfectly legitimate question. Go back to the NPR and Huffington Post, sir.

  4. miller is a obamy croonie stooge, what does his body guards carry, sling shots, this idiot doesn’t have any backbone or courage to make it on his own, and if the cameras were not on him and his security was around, He would NOT have said anything, he would have run home to his goofy mommy and cried like the baby coward he is.

    1. Oh his bodyguards prolly carry better guns than any of us, and that’s the plan.Guns for the elite, oppression under the boot of tyranny for the pathetic masses.

    2. Its no longer Socialism or Communism, this a breed lower. Say hello to Fascism again, America!

      Our Rights will not be infringed to give criminals and the rich more power. Why don’t they do something more productive, hm? Like finding a new FUEL RESOURCE!

    3. Learn what Fascism is before you embarrass yourself anymore.

      fas·cisman authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

    4. The REAL Definition and not some definition conjured up by Robert the fool Liberal

      fas·cism noun ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-
      : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls
      the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree
      with the government

      : very harsh control or authority

    5. a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that
      of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual
      and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

      Yay we can both copy and paste. But if you look at the economic driver of Fascism usually termed as Corporatism I think you would see that it looks a lt more like our right wing then our left wing. Who wants to limit the government and put the power in the hands of business? Certainly not the democrats.

    6. You are really quite a ticket. Economic Driver? LOL
      My definition came from the Merriam Webster Dictionary
      Right Wing? ROFLMAO
      So what party is NOT abiding by the Constitution right now?
      Which party is forcing Commerce down our throats in the form of Obamacare and has taken CHOICE away from the people?
      You are a joke and you make stuff up to satisfy your wild imagination.

    7. Oh I am sorry. I did not know you dropped out of school in the 8th grade. Look up Mussolini. Look up Fascism and Corporatism. Don’t forget to have your dictionary handy for the big words.

      Yes I resorted to insults. mostly because I am done. I am willing to listen to opposing views but when they don’t actually have a view and just want to get into a shouting match I’d rather talk to a brick wall it’s more productive.

      Good night. I really do wish you well but I no longer have an interest in what you have to say.

    8. I would say you need to PRACTICE what YOU are preaching as you
      are being DISRUPTIVE and ABUSIVE with YOUR Comments.

    9. fas·cism noun

      a way of
      organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls
      the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree
      with the government

      : very harsh control or authority

    10. Also if you have to resort to insults it usually means you are losing the argument. Good night.

    11. You made up a definition and from your comments, Yes! you are a fool and that is being polite.

    12. I made those assertions because you said it was RIGHT WING. LOL you are something, you can’t even stay on subject and when you make an accusation that blows up in your face you do a swell tap dance..

    13. You’re right ! Without the presence of his goon who parroted his vulgar utterance this coward wouldn’t have made his filthy remark.

  5. “Progressives”? Don’t use their euphemisms! They’re liberals. Or socialists. Or Marxists. Regarding the video, for once these liberals were honest. That’s the way they are — vile.

    1. But you see, they don’t see themselves as public servants. In their minds, and in D.C., they are kings and queens, ruling over the simple-minded neanderthal populace.

    2. Time to QUIT treating them like we are their servants, has nobody noticed how they are treated like Royalty? It is no wonder they treat Citizens like SCUM.

      But Sir, I am one of your Constituents? Reply, Yeah, but just one.

      So what is the Big Deal to them if they are not re-elected, they still get the pay and perks for the rest of their lives, it’s that crap they need to cut out, so maybe they will have to do their jobs. OH That’s right, they wrote those laws and would never dream of cutting back on such important laws as that.

    3. Like I always say, if you want to get the corruption out of politics, take the money out of it. Make it a hardship, a charitable gig, for someone to serve their country. No politician should make more money and have more perks than a Lieutenant in the military. Period.

  6. Still waiting for the Militia to come back as patriots. Burke is from the State of Washington, NOT Washington State. Too bad that guy in Congress that threatened to throw a man over the handrail was not put in prison!

  7. A bunch of kool-ade drinking voters put this moron in office. They’ll probably re-elect him.

  8. That’s no senator!!! That’s Lewis Skolnick from the 1984 classic “Revenge of the Nerds”!!!

  9. I’d like to see someone bitch smack both of them Bastards. If they get voted back in office, the ones that voted for them are just as bad as they are.

  10. This ignorant a(s)swipe should go (f)uck himself as should all liberal perverts or are they waiting for their gay lover Obama to (f)uck them,

    1. And here it comes. your upset about a GFYS yet you post what could only be described as hate speech.

  11. I would be comfortable in saying this Dildo Senator just committed political suicide ,lol

  12. Love the “gotcha moment” but this Biondi guy is JUST as ignorant as the politician he posed a question to. He has WAY more baggage to shed before he can expect to get any group to listen to him other than the lunatic fringe. Keep an eye on this guy for further news flashes. He is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. We ALL need to send him our dogeared copy of Dale Carneghi’s seminal “How to Win Friends and Influence People” .

  13. The proper response to this answer is always: “That is impossible. Besides, I prefer your mother and wife.”

  14. These people are not democrats. The democrat party is dead, has been for decades. This little weasel is a Marxist as is the entire democrat party. The agndea is a totalitarian government controlled by them.

  15. Constitution of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations


    Section 22. Right to bear arms. — The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    1. So we just completely ignore the 1st Amendment, which gives Senator Miller the RIGHT to discuss his views on gun-control?

    2. That wasn’t a discussion.
      Besides Rhode Island’s Constitution clearly says “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” and I don’t think that means there is a discussion on it.

      Miller has been a strong advocate of Gun Control and in so doing is completely IGNORING Rhode Island’s Article 1 Sec 22 of their State Constitution as well as the Federal Bill of Rights 2nd Amendment,

      I think that pretty well proves there is NO DISCUSSION and to use one Amendment to attack another is clearly bogus.

    3. Yes he advocates not bringing guns to schools and an assault weapons ban. He does not advocate taking your guns away. Guys I know Josh Miller personally, your not going to tell me anything I don’t know. He is not this evil person you try and make him out to be.

    4. Say what? Are you serious?
      There is nothing in any of the Bill of Rights that says where you can or can not carry it says the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.

      Both Bill of Rights clearly says ARMS and does not say anything about limitation to what kind of arms.

      Please do tell me what is an ASSAULT WEAPON? Be careful now, because I am a very qualified firearms expert, so please share us your idea of an assault weapon, I am dying to hear it.

      So Freedom of the Press does not mean the Internet, Radio, Television, Telephones, Computers or anything else that wasn’t around back in the 1700s, only the old type of Press, is that correct?

    5. And the supreme court has said that our previous bans on certain weapons have been constitutional.

      Assault weapon, a non existent category of weapon based on its perceived looks. And yes that is ridiculous, if you want to make a dent in gun crime you have to go after handguns not rifles. An unworkable solution in this country. I am not saying I agree with all his ideas just that I know what they are.

    6. When did the SCOTUS say that? It seems I remember a different ruling and very recently too.
      In almost every state INCLUDING D.C. because of the SCOTUS ruling about the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, is about the PEOPLE, they have had to lift their banning of firearms etc.

      There is nothing in either Bill of Rights that says anything about having to REGISTER your RIGHT either.

      My comment about Freedom of the Press is to answer you BEFORE you even try and make a claim that the Bill of Rights did not mean anything other than muskets. LOL

    7. You are really something, do you even have a clue what the AWB was all about?
      I was active in that whole pile of B.S. but what few people are aware of was the Bill was not passed because of Diane Feinsteins ideas, it was passed because of the pork attached to it for example 200,000 more cops in uniform. What the states and towns did not realize was those 200,000 cops would only be funded partially by the Feds for two years and then the Towns and states were on their own. So when the AWB SUNSET in 2004 it stayed GONE.

      You still have not told me what you say is an Assault Weapon.
      I think you are a paranoid fool and really have no clue about firearms.
      It is a proven FACT that where ever there has been Gun Control, Violent Crime has gone up. Take Great Britain, it has strict Gun Control and is #1 for VIOLENT CRIMES.

      “June 26, 2008 – 10:54 am

      WASHINGTON (CNN) — The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Washington D.C.’s sweeping ban on handguns is unconstitutional.

      The justices voted 5-4 against the ban with Justice Antonin Scalia writing the opinion for the majority.

      At issue in District of Columbia v. Heller was whether the city’s ban violated the Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms” by preventing individuals — as opposed to state militias — from having guns in their homes.”

      “Updated June 29, 2010 12:01 a.m. ET

      WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court Monday extended nationwide the right to armed self-defense, a historic conclusion to an age-old battle over the meaning of the Second Amendment.

      The decision gives federal judges the power to strike down state and local weapons laws for violating the Constitution. But the court said that the right isn’t unfettered, and the decision is likely to lead to years of litigation as lower courts try to determine what restrictions are reasonable. Assault-weapons bans, licensing rules and other curbs will all be subject to challenge.”

      6/28/2010 6:53:56 PM ET
      WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court held Monday that Americans have the right to own a gun
      for self-defense anywhere they live, expanding the conservative court’s embrace of gun rights since John Roberts became chief justice.

      By a 5-4 vote, the justices cast doubt on handgun bans in the Chicago area, but signaled that some limitations on the Constitution’s “right to keep and bear arms” could survive legal challenges.”

    8. what your comment about freedom of the press has to do with anything is beyond me. Freedom of the press is not freedom to be verbally abusive.

  16. This little limp wrist pantywaist is a Commie Rat Bass turd and will hopefully end up in a
    bar ditch somewhere or go the way of Jimmy Hoffa, wouldn’t that be

  17. Rhode Island Socialist trolls. Too bad the reporter didn’t punch the sh—t out of both of these assholes.

    1. No he was removed by the police for being disruptive actually. He was abusive to everyone around him. But don’t let that fact get in the way of your fantasy.

    2. Being Disruptive?
      By whose standards? When one is in opposition to what the person in the spotlight is saying, there always seem to be that word used. When in fact the Senator was way out of line for even attacking Rhode Island’s Bill of Rights and the U.S. Bill of Rights.

      To think that DISRUPTIVE (meaning he didn’t agree) justifies two BIMBOS being foul mouth knowingly into a mic and in Public. Shows you support some real intelligence there, Robert.

    3. You do understand this is the guy who kept interrupting the police and fbi during the Boston Marathon bombing claiming it was an inside “false flag” operation.

      I think anyone who actually heard him would agree with me that he was disruptive. I don’t mean he didn’t agree, but he was abusive to those around him. But go ahead and take the short clip HE himself release as the whole story. Open your eyes man.

    4. Abusive? meaning that the Liberals didn’t like what he had to say?
      Disruptive? because he didn’t agree with your jerk Senator?

      Neither point gives justification for the Senator to openly and knowingly speak directly into the mic and at the camera and say what he did, that shows a real lack of class.

    5. I explained disruptive, as abusive to those around him. If you have trouble understanding that I can’t help you. but Dan Bidondi has a history of this kind of attack. He berates people who don’t agree with him and in no way is he interested in anyone else’s view. He tends to shout over them during a discussion. I am sorry if you are unable to understand that debates are two sided and just trying to stop your opponent from speaking does not help you get your point across.

    6. You did NOT explain either, you only said he was being disruptive and abusive and I asked you to define both.

      When it is a RIGHT in both State and Federal Bill of Rights, there really isn’t any other view one has to listen to.

      SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means exactly that and the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS means you can own and carry and there is nothing anywhere in either BORs that says what kind of firearms.
      If you had any education about the framers you would understand that that right was included to keep the Government in CHECK and allow people to defend themselves in all ways, but mostly from a tyrannical government.. Don’t believe me, do some simple research.

      There is NO DISCUSSION and when I hear people try and attack my rights with their ignorance, I speak up and if that is what you call DISRUPTIVE or ABUSIVE, well then maybe you should consider who was disruptive to start with when they are attacking our RIGHTS,

    7. So if I discussed say an effort to repeal the 2nd Amendment (I don’t agree with that but playing devils advocate here) would that be in your mind unconstitutional?

    8. The Ratification Process is rather complex, so I fully doubt it will be done on a whim. 75% of the states have to pass, by a MAJORITY the appeal or the Bill and not a single grammar error or spelling error can be corrected, it has to be voted and passed, EXACTLY as it is written. That is the Constitutional means of doing it.

      So good luck in trying to repeal it, It won’t happen, unless it is like the 16th Amendment which has no record of being passed by 75% of the states and by MAJORITY and there isn’t even a Senate Log to show it was voted on and passed as an Legal Amendment. Income tax is even UNCONSTITUTIONAL and earlier attempts to create an income tax had been shut down by the SCOTUS.

      Seems the POTUS loves to play King, as the EXECUTIVE BRANCH is altering, delaying, changing, exempting and rewriting what has already been passed by the Congress, reviewed by the SCOTUS and signed into law, so with Liberals in control, for the time being, I would not doubt they would try anything.

    9. You are saying what he did in Boston is what gave Miller and his dumb buddy the justification to say what they did, DIRECTLY into a CAMERA and MICROPHONE? Gotcha

      I see from your posting, you are being ABUSIVE and DISRUPTIVE, So it is OK for you and not for somebody else?

    10. No more then you. I mean you have insulted me in several of your posts. I am not saying what he did was right or correct but I do understand that he is human. While you base all your information from one short clip that was editied to show only what Dan wanted you to see. The fact that you take as sacrament shows you are only interested in your point of view and could care lessabout the actual truth. I do not feel Josh Millers outburst was appropriate but he did admit it was wrong and apologized. Your just hurt because he has a different position then you. Instead of having a civil discussion you initiated an attack by calling me a fool. And no you didn’t “get me” at all.

      Having a discussion about Gun Control is not unconstitutional, in fact it is protected speech. Like it or not you have to live with it.

    11. Insulted you? You are a fool, you don’t understand half of what you think you do and to listen to you try and justify this jerk’s actions is laughable. I didn’t need to hear or see any more than I did, He spoke DIRECTLY into the mic and camera and in so doing, gave me the impression he was above the people and could do as he wanted without repercussions. He is a bigger fool, because the people in Rhode Island will probably end his career and with every right to do so.

      I am not hurt, you flung your snide remarks and your insults and it only showed me that I was dealing with a bigger fool than I had originally thought.

      Having a discussion is one thing, but this guy wants Gun Control and I will bet he has not read either the state or the Federal BORs. He is also too dumb to realize that having the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS in both the state and federal BORs makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE appeal of change, as the other BOR will trump whatever you do.

      One thing that always entertains me is how people truly believe that a rep only has to rep the people that voted for him and it is screw the others. We all own this country EQUALLY and when someone is elected, they need to represent everyone from all sides. That is what Politics is all about, debating it out, listening to all views, all opinions, all suggestions and then weighing it all out and coming out with a solution that would be best for everyone, it may be a compromise, but has to be what is best for everyone and not just for the wining side.

      As far as Gun Control, he is wasting his time as both the State and the Federal BORs would have to be repealed by MAJORITY and that is just not going to happen.

  18. There is nothing on this planet lower and no greater threat to mankind than an American “liberal”.

  19. Dan, I think you’d get more conversation out of them by actually asking a question, instead of barking at them. For instance, “Senator, do you have data showing how many crimes will be stopped with these proposed laws?” (Answer would be no, of course.)

    “Senator, in places such as Chicago and the District of Columbia, did their crime go down or up with more restrictive gun laws.” (And we know that both places are murder capitals.) You won’t change the senator’s mind, but you will expose his ignorance to voters who may be on the fence about additional gun laws.

    Rather than just yelling slogans, Conservatives should always present the facts, because that’s what will WIN CONVERTS. Listen to any former Leftist, and they’ll say that they hated Conservatism because they felt we were angry, dumb, etc. But eventually, the hard facts won them over. We will not win the nation back without converting people in the mushy middle. Simply saying, “Shall not be infringed!!” won’t work.

  20. Constitution? We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution. We got the gospel according to Zero. And class. We got class….

  21. Someone needs to take this and plaster it all over every newspaper in Rhode Island. Although he is a state senator, that miniscule population elects the same kind of democrat trash at the national level – and they have a non-partisan approach to all our freedoms. Don’t fool yourself into thinking progressives only want to limit your ability to defend yourself, your family and community from criminals and politicians. They are already destroying our First Amendment rights.
    I guess, like our President, the Social Democrats recruit from a gene pool that lists arrogance as a positive quality.

  22. Good thing he is not a Senator of GEORGIA. Because I would definitely vote AGAINST him. A MONKEY could do a better job than this guy. WHAT A COMMENT !!! REAL INTELLIGENT !!!!!!!

  23. It use to be that you had to swear to uphold our Constitution, and Communists were hunted down like rats. Now the rats are in charge, and the Constitution is a barrier. Time to set our traps. Time to eradicate the infestation.

  24. It never ceases to maze me that these SUPPOSED public servants constantly put themselves above the law. You can tell that by his size he suffers from LITTLE MAN syndrome. How can any RED BLOODED American vote for a COMMIE POS like this? These people belong in front of a firing squad for treason. I’d really like to square off , one on one, with this little COMMIE BITCH!

  25. Wow what an idiot. I see the little short guy has a big guy to protect him. This just shows the lack of intelligence on the progressive side of things. This guy probably really does need a body guard.

  26. Now its the time to get more of the nasty Dems out of the Congress. We need to vote them all out even if there should be a ogod on in the bunch.. kick them allout and show them they work for us Not we work for them..

  27. My well reasoned comment seems to have been deleted. That sucks, because I was encouraging all conservatives to using reasoning rather than shouting to articulate our points. I am a staunch conservative who has won many converts, so if TPNN deleted my comment because they thought it was even slightly critical of our side, shame on you. I thought we were here to have thoughtful discussion.

    1. FYI: I’m pro-life, pro-2A, pro-border control, veteran supporting, gun owning conservative Christian who sings at my church on Sunday. Plus, I used to be a speechwriter for the Republican side. Is that not enough for you or does TPNN censor those who don’t toe the line?

  28. While InfoWars is a haven for fruitcakes, the response from that senator was inappropriate. That said, there was some selective editing in there, as we have no idea what was said until just before Bidondi was dismissed by that other guy. Maybe Bidondi was a jerk, and maybe he asked pointless and irrelevant questions and made ridiculous comments. It doesn’t excuse the rude response, but at least it would explain why the senator was irritated. Alex Jones should release the whole video and not just a tiny snippet.

  29. I do not like the little four letter word this Senator Blated out.{ Period.} U don;t say it to me.Thats what I told a certain Young lady. Flat out ,I told her if she ever did lightingwould strike her.That was 4 or 5 years ago.She never has used the word like the Senator blatted out. She knmows better. This Senator needs his mouth washed out with GI soap.


  31. Why are you voting for a person like this, do you not have respect for your self, that you would want someone like this representing you

  32. 2 words to watch out for 1 is Progressive 2 is Liberal these 2 words when it comes to politics like to think we are too stupid to know what we want but would like to make them join another called the Unemployed and replace them with people who remember they work for the people

  33. It’s an unknown state senator from New Hampshire. Do you know how unimportant, irrelevant, and silly it is to play it up?

  34. where are the strong leaders in this country how did this guy get elected he looks like a weasel Grand ma always said if it looks like a pig it’s a pig !

  35. What will they do when there is nothing left to STEAL.? 100% of nothing is still Nothing. We outnumber them by millions. The people who voted them in office will be thrown under the bus when the SH$T hit the fan. Most of the crooks have their money of-shore for a quick get away. this country was founded by a bunch of people that ran a way of what we have coming. After America is a total wreck we will rebuild it again and we will be STRONGER than ever. It must take a collapse of our economy for the weak bloodsuckers to learn the hard facts of life. Those that cry the loudest are the weakest, that is why they were sold by their own race just to get rid of their own weakness. Obama will create an CRISES just before November and then call for Marshall law to stop the riots. they are starting the practice runs now with the KNOCK=OUT games. Senior’s when you go to the Market borrow a FULL FACED MOTORCYCLE HELMET they can not punch you in the face and will have to fight you instead of SUCK-PUNCH you they all are COWARDS . It would help If the Motorcycle CLUBS would go to the Market 1 man every hour thru the day, that way the SCUM would not dare attack an old person for fear of getting their BUTTS thrashed. These SCUM have been programed to cause a TREND to mimic a kids prank. The community organizer in the ghetto,s are trying to suppress the VOTERS . This is just the beginning of what the Democrats will do to stay in power. There will be BLOOD in the streets before November.

  36. Typical North East…He will be re-elected…The cold weather has frozen your brains into permanent retards…Remember what your ancestors did in Boston??? Yep, right down the road from you…Have you forgot where you came from???

  37. This filthy-mouthed dunce shouldn’t be elected to anything !! The Second Amendment is going to continue to be around, and nothing that idiot can do will change that !!