Democrat Senator and Top Gun Control Crusader Arrested for Gun Trafficking

Leland Yee

One of the leading anti-Second Amendment rights crusaders in California, powerful State Senator Leland Yee, has ironically been arrested for (drum roll…) allegations of gun running, along with a host of other corruption charges, including campaign fraud (see video below)

Federal agents raided Yee’s home Wednesday while at the same time Yee’s offices were also raided, reports CBS San Francisco. The report states that Lee’s littany of corruption charges involve his current campaign to be California’s next Secretary of State, and that Lee was charged, among other crimes, with a scheme to move guns into U.S. from Russia:
The federal complaint was filed March 24 and unsealed Wednesday alleges Sen. Yee was engaged in soliciting illegal campaign donations in exchange for political favors and was involved in a conspiracy to traffic firearms from Russia.

The complaint also alleges Chow was engaged in money-laundering, conspiracy to transport stolen property and conspiracy to traffic contraband cigarettes.
Leland Yee is the third Democrat from the Democrat-controlled California State Senate to be arrested for criminal charges in the past year, and ironically and hypocritically, was a leading gun control advocate.

Yee attempted to achieve some degree of national notoriety by issuing racism accusations and urging a boycott against popular conservative radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, for a comedy parody Limbaugh did on his show poking fun at the Communist Chinese President in 2011. 

Yee, handcuffed and shackled, was released on a $500,000 unsecured bond last night and is scheduled to return to court on Monday.


  1. They got three dems in one day, good job. Keep up the good work, you only have about 300 in the DC area to take care of next. “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” Albert Einstein.

    1. Hey sheep….both party’s are corrupt and all about money….if you haven’t figured that out yet then leave MY country now…time to clear out the brainwashed zombies.

    2. Your right to an extent Town do you have any solutions besides name calling you sound like the progressive democrats when they have no argument when you do that..We only have 2 viable parties in this country that basically accomplish the same agenda’s what’s your solution.

    3. Good point, Clancy. However, you have just named the number 1 problem in the USA……. A totally corrupt political system with totally corrupt participants. Unless and until it is somehow returned to the ORIGINAL (exactly as designed by the people who wanted America to be independent of England) system with three separate but equal branches of government representing OUR INTERESTS there is no simple solution. It is WRONG for us to have CAREER POLITICIANS, LOBBYISTS, and well organized and well funded POLITICAL PARTIES. Each one has their own agendas and none of them represents the interests of the American people. With the political system as it is today, there is no solution, Clancy.

    4. A totally corrupt political system with totally corrupt participants – and the vast majority of them, past and present, are LAWYERS.

    5. it’s our own fault because we haven’t enforced TERM LIMITS.yet….. they won’t do it so it is up to us.. remember Nov.2014——–…. time for the tea party to be put in place..get rid of all dems. and repubs….

    6. I agree with you except for the part of no solutions.There are good people running for office that are not embraced by the parties they are running with on both sides it’s our job to find and vet them then vote for them.We do have folks that want to represent us and not lead us.Ted Cruz is a good example of a representative that listens to his constituents and try’s to represent them.Like him or not he pretty much does what the folks that elected him want…

    7. I agree and would add that its an act of sheer insanity to throw the “babies out with the bath water” by getting “rid of ALL dems (good) and repubs (not so good)”. As you point out conservative senators and representatives should be retained. This dangerous attitude of “cleaning house” is cutting off the proverbial “nose” to spite the equally proverbial “face”. Dims and Rinos out, CONSERVATIVES in.

    8. There IS a solution, BUT…, that solution requires guts, sacrifice, and hard work. So, conversely, your assertion that there is no solution, sadly, is correct. We, the sheeple will dither apathetically along, whining and pontificating, just as ineffectual and impotent as the elected “leaders” we dutifully bash at every opportunity.

    9. There are some very dedicated ‘politicians’ that aren’t corrupt and actually want what’s best for this country. Thankfully, we have two in State of South Carolina: US Rep.Trey Gowdy and US Sen Tim Scott.

    10. Don’t know Scott but Trey Gowdy is one of those folks I mentioned above.He will at all cost protect the folks that voted for him from what I am able to discern from his comments and actions on cspan…Good choice..

    11. No limit, however the ratio of black to white crooks gets more difficult to maintain in accordance with “social justice” principles as the examples are demonstrating. The more politicians that are bagged, eventually – like in 3.2.1… – the inevitable race card WILL be played.

    12. nah, just take out equal amounts of both…but the real solution is don’t quit til they are all gone…

    13. No No. Affirmatve Action means to choose minorities first. That’s not racism. Its Anti-racist.

    14. Wouldn’t mind strapping a few of them to my hood, now where can we find a good taxidermist?

  2. reminds me of the ‘Bootlegging’,,, out law liquor and bootleggers will profit

  3. These socialist elitist bastards consider themselves above the law. How did Obama allow this to happen?

    1. Who do you think is the biggest crusader of this 2 faced idea? why obama himself of course.

    2. Eric Holder got away with his Fast and Furious supplying guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels. Nothing has happened to him yet.. He should be jailed.

    3. Obama is a (as you use the term) Socialist Elitist himself and he also considers himself above the law.

    4. Obama “duped” people into believing impossible pie in the sky campaign promises, grinnie. Politicians have been doing this for years. Words like “hope, change, transparency” sound great. Unfortunately, Obama knew exactly what he believed he could accomplish when he promised to “fundamentally change the USA.” What he wanted has been outlined extremely well by his mentor Saul Alinsky in Alinsky’s book ‘Rules for Radicals.’ Alinsky’s 8 steps to morph the USA into a ‘Social State’: 1) Healthcare, 2) Poverty, 3) Debt, 4) Gun Control, 5) Welfare, 6) Education, 7) Religion, and 8) Class Warfare. Any of this sound familiar, grinnie?

  4. Nothing wrong with passing a quick law. Death penalty for corruption public officials sounds like a good one to pass right about now.

    1. We don’t have the capacity to dispose of all the bodies if that were enacted Mark…We need to take them out with one VOTE at a time……

    2. Yeah sadly the dead can vote democrat and so can people that have never voted apparently they just default them to democrat now.. so basically we independents and conservatives are boned now.

    3. Keep your head up Donald it ain’t over just derailed for the moment this is still the United States we just have to keep moving forward as best we can for now.

    4. If we can dispose of the bodies of millions of murdered babies, we can dispose of the bodies of up to 535 voting members of both houses of Congress. Sorry if that seems to be an obfuscation of the subject matter, but the irony was just too irresistible for me.

    5. In the news a few days ago, it was reported that England was incinerating the bodies of aborted infants to heat their hospitals. Kind of makes the Nazis seem like amateurs.

    6. Burning the bodies of these politicians could have headed the entire New England states through this past cold and hard winter. Just think of all that hot air.

    7. UNNGGH! The thought of POLITICIANS as a food source under ANY circumstances is frankly revolting!!!

    8. I still say we try. We have billions of bullets they bought trying to keep us from having them. They just don’t realize the military they bought them for actually follow the oath they take. To defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. They are too ignorant to see they’re the Domestic enemy. I definitely also believe in voting them out, we do have some good people running. I really like Rand Paul in 2016 with a running partner of Ted Cruz or Trey Gowdy.

    9. I agree 100% Rand Paul is one of the smartest and patriotic politicians in the arena these days, you could add Dr Ben Carson into that mix too.With those 4 people we could create a leadership team that would put the US back on the rail and moving forward,,

  5. Hey, the gangsters always want to make things illegal so the market will rise. Do you think Al Capone would have ever voted to end prohibition?

  6. Hang him by his Communist Ball till they shrivel dry in the sun. Then feed them to Moon Beam as California Raisins.

  7. Wow….surprise, surprise. Typical Democratic stance – do as I say, not as I do. On the upswing, He Got Caught! :) Another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust…Hey……

  8. There is a long list each year of crimes committed by our congressmen and congresswomen. It is usually longer than the list of crimes committed by professional athletes. We just do not see all the individual cases. Most of these people are lawyers.

    1. Until just recently there were no laws against “insider trading” for members of congress. Go figure.

    1. This is just be the tip of the ice burg in Calif! If they really cleaned house it would be a miracle!!

  9. Ohhh! I get it!! The don’t like competition!! This is a clear sign of their desperation!! They’re turning on their own in an effort to continue in power! I wonder what the blowback will be to the investigators that arrested him??

  10. such is the democrat way just like obama and holder in fast and furious… Can’t WAIT for nov. when we finally get back the senate and start to clean out the place.

    1. Sounds like a step in the right direction. However, POLITICIANS from the GOP are very much like those of the Dems. Unfortunately, CAREER POLITICIANS are almost all corrupt.

  11. Feed to the sharks, very ecological, good for all environments. There seems to be no end of corrupt politicians so the shark population should be well fed. A win-Win, put the money they stole back in to a fund to be returned to the Taxpayers.

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s working for the Communist Chinese or the Koreans. It’s okay for them and the drug cartels to own guns.

  13. Stunning! I mean, the feds actually busted the bad guys and it was a Democrap…really stunning.

  14. Just more evidence the LIBERALS in the government seek to deny arms to the people, yet supply them to those of whom they approve! Less chance of an insurrection! Even BETTER when you can make money at it, AFTER you have decreased the SUPPLY. via the law, and raised the costs! Never let a crisis go to waste! Even if you’ve made it, yourself!

  15. Oh No – you mean those nice bleeding heart democrats in California are two faced. I’m just shocked…
    Of course a true democrat is OK. However; you did vote for the liberal progressive. THINK!!!!!


  17. See, that’s what I like about the liberals, they will find an explanation for why their guy was doomed to fail so that he really is just a victim of circumstance. I think it will end up that if the Tea Party weren’t a bunch of racists none of this would have happened.

  18. You get what you vote for and that’s the problem. The vast majority of Americans pay no attention to politics and IF they watch the news, they believe the BS. We are screwed.

  19. He joins Carl Rowan as another liberal demo-crat anti Second Amendment hypocrite along with the thousands of other liberal demo-crat hypocrites


  21. Corruption is so think in our Government that is is not longer a Joking matter but so serious the public needs to demand death sentences for Political Corruption. Most these Corrupt Officials will be secretly pardoned when the heat dies down.

  22. Holder will let him go. Pelosi will claim he was working undercover to prove that gun owners are the real criminals.

  23. That’s one less democrat yahoo for LALA land to worry about! That only leaves a bazillion of the left to worry about!!

  24. He must have pledged to his Criminal buyers to pass Laws to ensure no Resistance to them, by disarming those Pesky Law Abiding Citizens !!!! That way his Criminal Friends would be the ONLY ONES with (Russian) guns when robing and assalting !!! What a Guy…A Typical Democrat !!!

  25. And remember – according to lib thinking, no democRAT can actually be guilty of something, but it just may be that the dnc is possibly doing a purge of guys like him, in advance of the 2014 elections, to clear the board of those they already know, and have known about, like this clown. The idea being to put these guys out of the news until after the election. Sound crazy ? In the political world we have now ? How about the other publicized stories of other dems getting busted recently. Coincidence ?

  26. It’s time for the Tea Party to work on a national referendum for term limits for all elective positions to include the presidency. I believe a six-year term for the POTUS, a 1 5-year term for senators, and two, 2-year terms for congressmen would be ideal. Their golden parachutes should also be voted on for elimination, everyone of them pays social security and be enrolled in ObamaCare. I’m sure the Tea Party, supported by the majority of true Americans who are fed up with the current system can swing this. As I see it, it is the only way we can reform the present-day very corrupt and out of control 2 party system which breeds political dynasties and professional politicians. Under these term limits we won’t have to endure the likes of Pelosi and Reid. I believe this is better than burning all the 535 bodies in Congress and 2 in the WH because that would only pollute the already polluted air we all breathe. And feeding them to the sharks like we did to that animal Osama could give all those poor sharks indigestion of a titanic, catastrophic proportion!

  27. Watch. There will be no justice in this.
    So dam many of our officials have the same mentality as him. This guys mistake is getting caught before the rest.

  28. There’s one of these coming up for auction on Sotheby’s insider list of items to be auctioned….I thought maybe if everybody pitched in a little. how positively wicked of me.

  29. Why am I not surprised? All I can say is “The beauty of Leftist hypocrisy” and “Ain’t Karma a Bitch!?!”

  30. State Senator Leland Yee, president Barak Obama, and the host of anti-Second Amendment public officials have the same goal: disarm the law abiding citizen, yet allow the common criminal go unchecked, thus controlling the general populace. Each anti-Second Amendment public official is protected by armed security guards, yet they want us voters to be as sheep amongst wolves.

  31. For those who might be unaware of terminology please note “Tong” is an “ethnic organization” and I’m not talking Elks Lodge here I’m talking Asian gangs and crime families.

  32. Take a look at this! If now you’re not convinced that this gun contrl nonsense, isn’t about the new world order, than you can’t see!
    We need to wake up, take part in what’s going on to retain our freedoms, nationally, expose, them,and see these criminals are brought to justice!
    If not, I guess we can sit back like sheep, and do nothing!
    I, for one, will be on the front lines defending our freedom, getting off my a$$, as always, and not accept any lies from elected servants!

  33. I’m just wondering why the report did not include the political affiliation of this criminal until half-way through the story? If Yee was a Republican I can guarantee that the first five words of the article would have read ‘Republican State Senator Leland Yee’. I have noticed the same avoidance by the TV media outlets. It is as if they cower away from ever mentioning the political affiliation of Democrats when they are caught up in criminal activity.

  34. Well isn’t that rich? There were also a bunch of other arrests within the last couple of days of corrupt Dems engaged in criminal activity. Even Harry “Scumbucket” Reid got caught funneling roughly $30,000 in campaign funds to his granddaughter. I’m just wondering why the FBI, all of the sudden, has finally started doing their job again. Call me cynical, but something,s going on and I’m not sure it’s good.

  35. Watch him try to pull a Peter Townshend defense – he was just doing “research” to see how easy it was…

  36. Power is corruption. This idiot forgot that S. Francisco is not China and United States has more powerful and best law enforcements in the world. What an idiot! I can’t wait for this idiot to join those prisoners in the Federal prisons in California.

  37. My question is: who was he trying to arm? If he is sincere in his efforts to remove guns from the hands of law-abiding American citizens, and presumably, the criminal element as well, I just have to question what his end game was to be, especially had he been successful in his efforts to be Cali’s SecState. Would it be too far-fetched to imagine that he has the inside track on a cadre of moles from China and Russia who have burrowed into the fabric of life in California? Is this a case of corruption or have we uncovered a plot to enable a real-life Red Dawn?

  38. My comment will likely get deleted because it is not cohesive to the group thinking here, but they got a BIG FISH seemingly at the top of this food chain. The people like my husband facilitating these transactions lifetime NRA members and conservative Republicans. Willing and knowingly participated. Committing crimes to set the stage for world. I guess that will come out later when they finally unseal his search warrant and charge him and put HIS story in the media;that is unless he’s already brokered his deal and let them domino fall creating the fireworks where they will but people with an IQ of 127 are capable of doing things the rest of us just miss.