What Did Kobe Bryant Say About Trayvon Martin that has Liberals Shocked?


Kobe Bryant, the world-renowned shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, admitted a position that is sure to irk liberals at a time when race relations in America remain incredibly low.
At a time when black celebrities and political figures are routinely targeted by the left for any perceived lack of solidarity with leftist causes, Bryant recently sat down with The New Yorker to discuss a wide range of topics and admitted that he refuses to support Trayvon Martin simply because he’s black.
According to News One: 
In the March 31 issue of the New Yorker, Kobe Bryant discussed life, race and the inevitable conclusion of his illustrious basketball career with Ben McGrath. Perhaps most shocking is Bryant’s assertion that wide-spread support for Trayvon Martin was premature and he refused to show support for the slain teen simply because he’s African American.
According to Colorlines, when McGrath asked Bryant’s opinion on the Miami Heat’s show of solidarity with Martin in the now iconic “Hoodie” photo, the 35-year-old L.A. Laker said that such a move showed lack of “progress”:
I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American,” he said. “That argument doesn’t make any sense to me. So we want to advance as a society and a culture, but, say, if something happens to an African-American we immediately come to his defense? Yet you want to talk about how far we’ve progressed as a society? Well, we’ve progressed as a society, then don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American. You sit and you listen to the facts just like you would in any other situation, right? So I won’t assert myself.”
The profile goes on to quote former NFL running back Jim Brown, who at one point said, “[Kobe] is somewhat confused about culture, because he was brought up in another country.” Bryant then defended himself on Twitter, writing, “A ‘Global’ African American is an inferior shade to ‘American’ African American?? #hmmm. that doesn’t sound very #Mandela or #DrKing sir.” 
Bryant’s comments have prompted a backlash on social media and Bryant has responded with an Instagram picture of Dr. King and his famous quote, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
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  1. I totally agree with his comments – shows character – integrity – fairness – intelligence! So many African American’s voted for Obama because he was black not because he was the most qualified! This mentality does not help this country continue to progress to be the great country it use to be! We have gotten too caught up in being politically correct & when we don’t follow the politically correct rules we are bullied – called out! Can’t think for ourselves – must stick with the crowd!

    1. Exactly. Obama was elected for the opposite reason MLK was talking about- He was elected for the color of his skin and not the content of his character.

    2. The President was elected by some for the color of his skin. Fact, if every black person in the country voted for the President, (which didn’t happen because all black people don’t vote) he still wouldn’t have had enough votes to win. So don’t think that’s the reason. The truth is he was groomed for this by bigger powers. As far as all the distractions, these are issues the bigger powers want America focused on. If America is preoccupied with race issues, party issues, economic issues, etc. then while America is focused on those things all sorts of behind the scene stuff is being passed and laws changes, agendas laid out, etc. This happens with no opposition. Don’t fall for the distractions.

    3. The white liberals or more correctly “Cultural Marxists” also voted for him based on the color of his skin, not just the blacks.

    4. Capitalism as well as socialism needed a face lift. That is why they put a new face and color in the white house. Diversion is the primary strategy. Bill Cooper said it best. Wake up everybody or get left behind. In a FEMA camp.

    5. Reggie gets it. Sad, though, the landscape is populated by those who can’t get past facades. That is why all is lost and prepping is the only thing that makes sense.

    6. their are plenty of people who would vote party line if the candidate was satan himself

    7. The last President to have character was John F. Kennedy. Since then, every president has been a meat puppet that doesn’t have the balls to do good for our nation but instead bring us more death and suffering.

    8. I will disagree with this…..Kennedy had charisma, not character….He messed around on his wife with a movie star….That doesn’t say a lot about that character you mentioned….If you are looking for character in the white house, you might want to look at some of the first ladies, i.e. Nancy Reagan, Barbara and Laura Bush….These ladies (and I will include Mrs. Kennedy) have character….

    9. Exactly- well said. Kennedy was highly over rated and the media gave him a pass on anything negative. Kinda like how the media was all over Bush and before that- Dan Quayle when he misspelled a word. Obama couldn’t spell “respect” and the media burried that one quick so no one would notice The Messiah was in error.

    10. Eh, kinda disagree- JFK has been glorified mostly because he was assasinated. Reagan was probably the best president of the last century. He actually believed in the Constitution, the uniqueness and greatness of this nation, put the job above himself. Can you imagine Putin pulling the bullshit that he is pulling on the imposter in chief Obama? Reagan would have bitch slapped that punk so fast his head would spin.

    11. Ok aside from all the scandals and charisma. You guys should actually look into the real motive of his assassination. Federal Reserve and executive order 11110 are all that I can say. If you are really interested then you will search for this info and if not then you truly believe the government’s side of the story. I know that this is all off topic but I feel that it’s necessary for this discussion.

    12. JFK got exactly what he deserved. . . oh yeah he had character. . . the kind that got him killed.

    13. oh no he did not deserve to die for being a womanizer , he saved this world from nuclear war , he would have prevented 58,000 deaths in viet nam ,,,,,,,,,,,,,do your homework sir

    14. Any man who is a philanderer has twisted character . . . but not moral character! Bill Clinton, JFK, were womanizers. In a culture like Japan, geisha girls are accepted, and in France, it is said most men have a mistress. But in America, our norms since earliest history were based on biblical morality and the Ten Commandments.

    15. And Trayvon was killed for the same reason mlk was killed – skin color/race…not the content of their characters.

    16. You are so wrong Robert, Trayvon was killed because he was a thug. They kept showing Trayvon the 14 year old boy on TV but that was not the Trayvon that got himself killed.

    17. Did you know that his book bag was FULL of STOLEN jewelry?
      Did you know that there were NO MORE break-ins at the condo complex AFTER Trayvon was killed?

    18. Pay attention to the news much? He was slamming Zimmerman’s head against the concrete.
      Some people, like you, just don’t get it. He was killed because he was a stupid thief, drug dealer, and a thug

    19. Trayvon was NOT killed BECAUSE he was black!
      He was killed because he attacked a man who defended himself!

    20. Cynthia McKinney was a black woman who ran on the green party ticket. Why didn’t she get all the backing that Obama received. How about we ask Henry Kissinger. Of course one of Nixon’s advisors promoting and grooming Obama never cross the minds of many because we foolishly feed into politics as if we have a choice. ? Really. How many of you actually listen to alternative media?

    21. Do you really think there weren’t white people that voted for Romney just because he WASNT black? You wanting to rationalize being in the minority doesn’t justify minimizing other Americans votes. Way to marginalize yourself.

    22. Awesome!!! I don’t even have to interpret this comment, it is the definition of racism. By reducing a person down to a judgement based on their name, and skin color, you have given into xenophobia which is no longer a helpful survival trait. Be smarter than your parents and friends, do research and find out who people are behind their skin color and name. Not only will you be wrong about people less, you’ll be a better person! Win-win! And if that doesn’t work for you, do it because Christ told ask of you to not be racist, our don’t you remember that?

  2. The truth is……blacks in America want to lie about such cases. The DOJ did a complete “cleaner” operation on Martin. They eliminated every photo of him but one……..when he was about 13. They got rid of his web page, where he had drugs, guns, and hatred for whites. The DOJ concocted a trumped up case, based on a total lie…….that he was a child.

    The truth was already known, however………that he was a big tall, 17 yr. old, who was very much into criminal behavior, who was expelled from school for drugs, who carried a gun, and a whole lot more.

    You can’t fool people, DOJ………..we know better.

    1. It seems that what happened to Trayvon Martin was the tragic but inevitable consequence of letting your alligator mouth get your butterfly a** in trouble. Something that could happen to any thug, regardless of their color.

    2. I don’t buy that. The fact is that if you are black, the media will cover for you. The “knock out” fad that is going on is usually performed by a group of blacks against a white guy- ever hear the media call it a hate crime? Black gangs have initiations for robbing, beating and even killing white guys- ever hear the media talk about that? Look at any movie or t.v. show- anyone breaking into a house, stealing a car, robbing a bank, etc. is almost always portrayed as a white guy. Notice a theme here?

    3. I notice a pattern of behavior here and it is shameful. Did anyone hear about the two Temple University students attack by a group of black teen girls? The girl was hit in the face with a brick by one of the perps and nearly lost several teeth had it not been for her boyfriend who was with her. There are a number of black on white crimes that you will not hear about in the mainstream liberal media. Thank God for Fox News and talk radio.
      But I agree with Kobe, a man who dares to think for himself instead of being a mindless sheep. As I listened to the story play out I did not take sides. I came to the conclusion that both parties involved, Zimmerman and Martin were at fault. Zimmerman should have stayed put like the 911 operator had told him and let the police handle it. The end…

    4. Are you forgetting that little Trayvon was actually 6′ tall. The hoodie pic was an older one from when he was a younger teen.
      Both sides must share the fault, but at least let us portray each as they were.

    5. If you follow me around for no apparent reason known to me…yes indeed, I will confront you and I am heavily armed and more than able to defend myself. I am not naive!

    6. Sheila, your also forgetting that poor little trayvon could have easily gotten to the safety of his home. instead he turned around and went back after zimmermen.!! He was NOT an innocent youth. he was a thug who made a really bad decision. THE END!

    7. Travon stood his ground. Period. He died fighting for his life. I would have done the same. Follow me home and see. Wow. People kill me with all these unsympathetic words of discussion.

    8. dragen

      The judge and jury that saw and heard the evidence ………. Oops they disagreed….

      Trayvon was a drug using street thug that had spewed racist epitaphs and yup it was Trayvon that decided to attack a mixed race victim that ended up being armed and Trayvon ate a bullet for his actions… It’s too bad that Trayvon died… Just the same Trayvon made the decision to attack Zimmerman and yup that ended up getting him killed. Of course contrary to LSM reporting…..Zimmerman was NOT White and was not even a “White Hispanic” because he is of mixed race … Zimmerman even has a Black grandparent…. Hispanic is a separate race designation altogether from Caucasian.That means he is less White than Barry Obama is White…. The LSM tried to fan the flames of a race war over what was a street altercation between a Black that attacked a mixed race neighborhood watch guy… Yet they (Including Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the racists… ) tried to make it look like Zimmerman was a racist White just targeting a Black because he was a Black and at least one LSM doctored pictures to make it appear that Zimmerman was not injured to make it appear that he was lying about what happened. That means the people that are all worked up over a Hispanic with at least some Black heritage bought into a load of race card tinged nonsense and so yup they were blatantly scammed by the LSM to have an opinion that has no basis in fact. IOWs Kobe is using common sense to base his opinion on the facts and not on the color of Trayvon’s skin.

    9. It didn’t seem like the Hispanic community came to his defense. (Please someone educate me if I’m wrong.) I wondered if this was because they didn’t want it pointed out that Zimmerman wasn’t white because then their community would be getting the heat.

    10. the “LSM” doesn’t need to fan anything to get morons like you all fired up. if the news didn’t turn the whole thing into a racial situation, the ignorant, racist whites (like you), and the ignorant, racist blacks that squeel everytime one of them is touched would have done it for them. people like you hide behind the moral majority, pretending to be thinking independently of the LSM, when in reality, everything you believe in is based upon others peoples BS. and i guarantee 99% of the black people complaining about Trayvon wouldn’t care one bit if it was a white kid who got killed, and 99% of the white people who think it was justifiable homicide to kill an unarmed teenager would’ve been pissing their panties if it was a white kid who was followed through their neighborhood and killed by a grown half black/ hispanic man. all of you are full of ****….

    11. You are forgetting that Martin was not at his house. He was not in his neighborhood. He was not near his house. Not quite the same thing as “Follow me home and see”.

    12. Also, didn’t Martin’s girlfriend Rachel Jeantell imply in her testimony that when Martin called her just before the shooting he remarked that the guy (Zimmerman) was acting “creepy”, and she insinuated that maybe he was looking to molest him? If that’s the case, Martin should’ve ran back to his stepfather’s house where his little brother was to protect him.

    13. Loop me in. You say that “he died fighting for his life.” At what point was he attacked by Zimmerman?

    14. oh lets see Zimmerman stalked and followed him for all most a hour and was told not to encounter him but Zimmerman would not listen because has he said this thug anit getting away so when the kid defending his self form the gun toting bully George pulled his gun and shot an un armed kid,,Georges life is over and he will slowly rot away

    15. I am clearly not getting the same news feeds as you. Are you actually saying that Zimmerman went up to Martin and attacked him? I don’t mean looked at him or was in the general vicinity of him, I mean a physical attack. Did that happen?

    16. Wait a sec. Let’s take ego out of this. When I said follow me home that wasn’t an invitation.But feel free to follow me home. The military has been good to my training. Every black man in America is not a “Trayvon”. So let’s not go there. My comment meant if someone followed you home in that manner what would you do. You have to look at all things from different angles. So stop it. Please.

    17. No Trayvon turned around to go thump on what he thought was an easy target. Trouble for him was the target didn’t play that game. Trayvon got his just reward. George is far from being a saintly dude, but he had every right to defend himself. The whole trial was a joke and travesty.

    18. I agree with Bryan…however, Zimmerman was the instigator, he was told to stand down and wait for the police. He did “not” thus the reason the kid is dead and he got a beat down. If he was a real man he would have taken the beat down like a man and Martin would still have his life.

    19. lol

      “Taken his beat down like a man”? Did you really just type that? Wait, don’t tell me, let me guess. You are one of those types that don’t fight back?

      Sorry ojamesw but your view is how victims beget more victims. “Here Mr Mugger, take my wallet, take what you want, beat me even.. I won’t do a thing.”

      Martin would be alive if he had kept walking, if had been in his neighborhood. If someone is following me and I am in a place that is not my neighborhood I don’t stop and go confront them. I move to a well lighted area that has people and make a call.

      Zimmerman should not have pursued Martin but Martin should not have gone back and attacked Zimmerman, THAT is what provoked the lethal confrontation. THAT is why Martin is dead. And THAT is what the Jury saw and acted on.

    20. If you pursue me for no reason known to me at some point in the pursuit, I will confront you. If you give me a reason that your intent is to do me harm, I will assume you are armed and you will not survive. However, Martin was probably not wise enough to know any one following him alone is probably armed. Zimmerman had already made up his mind that the kid was not going to get away if he could help it. He had already made up his mind to kill the young man. He might have gotten away with murder in this life. However, he will have to give an account in the life to come. Not many people have died in one on one fist fights. Especially when the police is only minutes away!

    21. So you are a mind reader now? Zimmerman was following Martin due to Martin looking and acting like a perp and the fact that there had been break-ins in the neighborhood. Zimmerman did not approach Martin, it was the other way around. Had it been as you assert then Zimmerman would have stopped Martin.

      Self defense is not murder, no matter how much you try to spin it. And just to bring clarity, it was Martin atop Zimmerman beating him down, intent to kill him, which is when Zimmerman drew and fired his weapon and ended the threat of Martin.

      In a fistfight the combatants are not beating their opponents heads into the ground. THAT is called lethal force and intent to kill.

    22. A REAL attorney NEVER would have made ANY comment regarding an ongoing case, either. (if I had a son….).

    23. What do you mean by blacks in america. People in america. White or black lie. The leaders of this country are not blacks anyway. But corruption is rampent in government. But blacks want to lie?maybe we should leave race out of it. And focus on the real core of corruption. The US government.

    24. Yup so just admit that it was people like Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson,Sheila Jackson Lee,etc. and the LSM lied…
      Zimmerman was attacked by a Black street thug.
      Trayvon was shot by a mixed race victim that was only defending himself. The stand your ground law is based on centuries old common law common sense. Too bad Trayvon died but then the victim of an attack has the right to defend themselves especially when their head is getting bashed against the sidewalk by the attacker.
      Being followed is not an immediate threat and of course Trayvon just had to go to his father’s house and not confront Zimmerman and he’d likely still be alive if he didn’t attack someone else that was carrying a gun.

    25. Is it safe to say that these two individuals made a mistake. Things could have been handled better. One lost his life. The other one has been arrested a few times because of his character. Trigger happy. And above the law. Actions of Zimmerman have showed his demeanor. That’s fact. I believe in the right to protect your self. But not to become a gun carrying psycho and look for trouble. Now you want to do celebrity boxing. Where is he a celebrity? That is the mentality that he has. But let’s just stay focused on the problem. If the government and all these black leaders pull they’re heads out and realize that racism is a system. We would all prosper as humans. They want us divided. When there is no unity. There is no progression.

    26. Zimmerman was not a gun carrying psycho. He was out doing his neighborhood watch and saw Travon and followed him called the police and against the advice of the operator got out of his vehicle to get a closer look and it was Travon that jumped him and got on top of him and started to beat his head against the sidewalk… Zimmerman then pulled his gun and shot Travon in self defense. Zimmerman didn’t chase Travon like a psycho down the sidewalk shooting at him or anything like that.

    27. How about we asked Zimmerman’s wife about his character. About 2 months ago he was arrested for acting like a psycho when he jumped on his father in law and threatening his wife.

    28. Zimmerman shouldn’t have followed, then he wouldn’t have had to “only” defend himself, and become a murderer

    29. Remind me again what the verdict was? Not guilty wasn’t it? That means that it was self defense and Zimmerman is indeed not a murderer.

    30. I can see how the verdict has to be resected. But justice is and always been blind. But no one has said yet what they would have done if the man would have followed them in that manner.

    31. Zimmerman was part of the Neighborhood Watch in his own neighborhood….
      Zimmerman had every right to be out checking out his neighborhood and follow and then report on suspicious people …
      Travon was the stranger in that neighborhood and even though he was visiting his father…
      Travon was out after dark and Zimmeran was checking out Travon to see if he was up to no good.
      Too bad Travon thought he had to confront Zimmerman and get shot after he attacked Zimerman but Travon was the one that was out after dark in a strange neighborhood and thought he needed to get in a fight with Zimmerman.

    32. Real news reports about Trayvon came out on youtube: “The Trayvon Martin The Media Didn’t Want You to Know” and “The Lynching by Bill Whittle”. The divergence between reality and what was reported is mind blowing.

    1. “Listen Comrade, we all feel exactly the
      same way you do, but trust me, it’s a lot safer if you just stand up.”” – Robert

    2. Why, thank you., but this picture has honestly been around for a long time. I am always reminded of it when I hear of someone who has been brave enough to stand up against the state (and its representatives) in these times of political correctness. It seems to me to represent the spirit of the Tea Party.

    3. I tire of the word “Awesome.” Please get a new way to describe stuff because “Awesome” has become a tired catch-all word that really doesn’t truly describe anything. Thanks.

    4. You replied to the wrong comment – I didn’t use that word. That’s not to say I agree with you, some things really are awesome.

    5. Is “Awesome” no longer politically correct? I think I’ll continue to use it when I feel like it anyway. I might even allow others to use whatever words they want to… What a concept.

    6. How stupidly “Awesome” it is to use such mundane expressions when you speak. It is so “follow the crowd,” and meaningless.

    7. Yawn… Using an understandable expression in conversation is simply that… conversation… It does not preclude free thought… And anyone who modifies their speech because you tire of their choice of words, is certainly a follower.

    8. You are not understanding what I am saying. Everywhere I go someone spouts the word awesome. It has become an over-used catch-all word that is really a patronization. I find it to be a ridiculous usage of the word. I like “Groovy” better. That went by the wayside too. Awesome will pass into history soon I hope.

    9. I can deal with the word groovy too… I just equate suggesting any limitation on speech/words as more of the PC police stuff this country is running rampant with. Words, like many other things/fads, often have a lifespan that ends naturally. Also, some people are just a bit brighter than others and our vocabulary may be a bit more limited, but we are often still as good and decent as you smart people.

    10. Dude, Awesome, and a few other words have crept into the vocabulary. It immediately indicates where someone is in relation to their age bracket. Eventually I grew out of groovy, far out, cool etc. You will too.

    11. I hope not, I would like to seem young far into my old age… At least when speaking to someone on the phone or internet… Mother Nature will have her way with the appearance part.

    12. After it was all said & done, NOT being that guy either got you killed or tried for war crimes. Live with your heart, not your fears.

    13. Sadly…that’s what most people of his similar mindset do exactly…..WHY?..FEAR!!! They usually wind up getting rounded up and eliminated like a herd of buffalo herded up and stampeded over a 300ft cliff, anyway….just ask the Jews in Europe when Hitler took power…they quietly and meekly went to their demise!! Won’t happen here I can assure you.

    14. Don’t do something that you believe is wrong, merely because it saves your life; do something you know is right, even though it may cost you your life.

    15. Uh, newsflash genius….we’re all gonna die someday. So doesn’t it at least make sense to live and die for something rather than as a damsel in the wind? People who think like you turn out to be traitors to their neighbors to “go along to get along.”

    16. This life is only a small fraction of time. There is a hereafter, and its better to be that guy and go to your creator with a clean conscience then it is to succumb to evil and have to answer to your maker for what you have done. Everyone dies anyway. No one gets out of this life alive!


    18. Your very right when you stated that Dearborn Mi. is the Berlin of America, and I believe that there are a lot of terrorist living there now under the protection of their own kind, just waiting for the right moment to strike, and our countries officials know of this also.

    19. Great pic. I for one choose to die on my feet, instead of on my knees…..for you Dumba$$ liberals.

    20. This fellow reminds me of the guy in Connecticut, who asked the school board some questions regarding the Common Core curriculum, which they didn’t answer, and was escorted out of the QA by police men./gestapo. When people are not allowed free moral agency for fear of being caste as politically incorrect, we have lost our liberties! Common Core is an attempt to dumb down our children and make them compliant with Agenda 21 of the New World Order . . . fight iut with all your might!

  3. Impressed by Kobe Bryant. But I do have a question for him, where were you born? In America or Africa? If America, then just say that your an American!

    1. He’s proud of his heritage. Every bit as proud as I am to say that I am an Irish Catholic American. I am equally sure that those descended from Japanese, Korean, Chinese are just as proud of their heritage. This is a country of immigrants and most of us are part this and part that.

    2. Irish Catholic American you claim. We’ll your not Irish just try moving there today preferably. You’ll find you need to apply, have a sponsor etc. just like any other non-Irish immigrate. To me your just trying to make yourself seem more important by giving yourself a title. Little known fact: This only causes segregation. Congratulations: You’ve managed to make yourself un-American. Also.. you list yourself Irish before American. If you must, how about you say I’m American of Irish catholic decent.

    3. What gives you the right to dictate what people call themselves. Congratulations that violates freedom of speech. You are un American.

    4. You 2 sound like Harry Reid and Barrack Obama… 2 of the country’s biggest idiots. Stop it.

    5. Matthew.. I didn’t say you couldn’t call yourself anything you want. Your also free to burn the flag, but do that in front of me and I’ll be more then happy to go before a jury and defend my actions. I served 21yrs and I’m tired of how Americans tear our country down instead of working together to make it better. America is the greatest country in the world. If your lucky enough to be an American be proud of it!

    6. Matthew Otte must think you are holding a gun to LauraAnn Johnston’s head, preventing her from typing on her keyboard.

    7. He is an American and was born in Philadelphia, but spent much of his childhood in Italy due to his father playing professional basketball for an Italian team.

    8. Joanna, I couldn’t agree more! Unless you are born in Africa, then you are just American. That would be one of the best moves in the correct direction of not separating people. I am American, not Euro/English/Irish American. It’s absurd.

    9. Idiot. African American isn’t a description of nationality, it is a description of race. They came up with that because the colored people didn’t like to be called black. It is to describe those that have mixed blood of African and American. Yes, African American is not the same race as African if you would call Africans a race just like we call Asians a race.

      So, one can be African American and also American. Those describe two different things.

    10. Hey franklingray, what’s with the name calling????? So that means I have to introduce myself as English, Irish, Scottish, German, American Indian, American? Actually, we are all the same race, no one is black or white. We are all skin tones/shades of brown…. Look around!!!!

  4. Very wise words.I’m sure all the libs
    are jumping up & down in their anger
    that he would dare say such things.

  5. I can see how those words would antagonize a PC liberal. Hysterical rhetoric aside, Bryant does make sense.

  6. Good for you Kobe Bryant. You sound much smarter than I ever gave you credit for. I apologize.

    1. I guess all intelligent people cheat on their wives and get arrested for rape and then settle out of court for millions.

    2. Millions of men cheat on their wives and their wives cheat on them. Otherwise there would not be any cheating.

    3. Louisiana senator David vitter also did the same but he was re elected for a second term. It seems as if race does play a part in every aspect of american culture or history. The people of this country need to remember something else. Obama works for the same people as Bush, Reagan, Nixon did. Democrat. Republican. Birds of the same feather. Its all corrupted.

    4. I seriously doubt he raped her, it’s possible, but not likely. Women throw themselves at Kobe. Maybe she was the 1 woman who said no? It’s possible, but not likely.

    5. Surprisingly intelligent, for someone going straight from High school to the NBA. Not knocking the guy, but seems very well self educated….too bad he cheated on his wife, and fake cried about on World wide TV.

  7. Here’s another MLK quote for Kobe. “We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools.”

    1. Sounds like Jim Brown could use that one. Trayvon, if he was alive, and his supporters as well.

  8. You, Mr Bryant have character. A good, solid character that can look at issues and form your own opinion that is based upon logic and not the color of a person’s skin.

    1. Oh gee, Kobe Bryant is an imperfect human being. He made some mistakes. What does that have to do with the Trayvon Martin case?

    2. nothing. but it IS a perfect rebuttal to lauraAnn who is heaping praise on kobe for having a “good, solid character”
      yes, kobe is imperfect, as we all are. and i agree 100% with Kobe here, as did many many people long before he ever said these words. doesnt mean we have solid character

    3. The fact that she waited until the 10 year mark so she could get that millions says a lot more about her than what he did. Anybody who knows her knows she a gold digging, “I’m Kobie’s Wife” so you must give me respect woman so anything she does is irrelevant when talking about character.

    4. NO one knows what kind of person she might have been. I’m not for cheating and I have 6 brothers and a couple have gone through divorce where the judges DID NOT care about anything the wife’s did. My brothers lost their shirts. Just because you are a woman DOES NOT mean you get to walk all over a man. They get divorced, get a lot in child support. Get the kids 26 days out of 30. Move the next man into the home the ex is helping to pay for. This man gets to see the kids more then a good father who only gets them every other weekend. If there is no abuse from either parent, the kids should spend equal time with BOTH parents and if one parent wants to move away to another state then the child should stay with the parent that is staying put where the child is used to. To many mothers move on with a new man and run off with HIS kids. They sure make sure they get their child support. Men need more rights. Hope & pray this happens. Women are not always the sweet little innocence thing they want people to see. Koby had his reasons.

    5. yes, he has some common sense. When ANYONE died it should never just be about their race. You NEVER hear Sharpton, Jackson, Eric holder or Obama come out when blacks kill a white person just a white involved in killing a black. What a double standard and so sad that Sharpton & Jackson has gotten rich off use blacks. NO ONE life is more important then the next!!!!!

  9. He,s right it,s not right or wrong it,s all about color and I,m sick of it blacks blame whites for everything and that,s fine ee blames blacks were racists get over it right is right and wrong OS wrong just another bullshit Obama more to devide us wake up

    1. I really hope you don’t think all black people are that way, because they are not. I don’t blame anyone for my problems and I take responsibility for my own actions and wish that everyone, no matter how much melanin they have in their skin, would do the same. By the way, I have dual citizenship in Japan and the USA, and yes, I am proud of every part of my heritage, including the African, French, Irish, Native American, and Japanese.

    2. Please don’t generalize. I am a conservative, single, college educated, professional Black woman. I don’t blame the whites for everything that has gone wrong in my life or the Black community. I take responsibility for my own missteps and do what I need to do to correct it, unlike some of the parents and students I work with at my school who place blame on everyone but themselves when things go awry in their child’s life.
      I did not vote for Obama. He is the worst president this nation has had in my lifetime. And please remember this man is just as much white as he is black.

    1. Dude you’re an idiot for even saying such a thing. The fact that you would even say such a thing makes you seem more like an uneducated moron. Good luck in life buddy.

    2. Then you don’t know but a select few. There are a lot of very intelligent blacks, but not the ones in our government right now.

  10. Thank you Kobe for having the courage to be a man of class, intelligence and integrity, in spite of knowing that you would be publicly attacked and scorned by the race-baiters on the left. More people of ALL races need to take Dr. Kings message to heart and try to live in such a way that his dream might be fulfilled.

    1. Since when is it classy to cheat on your wife, get arrested for rape, and because you are a millionaire basketball player have all of your sins washed away because of money?

  11. Every White country on the planet is forced to become multicultural and multiracial.

    EVERY white country is told to end its own race and culture.

    No one asks that of ANY non-White country. Immigration and forced-assimilation is for ALL & ONLY White

    Anti-Whites call themselves “anti-racist”, but their words & actions lead to the genocide of
    only one group: White people.

    The true goal of anti-racism is to genocide my people.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  12. He gets MLK’s DREAM, really gets him, too bad Sharpton & Jackson never did ~~ Good for you Kobe, very wise !!!!

    1. Sharpton and Jackson are an embarrassment to the Black community. They stand up for things such as Black students getting ejected from a high school ball game because of rude and improper behavior and call it racism instead of tackling the REAL issues of the Black community: poverty, joblessness (the highest out of all ethnic groups in the nation), gang violence, drugs, black on black crime, hopelessness. Sadly many of my people have become their own worst enemy.

    2. I totally agree with you Sheila & find it very very sad that they have so many blind followers. It would be my hope that more people would pay attention to what you are seeing happen & really want to make a change that MLK fought so hard for, see his real vision !

  13. Yet when we judge them by the content of their character and find it lacking we are called racist.

  14. Simply is that Martin was battering an armed man’s head into a concrete sidewalk and the man had no choice but to defend himself or die. Zimmer shouldn’t have followed him but Martin and SHOULD have handled it differently if he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He should’ve gone home and told his parents that a man was following him. Instead he chose the path that ended his own life and Zimmer was at that point put into a position that forced him to save his own and then the Left smeared him. Zimmer will never be able to get past this.

    1. It Doesn’t matter your opinion of Zimmerman. If you punch a neighbor in the head then pound their head into the concrete because you don’t like them looking at you, you may get shot.

    2. So what? What does that have anything to do with the issue? Maybe his head injury is the cause of his being arrested? You have no way of knowing that because you are NOT his doctor. This comes down to the issue of whether or not to defend yourself. Lemme tell ya, if you are bashing my skull into the pavement, you’re damned skippy I am gonna do everything I can to live. That means shooting you if I have a gun at my disposal.

      So try this little experiment, let someone bash your skull to mush and see whether you wish to live or die. Give them a code word so they know you’ve had enough and then have at it.

    3. Not at the time of the incident he wasn’t. And when you’re harassed CONSTANTLY and have your gun rights violated REPEATEDLY, yeah well you would be a criminal too. Walk a mile in his shoes before judging the man. I could care less that he’s a “criminal” now. Martin is dead because he was an ignorant kid who thought he could beat a man to death in the heat of his anger. Guess he was wrong, huh? Put yourself in Zimmerman’s shoes and get your skull bashed into the concrete. You gonna roll over and die or you gonna do EVERYTHING in your power to live?

  15. Kobe “somewhat confused about culture, because he was brought up in another country”- Maybe. Was his name “Soetoro” in that country???

  16. I’m impressed. What’s unfortunate is that I’m surprised, and I realize I shouldn’t have been. I have always known it’s not wise to judge a book by its cover, but I guess I need this reminder. Thanks, Kobe.

  17. wish more Americans would think like that. Its even worse when you have “News media” taking words and sound bits and stringing them together to push racism, Those type of Networks should be charged with a crime, it was no accident, it was done to create a race riot / sick that nothing has happened to NBC for what they tried to do, more people could have been killed by their race baiting.

  18. Well, well. I just read this:

    Travon Martin was wronged THATS my opinion and thats what I believe the
    FACTS showed. The system did not work #myopinion #tweetURthoughts

    — Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) March 27, 2014

    Thanks for nothing, Kobe.

  19. I can honestly say that this is the first time I have had a positive thought about Kobe Bryant.

  20. This is the reasonable response, and I applaud Kobe for making his assertions so clearly. The whole point of the Civil Rights movement was to promote equality and oneness; people are people no matter what the color of their skin or the ethnic origin. Each one much be praised or judged individually. The issue of race has no place in our society; most people have accepted and welcomed that, and benefited from it. I’m shocked and saddened that racism is making a “come back”. We, as a society, just don’t need that division. Long live the ideas and dreams of MLK.

  21. Kobe, has it wright. Thanks, some one who love people for there caracter, not there skin, color, Dr king, making America a better place, for his and every family. Thank you, I home with that, how about you.?

  22. This almost makes me forget the whole golden shower incident… almost. Makes a great point though in all seriousness.

  23. Kobe first won me over when I heard him so passionately speak of the honor of representing America in the Olympics.

  24. Every time Jim Brown opens his big mouth, nothing but racist bullshit comes out. We will never be free of this crap until these people have passed on and the younger generation takes over. Think about it. The race baiters who make a fortune off thier preaching hate( Jackson, Sharpton, Farakhan) are all old racist.

  25. Good for Kobe Bryant speaking the truth to blacks who think just because of the color of your skin you should always support other blacks no matter what. It should always boil down to the facts, not skin color. If this was the case America would be a lot better off.

  26. He’s dead on right and the liberals just can’t let that stand. If you’re black, you’re supposed to think how they say you should think.

  27. And it’s a shame that African Americans didn’t listen to Dr. King because they judge by the skin color and not the character. We have seen that with the election of a worthless president… twice.

  28. Being raised outside of “Black America” is probably why he’s so wise and can see the bigger picture. His mind wasn’t polluted in his formative years by race-hustlers and hopelessness preachers.

  29. I have just become a Kobe Bryant fan.
    “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – Drk Martin Luther King

    Clearly we have a long way to go for this vision of true equality. I applaud Kobe for actually living Dr. King’s vision. While race baiting pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton divide this nation rather than bring it together.

  30. Well, as I see it he’s not supporting the guy because he’s black like most other black ppl would. As a white person, I won’t jump to the defense of another white person if I know they’re wrong, idk why black ppl always do that! We’ve seen it one to many times, just admit when someone is wrong, screw backing a murderer, rapist etc just because they share your same pigment of skin!

    1. Exactly, that is the essence of racism. Judge and treat people merely on their skin colour rather than their deeds.

  31. Kobe got it right. If you apply the “you cut, I pick” rule of fairness, it would be “you vote on a case involving individuals, I tell you what race each was (after)”.

  32. EXACTLY:

    ” Bryant has responded with an Instagram picture of Dr. King and his famous quote, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

  33. Hold your ground Kobe, don’t be sucked into the group think that resides at the Democrats plantation of the 12st century.

  34. I have never really liked Kobe but after reading this I have a lot more respect for him. I just always figured that he was like most of the others that jump up to support EVERY black person no matter if the are guilty or not. Well, needless to say I feel like an a** now, I was way to quick to judge this man. Now all I can do is pray that his influence, as a superstar, will help move this country forward.

  35. Well I suppose that’s one way of handling it. Fairy dust failed to wipe away the rape accusation from memory, but this little ride on the fence makes it all better.

    It’s nice he’s telling folks to base judgements on character, and not skin or professional athleticism. He’s still a creep.

  36. How in the (duck) does being pragmatic keep you from being liberal? I’m both, and this guy is obviously neither, or else he’d take at least as much time analyzing his opinions as Kobe does. Way to stereotype prickhead

  37. I really respect Kobe Bryant for speaking his mind, speaking the truth, and not allowing race to cloud his good judgment. The guy shows compassion, but common sense, and I applaud him!!!

  38. Zimmerman is a celebrity now for killing Martin. He was trying to book a celebrity fight with DMX. Are you people serious about defending Zimmerman? I guess he fooled us all. The judge jury and the public. Wow. People really amaze me

  39. Zimmerman killing Trayvon was the beginning of what’s to come from the dept of justice against the people. What about killing innocent civilians to carry out their agenda. How about we try to galvanize against that?!!!

  40. White liberals have destroyed the “African” American race, or can we just call them Americans because they aren’t from America, their ancestors might have been. Unless they immigrated here recently from Africa, they are just black Americans. Just like I am a white American because I didnt come over here on a boat.

    But liberalism is destroying everything in our country. Its so so sad. White liberals think they can relate to black Americans, but they cannot. They assume, but you know what they say about assuming, if you assume it makes an a$$ out of you and me. Liberal/progressives just like wasting money on their narcissistic causes because they think they are making a difference but just doing things worse. Look how they have F-ed up the gay agenda.

  41. Yet another media type trying to stir the race war pot… Glad to see that Kobe didn’t take the bait!

  42. im glad tm is dead thats just one less worthless assh0le thug off the streets, and oh btw tm was technically a military age male

  43. Good for Kobe. I have never understood the immediate and collective support for Trayvon simply because he was black. That whole matter is unsettling, but as in any situation, we need to sit back, evaluate the FACTS, then form an opinion. This is especially true for indiividuals in leadership roles who cry “racism” at every turn. Not only does this minimize the issue when it truly is racism, but it doesn’t give the individual much credibility either.

  44. Poor Kobe knows what its like to have “the system” come after you. I remember a few years ago a white chick accused him of raping her but the rape kit found five other mens, ahem.. stuff inside her. They weren’t multimillionaires though im sure so they weren’t included in the lawsuit. He probably sympathizes with Zimmerman.

  45. Trayvon being shot dead is tragic, because he never had the opportunity to turn his life around because of his thug attitude.

  46. The gal that Trayvon was speaking to on the phone with, said that she thought that Trayvon hit Zimmerman first. She also stated that Trayvon thought that the man (Zimmerman) may like boys and was afraid the man would try and sexually assault him. The conversation was changed very quickly by the interviewer. It was after the trial. I think it was an interview on CNN, but I’m not sure. The gal knows what happened. She was speaking to him while it happened.

    1. Or read cursive. She was very clear during the interview. It was more of a, I can’t believe she said that moment and the interviewer changed the subject. It did not go along with their slant of the story.

  47. Kobe Bryant is an Uncle Tom! That being said, Uncle Tom from Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a hero and the exact opposite of a “house n*gro”. If you don’t know what a “house n*gro” is, think Al Sharpton living on a plantation 200 years ago. Those who use the phrase “Uncle Tom” as an insult are very, very ignorant.

  48. I’m glad to hear another black celebrity speak reason in a time of knee-jerk hysteria. The race baiters make their money by stirring up a crowd of potential contributors. That’s how Sharpton, Jackson, and Farrakhan have made their money over the years and live comfortably. I guess some people don’t mind supporting this kind of bottom feeder in their midst. I always think of Sharpton and that (I’m assuming) mentally disturbed girl who was proven to be a liar, yet Sharpton never even apologized. But of course that would take the humility that he doesn’t possess.

  49. Way to go, Bryant… let the facts speaks for itself first (go to the justice system first)…we still live in a nation where you are innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt…

  50. I agree with Kobe Bryan and Dr. King…we have a president who lacks wisdom and discernment concerning most things, and he was twice elected president because of the color of his skin. By the way, white America you are also part of the problem why we have this out of control, incompetent president…we do not have enough Mexicans and Blacks to win an election!

  51. Good for you Kobe! Stand up for what you believe not what someone THINKS you should believe. WTG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. To learn the truth about Trayvon Martin and what he was up to, you need to see two news reports on youtube, “The Trayvon Martin the Media Didn’t Want You to Know” and “The Lynching by Bill Whittle”. The difference between who this thug was and how the media portrayed him is stunning.

  53. Kobe just became, not only my favorite basketball player, but also my favorite black person. It’s all about content of character, not color of skin.

    1. You need to check on the definition of irony. What is really ironic, a person that claims something is ironic without knowing what irony is! Too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

    2. You still don’t get it do you?

      I was trying to be somewhat discreet in pointing out the blatantly insulting and condescending nature of your statement: “He’s not only my favorite basketball player, he’s my favorite black person”!

      And, in the very next breath, you mouth the words; “… It’s not the color of a man’s skin, but the content of his character”?!? YOU JUST MADE IT ABOUT THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN! Do you have your “favorite” Asians? “Favorite” Mexicans? “Favorite” Canadians?

      I’ll bet you’re one of those self righteous, self deluded types who babbles crap like, “I don’t see a person’s skin color, I see the person”.

      You CONTRADICTED YOUR SELF. And, yes, contradiction is a FORM OF IRONY. Irony by its very nature is contradictory. Do YOU know what the word means? Do you understand the nuances of the English language?

      I also used the word ‘ridiculous’. You just double-downed on that.

    3. I will try to explain this again because I can see you are having some trouble comprehending my statement. It is exactly about the content of his character that gives him proper understanding of the Trayvon situation. The color of his skin is just a characteristic of him as a person. Is it not? He IS BLACK! He isn’t my favorite person overall, but as for black people, he is now my favorite because of the ‘content of his character.’ I also like Larry Elder, Fredrick Douglas, Medgar Evers, and Martin Luther King Jr. They all have BLACK skin and I can SEE it, but I also admire the content of their character.
      You make the claim as to me probably being a person who says, “I don’t see a person’s skin color, I see the person,” Didn’t I write in my very first post that Kobe is black? Isn’t it you that is living with contradictions?
      By the way, I do have favorite Asians. Just one, the best man at my wedding. I have favorite Mexicans also. The ones that come to America and believe in Freedom and Liberty. Unfortunately, I don’t really like Canadians, too arogant and self-deluded for me, but I’m sure there are some good ones if you turn over enough rocks.
      Back on point. You can’t prove irony in my original post because you don’t know me. I will tell you that I was sincere,and I think the race card is overplayed, so it doesn’t enter into my thought process. I think people who read into that are over-sensitive and don’t understand what ‘divide and concur’ is all about.
      White, black, yellow, red, or brown, we’re all in this together. I see the differences of color, but I also see the similarities of our plight. No matter the color, if you’re a good man, I will stand beside you. If you’re a bad man, I will denounce you.
      There are more important things to be arguing about than whether or not a statement has irony in it. So you’re right, this does seem, not only pointless, but rather ‘ridiculous’.

    4. Okay Joe, I give up. For every good thing that you say; you turn right around and say something…well, nevermind.

  54. The establishment fears critical thinking – because you are supposed to pick a side – their goal is to divide.

  55. I do not wish to get anybody’s dander up, but it seems to me that, as long as a group sets itself apart from others, that they will never feel equal. I. E. African-American instead of American. To me, a true Afican-American would be a person who emigrated to America in their lifetime.

    I have yet to hear of an African-Englishman, or an African-Frenchman, etc. Why is it only here that such a distinction is made? Frankly, most of their families have been in this country longer than mine. I am a second generation American. I truly don’t get why some people feel a need be other than an American….

    1. @ shadow Nash, very correct in his statement! most blacks are, 11th or 12th,13th generation born in America and have no immediate African roots, or are mixed. So, it is incorrect to call oneself African. I am Puerto Rican and we don’t call ourselves Puerto Rican Americans. If we were born in Puerto Rico then we are Puerto Ricans, but, it we are born in USA we are Americans with hispanic decent.

  56. Kudos to Kobe Bryant. People are people no matter what their skin color, and we need to get the real facts and be just in our judgement and defense of any person regardless of their race or color of skin. I am very proud of Kobe’s rational reasoning. It is time we see people as humans and not as black, white, red or yellow. There are good, decent black people, white, hispanic, oriental etc. But, there a bad blacks, whites, hispanic, orientals etc. also! Crime happens in all races and all places.

  57. Martin had every right to deck George Zimmerman and Zimmerman had every right to shoot Martin after being punched. It’s nice to see Kobe apply some objectivity to the subject.
    What if Zimmerman had been a cop, however? Zimmerman would’ve been acquitted no problem and Martin would’ve been labeled a thug.

  58. Kobe and Dr. King are correct! People should be judged by the content of their character. We have a president twice elected because of the color of his skin and not the content of his character. White America, you must own up to your part in the election of Barrack Obama. There are not enough Blacks and Mexicans to win an election. That’s why we have a president who is lacking in wisdom and discernment, especially in areas of life and godliness. You all put him there!


  60. Good mature insight, Mr. Bryant. I like your intellectual wit. Jim Brown’s mentality, just like the goof ball LeBron “I worship satan in my pregame warm-up routine” James, are both ignorant, misled, archaic, and on a road to destruction. You are a bright man. In closing, praise God all the days of your life and pray for the lost. Jesus saves, amen!

    -Bill from downtown L.A.

  61. I understand his reasoning. There is one thing in this country that bothers me. Kobe says “African-American” . Why is it necessary to enhance your heritage by being part of another Splinter group. I then should be an “?”-American”, If we are all citizens how about just being AMERICAN? If everyone relates to themselves as “?-Americans” How many more splinter groups would there be? The constant diving us into small separate groups isolates Americans into non cooperating idea-logs. How about just be Americans. .

  62. We are americans first and a blended nation. Thanks Koby for not doing the race card.

  63. Now THIS is a man who apparently can (and wants to be) judged by the content of his character – and not just by the color of his skin. It is people like him that give me hope… But – I imagine he will be crucified, vilified and called an Uncle Tom… :( I hope he is strong enough to handle it.

  64. I am dumbfounded! Talk about throwing a knuckleball. Congratulations to Kobe Bryant for having a mind of his own and the courage to stand up and say so. Now, I believe his comments concerning Trayvon Martin are more in line with what MLK was trying to teach everyone unlike those jump on the bandwagon sellout race baiters Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Jeremiah Wright.

  65. Even the esteemed darling of the conservatives, “Dr.” Ben Carson showed his true color after the Zimmerman verdict of “not guilty” was announced. Appearing on a FOX News show, he declared that “George Zimmerman should have been convicted of something”, despite the verdict. Another troubling note about the esteemed “Dr.” Carson is his stance on gun control. He advocates strict gun control for honest people only . . .
    I am sure that “Dr.” Carson is a fine neurosurgeon and a decent human being, however, his “race card” is showing . . .

  66. “Racism” is a made-up word that was introduced by the inventors of communism in order to destabilize non-communist cultures and make them ripe for takeover.
    True “racism” is desirable as it promotes the advancement of the culture and forges a “common bond” between the members of the race.
    True “racism” does not connote either superiority or inferiority, merely commonality of purpose among like-minded individuals with a common culture.
    Every race is expected to promote and advance its own culture; hence, the “congressional black caucus” for blacks, the ADL and $PLC for jews and la raza for hispanics.
    It is the unique sense of white altruism that has made so-called “civil-rights (for some)” laws possible. “Affirmative action”, contract set-asides and preferences, other government “programs” for minorities only, unrestricted immigration from third-world countries while white immigrants “need not apply”. . .and other unequal treatment has resulted in more-qualified whites being denied opportunities that would rightly be theirs. This is white altruism in action. . . NO OTHER RACE has EVER given people of other races a “break” . . . It has never happened in the history of humanity, save our own. . .white altruism will spell the end of the white race.
    Will other races adopt the concept of white altruism?? I think not . . .
    It is only whites that are expected to shed all vestiges of racial cohesiveness.
    Guess which race maintains the most racial and cultural insularity and cohesiveness yet decries racial cohesiveness by whites??
    I will leave it to the gentle readers to figure it out . . .

  67. Kobe you said the obvious. Big deal, but so many people can’t even come to grips with that kind of thinking.

  68. Kobe…one intelligent human being, individual and a truly talented athlete. Oxymoron….no not at all. This African American mentality must meld with reason or the race will never succeed.

  69. A thinking person has spoken… He’s gotta be condemned. (Anthem by Ayn Rand comes to mind)

  70. Another person that does’t let Sharpton or Jackson tell him what to think or do.

  71. Kobe’s statement is as true now as it was when Dr King first uttered it. Maybe more so – Dr King gave his life for he cause,ALL people should appreciate his sacrifice enough to honor that; especially blacks.

  72. Well don’t get angry because he’s black. Get angry because a kid can’t spend some time at the park in the middle of the night without being chased by a guy with a gun.