Liberal Tolerance: Mozilla Employees Demand CEO Step Down Over his Support of Traditional Marriage

mozilla_logoEmployees at Mozilla, the organization that created the Firefox web browser, has shown their warped sense of commitment to “tolerance” by demanding the termination of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich because he dared to oppose gay marriage.
Or, put another way, Eich is being targeted by his employees for his support of traditional marriage.
Eich cofounded the organization in 1998 and served as the company’s chief technology officer before becoming CEO. Eich is also well-respected in the technology field for having invented the Javascript Web Scripting language in 1995.
Eich supported California’s Proposition 8, the prohibition of same-sex marriage in California that was approved by voters, but killed in the court system.
Upon ascending to the CEO’s office, Eich was forthcoming about his opposition to same-sex marriage, and noted on the company’s blog,
I know there are concerns about my commitment to fostering equality and welcome for LGBT individuals at Mozilla. I hope to lay those concerns to rest, first by making a set of commitments to you. More important, I want to lay them to rest by actions and results … I know some will be skeptical about this, and that words alone will not change anything. I can only ask for your support to have the time to “show, not tell”; and in the meantime express my sorrow at having caused pain.
Employees have taken to Twitter to vent their outrage that their company’s leader dares to have an opinion on the matter that is not en vogue with contemporary misunderstandings of the concept of marriage.
Chris McAvoy Tweeted, “I love @mozilla but I’m disappointed this week. @mozilla stands for openness and empowerment, but is acting in the opposite way.”
Kat Braybrooke, curator and co-design lead at Mozilla, Tweeted, “Like many @Mozilla staff, I’m taking a stand. I do not support the Board’s appointment of @BrendanEich as CEO. #Prop8”
Reportedly, the issue has been much ado about nothing as Eich has been open at meetings about his position and inside sources have reported that such a position doesn’t seem to be hindering the success of anybody based on sexual orientation.
So, what’s the problem?
This is a micro example of the kind of intolerance surrounding the traditional marriage debate. The left has worked tirelessly to label the right for homosexuals to marry as a moral absolute that pits not one opinion against another, but right versus wrong.
But in reality, those who so often preach that this is an issue of tolerance remain the most intolerant in the discussion. Those who support the traditional definitions of marriage are too-often attacked and targeted by the “progressive” left.
Make no mistake: there is no room for coexistence with this brand of leftist zealotry. Though they express a desire for tolerance, liberals want not a rational discussion of viewpoints, but demand a complete, unconditional surrender of those with whom they disagree.