NEW SURVEY: Should Nevada Recall Harry Reid?


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    1. No let Nevada have him, it wasn’t just Mormons who voted that Idiot in. I’m an Idaho Mormon who’s glad he’s from Nevada and not Idaho. I’d like to think we in Idaho are a little bit smarter picking our Senators and Reps.

    2. haha, I am a nevadan non religious guy, I would like to see him recalled to the planet progressiveidiot, the new planet just discovered out somewhere past pluto… harry is definitely in the beginning stages of dementia, and needs to retire to his pomegranate farm… yesterday.

    3. Dirty Harry was elected by union thugs and members and the hispanics who work in the casinos, if it wern’t for unions HR would probably never have gotten elected.

  1. now why should a senator be recalled for lying. is that not par for the coarse with this bunch. recall every one of them.

    1. “coarse”??? Really? Try “course” My, my, some of you have got the WORST spelling I’ve ever seen!!!

    2. Pathetic how all the replies seem to take things online so personal, IT’S A FUCKING COMPUTER IDIOTS!!! GET A LIFE!!!

    3. Well sir, you are the one that attacked someone’s grammar, and then got but hurt when someone else point out the flaw in your own grammar.

    4. Has anyone really ever seen a computer f–king? I haven’t. If you ever see one please take a video of it and put it on the internet. Thanks.

    5. Jeeze, are you one of those people who use your when it should be you’re? Did I waste my time pointing that out?

    6. Why waste time correcting someone’s spelling rather than correct your own grammar? You are afraid, perhaps, to address the issue which is Harry Reid?

    7. Talk about wasting time, I guess that’s not what you’re doing here with this reply to mine, is it? Idiot

    8. Are we really going to go there? Why not accept that misspelled words are common mistakes that WE all make from time to time! Quit the badgering and the trash talk and lets get rid of HARRY!

    9. Glitch girl has more common sense in her little toe than you have in two of your brains, moron

    10. You know curtis boob, I could lower myself to your level and say that the best part of you ran down your mother’s leg, but I refuse to stoop to your level.

    11. Oh my gosh you all have me laughing so hard,,,,the question is should we get rid of Harry Reid now and all I have seen in the last 8 or 9 post is…first about grammar and then it led to F you and no F you and then it went down hill fro there….. this should be on SNL. LOL!!!!! you people are funny.

  2. Maybe Reid would like to see & hear the Video, everyone else has. Do any of these Dimocrats (it isn’t a type-o) remember what they say on camera?

  3. I’m just a teen, but when I see a picture of Harry Reid, my knees reflexively close together tight.

    1. My right knee reflexively straightens and aims my right foot at where his testicles would be if he had them. He’s too impotent for you to worry about :)

  4. He’s a Democrat — of course he’s a liar. He’s a Democrat — of course he’s a socialist. He’s a Democrat — of course he’s a _______ (fill in the blank).

  5. Harry Reid was bought & paid for years ago. That & because of other corrupt congress members is why we need term limits. THEY will tell you that shouldn’t happen but we all know it needs to!

    1. I like the idea of limits but unfortunately if you have term limits you would create a lame duck congress that doesn’t care anything about the people and only about setting up their own future… would most likely get worse then it is now.

  6. Yes, they should, but they can’t. You can’t remove an elected member of the House or Senate from office before their terms end because there is no recall mechanism set forth in the U.S. Constitution. They either lose election, resign, serve out their term, are impeached, or they can be removed by expulsion. Even though citizens cannot recall a member of Congress, the individual chambers can remove members of the House of Representatives or Senate by way of expulsion. There have been only 20 cases of expulsion in the history of the United States. Sorry, Crazy Harry is there to stay. At least for now.

    1. I don’t know if you are absolutely correct, because there is nothing in the Constitution that says you can’t recall a Senator or Representative. Amendment 17 states how they are elected, but says nothing about recall. However, the Constitution does say that powers not specifically granted to the federal government nor denied to the states shall reside with the states. so I say the right of recall depends on the laws of your particular state.

    2. You’re probably right. Unfortunately, we couldn’t recall Lame McStain. Give me Sheriff Joe any day!!

  7. Repubs should be shouting about this from the Nevada rooftops! They should be letting the people know where their tax dollars are going. It’s bad enough he was upset about dollars coming out of the Cowboy poet society. Come to find out it was probably more likely he was upset because he was going to be short giving money to his family.

  8. He should have been kicked out LONG ago…though, in the last election he ran in, the GOP candidate was kind of a loon. So, if they had had a better candidate, he would not have won this last time around, I’m sure.

  9. I researched Reid 4 or 5 years ago,and he was a crook then and is still a crook. He has used his position to get filthyy rich and all of his relatives are also benefiting from his ,being in position he is in. ,but that is true about a lot of others that are now in Washington,just got to check them out. Washington is a Financial ,sewr,over flowing with ilotten gaines.

  10. The only problem is that you cannot recall a U.S. Senator. If you could, McCain would have been recalled by now.

  11. If he is guilty of using campaign donations to help his grandaughter, he should be kicked out of the Senate and sent to prison.

  12. Arrest-incarcerate! All his finances need to be audited by those other than Holders yes men. He has a room close to Bernie waiting! I’m from NV and we need help taking this cheat out!!

  13. PsychodementiahackHarry needs to be put out to pasture! He has over stayed his welcome by about 25yrs! They shouldn’t even allow such old farts like him to remain in office that long! Time for terms!!!

  14. Does Nevada have an early recall? And if so he can run in the 2014 Election and stand up for Obamacare just like he wants the rest of his Democrapts to do! If the Democrats lost Reid that would be huge but real honest KARMA!
    16 MAY 2014
    Americans for America! America needs all of US!
    Run him this year and save Nevada money!

  15. I think Harry is reflective of the quality of voter who lives in Nevada. They elected him… and re-elected him…. even though they know what a ______________ (fill in the blank with your own pejorative noun) he is.

  16. When
    you go to Washington DC, I thought that you were expected to work for your country, and the state
    in which you came..The state should be very embarrassed by Mr. Reid. I always thought that the State of NV

    in hiring people that were above scandals like this and honest..

  17. Reid, one of the most politically powerful men in the world, has become a senile danger and living proof that we should never concentrate our power. Boycott govt. Voting only encourages corruption, i.e., it’s the ring that must be destroyed, not the wearer.

  18. IM sure the Republicans don’t remember anything they say, b/c hey keep changing it! But unless it is about Obamacare or Benghazi, two useless arguments.

  19. They need to recall his old azz and immediately have him committed to an old, old, old folks home.

    1. I disagree… They need to remove him with a Board of Review, and try him for Treason, Violation of Oath of Office, , and a few other things!

  20. Politicians Lie. Trickle down economics, Government death panels, Growing deficit, poor people are the problem. As I recall, some of those people did lie, so what is the problem TPNN? Stirring up fake controversy? The American Taliban at its finest.