John Boehner and Eric Cantor are Committing Political Suicide; Details Here:

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner is offering his support to a PAC whose mission is to destroy the Tea Party and other conservatives within the Republican Party. Joining him in this effort are Eric Cantor and 26 other members of the GOP. These Republican leaders will attend a swanky $5,000 per person event at the Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island in Florida. 

The PAC in question is the Republican Main Street Partnership PAC founded by RINO Leader Steve LaTourette from Boehner’s state of Ohio. The PAC claims that it seeks party unity and has the following as its mission statement. This PAC also has as an affiliated PAC the Defending Main Street PAC

To make Washington work again, we need more – not fewer – elected officials who are willing to put partisan politics aside to work for the greater good. That’s where the Republican Main Street PAC comes in – we support Republican candidates who are committed to governing and to making Washington work again.

However, for this group, party unity means nothing when it comes to staunch conservatives or others directly affiliated with the Tea Party movement within the Republican Party. In that case, the Main Street PAC sides with the left in seeking to attack and destroy such individuals.

Notice within their description of ‘what we do’ they very specifically state that they are working for the ‘greater good’. Those words and that ideology, the ‘greater good,’ are not only code words for Progressivism; they are as well for Communism. 

In addition, one of the main donors for this supposed right of center PAC are Democrat-controlled labor unions. So, in cozying up with their buddies at Main Street PAC, Boehner, Cantor, and the other 26 Republicans are aligning themselves with labor unions and communist sympathizers.

The Daily Caller reports on LaTourette’s threatening words aimed at conservatives and Tea Partiers.

“They have decided to systemically go against center-right Republicans in primary elections,” LaTourette previously told The Daily Caller, referring to his tea party rivals. LaTourette said that tea partiers are happy to call him a “RINO” but that that they go “apoplectic” when the “RINO gets a gun” and “fires back.”

“Here’s the deal we didn’t start this fight,” LaTourette said, “but I’m going to finish it.” 

While the list of the other 26 Republicans attending the anti-Tea Party, anti-conservative Main Street PAC event with Boehner and Cantor is not yet published, the group does have the names of members of the Senate and Congress who they count within their official membership. Some of the names on the list associated with this George Soros connected, communist code word using group may surprise you.

The fact that Republican leadership would consort with a group with close ties to Democrat backed labor unions, individuals with close Soros ties, and communist code words as part of their mission statement leads one to wonder – whose side are they on?

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