Does Democrat Leader Harry Reid Have a ‘Steyer Infection?’


Is Harry Reid’s “Koch addiction,” his weird obsession with attacking libertarian businessmen Charles and David Koch (the “evil” Koch Brothers) based on marching orders he’s receiving from his own set of  billionaire brothers? Does Democrat Leader Harry Reid have a “Steyer Infection?” 

Meet the Steyer Brothers, Jim and Tom Steyer. 

In a new ad (watch video below) by American Commitment, Harry Reid gets blasted for his obsession with attacking the free market-promoting Koch Brothers, while hypocritically being in bed with the Steyer Brothers, Tom and Jim Steyer. The new ad, entitled “Steyer Infection,” accuses Reid of blocking Senate approval of the Keystone pipeline to protect the Steyer’s financial interests in coal mined overseas. The ad contends that Tom Steyer “helped finance the second largest coal company in Indonesia.” 

Steyer Infection says that Tom Steyer recently hosted Reid and other Senate Democrats at a San Francisco mansion, even though Steyer has a “history of environmentally destructive business ventures,” but wants “regulators to strangle energy opportunities” in America. 

Below is the full text of the ad, followed by the one minute ad: 
Narrator:  “Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid is on the attack.”
Reid: “What is un-American is when shadowy billionaires pour unlimited money into our system to rig the system.”
Narrator:  “Billionaires like Tom Steyer, who just hosted Reid and other Senate Democrats at a San Francisco mansion? Steyer has a history of environmentally destructive business ventures and he wants regulators to strangle energy opportunities here in America, even though he helped finance the second-largest coal company in Indonesia.” 
Reid:  “You see, when you make billions of dollars a year, you can be as immoral and dishonest as your money will allow you to be.”
Narrator:  “Now Steyer wants Reid’s help to kill the Keystone Pipeline and impose huge new energy taxes to hurt our economy. That’s why Tom Steyer and his brother Jim are spending millions to finance campaigns that support liberals who would keep Harry Reid in charge of the Senate.” 
Reid:  “This is about two very wealthy brothers who intend to buy their own Congress.”
Narrator:  “Call your Senators. Tell them to stand up to the Steyer brothers. Support the Keystone pipeline, and say ‘no’ to the special interests advocating new energy taxes.” 
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  1. Harry Reid needs to retire and no longer be a part of the United States political picture. He told us, in a backhanded way, that one can do virtually anything if one can afford it. I believe he extends this to the liberal party as well. It is funny that he will not accept this from the conservative side.

  2. Effective Ad…plays right into Harry rants with the dirty facts about “his billionaire brothers!” Reminds me about what we were told as kids, when you point your finger at someone, remember three fingers are point back at you!” Harry look at your dirty, pointe fingers–right back at YOU! All the data shows more “big rich billionaires” are buying Harry’s votes and other Democrats than Republicans. All while Harry and Schumer wants limits on campaign donations to their opposition! Time to retire Harry, Schumer and all the rest that want to control every aspect of our lives while living high on the hog off our tax dollars…starting with those in the White House! Say goodbye Harry!

  3. Politicians are almost all corrupt, but this has to be the most corrupt administration in the history of the US. Not a damn one of them care about the American people.

  4. Gruesome dude. No wonder our country is going down the drain. Too much time spent on this kind of crap while refusing to send any of the Republican bills to the floor. We have to clean house.