Casualties Confirmed in Fort Hood Shooting UPDATE: Shooter Identified as Soldier with ‘Mental Health Issues’


Details are still emerging concerning the shooting that has taken place at Fort Hood, Texas. While little is confirmed at this time, a law enforcement official revealed that he believed that one shooter had been “neutralized” and that there may be another active shooter.

At the time of this report, those on the Fort remain sheltered in place and law enforcement officials consider the shooting active.

With details emerging and staff still in lockdown, confirmed injuries are scarce but Fort Hood officials released an immediate statement, claiming, “There has been a shooting at Fort Hood and injuries are reported. Emergency crews are on the scene. No further details are known at this time.”

Fort Hood’s Department of Public Safety has confirmed casualties, but has not yet released how many.

The order to “shelter in place” came about via the Fort’s Twitter feed and Facebook.

“Injuries are being reported. Be AWARE!! If you are in the Ft. Hood Post area there is an on-going active shooter,” the Waco Police Department also tweeted.

Details continue to emerge on the shooting and TPNN will provide updates as they become available.

Update: Fox News has reported that a senior Department of Homeland Security official has claimed that the shooting was a “soldier-on-soldier” incident with no terrorism link.

Fox News reports:

A shooting at Ft. Hood that reportedly left three injured Wednesday was a “soldier on soldier” incident without any terrorism link, a senior Department of Homeland Security source told

The source, who stressed the information was preliminary, added that there was “currently no [counter terrorism] nexus” and said it appears the shooter “killed himself and three soldiers were wounded.”

But there were conflicting reports on how many shooters may have been involved, and what happened in the incident.

Update: A senior DHS official has reported that at least four are dead, including the gunman, with 14 injured.

Update: Reports are indicating that the shooter was a soldier with mental health issues and has been identified SPC. Ivan Lopez. He was reportedly armed with a Smith & Wesson .45.

Army Lt. Gen. Mark Milley indicated that this was not linked to terrorism, but claimed he was not “ruling anything out.”

Lopez had reportedly served four months in combat in Iraq in 2011 and as receiving treatment for mental health issues.




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