ALARMING: Massive Voter Fraud in North Carolina

Voter Fraud

Newly discovered evidence of massive voter fraud in North Carolina has been revealed by the North Carolina State Board of Elections. 

Yesterday, North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate Leader Phil Berger released a statement announcing the findings that the NC State Board of Elections presented to the NC Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee. The initial findings showed: 
  • 765 voters with an exact match of first and last name, DOB and last four digits of SSN were registered in N.C. and another state and voted in N.C. and the other state in the 2012 general election.
  • 35,750 voters with the same first and last name and DOB were registered in N.C. and another state and voted in both states in the 2012 general election.
  • 155,692 voters with the same first and last name, DOB and last four digits of SSN were registered in N.C. and another state – and the latest date of registration or voter activity did not take place within N.C.

The NC Board of Elections additionally discovered, after an audit of death records, that 81 dead voters had continued voting after their deaths. 

“These findings should put to rest ill-informed claims that problems don’t exist and help restore the integrity of our elections process,” said Tillis and Berger in a statement. 



    1. Of course not, they are part of the voter fraud problem–reporting thar requiring ID’s is racist! Actually, not requiring ID’s is racist!

  1. Move along people, nothing to see here. Just some more tea party hillbilly lies. Democrats would never commit voter fraud and they just want amnesty for all of the illegal aliens because they just care so much about their well being.

    1. Teaparty hillbilly lies in conjunction with Democrats. You’re a real winner when it comes to cognitive ability. Your comment makes no sense.

    2. You have no cognitive ability moron. There is massive voter fraud going on and the Tea Party has been trying to expose it for years but the state run media, the corrupt DOJ, and Odumbo’s administration are trying their hardest to hide it and make out anyone who tries to say anything about it as liars.

    3. Love the sarcasm! A woman asked Ben Franklin: Did you just give us a Republic?
      Ben Franklin: Yes, if you can keep it!

    4. Chad…You cannot use sarcasm around Democrats. They are simply not smart enough to recognize it.

  2. ‘Massive fraud’ is actually only .017% of the votes. That seems insignificant to me, but if it affected the election, then the winners should be kicked out of office. Put a Dem in as governor and give both houses Dem majorities.

    1. They are working on restoring integrity to the election process, not bankrupt and socialize their state.

    2. Are you basing this off of the overall number of concrete fraudulent votes compared to the entire number of popular votes cast? You know we use an electoral college, right? That’s why we don’t see this kind of issue in Alaska or South Dakota.

    3. The numbers are only the ones they have proven–so far! The numbers, guaranteed, are much higher! And it’s democrats stealing the election, so you want to reward them?? Unreal!!

    4. If they elections in NC were stolen, it would be the Republicans who did the stealing, since they control both houses and the executive branch.

    5. Yeah, That’s what this Country needs is More Lying, Cheating, Thieving Dumpocraps in Power!!—————————————-NOT!!!!

  3. We knew about this after the last election. Several states appealed to the A.G. Holder to investigate. Since his party won and he was able to keep his job, he declined…

    1. Agreed! Those in charge in NC should be imprisoned! How can they allow something this blatant to occur on their watch… impeach the Governor!

    2. Toss in SEIU and Obama if you will. I would laugh all the way. Now, that would make my day.

    3. I don’t know how much the governor has to do with it…the the election officials should certainly be held accountable. Why did it take two years for them to discover this. There needs to be some system in place where they can detect fraud immediately. If it costs more…it’s worth it to maintain the integrity of our elections.

    4. If they voted for Obama and that number caused his being in the White House, then he should resign.

  4. Alarming? Not when you already knew that was happening. The surprise is………that anyone is actually CHECKING!

  5. This is not alarming. This is not even a surprise. This was predicted and expected. Democrats can’t win a truthful election based on their records therefore they lie and cheat their way into office. Nothing unusual here.

    1. Jeff, because we now have proof, but the idiot democrats keep lying and stealing, how is this not alarming? I for one am alarmed to live in a country where this is rampant and “allowed” even though I/we knew it all along.

    2. The whole thing is a sham! Very disappointing!The government is like the great neighborhood I grew up in, It’s turned into an over populated, sell out, loser magnet, free for all.

    3. Get involved with “True the vote”. There is proof that they and other organizations like them do make a difference. Take the challenge and get involved. Ever little bit helps.

    4. Take the govt. down. End of story, this govt. is too corrupt for us to fix it, when your pet is badly injured you euthanize it and you deal with the loss and whatever you get to replace it.

    5. Actually we have that right under constitutional law; But I think we should call it and them what they are Pinocchio Obama and the Evil Democratic party are EVIL; those that support them are Evil Dungsails; Evil runs from Truth;Expose them they will RUN

    6. since the Republicans favor laws that make this sort of thing harder to do and the Democrats oppose them, one can draw a fairly simple conclusion. Why would a party want to put and end to something that it benefits from? And why would a party be against something that would help them? The answer to both questions is they wouldn’t.

    7. Good point AZ_FJ. However, if BOTH PARTIES resort to offering inaccurate “FACTS,” or just plain “LIES,” why should we believe either one? Unfortunately, each party has it’s own interests and agendas and neither one represents the interests of the people. Most of us (whether we lean left or right) would like to see politicians work together for the benefit of the people. Instead, they always vote along party lines and the benefits go to politicians and special interests at the expense of the taxpayers. I am well aware of the MAJOR differences between Democrats and Republicans, AZ_FJ. However, this is little more than the tip of the iceberg.

    8. I think there are many different issues that could be discussed. I was focused on a single point, because to go further would spiral into a philosophical quagmire to avoid.

      I think stopping voter fraud, in of itself is a worthy goal. It restores the power and responsibility given to the people in participating in government.

      As far as the behaviors of either party, much could be done to improve that situation

    9. You make a valid point. Holder has stated he will oppose any state that tries to enact a voter ID law, claiming it is an attempt to suppress minority voting. However, he cannot answer the reports that every state which has enacted a voter ID law has seen an INCREASE in minority voting.
      Personally, I wonder if minorities in those states are now convinced that their vote is once again relevant.

    10. Actually I think you are right, Voter Id laws are NOT just to control one party; it is to protect the integrity of the PEOPLES VOTE; the only ones objecting are the Evil Democrats; maybe they just couldn’t find enough corrupt people; not all Democratic party voters are corrupt; They got their heads in the sand, in the Dark about facts and Reality, but still honest people;

    11. Honest, yet not trustworthy! Honest, yet stupid! Honest yet complicit in a corrupt voting system! Honest yet ignorant of the world around them, Honest yet electing the most inept among us, at some point honesty is a misused word!

    12. I believe Darral was attempting to say, “Some voters honestly believe the political talking points and vote accordingly.” ‘Honest’ might be a misused word, but ignorant people can still be honest….. at least they can believe they are doing the right thing even though it’s wrong.

    13. Both Democrats and Republicans count on the ignorance of voters, Darral. For many of us it is more obvious when observing or listening to the “Evil Democrats.” Nancy Pelosi is a classic example of this.

    14. yes he did but ONLY BECAUSE THEY HAD ALREADY REMOVED OVER 20K DEAD VOTERS in 2012 FROM THE ROLLS. guess who won NC in 2008? was NOT mccain. and the LIBS SQUEALED IN OUTRAGE that the 20K were removed.

    15. The problem wouldn’t be in NC if you think about it…but in the other states that they voted in. It isn’t just the Presidential office that we should be concerned about either.

    16. Voter fraud was most rampant in the swing states like Ohio. And that is the reason Mitt Romney is not in the Whitehouse today. No wonder Obama played basketball all day Nov 6, 2012, he KNEW he had stolen the election!

    17. It doesn’t matter, Frank. Democrats claim, “There is no voter fraud,” while Republicans insist on voter ID’s. We are told our votes matter, then learn the deck is stacked against us. Contrary to popular beliefs, the ends do NOT justify the means.

    18. Frank Bacci you are delusional if you think the majority of the fraud did not vote democrat. But I am not saying there is not a few Republican RINOs that haven’t also benefited from voter fraud. Tom Tillis for one this past primary.

    19. Unfortunately, they do not run, Darral. Instead, they suppress the truth and replace it with “political talking points.” What is MOST shameful is Evil is rampant in BOTH political parties…. In fact, American politics is now a CULTURE OR CORRUPTON. Career politicians have successfully convinced voters that one side is always correct while the other side is always wrong. Meanwhile members of BOTH PARTIES personally prosper while taxpayers pay. “The right under Constitutional law,” Darral? LMAO

    20. we should repeal the direct election of senators. That one amendment set the stage for the mess we’re in today and lead us to a small number (100) of entrenched politicians with immense power.

      I’d also like to see the house turned into a giant jury pool, where every year a third is replaced with randomly selected citizens. They would be difficult to buy off, would have to live under whatever laws they passed, and would be normal people. (every year you’d have a freshman group, a group in their second year, and a senior group)

      This would end career politicians, give the people a real voice in government and make corruption at lot more difficult. You would not be able to exempt yourself from the laws you passed, you wouldn’t want to be there, and you’d have to live with whatever you did.

      Some years you’d have great congresses and other years not so much. but no permanent damage could be done.

    21. I’ll follow that path if we have too, I don’t think the colonists would have put up with this much crap, no way!!

    22. Impeach Obama to start. PHOTO IDs must be mandatory! Or even thumbprints like they do in banks. Vote smart, educate yourself. Elections should be squeaky clean. I wonder if those numbers were enough to change the outcome and for whom all those were cast…what percentage benefited DEMS and what benefited the GOP?

    23. Thumbprints won’t work. When my wife and I took our CCW Permit classes, and PROFESSIONALS tried to take her fingerprints, they determined she didn’t HAVE readable prints. Turns out that’s not as rare as you might think. People who work a lot with paper (teachers, bank tellers, etc.) can, over the years, wear down their fingerprints to the point of them being unreadable. Photo voter ID, with holograms for security, is the best we can hope for.

    24. there are other biometrics that could be used in conjunction. The instant check system used for firearm purchases could be used as a model for voter id verification. It should be pretty simple to adapt and scale it up for voter use. (it would be a separate system built using the components of the instant check system)

    25. That system sounds good on the surface, but it has a flaw. The computer running the system has to be programmed. It could be programmed to allow people to vote multiple times but report that they only voted once.

    26. It doesn’t take as many fake votes to change an election as you might think, if they’re concentrated in the proper swing states or counties. It would only take enough to win the electoral vote.

    27. Voter fraud might have been a major factor in Nov 2012, jschlue2. However, the GOP was clearly the less competent party. In 2008 Obama was mostly an unknown, promising hope, change, and transparency. He was elected because of this. In 2012 he was a known entity. He had broken virtually ALL of his campaign promises and was clearly incompetent at best. Except for campaigning (making impossible, nice sounding promises) he offered NOTHING. The two most important issues of 2008 (fed debt – economy and jobs) were WORSE and Obama’s Keynesian economic policies were dismal failures. His administration was involved in several very embarrassing scandals and the GOP nominated someone who, if elected, could turn things around. Voter fraud or not, Obama should have lost by a wide margin. Apparently, BS, incompetence and Political Correctness are more important traits than experience, competency, integrity and honesty today. Many GOP voters didn’t vote because they were concerned Romney was a Mormon. Go figure.

    28. Yeah, I can see what you’re saying. Obama’s margin of victory in 2012 was pretty thin though, so it doesn’t take much fraud to tip the scales in his favor when combined with all the things you mentioned.

    29. In Ohio they had 13 Precincts that had over 100 present Obama votes !! WHY ? VOTER FRAUD

    30. One precinct in FL had a 146% turnout of registered voters. Where is the screaming about this obviosly rigged election? Of course the Democratic Party won that precinct.

    31. A few counties around the county had more votes cast than the entire population of the county.
      Voter fraud occured TWICE in the counties where more votes were cast than the number of registered voters or the population of the county. Fraud occurred once when the extra votes were cast. Fraud occurred the second time when election results were certified despite the voting count

    32. In Nov 2012 Obama received 100% of the votes in several counties (a statistical improbability), Gayle. In others he received MORE votes than voters. Go figure.

    33. I had heard that and I think basically the same thing happened to Allen West in FL. I just don’t get why it takes so long to determine fraud has been committed and who is responsible for keeping elections honest. Do the election boards just throw up their hands and say, “Oh, well”? I’m just so disgusted with all of this.

    34. Unfortunately, voting is administered by politicians, Gayle. Therefore, more often than not they ‘have a dog in the fight.’ Some people believe the ‘ends justify the means’ and they will cheat if/when necessary.

    35. Death by Firing Squad for the perpetrators who by means of deception are destroying Truth, Justice and the American Way.

    36. step 1 MANDATORY PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP to register to vote
      step 3 MANDATORY INK STAMP ON FINGER – have to go to third world methods – no matter how many ID’s someone has – if they have indelible ink on their finger – they have already voted.

    37. To avoid standing in line, etc., I always vote via the U.S. mail, Worship Dancer. How do you propose to handle this?

    38. Do what I have seen many others do. Take a folding chair or other light weight chair with you on election day. I have also seen people in wheelchairs waiting their turn to vote. Several years ago I waited for my turn to vote in a wheelchair. I had a broken leg but I still exercised my right/duty to vote.

    39. I vote in EVERY election, Daniel. Frankly, I do not know why MORE people don’t also vote absentee because it is much easier and stress free.

    40. step 5 ELIMINATE EARLY VOTING – This is when the vast majority of voter fraud occurs. If more time is needed, let the polls stay open longer on election day.

    41. I was at the store the other night and I saw a minority person that supposed won’t be able to vote pull out a driver’s license. So much for their lousy argument.

    42. Round em up and hang em! After a trial of course. We hang 20 or 30 thousand and the rest will think twice about doing it again!

    43. Democrats brag about voting more than once. They want free stuff. You can bet none voted for Romney.

    44. doesn’t take much to figure this out: what groups wants tighter IDs and controls in place to prevent fraud and which group doesn’t?

    45. Bob, all they need is bullshit and innuendo. Truth and information do not matter. They just drink the Kool-Aid and spread the lies and untruths.

    46. Kinda like Tina Fey’s,, I can see Russia from my house… If you ask the dems that was Sarah Palin who said that.. The truth is, it was a Saturday Night Live skit that Tina Fey did.. But hey what do I know…I’m just a racist, gay bashing, pro life, conservative,,,Thumping my BIBLE while carrying my gun…

    47. Obama is not going to want to step down from his powerful empty chair as the president unless he has a more powerful position he wants to slime into. Obama is hungry for power. He will lie. He will get his peope to Lie. He will convince his followers that wrong is right and right is wrong. I am certain that the corrupt disgusting half of Obama must be the white half! lol Seriously, Obama is the great pretender!

    48. In case you missed it, obama and the Liberals are already planning his third term in office.
      I believe obama will be the Democrat for president in 2016, 2020, and possibly 2024, assuming the country survives that long. Something will occur in 2015 that will produce a public demand for the repeal of the 22nd amendment. Once Congress sends the repeal to the states, it will be the quickest ratification of an amendment in the nation’s history, possibly taking less than 60 days to ratify.
      I have an idea what that occurrence will be, if anyone is interested.

    49. yes he did. but remember they found over 20K dead voters on the rolls just before the 2012 election. they were removed. libs squealed in outrage that the 20K were removed.

    50. It doesn’t matter. It was voter fraud and has to be stopped. If your state does not require picture identification to vote that call, write. email or protest peacefully and get it done. Otherwise it will continue and we are the losers.

    51. It’s not alarming in the sense that it’s expected. Surprising would probably have been a better choice of words. When I was a naive child…I thought America was above reproach, that we had honest politicians, that as a whole we were good, decent people. It was quite a blow to me when I got old enough to realize I was bamboozled. It still saddens me.

    52. 4.3.14, …..And if we continue on this route we my end up w/1-party rule even after “O” is gone.

    53. I can appreciate the fact that not all Black folks are liberal. You, however should be ashamed of yourself for perpetuating such racist imagery. Given all of the stereotypes we have fought to overcome, your posting of this offensive B.S. show that you must have some deep-seated self hatred. Get some help.

    54. 5.10.14, Tony H., get a grip. I love me & my family. Do you love you & yours? Meet my precious, married , 42 y/o daughter who’s 1st book launches on Amazon eBooks May 30th.

    55. This is great Gayle that you realize this; Now you should look into what our government does in other countries! maybe now you would believe it! Voter fraud is nothing compared to supporting terrorists.

    56. Nothing would surprise me anymore. Maybe I wasn’t paying as close attention as I should have. But since Obama came on the scene, everything I hear, almost daily, is really upsetting and scary. So I try to be more informed. I remember getting annoyed with my late father-in-law when he told me even our founding fathers had their own agendas. Everything they did was not purely altruistic. It just makes me sad that there are so few men/women of honor in politics. This is AMERICA and, darn it, I expect better.

    57. An even better word would be justified in saying this is what was happening when it happened. They tell us just now that this has happened and many of us knew it when it did and when we discussed it, we got a lot of backlash from it. Justified. Sad that we have to be but maybe people will start listening. Maybe…

    58. Everyone knows about it but no one has the guts to do anything about it!!! This is just one of many illegal things this administration is guilty of!!!

    59. In Texas, we did something about it, and we have voter ID to the chagrin of the Dems. Work the grassroots, folks. Be active, help out, contact your reps and Senators instead of complaining. Let them know you want honest accountability, and you are going to be watching what they do on their web sites. Keep track of who “holds the cards.” Those in the states lacking integrity will have to get up and work it to save this country. That’s what our veterans did, and our family who served. Shame on the citizens of those states who were not watching. Leave your home unattended, and the theives will come in and steal.

    60. You didn’t watch our DOJ stand silently by while the Black Panthers openly threatened voters in

      Philadelphia? If your shocked by this, you have been in stasis for a long time.

    61. Plus, their ideas would never, EVER win in a fair and honest debate. They’ve taken a page out of the Jihadist playbook. Do whatever you have to do, say whatever you have to say, lie if you have to in order to defeat the infidel Americans.

    62. Jihadist playbook? Much simpler and older than that….it is the Marxist dialectic in action.

    63. “We shed the radical pose to achieve the radical ends”…. Van Jones, Democrat and Communist

    64. Jeff, no where does it say that it wasn’t GOP/DEM’s/Independents. All should be charged if alive.

    65. Which explains how Republicans win state and local elections, but lose nationally…, who’s committing the fraud?

    1. Well, Romney won in NC, and the Republicans won the governor and majorities in both houses, so it must be the Dems who stole the election. Makes perfect sense.

    1. That would piss me off, I think that if someone steals your identity you should be allowed to kill that person. In the words of Highlander, “Their can only be ONE” hahaa. But seriously, that is a tragedy, and I think the criminals need to be sentenced for a very long prison sentence.

    2. And if you know this and do nothing about it you must be one off the frauds who love the Democrats! Yick

    1. We’re going to Wasington DC in May 16th Operation American Spring. That’s what we’re going to do. How about you. Are you going? You’re invited.

    2. Demand voter ID. Maybe the board of elections need better technology to catch this fraud on the spot and not 2 years later. Scan a thumbprint. There are so many different ways to vote now…absentee, in person at your polling place, early voting….it just increases the ability to commit voter fraud.

    3. I totally agree with all those suggestions, however when you have someone in the DOJ that feels he controls the process and refuses to even prosecute voter fraud, that’s an uphill battle. He needs to go.

    4. See my earlier post about fingerprints. Too many people don’t HAVE readable finger prints; my wife is one of them.

  6. I wonder which party they voted for? As if i even have to guess! My question is why are not the leaders of the party who arranged the voter fraud being brought up on charges? Why is this just always brushed under the rug? Parties and leaders who brake these laws need to be held accountable!

  7. Listen, I’m a conservative, but TPNN makes me look like an idiot when I spit out its daily rhetoric to others, and have no sources to back the information up. TPNN sucks.

    1. NC does have a problem with voter fraud. In my district we had major issues with vote tabulating and problems with the machines. We tried to have the issues addressed to no avail. I am glad this is being brought to light. Maybe now something will actually get done before the ’14 elections.

    2. I believe you. There are districts in some states that have 100% democrat votes…. a mathematical improbability. (Pennsylvania I believe) The problem is that news stories are supposed to have information backed by Primary sources, and TPNN never does.

    3. canucksam David Klein • 2 minutes ago
      The Charlotte Observer reported it. Go to and read it there.

    4. But no one should have to find out if something is true. The person telling them the info should tell them it’s true. LOL

    5. In this case TPNN just reports what the local has reported back when it was happening. But as you say, it would be really smart of TPNN to cite their sources. It would definitely aid their credibility.

    6. LOL….I would agree with that statement if I had not heard POTUS’ speech in the Rose Garden regarding the accomplishments of Obamacare and enrollments! Seems, truthfully, facts are NEVER and issue for liberals. They just make up their own out of thin air or completely ignore the REAL facts altogether!

    7. That was an eye-opener, but the source was an “e-mail” with no other information or official works. But the reports from entirely black districts makes sense.

    8. You’re using Snopes as a source? Poor choice! Do some research on them and get back to us.

    9. Don’t Hold your Breath on That!! The Dumpocraps are in big Trouble and will Use VOTER FRAUD to try and save Their Sorry Azzez!!!!

    10. It’s a true report and reported in the Charlotte NC Observer. Go to and you can read the story.

    11. You see, I shouldn’t have to track sources down myself. The reporter, Matthew Burke in this case, is supposed to list sources. Also, if he himself attained this information from another news source, that is not good. News sources are second-hand information. It needs to be from primary sources. In this case, from

      Thom Tillis himself, either from an official website, or a video.

      Let me reiterate: Readers are NOT supposed to be forced to find the sources themselves, and the sources need to be firsthand information!

    12. He did cite his source: “Yesterday, North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate Leader Phil Berger released a statement announcing the findings that the NC State Board of Elections presented to the NC Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee.” That is about as close the source as you can get! It is not the responsibility of the author to provide a link for you to click on because you are too lazy to look it up yourself. That is the path of an uninformed voter.

    13. Not the responsibility of the author to provide sources… are you mother-fucking kidding me?

    14. Elaborate, because if you are insinuating that conservatives don’t value source verification, you are insane. Why do you think Rush is correct 99.7% of the time? It’s because he FACT CHECKS. He doesn’t just take things from second-hand sources for his show. His team checks the primary sources.

      Example citation:

      In an official report, President Obama states, “blah blah blah” (Obama, 2014).

      Example REFERENCE:

      Author Last Name, First Initial. (Year When Published). Article title and lowercase after the first letter. Publisher name in italics, Page Numbers. Retrieved from

      I won’t hold it against you for not knowing how to properly cite something and give the reference. It’s obvious you haven’t taken a writing class.


      PRIMARY SOURCE: Original, firsthand info straight from the original authors themselves.

      SECONDARY SOURCE: Secondhand info from someone else, who only talks about a primary source.

      THIS ARTICLE HAS A MIDDLEMAN! This is NOT as authoritative and credible. If there was a statement, it should be from the official website. The ONLY way that the Charlotte Observer is a PRIMARY source is if it was a press release.

    15. As I said, he provided the source, you douche bag. Just because you are too f***ing lazy to look it up on Google, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have credibility.

    16. To quote that great sage Glenn Beck, “DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK.” Just because an article cites a source doesn’t prove the source is legit. If the reporter gets it first-hand, and then reports it to YOU, YOU now have second-hand information, yet you seem to be willing to accept that. Burke said he was reporting from a statement released by Tillis and Berger. If you need more, contact THEIR offices and request a copy of the statement. ‘Course, that’ll mean you have to look up their contact info – or would you want me to do that for you?

  8. Some sections of Ohio & Philly had 110% participation and zero votes for Rommey in the last election.

    1. All the snopes article says is that an Internet posting with claims of voter fraud was ITSELF a fraud. THIS story is a release from the Government organization involved in the research, and is verifiable. It would not be beyond comprehension that one side would flood the media with false information as a way of discrediting the REAL information. Can you say, “plausible deniability”? I knew ya could!

    2. You are a RACIST.

      According to Webster:

      racist: one who tells the truth about Obama and his minions

    3. then call me racist. I hate what is happening to our country. Obama is unqualified, went to school as a foreign student (explain that to me) and hid all his past records. Wonder why? Clint Eastwood said it best. Obama is the biggest fraud ever on the American people.

    4. One of the center city precincts in Chicago had a 157% voter participation……….Huh?

    5. Areas around Philadelphia voted more than 100 percent of registered voters and NONE for Romeny. That means the people working at the voting polls are part of this fraud.

  9. They need to do a serious look at ALL states. If Obama won (besides a number of other hotly contested races) by fraud, then the Democrat party needs to be severely punished. Such as all connected wins revoked, HEAVY fines such that it HURTS! Tons of jail time, and revocation of any and all actions caused by the election of said politicians.

    As such it could easily be the death of the Democrat Party. We can only wish.

    1. Another racist idiot in league with the, “It’s not a problem” crowd. Well, if it’s truly not a problem, why are folks like you wringing their hands and trying to stop it? A photo ID is required for almost any legal function anywhere in the US, as well as just proving your age for buying smokes and alcohol. It’s only a problem for the criminals if you have to prove who you are before you can vote. That’s a non-racist no brainer.

    2. The comment was pure sarcasm. Get back in your truck, hillbilly. Your pitchforks are useless here.

    3. Aren’t you the friendly idiot. If your sarcasm is hard to recognize, and it is, you should try another avocation. . . maybe a joke writer for the undertaker.

    4. I don’t come to where you work and knock the mop out of your hand, so don’t critique my commentary. Just admit you fell for the bait and move on plebe.

  10. Not to nitpick…. but source material links would be nice… you know, for those of us that would prefer to verify things instead of taking for face value.

    1. I went to the observers website and all I could find were articles about how voter id is going to hurt voters not help them.

    2. Put your cursor on and click. The front page will come up. The article is in the middle of the page in the column marked Politics.

  11. According to this article, at least 35,750 persons should be getting charged with felonies…….where is the story on that, and why aren’t any of them being charged???

  12. “Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
    Those who count the votes decide everything.” – Stalin

    Argonne National Laboratory demonstrated that they could hack electronic voting machines from one-half mile away, using nothing more than the equivalent of an 8th grade science education and a $26 device. They could change the votes without the voter ever being aware that their vote had been compromised. In Washington State and Minnesota they decide elections by the ballots “found” in the trunks of cars parked in the SEIU union-hall parking lots. In Oregon they have mail-in voting, so elections are decided by manufactured voters, or SEIU nursing-care aides “assisting” the disabled, mentally challenged, and comatose and dementia voters in filling out their mail-in ballots. Voter ID may be the least of our problems with the elections.

    I move that we save all the time and money wasted on holding an actual election, and just ask ACORN’s Bertha Lewis or George Soros who “won” the election.

    1. I live in Wa, & in one of the elections they just kept counting until the Dem running came out on top!!!!!! TOTAL FRAUD!!!!!

  13. In Canada such a thing would bring down the government almost immediately, in the US it hardly causes a blip and is largely met with yawns. Home the brave, no doubt. Land of the free, perhaps. Beacon of democracy? Not any more…

  14. republicans signed an agreement not to investigate voter fraud and each year a special judge & both parties renew it and sign it….for years its been going on…I guess both parties agree not to uncover each others sins.

    1. The Republican Party has been trying for years to get the consent decree rescinded, to no avail. The judge who originally directed the decree, though retired, has come back every time just to reinstate it. This past time the Reps tried, another (black) judge refused to allow it to expire. It’s been going on since 1982.

  15. Laws should be made that in order to run for any office as well as vote, you must have served in the military and have been honorably discharged.

    1. You’ve been reading Starship Troopers again, haven’t you? That was a significant theme in the book. Only trouble with that in our society is that too many people don’t QUALIFY for the military for many reasons. That’s why, in the book, there was an alternative to the military option – I think it was public service of some sort, but I can’t remember specifically. I mean, it’s only been 50 years since I read the book. (Oops! Did I say that out loud?)

    2. Nope. Never touched it, and if you don’t qualify to to serve in the military, you damn sure shouldn’t qualify to hold public office, much less be able to cast a vote. People who can’t/will not serve their country in the military, don’t need to be any any position of power/public office.

    3. So, at 16 I have a skiing accident and lose my leg. I’m now unfit for military duty. Are you saying I shouldn’t be allowed to vote or hold office? You see, it’s not as simple as you make it sound.


    1. hey, it’s a dirty job but SOMEBODY’s got to do it. :) Besides, how do we learn from out mistakes if no one cares enough to let us know we made one?

    2. I believe you understand since you corrected my spelling thanks so now everyone else gets it also

  17. If they would actually send fraud voters to jail for a minimum of 5 yrs this would cease. Make voters show a photo id to vote.

    1. Sentenced to five years for a 2012 CRIME ,,, but she only served two MONTHS after sentencing. Read the whole article. What’s a bigger crime here is that she was a poll worker, and – after completing her probation – will be allowed both to VOTE and to return to her position as a poll worker. Shameful.

  18. and If your found guilty of voter fraud TATTOO their forehead FRAUD VOTER and never allow them to vote again

  19. Would mean more time, but paper ballots and photo ID are the best way to combat this. My 14 year old grandson can hack a computer before you can pee, so computer voting is about as secure as my bird’s cage: Opens with a simple twist.

  20. Here is something no one has addressed yet. If voter fraud is so rampant in the state of North Carolina, why did Romney when the state in the election? Are all of you claiming that the fraud was in fact committed by your own party? Also I know its been a while since I had to write anything, but I’m pretty sure when you quote numbers and statistics you have to give sources for said numbers. Funny how there are no sources of any kind here. I mean anyone can make up statistics for example: 98% of republicans would rather vote for a a white man who made his money shipping jobs overseas than, vote for a black man.

    1. I am sickened at what the election process has turned into. It does feel as if we have turned into a third world country and everything regarding government (from local to federal levels) has been corrupted. What I would not give for a DO OVER! If only it were that simple.

    2. No the fact remains if it’s this bad in one state it is that bad everywhere especially in places where we know corruption is a problem already. Like all the places Democraps have ruled for ages and ages.

  21. Well, what is going to be changed before the next election. That is if Obama lets us have another election.

  22. One question: How come the article didn’t say if the dead people voted democrat or republican.

  23. No kidding! I live in North Carolina and when it was my time to vote, I pulled out my license and the lady said it wasn’t necessary. The Voter ID laws must be implanted and enforced to keep this from happening.

  24. “Not a smidgen of fraud…….”

    I do not think that word means what democrats think it means.

  25. Well this is not surprising. Any time a politician especially a Democrap says something is not a problem you can bet it is a problem. Case in point Bill Clinton and White Water and Monica Lewinsky! So unless you’re afraid that you are important enough to end up having committed suicide by shooting yourself in the back of the head and then leaving no blood trail at the scene or along the way drug yourself across the street to the park for your body to be found. Then you should push on thus and all the other “phony scandals” until something breaks loose.

  26. The means justify the ends to Progressives. For them there is no right or wrong other than what “they” believe. The only way to combat election fraud (given the corruption of the system and those currently in power), is to get out and vote. Far too many Americans fail in this essential task of patriotism and duty to country.

  27. I met a college girl in line at the polls who was bragging that she and a lot of her friends were voting where they go to college and also voting in their hometown via absentee ballots, and when I reported it at the polling station they assured me that there a safeguards in use to prevent that from happening! I bet ya you can figure out who she was voting for!

  28. Computer voter fraud could be worse. All it takes is messing with the software. Voter ID is holding up in the courts. Verifiable paper ballots separate from computers need to back up all computer votes. It may take longer- but our votes are important.

  29. i’m all for destroying democrats, but where in here does it say that these votes were cast in their favor? i’m personally hoping that they were, but until told otherwise, by the investigators, not you, i’m reserving judgement.

    also, not at all surprised that there was voter fraud on this level. did we learn nothing from chris farley in black sheep!?

  30. But,But, But Didn’t Eric Holder and the Dumpocraps say that there isn’t any Voter Fraud???????? Guess they were WRONG—————AGAIN!!!!

  31. Now that they found proof, why can’t they recall and fix our problem….Don’t just talk abut it do something…

    1. The GOP is way to weak for that. Someone would have to stand up to holder and obuma. We know that isn’t going to happen.

  32. And every damn one of them were Democrats, the party of lies and cheating. And if you dare accuse them, you will be labeled IMMEDIATELY a “racist,” What a crock.

  33. If there is evidence, why can’t someone bring a lawsuit against the DNC? Of course, there should have been many similar lawsuits for many past elections. I have heard stories of voter fraud going back as far as 1960, some even older than that: 1948.

    1. Because in the early 80′s the RNC agreed to settle a lawsuit that came out a district court case in NJ. The terms basically forbid them to make legal challenge of voter fraud. The original judge, long since retired maintains control of the case. The RNC finally got around to appealing it a year or two ago and lost. The RNC is no better than the Democrats. That’s why true conservatives in “safe” Republican districts are being challenged by party backed RINO’s

  34. It is not like we didn’t know that there was massive voter fraud. When George Soros own controlling interest in the company that makes the machines and the SEIU calibrates the machines on top of people voting many times are we to expect something other than voter fraud.

  35. Unfortunatly nothing will be done about it or can be done about it because the Liar in Chief is in Office

  36. Banana republic tactics. They are deserving of banana republic punishment. Dirty, philthy jail time and food. Voter fraud should not be allowed to go unpunished.

  37. We have always known why DemoMarxists do not want voter I.D. Good for NC requiring I.D.!

    I was at a local bank the other day. An older black lady (she looked every bit the grandma type) was arguing with the teller and asst manager. She wanted to cash a check without I.D. I stood in amazement as this woman attempted to manipulate and get her own way.

    She blamed the bank! This is what it has come to..because the Democrats tell these people they can do whatever they want without identifying themselves!

  38. Everyone in the United States has one Social Security number assigned to them why not use that number to get a ballot to vote? You do not have to tell them anything about your choice of your vote. Just Vote and go.Check that your Social Security number was registered and you would know your Vote was counted. No more Cheating When you die the Department of Social Security destroys your Social Security Number so no one could use that number…Seems simple to me?

    1. I Don’t know about that, Odumbo is Using a dead mans SS# from Connecticut and at last count he was also using either 5 or 6 Others!!

    2. The SSA does NOT ‘destroy your SSN” when you die. They just never reissue it. It stays a permanent record forever! And your SSN IS used when you register to vote, if I’m not mistaken.

  39. One potato two potato three potato four elections aren’t governed any more just buy yourself a ticket right into the white house door.

  40. What someone should do is investigate voting at retirement homes. My grandmother had people come in to ‘help’ them vote, but then argued with her when she wanted to vote for someone other than who they wanted. They then refused to show the ballot to her, so she never knew how she voted. I doubt that this is uncommon.

  41. ah heck, doesn’t Chicago have more “voters” than people in the city? They’ve been doing it that way for decades….”Vote early, vote often, and vote Democrat.”

  42. So when are they going to prosecute these people? It is a felony. Give them the max punishment and set an example for the rest of them!!!

  43. Will this ever make it on main stream media? If it does, that would be alarming!

    1. Only if a Republican tried to pull off the dead voters and the illegal aliens would this never work…oh wait,you are not black enough to call the race card on the American People…this pos is not black enough to pull this off except for the msm that think he deserves to be queen of America…I disagree…respect [and yes I can spell respect] is earned,not given…this pos is an embarrassment to our country…obozo is a traitor and needs to be tried as such…death to the idiot that thinks we will not execute them on site…

  44. I work for a very large corporation as a database administrator.

    You know how long it takes on average for me to query our millions of records to find matching records based upon first name, last name or SSN? About 50 milliseconds.

    Why did it take years for them to find this out?

  45. Before you all get your underwear in a bunch……the one statistic that is missing is how did these fraudulent votes actually vote? You are all assuming that they voted Democrat when the GOP wanted the states Electoral vote just as bad……

  46. now that some states are giving illegal aliens drivers licenses it will be even easier for them to vote

  47. Well, no wonder obama is in the peoples house–dead people do not care who lives there, it does not affect them, just the living.

  48. Thanks moderator for removing my post……..rather than allow for a rational discussion, you prefer to just aggregate the anger…..hence why the educated and rational thinkers are not a part of the Tea Party…open your eyes people and realize that you always receive parts of information and not the entire picture with actual facts.

  49. we need to go back to paper ballots. Electronic voting machines are run by Soros or foreign owned companies.

  50. If you can’t beat ‘em, vote 10 times! Smh. The irony is, regarding the Moral Monday marches against voter I.D. laws in Raleigh, N.C., one had to have an “I.D.” to participate! You can’t make this stuff up. I dare you to even try.

    1. I read that too. The NAACP required all protestors to have picture ID. They don’t seem to understand the concept of hypocrisy or for that matter irony.

  51. Based on that statement, there were at most 36,596 fraudulent votes cast. Romney won the State by 97,465 votes. So if you assume all the fraudulent votes went for Obama, that proves that the Democrats don’t know how to rig an election, since they lost by almost 3 times the number of supposedly fraudulent votes even after those votes were counted. I’d like to see an actual report which shows how many from each other State, etc.
    Did NC really get cooperation from all the other States to go snooping into their election rolls?

    1. And just what other states did these votes get cast in and how many times per state. Just because the idiot dems lost NC doesn’t mean it is not true! DUH!

    2. I didn’t claim it was or wasn’t true. I simply want to know the stats.

      However, there are many cases of different people with the same first and last names and birth dates. The fact that those could be found, and the fact that their SSNs apparently didn’t match, does tell me that most, if not all of those are fraudulent. The 765 where the last 4 of the SSN also matched are more likely to be fraudulent. The 81 “dead” people either are fraudulent or clerical errors.

      So, it looks to me like you really have a case of at most 1000 or so votes that were fraudulent out of over 4000000 cast. That’s less than 0.025% of all votes. Of course no fraudulent votes are acceptable. The Voter ID law passed in NC would not have prevented any of the 765, as the same ID could be used to vote in both places. Only having States cooperate more closely on registrations, ensuring that people can only be registered in one place will fix that.

  52. so what is going to be done about it, don’t just tell us act upon the information and would it change the election and who needs to go to jail

  53. If no one goes to prison for this the corruption will continue and we the people will suffer. If this is not corrected, revolution will be our only option! We cannot allow criminals to manipulate and dictate our future!

  54. I want to know which party benefited from the duplicate votes. I know which one it was, but I want them to say it.

    1. Any state that wants to succeed is going red. Conservative policies work. Liberal policies are total failures. Thus liberals tend to insult people rather than engage in honest debate. Last good Democrat who served as president was JFK. His quotes sound like they were made at a TEA Party fundraiser. Amazing what’s happened in the last 50 years.

    2. The problem with that statement is the poorest least educated states are mostly RED states (New Mexico is the exception) and your states with the highest income/education are mostly the blue states.

    3. sure, that explains how every city dump is rife with corruption and run by demonrats even in the centers of red states. Red states economies are booming, and the people aren’t as uneducated as they are portrayed. Unless you are counting the few elite only, almost private resort states where poor people aren’t allowed to live, the majority of blue states are poor. The only thing saving the blue states surrounding DC is all the politicos are living off the taxpayers extremely high off the hog like ovomit. The other would be hollyweird. Considering there are aprox 40 red states and aprox 10 blue ones, those few are very extreme and go from poor dump to elite. What you say is BS.

  55. When I moved to North Carolina nearly 15 years ago, I was appalled that on election day, when I asked if I need show my voter registration card, I was told “Oh, that’s okay.” I said, “No, that’s not okay.” If I really wanted to “get over” on the system, all I’d need to do is look at the previous day’s obituaries, find out where the deceased lived, and “Bingo,” just go and vote as that person. Without a voter’s ID card, the system is ripe for fraud, as evidenced by this article. It’s an absolute disgrace that our former governor vetoed the bill that would have made voter ID mandatory. I just hope this situation is rectified in the very near future. This should be mandatory in EVERY state of the union. We are losing our country, day by day, election by election, unless we stop fraud now.

  56. I’ll bet that they ALL voted for the democrat
    I think picture ID’s should be used to vote ON THE VOTING MACHINE, not paper. OR a thumb print, but then good luck with that and IF fraud was found after an election that person would be arrested and they lose their won seat.

  57. this is why obamacrats do NOT want picture ID for voters. with picture ID some of voter fraud can be stopped.

  58. This is about the need for strict voter ID laws to end the corruption. It does not matter who the votes were cast for at this point.

  59. and u think government will fix this only the streets and I am old only the streets for which I am so sorry

  60. No matter how many rats are uncovered,
    the faithful will still vote democrat—many times in each election!!

  61. When I worked in Government in DC I had to have a badge with fingerprints and eyes identified, plus I had to be cleared by Homeland Sec and DoD, Yes, they use E-verify!! Plus my drivers license had to match and my passport, just to get a door key to my office. Are they kidding me. If you get Medicaid or food stamps or unemployment, you have to show an ID. EVERYONE has to have an ID. This claim about people not being able to get an ID is bogus and BS. You need to verify who you are no matter what you are doing and we all know that.

  62. Not one reputable news Agency printed this or aired it. I think Matthew Burke made this up.

  63. I have liberal friends, and None voted for Obama as they got disgusted and many left the party as I did. I have asked over and over at work, and in discussions and cannot find anyone that voted for Obama. Strange how he won. Out of about 50 people in a discussion at work, all professed NOT to vote for Obama out of disgust. Amazing how he won.

  64. Just goes to show you how damn gullible people are. This is a bold faced LIE, but then again what else is new from the tea party except for extremism.

  65. Why do you think Demacrates are againt Voter Photo id and up to six months abstadee ballets, with it they will lose 20% of their votes, NC, Ill., NY, CA and all the Northeast States the Unions run the elections they spend MIllion apon Millions getting their people in office.

    1. Really? Then why is it the demonrats claim there’s almost no voter fraud, it’s a dead issue, and any attempt to curb voter fraud is always RACIST.
      Why is it always the republicans trying to stop voter fraud?

  66. You are either FOR voter fraud, or AGAINST voter fraud. There is no middle ground. I’m not losing any rights by being required to show I.D. I AM losing my right to vote if someone else’s vote is counted more than my own.

  67. Unless the states are prepared to cross reference EVERY voter registration file against all other state registration files, HOW will they stop 155,692 phony baloney voters from casting ballots?

  68. But HOW do the ‘dead’ voters KNOW who to vote for, especially if they have been dead for say 3-5 years? Curiouser and Curiouser.

  69. As someone else said this article does say these people voted Democrat. Also just because they now require an ID to vote how is that going to fix this kind of problem. Showing an ID at the polling place doesn’t mean a person is not also registered in another state.

    1. I do believe it means that all the records need to be checked. Dead people need to be removed, illegals need to be removed, and If a person is registered in two places, that is intent to commit fraud and they should be removed from both rolls and not allowed to vote ever again.

  70. Well now that we have a republican governor, all the county board of elections will have republican majorities and the head judge at the polling places will be republicans. The democrats have lost their power.

  71. We’re living in OBAMA’s BANANA REPUBLIC. Shades of Chicago. Are you starting to understand?


  73. Obama did not legally win the 2012 election and the Obama regime (notice I did not say administration) is the most corrupt in American history. We have an oppressive dictatorship on our hands.

    1. You can’t impeach him, he’s not constitutionally eligible and therefore is a usurper. He should be arrested and jailed, not impeached.


  75. Funny how th election board says they have no proof! All political Bullshit like all other that were debunked by

  76. If we include 2008 and Ohio 2012 this is enough to take to not only the FEC but Federal District Courts where these “people” are registered. In fact this shows enough evidence to show a broader conspiracy is in place with the intent of undermining the US election system and with it the United States Constitution. This matter may be important enough to bring to the SCOTUS as soon as possible as undermining national elections at this level is also a matter of nation security.

  77. What’s alarming is that nowhere in the article does it say how the votes were cast but it’s implied they were Dem votes. Considering the amount of Gerrymandering that redrew voting districts to favor Republicans, it makes one wonder who benefited from the fraud.

    1. Who cares how they voted? This is proof of voter fraud and the democrats:
      #1 claim voter fraud is so minuscule it’s undetectable therefore does not need to be addressed.
      #2 block all efforts to stop voter fraud.
      They are the ones in denial and therefore it is they who believe it benefits them, who are we to disagree with their assumption?

    2. You’re right it does prove there was voter fraud which should never be tolerated. My point was that the article does not indicate who committed the fraud. Matthew Burke pasted a picture of Obama at the top because he knows people don’t read past the headline.

  78. Massive voter fraud in Minnesota 2007 put Al Franken in office just in time to pass obamacare. The fraudulent election of Franken has been proved, but allowed to stand because ……… why ? a six month statute of limitation on voter fraud ?
    Was it Ohio that had a 2007 turnout in at least one district with more voters than residents? Democrats are no strangers to lies, fraud, intimidation, cheating, bribery, coercion and any other means to win office. Recall the union thugs (democrat goons) attacking young republicans in New Orleans.

  79. Jeff, you are right, it is not suprising because it has been done before in Florida by the republicans in 2000. I am not defending the current administration however am sick of the short memory the American people have. THIS BULLSHIT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS BY BOTH PARTIES! SEND A MESSAGE AND VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

  80. Is funny that the US continues to send envoy to other Countries during elections when we are supposed to be focussed in what is happening in our back yard.

  81. like thats the only state ,think again I will bet after all is found that Romney did win the elections thanks to them criminals that work at and for acorn organization.Including the president and a lot of his pay offs.

  82. I’d love to know the breakdown of party affiliation of these fraudulent votes.

  83. Elections are becoming easy for Democrats. a) Vote 4 times. b) Intimidate conservatives with the IRS. Simple. Banana republic.

  84. “This should put to rest” NO, there should be a huge public outcry for justice and people should go to jail for this. I was disenfranchised last election.There were more votes cast in FL than registered voters.How does that happen in these United States of America???

  85. This is only one state. All states should be audited. I wouldn’t doubt that Obama really didn’t win

  86. I thought many times when Obama was campaigning he acted like he already knew he had the election sown up. He was so arrogant!

  87. Now lets see the numbers of those dead & double voters voted for Obama & which voted for Romney………I bet the vote results will flip once the fraud is fully uncovered.

  88. I said from the very beginning, the 2012 election was STOLEN. Whenever there is suspected voter fraud, it is always in the Democrats favor. For them the end justifies the means. As they have proven time and again in this administration, they have no respect for the truth. Just like their hero 0bama, lying about being able to keep your health insurance. He knew it was a lie, yet told it over and over again. Just like him keeping his college records, birth certificate and passport sealed by court order.

  89. it can only increase with this BS mail in ballot process! YOU WANT TO VOTE, SHOW ID INPERSON!

  90. These same people have been making the same false claims, with no independent findings ever released. Bull.

  91. We knew Obama had to cheat in some way to get elected. It’s just ashame that Congress, House Senaters and the United State Supreme Court Justices didn’t realize it or have done anything about it. Obama, just wants to destroy America and the Americans are so busy that they are letting him. But it will be everyone paying for allowing this man in as our President. You were fair warned.

  92. “These findings should put to rest ill-informed claims that problems don’t exist and help restore the integrity of our elections process,” said Tillis and Berger in a statement.

    …but they won’t. Nothing will be done. No one will do time. No one will be jailed. Other than here and on other alternative outlets, the story didn’t happen.

  93. Obama cheated in Colorado too. In Pueblo during early voting many voters complained that after they voted for Romney when they took the print out up to put in the ballot box their ballot had printed that they voted for Obama. The local ABC station was doing a story & investigation into it. This lasted a few days then suddenly the reporting stopped with no conclusion. And the wimpy Republicans did nothing about it. If you happen to watch ‘Scandal’ on ABC it shows what they likely did. The voting machines were rigged so that for every 5 votes for Romney 2 were switched to Obama. Obama stole the election. BTW before any of you say Bush stole the 2000 election that is not so. After it was all over 2 totally independent groups counted EVERY ballot . Both counts showed that Bush won. You may not have heard this as at least one of the big three never reported this…… yep CBS with Dan Rather a well known Bush hater.

    1. Experts at discovering how many dead people are still voting “Dem”. At mis-registering Obamacare enrollees as Democrat. If that’s their expertese, then your right.

    2. Opinion is not data, Nancy. It is a fact that the GOP has again been leading the charge to disenfranchise votes and limit access to the polls.

  94. What B.S. Matthew never, EVER provides a link to any of his nonsense. As far as I am concerned, these numbers are straight from the Bureau of Burke’s Butt. Here are some things to consider: How many of those voters were registered as Republicans and voted for Republicans? How was it determined that the persons claimed to have voted in two states actually did so? Your vote is not matched to your registration, and it is not illegal to vote in two states, only to vote for the same candidate in two states. You could also be registered in one state and vote by oh, I dunno, overseas ballot, e.g., as a member of the military? I know there are hardly any members in the armed forces deployed from N.C. to other countries (snort!). Not to mention that the “source” is two apparatchiks who are desperately trying to disenfranchise voters because it is the GOP that can’t win unless they rig the elections. Truly pathetic.

    1. Well, you were wrong about that: the 2000 and 2004 elections, however, were the result of electoral fraud by the GOP.

  95. This is more Republican BS… the last time voter fraud was claimed the only real perpetrator was a Republican.

    Republicans are always lying, gerrymandering districts and denying scientific fact and the educated community. They even want to kill the national Department of Education all the while America is losing professional engineers, scientists and doctors. Only right wing fools really believe America is the pinnacle of world achievement….while in reality because of failure to keep up we are now about 17th in the world and steadily declining!! NAME some current new great American born & educated scientists!! Our kids respect rappers and guns and violent movies… we make fun of highly educated and dedicated people and have derogatory names for them like Geek and Nerd. The class tough guy and athletes are more revered. And the country is deteriorating with this STUPIDITY!!

    1. By what authority did you post this? This must be a Democrat with no sense of assurance to make these allegations much less honor AMERICANS Future.

    2. By what authority do you refute this? The above is factual information. Is freedom of (accurate) speech an issue for youe?

  96. Where does it say that all ofv these cases benefited Democrats? Maybe this is how the Republicans have been winning?

  97. Will it be stopped in time for this upcoming election? They had a problem with the voting machines in Northern Virginia switching votes once the vote had been cast. How many more of the automated voting machines have been tampered with?

  98. Do not be fooled. Our current political system is designed to give the people the illusion of choice. The 2 party system IS that illusion. While the two parties seem to be polar opposites, they are in fact 2 sides of the same coin. Most people are happy to associate themselves with one party or the other and blindly vote for “their” candidate without even knowing who they are voting for. The powers behind this deception are nebulous and pervasive. Until WE THE PEOPLE wake up and begin to question the motivations of our government as a whole, I fear we are doomed to become slaves of that government.
    Unfortunately, most will not heed this warning. They are kept fat, dumb and happy by distractions of celebrity scandals, professional sports, alcohol, drugs, and above all complacency. The culture of ” you can’t fight City Hall” has got to stop. Stand for your rights. Fight back against any and all who would destroy this precious country. Pay attention to those who are trying to make you a dependent of the Federal Government because once in their grip, escape becomes almost impossible.

  99. The way to defeat this has been Acknowledged now get out and tell your Attorney Generals or Governors to sue! Two states have already won! And the Feds must help them make sure to get it Right but we should all help!
    No more electronic Voting Machines (without a receipt)and cut down on the Early Voting! Plus Strict Sentences for anyone who attempts to cheat and steal OUR ELECTIONS! Obama is running a Banana Republic and it will take US to tackle all of this and show it because Americans love winning but NOT CHEATING!
    For all Americans that want to VENT THEIR FRUSTRATIONS AND IRE!

  100. We should set up just one bank account where the US cannot touch it and start paying our taxes owed to this account and when there is again accountability then we will release these funds to the Federal Government but not until then!
    16 MAY 2014
    Washington, D.C.

  101. What I find a bit suspect, or silly, is that anyone would think to waste their time trying to spin votes in such a massively red-heavy state. Why would anyone waste their time here instead of in states that could genuinely be flipped?

    I’d love to see some more sources, and will be doing some further reading before I accept this single, short article, as the smoking gun.

  102. Just a suggestion…Since the old method of electing a president has possibly been corrupted and compromised I would like to suggest an easier method, the process of which is mostly already in place.
    Whichever candidate raises the most money is the winner, whether or not they are a citizen. Any person, corporation or foreign government (from all over the world) can contribute as many times as they like. The presidency is for 12 years and can only be won once. One tenth of all funds received (from every candidate) are to be given to the new president in lieu of a salary. One half of the remaining funds (administered by the IRS and overseen by the Federal Reserve) are to be used to pay down the country’s debt. The remaining funds should be divided equally between Planned Parenthood and the Affordable Care Act. Every person who voted for the winning candidate are exempt from paying Federal or State taxes for the duration of the new President’s term. Every non-citizen who contributed may now receive a citizenship and free travel to the US…Congressperson’s may remain in office as long as they like but only in an unpaid advisory position. This statement is a joke (I hope…).

  103. This is exactly why a photo I’d should be used for voting, don’t like it… Leave.. Vote in another country, if they let you at all…. WAKE UP AMERICA !

    1. At the risk of repeating myself, I know plenty of people who have no photo IDs. Many people have no driver’s license (in my case that and my passport are my only photo IDs). If I did not drive or travel (e.g., if I were a poor college student or in a nursing home), it is likely that I would not need photo ID ever, but I would still vote. I have lived in five states and have never been asked to produce one to vote. This is a silly argument meant to kick up dust to obscure the REAL issues: disenfranchisement and gerrymandering.

    2. Hello Eric, just wondering… Have you ever cashed a check ? Opened a checking account ? Went to a bar that you were close to being 21 years old and they asked for an id ? PHOTO ID ? See my point is, every single person that I know HAS a photo id, I am disabled, my brother is mentally disabled since birth and we all have picture IDs. Not only that, when you got your passport I’m sure they asked for a phot id, ever fly on a plane ? You need a picture id for all the above. If it’s that important to you to VOTE, get a picture id, you have 4 years to get it, there’s not one single person in the United States Of America that you would not be able to get a picture id in 4 years. If so, they are lying. Period… Call it what you may, but it’s the truth, sometimes it hurts…

    3. All of those activities are required by private businesses, not the government. As for me, I don’t cash checks, I only get carded in bars at the airport (where they card EVERYONE and I wouldn’t be there if I were not flying). As I mentioned, I drive (but many don’t) Otherwise, that’s about it. So, your argument is meaningless: everyone does NOT have photo ID, nor do they need it.

    4. Did you really read what I said ? Typical demo rate, trying to twist the story until it fits what YOU want personally… Name ONE SINGLE PERSON in this country that can’t get a picture id in 4 years ? Wow… I’m dealing with .. Well, never mind, it’s above you..

    5. It is you who have reading comprehension issues. It doesn’t matter HOW MANY times you repeat the same talking point about photo IDs, the fact is that they are NOT available “for free” in ANY state that has attempted to require them. IF you want them, there is a VERY simple answer (which, if you actually READ this thread, I have addressed). Your state should come to your home and make one for you, gratis, based on previous voter registration or the same documentation that one needs to register to vote in that district. If you have a problem with that, then you are a part of the problem (disenfranchisement) not the solution. Settled SCOTUS decisions have heavily been on the side of making votes happen over denying eligible voters their opportunity do so. You are on the wrong side of this argument from a legal and moral sense, so all you have left is parroting political garbage.

    6. Oh.. I finally get it, your an idiot…. Thanks for clearing that up… Have a great life in you quest to make sure that no one is disenfranchised in their quest for the vote…. I will pray for you as well as all the other poor people that can’t afford $5 for a photo id that SHOULD be one of the most important forms of identification, never mind the voting, they should have it for their own safety reasons, but that’s not to important to you…. I know that the “Vote” of all the horrible people that insist on photo IDs and their morals on life must infuriate you to know end. Hopefully you will go to another country with out a photo id and maybe you can give me a call for help getting back into the Great States of America, then you will realize how important that I’d would have been… Maybe it’s the way I grew up, (military brat) for my entire life, I do not know anyone that does not have a photo id. My bad…

    7. You seem to be happy in the idea that all those who deserve the vote should nonetheless be prevented from doing so because of the ALEC-boilerplate voter legislation (bought, written and paid for by bribed GOP legislators). How un-American is that? Perhaps you prefer to be ruled by a few billionaires, but we patriots will resist this as long as there is strength in our bodies. You, on the the other hand, will belch and fart and scratch and drool and let people like Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity ruin the country.

      And don’t bother to “pray for me”. That is just a patronizing, passive-aggressive, thumb in your eye statement. I have lived in the south long enough to know what it really means when I say back to you, “bless your heart”.

      BTW, I suggest you seek out an adult literacy class. There, you can learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”, “I’d” and “it”, and “know” and “no”. Or, you could consider reading your rants and editing them before you post and look less like a, …well… Tea Party stereotype..

    8. Oh I get it, I just don’t have the ability to get the message across to morons or idiots, takes someone a bit more edumacated …..I bet you also believe in the “greenhouse” effect, that Al Gore invented the internet, Bigfoot, Loc Ness Monster, and Aliens…….

    9. Do you ever review your posts and examine how they represent you? You are rude and obnoxious, incapable of sustaining an honest argument. You can hurl primary-school level insults at me all you want, but you have lost the argument and look more foolish with every post.

    10. Lol.. As a matter of fact I did, see , I had to stoop that low so a moron like you could understand it… Anyone that would try and argue that an ADULT in the United States of America doesn’t have a way to get a photo id is , well, not very educated and just wants to justify their existance for the sake of arguing… Anyone that cares enough about their personal safety WOULD have a Valid Picture ID, I can guarantee, everyone you know has one, they may chose not to use it, but they have it.. You NEED IT FOR SO SO MANY things besides voting. THINK… Don’t be a moron your entire life, you still have a chance to wake up and be counted. You just am be someone or make something out of this little thing called life… Btw, get one….(notice how I stooped down right there at the end, pretty clever ….lol… ) now, go back to bed, da care is early, and they don’t need anymore cranky children…

    11. You still have not presented ANY argument for needing a photo ID to vote. Your gibbering is not an argument. I have already explained why adults in the U.S. may not have photo IDs. Now, how does having a photo ID enhance one’s personal safety? Is it some sort of magic talisman that guards against evil? As I have pointed out (repeatedly), I have a photo ID to drive and fly (and actually, charter flights don’t require photo ID). You are apparently organically incapable of understanding these facts. As I am not a cognitive scientist, I can’t diagnose your particular learning disability, but your posts clearly show that you are a lot further along the spectrum ranging from normal intelligence through moron to idiot than I am.

    12. You seem to have reading and comprehension issues, which prevent you from making an argument and defending it. How does having a photo ID enhance one’s personal safety. Do you think that it is some sort of magic talisman that can ward off evil? As I am not a scientist trained in diagnosing cognition, I can’t comment on your actual disability, but you are clearly far along the part of the cognitive continuum ranging from normal intelligence down through moron to idiot.

    13. Michael really? “Anyone that cares enough about their personal safety WOULD have a Valid Picture ID” How does having a photo ID aid in your personal safety? THINK.

    14. Forgot one thing, instead of Oblama giving out free cell phones and “free” healthcare, maybe he should concentrate on getting every AMERICAN a picture id for free, and have someone come to their house so they don’t have to travel, matter of fact, have a government official come to their house for voting day as well. Shouldn’t cost that much….

    15. Wow, you are uninformed! That program was initiated by the Bush Administration. Your “Obamaphone” meme was debunked before the 2012 election. You really live in a bubble, don’t you Skeeter?

    16. If a person receives any form of government aid (housing, welfare, food stamps etc…), you have to show a photo ID to sign up for these programs or show a birth certificate. I don’t guess anyone needs an ID when going to a Dr. under Obamacare, why should they? Only because they could be lying about who they are to steal someone else’s prescriptions! Or, imagine getting medical records mixed up because someone didn’t show a photo ID, and having the wrong person go through a surgery meant for someone else! But, no, we know not everyone is going to go to a Dr. or a hospital, so they won’t need a photo ID!

      Also, if the demo’s can take the time to pick up people and carry them down to vote, they can carry them down to have a photo ID made! Here in my state, a state photo ID is free and never expires, so it’s a one time deal! What an inconvenience!

      You are actually starting to sound like your pissed off because you won’t be able to vote your 10 or 12 times! You afraid your party couldn’t win an election without voter fraud? Want to keep the deck stacked in your favour? I’ll give you two links to check out voter fraud– one from each side. This is why we need voter ID and go back to manual machines for voting! You know, with the hanging chads! links below.

    17. You miss the point and your post indicates CLEARLY where you’re coming from. You are focusing on people on public assistance. I was not talking about any recipients of public assistance, but your attempted point is telling: “you have to show a photo ID OR [emphasis mine] a birth certificate”. Birth certificates are available for a nominal cost by mail, which does not require you to take off of work and travel to a place where a photo ID can be made. Got that, A$$?

  104. NEWS FLASH – Barack Obama has just announced an investigation will be held by the Justice Department. The investigation is promised to be ” every smidgen as thorough as those which looked into the Fast and Furious operation, the alleged targeting of political enemies such as the Tea Party, and the terrorist … I mean workplace violence which took place at Benghazi, Libya.” Wait — NEWS FLASH – Barack Obama has just announced that the exhaustive investigation led personally by Eric Holder has found not one iota, not even a smidgen of voter fraud anywhere in the U.S.

    1. Now that this has been released (and it’s laughable conclusions publicized), I very much doubt that these ridiculous numbers will ever be brought up again by the NC AG.

  105. No doubt the dums are convening after-action reviews on how to prevent getting outed by this sort of conduct in the future. They’ll take this as a lesson-learned in order to fine tune that voter fraud scheme they have going at the local levels as well as their positioning of convenient learned lawyers and judges to keep the machine well-oiled.

    1. Actual cases of in-person voter fraud are as rare as Tyrannosaurus rex fossils. Let me know if you find any. I pay top dollar.

    2. Save your $$$. You will it all need for taxes to maintain the current regime’s well-being. Now, google ‘voter fraud prosecutions.’ Tip=check out Ohio prosecution of woman convicted of voter fraud for voting multiple times for her democrat darling. Maybe you should look up ‘prosecutors unwillingness to take on voter fraud.’ Now there will be some material to keep you out of the old dinosaur digs for awhile. SKOAL!

    3. Now, consider how many people who did not get to vote in Democratic-leaning precincts in OH in 1994, because, the machines were sent elsewhere. Your “data point” is specious.

  106. If you have to cheat to win then that says volumes about who you are. As we all know the liberals are nothing but roaches who want everyone to be like them. Get the Raid….

  107. And to think, we never would have known about this had NC not audited the election results. I would bet the farm that this is even worse in more liberal northern states.

    1. No, you would not be knowing about this but fro a lame attempt to refry the elections in a statistically indefensible way for partisan reasons. But, thanks for being played.

  108. This is exactly why a state issued picture ID card or a photo drivers license should be required to vote in any election. Of Course, Holder says that’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL. i guess this is why Bev Perdue vetoed that bill before she left office.

    1. Wrong. Requiring a photo ID, unless that can be done at you home, is in
      effect a poll tax. And it is definitely still an issue today.

    2. Since when have you sat on an appellate court to rule on whether something is a poll tax. Are you Eric Holder in disguise? Or maybe you’re one of those that voted illegally.

    3. Since when have you read the law? Requiring anyone to go out-of-pocket to vote is a poll tax. Period.

    4. Although I only recommend Wikipedia in certain circumstance (e.g., people like you who weigh in with no idea of what the subject of the thread actually means), I suggest: . If you are required to pay out of pocket to vote (including having to take time off to have an ID created that is not needed to vote), that is a poll tax.

    5. You are apparently not up on the subject. While I don’t usually recommend Wikipedia (except as an entry point to a topic), your lack of understanding of what a poll tax constitutes is addressed there.

  109. One Problem…Until they start verifying exactly who they are, and actually prosecuting and giving them JAIL TIME…nothing will change. If all they get is a slap on the wrist, then they are right back voting…multiple times!!! Does anybody wonder why the Democrats…NObama and Holder…fight so hard against Photo Voter ID Cards!!!

    1. I always have to ask you folks who actually believe that there is rampant in-person voter fraud, but not voter disenfranchisement: do you remember Ohio in the 2004 election?

  110. i would love to see what corruption they would find in Minnesota. And I suppose the corruption would point to Obama voters! We need to clean this up because Al Franken and the vulgar Keith Ellison have got to go!

  111. Voter ID laws are like drug testing. The only ones that complain are usually the ones doing it

    1. No, the people complaining are the ones who remember other disenfranchisement methods, like poll taxes and literacy tests that were ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Try learning a little history.

    2. Wrong. Requiring a photo ID, unless that can be done at you home, is in effect a poll tax. And it is definitely still an issue today.

    3. No. You need photo ID for virtually everything these days. Therefore the poll tax issue is irrelevant. Just another excuse to hinder the prevention of voter fraud, which is real whether some choose to deny it or not. If in fact voter ID puts an undue hardship on some people remedies could and should be made for that. What those remedies may be have yet to be worked out.

    4. I know plenty of people who have no photo IDs. Many people have no driver’s license (in my case that and my passport are my only photo IDs). If I did not drive or travel (e.g., if I were a poor college student or in a nursing home), it is likely that I would not need photo ID ever, but I would still vote. I have lived in five states and have never been asked to produce one to vote. This is a silly argument meant to kick up dust to obscure the REAL issues: disenfranchisement and gerrymandering.

    5. No it’s not about disenfranchisement or gerrymandering. It’s about voter fraud. Some things in life take a little effort and if that little effort helps ensure honest elections it’s worth it, unless you’re a liberal because then you believe that everything should be handed to you or done for you. Fact is, people have to learn to help themselves if even in the smallest things. Don’t you believe ALL elections should be run fairly and honestly? I do and have no respect for those that don’t. And give me a break, all those poor College Students? Yeah, right. With their free everything and a picture ID to enroll in order to get the govt freebies that go along with it. These other poor people you’re talking about, if they need their smokes they find the way to get them. An ID is little burden. If you can’t prove your Citizenship you shouldn’t be allowed to vote, either. No ID no vote. Plain and simple.

    6. Yeah, some things in life require a little effort. REGISTERING to vote is one thing, VOTING is another thing. How does my being a liberal affect how I feel about the integrity of the vote? Well, I guess it matters more to me than it does to a conservative like you. One person, one vote means exactly that. Now, if I don’t get to CAST my vote because of GOP machinations, ranging from not having the same proportionate number of polling stations at my precinct (forcing me to wait in a cold rain for hours), closing my precinct down, decreasing early voting (which ought to REDUCE fraud if you actually THINK about it, as there is more time to check)

      And then we go on to all of the other attempts to RESTRICT voting. Not voter fraud. Reducing voting. Closing polling places in some districts early? Reduces voting, no reduction in fraud. Reducing early voting? Reduces voting, no reduction in fraud…

      You have a lot of hate about college students. “With their free everything”? Are you STONED? Guess you’ve never been near one. But, election day is NOT during a semester break, so you cannot travel back hundreds of miles to your home to vote without missing AT LEAST three days of classes (Mon-Wed).

      Your argument is a total fail, not the least because you have allowed your own prejudices to demolish your own argument. And that’s putting it kindly, as you have no valid argument. Your statements are plain, and they are truly simple.

    7. About the only thing you say about me was that you think I’m a racist I’m surprised since that’s usually the thing you libs pull out of your hat first. Oh, and don’t forget the “”hate card”, that was rich. I’m sure you’ve heard of absentee ballots. Yeah, you can whine all you want about this and that but there is no perfect way. Voter ID is justified. Plenty of time to get one. I have to back to the hate statements: ignorance on your part. I don’t hate anyone but I don’t have a lot of patience for mealy mouthed whiners or those that make excuses for such. Life isn’t fair so get over it.

    8. At what point did I call you a racist? You have real issues with reading (actually, that’s previously been demonstrated as obvious). You are presenting the idiot argument about photo ID that conservatives have been using for years. All the while, it has been patiently been explained to persons like you why requiring a photo ID to vote is unconstitutional (unless it can be provided without people giving up work time and travelling miles to get one). I HAVE a voter ID! It’s called a VOTER REGISTRATION CARD! It was issued by the state in which I reside, own property and vote. Do you even vote? I kind of doubt it, as I doubt you could find your polling place.

      You are truly a great representative of the TPNN. Good luck to you, and try not to let the squirrels in the park beat you out of all of your lunch money at three-card monte.

    9. I left out the word “didn’t”. My bad. You and your ilk using the same old argument. You used the racist argument after all. Pathetic. You haven’t an original thought in that rock you use to support your nose. You libs are a sorry bunch and deserve each other. I really hope you don’t breed your stupidity into future generations, punk.

    10. If you’re the best the Tea Party presents, no wonder nobody likes you. You can’t present anything to support your arguments, so you dissolve in inchoate rage, rant, rave, and foam. You act like a six-year-old.

    11. Listen to yourself smart guy. You make many assumptions and in your omniscience claim it all true. The only person you’re impressing with your crap is yourself . So keep on with it. You’re a pathetic liberal loser.

    12. Actually, I don’t need to listen to myself. YOU are the one who is flipping out. I have knowledge of this issue and you have none. This has caused you to fly into a rage and, as I posted above, to behave like a six-year old (although based on this tantrum, I’m going to have to downgrade my estimate of your emotional maturity to that of a two-year-old).

    13. You bore me with your preprogrammed liberal drivel. You believe the “truth” you create and I find you tedious. Go back to your sandbox.

    14. If you’re bored, then don’t read my posts. I’m bored by your juvenile replies.

    15. Rage? What rage? There’s no rage. You mentioned my wife, who had nothing to do with this conversation and you don’t even know her. You are the childish one and I have no time to waste on scum like you. So get a life and go play with dolls or something. You bore and disgust me.

    16. Not only I have I not called you are racist, I have never mentioned your wife. You must be on drugs. But, if you are not on drugs, consider starting.

    17. Disenfranchisement methods? I have to show ID for a lot of things. I have never felt disenfranchised especially when it comes to something as important as voting. And, I know my history, I’ve been hearing democrats crying for years. Get over the pity party.

    18. You have to display a photo ID to engage in certain forms of commerce. There is nothing in the law that requires photo IDs to vote. Many people do not have them, and it is an unreasonable burden to get them. You know nothing about history: this is a poll tax, pure and simple. It causes poorer people great inconvenience and lost wages. There are lots of ways to disenfranchise voters (in Texas, they allow carry permits as voter ID, but not college IDs). You want photo ID? Then be prepared to have a fleet of mobile providers of the ID. Why are you guys always trying to suppress the vote? Because nobody likes your policies, and when people show up, you lose.

    19. Who is disenfranchised when the other side cheats? If you feel have to cheat and break the law to get your guy elected then there is no other choice but to do whatever it takes to stop people from trying to steal the election whoever it is. If not voter I.D. then one day voting with purple finger ink. Most likely the only thing democrats are voting for anyway is a handout, and who is that burden on? That is the premise of the democrat party these days isn’t it?

    20. By definition, everyone is disenfranchised when their votes are not allowed to be cast or are not counted. Whether that is through restrictive voting regulations, lack of access to voting machines, or other attempts to game the system (like “losing” ballots). The SCOTUS has overwhelmingly ruled that the small risk of illegitimate votes does not justify restrictions on the vote that cause disenfranchisement. Voting when you are not entitled to do so is a SERIOUS felony, with jail time and heavy fines, so VERY few people attempt it. Given that about 40-60% of people fail to do so in any given election, getting even more eligable people to to vote should be the solution.

      You conservatives’ problem, however, is that no one likes your policies. This is why you can’t win national elections (and won’t do so in the future, because your voters are dying of old age). The billionaires who fund you know this, and have shifted their strategy to winning state governments and introducing the legislation that benefits them there (continuing the pattern established during the Gingrich Error of having corporations write legislation.

      You all seem to have learned nothing over the past 20 years. You are being played for suckers. Even the conservatives you have voted for pay only lip service to your “values” issues. It is past time that you wake up. Our country needs you at the table, not out in the weeds of “no taxes”, no infrastucture improvement, no jobs bills, global warming/alternative energy denial, and no effective access to family planning (among many others).

      If you are not a part of the solution, you are the precipitate: inert, inactive, and isolated.

    21. So you are a proud regressive, huh? How regressive are you? Do you think pregnant women should have shoes, or should they be barefoot?

    22. 230 comments and 28 up votes. You’re on a roll professor. Spread your gibberish to someone who cares.

  112. Preventing the dead from voting is a simple matter; so simple it will never be used. When someone dies, a copy of the death certificate is sent to a local government office, the county court clerk in most places. That government office should notify the local election commission so the deceased’s name can be removed from the voter registration. The election commission would have to make sure the wrong person’s name was not removed from the registration, or that someone with the same name was not removed by mistake.

    1. That has already been done (e.g., in Florida). Always targeting voters believed to have died while intending to vote Democrat (and who were still alive).

    1. As I noted previously, there are no such data as to party, and the methodology for obtaining these numbers as described is ridiculously flawed.

  113. The scale of voter fraud is staggering… makes you wonder about the fraud being committed by those who were elected.

    1. Um no, it isn’t, unless you stagger easily. In a country of more than 200 million voters, in-person voter fraud is virtually non-existent. It is dwarfed by orders of magnitude by the efforts to SUPPRESS the legitimate ballots of qualified voters. Both of these are issues that have been exhaustively covered for well over a decade.

    2. BS. 180,000 + false ballots is not a concern for you given how close elections can be and that they are often decided by hundreds of votes???

      Shill for OFA – Democrats much?

    3. Let’s just say that there are 100,000 people named Eric Peters in the US. They all have a SSN and are registered to vote. One out of 10,000 people has the same last four digits of their SSN as I do. That means, if I register to vote in NC, there are 9 people with the same name and last four digits of their SSN out there who could be perfectly legitimately registered (and this is just the Eric Peters among us). Then, there are the John Smiths, the Mary Smiths, the John Millers, the Mary Millers,…

      As I pointed out previously, it is also actually legal to be registered to vote in two states. It is, however, illegal to vote in two states for the same candidate. As a result, I don’t believe this post, and 180,000 false ballots is a number pulled out of someone’s butt. If any single jurisdiction (even an entire state) has that many fraudulent ballots, then their election officials should be fired, if not indicted. Provide a legitimate source for this, please.

    4. Let’s just say that you are an obvious paid poster…. 16 posts and 16 likes….


    5. Nobody pays me to post (I can get PAID? You Must tell me how!). Perhaps people like my posts because they contain factual information. I also post under my own name, so you can come to my Facebook page and comment on this exact topic. I haven’t heard of anybody being paid to post there.

    6. Has it occurred to you that I would be just as much against election fraud as you? After all, George W. Bush cheated his way into office, not once, but twice. I even saw an Army Sergeant claim on the network news that he voted for him twice: once at home and once by absentee ballot. Now THAT was voter fraud!

    7. What lies have I presented? You should consider reading up on the subject before you screech and fling feces.

    8. N.C. State Board Finds More than 35K Incidents of ‘Double Voting’ in 2012

      North Carolina’s Board of Elections found that tens of thousands of registered voters from the state have personal information matching that of registered voters in other states, and appear to have voted in states other than North Carolina in 2012. In some cases, votes were cast under names of individuals who had passed away before Election Day.

      The review searched databases in 27 other states and 101 million voter records for information such as matching names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers.

      The review found that 35,570 North Carolina voters from 2012 shared the same first names, last names, and dates of birth with individuals who voted in other states. Another 765 Tar Heel State residents who voted in 2012 had the the same names, birthdays, and final four digits of a Social Security number as voters elsewhere.

    9. You are unbelievable, you are citing as your evidence the same information that I have already criticized for its flawed methods. They did NOT catch 35,000 fraudulent votes! They manufactured a number of simulated fraudulent votes based on ludicrous methodology! Honestly! Does ANYTHING penetrate this bubble you guys erect to exclude the real world?

    10. Where do you see any likes for any posts on this thread? My posts on Discus go back three years.

    11. Um actually, it’s not. But I won’t repeat myself as you are apparently unable to understand my other posts. Your grunt is not a rebuttal.

    12. donzap, busted–you’re a troll. You are the paid poster. What did you sell you soul for? Ten bucks? Try working for a living. We don’t need any more right wing freeloaders and parasites.

    1. No we don’t. Everywhere I have lived, I have had to provide proof of residence and other information like a SS card to obtain a Voter Registration card and provide a signature. And EVERY SINGLE TIME that I have subsequently voted, I have signed in and my signature was compared with the one in their book. This has worked in PA, GA, CO, SC, and IL. I can’t remember EVER having been asked for m voter registration card, much less any photo ID.

  114. How is common knowledge “alarming?” Claire McCaskill , Missouri Senator, proudly embraced back room deals, kickbacks, bribes as “business as usual” in the Senate and we are “alarmed” over democrat voter fraud. I am more alarmed at the loss of Christian Values in America because voter fraud is just one of the multitude of results of loss of Christian Values we should be alarmed about.

    1. None of what you are saying makes any sense. Your “Christian values” have no bearing on elections.

  115. Context is everything in this discussion. Lets put things into context before we run off the deep end. Lets consider how many people in the US might have the same name. There are 152 Jeff Gordon’s, 463 Matthew Burke’s, 21,475 Michael Brown’s, 45,962 John Smith’s and on and on it goes. The point is the article has no statistical relevance whatsoever; the numbers presented in the article are statistically possible and probable from the number of people in the US with exactly the same name. The author is lazy and presents no shred of evidence for voter fraud.
    If we want to make the need changes in our beloved country we need people that will tell us the truth and give us proper facts. Matthew Burke’s article is nothing more than meaningless drivel that gives us a bad name!

  116. In NJ, we’d like the voting booths locked to the point where you can’t hack the machines. Something that was done a number of times in NJ elections in the last four years. Of course, who needs to hack ballot machines when the state erases the results 18 hours after the election ends rather then hold the machines under lock and key for 15 hours as required by state law. Sorry guys but it’s both parties. Time to turn them both out. Google LaVergne v Lonegan.

  117. Time to arrest, then a trial, then a hanging form the tallest tree! All of them… starting with the dead ones!

  118. You know I was horrible at math but am still smart enough to see through this crock of stuff! Social security numbers are 9 digits long. Their could potentially be 999 million, 999 thousand 999 of them. With hundreds of millions of potential social security numbers out there finding people with the same last four is simple. Then all you do is look for names like Tom Jones and Julie Smith. Next you are limited to only 365 birthdays a year. It is so sad that people can be led down the garden path but then when you have put these kind of people in charge of education in this country for long periods of time I guess most educated politicians can out think must people from Red States!

  119. New Mexico has an army of dead Democrats that vote in every election. Why should any state be different?

  120. There should be a Constitutional amendment requirement that states that don’t have Voter ID and proof of citizenship do not have their election results accepted!

    1. Good luck with that. That at least would be lawful, rather than states requiring photo IDs to vote, which isn’t. And given the prevalence of fake driver’s licenses, how do you think that would help?

  121. I thought your central thesis, if you will, was on finding in-person voter fraud. You seem to be straying from that so I suppose you want to get off point. If the voting machines weren’t there I guess that is specious as well, eh? Keep it up for more boredom or go to the T-Rex digs as no one is checking this article any longer and I don’t like to entertain Scandinavians as you, being one myself. SKOAL.

    1. No, it just seems that you are too lazy to read the thread. The entire premise on which is based is flawed, notwithstanding the more important issue of disenfranchisement. Your argument is like saying that it is OK to execute a few people erroneously, so long as no murderers go free. In this case, you would rather have tens of thousands of voters not be able to vote JUST IN CASE someone votes who isn’t supposed to. Your argument is wrong, it is un-American, and it is unconstitutional.

    2. You seem concerned about my origins, as if that is relevant. All of my family have lived in this country from the Mayflower, through the early 19th Century, to today. You make a Rikki-Tik argument.

  122. conservatives will apparently believe anything. s.c. made the same claims about nine hundred dead people voting and it was all over the right wing media. after review it was found that only three were questionable. one voted early and died before election day and two were the votes of juniors that were mistakenly counted for the deceased seniors. but not a vote from both of them. bet you didn’t hear about that from your right wing sources. this won’t be any different.just because someone wasn’t taken off the voter roll somewhere else doesn’t mean that they aren’t legally registered in their new state.

  123. Here is a quote from a different article on the same subject:

    Joshua Lawson, spokesman for North Carolina Board of Elections told
    ThinkProgress that this report is merely an update on cases that they
    are examining. “We are not jumping to conclusions here,” he explained,
    “This may constitute evidence of voter fraud, voter error, poll worker
    error, or data problems.”

  124. The worst cases of voter fraud involves ballot stuffing by poll workers. Stopping that would require a completely new system of voting. That is something that the Republicans would oppose.

  125. What a bunch of racists! There is no voter fraud. Everything is hunky dory! The facts are not pertinent! Democrats are intellectually superior to others. They know you are just making this up.

  126. Tilis, who is in charge of voter fraud — just happens to be running for the Senate. But I guess this gives him the right to knock thousands of Democrats off the voter rolls so he can win in November. If you believe Tillis is not fixing the election — you probably believe that Chris Christie’s butt is made of english toffee.

  127. LOL, this is a snark. Romney won here so that idea is silly, but more importantly, did you read the article. out of 300, 000,000 what what are the chances of someone having the same first and last names and date of birth as someone else? Pretty good if they are common names. Might want to get a few more details before you go off half cocked. As for the 91″Dead people” voting, that too would need a bit more detail. They had this same headline in another State, and it turned out to be bogus.

  128. When I see all of those fraudulent voters hauled into court, I’ll buy it. Until then, this is nothing more that crybaby right wingnuts afraid to get their bums handed to them on the way out the door.

  129. Voter fraud in North Carolina? Not so fast

    04/03/14 03:45 PM—Updated 04/08/14 11:45 AM

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    By Zachary Roth

    Conservative supporters of voting restrictions think they’ve found the holy grail in North Carolina: A genuine case of massive voter fraud that can be used to justify efforts to make it harder to vote.

    The reality, of course, is far less clear. Non-partisan election experts are already pouring cold water on the claims, noting that other recent allegations of major voting irregularities have fizzled upon closer scrutiny.

    In a report released Wednesday, North Carolina’s elections board said it had found 35,570 people who voted in the state in 2012 and whose names and dates of birth match those of voters in other states. The board said it also found 765 North Carolinians who voted in 2012 and whose names, birthdates, and last four digits of their Social Security number match those of people in other states. The board said it’s looking into all these cases to determine whether people voted twice.

    There’s a lot riding on what the board finds.

    North Carolina Republicans last year passed a sweeping and restrictive voting law, which is currently being challenged by the U.S. Justice Department. The law’s voter ID provision would likely have done nothing to stop the double voting being alleged here, but solid evidence of illegal voting could still bolster the state’s case that the measure is justified. It could also make it easier for the state to remove from the rolls voters who are thought to be registered in two states—raising concerns that legitimate voters could wrongly be purged.

    But Republicans and conservative media, predictably, aren’t waiting for the results of the probe. Instead, they’re already shouting voter fraud. “N.C. Board of Elections audit finds up to 35,750 instances of ‘double voting’ (voter fraud) in the 2012 election,” tweeted Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer Wednesday. A headline at National Review made the same claim. In a statement, state Sen. Thom Tillis, the frontrunner for the GOP Senate nomination, pointed to “alarming evidence of voter error [and] fraud.”

    The notion that the board found over 35,000 cases of voter fraud—or even one case—is flatly false. With the investigation not yet even underway, the board, headed by Kim Strach, hasn’t come close to concluding that any specific case involved double voting.* And there are very good reasons why it’s held off.

    First, it helps to understand statistics. The political scientist Michael McDonald and election law scholar Justin Levitt have shown in a detailed statistical study that the number of people who share a name and birthdate is much higher than it might at first appear. (Just for fun, take the RNC’s Spicer. Though his name is less common than many, online records show 20 different Sean Spicers who were born on September 23rd, his birthday.) That statistical reality, McDonald and Levitt conclude, has big implications for how to treat potential cases of illegal voting.

    “I would be very interested indeed in how many of the 35K alleged double voters are the results of mistakes or mistaken assumptions,” Levitt wrote Wednesday in an email to a group of election lawyers. “I’m going to bet on the vast majority evaporating upon closer scrutiny.”

    But that still leaves those 765 cases—not as eye-popping a number as 35,000, but still significant—in which the last four digits of a voter’s Social Security number also matched that of someone who voted in another state. Statistically, the chances of a false positive are much, much smaller under this scenario.

    Even here, though, there are plenty of explanations beyond deliberate fraud. Election experts point to the high frequency of data errors by poll-workers, a possibility that doubles, of course, when matching voters across two states.

    Consider the recent experience of North Carolina’s southern neighbor. Last year, South Carolina’s DMV used Social Security matches to help find more than 900 people listed as dead who had voted in recent years, setting off a spate of hand-wringing about fraud. Attorney General Alan Wilson, a Republican, used the findings to argue for the state’s strict voter ID law—which was later softened after the Justice Department objected. But state law enforcement ultimately found not a single person who deliberately cast a ballot in the name of a dead person.

    Nearly half the cases were the result of clerical errors by poll-workers. Others were attributed to DMV officials finding that Social Security numbers matched but not making sure that names did, among several problems. (About 45,370 people have been assigned by the Social Security Administration to each four-digit combination of numbers.)

    In Iowa, Ohio, and Florida, attention-generating charges of voter fraud or non-citizen voting also have failed to live up to the hype once investigations were conducted.

    “I am banking on poll-worker error for data entry on who voted for many of those,” Levitt told msnbc. “It may be that there are a handful that are actually double votes.” He estimated that number in the single digits.

    Still, North Carolina’s findings may highlight a less spectacular flaw in our voting system: the awful state of our voter rolls, which contain numerous duplicates, deceased voters, and voters who have since moved out of state. A recent bipartisan presidential report called for an aggressive effort to clean up the rolls.

    While Republicans swiftly denounced the breadth of that report, there is general agreement in both parties that voters rolls do need to be cleaned up. The issue is how to go about it. In Florida and Virginia lately, scores of legitimate voters have been wrongly purged, after election officials used a flawed system that generated the same kind of false positives that may be in evidence in North Carolina. That’s why voting rights advocates fear that, with many efforts to remove voters from the rolls, the medicine can be worse than the cure.

    In North Carolina, that will depend on just how many of the cases the board found ultimately hold up. And on that score, Levitt isn’t the only election expert who’s expressing skepticism.

    “There’s no guarantee that the North Carolina story will follow the multi-step pattern of: 1) big initial number; 2) partisan outrage; 3) further investigation; 4) much smaller actual number; 5) partisan indifference,” Doug Chapin, who as the director of the Program for Excellence in Election Administration at the University of Minnesota, is among the country’s foremost experts on running elections, wrote online. “But in my experience, that’s the way to bet.”

  130. But 98% of these fraudulent votes were for Republican Candidates. I notice that fact was not reported in this article.

  131. Can someone post a link to this information from a news source? I can only find it on blogs such as this.

  132. Then if it is democrats why were the votes for republicans, now prove they weren’t

  133. According to the local news, “That means of the nearly 7 million votes cast, voter fraud accounted for 0.00174 percent of the ballots.” So this definitely needs attention, but it’s not alarming to me because it isn’t changing the results of elections.

  134. Is there any proof that anybody actually voted more than once? Or is this just a case of not canceling one’s voter registration after moving. The people who did this research should be made to post a bond that is forfeited if there is no proof of voter fraud. $10,000. I am so over this crap.