Vote on Lois Lerner Contempt Charges Next Thursday

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Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, announce this morning that a vote will take place next Thursday to determine if the Obama IRS’s Lois Lerner will be held in contempt. Issa tweeted Thursday morning, April 3rd: 
Lois Lerner, part of the Obama regime’s “most transparent administration in history” has plead the Fifth Amendment twice, a right taken against having to incriminate herself.

Lerner had previously, in May of 2013, admitted that the Obama IRS had used the power of the agency to target Obama’s political opponents, specifically non-profit groups involved in the pro-liberty, pro-Constitution Tea Party movement. Groups which had the words “Tea Party” or “patriot” in their applications were singled out by the department within the agency that Lerner led which was responsible for approving non-profit organizations.


  1. If they find her in contempt the big O will pardon her, but at least this time they can’t call it racial profiling, they will can it a war women.

    1. In the fifties, the federal government opened fire on a large group of unarmed defenseless veterans who were protesting in Washington D.C. I have a gut feeling the same thing will happen May 16th, especially since Liberals despise the US military and military veterans.

    2. Whatever happens happens the beginning or the end. We all know something HAS to happen. I will not live under some body’s foot.

    3. That may well happen and then BO will declare martial law as he has been planning all along. Then he can suspend elections and the war will be on. There are many who want this violent revolution, but if there is a way to avoid it, it should be avoided. A revolution will destroy America as we know it. Things are not the same as they were in the 1700s. We patriots cannot stand even a small contingent of a military, because we do not have the same capabilities as they did in the 1700s. All that said; I would rather die than live under a socialist government. May God help us all that have not forgotten Him.

  2. Nothing will happen to her or she will be pardoned. It amazes me that with all the felonies committed by the government, nobody has ever been convicted.

    1. You are right Jeff. But we must try! Everyone MUST read Diana West’s AMERICAN
      BETRAYAL to understand why these things happen over and over. Its enlightening and CHILLING!

    2. Thanks, I’ll have to check it out. I’m just so afraid for the worlds future when we are the last hope. Wouldn’t mind a Col. West/Ted Cruz ticket.

  3. They should find Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress. We need to know how high up this went.

  4. Definitely find her in contempt and then put Obama on the stand and make him squeal!

    1. I agree, but OB lies about everything now and clearly ignores and violates the U.S. Constitution now, and oath means nothing to him! Muslims are allow to lie, cheat, steal, and murder to get their own way and he does not believe in the Jesus or the Bible…!!! Satan’s book the Koran is OB’s book! Criminals all of them..!!! May 16th is going to a real Eye-Opener for OB, Holder, Reid, Brown, Bohner and the rest of there criminal environment!

    2. A contempt finding in Congress means nothing. Why? Congress has to approve it and by law Lerner did not waive her 5th Amendment rights. SCOTUS will laugh them out of the building.

  5. I will bet that she word her remarks in such a way that nothing will come of it just like Morrel did on Bengazi

  6. she should be put in JAIL untill she decides to talk
    if it was me i would be in jail allready
    thats how it works

    1. That may be how it works but it is wrong that it works that way. Innocent until proven guilty and the 5th amendment gives one the right to not incriminate ones self. The proof, if there is any, would show she did something wrong and only then should she be put in jail. Public opinion is mob rule without evidence.

    2. Alan as soon as she made any statement other than answers to questions to identify herself, making any statement about the investigation, she is no longer protected under the 5th amendment

  7. You’re obviously correct USPatriotOne but I’m thinking of the entertainment value in watching BO squirm in his seat under direct questioning.

  8. Lerner will be held in contempt and that will be the end of it. Prosecution will be at the discretion of the obama Dept. of Justice (We no longer have a US Dept. of Justice), and with holder in charge of that prosecution will never occur.

  9. The 5th amendment gives a right to not incriminate ones self and congress has no authority to claim otherwise, even during a congressional hearing. If they find her in contempt then congress itself is in contempt.

    1. AlanT, maybe that is so, but if she pleads the 5th, so as to not incriminate herself, then that means she is guilty. So, let her be silent behind bars.

    2. Oh, I agree there were rights being violated but I defend her right to not incriminate her self. If we pick and choose who gets to exercise those rights then what shall we devolve to as a society. Let the proof convict not the silence.

    3. She made 9 specific statements in reference to her not having done anything wrong all before she took the 5th. Since when does one profess their innocence then refuse to be cross examined. Had she not made those statements then there would be no legal leg to stand on regarding the contempt charge.
      There are many emails between her and 5 of the counsel from the IRS in DC that leads one to believe that there was a consorted effort to silence the Tea Party Patriots to ensure the present POTUS remained in his seat.

    4. What difference foes it make? Obama picks and chooses which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore. We are going down that path already. Let it devolve to the point of anarchy so we can rise to srms and reset the clock. We are slowly being enslaved by Government and it has to end sometime.

    5. AlanT, once she took the stand and answered one question, she cast out her 5th Amendment rights. I hope they burn her good, and whoever gave her the direction. If this was all her decision, then I hope they burn her twice.

    6. Not if the assertion,by the Committee, that since she made a statement decrying her innocence at the beginning of the hearing bars her from pleading the 5th holds. I hope it does. She should fry along with messiah, Obama.

  10. Definitely need to know how high up it went, or if this was Lerner’s own conviction. Where ever the orders started, that person needs to serve time. If she doesn’t want to squeal, and pleads the 5th, then that means she is guilty, and needs to spend time looking at striped sun rises.

  11. The woman is just another liar in the Obama administration. Have you ever seen such a corrupt administration? She has betrayed the American people and should pay for her actions if found guilty.

  12. Why are we not calling Senator Shummer to testify, as he and other in the socialist party (DNC) have called on the IRS to give the Tea Party and other conservative org’s to be given extra scrutiny and to rein them in? And did so in public.
    Why hasn’t congress called them to testify?

  13. I was going to vote. They should take our vote and let us know the percentages against and for her. I vote, put her in jail.

  14. A person pleads the 5th only because their testimony will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt their guilt and that their testimony will serve to convict other individuals involved in the crime! You tell me, what is lerner’s reason? B O T H ?

  15. The whole democrat party is in “contempt” of the American system of individual freedom for its citizens.

  16. This will be another useless dog and pony show. Issa doesn’t have the spine to jail anyone and Cummings thinks obozo walks on water.

  17. Never ever give up. If its the last thing we do we must hold these law breakers accountable. Never ever never give up.

  18. 4.5.14, Muslim or not, BO & his crew are right out of a Chicago gangster flick. Lawless, vengeful towards anyone (us) who gets in their way. We are indeed shifting to one-party tyranny. Black people, take heed.

  19. Can her punishment be by firing squad or electric chair? If not, maybe we can just “Tar and Feather” her and ride her out of town on a manure wagon.

  20. The American people need to see that Lerner be held accountable. When heads roll people are more cautious.

  21. Not really interested in a worthless contempt charge. What did that do for Eric Holder? Nothing. Put her in handcuffs until she talks. She revoked her right to take the 5th when she testified in her opening statement.

  22. It`s plain to see now that our government has committed treason against it`s own people.

  23. Lois Lerner should not be let off the hook. She’s guilty of treasonsous actions, and should be FIRED/FINED/JAILED, and any/all her government retirements/perks should be abolished. Issa will probablt let her off with a slap on the hand, with a small fine, THAT’S NOT ENOUGH FOR THIS UNPATRIOTIC WOMAN.

  24. Obama should also be made to stand trial for all of his treasonous actions against America. Stop him, and his Regime for doing any more damage. With Lerner being jailed, Obama will think twice if he gets wind that we know he’s lying, and that he’s not above the law. He should be JAILED, along with Holder, the Muslims, and blacks are killing off the U.S.