How Many Personal Trips has Eric Holder Taken on Government Planes?

It seems that the Obama family are not the only ones in the administration abusing taxpayer dollars with vacations excessive in both numbers and cost. Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder faced questioning during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing over his use of Justice Department airplanes for personal use. In response to a Government Accountability Report, Holder defended his usage of the planes for personal use by stating that, despite the notion that he’s taken over a hundred trips for personal use, he’s only taken 27.

“My staff keeps telling me to take it easy, you know, well, this is one that gets me,” Holder told Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing. “There was this notion that we’ve taken — I think it was described as hundreds of personal trips. That was wrong. GAO counted flights, not round trips. And we looked at it and figured out from the time period that they were looking, we took not hundreds, but 27 personal, four combined — official and nonpersonal trips — and none of the trips that I took or that the [FBI] director took ever had an impact on the mission capability of those airplanes.” 

The committee asked Holder if he intends to report any trips of a personal nature that he takes using government planes in the future. Despite the Obama administration’s promise that it would be the most transparent in history, Holder actually declined saying he would do so only if asked.

“We didn’t have a reporting requirement that existed before,” he said. “If they want to change those rules, we’d be more than glad to make sure that we share that information with the appropriate organization, but this is something that is really wide open.” 

Read more at the Washington Examiner.

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  1. Bling. Simple. What culture adulates bling the most? No brainer. What next? 24′s on the presidential (Chinese) Cadillac?

  2. “….how MANY”???

    Helpful Hint:
    EVEN ONE is too many, and should be more than enough grounds to impeach his corrupt, racist rump right into a jail cell.

  3. Holder should be in jail but his butt buddy Obama is protecting him by using executive priviledge in Fast and Furious!

  4. “we’d be more than glad to make sure that we share that information with the appropriate organization,” LMAO! I’ve heard that one before……

  5. How is it in all the History of this country we were so unlucky for TWO complete A–Ho— to come along at the same time….and you talk about two guys feeding off of each other…..WOW….somehow we have to get past these two guys…..

    1. Well seems one sorta helped the other into office right???? MAYBE he gives good head ,…lol

  6. The entire obumma administration is the most corrupt ever. There is not one person in the adminstration that is fit to be a dog catcher, let alone have control of our country. How long is congress going to let them continue this, oh yea, i forgot , it makes me a racist to want to take my country back because of the black muslim in the White House. Sorry, charlie, I love my country and am so ashamed of what we have allowed these low life pieces of scum to do to us.

    1. I only have one problems with your statement… it really degrades dog catchers. They actually work for their living.. :)

    2. I agree with you. Why does Michelle need to have 22 people working for her as well as costing over $6 millions dollars a year in salaries. Most first ladies have had at the most 3 people in their staff. I want to know how that was budgeted? Where is the money coming from? (Out of which budget line did it come? When was that approved?)

    3. In order for it to be budgeted you have to make a budget. They have not, don’t plan to, wouldn’t live by it if they did. Do you think these million dollar vacays would be approved in a budget?

  7. Here’s the problem: It’s always “what happened before” that comes into play. Point out that anyone in government is doing anything wrong, and the fingers will always be pointed to this guy or that guy doing the same before them………as if it makes what they’re doing OK. That’s pure unadulterated B.S.!!!! TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT!

    If we never step in and make someone accountable for wrongdoing……….because someone else did wrong…… will NEVER STOP. Time to drop this “taking sides” mentality and start thinking “we had better save our country.”

  8. Our government should really be paying attention to other things. Just because John Sununu, Chief of Staff to Bush the first got into trouble and wound up losing his job over personal flights makes no difference. Holder, Obama and the rest of the liberals are media darlings who fear no bad press to force the public to consider their wrongdoing. If a Republican pulled the crap that these clowns get away with the media would be out for blood. That is the real difference. they do these things because they know they can.

  9. Need to get that Convention of the Sates done in all states,then you will know who has guts to stand up to Obama ,Holder and all other thugs from Chicago and any one else that is stealing the Tax Payers money.

  10. If I worked for a company and used its credit card for my personal expenses/vacations, I would be charged with theft. Pay your own way for your own pleasures.

  11. Always nice to know that the “TOP COP”in the US is a thug and a crook!…..very comforting, but I’d expect nothing less from the Pretender in the White House!

  12. “Ethics are determined by what they catch you doing.” John Grisham. At one time it may have been that way. The type of behavior that Holder is engaging in doesn’t even merit a blush by him.
    But it’s not just Holder. Many if not most of our elected Representatives and Senators fly first class on the taxpayer dime. They hire driver’s to take them to and from work. Engage limo’s for the same mundane tasks that a New Yorker hails a cab. They live an entitled life because we, their employers, don’t pay attention. It’s no wonder they feel there is absolutely nothing wrong with what they are doing.

  13. Obama won’t be in power for ever and someday the other side will be. Then Holder and all the scum will be made to pay for the crimes they commit.
    The price will be steep . But this will only happen if we put a strong conservitive in office. Because if we put a softy rino in office he or she will just let it pass like Bush did not go after the Clintons after they stole all that stuff from the White House and air force one when they left office.

  14. Why does he not catch one of those planes that take off and are never heard from again like the one they are looking for over half the Indian Ocean?

  15. There lavish lifestyles and there distorted views on how we should live our lives, are fueled with tax dollars, we can’t afford. They’re in contempt of congress and therefore contemptuous of the American people.


  17. There seem to be this idea that Eric Holder works for and on behalf of the President. Eric Holder is the US Attorney General. It is his job to enforce the law on and for everybody, but he seems to work only for Barry. If Obama is doing something wrong, Holder should be prosecuting him as well!

  18. Awwww..and they are so concerned about INEQUALITY!!! They have no shame. They laugh everyday at junk they continue to get by with. SICKENING

  19. Imagine the late Rod Serling opening an episode of “The Twilight Zone,” as he did in the early 60′s. “Submitted. For your approval. A high ranking government official boards an aircraft that is destined for another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but one of mind. Fasten your seatbelt. Signpost ahead. Next stop, The Twilight Zone.” From which Holder and his little chums are never heard from again.