What Did Alan Dershowitz Say About Former Student Ted Cruz? (Hint: It’s Not what You Think)


Famed lawyer and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has often been at odds with conservative ideals. The famous jurist, though possessing an impressive resume, seldom earns credit with conservative crowds for his staunch liberalism and furtherance of judicial activism as a remedy for perceived social ailments.
However, even Professor Dershowitz can plainly acknowledge certain truths; the sky is blue, the grass is green and Ted Cruz, like him or hate him, is clearly astoundingly intelligent.
According to the Philadelphia Enquirer, Dershowitz dished about former famous students. After mentioning such notables as Elizabeth Dole, Jim Cramer and Eliot Spitzer, Dershowtiz noted current Texas Senator and Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz. (Emphasis added) 
“Off-the-charts brilliant. And you know, liberals make the terrible mistake, including some of my friends and colleagues, of thinking that all conservatives are dumb. And I think one of the reasons that conservatives have been beating liberals in the courts and in public debates is because we underestimate them. Never underestimate Ted Cruz. He is off-the-chart brilliant. I don’t agree with his politics.” 
Dershowitz may not agree with Cruz’s politics, but he is absolutely correct in his assertion that the left (and fellow Republicans) routinely underestimate the Tea Party senator.
Aside from possessing astounding academic credentials, Cruz has shown himself to be politically savvy. In 2012, the lesser-known Cruz outmaneuvered primary challenger and then-lieutenant governor of Texas, David Dewhurst, who was substantially better-funded than Cruz. Since then, the freshman senator has held his own against entrenched political opponents and from day one of his tenure as Senator has been presumed to be a contender for the Oval Office.
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    1. I’d like to meet some of Professor Obama’s former students who learned Constitutional Law under his profound scholarly wisdom… that is, if that whole story isn’t just fabricated too.

    2. He was never a professor therefore he doesn’t have any former students as a professor. Now if you had asked for former students of guest lecturer Obama……

    3. Oh, my bad. Let me rephrase it: I’d like to meet some of Guest Lecturer Obama’s former students who learned Constitutional Law under his profound scholarly wisdom… that is, if that whole story isn’t just fabricated too.

    4. Obama, the President of Harvard Law Review, the man that never wrote anything that one can find anywhere.
      The first Affirmative Action President, a man with no credentials in the White House.
      Can’t find that story in a comic book.

  1. Ted Cruz scares the Liberal/Commies even more than Palin. They will do everything they can trying to belittle him. It won’t work!!

    1. While I’d love for one day see the title President followed by Ted Cruz, I don’t think now is the right time—we need him in the Senate at least until 2020 where he can create the laws to help bring us back from the brink and help block the liberals that have brought us to the place we are in America right now. Plus it would give him a bit more experience to make an even better president. Obamass only served a couple of years in the Senate before winding up in the White House and that’s a big arguing point in the fact that he lacked the experience to be a good leader. Granted he’s lacking in a lot of areas that Cruz is obviously not lacking (Class and intelligence are at the top of the list) but let’s let him (Cruz) get a few more years under his belt before we throw him up against the liberal wolves.

    2. I agree with you and my suggestion for the in between President is Dr. Ben Carson who is also “off the charts brilliant”. There is not a chance that Hillary or any other Lib could beat him for 2016.

    3. does he need it, it might work for him!
      look at our czars, ambassadors, even the potus himself?
      Unlike these bozos, Ben Nelson is intelligent, has ethics and he loves our country.

    4. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but I’m sure there was a lot of politicking tho br the Chief of nuerosurgery. He has a rock hard tradition of faith and hard work, so I think he’d do well…

    5. Neither did many of the signers and many of the Founders. We don’t need any more lawyers or politicians.

    6. not entirely true irish- The group, as a whole, had extensive political experience. At the time of the convention, four-fifths, or 41 individuals, were or had been members of the Continental Congress. Mifflin and Gorham had served as president of the body. The only ones who lacked congressional experience were Bassett, Blair, Brearly, Broom, Davie, Dayton, Alexander Martin, Luther Martin, Mason, McClurg, Paterson, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Strong, and Yates. Eight men (Clymer, Franklin, Gerry, Robert Morris, Read, Sherman, Wilson, and Wythe) had signed the Declaration of Independence. Six (Carroll, Dickinson, Gerry, Gouverneur Morris, Robert Morris, and Sherman) had affixed their signatures to the Articles of Confederation. But only two, Sherman and Robert Morris, underwrote all three of the nation’s basic documents. Practically all of the 55 delegates had experience in colonial and state government. Dickinson, Franklin, Langdon, Livingston, Alexander Martin, Randolph, Read, and Rutledge had been governors, and the majority had held county and local offices.

    7. Serving in the Continental Congress was certainly not a long term position – large turnover yearly. Probably not much pay in it like nowadays! My point is they were patriots for the fledgling country that later became our Republic, but…..they had regular jobs to earn their livings, some were medical doctors.

    8. congressmen were paid by the states they represented. if a state was unhappy with them they could/ would withhold thier pay. it was a much more fair system than what we have now. btw – many of them chose not to recieve any pay at all of their own choice. now thats a novel idea. show us how much you love the country- do it pro bono

    9. It can only be pro-bono voluntarily…as the Constitution requires compensation. I personally believe that it should not exceed the median wage of the country.

    10. if the states were unhappy they could claim the work was not performed so therefore able to deny payment. also, compensation doesnt necessarily mean money.

    11. 1: The Senators and Representatives shall receive
      a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and
      paid out of the Treasury of the United States….it kind of does. Please reference U.S. Constitution…Article 1 Section 6 par 1. They could in theory, but Congress doesn’t work for the states. They work for the people. And that’s why we have elections. Ultimately you are asking for a class action lawsuit. But sure, I’ll take it in theory.

    12. Ben Carson is NOT reliable on the 2nd Amendment, therefore he is NOT acceptable as POTUS. He would however make an excellent surgeon general in a Cruz, Paul or Gowdy administration.

    13. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/dec/10/carson-living-with-the-second-amendment/
      Dr. Carson is just fine on the 2nd Amendment and would make a wonderful President. I’d like to see him replace Speaker Boehner right now! It is not required for the Speaker of the House to be a sitting Representative. That would definitely give him the “political experience”. Frankly, I don’t think he would need experience. The man is brilliant and he certainly knows history, our and the worlds.

    14. Terasa ! I concur with your sentiment . He fails the constitutional test for me though hence my removing him from my list of those whom I shall support.

    15. Irish Rose have you yet to figure out No one here besides you is any longer promulgating Dr. Ben Carson The reason is Quite clear He is not the man for this time in our Nation. All your Progressive Bull is being debunked. as is his.

    16. You might want to take a look at the currently trending Tea Party poll which has Dr. Ben Carson in 3rd place (a close 3rd) to Cruz and Paul. So………..you might want to retract your statement that “no one here is besides you is any longer…”
      You are just plain wrong, sir.

    17. Irish Rose that poll is over three weeks old it was taken soon after Cpac. New polls soon to prove he is dropping like a rock His interview with Glen Beck was his own demise in the making..As far a wrong only if I like you lived in past recent history praying for an out come that has already proven unlikely.

    18. Sorry, “trending” means this is going on in real time, that’s now, Peatro. It is all over FB NOW.

    19. So you say
      Please point me to that Poll !!! The only poll I am aware of was taken right after cpac .There has not been any more recent poll taken.From what I recall it was a distant third Place in That poll and was trending higher however still in third place last known poll report. Even if what you say might ,maybe true he is still A third ter runner up.As far as him leadind it is quite unlikely. For the guy I dislike evenmore is Jeb Bush. Neither of the Two are worthy of any true CConstitutionlist conservative or Libertarian or tea party persons vote.

    20. Rodney!
      Where may I ask had you ascertained the information Dr. Ben Carson is not reliable on the second amendment???? From all I have read and Know about the man He is a strong Constitutionalist.
      Further more He is just the right Man for the Job at hand in this nations time of Need. I for one shall vote for him In the primary and if by happenstance he loses I’ll write in vote for him During the general election.

    21. I wonder if the Founding Fathers remotely envisioned a semi-automatic weapon. I highly doubt it.

    22. For your information, virtually every handgun and most rifles are “semi-automatic”. We’re not talking about “automatic” weapons, which you probably would call “machine” guns. Big difference.

    23. I’d have to disagree with your assertions although my first rifle was a Remington 740 30-06 semi auto when they first came out well over 50 years ago. The Lever and bolt actions have been around a very long time, so although semi-autos “may” out sell them now, I doubt the semi autos are more than 50%. The same is with hand guns. With only a couple exceptions, the higher powered hand guns are revolvers and the little 5 shot 38+P and 357s are quite popular as CCWs. Yes I’m pretty sure the semi autos out sell the revolvers by a wide margin, but have they outnumbered the total revolvers yet?

    24. In my humble opinion, the Constitution says, “shall not infringe”, and as soon as exceptions and conditions are made…that constitutes “infringing”. While I am sure, Irish Rose’s argument about ‘muskets’ may make sense IF a Continental were up against another Continental, but I would NOT want to be holding a musket if intruders held semiautomatics, so in essence its a matter of parity, at minimum. And don’t forget, this was written to protect the citizenry against the tyranny of overreaching Government, so parity with Government could be argued.

    25. the founders of this country not only had parity with the government they were fighting against- they had better

    26. I most definitely know the difference. Again, I say, common sense, in this society must be applied. It is not 1776.

    27. Irish Rose tell those folks out in LA during the Rodney king riots who defended their stores families and property with ar15 there was no need of them today one only need be truly out in left field to not understand the value of semi automatic weapons as desirable self defense firearms.

    28. You would never find me out in “left field” – I’m about as far Right as you can get!
      Look, what Carson is saying is this needs to be settled, not just at the State level, he is saying at the LOCAL level. He wants no federal restrictions on the country at all. He wants to bring the issue for decision to your community. What is wrong with that?

    29. The Problem Irish Rose is the individuals like you whom are so willing to give up their rights for a false sense of security. Point in fact !it is not the military style weapons doing the most harm in this nation though they often get more headlines and undeserved attention. It in fact is the revolver class and shot guns that are use must frequently. In crimes of passion, suicide, accidental shooting and the majority of most other violent crimes. And Once again know now what I had not known before about Dr. Ben Carson I can not support him. His honesty to this point has eliminated him from further acceptance. He seems like a bright man But lacks in common sense,Which is where Constitutional rights Lay.

    30. “He seems like a bright man”……..that, sir, is probably the biggest understatement you may ever have made. For a start you might want to listen to his Prayer Breakfast speech.

    31. Irish Rose !
      His Pray breakfast Has absolutely nothing to do with his pontificating,or lack of Common sense in regards to the second amendment. If one is free to disregard Constitutional Rights,In one section of the bill of rights then they shall find it just as easy to destroy other rights as well. Or do you not understand the logic Behind that statement. Watch his interview with Glen Beck. Maybe just maybe if you listen with an open mind you see what other’s see and heard.. Yes in some areas he is absolutely Brilliant. In the area of Constitutional Rights he very much lacks the Level of common sense or judgement required to gain My and many others vote’s, let alone support. He may make a great Surgeon attorney General. That is the limit of support I would offer up to him.

    32. a government that doesnt fear the people will make the people fear the government

    33. Common sense tell me that the arms I bear are the gold standard proof that I am a free man. The problem with the anti gun crowd is their lack of vision. The tragedy in Colorado is so easily quantified, 12 dead, 53 wounded, a calamity of horror to be sure. It is however the inestimable numbers the anti gun crowd never bothers to consider. Give the 1.7 million Cambodians from the killing fields, the 6 million World War II Jews, or the millions of Russians starved to death by Stalin a gun, and the outcomes would doubtlessly have been quite different. But that never happened and so the anti gun zealots never have to bother discussing the statistics that never were. Man can only possess liberty by having the ability to keep it from being taken from him.

    34. you do realize the founding fathers owned cannons and mortars. they owned the most sophisticated weapons of the time. i honestly believe that they would have wanted the common citizen to own better weapons than the government- keep in mind the weapons owned by the citizens were better than what the gov could issue. do you think they used cannons for hunting? id think not.

    35. Well I surmise to say Rose that the Founding Fathers were much better educated and more widely read and versed with current events than you seem to be. Did they envision semi-auto weapons? Well yeah, I’m pretty sure they did. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girandoni_Air_Rifle
      But wait, along that line of reasoning; when they wrote the 1st Amendment did they envision television broadcasts, digital video, satellite communications, cell phones, texting, high-speed printing presses etc. etc. etc. ad naseam. Now will you quit with the red herrings please you tool?

    36. I see no reason to bring rudeness into play here. We all seem to be on the same side of the fence but we do not need to walk in lock step sir.

    37. Listen……I know lots about BO, I live in Chicagoland. There are no blinders on me as with our Lib friends. No armed country has ever been overtaken and I definitely support the Constitution and our Second Amendment right. I feel very confident that Dr. Carson does as well.

    38. Too bad everyone else didn’t know B H O as much as you did!! Why do you think he wants to take everyone’s guns? The answer is in your post!!

    39. Great Point bill !
      Irish Rose asleep while awake. She must be some Progressive Plant . They always start out with the words ” a little common sense ” when in reality that is exactly that which they lack.

    40. but you have blinders on when it comes to carson- he is an incredible intellect, but on the 2nd amendment he would violate our rights.

    41. Yes Indeed they had It is exactly their Reason for the Bill of Rights. However I do not believe they were quite prepared for the entire House and senate as well the executive branch being controlled By anti Americans As had been the case for four years of this enemy of the state’s term. Now our Judiciary appears heading down Satan’s path as well.

    42. No, they didn’t envision a semi-automatic weapon; they just wanted the people to be as armed as the government.

    43. It’s not me we are debating, it’s Dr. Carson’s views. We seem to forget something. The man has performed over 40,000 brain surgeries. A good guess would say that many of those were a result of gunshots to the heads of kids. Children…..he is primarily a pediatric neurosurgeon. Doesn’t it make sense that he might have a slightly different view than the rest of us who are not brain surgeons?

    44. i dont see anyone saying carson doesnt have a right to believe what he believes,or that his surgeries should have no effect on why he feels that way.. the issue here is whether his anti 2nd amendment stance makes him unfit for the presidency or elected office. i believe it does.

    45. The big issue here is that we must win. The Senate in 2014, hold the House as well but a new Speaker (Cruz?), and the 2016 Presidential election.
      That means we have to pick winners. So my thoughts turn to who can defeat Hillary or whoever else the Libs may run.
      Having met Dr. Carson and heard him speak I think he is the best candidate.
      Losing to Socialists/Communists is not an option for our nation at this juncture in history.

    46. Rose one failing of your’s.Is what your over looking ! The must win attitude with zero regards for the Constitution is a recipe for another big Lose. We will Not win if we select another anti Constitutionalist. We need the conservative pro second amendment Democrats also . With out them Big deal so he mite win the primary I however highly doubt it. He certainly will not win in the general election. At this moment I believe your starting to see the writing on the wall. His support is dropping like a rock and will hit bottom soon.

    47. Unless of course you possess a Class 3 License. They are hard to come by but not unavailable.

    48. whos to say what they would have imagined- however- automatic weapons are not entirely illegal- if one can obtain a class 3 license one can own an automatic weapon- the difference is that the government has infringed on our right to bear arms and regulated automatic weapons away from its citizens. now only criminals and law enforcement have them. see how that works? regulate them so honest citizens dont have them and become victims. How many societies have to crumble to show the necessity of an armed citizenry?

    49. If the semi auto or full automatic firearms had been invented then I am most sure that would have included them the second amendment was actual based on those weapons available then meaning yes they certainly would have approve individual ownership of all such weapon’s.

    50. Irish Rose, it is obvious you misunderstand the underlying intent of the second amendment. The amendment had little to do with the ability to defend ourselves from criminals. Throughout history criminals have been a small aberrant group of society adding a few meager deaths each year. It has been and always will be the hands of government that are drenched in blood. From Pol Pot to Adolph Hitler to Joseph Stalin, the Rwandan and Ugandan regimes, these are what make the necessity of owning modern personal weapons necessary. A government who would supply arms to narco terrorists does not have YOUR best interests in mind yet that is exactly what Obama and Holder did. There are precious few linchpins holding their ilk back at this time in history and the second amendment is one of those. Look at the current “free speech zones” in Nevada where people are restricted from protesting outside certain areas, do you think that the instituting of these policies is good ? have you listened to AG Holder stating that he does not have to enforce the laws he chooses ? Do you not understand it is only a lack of courage and a dim sense of uncertainty that keeps Obama from shredding the last bits of the constitution ? The lack of vision by you and those like you will likely cost this country much in both blood and freedom and your absurd progressive world view will lead where it always has….to altars of blood in which your greatest aspiration is to be the last one sacrificed. Fortunately some in this world are waking up and starting to understand what your code means for this country and for this world.

    51. regulation in the name of safety is merely subjugation. the more freedoms we give up in the name of security – the less free we are as a people.

    52. Rodney Thank you! My support for Dr. Ben Carson has now left .Sorry I missed Glens interveiw with Him. We my wish to pass that word around more clearly. He sound much to weasel like on the second amendment. Can not support someone who is less individual rights then those on the left. Now Back to five on my list of top choice Mike Lee Sarah Palin Ted Cruz. Scott Walker and Rand Paul..

    53. Please think again. I’ve met this man briefly and heard him speak in person. He can most definitely be trusted. He is a Gift to us.

    54. Irish Rose If either man or woman will falter. Or not stand firm at all for individual rights then I and others will not support such a person. Either your for or your against there is no middle ground. Period.

    55. How many of his over 40,000 brain surgeries do you guess might have been performed on kids with gunshot wounds to the head. Cut the guy some slack, please :)

    56. Watched this twice and I don’t have a problem with it. The man is applying common sense to the issue. Guess what? There are crazy people and I would rather they were not running around with auto or semi weapons And then there is this…….friends of ours, when one of their sons was four, found he went to a neighbor’s door and asked, “Mr. So and so, do you have any gun powder I could borrow?” Common sense should apply.

    57. Peatro, Dr. Carson has made no secret that he is for gun control. He also has not been totally vetted. We really only know what he says he is. It sounds good, but so did Obama in the early days. He said all the right things, but he lied

    58. Tammy Tnt Thank you dear lady !
      I have so welcome enlightenment on Dr. Ben Carson ! As to have with drawn his name from my list of Probable candidates I shall support. Your absolutely correct he and others require further vetting. With 7 exceptions . Senator Ted Cruz, Gov. Sarah Palin, gov. Scott Walker. Senator Mike Lee., Senator Rand Paul. Mr. Allen West. Senator Tray Gowdy.

    59. Carson’s life is an open book, you just need to read. Obama is the “biggest fraud ever perpetrated on us”, to quote Clint Eastwood who is absolutely correct in his statement

    60. John my question to you is way are you going to vote for the same old establishment candidate will your vote serve this nation any better! I think not.As for me my conscience will be clear win or lose .I bote for the nation and the Ideals foudrf with in the frame work of our Constitution and the bill of rightsMany such as you believe it to be a win if you just vote Republican ;whether or not That means voting for an establishment rhino. Good luck with that proven wrong theory

    61. Only if you were intelligent and had class Lady. Cruz is not going to be President because he was born in Canada. It is time for the Tea Party and it’s so called followers put their heads back on their shoulders.

    62. Absolutely. He is an American and a U.S. Citizen. And absolutely more of a U.S. Citizen than that dope smoker we currently have living in the White House.

    63. calling out a lady about intelligence and class? yes, that is very lib-war on women of you.
      For the crass gentleman, I think it’s possibly time for you to take your head out of your butt.

    64. Robert, it does not matter that he was born in Canada, he was born to an American Citizen. If my wife has a baby in France, the baby is not a French citizen, he is an American citizen. Why is this so hard for you liberals to understand this. Sheesh, for group of people that claim to be so much smarter than the resto fo us, you sure do seem to be pretty thick.

    65. Actually, Paul, that is EXACTLY the same reason the current White House squatter is ineligible … his father never even considered becoming a US citizen, but, according to International Law, that makes BO a British Commonwealth citizen aka dual-citizen … which is NOT a Constitutionally-required ‘natural-born citizen’. And guess what? His birth certificate, that he claims is NOT a forgery, actually PROVES his ineligibility!!

    66. Simply being born in France does not confer French nationality except in
      the case of a child born to unknown or stateless parents, or to aliens
      whose nationality is not transmitted to the child.

      Children born to a Mexican parent, anywhere in the world, acquire Mexican nationality at birth; just as if they’d been born in Mexico.

    67. Think the debate is not whether Cruz is a citizen but rather if he meets the Constitutional requirements for being President.

    68. not true. He was born of American parents, that makes him both an American and a Canadian citizen. My sister was born in Edmonton in 1952 to American parents. She has the same deal.
      Of course, you realize that Obama has set a new precedent in defiance of the Constitution since it is well know, albeit denied, that he was born in Kenya. ask a Kenyan!! they even have a monument to his birthplace.
      After B.O. leaves office and the truth comes out of his ineligibility, all of the horrific laws and executive orders he signed will become null and void.

    69. Putting aside that nonsense about “he was born in Kenya,” have you ever heard of the de facto officer doctrine?

    70. He was born in Kenya. And a precedent in breaking the law does not excuse breaking the law. Think about that next time you’re making love to President Fraud.

    71. Born in Kenya, eh? It takes a special kind of gullibility to fall for that con. What does “precedent in breaking the law” have to do with anything I said?

    72. He would not post a fraudulent birth certificate to the White House website which uses terms that were not even common at the time he was born. I don’t care where he was born (BO), he is NOT an American.

    73. Hi,
      In 1961 people of color were called Negroes. The fraudulent certificate uses “African American”. The place of birth is shown as “Kapi’olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital”. That name was not used until 1978. In 1961 the hospital had a different name and there were two separate facilities that merged in 1978 and given the name above. His father was shown on the certificate as age 25 and born in Kenya, East Africa. Kenya did not exist until 1963, two years after Obama was born in 1961 and 27 years after his father was born!
      This is called research.

    74. Well now. Research, you say?
      The term “African American,” which most certainly was in use in 1961, doesn’t appear anywhere on President Obama’s birth certificate. Honestly, it’s not that hard to look. The hospital name is correctly listed on the birth certificate. And Kenya has been called Kenya since the 1920′s.
      “Research” doesn’t mean “repeating things from a chain e-mail.”

    75. Nor does using Snopes to “verify” your beliefs. Mom and Pop operation begun 13 years ago with many dubious findings. I was alive in 1961 and don’t recall anyone being referred to as an “African-American”. The term came into use in the late 1960′s and currently, in my opinion, is completely over-blown. I’m an American, not an “Irish-American”. We are all either Americans or not. Nothing needs to be added. To identify race, Black is just as good as Caucasian, don’t you think?

    76. I didn’t say anything about Snopes, did I? Did you take a look at the birth certificate yet? Where do you see “Afirican-American”?

    77. wow, when you libs push your heads up your ASSSES you really put your heads up your assses!!!

    78. Keep the House, reclaim the Senate and Cruz would be just fine in the WH in 2016. No need to wait.

    79. The guy is, truly, brilliant. Unfortunately, Cruz is not “natural born”, and electing him would #1 violate the Constitution, and #2 validate another non-natural, Obama. What a dilemma.

    80. Cruz does qualify as an American citizen because one of his parents was a US citizen. Same as any American who has a child born in another country My son was born in Africa, while my wife was a green card holder from Okinawa,(not a citizen) and he is definitely a natural born American citizen.

    81. It’s not true now, and never has been true, that any child born abroad to a US citizen parent will be born a US citizen.

    82. So according to you, my son isn’t an American citizen because he was born in Africa and I am a natural born American citizen with a wife who was born in Okinawa with a green card? LOL !! Hey Dave, why are you afraid of Ted Cruz??

    83. No, I didn’t say anything at all like that. Every year, many children are born who do not acquire US citizenship at birth in spite of having a US citizen parent. If your son did, it’s because, and only because, you had satisfied the physical presence requirements of the applicable statute (currently designated 8 US Code § 1401(g)). That’s the same law under which Senator Cruz acquired US citizenship– as did Maya Soetoro Ng, the president’s sister. But in each case, had the US citizen parent failed to satisfy the physical presence requirement, the child wouldn’t have been born a US citizen. I know of one recent case in which the application for a certificate of citizenship for a person with TWO US citizen parents was denied, because the requirements of the statutes weren’t met.
      People who presume that every child born abroad to a US citizen parent will be born a US citizen, and who spread that misinformation, aren’t doing anybody any favors. It’s a relatively simple matter for such a child who ISN’T born a US citizen to be naturalized– it can even be automatic– as long as it’s done before the child’s eighteenth birthday; but people who wait longer than that to apply for a passport or certificate of citizenship, presuming they’re entitled to one, will have to go through the same naturalization process as anybody else.

    84. LOL — What other reason would one go to such lengths to try to deceive everyone about Cruz and his qualifications to run for president? SIMPLE — F E A R !!

    85. Huh. You got that out of what I said? Everything I said is true and accurate, and nowhere did I so much as imply that Senator Cruz is not qualified to run for president. I was just addressing your misinformation about acquisition of US citizenship. That kind of misinformation has real-world consequences, and I’ve seen what it’s done to people.
      Are you even reading these comments before you reply to them?

    86. Well, let’s get Cruz in the White House then!! America needs a STRONG, YOUNG, VIBRANT, FREEDOM LOVING leader who supports OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights and our INDEPENDENCE FROM GOVT INTRUSION INTO OUR PRIVATE CHOICES IN HEALTH, EDUCATION AND ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY!! So can Cruz count on your vote?

    87. B T W — That’s hilarious!! He has an SSN, owns a business, was in military, has an FEIN, never took a citizenship test or oath, etc., etc., etc….. CRUZ IS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, JUST LIKE MY SON IS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!! GET OVER IT!!

    88. Cruz is in the same situation as Obama. A foreign father with an American mother…born outside the U.S. It would, in fact validate Obama as qualified if he were born in Kenya. Mccain is more qualified Constitutionally than Ted Cruz.

    89. I don’t believe Cruz qualifies for the presidency. Like Obama, his father is a foreigner and mother is American and was born outside the United States. Unless you would concede that Barrack Hussein Obama, at least Constitutionally is qualified to run for the presidency.

  2. how can he be president … he was born in Canada. I know it sucks because I want the man to clean up Washington but that puts us on same dirty path as Obama right ? … Obama isn’t American and neither is Cruz. who do we have to run in 16 that is like him but legal ?

    1. Rob, he was born to an American citizen, therefore he is also an American citizen. Totally legal.

  3. The best part about this is liberals think anyone is less intelligent because they don’t have the same ideology as they do. But, that’s what you can expect from the ideology of intolerance and hate.

  4. If Cruz runs for president in 2016 I wonder if he will let everyone see HIS college transcripts. Ya think? If he does that way we will know for sure he is really smart and not have to take someone’s word for it. I really would love to see Obama’s transcripts.

    1. All Cruz has to do is tell the left to release Barryo’s college transcripts then Ted will release his! Fair is fair, right, lefties?

  5. Ted Cruz might be brilliant. But, I think he has the D.C. equivalent of ADHD. He is off on tangents like Ukraine, Venezuela, Iran, etc.
    I am FUMING over his vote to give MY country’s money, borrowed from China, to Ukraine!!!!!
    In my opinion, these fools in D.C. would bankrupt even a lemonade stand. By giving the lemonade away to some and overcharging others. NO business savvy. We are $17 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt, well on our way to $18 Trillion, and giving money away to ANY country is crazy bad. In particular, to a former State in the U.S.S.R. that is simply re-uniting with it’s former people.

    1. All I know is, I’d give MY VOTE to Mr Cruz over ANY other candidate right now. He stand heads above most of these idiots who think us constituents are dumb, and that we fall for their bs mumbo jumbo double talk.

  6. that’s funny – liberals think that all conservatives are dumb, because conservatives think/know that all liberals are complete morons. their politics are inherently designed to ruin/destroy everything that makes this country truly the “great experiment”, whereas conservative politics are designed to accent the original ideals of this nation and allow people to rise as far as their initiative and drive will allow. basically, liberals are, or are becoming, anti-Americans.

  7. Nope, we have higher IQs and it was proven! Just look at the difference between Wall Street and the Military and it isn’t even close!
    Because they call it Conservatism doesn’t mean it isn’t Realism!
    Because without the national phony lying media, Dems have kept the facts for so long and didn’t tell the truth! But now they’re all found out and it is US and them but you see what the truth is so don’t be scared but get angry because the Constitution is ours and they don’t underestimate US it is they Overestimate themselves without Merritt? Just look at any random five Democrats and you know they were kiss arses without brains just look and listen to them?
    because the change starts in 2014, NOVEMBER 16 TO BE EXACT!

    1. Stankov, 2009….”Intelligence” Vol (37) 3….May-June 2009,… pp. 294-304. It’s a start. Good luck on your journey for truth if you choose to seek it. If not you can continue on your current path. America will continue. I promise. ;-)

  8. And I like Cruz and supported him because he Loves Liberty, Justice and the Rule of Law more than anyone I have ever personally seen in an Elected Official.

    And I Hope that Ted Cruz becomes the Next George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln, We need one of them Now.

  9. I find this statement laughable….”And you know, liberals make the terrible mistake, including some of my friends and colleagues, of thinking that all conservatives are dumb.” Liberal policies fail EVERY TIME and yet, liberals continue to shove failure down our throats….how smart is that??? Conservatives…understand who you’re fighting….these are Alinskyite, the ends justify the means busy-bodies that want to control every aspect of your life. We need to fight these SOB’s tooth and nail!!

  10. But we’ve been told that Barrack Obama was the smartest man in the world. How can this be?..:-)

  11. Are you telling me that Barrack Obama isn’t the smartest man in the world? How can that be? :-)