What Did Alan Dershowitz Say About Former Student Ted Cruz? (Hint: It’s Not what You Think)


Famed lawyer and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has often been at odds with conservative ideals. The famous jurist, though possessing an impressive resume, seldom earns credit with conservative crowds for his staunch liberalism and furtherance of judicial activism as a remedy for perceived social ailments.
However, even Professor Dershowitz can plainly acknowledge certain truths; the sky is blue, the grass is green and Ted Cruz, like him or hate him, is clearly astoundingly intelligent.
According to the Philadelphia Enquirer, Dershowitz dished about former famous students. After mentioning such notables as Elizabeth Dole, Jim Cramer and Eliot Spitzer, Dershowtiz noted current Texas Senator and Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz. (Emphasis added) 
“Off-the-charts brilliant. And you know, liberals make the terrible mistake, including some of my friends and colleagues, of thinking that all conservatives are dumb. And I think one of the reasons that conservatives have been beating liberals in the courts and in public debates is because we underestimate them. Never underestimate Ted Cruz. He is off-the-chart brilliant. I don’t agree with his politics.” 
Dershowitz may not agree with Cruz’s politics, but he is absolutely correct in his assertion that the left (and fellow Republicans) routinely underestimate the Tea Party senator.
Aside from possessing astounding academic credentials, Cruz has shown himself to be politically savvy. In 2012, the lesser-known Cruz outmaneuvered primary challenger and then-lieutenant governor of Texas, David Dewhurst, who was substantially better-funded than Cruz. Since then, the freshman senator has held his own against entrenched political opponents and from day one of his tenure as Senator has been presumed to be a contender for the Oval Office.

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