Ruby Ridge Part II: Federal Authorities Continue Stand-Off with Nevada Rancher


Are Americans going to witness another Ruby Ridge? Another Waco? Tensions continue to escalate in Nevada as longtime rancher Cliven Bundy and the federal government face off. While Bundy holds strong against the federal government, federal authorities have converged with a show of force eerily reminiscent of the overzealousness found in the sieges on Ruby Ridge and Waco decades earlier.
Federal authorities and Mr. Bundy have been in a dispute for some 20 years over the grazing of his cattle. The 600,000 acre land that Bundy uses to graze his cattle is claimed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the area has been off-limits to grazing since 1998.
However, Bundy maintains that the arbitrary rule was designed to run ranchers like him out of business and notes that his father’s cattle grazed on the land and his father’s cattle grazed, too. 
“We own this land,” he said, not the federal government. Bundy claimed that he is willing to pay grazing fees but to the county, not BLM. 
“Years ago, I used to have 52 neighboring ranchers,” he said. “I’m the last man standing. How come? Because BLM regulated these people off the land and out of business.” 

“I have raised cattle on that land, which is public land for the people of Clark County, all my life. Why I raise cattle there and why I can raise cattle there is because I have preemptive rights,” he said, explaining that that includes the right to forage.
“Who is the trespasser here? Who is the trespasser on this land? Is the United States trespassing on Clark County, Nevada, land? Or is it Cliven Bundy who is trespassing on Clark County, Nevada, land? Who’s the trespasser?” 
Bundy claims that his family has been working the land since the 1880’s and that the federal government has no right to kick him or his cattle off the land.
But that’s exactly what they’ve done…
Last weekend, federal authorities descended upon the rancher’s home and began seizing Bundy’s cattle. BLM is considering auctioning off the seized cattle.
The show of force was an affirmation of government’s militancy as the siege included tons of armed agents, SUVs, helicopters and snipers. Bundy’s son, Dave, was arrested in an altercation with the federal agents when he tried to film the agents’ actions outside a zone designated as a “First Amendment zone.”
A BLM spokesman claimed that Dave Bundy was arrested “following failure to comply with multiple requests by BLM law enforcement to leave the temporary closure area on public lands.”  
Speaking with Fox News about past confrontations with federal authorities, like the stand-off at Ruby Ridge where agents laid siege to a family’s home for days and where snipers killed Randy Weaver’s wife and son, Bundy admitted, “Yeah, there’s a little fear in me. They’re definitely set up to do that.”
The federal government and Bundy have been in dispute for decades over the area known as Gold Butte. While the Bundy family long paid grazing fees, they stopped in 1993, claiming that they had been working the land since the 1880’s and that the money should go to Nevada, not the federal government.
The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has declined to get involved in the stand-off, allowing federal authorities to duke it out with the fiery rancher.
Bundy has been clear that the issue is not about cattle, but about the right of the federal government to dictate what will happen in states. 
“It’s a freedom issue. It’s not about cows. It’s a state rights issue. I really hope that we can learn and defend our liberties here and keep on fighting until the end,” Bundy said. “I don’t when the end is going to be, but I believe that America is the greatest land in the world and it needs to be protected.”
“Our rights and liberties need to be protected and we’re going to stand for that,” he added. 
Once upon a time, those who claimed that the government would try to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights were called crazy. Those that thought the IRS was targeting political groups, those that thought the government was spying on them- all were derided at times for these seemingly far-fetched beliefs. They were the ramblings of the tinfoil-hat-adorned who feared the black helicopters and federal snipers.
However, this government remains hostile to Second Amendment liberties; they have targeted political groups; they have been spying on citizens. Now, Cliven Bundy awakens each morning to low-flying helicopters, perched snipers and overbearing federal agents who remind him that the First Amendment exists only in specially-outlined areas.
Let us hope and pray that this issue is resolved without bloodshed.


    1. Actually Bundy is wrong. BLM does indeed have the rights here. The land is public land and Bundy is using that public land to allow his cattle to graze and that falls under BLM’s jurisdiction. If bundy would pay the fees and probably now, fines.. this would end.

    2. There is definitely a dispute between the parties. According to what I have read in other articles. It is his families land from the 1880s. The fed eco wacks confiscated part of it because of some desert tortoise. There used to be 52 ranchers in the area now there is one due to overeach and BLM mismanagement. Now they are in essence stealing the man’s cattle.

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    4. Bundy was supposed to receive assistance with the fences, roads, waterholes and features OF the land the BLM was “managing”. When they stopped delivering the services he stopped paying. And the land has been in his family since the 1880s as stated. Ask the Native Americans how the Department of the Interior “helped” them onto essentially barren land and kept them on that land.

    5. If he does not have clear deed and title the land then he has not legal standing. Once he stopped paying for the grazing rights he was in the wrong, irregardless of whether the BLM stopped providing assistance or not.

    6. And.. when the best you can do to add to a conversation is play word police, you have no credibility. Clue for you though Kim, and you would do well to actually get a dictionary and look it up, “irregardless” is a word. A dictionary is your friend. And THAT just lost you more Credibility. If you are going to attempt to correct someone, at least have the sense to at least LOOK the word in question up. For your further education I have provided you the link below, from Mirriam-Webster. Enjoy.

    7. Many dictionaries do that. It is a word used in speech but not too often in writing. The charge was that the word was “non-existent” and that has been refuted and proven.

    8. Why did you write “refuted and proven”, Brian? Do you even know the definition of refute? Obviously, you do not. Otherwise, you would not have added the word “proven” to your sentence after you used the word “refuted”. I believe you also missed class the day the definitions of refute and proven were covered in Elementary school, Brian.

    9. Ok, sense you obviously failed reading comprehension in school, let me break it down since you seem to want to do nothing towards actually adding to the blog.

      The charge that Kim Sharp made, was that “irregardless” was a “non-existent” word, that was refuted. Yes I know the definition. My providing the link to a dictionary allows that it was indeed proven to be a word. Sad when all you can add as is a pseudo attempt at English when you so clearly failed that subject.

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      Reading comprehension Kathy, learn it, use it.

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      You, on the other hand, have received another failing grade in English. Reference this sentence that your wrote above: “Sad when all you can add as is a pseudo attempt at English when you so clearly failed that subject.”

      “…can add as is a…”? Sorry, you were the one that failed the subject of English and English Composition, Brian.

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      I’ve already made you look stupid Kathy as you cannot read a basic link from an online dictionary. At no point does it say it is slang. You may regard it as slang but thankfully for the rest of us, you do not define what is and is not slang. The way the word was used is entirely correct, get over it and either make a useful comment about the blog topic or let it go. Either way, I am done replying to someone who has nothing better to do that brag about her academia, and be a language N a z i.

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    15. Actually if you read the entry in the link, it is not slang. It is neither improper nor incorrect or the entry would have stated as much. We learned this thing back in elementary school called reading comprehension, mine works just fine.. or did you miss school that day?

      It said it was most likely a blend of two words. It is not in dictionaries to point out that it is incorrect. Do I need to quote the actual entry in the dictionary for you?

    16. Yes, the word “irregardless” is indeed slang. Your own definition of “irregardless” even states it to be such. Were you unable to comprehend the definition of “irregardless” in the link that you provided, Brian?

    17. Then oh learned one, show in the definition where it says the word is slang. Clue for you, ti does not. Kindly stop trolling.

    18. Yes, the word “irregardless” is indeed slang. Your own link to the definition of “irregardless”, also states it to be such. Were you unable to comprehend the explanation concerning the origin of “irregardless” in the link that you provided, Brian? Did you not note that “irregardless” is nonstandard? Do you understand what the word nonstandard means in the context of word usages? Obviously, you do not.

    19. I AGREE. But we can’t blame Brian. It just shows that Brian has been groomed to be a servant and not a sovereign. Words like proactive and irregardless are consultant speak designed to make an online MBA seem credible.

      Brian, I’m taking you back to junior high to teach you that you’re not looking smart, you’re just using redundant prefixes that add nothing to the verb or adverb. You can’t be more active than active. Unless you’re attempting to say, “I’m for human activity!” But that’s just poor Latin grammar usage, if anything at all. Regardless, we’re raising corporate-shill morons. Since you’re on this page, I truly hope, and suspect, you aren’t one of them.

      Common Core is the final blow. The children of bureaucratic and corporate middle management will be complete morons, like the people in the movie “Idiocracy.”

    20. BLM as well as the EPA are in a race to reclaim every acre of ground they can. They want to reclaim all wet lands that exist in this nation and that includes privately owned property. They may be in the position of managing public land but they are now rewriting the guidelines of those duties so they can take control of your property for just about any reason. There are people who own land with dried up creek beds that have not seen an ounce of water in years yet the federal government says they can not make improvement because these old creek beds exist. Our federal Government also says that we do not own our own water rights with wells that we paid to have drilled on our own property . This is a major power play by I bunch of over reaching corrupt politician including Obama that would take control of everything we own if given the chance. This rancher has been on this property for many years with proof that his ancestors did the same. The Feds just want to reclaim property through the abuse of power. The beef industry is just another part of our economy that they wish to control. What will we do when the Feds control everything, agriculture, farming , education and the industrial sector? We will then become a Socialist nation run by a dictator who by the way is chiseling away at our constitutional rights. Look at the legislation that a county in Southern California is trying to pass where if you have unused land they want the right to take from you. This issue is much bigger then just this one rancher.

    21. That’s why they don’t grant land patents on mining claims anymore (since 1998). Well put, oldloggerak!

    22. The worst thing about all the corruption and Federal overreach is that people still ignore what is happening. How can people be such fools when all the evidence is there to prove that in fact our Federal Government has turned against us .

    23. You’re correct, oldloggerak. The Federal Government has also passed laws in some states making it illegal for anyone to capture rain water in a Rain Barrel or bucket! It has become really bad when the Government won’t even let a person fill up a bucket with rain water!

    24. Oh I’m sure Brian the fascist will defend their claims to absolute ownership of everything, including us.

  1. EVEN If The Feds Are Legally Right … THEY’RE Morally Wrong …. Give The Guy 2 or 3 Years To Vacate, If All They Want IS Him Off The Land …. Something Darker Than THAT Seems To Be Going On … Confiscating And Destroying Live-Stock ??? Isn’t THAT Considered A Bad Sign For Potential Serial Or Mass Murderers ???

  2. This is a case where there is NO justification for the government to go in to kill people.

  3. Had we known, thousands of Americans would have descended on this ranch, to exerize their 2nd amendment rights, to help defend Mr. Bundy and his land!

  4. Ruby Ridge and the Davidian murders began the same way, with armed feds, then came tanks and next the murders by the feds. Ruby Ridge’s murders included a young man and then, a woman holding her baby in her arms was shot to death. The Davidians perished in an assault by the feds, with firearms, who tried shooting their way in and then the tanks hit the buildings, tearing down the walls and the fires began…men, women and so many innocent children. I’m afraid that’s what we will see at this ranch in Nevada. I pray the people of Nevada will demand assistance from the State of Nevada in aiding the rancher so the feds aren’t allowed to kill the rancher and his family. The State of Nevada should have the guts to stand up to the feds and tell them to butt out!

    1. lol You might want to actually go back and look up the actual facts of Ruby Ridge and Branch Davidian.

    2. The fires at the Davidian compound were started by the tanks the government was using to punch holes in the walls. More children were killed by the FBI and ATF in Waco than were killed in Sandy Hook. Where was the outrage then?

    3. No, they are presumed by some to have been caused by the tanks. As to the children, if Koresh had let them go … but he chose not to.

    4. Charged with and convicted are two different levels of law. How were they treated innocent until proven guilty? You make no rationale sense.

    5. Easy brekanarts, that is what search warrants, which they legally obtained, were for. So that the ATF could come in and search. Had Koresh allowed that to happen, then MAYBE things might have turned out different. I don’t tend to look at a person as “nice and innocent” when they shoot at me. I don’t look at them as “nice and innocent” when they admit to having not only multiple wives but also multiple wives that are underage AND that by self admission, bore children for and of this man Koresh. Some states allow Polygamy, ok, I can set that aside… almost, but as it happens Texas is not one of those states.

    6. Fair enough. Admission of guilt did change the dynamic. The appearance of excessive force is more appropriate way to share my disgust. It appears that the federal government exceeded it’s authority. They became impatient. When the food ran out they could have picked them up one by one as the left to seek nourishment. I’m just saying it appears very heavy handed, regardless of the gravity.

    7. I guess you missed the part where they had stockpiles of military surplus MRE’s. Those are packaged Meals Ready to Eat and provide the nourishment that a soldier needs. Properly broken up one of those can sustain 3-4 people for a day or more and they had it stockpiled. They come 24 to a case and a case is about the size of a briefcase. Even a small room could hold enough food for a year. Water was not even a problem as they had access to rainwater.

      Exceeding it’s authority would have been if they did not have any kind of authorization to go in. They had warrants that they tried to serve and were fired upon. They fell back after that fell through and authorization was sought from higher up and was given.

      In hindsight a lot of things appear heavy handed but look at it from the perspective of those on the ground, in the trenches. Better to have the fire and manpower to do the job, than need it and not have it. No better example of that can be given than when Bush sent us into Iraq and Afghanistan ill-armed and armored to do that mission. Many lives were needlessly lost due to vehicles NOT being properly armored before deployment and even after deployment, when ground commanders and troops were screaming for it.

    8. It’s called reality brekanarts. When people go in with “give peace a chance” mentality, people die needlessly. You can refer to that as commie all you like but if it comes down to whether I go home safe and sound at night or the other guy doesn’t, not a hard choice.

      You wave a gun around, mine comes out. I’m not going to sit back and analyze “well is it loaded? Does he know how to use it? Does he really mean to use it or is it something else”. That kind of crap gets people killed. Your gun comes down in any kind of a threat posture and I am going to put two into you. Simple as that. It’s easy for people to sit back and look at things and say it’s “excessive” when they are not there.

    9. lol Well brekanarts, thankfully there are “villains” like me and plenty of us to allow you flower children to have your foolish notions. We are called soldiers. We are what allows you the wonderful freedoms you so enjoy. You may not like us. You may call us villains and every other little peace loving pseudo-insult in your book but without us you would more than likely either be dead or speaking German, Japanese, Chinese or Russian right now.

    10. Ok. You have won the logical battle. Logic dictates many outcomes, right and wrong. Logic dictated that the German government should arrest and hold the Jewish people as extortion for debt to Jewish bankers. Logic dictated that Communists had no option but the complete erradication of the Imerial lineage, through execution, torture and re-education. Thanks for expressing your logical viewpoints, and revealing your cynical and sad view of creativity and peace as merely, “naive and hypersensitive.”

      God Bless you for serving our country. Now retire and let us, We the People, rule ourselves. You underestimate our service to this country. I address you no further.

    11. That was not logic in Germany. That was desperation and emotion and a madman preying on the citizens fears. The country was in the crapper and Hitler needed a sacrificial goat to galvanize his people to action around his mad cause of world domination.

      The only logic that Communist Russians had was that if they did not wipe out the line, then somehow in a million to one long shot the Czars would return to reinstate things as they were and topple the Communist regime.

      My viewpoint is neither sad nor cynical, it is reality. The ONLY reason you and many more like you are free to speak as you do is due to those you label as “villains”. You celebrate the liberties that are given to you in the Constitution and it is by our blood that you have them.

    12. History has shown that the Federal response was excessive force for the charges brought against them. Why do you defend totalitarian aggression?

    13. “Excessive force for the charges?”. Sorry but I’m guess you have never been in law enforcement let alone the military. When a group is shown to 1) be religiously extreme as the Davidians were, 2) Be heavily armed and fortified, which the Davidians were 3) Be shown to be raping children, which the Davidians were. You don’t simply walk up with 2 or 3 people and ask politely. That is a sure fire way to get people killed.

  5. Dingy Harry is not gonna help this rancher. Senator Reid is one of the democrats ring leaders in bed with this communist government.

  6. If there is bloodshed at that ranch, you know it will not end there. The country is divided as it was during the Civil War. Only this time it is the Federal government defending an untenable proposition.

  7. Bundy is correct if this is correct. My ancestors have been living and working our land here in San Diego, California for 15,000 years. I am evicting the titled owners of every property in the county to restore my stolen lands for myself and my tribe. Hey, squatters, move along. I will allow Bundy to move his cattle to a pasture overlooking the sea bluff now called Torrey Pines Golf Course, for a small fee and his respect for endangered mammals, birds, amphibians, reptile, fish and plants.

    1. Bingo, Marsha! So many of those that are illegally crossing the border are doing more harm than a herd of cattle grazing on disputed BLM land! We just had one run over and kill a two-year-old little boy here in Atlanta. Naturally, since he was illegally here, he fled the scene. The authorities suspect he is trying to flee back to his home in El Salvador. Yes, those crossing the border illegally are killing people and committing some major felonies. That said, how are the cattle or their owner killing anyone? They aren’t! Yes, put those resources at the border and leave the Bovines and their owner alone!

  8. Well Brian you are actually wrong. If you have ever laid eyes on the constitution you would nto be yapping. The government had control over the U.S. territorys but was suposed to turn the land over to the state when it became one. It also states in their that the government could only have fort,docks,and or army base. Also if you ask the BLM for a deed to the land they so called own they can not show you one legal document that says they actually own. Read up on it im a U.S. resident and know more about it than you.

    1. In fact I HAVE laid eyes on the Constitution Roberto. Do yourself a favor and look up BLM and what their jurisdiction is. Bundy was using public lands to graze his cattle. Public lands. They don’t belong to Bundy. The land became Federally protected when the Tortoise issue arose and that MAKES it the BLM’s jurisdiction. Had Bundy kept paying the grazing fees then none of this would have arisen.

      Read up on it, as a U.S. Citizen you clearly don’t know more about it.

    2. Go do some research on fracking rights in Nevada. It’s not about turtles anymore than obamacare is about healthcare or the dept. of education is about learning………it’s about fracking rights. Always follow the money.

  9. Run the cattle to death…take out the ranchers and in a couple of years no one will remember. Not a new story…..too bad for our children and grandchildren.

  10. We just learned that the Bureau of Land Management is directed by Harry Reid’s former aide. Reid’s son has been working with Chinese Vice Premiere so ENN Energy can build a $5 billion solar farm and plant on the land that Bundy is being evicted from at this time. Senator Reid spent a week in China on the secret deal with his son Rory. That “public land” and “tortoise” everyone is so concerned about is being sold immediately to the Chinese with our Senate majority leader as an investor. This isn’t about cows, or tortoises, or public land, or rights, or ranchers, it is about a plan that has been in place since 2012 to evict the last piece standing in the way of a major money-making deal for Senator Reid.