UPDATE: Obama BLM Retreats After Tense, Armed Standoff with Protesters

Bundy Ranch Patriots

Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie made an announcement moments ago and ordered BLM off the Bundy land. People from around the country that traveled to Nevada in support of states rights and property rights are rejoicing at the end to this federal land grab and overreach. It looks like the one person who has the authority to tell BLM to leave the premises and cease operations has done so. 

NOTE: TPNN’s Greg Campbell is at the Bundy Ranch and will be updating this story, including pictures and videos, soon. Stay tuned!


After Sheriff Doug Gillespie announced that the BLM will be ordered to stand down, the crowd erupted in celebration. However, protesters have voiced concern that BLM authorities will not adhere to the deal brokered by the Sheriff. 

Tensions are high as protesters, many armed, have claimed that they intend to descend into the valley to round up cattle to return to the Bundy family. News to follow.

3:15 pm ET – UPDATE

It’s a mad house. Police are everywhere. Cowboys shut down the I-15 freeway and are wrangling up cattle that was previously seized by the BLM. There are protesters everywhere. Currently am walking towards the protesters. I’m about a ¼ mile away and can hear them screaming and chanting, whooping and hollering, “USA! USA!”

It’s happening right now. There are hundreds of protesters on one side of the bridge. They are shouting and having a standoff with about 25 heavily armed BLM agents. The agents have pepper gas, riot shields, and AR-15s. The protesters are standing between the rangers and the confiscated cattle which is about 500 yards down range. This is intense.

The Obama BLM agents are on loudspeaker telling the protesters that they will be arrested for violating a court order if they don’t disperse. The BLM agents are in full tactical mode.

Obama’s BLM has sent one agent to approach the cowboys. More info soon. 

Update 6 PM Eastern: 

Though the Sheriff’s Department announced a shaky truce between the protesters and the BLM authorities, the protesters demanded a speedy return of all seized cattle. After several hours, the BLM had not released the cattle and hundreds of protesters (many on horseback) descended upon the BLM encampment to demand a return of the cattle.

The ranchers/protesters have seemingly won the battle. After a very tense standoff between federal authorities and hundreds of protesters, Ammon Bundy and Dave Bundy, sons of rancher Clive Bundy, were approached by a single agent to negotiate a truce. Both sons returned from talks several hundred yards down the wash to tell a roaring crowd that federal authorities were standing down and the seized cattle would be returned within the hour.

The truce was brokered with the help of Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie who appeared to serve as a mediator between the infuriated crowd and the battle-ready BLM agents. 

Traffic on neighboring I-15 came to a standstill as police blocked off both Southbound and Northbound at various points. As of 6 PM Eastern, the situation has calmed considerably and mounted ranchers are working to herd cattle back to the Bundy ranch. 



  1. Exactly what the County Sheriff is supposed to do. He has authority over the Feds.
    Now the real story can come out about Dirty Harry & Son and their deal with the devil and it isn’t a tortoise.

    1. DIRTY OR WHORE HOUSE HARRY, makes no difference he stull is A DIRTY CROOK who has just screwed an honest Rancher and he should be made to pay restitution to the BUNDY FAMILY! NOW up to the Senate to CENSURE this PILE OF PIG DUNG and remove him and charge him and his LOBBYING SON with CONSPIERCY to defraud the PEOPLE OF THE U S A! JAIL FOR THE BOTH OF THEM!

    2. Is jail truly good enough for these two &()*) pieces of scum..they are less than amoeba. String em up, that is what they tried to do in NV to this rancher in the sense of killing his livelihood.

    3. Jail my ass…this is worse than that…I say we present them with the last tie they will ever wear made of Hemp, upon the steps of the congress building and in plain view of the White House so the Tyrant can watch the entire presentation, To see what Americans do to traitors.

    4. Worked great for Harry’s uncle, the horse thief!
      Why should Harry get off with lots of ill-gotten gains? He should be strung up along with all his family and the SEIU!

    5. lol How about put them together as Dirty Whorehouse Harry? I think that has a nice ring to it! It just kind of rolls off the tongue, right?

    6. Could this possibly be whom the Bible refers to as the great “whore”? Well, maybe, if so, just look at al the whores in government, state, local, town and FEDS! Why hasn’t the Mormon church sanctioned Harry?

    7. And that is the way it’s supposed to work. The people are in charge (or should be) and when elected officials betray their trust, they get voted out. The sheriff felt the heat from the voters and did what he is supposed to do. Too bad we can’t influence a certain US Senator in the same fashion.

    8. Good answer! I sense you have studied our Constitution. We all need to or we can easily succumb to the wrong ideas.

    9. Wish ALL of our “elected representatives” could feel the heat, too!
      But, they won’t because they feel they are “entitled” to their offices!

    10. The way to do this is TERM LIMITS. NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS. But that won’t get through congress – we need a Constitutional Convention in order to make that happen. That would require 34 State Legislatures to request one. I say let’s make that happen – I’m in.

    11. We do not need a Constitutional Convention. Article V in the Constitution spells out exactly what needs to be done to take our government back from these corrupt politicians. I believe this is what you are referring to, you’re just using incorrect terminology. We need a convention of States, so that we can bypass Congress, and do what needs to be done without going through these corrupt politicians, who would block any attempts at reforming the system they’ve created, that allows them to rape taxpayers for their own benefit. It’s already happening, and I urge everyone to go to http://conventionofstates.com/ and get involved!

    12. A Constitutional Convention is a bad idea ,then we would see things happen to our constitution that are not wanted ,It would be opened up for the libs to alter ,I agree with mercenary that a Convention of States is needed!

    13. Any convention needs to be limited by design and specified what is to be done in advance. We do not need an open convention with the low information voters we have now.

    14. I think that’s why the rush after 20 yrs of wrangling. Harry needs to nail the lid on BEFORE he leaves office.

    15. Time to vote him out! Vet the new candidates well and deep, even research backgrounds of related people that are in government anywhere.

    16. As far as I am concerned he already has Earl he should have stepped in a long time ago —-

    17. All well and good, BUT what took him so damn long. What about all the cattle that they stole from Bundy?

    18. What about ALL the DEAD CALVES due to taking their Mothers??? This was CRUEL !!!

    19. I heard they had shot the cattle, then trucked them off to be buried!
      Terrible waste of good meat!
      But, if they are being rounded up as we speak—GREAT!
      Glad to see it!

    20. It’s about reid and his asshole son making a deal with china to build a 5 billion dollar plant there. Reid and his son both got 1.1 million dollars for that.. FUCK ALL OF THEM ASSHOLES…

    21. Yep, now I wonder what Obama, Holder (he should prosecute Obama and Reid), will do next and/or allow to happen next? String em up..if our DC reps/senators will not do what is right then We the People will need to do what is right!

    22. As long as Obama and Holder control the reins and as long as our present government remains corrupt, Godless and controlled by international bankers, big corporations and special interest groups, then Sheriff Gillespie, the militia members and Cliven Bundy must remain alert and watch their backs, the government does not like to take no for an answer. This can still turn violent and we all know that the government will use violence against WE the PEOPLE if it suits them.

    23. Godless? Separation of church and state Father pretty sure that is in our founding document maybe you have heard of it? And it is not just Obama or Holder it is every single Democrat and Republican in Washington D.C. It is every major CEO of mega corporations and banks. Lay the blame where it lies.

    24. You are right, right on target, every last one of them! Did we see any of them standing up to this? I did not. I read the Governor of WA was on his way, but cannot prove the validity. Kudos to those that did stand up in this awful attempt by the again Commie Feds; thanks to the Oathkeepers also.
      This will not go away, they are going to try something in TX again and will move into UT for UT has a governor that appears to be friendly to Obama, WY may well see it as Meade is another word for Obama and Holder and all else that is corrupt and wrong. All of you research and see what you think regarding the coming Juy 1 that Obama has it in his mind to take the dollar down and out…well, that is my interpretation! If that is true, once again, whom is standing against this..no one in DC have I seen doing a thing and think of this: Ryan’s new bill is worse for the Srs. than what was passed before..he is no friend of the conservatives. There are lots of warnings out regarding this; I need to re read and study as each of you need to.

    25. Nowhere does That ‘document’ you mention say anything about ‘separation of church and state’. Would you be referring to the first amendment which says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Basically The First Amendment makes it illegal to make a law that establishes a religion, stops the freedom of speech, stops people from practicing their religion, stops the press from printing what they want, and stops people from exercising their right to assemble peacefully or demonstrating against the government.. You’re welcome.

    26. Finally, another comes forth with the writings of the First Amendment..all that has been touted as separations is truly oblivious as to the truth, read it above. Has not this empty suit in the W House done all of this … he has established and promotes Islam as o.k. in America and is working to see it and the Muslims takeover America…just asking.

    27. Freedom of speech. Is that like the Feds now have the permission of the gov. to arrest me if I am talking in public and they hear something they don’t like?

    28. that and /or they can shove you into a “free speech ZONE (ha!) (miles from what you are protesting) OR try to arrest you on “hate speech!” WHATEVER say NO to opening our Constitution to a CON-CON- because you can bet who’s in the” wings” to scrap the only document that protects us…IF we holler long and hard and hold feet to the fires of the CONSTITUTION- IT IS THE SOLUTION! IF we should follow it! That sheriff got his authority from that document- of course many cities are voting to establish a “police dept.” and give the sheriff’s dept (K-P duty) (such as court and prisoners) BUT give the real TEETH of law enforcement to an appointed (not elected) police captain! BEWARE should this be shoved on your local ballot! We got hood-winked into this last year and now we are wanting to re-establish our sheriff in his rightful CONSTITUTIONAL standing. HE IS the only guy that stands between we, the people , and the FEDS! (IF we elect one with the backbone to do so!)

    29. Even that amendment does not separate church and state it just prevents the establishment of a national religion. See Germany for perfect example of separation of church and state by creating an official religion.

    30. If it is properly understood, it’s separation of state and church. Meaning, state has no business in the business of church and the operations of it. The church is supposed to be God’s but then we have church incorporation and tax exempt status which effectively made the church a creation of the state.

    31. You, Sir are exactly right! The ” Separation ” was a liberal court’s interpretation NEVER written into law that the media has run with. The founders clearly intended for America to be a Christian nation unimpeded by over reaching government control of a persons right to practice their peaceful religious freedom. This was brought on by the English law of the day that attempted to control same.

    32. get educated. there is NO separation of church and state. It was concocted when a letter was intercepted from Thomas Jefferson to his preacher. A judge, who didn’t like Jefferson, used this letter to instigate what YOU now believe to be real. It is not in any document, because it doesn’t exist except in fiction. We are a Christian country, we were founded that way. Read the real history of George Washington.

    33. You are absolutely correct! We that are aging, the real reason for the death panels for Seniors, is we know the truths and our nation has been and is out of whack for decades. Thanks Irene.

    34. If you like your freedom, you can keep it period.
      If you like the first amendment, you can keep it period.

      Sound familiar?

      Our government is so corrupt now it’s pathetic, and obama, eric holder think their above the laws of the land.

    35. Doesn’t it say somewhere in the constitution that no law shall be wrote that exempts the law who wrote it? Just wondering cause now thinking about Obamacare where Senior staff members in leadership offices, those on the congressional committees, i.e., senior Democrat staff who wrote the bill are exempt from having to purchase healthcare.

    36. Irene, you are so right! That decision was brought into discussion and the constitution was taken apart and pieced back together to MAKE it say what they wanted…. “separation of church and state”. What they got was a mess because, in reality, there can never be any complete “separation” as long as “church” believers are allowed to vote. “Church” believers will always take their beliefs into the voting booth. The intent, as was stated by Dena (earlier comment) eloquently said: ” Would you be referring to the first amendment which says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Basically The First Amendment makes it illegal to make a law that establishes a religion, stops the freedom of speech, stops people from practicing their religion…” Liberal thinking people want religion out of government and will read into the constitution what they want to, to get their unjust outcome just like what is happening now in the Obama administration. Obama should be impeached, yet there is no one who will stand up and take action!

    37. I see by the posts to your comment that you have been schooled, hopefully, on the Separation of Church and State issue and I would add that Chief Justice Hugo Black of the Supreme Court was the one who came up with this interpretation of Jefferson’s personal letter to his church and he did it because he was one of the early communists laying out the future for the Godless government. It is a mystery to me how one can believe that separation b.s. when, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF”.

    38. Thanks Larry! W Wilson really started things moving in the direction we find ourselves now when he started, quietly and now at a rampage (Common Core), initiating the removal of text from our government, history and science books…

    39. The separation of church and state is not in the Constitution it was written in correspondence.
      Furthermore, the sep of church and state was a matter of keeping members of the church’s hierarchy out of government control so that our government can not be influenced by the Roman Catholic Church. For instance, we do not want an arch bishop as a president because that would put the president under the control of the papacy. Only in today’s day and age, would people who don’t know any better push the notion that it’s both in the Constitution when it isn’t and state that it implies the Christian religion should not have an influence over our laws.

    40. Why should the Christian Religion influence our laws when we are a country of Wiccans, Hindi, Protestants, Catholics, Bhuddists, and yes Muslims who are not extremists. We are not all Christian, and read the laws in the old testament toward women who speak their minds. The separation of logic and reason and your faith needs to exist.

    41. So ur saying that we as women can’t speak? Ha! Look in the New Testament and check out The Book of Ruth and ALL the other women who spoke in the Bible. We are not in the Middle East either where woman are treated like garbage.

    42. What I am saying is just the opposite. I can’t imagine living in a place where half the population is ignored because they are a certain gender. My point was, the Christian religion is not the only religion that exists. When you involve religion in government how do you balance the religious influence when logic and reason conflict with faith, and which faith do you include and which ones do you exclude?

    43. Eric, you make the FALSE assumption that logic and reason conflict with faith. While some who practice “Blind” faith can become unreasonable; many people practice “reasonable” faith(i.e. a faith that is itself the product of logic and reason.

    44. Got news for you…..ALL Muslims are “extremists” ….Because IF they do not follow the Koran…they themselves have the same thing done to them as the Infidels….and the Koran instructs Muslims to Find them wherever they are and kill them or take them slaves.. That “Friendly” Muslim you have next door, is a SLEEPER who will NOT hesitate to separate your body from your head when called upon to do so!

    45. Look at the old testament and tell me Christian extremists do not exist. Muslims and Christians alike have a choice to not go to the extremes of their religion. Read Leveticus, then come back and tell me that all Muslims are bad because their holy text says kill the nonbelievers. So does ours. Point is, why live in fear that a Muslim next door is going to kill me when the christian down the street might shoot me for asking to use their phone to call a tow truck?

    46. Who said that there are no such things as Christian extreamists ? Most Christians agree that snake handeling sects of Christianity are extreamists. But where are Christians called upon to exterminate non-Christians ? The Koran calls on Muslims to seek out and kill those who do not convert to Allah or submit to dimmitude (i.e. second class citizenship under a caliphate).


    47. Agreed ! Muslims are only moderate when they are a small minority. When their numbers increase, the repression of other faiths becomes rampant. ISLAMO DELENDA EST !!!

    48. I will tell you why a “generic” Christian (i.e. Not Baptist, nor Methodist, nor Roman Catholic, nor Orthodox Chatholic sect but just plain, Christian) religion should influence our laws and goveernment. It is BECAUSE this nation was founded by many different forms of Christians, ON Christian principles and our nation is based upon the BIBLE. {Here are two examples, Notice in the constitution Article 1 section 7, “If any Bill shall not be returned by the President within ten Days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been presented, the Same shall be a Law,”. Why are Sundays excepted ? Because Sunday is the Christian day of worship or “the Lord’s day” THAT’S WHY ! Second example – Examine Blackstone’s commentaries on the common law (at that time the standard text for those wishing to take up the practice of law) Blackstone makes numerous references to Biblical principles upon which our laws rely.} There are numerous other examples available. I suggest that you research them for yourself.

    49. Actually Under God was not added to the pledge until the McCarthy Era. When people were so paranoid they made you swear allegiance to the Christian God as well as the Government. Anyone who would not say “Under God” or was not Christian was looked at as a possible communist or worse. Some lost businesses, were killed, and all under the order of the US Government.

    50. Oversimplified, skewed, bereft of factual data and myopic. Dull assumptive, conjecture even for an adolecent.

    51. I went to the historical documents site which you have posted. It does confirm your contention regarding WHEN the phrase “under God” was added. However, it lends NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER to your contentions regarding “the McCarthy era”. Again, you need to balance your readings.

    52. WRONG !!! Your mythology is incorrect. I suggest that you read Wm. F. Buckley’s “MaCarthy and His Enemies” to restore some balance to your view of the McCarthy era. McCarthy ONLY sought to remove the security clearances from people, operating in sensative positions in the government, When their backrounds showed communist influence. I would also remind you of communist agents in the U.S. government during the McCarthy era. I trust that names like Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, and Launchlin Currie are familiar to you. And, of course, let us not forget the spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, who passed atomic secrets to the soviet union. (Check the Venona papers to verify the actions of the Rosenbergs )

    53. There is a difference in Church and State and meddling by government. The 1st doesn’t say anything about “separation of church and state.” It does say that it can’t establish religion or “abridge” the freedom of speech which is exactly what a “free speech zone does.” Same goes for freedom of the press and of the people to assemble. The government has been doing that.

    54. Actually, our Constitution does NOT say this.

      This information is in our Constitution’s 1st Amendment so it’s easy enough to find.

      You might want to read it.

      Our Constitution says that the federal government does not have any right to create a religion nor to interfere with any person’s religious Freedom of Speech.

      “Separation of Church and State” is a POLITICAL phrase coined by politicians that believe in, and pass unconstitutional laws to promote the federal government’s interference with our 1st Amendment Rights.

    55. Matt,
      Read the first amendment and quit drinking the Kool-Aid. The amendment states the government cannot force a state religion on the people. The ONLY time Thomas Jefferson ever used the words “separation of church and state” was in a letter to the Danbury Connecticut Baptist convention. He said that although he did not agree with what the convention was doing that there was a wall between government and religion. In other words government would not interfere with religion. Actually the term “separation of church and state” was brought into common usage by the KKK. They were trying to prevent Catholics “the church” from having elected office.

    56. Nowhere in the founding documents is there a separation of church and state, period. There is a statement of no state spondsered religion only. Totally different. We can’t get rid of the CEOs, and shouldn’t, but we can and should replace all of the current crop of polticians. Replace them all until we get it right.

    57. You need to read the constitution, it forbids congress from establishing a state religion BUT it also states there NOT allowed to stop our practice of religion.

    58. Actually, it forbids the federal government from imposing a NATIONAL religion. BUT, the individual states had far more power in this regard and had state constitutions that forbade anyone from holding political office who did NOT accept the existence of God.

    59. Separation of church and state was never meant to keep the church out of government it was meant to keep the state out of the church.

    60. In addition, this restriction was intended to prevent the FEDERAL government from encroaching on a matter that was to be under state control. Look at the state constitutions. Those state constitutions often had RELIGIOUS requirements, including NOT allowing athiests to hold political office.

    61. …as for your blame game, you have indiscriminately impugned the reputations of many, many U.S. citizens! You better be prepared to back that up because frankly, we’re sick and tired of being forgiving and patient with you antagonists!!! I personally know 2 multi-millionares who are the kindest and most generous people I know! Their patience towards accusers like you outweighs mine by far!

    62. I would remind Matt A Marti that Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, and Launchlin Currie were real people, soviet agents, and held high offices in our government during the McCarthy era. It seems that Joe McCarthy was correct after all.

    63. No it actually is not in the founding documents. The distorted view comes from the writings of Tomas Jefferson and even that is taken out of context to support what it has become

    64. AmarilloJon : Right you are. In context, Jefferson’s “wall of seperation” is a gurantee against government interference in the church.

    65. maybe you haven’t read the founding documents and their reverences to God … furthermore, it is very clear you do not understand them, if in fact you read them at all.

    66. separation of church and state only means the government cannot dictate what religion the populace will be and nothing else. does not mean their cant be religion in government it means there cant be a government indoctrination to any single religion.

    67. There is no such words in those founding documents. There are no words talking about seperation of church and state in the constitution or declaration of independence. However I agree with everything else you said

    68. Eric : Why agree with FALSE conclusions based on a FALSE premis ? That makes no sense at all.

    69. Tell me which founding docuemnt you find anything about the so called seperation of church and state, If you look and after you discover its not there, maybe you see the whole thing is a lie and take from a private letter from Jefferson to the Danberry Baptist convention and not law at all

    70. Matt A Marti : WRONG !!! The phrase “seperation of church and state” appears nowhere in the declaration of independence. Nor does that phrase appear in the constitution, neither in the main body of the constitution nor in ANY of the amendments including the bill of rights and especially, including the first amendment regarding religious liberty. You have been ill informed. The phrase “seperation of church and state” first appears in a LETTER written by Thomas Jefferson to a group known as The Danbury Baptists, and is more a promise that the government would NOT interfere in church matters. It is NOT intended to prevent religious influence on the government.

    71. Read where BLM is after 90,000 acres in TX…if that number is correct, this is awful; I wonder what TX will do if this is in fact true?
      We all must be alert in our states, especially oil and cattle country; we must get sheriffs elected that are Constitutional, ones that will step in at the first signs of trouble or arrival of the FEDS..watch EPA and DEQ whom are a branch of the EPA…get them off your land, they are illegally there and they lie.

    72. Texas has no federal land or at the very least a tiny amount like really tiny . This is because when Texas was becoming a state we offered to sell the Feds our unused land in exchange for paying our debt(at the time was around 10 million dollars mid 1800′s) and they refused our offer, so it remained state owned, now practically all of it is either privately owned and fenced off or state run parks. The Feds have no jurisdiction on taking Texas land that isn’t there’s it never was and never will be and believe me when I say us Texans will be alot more pissed off then these ranchers were(still a very big step forward for us as we push for the return of our freedom), there would be protests numbering in the 10′s of thousands I guarantee you.

    73. Ethan!
      Thanks for the very well written and stated response to my upset and question! We will be there for you if you need us; myself,” no,” I am 70 and ill at the moment, but in prayer and spirit, you bet! Here is a site that might interest some or all or you and even maybe none of you! http://www.politicusa.com 2014/04/12/lawbreaking-ranch … hope you can find it, most interesting.

    74. OK Eric, you are correct about the time frame for the Pledge of Allegiance. Already been down this road with people on Facebook, but guess we’ll do it here too. The term “In God we Trust” which people were clamoring to be removed from Paper Money has been on US Coinage since the Civil War. Put there by Abraham Lincoln. The term “in God is our trust” is in the last stanza of the National Anthem, i.e. ‘The Star Spangled Banner” written in 1814. So I would say that the Great Leaders and Founders/Builders of this Country did intend it to be a country that believed in God. Pretty damn clear. Also, all the references to this being a Christian Country. Nowhere do I see “in Jesus I Trust” meaning Christian is not an issue. Fundamentalists would make an argument to this, but Jesus himself referred to himself as “The Son of God”. That same God that the Jewish Religion prays to and the same God that Muslims refer to as Allah.

    75. Here is another example you may want to use. The Constitution itself, article 1 sec 7 – Why are Sundays exempted from the ten days the president has to decide on a veto ?

    76. They (Feds) are saying since the Red River has changed course, that land that belonged to Tx, is now Oklahoma Land….Since the river was the boundary.

    77. Nellis Air Force Base
      Nellis Air Force Base
      Nellis Air Force Base

      Why would foreigners wanna be there.

    78. Reid became a millionaire after being elected to public office, while his only job was Senator. That should tell everyone all they need to know about him.

    79. I read this morning that Reid’s son, Rory, “adjusted” the voting machines in favor of his dad!
      Both are out of control, and must be brought down—one way or another—by voting Reid out in 2016 is too far away–we need him gone NOW!

    80. Reid will never lose an election as long as the union is in charge of the voting machines

    81. Now we know how Reid keeps getting re-elected. He’s as corrupt as the day is long! And the nut (Rory) hasn’t dropped far from the tree (Harry).

    82. And, if Obama thinks he will see any of that money, whether as a gift or in taxes, he has another think to think!
      Reid knows ONLY himself and won’t give Obama anything!
      Might see a fight between the Reids and Obama, yet!

    83. Haven’t heard about this Chinese plant. The Chinese are also trying to build a city in I think it’s the Catskill mountains in New York State. Where an I read on the proposed plant in Nevada?

    84. Are you speaking of the Federal Trade Zones that are said to be Chinese based, like thousands at a time; supposed to be one in Boise, ID; however, on a business trip, the retailer that we were talking to did not know of them being there. I am sure he would know as there was said to be thousands coming in.

    85. Well, I think Mr. Reid, and his son could kiss their political careers good bye. ;)

    86. I have they are so stuck on the agenda it’s pathetic. Happy to see people finally challenge this guy.OMG if George Bush had done this. BUT it’s only over for now.

    87. Not only check into the solar deal. Check into the election results for reid’s reelection. I’m claiming voter fraud. If you look at the facts and talk to the voters, you’ll see that he wouldn’t have won reelection. Hmmm… Something with a certain union and reid’s own son having the contract for the voting machines… hmmm…….

    88. Disgusting that the Clark County Commissioners went along with this deal. They should all be kicked out of office and fined, for selling our land to the communist chinese, right near Nellis Air Force Base. Pieces of silver sellout.

    89. they dont like, turtle SH IT it is theirs which they want to spread, there is too much in the WHITE HOUSE

    90. Never was – they did the same thing in CA. Bikes can’t ride where turtle aren’t found, but developers can round up live turtles and turn them in where they are eventually put to death. It has always been about money!

    91. It isn’t just Rory, his other sons are up to their eyeballs in corruption. Henderson eligibility requirements for city attorney were lowered so that one son could be hired. Also, Harry Reid was trying to twist NV Energy’s arm to sign a contract to buy power from some alternative plant that another son was attorney for. The plant was owned by the Chinese and would cost consumers $425 million more per year.

    92. I heard the Chinese are ready to start construction due to Rory! Wouldn’t be surprised!
      If the Chinese are smart, and I doubt if they would do it, they would distance themselves from these crooks and actually tend to their own knitting in their own country—such as reducing smog!
      I would hate to see the lungs on most of the Chinese citizens!

    93. I am wondering why he didn’t strike his match earlier …. Feds can’t do anything without his say so, which means he either agreed to shove his head in a dark place, and keep it there, or they moved in without his agreement and told him to keep out.

    94. Sure had authority, but KKK Dems enjoy menace and intimidate. Like a vote each State have a own authority, Fed must go down. I hope voter see was mistake was vote for criminals Dems party and vote against, but a Justice system we must take back to control.

    95. Calling Reid dirty Harry gives dirty Harry a bad name; Please refer to Reid as Evil Harry Reid He has earned the title lets give it to him; NOW I have spent about an Hour review constitutional Law; I can not find anywhere where it authorizes the Federal Government to own state lands except for Military purposes Housing storage facilities training ETC and it is limited to 10 miles square; How much Land does the Federal Government claim to own among the states; they own none except military installations; Under constitutional Law; these lands belong to the states; the people of the states; We really should kick the Federal Government out of all of our states; The Federal Government works for the states the people of the states not the other way around as the Federal Government would like we the people to believe; the states control the Federal Government not the Federal government controlling the states; we the people must take back our Authority under constitutional law;

    96. The federal government doesn’t own this land. It belongs to the state of Nevada, but, like 86% of the land in Nevada, it is managed by the BLM. However, that management does not extend to armed invasion of the state.

    1. TOOK HIM LONG ENOUGH TO ACT!! Shpuld have been there within hours after the BLM THUGS ARRIVED! He needs a lesson from SHERIFF JOE of ARIZONA!

    2. True! But I think he got the message from an even tougher sheriff from Arizona—Sheriff Richard Mack of Graham County!
      I know that one personally, and he DOESN’T take prisoners–whether they are other lawmen or otherwise!

  2. ….and THAT is what a constitutional sheriff is,folks….the CHIEF law enforcement officer of his county…with authority over and above any other…even the feds.

    1. Come to think about it, Sheriff Richard Mack and the Border Sheriffs are represented in that area at the moment—wouldn’t be too surprised if Sheriff Mack didn’t lean on the Clark Country Sheriff and reminded him of his duties by hand!
      Sheriff Mack is a lawman through and through, and knows what he is doing—
      Great man!

    1. Arizona sent a large segment of their former Sheriffs to Nevada! Their leader, Richard Mack, evidently “leaned on Gillespie” reminding him of his duty! Sounds like Sheriff Mack–all the way!

  3. It is not a win. However, this was necessary to save lives. It was getting out of control. The LE in uniform tazing people should be embarrassed. LE that supports the harassment of citizens they have said they will protect over the the federal government need to turn in their badges.

    1. The men firing the tazers are NOT legal law enforcement. There is NO constitutional authority for armed BLM personnel or for that matter any of the other alphabet soup agencies that are now armed. Read the constitution people and understand it does NOT limit the people it was written to limit the federal government.

  4. FAN FUCKING TASTIC!!! Well Done to all who stood again tyranny!!!!! DO NOT TREAD ON ME!!!!!

  5. In the event Mr. Bundy loses the cattle stolen by the BLM, how about if all us Bundy/Freedom supporters chip in a coupla bucks to compensate the man for his losses.

    1. Good thought Rene, but why should he have to buy his own rustled cattle? This was cattle rustling in my opinion.

    2. THAT would be illegal in itself! Can’t buy stolen goods without losing more yourself!
      Ergo, the stolen cattle would have to be given back to make Mr. Bundy whole!
      No money involved!

    3. The cattle that were taken have already been sold and slaughtered. The sheriff should demand restitution.

    4. I just read there were cow punchers who had shut down I-15 as they gathered the cattle from the right-of-way!
      There surely were cattle slaughtered, just to make the criminal government feel good, but if there were survivors, they were most likely Bundy cattle!
      Hope so, at least!
      But, I do like your suggestion! A dollar from each one of us would buy quite a few cattle—or at least long yearlings (two-year-olds to you city slickers)!

  6. Thank God a sheriff who is doing his job. He WILL get elected overwhelmingly in his next election. Now these government bastards need to LEAVE immediately. The governor needs to LOSE his job in the next election. He stood by, and did NOTHING while innocent people COULD have been killed. He is unfit for office. Semper Fi

    1. Thank you my brother, now will I see you in NV some of us are planning a road trip from Idaho

  7. Harry Reid is behind this. The other ranchers gave up awhile ago and Bundy was the last hold out. They needed a portion of his land. Who wants that land? ENN Energy Group wants to build a 5 billion dollar solar farm. Who is suppose to be negotiating the deal? Rory Reid,,,Harry’s son. Here a link that talk about all of it. The FEC is investigation Harry Reid for the second time. And there is talk about two land deals that he was involved in,,,in a round about way that put some big money in his pocket. http://buzzpo.com/breaking-news-harry-reid-behind-bundy-land-grab/

    1. If Harry is involved in a land grab for a solar farm and big money for him and his son, then somebody needs to shoot that lieing cheating thieving piece of shet!

    2. I do remember reading all about this scheme about 6-8 months ago. You are absolutely right on the money – I bet the Sheriff receives several phone calls/visits from the dark side about doing his job.

    3. Sherill I am trying to understand what is going on with Bundy and BLM. Is it land that Bundy owns or land he use to pay a lease on to the federal government that the ENN Energy Group wants? Thanks for any help you can give me to understand what the problem is really.

    4. I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of this. 1.) The ranch has been in the family for 100 years, from one article I read. 2.) The cattle were allowed to graze on some public land. 3.) The Feds came in and said they needed a permit to graze the cattle because of some, almost, distinct turtle. The thing about the turtle is they have become so over populated that the Federal Government is destroying some of them. 4.) Other cattle ranches gave in to the Feds. 5.) Bundy refused to because the land is suppose to be public and belongs to Nevada. So Bundy refused to pay for a permit that he felt as a rancher was his right for the cattle to craze there. This has been going on for about 10 years., He is the last rancher standing there. 6.) Supposedly a piece of his land or the public land is the last land that they are saying this Chinese company needs to build their solar farm. 7.) Supposedly Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid is negotiating the land deal with the Chinese. 8.) There is talk Harry was suppose to have rec’d between $1 to $2 million on this. 9.) Now all the other ranchers from other states are coming in on this and helping Bundy out.
      A lot of people are just fed up with the Federal Government and the things that go on. I’m on Bundy’s side. The thing that scares me about this is,,,,if anybody gets shot, wound or killed, all you know what will break loose.

    5. Yes. Believe it or not, most of those points are true. Many are talking about this as trying to avoid another Ruby Ridge or Waco. The difference is that the people are determined never to allow anything like that to happen again. If the federal government were foolish enough to actually harm someone, their agents wouldn’t survive. There’s too many armed citizens there. It’s not an isolated area where the government can hide what they are doing.
      It’s kind of laughable that they cut off cell coverage to the area because news crews don’t need this and plenty of people own satellite phones. These measures just further show how inept and desperate they are. The one worrisome thing is that BLM agents are not trained well in policing, meaning that there is a much higher chance that one of them could actually make the mistake of firing. It would be a bloodbath for the agents and the public and would draw a much larger armed public presence. We’ll just have to wait and see if the Obama administration is willing to commit murder in a very public way during an election year.

    6. What a lot of people don’t know is that this is not the only ranch this is happening to. It’s going on in New Mexico, Texas and Kansas, across the western states. The Federal Government is going after all the ranchers and their cattle. You don’t hear anything in the three major news medias. They never even talked about what was going on with Bundy. Dead silence on that.
      Like you I was worried about a BLM agent shooting somebody. It would have turned into Ruby Ridge & Waco all over again. Obama administration wouldn’t be able to sweep that under the rug. I thank God that it didn’t happen. But I have to say I’m so proud of our American citizens. They stood up and let the Government know we are not taking it any more. Obama administration is good about silencing the news media but they forgot about social media. The word got out what was going on. Be interesting how this will turn out in the end.

    7. I agree. I was surprised last night to receive a call from one of my attorneys. He dropped everything to fly down to Nevada and meet the family and assist their legal team. He said that it was extremely tense during the rally on Saturday and that there were sniper rifles trained on them.
      More frightening, he said that while he was negotiating with one of the BLM agents to back further away from the crowd, he heard the supervising agent’s radio go off, stating that Eric Holder had “green lighted” opening fire on any armed protesters. Of course the agent immediately tried to shut off the volume on the radio, but it was too late to prevent them from hearing those words. He said that if the sheriff and the Las Vegas police hadn’t placed themselves between the crowd and the guns, he believes that they would have started killing those who were carrying weapons openly.
      I was somewhat puzzled that the Las Vegas police would be there since they don’t have jurisdiction, but Scott said that they were there to try to prevent violence. These people are out of their minds. Apparently, these agents believe that their agents would magically be able to survive such an incident. I don’t believe that this time will be like Ruby Ridge, though. Ruby Ridge was not open to be seen by the people. They just killed the Weaver family with impunity, thinking that no one would ever hear the true story. This time, they would have been firing on those who had done nothing. My attorney believes that the order came down because Holder wants to provoke a bloodbath so that the Obama administration can impose martial law on the citizens and disarm them.
      Hopefully, this will wind down. If the federal government started picking people off in a crowd with .50 caliber Barrett sniper rifles, the backlash from the public would be both swift and violent. These agents should know better. Their orders directly contravene the constitution, and they cannot use their orders as an excuse if they are hauled into court over it. My question is, what in the world is the BLM doing training and deploying snipers? Since when has land management ever involved killing people with high powered weaponry at a distance?

    8. Thank you again. This was an amazingly well documented article that gave very specific details regarding how Harry and Rory Reid orchestrated the entire disaster. Apparently, they miscalculated what would happen when they began to abuse the family. I can guarantee another thing…if we know about $46,000 in payments to Harry Reid from the Chinese, you can bet there is a LOT more than that we don’t know about.

    9. The land is owned by the state of Nevada. It is (mis)managed by the federal government through the BLM. The federal government is attempting to exert authority over the land because Harry Reid and his son, Rory, have a private deal pending with a Chinese solar company that wants to build a gigantic solar farm on the property.

  8. Be leery and do not relax just yet. Gillespie and Reid have been seen together many times.

  9. Funny how quick they move when the state senator is involved and could be found out for yet another illegal move, pay offs and sell outs of our state owned property. Yes, Harry Reid is fleecing your state with the chi-coms in a forced land grab in order to complete the deal. The genie is out of the bottle and they can’t get it back in now fast enough. Take these scumbags to court, demand an investigation so this can stop across our country because it is happening everywhere. It’s your prosperity and freedoms people…your tax dollars being stolen and used in these deals and the state will see nothing for it.

    1. Reid feels he is untouchable he has Obama,Holder and a host of other crooks backing him up. All of the aforementioned need to be brought up on criminal charges. However nothing will be done about it unless the people take to the streets and demand those that are doing wrong be brought to justice. Richard Nixon was run out of office for much less and Gerald Ford was defeated because of his pardon of Nixon. As long as we have a den of crooks in office protecting one another nothing will change.

  10. How tragic! Regardless what comes of this, it’s ultimately all for not, because these people are appealing to the very document that made this possible.

    Thanks to Amendment 5 of the federal Constitution and its establishment of eminent domain, leading to the appropriation (theft) of private land turned into public land, and the Constitutional Republic’s insidious property taxes, every square inch of land in America is owned by the government of the Constitutional Republic (something impossible under Biblical law) and therefore these protesters don’t have standing in this situation. Appealing to the Constitution or the Bill of Rights in this and similar situations is the epitome or irony!

    For more, see online Chapter 14 “Amendment 5: Constitutional vs. Biblical Judicial Protection” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/BlvcOnline/biblelaw-constitutionalism-pt14.html.

    1. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      “The law of YHWH is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of YHWH is sure, making wise the simple. The statutes of YHWH are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of YHWH is pure, enlightening the eyes. The fear of YHWH is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of YHWH are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.” (Psalm 19:7-11)

    2. Ted, Also look up “The Resolution of 1798.” A video you should look up, “Steven Pratt, Bound by oath to support the Constitution,” will show you the err’s of your information, in a good way.

    3. Why are you asking me that? If your interested in the answer to your question, refer back to the information I gave you, form your own conclusions.

    4. I asking you that because I’m not about to take precious time to look at your recommendations until I know what you think is error in what I posted. Specifics, please.

    5. Welp, suit yerself, then, not gonna go round n round over this with ya. I offered a suggestion, take or leave it, not for me to decide, or judge.

    6. There is NO WAY I will stand for Biblical Law! Are you just trying to give a gift to those who would enact Shari’a Law? Start trying to push for Christian Laws and you’ve established a prescedence for them to win in court. Use your head!

    7. The quickest way to not only get rid of any chance at Sharia here in America but also all practicing Muslims is by enacting Biblical law–in particular, the First Commandment and its respective statutes and judgment.

      When the framers replaced the First Commandment (as found intact in some of the 1600 Colonial constitutions) with the First-Commandment-violating, polytheistic-enabling First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause, America was quickly transformed from a predominately monotheistic Christian nation to allegedly the most polytheistic (including Islam and its god Allah) to exist.

      For more, see online Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christians Perspective” at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/BlvcOnline/biblelaw-constitutionalism-pt11.html.

  11. He did it because he has been outted. He is in Harry Reid’s back pocket. Once that info was made clear he had no choice. Stop the investigation, we quit.

    1. The BLM also rounded up a herd of Mustangs and took them to Mexico and sent them to slaughter.

  12. A FEDERAL JUDGE ruled that Bundy would not be allowed to use this land for grazing. Isn’t that like putting the fox in the henhouse?


  14. what about all the other ranchers who decided not to fight. Did they get their pockets greased, gave up, lost everything….what will be the total outcome of this because it should not end here. Utah has lost nearly 80% of their land to “Federal ownership” claims and many other states.

  15. The Sheriff should have acted well before now. Maybe all those phone calls finally go to him. This land belongs to the people, always has and always will. The land was given to us by our Creator to use and protect. No gov, state or Fed. can claim ownership. If the State of Nevada is saying they own it, think again. The taxes from the people in Nevada may just have had a hand in it. Anyway you look at it, it is or was a land grab by the feds and Harry Reid. I am so proud of all the good people who stool tall over this. God Bless you and may the others just hang your head in shame. God is watching and so are we.

    1. It isn’t the State of Nevada claiming this land, it’s the Federal Government.
      I think ALL States have the right to reclaim ANY land that the Feds claim, and should do so.
      The STATES own the land, not the Federal Government. NO where in the Constitution says the Feds own the land. NO WHERE!

    2. Yes, and with the subsidy came the responsibility to maintain the property. The federal government has been using the range fees to pay the enviro NUTS to lobby and close all federally stolen land and when they get it closed they turn around and sell off the mineral and water rights to the highest bidder in some cases foreign governments. The federal government is BARRED from owning ANY land besides the 10 square miles where the capital lies and some military bases, as per the constitution.

  16. It will take a hopefully non-violent showdown between local and federal officials to save this country from the tyrants taking over everything. I think local police, sheriff’s , and state patrol will side with the people when there is an obvious injustice or Constitutional infringement. Unlike other in countries a sudden lose of freedom here will trigger strong reactions and patriotic camaraderie.

  17. About time. Bundy had to go before the local county counsel and tell everyone there that he has asked the sheriff for assistance in removing this BLM, and the sheriff refused to intervene. 911 also refused to send help, as the BLM had mucho weapons and were physically threatening.

  18. This is what happens when “We The People” take a stand. There were people from all over there or enroute there to aid in the fight. Thanks to the TV coverage that called attention to this. Big brother backed down when they saw the people’s outrage. This should be a great example of what we can do for other bullshit as well!!

  19. what too so damn long? I say we the people keep the pressure on untill the cattle are returned to their rightful owner!

  20. The only way our “God Given, Constitutionally Protected Rights” are going to be protected is if we who “Formerly Served In The Armed Forces”, become this regime’s worst nightmare. Which is exactly why they’re coming after us. When this speech becomes illegal, I’ll become a criminal: “I may become an enemy of the state, but never of the people”. Remember this: “Always aim just below the blue helmet. No matter what color it is.” “μολὼν λαβέ”

    [As an Addendum, I would include the recent spate of cashiered [both line and flag] officers amongst the cadre of those willing to stand up for the Constitution and the principles upon which it was founded; for, after all, that’s what they were really cashiered for – not agreeing to fire on American Citizens if they refused to give up their firearms. Hence, the rapidly expanding DHS. It’s not undergoing “Mission Creep”, it’s a “National Police Force” and that’s what they were really created for – enforcing federal rules, laws and edicts, if the military or the local or state law enforcement refuse to.]

    1. Thank You.
      0bama promised he would create one, as well trained and armed as the U.S. Military….

  21. The overall factor in this comes down to money. Harry Reid was making a deal with the Chinese to build a solar panel complex on this humble ranchers land. Harry and his sons were up to make millions and continue to sit higher on their ivory tower looking down on all of us, and making us pay for their “green energy” project through more taxes.

  22. Everybody keeps asking about the CATTLE…..I WANT TO KNOW if they are going to REPLACE ALL of those water lines and hundred year old tanks they tore out!

  23. Why the heck did Nevada re-elect that mummy faced crook, Harry Reid? I know the voting is crocked, but come on Nevada, get your act together and open your eyes.

    1. Thanks for the laugh, LOL.
      That will never happen, tho.
      And the BLM will be back. Follow the buzzards.

  24. Watch INFOWAR.COM about Harry Reid’s deal with the Chinese solar farm on BUNDY’s ranch !!!! Just how low can Our Senate leader and Prersident go to destroy America?

  25. Fear on the Sheriff’s part is what caused him to act…. however, maybe now he understands a little better what his oath and the constitution mean… Standing up to the Fed’s has to be a very scary thing. I think Sheriff Mack spoke with his as well. I hope someone can put a possitive report, not slamming anyone, together so we, who know what is going on, can pass along to and educate the sheeple. It would be a shame to let this opertunity pass. Most people do not understand what this is all about. It is up to us, you and me, to help them understand so we can take our country back.

  26. I hope the BLM is made to return Mr. Bundy’s cattle the have rustled. I now want the story of Reid and son investigated, prosecuted and Harry Reid exposed for the despicable piece of garbage he is.

  27. How do the Tree hugger’s like it now that they were used to defend the tortoise that the BLM is killing OFF. And would be killed of by the heavy equipment used to build an Solar installation. Not only did Reid con the public but made fools out of the Tree Hugger’s, how is that for a slap in the face? SIT DOWN AND BE QUIET!!

    1. it’s people like you that are killing our great nation… It’s not about the turtle or the solar plant…its about the power the government has and is not supposed to…please get a life.

  28. Will the County prosecutor indict Harry Read for cattle thieving? Will there be an investigation into Read’s role in organizing the BLM assault on the Bundy Ranch?

  29. Don’t back down EVER. The federal government is too big for their britches. It is time America stood up. Just wished I could have been there. It all revolves around the almighty dollar of which I don’t have much.

  30. You don’t get to be the Sheriff of Clark County without Dinjy Harry’s blessing…Ol’ Harry is behind the Sheriff seemingly finding his spine, which has been missing since this atrocity began… BLM didn’t leave because the Sheriff told them to, that came from D.C…..Keep watching the Other Hand, folks…

  31. The deal between Dingy Harry and the Chi coms will result in other ways to run the Bundies off of that land. The corrupt mafia boss Dingy Harry will not stop until the deal is done.

  32. Thank GOD for Sheriff Doug Gillespie!!! As a disabled former county sheriff, I whole heartedly and gladly commend this man for stepping up and facing down the tyrants bent on forcing facist socialism upon we, the people in an all out power grab. It is my fervant prayer that more county sheriffs throughout the Republic of these United States will stand true to their oathes against this onslaught from the leftist federal government. Indeed, a county sheriff, as the chief law enforcement officer in his or her respective county, can do more to combat this tyranny than most folks realize. Some day, soon I pray, a patriotic, true to their oath sheriff, will arrest and duly confine the appointed criminal thugs like Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, and the multitude of other felonious maggotts that are fanatically trying to destroy our nation! Again, thank GOD for Sheriff Gillespie and all others like him!

    1. Sheriff Doug Gillespie is Dinjy Harry’s Sock Puppet…..he didn’t “act” till Harry told him to…for reasons you will find out if your read the rest of the comments on here…I won’t repeat them, they speak for themselves…

    2. I don’t KNOW your local political situation, but I do KNOW this Sheriff acted in the best interest of his citizens and in honor of his oath. Late? Perhaps. For reasons unrelated? Perhaps. That he’s someone’s “sock puppet”? Like I said, I don’t know about that, I’m from Tennessee. But HE DID ACT CONSTITUTIONALLY, and TRUE to his OATH. I repeat, THANK ALMIGHTY GOD FOR THIS VICTORY AND THIS SHERIFF IN THIS INSTANCE!!!

    3. Sheriff, Schmeriff…Our Sheriff’s here are leading the charge for Total Gun Control…The Florida Sheriff’s Association is on Steroids trying to block all the Pro-2nd.Amendment legislation being passed in this years Legislative Session…. ” The Right to Keep Arms” may be a right but to bear arms should be a privilege granted by the Sheriff’s”..was their position, testified to in the Florida House and Senate.
      There is no Gun Registration in Florida, they had their hacks trying to pass that this year, it failed with flying colors. They also wanted to make CCW Permit information, PUBLIC INFORMATION

    4. Well, it sounds like Floridians need to get serious about who THEY elect to those positions, but in THIS instance, this is a victory for patriots.

    5. They’re fully out of step with the majority of sheriffs in the nation. Even in a city as large and urban as Miilwaukee, Wisconsin, the sheriff supports citizen conceal carry.

  33. One thing left to do…Vote against Harry Reid and ALL Democrats!!
    Do you hear that Nevadans?! If you don’t they will be sending his
    BLM thugs back like thieves in the night to finish their China-backed
    land grab AND the anyone could be NEXT.
    Reid is the poster boy for why we need TERM LIMITS!!!

  34. If I were the people of Clark County I would be electing another Sheriff ASAP. He should have ordered the government out on day one. If possible Mr. Bundy should sue the BLM for confiscating his cattle. It’s easy to see how Harry Reid got the name Dirty Harry and it’s well deserved.

    1. Dinjy Harry’s SEIU will never let that happen in Clark County…SEIU made sure Harry got re-elected…Even though Sharon Angle easily won the rest of the State….

  35. It’s nice to see a sheriff who realizes that his position as a county sheriff cannot be supplanted by executive order, federal demand, the state governor and the state government, nor even the ghoulish Harry Reid.

    In 1997, the question of federal authority vs. state and county authority (and the authority of county sheriffs) was specifically decided in the landmark supreme court case, Printz v. US (521 U.S. 898). Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the majority opinion. The ruling was made specifically on the interpretation of the limiting clause of the 10th amendment of the US Constitution. He said, “. . . The great innovation of this design was that ‘our citizens would have two political capacities, one state and one federal, each protected from incursion by the other’” – “a legal system unprecedented in form and design, establishing two orders of government, each with its own direct relationship, its own privity, its own set of mutual rights and obligations to the people who sustain it and are governed by it.” (P. 920)

    Scalia quotes President James Madison, “father” of the Constitution: “[T]he local or municipal authorities form distinct and independent portions of the supremacy, no more subject, within their respective spheres, to the general authority than the general authority is subject to them, within its own sphere.” The Federalist, No. 39 at 245.

    He continues by saying, “Just as the separation and independence of the coordinate branches of the Federal Government serve to prevent the accumulation of excessive power in any one branch, a healthy balance of power between the States and the Federal Government will reduce the risk of tyranny and abuse from either front.’. . .” Gregory, 501 U.S. at 458.

    Within his county, as the only elected police official in the nation, the sheriff is the ultimate authority and has the power to bar both the state and federal government from the country. Now, there is a lot of case law that would argue against this, but Printz made it abundantly clear that county sheriffs are part of the checks and balances systems that exist on both federal and state levels and, within the jurisdiction of the county, neither of those are supplanted by the legal authority of the county sheriff.

    Printz v US was a case in which the county sheriffs association challenged the federal government on its’ authority to force them to enforce federal gun laws that attempt to supersede the rights of the people to keep and bear arms. The sheriffs association was ordered by the federal government to accede to federal and state authority and enforce any law that they were ordered to enforce by these entities with the introduction of some of the unconstitutional portions of the Brady law. They were not asking the federal government to vacate the Brady law, only asked the supreme court to uphold their duty to enforce the principles of law in the constitution and uphold the oath they take swearing fidelity, not to the president, congress, or a governor, but to the constitution of the United States. They won.

    This county sheriff finally woke up and did his duty, something that he should have done in the first place. He also has the right to organize posses, militias and deputize private citizens in defense of the county. If the federal government wants to avoid a bloodbath and the legal and political fallout that pushing this ridiculous case to such extremes would bring, they should admit that the county sheriff has the authority to remove them from within the borders of his county. It will give them the excuse to avoid the backlash while trying to explain the use of deadly force to protect “habitat” for a turtle that has produced so prolifically that it is now being euthanized by the federal government within the Las Vegas refuge. If one life is lost over this, the only conclusion that anyone reasonable will come to is that this has absolutely NOTHING to do with enforcing federal wildlife laws. It has EVERYTHING to do with the federal government’s determination to exercise tyranny through the application of deadly force to intimidate the American people into acceding to whatever dictatorial whim happens to pass through the mind of our current disaster of a president.

  36. This will not be the end of the BLM/Bundy thing; Clark County sold the land for around $5 million I read to ease China’s demand for money? So, what does that tell us? This land is worth much more than the close to $30M appraised at; it is a families history and a family home! Reid should be put in prison and his son also; this is how Pelosi got her vineyards, through corruption; she knew the details of the sale and her husband bought it up through the years. We must be on the watch for the next land grab and why are they killing our Buffalo…not for the reasons you are being told.

  37. I would not let my guard down for a min. I do not trust that the feds will leave at all. I believe this is just a temporary measure, until the heat is off they will be back

  38. The sheriff took too long, but at least he finally showed–probably because of all the people coming in to help. The governor only sat with his head in the sand and his thumbs up his a–.

  39. Say what you want the Sheriff did the right thing by telling the feds to get off Bundy land! He may have been slow in action but at least he did it! A lot of sheriffs around the country dont have the balls to face down the feds. at least this one did! finally!

  40. Harry Reid’s bishop needs to get to the bottom of these accusations. if proven true then Reid should be excommunicated from the church. We are starting the cleansing of this corrupt gov’t.. This is the promised land and if we don’t live by Our Heavenly Father’s teachings, we will lose our freedoms listed in the Constitution. May God bless the American Patriots to preserve our country from tyranny.

  41. Thanks to all the people that helped in any way to support the Bundys and all of our rights as Americans. I do not believe the sheriff would have acted if nobody had shown up in force and demanded our rights. I only hope that this leads to a investigation into Reids part in this.

  42. INSTEAD they out bring some of theWHITE HOUSE BULL SH to their stupid reaction it is , only BS anyway

  43. Just as the Minute Men rallied to Lexington, our Western Militia men are rallying to assist their fellow American’s in Nevada. If the Jack Boots go too far they will be sure to tell the tyrants to smile for the flash! God Bless the USA…and her brave citizens.

  44. You can not trust the government. It has backed off for now, but it will follow-up with a Nazi-styled Blitzkrieg when it feels less challenged. Individuals must be ready to answer the call in a moment’s notice.
    If the Bundys go to court, they must ask for a jury trial and, then, those chosen must be ready with nullification when they see that the law, rules and regulations are unjust. As a member of a jury, it is the right of the people to judge the law, in spite of what the judge may try to enforce.

  45. It’s heating up again…SWAT TEAMS in Armored Vehicles are blocking them from getting the Cattle back…the Interstate is closed, State Police, BLM, DHS armed to the teeth are rushing in…

  46. Obama still doesn’t understand. Everything he covets belongs to us. He owns nothing but his own personal properties, land and furniture. He does not own America. We do. And he works for us. Good job everyone who went to Nevada to stop this BS. God Bless you all.

    1. He doesn’t care. He thinks he is the dictator of this country, not the president.

  47. Maybe it is time for the Governor of Nevada to call in the Nevada National Guard to protect the state? Isin’t that his job to cover the Sheriff.

  48. If you have to shoot one of the BLM assholes shoot them all. They will get the message WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION interputation of the law.

  49. When Janet Reno claimed there were no assault weapons used in a confrontation in Montana several years ago, she lied. Pictures of the FBI carrying automatics were pictured in the Billings Gazette and are on file with the NRA/ILA.
    Ask government throttlebottoms, at the Bundy site, if they are willing to kill fathers, sons, mothers and daughters? Ask them if they support the tyranny they are trying to enforce. Ask each one if they would willingly shoot their relative standing across from them among the protesters? Say, “I am your father, will you shoot me?”

  50. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its about time a sheriff stood his ground and expelled federal agents. let this be a lesson for all sheriffs across America!

  51. The BLM is not standing down. They are threatening to arrest the protesters if they don’t leave. Since when does the BLM have the authority to police people??

  52. This is about good and evil ! Obama and his kooks are evil people , the good people are patriots standing up to them.

  53. If any one of them son’s of bitches fire one shot, Kill every last one of them and send a message to the BLM, Odumber and his thug Reid that they are through. This is OUR LAND, not theirs!

  54. Communists don’t give up that easily. If they stand down, they’ll be back later with federal troops armed to the teeth and with tanks and other weapons of war to use against the Bundy’s and those supporting them.

  55. I would like to thank all the real Americans that had the courage to show up in support of the Bundy family, and more importantly, our rights that are being trampled by an out-of-control Federal government that is too big for its britches. God bless you all and may he keep you safe out there

  56. Just waiting for someone from the left saying something pertaining to the protesters all being white.

  57. This is not the last of this man’s troubles. The protesters might as well move in there and pitch a tent. Land was sold to China…Who is going to give the money back?

  58. I am so proud to be an American today. I only wish I could have gone to Nevada with them. I am sending the Dirty Harry info and connection to every news outlet. Maybe we can get someone to report this and let the world know how Dirty Harry got all his money.

  59. This is awesome news and needs to be pounded by Fox news this is what Obama bought the bullets for so that he could ride roughshod over unwilling legal citizens of the United States of America it is time that these events are attended by thousands of people so that any underhanded deals are witnessed and opposed. Obama and his pals need to be removed from office we can do this if we all work together they must go….

  60. The feds just announced that they will shoot any protester that comes near the blockaide line…….

  61. It is time for all AMERICAN CITIZEN to come to the aid of their Nation the CONSTITUTION &the right of all AMERICAN are being threatened by this government that is in power now it is to late for votes.we need to take our Nation back now!

  62. It’s high time people stand up to the power-hungry Obama White House and it’s illegal actions. IOW, stop sittihg on your brain. Put down the liberal cue cards and start tyinking.

  63. If I know cowboys, the fellows rounding up the cattle will tell the BLM where to go, and it won’t be to Las Vegas! Colorful language will be used, mainly directed at the “rangers’ own physiology, their geneology, and a few other choices that cannot be named here!
    The government has lost this first skirmish—but more will follow!

  64. Now’s the time to put a boot on the neck of these agency tyrants and begin to reduce their power and their funds, they have proven they cannot be trusted to uphold the law in fit manner and will overstep their authority in a heartbeat…..Get rid of that fat butted commissioner and finnish that investigation of Hairy Reed…..time for the Nv governor to step up to the plate and get some backing for states rights….

    1. Do some homework on these agencies, find out who works for them, who they are hiring and you’ll find some disturbing news. Most of these agencies are comprised of our veterans. So please be careful for they are simply following orders…

    2. Those veterans took an oath to protect this nation from all enemies … foreign and domestic.

      And they also know that “I was just following orders” has not been an excuse since before the Nuremberg trials in the 1940′s.

      They know what they have to do, if their bosses order them to do something that goes beyond Constitutional bounds. Some may choose to go along with the bosses … and if they do, it is on them.

    3. And, more importantly, like all federal officials, including the military, they take an oath, NOT to their leaders who give them orders, but rather, to the constitution of the United States. When I was in officer training at Lackland Air Force Base, we had several classes with JAG officers who made sure we understood what constitutes a legal vs. illegal order. Enforcing the seizure of cattle would be questionable. Setting up as a sniper and killing US citizens who have committed no crime, especially not a crime requiring deadly force…DEFINITELY illegal. It’s the duty of anyone who’s taken that oath to refuse to follow illegal orders.

  65. This is just the beginning. The government has plans for us all and isn’t pretty. We need to prepare for a war. Especially if these assholes that are in charge now somehow retain power. Obama is only a puppet for those who want to take control of us and the world. The vast majority is sleeping and not paying attention. WE need to put pressure on the politicians and remind them that they work for us. Not the other way around. For all of our sakes, vote for the conservative. The democrats are a bunch of communists who are out to make the government big like Obama has already. The same thing goes with the RINO republicans. Replace them with conservative minded reps. We might just save ourselves from the likes of the George Soro’s of the world who want total control of everything.

  66. The chattle protested and showed force. Let’s see what happens…the saga continues.

  67. We don’t know the full story here; what we do know is that the Federal Government continues to raise the Grazing fees on the cattlemen this reduces their profit and increases costs to the consumers; It has also put many cattlemen out of business; this results in less beef for the people to eat; and also has increased costs to the consumers we the people; I also understand that the Bundies have a prior claim to the land dating back to 1887 before the land of Nevada was confiscated by the Federal Government; constitutionally I can not find authorization for the Federal Government to own state land except for military purposes and this is limited; I think Bundy has opened a big can of worms for the Federal Government;

  68. That comment was posted after a report stated the cows would be auctioned.
    Looks likecthe feds are gesringvup for a fight. Guess this isnt over after all.

    1. I heard they were being returned. Don’t know because there is so much reporting on this. A couple comments on one reporting was they were going to bring in the military. The one thing I know,,,,so far you don’t hear it on the three major news networks.

    2. The military has absolutely NO authority in CONUS! That is by their charter. Only the National Guard has any authority or what is also known as a State’s Militia, which is not the militia described in the 2nd Amendment!

    3. Thank you. That’s what I thought and then you hear so many comments that you try to weed through them for what is facts and what is just made up to add more fuel to the fire.

  69. HA!!! I highly respect that Sheriff, and I am SOOOOOO PROUD of all the people who went down to help then out! I would have if I could!!! Take that osama! Thats right, this is OUR AMERICA!

  70. I have been following this situation closely and posted a lengthily response last night on WND that detailed the response the sheriff, up to that time trying to keep out of the situation, should be doing.
    Miracle of miracles, within 12 hours the Clark County Sheriff is implementing the first part of what I opined was the only course of action that would allow for a resolution without bloodshed.
    Thank God that some rational intervention is occurring on the part of those with lawful authority to reign in the situation.
    Hopefully, sheriffs around the country are taking notes on this situation and will act sooner and with firm decision to reign in these out of control federal agencies and their power obsessed bureaucrats.

  71. Don’t just allow them to syand down, they are just waing for their second chance to hurt this ranching family! S
    end the bastards to jail!

  72. I think more and more people are waking up to the reality that our government (primarily made up of filthy quislings) doesn’t serve the interests of the American people and hasn’t for a long time. I think that if it wasn’t for the large turnout of supporters and the fact that this issue went viral on the Internet, the few government officials that did finally get involved probably would not have. Their participation in this is simply throwing crumbs to the citizens to help maintain the illusion that we have a representative government. These officials didn’t contest the BLM’s absurd and unfounded “new land-use rules,” and only took issue with the way the BLM was handling the event.

    Beyond that, in direct violation of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act, which makes it clear that “first, you must go to your local county sheriff for law enforcement activities,” the BLM took control and moved in with their heavily armed mercenaries, no doubt ready to kill fellow Americans at the signal of that wretched agency. As Congresswoman, Helen Chenoweth, said back in the 1990s:

    “BLM is taking onto themselves law enforcement that I normally saved for
    the State, law enforcement over motor vehicles. They’ve written into the
    regulation without authority from Congress, the ability to stop vehicles or to
    search people, to search a place or a vehicle without warrant or process; to be
    able to seize without warrant or process any piece of evidence and to test
    people for potential DUI (. . .) The Bureau of land Management is taking onto
    themselves law enforcement authority that Congress never gave them.”

    Like it usually does when it wants to take control of private property, or, as in this case, reduce the amount of public land a person could use and number of cattle he could have on it, our government uses environmental groups, animal rights activists and other NGOs to get the courts involved to make the whole thing look proper, legitimate and necessary to the naïve citizen. I think we are finally witnessing a waking up and willingness to get involved on the part of American citizens. I sure hope so.

  73. We are still moving our militia in for security reasons . Gen. Burke has still ordered militia in for 0600 Sunday morning . The Bundy family ranch is still under scrutiny , . I’m going by my orders to secure the region . By gen . Burke . Col. Robert Cook

  74. Yes, the Sheriff is the LAW. He swore to uphold the Constitution. The “Feds” are foreign, city-state troops of the United State, Inc (act of 1871) and their true jurisdiction is the 14 square miles of the District of Columbia. Unless they BULLY their way of militarily invade out side of Washington DC. They do not follow the Constitution of the united States of America. They need to be put in their place by Law.

  75. A southern politician regularly puts forth a bill that would force all BLM lands to be put up for auction to the private growth sector of the economy. If that would happen it would solve county revenue problems and fiascos such as this when everything is owned by government. Think communism.

  76. Michigan just became the 34th state to drop its name in the hat for a constitutional convention .. That’s the magic number needed!! While this was done under the guise of forcing the government to pass a budget, it can and should also be used to set term limits. If we the people push to have this done, we’d best be standing over every politician and every word constructed as this also opens the door for the snakes in office to revoke any and all of our constitution, along with our rights. This can be a good thing but if the grime amongst our politicians has an opportunity to do so, they’d just as soon put every one of us into servitude under communist rule. Be careful! Be very very careful!

  77. Where’s the media? Why are we stuck with low quality cell phone video? There are plenty of my fellow Pennsylvanians that can only be there in spirit that would like to see what happened.

    1. That’s a question that everybody needs to ask: “Who are they seizing this land FOR?”

  78. Hope they are careful, when the government does not get their way out in the open like this they will find a way to get it behind the scenes…Bundy and his family need to be ever vigilant…

  79. This is NOT a time to celebrate, it should and MUST be a time to prepare for the next round, which is surly just a little further down the road or around the corner. This act is just a ploy for Patriots to drop their guard and depart. Once they leave, we can expect the same scenario with a stronger force. The pressure must be kept with many more going to help with restoring the Liberties that these thugs are attempting to take from the American people. Vigilance and a stronger show of Patriots are the key to success. Tyrants, don’t give up!

  80. I hope that with all the attention given to this, that when everyone thinks the battle is over? It truly won’t. It’s upon the citizens of this country to keep fanning the flames of Liberty till Government has been drawn into the hands of Americans and the removal of this tyrannical regime.

    1. Right on, Ga Dawg. My fear is that the Liar-in-Chief is trying to provolk an incident (As he has been for some time) so he can declare martial law. He may be in for a dreadful surprise. Lock and load!

  81. The same crap is happening on the Texas side of the OK/TX Red River, BLM is taking land! Wonder how many other places are under attack? EMANATE DOMAIN BS. OBAMA’S GIFT TO CHINA!!!!!

  82. Power to the People! And to all my fellow Americans that took the time to get involved I say thank you. We all need to get more involved in reining back our out of control government. I wrote to all my representatives in Washington and told them how wrong this was.

  83. If it had been Sheriff Joe, it would have been over on the first day. While we were locked on this with our attention, there is no telling how many other crimes the administration has committed. The entire administration needs to be impeached along with Harry Reid and John Boehner and everyone that is in the White House staff

  84. “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
    the tranquility of servitude
    better than the animating contest of freedom,
    go home from us in peace.
    We ask not your counsels or your arms.
    Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
    May your chains set lightly upon you,
    We knock the dust from our boots of our mutual memories, wish you God Speed, and forget that we ever knew you.”

  85. This is what happens when you stop paying your fees period. Face it he is a freeloader who refused to pay and now he is reaping what he has sewn.

    1. He was willing to pay the fees to the state or county as the Feds don’t own the land according to Article 1 Section 8 clause 17.
      The Feds can buy land for forts, arsenals etc. IF the state is willing to sell.

  86. The problem was the Sheriff wasn’t going to do a dam thing to protect the rancher, his cattle, and protesters, and Oath keepers. Might want to check and see what ties the Sheriff. and Commissioner have with Harry Reid since old harry seemed he would benefit if the cattle were gone.The Sheriff was pressured into it thanks to a number of Protestors,and growing number of Oath keepers.
    If fighting would have broke out and congress ended up investigating it, I’m sure that Harry Reid cover would have been blown since in in cahoots with solar and wind power turbine companies!
    So you Clark County voters might alt to reconsider whom you want for Sheriff next election. by the way you might want to kick Clark County Commissioner out of Office after his snide comment to a Utah Commissioner! Probable be in your best interest to kick Harry Reid to the curb also.

  87. Its a good thing we still have firearms. Hope that China is paying attention. Don’t mess with American patriots/militia.

  88. Beeeeeeep… This has been a test of the Obama SS, aka the DHS. This
    test was to determine the response of the opposition. If this had been
    an actual emergency, the SS would have pushed forward with extreme
    force. ……I repeat, this is only a test….

  89. It would still be prudent for the protestors to stay, simply because the BLM and the FBI these days cant be trusted to keep their word ..

    1. My thoughts exactly, but hey, in the writers own words, stay tactical, as the BLM are in full tactical mode.

  90. We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed.

  91. @ Greg – It’s time the TPNN spend time pointing out (writing) that the government has no Constitutional authority in Article I Sec 8 to exercise control over the free lands of the Nation. If any, it is the State’s authority per the 10th Amendment – that is if the people of the state gives this authority to their State. Mr. Bundy has constantly pointed out this fact as he was being interviewed. The TPNN should instruct its state affiliates to start writing Letters to the Editor and speak out in the public square of this important FACT. For the most part the American people are ignorant of the Rule book as the public schools are more interested in teaching the “feel good about yourself” and “critical thinking” curriculum which only means what ever you think is correct.

  92. Clark County’s sheriff…Sheriff Douglas Gillespie…allowed this situation to escalate by not kicking the feds off this public land when they first started coming onto the lands and stealing Mr. Bundy’s cattle. As a sheriff, he had the legal authority to demand all federal agents to leave as well as the legal authority to arrest any who ignored this order. Instead, he lied and said “it’s out of my hands.” But then, Sheriff Gillespie’s past actions while holding this office have not been the most “constitutional” or “citizen-friendly”, either.

    Out of the various internet articles I found about Sheriff Gillespie’s actions in the past, the article I’m posting here was excellent, and had the most factual information (that can be easily checked out by anyone wishing to do so).

    “LVMPD Sheriff Douglas Gillespie Exposed” written by Steve Sanson on October 17th, 2013.

    Since the article’s page showed no “share” or “tweet” button, you’ll have to tell others to “Google” it.

    (But then, I’m not the most proficient when it comes to using a computer so you all may know a few “tricks” that I don’t know…:) )

  93. When it comes down to the real nitty gritty these feds are in violation of all of our constitutional rights / we are Americans not obama muslim sheep like he thinks . this will be the first of many many confrontations we will have to handle / / I do not like any illegal muzzie telling me an American what I can and can not do especially an illegal fraudulent fake phony lying deceiving devious crooked corrupt destructive dictating treasonous non American muzzie from Kenya that needs to be picked up by the sheriff’s department and jailed because the feds work for the muzzie / and are all under his control especially the weak smelly justice department what a bunch of lackey sheep they turned out to be !!!

  94. The BLM’s combat approach to this was the most idiotic thing I have seen in years.Bundy insists that he has been paying grazing fees to Clark County, he insists that his cattle are running on county property, and not Federal. The Feds apparently disagree. One wonders why the Feds even bother, this is a desert that reaches temp. of over 120 degrees. The desert turtle argument is a canard based on the fact that both cattle have shared this area for well over a century,long before there was a BLM.

    1. Answer:
      organized by HARRY REID AND HIS SON…..
      It’s not about turtles…follow the money!

  95. I’d like to know what judge issued this illegal court order and who actually has the title for this land. It still doesn’t justify stealing cattle though -just my opinion-.

  96. We need to stick together and fight for our constitution!!!!!!
    The news Medea is helping cover up the wrongs that are being done to the American people Go to (patriotphipps) on YouTube and see what the Medea will not show you!!!

    1. NO…NO..NO…
      Which is why OBAMA’S budget has an item for ONE BILLION DOLLARS for GUN CONTROL…to destroy the Second amendment!!!

  97. They got caught Reid-handed this time. Grabbing land and claiming it was to save tortoises. Typical democratic Obama Holder Reid BS

  98. If the tortoise can’t live with the cattle then I guess they should become extinct, anything can live with cattle, they are the most passive animal alive! Reid probably sent the rangers, I’m sure that he wants to do something with this land. Don’t the Feds have enough land??

  99. This pro communist politician needs to be put in his place. Enough is enough from these pro anti America and anti American people politicians.
    Thank God this ended peacefully, at least for now.
    Look closely at this photo. This is what he and his liberal socialist politicians think of the American people.
    It’s all about them and not the people.

  100. Kudos to all the people that went there to support the Bundy’s. I was there in spirit and so were millions of others.

    1. I think, if you were there facing guns and armored vehicles…expecting to be shot by your own government for protecting your rights and property,
      your camera may have wobbled :-)

  101. “Protesters”??????????? Seriously?????

    How about “Patriots”? How about volunteers or “militia”?

    You could have done better than “protesters”!

    1. You get it!
      They are NOT PROTESTERS…
      They are Patriotic Americans protecting their rights against a tyrannical government.
      That’s why we have the Second Amendment

  102. I love this! I think O’Bama has pretty much been told why we can and will bear arms against any Government take over. That’s our constitional rights as our forefathers knew this might happen someday. Why don’t they just impeach that SOB once and for all and lets put this country back where it can become a Democracy Again. Carol

  103. All of you stay here; I am going back and try to find a warning from a FB respondent on the Bundy Ranch vs FEDS; Yahoo will not, I repeat, will not send out email related to; so far, I have been able to receive.

  104. There’s way too much hyperbole in the comments here but the anger that drives it is understandable, given what looks like an obvious federal overreach. It’s about time some folks stepped forward to push back against a government that seems intent on growing itself beyond all recognition by ignoring historic Constitutional provisions built in to protect Americans from just this kind of thing. While we could well do without the name-calling and invective (Obama’s not a communist, not a dictator and not a Muslim, though he does seem to be something of a dissembler — which is a nice way of saying liar, I’m afraid!), I can’t imagine the Obama administration would want an armed confrontation with American citizens over an issue like this! Imagine if it got out of hand. Imagine bloody shootings between the two sides. It wouldn’t be easily contained until much worse violence had occurred. It would have the look of an American insurrection. Now a real dictator or dictator wannabe, like Putin, would welcome that. It would give him an excuse to crack down and expand his control. But President Obama, whose party faces a difficult election cycle in November, isn’t Putin. He doesn’t want violence in the streets or the need to mobilize troops against his fellow citizens. That sort of thing could blow his administration apart and, whatever else we want to say about him (he certainly is an ideologue and a dissembler), it’s highly unlikely he wants to see his administration to self-destruct in an orgy of violence. Unfortunately there are many among his hard left supporters who would want just that sort of thing so kudos to the folks who stood their ground out west and told the BLM where to get off.

    1. If my politics sour, paraphrased, I will return to the Muslims, Dreams From My Father, O’s autobiography penned by himself…

    2. You, sir, I’m sorry to say, are woefully naive. I suspect you voted for Obama at least once, and are still desperately trying to justify that choice by functioning as his apologist. All of the things you say Obama is not, and does not want, are EXACTLY what he has been working towards his entire adult life, and most assiduously since Jan 2009. You really do need to remove the rose-coloured glasses.

    3. Don’t be silly. I just don’t believe in demonizing opponents. Too many on “our side” of the political spectrum (and I’m guessing we’re on the same side — assuming your comment is merely an emotional overreaction and not something deeper) do demonize others. If you hate, then you’re no better than those you imagine deserving of that hate. If you oppose someone, do it with clear eyes so you won’t underestimate the other guy. And for heaven’s sake don’t give the rest of us a bad name by such name calling and worse

    4. Here is one more “HYPERBOLIC” statement for you!

      Your premise is so full of holes either……. by naivete or design that it is obvious you that you are not very well informed on OBAMA’S intent/plan etc

      You, sir, have your head in the sand.
      Obama wants an excuse to declare martial law and remain in office…so he can use that ‘private” army he formed…… as well the guns, bullets, armored militarized vehicles he has provided for Govt. organizations like Homeland Security, BLM etc etc etc..
      OBAMA’S budget includes ONE BILLION DOLARS or GUN CONTROL!
      Do you get it yet?

    5. What makes you think you are “well informed” about “Obama’s intent/plan, etc.”? You can read his mind can you? It’s clear he’s an ideologue and it’s clear he has intentionally misrepresented many of his views to voters and there have been way too many voters in this country willing to buy his dissembling. The mainstream media has abetted him in this by amplifying his claims and demeaning or dismissing or ignoring challenges to them. Nevertheless, there’s no reason to fantasize that Obama has a secret plan to destroy America because one disagrees with his policy objectives (which Americans should be clear enough on by now — we have more than his rhetoric to judge him by five years plus into his presidency).

      If Obama wanted an “excuse to declare martial law” as you claim, the situation in Nevada gave him that. Instead he had his BLM back off. Get real, lady. You don’t need to hyperventilate about the evil designs of this president just because you oppose him. He isn’t evil. He just represents views many of us don’t share. Like you, I would have liked to see him lose the last election and can hardly wait until his second term is done (though I worry about whether we can field an effective candidate given our past track record — and some of the hyperbole on sites like this)! But he is the elected president of this country and is entitled to our respect. He is also a very smart guy (with a lot of charm) who has done a good job convincing voters to send him to the White House. Personally I’m glad he can’t run again because American voters can be pretty gullible, too often voting for charm and polish over shared interests and values.

      But if folks like you keep spilling vitriol, you will drive away many voters, enough of whom are needed to win in a presidential race. Ultimately, if we can’t win elections, we can’t govern. Unfortunately extremes of feeling are too prevalent in politics today. We live in a democracy which means YOU HAVE TO TOLERATE YOUR OPPONENTS. You have to work with them. One of Obama’s biggest problems is that, like you, he really doesn’t like his opponents and doesn’t work very well with them. A polarized society ultimately cannot sustain democracy.

  105. Legalize Dueling!! When the Feds try to, or do, screw you, challenge them/him to a Duel! Actions will then Have Consequences

    The Problem will be solved one way or another. The Govt. officials /Bureaucrats will then Think, before doing their Stupid Sheite!!

  106. You all need to be aware, at least, that Yahoo is watching the mail regarding this issue, Bundy vs. Feds…

    1. And your point is…?
      Of course, every thing you write is scrutinized/saved..and has been by NSA via all the web sites.

      America has a Constitution…GOOD PEOPLE stand up for it and exercise their right to free speech, whenever and wherever to right a wrong!
      Are you suggesting otherwise….just asking?

  107. It’s why the FBI was investigating Reid, doesn’t explain why Holder stopped the investigation but now it has to be reopened or the collusion and corruption will get worse…..the war is on and the battles have to be won to return to the rule of law….

  108. We will have to TAKE our Country back!! The commies have taken control and want ovomit to be the dick-tator!! This was a land grab by Reid, time to Lock and Load!! The War is coming, the commie’s won’t stop!

  109. Obama will get out his pen and phone and do what he does best, write unconstitutional Executive Orders until the desired outcome is achieved. You can bet the farm, this isn’t over yet.

  110. The rancher in question, has had his cattle on PUBLIC Land and has threatened to illegally round up any wild horse and take them to slaughter so they will not eat his cows food. He has not paid for all those cows for quite a few years and it is minimal what they pay a year to use our land. Those cows are destroying the public land and any hope we have to preserving the legends of our wild horses are threatened by all the illegal grazing on the PUBLIC LANDS. I am a conservative and not a democrat, but maybe everyone should step back and look at all sides of the issue. The BLM is certainly not my favorite because of all the mismanagement of our land and the animals that inhabit them.

    1. Evidently you haven’t read any of the numerous articles that have been published regarding the round up and reduction [polite euphemism for selective killing] of the wild horse population that is ongoing in many areas of Nevada under BLM control.
      It seems that the wild horses have done what most species under the “benevolent protection” of the BLM do over time, that is; reproduce until they actually become such a problem that it requires action on the part of their so called protectors to reduce the population to levels that the local ecology can actually sustain.

    2. Eat much beef? Wear leather anything? Prepared to do without those? Better think about it. This was a trial balloon that failed spectacularly, but it proves that Obama & Co. are prepared even to disrupt the food supply to control the population of this country.

    3. And of course you have documentation of your accusations…please post!
      And of course you have documentation that you are conservative as well.

      We know for a fact that HARRY REID is up to his eyeballs in this, and his son, who represents a CHINESE SOLAR Company….who wants to build on those same lands….hmmmmm!

  111. The article I read said that Obama exchanged a good deal of American property with China to pay down his over-spending/debt to China. Bundy’s cattle are grazing on Chinese property where fracking is going on. Turtle saving is a front! Reid is in the middle of all this and needs to be held accountable the same as the president! They and others with real knowledge about our American property gifting are trying to ward off the currency power that is soon to change, at the expense of all Americans and other countries. Nuff said.

    1. Freedom Outpost by Dean Garrison, April 11, 2014. “Government Lies about Standoff with Cliven Bundy- It’s all about Fracking”. And, WND Front Page , wnd.com “Reid smelling anything but rosy in ranch fight.” Sunday, April 13, 2014 by Jerome R. Corsi.

    2. If true, that is treason. He has absolutely no right to cede any of our territory to foreign powers, absent the consent of Congress and the sovereign state in which the territory lies.

    3. SENATOR REID and REID’S son are up to their ears in this “Land Grab” since Reid’s son is negotiating a CHINESE SOLAR BUSINESS on AMERICAN public lands.

      The BLM is doing the Reid’s dirty work …and claiming it’s all about “protecting” endangered turtles …but the BLM decided ages ago..NOT to protect the turtles because it was too costly….hmmmmm!

  112. The practice session is suspended. Take your toys home and think about what your employer (federal government) was attempting to have you do. They used you (fellow civilians) as pawns in a game of weaponizing the government against the people. And let us not forget that your target was A FOOD SUPPLY..

  113. Man am I glade that obama got elected, now wait a minute of the tar and feathers. Did any of us really know the constitution before he got elected? I for one had not given it a thought since high school government class. That has been a while. Ok but enough studying it is time to impeach and remove the scum that is in the top of our government. Least that is my opinion. Anybody else feel that way? Little barry and holder can go make little rocks out of big ones for my money. Let say a quarter a 55 gallon drum. After all that is a shovel ready job. Wonder if they will try to get their union buddies and weather underground pals to help? Plenty of shovels to go around, gloves not so much. lol oh by the way berry if you like your shovel you can keep it.

  114. if one agent had fired a gun even by accident all of the agents would have been killed by high powered rifles from the protestor trucks and an american revolution would have been under way.

  115. This type federal action is what we can expect in the future if things keep going as they are. The federal government and their representatives did in fact take the actions to escalate the situation, causing concern the incident could develop into another Ruby Ridge or Waco in which federal agents engaged in assaults with mass civilian casualties.

  116. I’m thinking that more and more armed protesters were arriving and that was making them real nervous. We need to do whatever it takes to stop tyranny.

  117. Unfortunately, I am persuaded that “Dirty Harry and son, Rory and their deal” with the Chinese land purchase and the phony deal with the tortoise are not finished, just regrouping

  118. Notice how the Government had police shut down I-15? They wanted to stop more armed Patriots from showing up.

    Hey Patriots! You had better start buying 4X4′s. That’s the only way to get around unsuspected roadblocks.

    This isn’t the end. It’s only the beginning. This has all the earmarks of a trial run against Patriots.

  119. I sincerely hope that professional media members and honest media organizations will research the real reasons the Federal Government is attempting to confiscate this land and expose whoever is involved. This is not about turtles. This is about money and power and corruption somewhere. And the grazing rights should be restored to all those who were bullied to leave this land. The perpetrators should be jailed. No matter what political office and power they may think they have. This country belongs to Americans…the government belongs to Americans and we vote to hire honest people to manage our country in our best interests. When the government believes they can lock up or shoot citizens over their own property they have lost their usefulness to society.

  120. I say ,if your a Patriot and you have Vacation leave from work . Grab your arms and go to the Bundy ranch and support them from Tyranny .

  121. If it hadn’t been for today’s social media, this would have ended the same way Ruby Ridge did. Score one for liberty.

  122. WELL::The BLM Goons sure pulled out quick after the article about Harry and Rory being in bed with the Chinese hit the NET ! The sad thing is there was not one word about it mentioned on Net Work Television News Why? Because Obama and Reid are keeping it hushed up.!!

  123. I’ve gone down this post and seeing the variety of opinions. I’m sure the younger generation has been taught certain things about how its supposed to be in our country. Quite awhile ago the way most lived was great.
    No. the govt has sucked and caused people to fight with each other over the varying opinions for a long time but we didn’t have all of this “my rights” this and that. It has been used to manipulate the Constiitution. It has ALWAYS been an “in God We Trust” country. But people were/are allowed to practice their belief systems. We are NOT the Middle East where you get killed for being anything but muslim. And even the “non-extremists” read the same koran as the extremists. So what does that mean? The quiet ones still believe that the only way to get to Heaven is by killing all the Christians and the Jews, how much more different are they?

    Our country ran somewhat smoothly b4 all the cry babies started in. Hope y’all have Blessed by God, in the Name of Jesus Christ day. :)

  124. A corrupt government has its lies exposed, and as the crooks that they are backed down as cowards because they knew they were caught in the wrong

  125. Im not sure whats going on here, this is all news to me, but imo if they are pulling out it is because they are waiting for the crowed to go away, the cameras to go away………

    they are not done.

  126. Good job, Greg! And, a great job by the Patriots that took a stand for freedom and liberty!!! The sheriff is also to be commended for his part in the standoff.

  127. Why do we need armed Land Management officers????? we have the FBI why do we need the people armed????

  128. A. Holder is a part of the Obama crimInal organization
    B. Elect new politicians NO INCUMBENTS SHALL BE REELECTED
    C. Obama must be impeached AND tried for team

  129. Please continue to read the updates–this is all tied to Reid, who has been pressuring BLM because his Son is trying to clear the land for a foreign solar company to come in–Reid is neck deep in Traitorious business, needs to be investigated further.

  130. Google…. BUNDY SOLAR CHINESE and you’ll find dozens of articles and information about the REAL REASON that the BLM and HARRY REID are trying this huge land grab of public lands!!!!…..And it’s not turtles, folks :-)

  131. First of all the land belongs to all of us Americans. All other people who use the BLM land have to pay a fee per head of an animal to graze on our land. This guy thinks he should get to graze his cattle for free. We Americans deserve to get paid for our ownership of the land. The government are us people, who pay our taxes. Time for Mr. Bundy to start paying fees. Let the government forgive the past fees due but he needs to pay his fair share. His cattle are getting fed for free! This is not our battle- against our own people. Make him start paying and I’ll be happy.

    1. He already pays fees to the state of Nevada and the county, the people who actually own the land. Why should he pay the federal government fees for land they do not own? Arbitrary imposition of fees is not part of the deal and constitutes an illegal “taking”. The idea that this is simply about enforcing grazing fees is just ridiculous. It is a civil matter that is being treated as if it were a crime. The government has the right to place liens on his home, his livestock, etc, through a federal CIVIL court proceeding. This would prevent him from being able to operate his business until he paid the fees.
      Deploying snipers, helicopters, assaulting protesters…all of these are actions of government with an agenda far beyond the stated infractions. You don’t seem to understand that there is no crime here, simply a civil dispute between the federal government, and the farmers in the region. Mr. Bundy has stated numerous times that he would be happy to pay the fees to either the county or the state, just not to the federal government. It doesn’t matter one whit if the federal government thinks that it has some special right to land that they do not own. There is no principal of “eminent domain” that they can claim was at stake here, and even if they could, it cannot be justified with orders to kill anyone who attempts to interfere. Grow up, learn a bit about the law, and break free of the obvious public school indoctrination you’ve been brainwashed with, blondie.

    2. Following in daddy Harry Reid’s corrupt footsteps is his son Rory who is representing Chinese energy giant ENN Energy Group which wants to use federal land as part of its effort to build a $5 billion solar farm and panel-building plant in the southern Nevada desert. Part of the land ENN wants to use was purchased from Clark County at well below appraised value. Rory Reid is the former Clark County Commission chairman, and he persuaded the commission to sell 9,000 acres of county land to ENN on the promise it would provide jobs for the area. I wonder how much the Chinese lined Rory’s pockets with.

      According to BizPac Review, BLM documents indicate that the federal property for which Bundy claims grazing rights were under consideration by a solar energy company. Those documents have since been removed from BLM’s website, but BizPac quotes from one of them:

      “Non-Governmental Organizations have expressed concern that the regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold Butte as the location for offsite mitigation for impacts from solar development, and that those restoration activities are not durable with the presence of trespass cattle.”
      “Trespass cattle” is a reference to Bundy’s herd. In its effort to get Bundy off the land, it has attempted to get him to reduce his 1,000-head herd to 150, which wouldn’t be viable. BLM has proven that they’ve a situational concern for the desert tortoise as they’ve had no problem waiving their rules concerning wind or solar power development.

      The rare desert tortoise claim was a hoax to cover for the real deal. The same tortoise in a nearby conservation center is so over abundant that they are scheduling to have many euthanized.

      Harry Reid pressured the BLM to change the tortoise’s protected zone to accommodate developer Harvey Whittemore, one of the Democrat’s top donors. Whittemore was convicted in May 2013 of making illegal campaign contributions to him.

      The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree, does it.

  132. Also mining companies and other companies that make money from the BLM land have to pay big-time fees so this guy gets a pass? Back about the time he decided to stop paying the BLM fees, the BLM had increased the grazing fee from $1.00 per head to $6.00 per head. Ranchers were getting rich on a $1.00 per head. $6.00 is a fair price when you consider how much meat he can sell on the hoof. Also, the calves end up being free because eventually the bull pays for himself with the breeding.

  133. I doubt seriously that mainstream media will report the real reason why BLM intruded on Nevada’s sovereignty. If they were, the money trail would lead them to the Reid connection and Washington Political insiders. And the Desert Tortoises is not the real issue, they are the ruse for the EEN Energy Group. What has transpired in Gold Butte is just the tipping point of the peoples toleration to tyranny.

  134. That’s right
    Fuck the government !
    The only thing there good for is breaking the law & getting away with it.
    Hey asshole the west wasn’t won over chicken or goats.
    Sorry but there are still AMERICANS that have a back bone left in them & won’t back down to the so called government
    Remember it’s “we the people”
    You puke faced fucks

    1. Hey Danny ….Don’t hold back! lol lol
      Love your comment – put a smile on my face for sure! ;)

  135. So if you do some research. The more than 80% of federal land in Nevada has been that way since Nevada has been a state (1864). This includes the contested land that Mr. Bundy says his family has used since the 1870′s. When I say federal land im actually saying US citizens land. That means all US citizens. If you dont like the law then fine. But I like even less that people just disagree with it and tell everyone else who seems to respect the rule of law and the democratic process to go pound sand. Mr Bundy isnt a law abiding citizen. He has stolen over a million dollar from the rest of us. This is a simple fact. Im not a great fan of the federal government but I am a great fan of both our judicial and democratic processes even when I dont agree with them.

  136. Where is/was Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and any other of the so-called Constitutional people on the Bundy Ranch Stand Off.

    1. They were probably holding off commenting until the details were fully known. They did the right thing in letting the Governor handle states issues.

  137. I’m waiting for Cliven Bundy to get visited by the one government agency that always wins, the IRS.

    How? Mr Bundy has “Imputed Income” from the financial gain he has revived from grazing cattle on land he hasn’t paid for. All the BLM has to do is issue him with a 1099 for 20 years worth of land rent and he’s done.

    Mr. Bundy then gets 2 options. pay the taxes…or go to jail. Alter all, the IRS is the only court in America when you are guilty until proven innocent..