UPDATE: Obama BLM Retreats After Tense, Armed Standoff with Protesters

Bundy Ranch Patriots

Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie made an announcement moments ago and ordered BLM off the Bundy land. People from around the country that traveled to Nevada in support of states rights and property rights are rejoicing at the end to this federal land grab and overreach. It looks like the one person who has the authority to tell BLM to leave the premises and cease operations has done so. 

NOTE: TPNN’s Greg Campbell is at the Bundy Ranch and will be updating this story, including pictures and videos, soon. Stay tuned!


After Sheriff Doug Gillespie announced that the BLM will be ordered to stand down, the crowd erupted in celebration. However, protesters have voiced concern that BLM authorities will not adhere to the deal brokered by the Sheriff. 

Tensions are high as protesters, many armed, have claimed that they intend to descend into the valley to round up cattle to return to the Bundy family. News to follow.

3:15 pm ET – UPDATE

It’s a mad house. Police are everywhere. Cowboys shut down the I-15 freeway and are wrangling up cattle that was previously seized by the BLM. There are protesters everywhere. Currently am walking towards the protesters. I’m about a ¼ mile away and can hear them screaming and chanting, whooping and hollering, “USA! USA!”

It’s happening right now. There are hundreds of protesters on one side of the bridge. They are shouting and having a standoff with about 25 heavily armed BLM agents. The agents have pepper gas, riot shields, and AR-15s. The protesters are standing between the rangers and the confiscated cattle which is about 500 yards down range. This is intense.

The Obama BLM agents are on loudspeaker telling the protesters that they will be arrested for violating a court order if they don’t disperse. The BLM agents are in full tactical mode.

Obama’s BLM has sent one agent to approach the cowboys. More info soon. 

Update 6 PM Eastern: 

Though the Sheriff’s Department announced a shaky truce between the protesters and the BLM authorities, the protesters demanded a speedy return of all seized cattle. After several hours, the BLM had not released the cattle and hundreds of protesters (many on horseback) descended upon the BLM encampment to demand a return of the cattle.

The ranchers/protesters have seemingly won the battle. After a very tense standoff between federal authorities and hundreds of protesters, Ammon Bundy and Dave Bundy, sons of rancher Clive Bundy, were approached by a single agent to negotiate a truce. Both sons returned from talks several hundred yards down the wash to tell a roaring crowd that federal authorities were standing down and the seized cattle would be returned within the hour.

The truce was brokered with the help of Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie who appeared to serve as a mediator between the infuriated crowd and the battle-ready BLM agents. 

Traffic on neighboring I-15 came to a standstill as police blocked off both Southbound and Northbound at various points. As of 6 PM Eastern, the situation has calmed considerably and mounted ranchers are working to herd cattle back to the Bundy ranch.