LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling is a Racist Democrat

Donald Sterling Girlfriend

If L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling were a Republican or member of the Tea Party movement, then his party affilation would be front page news and we’d all know it by now. It would be shouted from the rooftops as an attempt to further smear anyone against big, intrusive and abusive government as being a “racist.”

Therefore, in the spirit of balance, fairness and social justice, it’s only right that Sterling’s political affiliation be known. Donald Sterling is a racist Democrat. 

Reminiscent of the Democrat Party subsidiary, the KKK, Sterling, 81, was caught on audio by  TMZ  making extremely racist comments to his 23 year-old girlfriend (that’s a 58 year difference for you non-math types, but that’s a different story). 

According to the audio released by  TMZ,  Sterling made the following highly repulsive and racist comments in an argument with his young girlfriend, who ironically is black and Mexican, for posting a photo of herself with NBA basketball legend and Hall of Fame member, former L.A. Laker, Magic Johnson:
  •  “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?”
  •  “You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that … and not to bring them to my games.” 
  • “I’m just saying, in your lousy f******* Instagrams, you don’t have to have yourself with, walking with black people.”
  •  “…Don’t put him [Magic Johnson] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don’t bring him to my games.” 
Sterling has given thousands of dollars to Democrat candidates and causes over the years, and what is both overly ironic and perplexing, was scheduled to receive a “Lifetime Achievment Award” from the Democrat operatives at the NAACP, despite Sterling’s long history of racism. 

National Review  reported details of Sterling’s Democrat Party affiliation and support: 

The highly offensive comments have drawn condemnation from across the National Basketball Association as well as from many other sources; and inevitably, attempts have been made to link him to the Republican Party. These appear to be based on campaign contribution records for a different Sterling, who lives in the state of Texas. Clippers owner Donald Sterling lives in Beverly Hills, has a long history of bigoted behavior in his Los Angeles business dealings, and according to a 2011 RealGM report, was a very occasional Democratic donor in the 1990s:

Donald Sterling, Los Angeles Clippers
Records show Sterling has donated just $6,000, with no activity since the early 1990s. He supported Gray Davis early in his career, as well as Bill Bradley.

Bradley was a Hall of Fame forward for the New York Knicks before becoming a U.S. senator from New Jersey and an unsuccessful presidential candidate. Davis made out with Cybill Shepherd in the 1960s before becoming California’s 37th governor and the first Golden State executive ever to be recalled.

At the American Power blog, Donald Douglas has an extended discussion of Sterling’s donations to liberal causes and the left-leaning commentators who have lauded him in the past. At the time TMZ released its recording, Sterling was scheduled to receive a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP.

UPDATE:  Far-left site  Mother Jones  reports that Sterling is a “registered Republican.” However, according to campaign contribution records, Sterling has only given money to Democrat candidates and liberal causes. Additionally, Sterling has accepted several awards from liberal causes throughout the years. Therefore, one has to ask, if he is a “Republican,” then why would he only support Democrats?


  1. YOU LIE!! You obviously are repeating unsubstantiated information posted on a conservative blog. Unfortunately, like you, people reading your blather probably won’t take the time to find the truth Is he registered as a Democrat? Did he donate to Clinton, Gore, or Obama’s campaign’s? Why no, but here’s their irrefutable proof: over TWENTY YEARS ago Sterling contributed a few thousand dollars to 2 California Democrats. Sterling is worth over $1.9 BILLION so that hardly makes him a big time donor and since that time his donations have been a big fat $0.
    I’m not saying there are NO racist Democrats. I’m sure there are many racists on both sides of the aisle but please, why the need to fabricate? Stick to the facts.

    1. The lapdog media knows that the first statement is what sticks in peoples minds. So whoever speaks first, even if it is just another liberal lie, gets remembered by the bulk of people.
      They toss out an innocent sounding question and then quietly correct later on after the majority of people have stopped listening. Thus the lie becomes reality.

    2. So, people will remember that he’s a democrat even though he’s a registered republican? I’ll try to post the link to his registration after this comment, but on most sites, links get the comment blocked.

    3. So I would guess your are a registered Rethug…..but you are really a Dem…silly bagger displaying the flag of traitors.

    4. I’m not entirely sure what you’re getting at, though I think you’re right? I registered repub to caucus for Ron Paul in my impressionable days, but voted for Obama. My avatar is there as a social experiment to see if people respond to my WORDS or if they’ll take the avatar and run with it. I got the idea when I saw a reasonably liberal guy with a GWB avatar replying to a very conservative guy with a Mao avatar and neither of them were making sense – just responding to the other’s avatar.

    5. A small donation ruined the Mozilla guy…. It was a HUGE deal when he did it but a democRAT get the pass how you hypocrites work…..

    6. Sucks when a small thing gets you labeled by people with a political agenda. This guy is, or was a democrat donor. In the world of the liberal press, that is enough to destroy someone’s reputation and claim he is slightly worse than the anti-Christ…if he was a Republican.
      Just ask Paula Dean or Phil Robertson. Or read Chris Matthews comments as the bombs were still exploding in Boston.
      Now you know how infuriating it is.

      Nobody on our side would have thought twice about his politics, but the media was lightning quick to falsely label him a conservative so we had to prove the reality. If the media and the liberal liars would stick to real issues and quit trying to label everybody that has ever uttered a racist word a conservative none of this would be necessary.

  2. Conservatives may be closet racists. Who knows. But the fact of the matter is, they fight for freedom and equality no matter your race. Their personal beliefs don’t change the premise of everyone having freedom and rights to the pursuit of happiness without government involvement. IDC about someone’s personal beliefs. I care about how his beliefs affect my right to freedom. People need to grow up. There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like you. If it doesn’t impede you ability to live in liberty, who cares what people think.

    1. That’s what you got out of that statement? Wow. See what I’m dealing with? That one line was to appease and avoid an argument that detracts from the REAL issue. But, of course there’s ALWAYS someone who can’t see the forest from the trees. This country is in big trouble.

    2. Your the one name calling and the rest of your post is a joke , yea he has the freedom to express his opinion and he also has the freedom to get banned and lose his team as stated in the agreement he signed with the nba ,

    3. Who’s calling names?? And please enlighten me as to what “agreement” you’re talking about. Liberals are controlled by their government and their emotions. Lmao. Good luck with that.

    4. He signed an agreement with the NBA , you know contract and he will be forced into selling the team one way or the other , and the Liberals are controlled by there emotions oh yea thats Lmao , the first one is greed and there power hungry

    5. OMG. Really? Wow. Had no idea there was a signed contract between the parties……..Lmao. No, I’m asking you where in the agreement does it state that if he privately, in his own home, expresses a dislike for other races, you can be forced to sell your franchise. Or if the general public gets angry at you, you will be forced to sell your franchise. Hahaha. And thanked for agreeing that your party is greedy and power hungry.

    6. Conservative’s are REALIST! There was a time when both Conservative and Liberal meant different things but today they’re both bad apparently today.

    7. Apparently the two above can’t grasp what I said. I wasn’t accusing conservatives of being racist. I was appeasing the the inevitable go to argument spewed by every liberal on the planet. Because the argument is not the point. The point freedom to say or do what you want as long as you’re not impeding on someone else’s right to the same. . Yes both parties have faults. But the right will ALWAYS stand for freedom of government control of our lives. Stop using come as an excuse or a prelude to further injustice. THAT’S my point. But of course it is turned around into something completely different by clueless arseholes.

    8. But the right will ALWAYS stand for freedom of government control of our lives. Liar…tell that to big government conservatives telling doctors to LIE to women considering an abortion…..tell that to the big government conservatives in NJ who want to prevent Tesla from selling cars directly to the public……tell that to big government conservatives in OK that want to prevent cities and counties from raising the min wage on their own.

  3. Sterling may be a racist, it really doesn’t matter to me ne way or the other. He has the right to make any statements he wants to and face teh consequences of those statements. I do have one question….Who made the recording and released it to the media? I think he may have a lawsuit if he choose to press it.

    1. He told his girlfriend to record him because he forgets things….like he forgot he was a racist.

    2. I think that racist hurt us all…white or black. While we do have freedom of speech, it is up to us to think about what we are about to say before we say it. If we hurt someone personally by our words we have done wrong. We have to think about the repercussions of our words, especially in his position. If he feels that way he should have another job because the people that he has such little regard for are the ones that puts a roof over his head and food on his table. Working for someone that you know doesn’t respect you does not encourage you to do your best and that is a two way street. Everyone needs to feel appreciated and respected and you will reap the rewards abundantly. So this in not a black/white thing…this is a human thing.

  4. Sterling is unlikely a racists and certainly no more a racists than most of the Blacks calling him out for his comments. If Sterling does not like Blacks perhaps he has a good reason other than racism. Perhaps the Blacks his wife brings over act badly and he does not wish to be around such people. Sterling could have worded his comment a little better but such comments prove little.

  5. A mans comments in private do not mean thing . I listen to black people make racist remarks about white people all the time . Grow up how cares .It is only racist if some one makes something out of it and then they wear the badge . Like I said GROW UP

  6. He is just bummed because of his tiny wherewithal ..He does not like to be reminded of it.. Magic has no such problem..

  7. He’s in league with the likes of Clinton, Sharpton, Jackson, so it’s no biggie. They are all racist hypocrites.

    1. Oops. Turns out Sterling is a Republican. There seems to be a growing correlation here between racists and Republicans. Last week it was Cliven Bundy and this week it’s Sterling. Discuss.

    2. Ya best lay off that Libturd Left kool aid. it’s getting to ya. This aashole Sterling is totally a Democrap, much to your liking.



    5. The real fault here is “political correctness.” A sick concept that condones lying and dishonesty. A concept that never lets us deal with the real problem. PC is the worst institution since slavery.

  8. Donald Sterling’s comments were beyond disgusting and deplorable. Listening to his exchange between him and his girlfriend showed a man with very warped values when it comes to race. Obviously he wears two faces publicly and privately.

    1. Are you kidding me?? They’re just words. Didn’t your mommy ever tell you sticks and stones? People are under the impression that they need the approval of someone else in order to speak their mind. Grow some balls people. Who cares what people think or say. Put the effort in yourself rather than into training the thought police. I mean really. Grow up. Life’s not fair. You can’t force it to be fair. It is what it is. You can’t demand that people act and speak the way you want to. It’s ridiculous how childish we behave when it comes to issues of this world.

  9. When I’m 81, I am pretty sure that I won’t need a 23 year old girlfriend. So, I’ve got that goin for me…

    1. Are you that desperate to try and label conservatives as racist? Pathetic
      If that is all you have, perhaps you could go back to playing video games in mommy’s basement and let the adults talk.

    2. The obvious tone of this article is “Republicans have the well deserved title of being racists, but we found the one old, rich, white guy who is a racist AND a Democrat so please start pointing fingers at him so people will forget we’ve been idolizing Cliven Bundy for the past month.”

    3. You don’t need desperation to believe that most racists are affiliated with the GOP, you just need ears and working brain. Not all conservatives are racist, but all racists are conservatives.

    4. Are you that desperate to try and label conservatives as racist? I do not have to …they do it on their own……this US Navy Vet of 20 years does not have a basement and I never met your mommie….bagger.

  10. On Sunday, Michael Hiltzik, a Los Angeles Times columnist, tweeted that local voter records show Sterling to be a registered Republican “since 1998.” We followed up on that, and a search of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s website for Sterling’s name, date of birth, and address confirmed that he’s registered as a Republican

  11. The man is entitled to not like whomever he chooses… Do you really think that Al and Jesse like white people….

  12. “On Sunday, Michael Hiltzik, a Los Angeles Times columnist, tweeted that local voter records show Sterling to be a registered Republican “since 1998.” We followed up on that, and a search of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s website for Sterling’s name, date of birth, and address confirmed that he’s registered as a Republican”

    Just wanted to repost this just in case you desperate right wingers missed it…by the way when the Koch brothers try to defend themselves against charges of spending their money to sway elections Republicans way, their come back is they donate to Democratic candidates too…does that make the Koch brothers does by the logic used in this BS article

  13. He’s 81…she’s 23…he a Billionaire…she is 23…he’s a Racist…she’s 23….he owns a team…she’s 23…did I forget to mention that she is 23?

  14. Sterling may have made a racist comment but the girl friend is just a gold digger if she is his girl friend, then why is she coming to the games with someone else and sleeping
    around with whom ever. I guess she is tired of an old man and wants to leave with a pocket full of money. Disgusting all the way around. The picture they show of Sterling and his friends sitting court side looks like Chicago gangsters.

  15. Democrapts and RINOs would sell their wives for a Buck and a Vote!
    We need real change which always has come from the people!

  16. Who even watches the NBA any more? Really, I’m serious, are the numbers better than in the 80s? Hockey is getting more viewers but NBA, MBA, and even the NFL numbers are shrinking and some is from this Democrapts Economy which they helped create while Bush was President! Don’t trust a Democratic or RINO ever but especially now with these tactics which make our Country Suffer!
    First Impressions matter so please come and matter for a great cause, the USA cause!

  17. He’s a registered Republican. But do carry on with your wheezy complaints. You all seem overcome with the vapors.

  18. Wow….Are you guys going to look stupid when you find out he’s been a registered Republican since ’98.

    I mean, stupider than you usually look.

  19. If Donald Sterling was registered as a Republican since 1998, conservative propaganda blogs would ignore that and go overboard mentioning the only political donations he has ever made, $4,000 between 1989-1991, because the candidates happened to be Democrats. If you can prove that someone who votes differently than you is racist than it is impossible for you to be racist. That’s just science. As an added bonus, maybe everyone will stop talking about Tea Party darling Cliven “Make the tax payers pay for my cattle to graze” Bundy’s opinions on racial equality and what is better for other people not like him.

  20. Conservatives are clearly desperate to find a racist liberal to divert attention from the countless racist conservatives. Too bad. Dude is a registered republican just like Cliven Bundy. He only donated to those democratic politicians, because he is a business man, and he needed to get favors from them.

  21. He just lô¿ôks like a heavily-medicated, lecherous an’ disgusting old pimp…’sounds like one, too…

  22. Let us never forget, that the slave owners and the political party that wanted to keep the status quo at that time were…DEMOCRATS. It took Lincoln, a REPUBLICAN to free the slaves. And he was white too. Oh the irony.

    1. The parties are nothing like they were back then, Lincoln would cry if he saw what it has become now.

    2. excellent post Chris, republicans typically don’t even know their own political history but RIGHT WING media feeds them red meat and they refuse to FACT check ANYTHING!!!

  23. I wish he was a democrat – it would give us ammo against them.

    Reality is he is a registered republican. Too bad the author of this didn’t spend a second looking into that. Would have saved face.

  24. >if he is a “Republican,” then why would he only support Democrats?

    Because he lives in California dummy.

  25. What damn difference does it make if he’s a Republican or a Democrat?
    Your all being racist using the labels! The fact remains he doesn’t want
    to be reminded of the fact his sweetie is sleeping with Black men and
    have her flaunt it front of him. Good grief, you might feel the same
    damn way!

  26. Wow. The Tea Party News Network? I’ll bet your viewership has gone up 100% since Mother Jones posted a link to you. Now you have a whole 50 people paying attention to you. And what do we find? An inaccurate story about Donald Sterling. An inaccurate story about Toyota and California (you forgot to report that they’re pulling 1,600 jobs from Republican Kentucky) and an inaccurate story about Cliven Bundy (really, you found one whole African-American) who doesn’t think he’s racist?) Ugh. Selective hearing, selective writing and selective understanding. Not a great combination for “journalists.”

  27. In response to your edit, Matthew, I don’t know but I can hazard a guess. Because he really hasn’t supported anyone given it was a paltry sum that amounts to pennies to you and me. Also, half went to Bill Bradley the basketball player and half the rest to the guy running against Dianne Feinstein, of all people. Hardly a show of support for Dems. As for receiving awards from liberal groups, that’s just stupid. Tell me you’d turn down a Pulitzer.

  28. Sterling is a racist, that’s for sure. But it turns out he has infiltrated the Republican Party. What’s that again about Cliven Bundy being a “patriot”? I fully expect to hear of Sterling being elevated to that lofty status of “patriot” at any moment. Gee, Michael Burke. Are you one the top intellectuals at TPNN?

  29. First of all, he gave $6,000, that’s it. Secondly, why does it matter what party he is in? What matters, is that he is a racist.

    1. Exactly. Racism exists. It ALWAYS will. EVERY race has racial issues. Black people don’t have a corner on the market. Believe it or not, I live in New Orleans. Predominantly black and I face racism on a daily basis. But I’m not crying to whoever will listen to make it stop. And btw, stipends won’t make me happy but, give it to me anyway because YOU OWE ME. Puhlease. Spare me. Black people are NOT the only race who has been a slave. As a matter of fact, slavery is still alive and well all over the world. So, debt paid. Move on. Because all the American slave owners have been dead a looooong time.

    2. Who said anything about only Black people facing racism? I think most people understand that other groups has been discriminated against (including the Irish and Italians) so your point was pointless. Secondly, you are in no position to tell anyone how they are supposed to feel. You handle racism your way, just don’t act like you use a one size fits all approach.

    3. No Desmond, most people don’t understand that racism occurs in every race. So sick of hearing about white privilege. It’s a BS copout. So no, my point wasn’t pointless. You just don’t want to acknowledge it. NEVER said one size fits all. I said stop shifting blame. Move on. You’re not the only race that’s had a hard past. Lose the chip. I don’t feed into all this white guilt BS. It’s gone on long enough.

    4. Here’s the thing, you’re not talking to most people, you’re talking to me. All you’ve done is repeat yourself and bring up “White Privilege” and “white guilt.” How is that relevant to our conversation? Maybe you should reread my previous post so you don’t respond with the same point you tried to make before.

    5. Here’s the thing?? Honey, we ARE talking about racism. Racism IS the subject. I don’t need to read your “other” posts to understand the conversation. You don’t just get to spout off a few words and not get challenged. My point is, racism exist in every culture. There are just some who are more vocal on the atrocities of life. The poor me syndrome. So what if some jerk doesn’t like me because of the color my skin. I put my big girl clothes on every morning and get on with my day. As soon as you hear a white person utter sounds of racism, the whole world falls apart. Lmao.

    6. And my point is, this is the third time you’ve said the same thing. I KNOW RACISM EXISTS ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! But there is more to this than someone not liking your skin tone. What you fail to understand is, is when people in power don’t like a certain group, they will do all they can to keep them from succeeding. Institutional racism is much worse than regular racism. Not to mention, some groups have had it a lot worse than others. I’m going to leave that open, but finish with until you understand it from someone else’s point of view (not your own, because you only have a fraction of the answers) then you shouldn’t judge.

    7. I’m not judging anyone. I’m saying stop worrying about what other people think. Racism doesn’t hold people back from success. As a matter of fact, every opportunity is afforded to minorities tax payer subsidy. People get judged by their past and present. Not by their skin color. I’m sure it happens, but it is not the rhyme nor reason. People are free to do or say what they want. And btw, it’s you talking in circles. Make your point.
      You’re saying people are held back by racism. Who exactly are you talking about. This article is about racism and how we deal with it. What part sticks and stones don’t you understand?

    8. I’ve made my point over and over again, you just refuse to listen. If you think that racism is about what people think of you, then you are missing so much more. This isn’t really about what people think of an entire group. You know what? You’re just going to say the same thing over and over again, no matter how much I talk about institutional racism. I’m done.

    9. Thank God for that because you’re making no sense. Institutionalized racism is different than plain old regular racism?? Lmao. Thanks for the social lesson. Maybe you should try a different way to explain your position so that “dumb” people like me can understand your thinking.

  30. She’s a racist. He’s a racist. Everyone’s a racist. The biggest racist in this country resides in the White House!

  31. Didn’t you know that only conservative white people can be racist? Liberals, specifically rich liberals, just pay off the NAACP and the Rainbow Coalition and get a pass every time. Frankly, I don’t care what a person says, it is his actions that matter and this guy’s past actions have been despicable. Did all these people just fall off the turnip truck?

    1. Just wait, NAACP is expecting a big fat payoff and then he will be right back there – Man of the year.

  32. NAAWP wants to KNOW which is the WORST
    1) Being a GREAT LIAR
    2) Being a RACIST
    4) Being a PROGRESSIVE
    5) Being a MEMBER of the TEA PARTY
    6) Being a CHRISTIAN
    7) Being a MEMBER f a PATROIT GROUP
    8) Being a CRACKA SMACKA
    9) Being a FLASH ROBBER
    11) Being a POLAR BEAR HUNTER
    12) Being a BLACK PANTHER
    13) Being a KKK MEMBER
    14) Being a MEMBER of the NAACP
    16) Being a MEMBER of the NAAWP
    17) Being a CONSERVATIVE
    18) Being LIBERAL
    19) Being a PROGRESSIVE
    20) Being AL SHARPTON
    21) Being JESSIE JACKSON
    23) Being the fatuous1

  33. If you are 81 and a billionaire, and you have a 23 year girl friend, she is not in the relationship for the LOVE! She is in it for the GREEN! The guy is rich, but not bright. No telling what he may say or believe in.

  34. You would think with all that scratch he could buy a MUCH better looking sugar baby than that…She is the definition of a butter face..

  35. Hey idiot! if your going to put up a website at least get your FACTS right! donald sterling is a registered republican! you moron! you honestly are so damn LAZY you couldn’t check the LA county records office and got the REAL story?? you lost ALL credibility

  36. 2 days later and still no correction? Even the National Review has admitted their mistake in shame and embarrassment. A fact well documented by now: Donald Sterling is a registered Rape-publican.

  37. No donations to any candidates in 23 yrs; $4,000 to 3 candidates before then.

    He is a registered Republican – since 1998.

  38. Matthew – I think it’s unbecoming of you to intentionally mislead us and worry that we Tea-Party members are too stupid to think for ourselves.

    The facts of the matter is that he donated a few thousand dollars to 3 democrats over 20 years ago – and has been a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN since 1998.

    At least be honest about this – either way he is a racist and that has no place in my party.

    Why can’t we tea-party members be allowed to think for ourselves based on actual facts and not constantly mislead by the Republican Corporate Media?

    It’s these types of things that make me wonder what ever happened to the Tea-Party – when did we sell out so easily and allow ourselves to be manipulated like silly puppets?

  39. I don’t care what his politics are. He is being crucified because of his culturization that began in the early twentieth century. The are no laws against prejudice , only illegal racial discrimination. He is being punished for thought which are not illegal. How can any American call for his property to be seized and liquidated? I would never have told my girl friend what he did but it is not illegal. By the way, I am a white 64 yr old moderate that never went to a racially integrated school till I went to college. I grew up with colored water fountains I witnessed all sorts of social injustice. There are millions like me who understand it was wrong but still do not culturally understand other races.He should keep his team if he chooses and those that are morally superior to him don’t need to go to his games. By the way, I am a white moderate progressive that voted for Obama twice. Until negros learn to have real pride in themselves and not let petty name calling fire up irrational passions they will be marginalized.