Why is the Pentagon Destroying $1 Billion Worth of Ammunition?


The Obama Administration’s love of wasteful spending is, perhaps, only equal to their hatred for all things firearm-related. For the last few years, multiple sites have reported about the federal government’s purchase of millions of rounds of ammunition. However, the Pentagon now plans to destroy $1.2 billion worth of ammunition simply because they do not keep adequate purchase records.
Or so they say…
According to a new report from the Government Accountability Office, the Department of Defense does not keep proper inventory records, so they claim that they cannot ascertain which rounds are viable and which rounds may have degraded since purchase.
Democrat Senator Tom Carper and chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee stated, 
“There is a huge opportunity to save millions, if not billions of dollars if the [Pentagon] can make some common-sense improvements to how it manages ammunition. Despite years of effort, the Army, Navy and Air Force still don’t have an efficient process for doing something as basic as sharing excess bullets. This Government Accountability Office (GAO) report clearly shows that our military’s antiquated systems lead to millions of dollars in wasteful ammunition purchases.” 
The report labels the waste as being valued at about $1.2 billion, but it could be more.
Other key findings from the report:
• The services have inventory systems for ammunition that cannot share data directly despite working for decades to develop a single database. Only the Army uses the standard Pentagon format; “the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps operate with formats that are obsolete.”
• The services hold an annual conference to share information about surplus ammunition and swap bullets and other munitions as needed. Data about ammunition left over after the meeting disappears from the books, resulting in an unknown amount of good bullets headed to the scrap heap.
• The Army, although required by regulation, had not reported annually on its missile stockpile until last month, shortly before the GAO study was to be released.
The report illustrates the obsolete nature of the Pentagon’s inventory systems for ammunition. A request for ammunition from the Marine Corps, for example, is e-mailed to the Army. The e-mail is printed out and manually retyped into the Army system because the services cannot share data directly. Not only is this time consuming, but it can introduce errors — by an incorrect keystroke, for example. 
The result of this destruction of ammunition not only signifies the presence of an absurd, redundant bureaucracy, but might also signify a concerted effort by the government to drive up the price of ammunition by making it scarcer.
Just days ago, the U.S. Postal Service announced that they are looking for distributors to sell them assorted small arms ammunition. Last year, the Social Security Administration purchased 174,000 rounds of .357 jacketed hollow-point bullets. The Department of Agriculture requested 320,000 rounds and recently, the Department of Homeland Security requested 450 million rounds and the FBI requested 100 million rounds.
Even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration got in on the action and requested 46,000 rounds. Why a weather service needs ammunition remains unclear.

Whether intentional or not, the byproduct of these ammo purchases means less ammunition on the shelves of stores, less ammunition in the hands of civilians and higher costs for those lucky enough to find ammunition.
Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz , recently noted that the DHS is purchasing enough ammunition to allow for each person to use roughly 1,000 more rounds of ammo per person than the U.S. Army. “It is entirely … inexplicable why the Department of Homeland Security needs so much ammunition,” said Chaffetz.
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  1. They buy all the ammunition and throw it out. Only reason is to drive up the cost, or, leave non left for Americans to buy.

    1. Wasn’t that the real plan all along? (Of course this will never be admitted to by this administration). It is just too coincidental that there has been such an ammunition shortage because the manufacturers are working full out to meet the orders of the government and thus cannot adequately meet the consumer demand. How convenient it is for an administration that hates everything related to possibly arming the populace and has sought to disarm the people, tax ammunition excessively, pass even more legislation even though the current laws are burdensome, redundant and ineffective at preventing the gun violence they are supposed to curb. The majority of mass shootings have taken place in “gun-free” zones where the active shooter can proceed to lay waste and wreak havoc upon their helpless victims and there is no legal chance that a trained person with a concealed weapon might be able to put a stop to the rampage. If our government really cared about children and people, there would be far fewer “gun-free” zones.

    2. Hey- ammo mfrs.- can we find some way to put a limit on how much the govt. can buy? (It’s not like there is a lack of demand in the consumer market). Speaking for myself, I would be glad to keep paying current prices if it will SHUT DOWN such dangerously gigantic purchases of ammo by the govt. Of course, it’s a little late now, but better stopping or limiting some purchases than stopping none. My guess is that all that ammo the govt has will not go bad before it’s used :-( and we all know why. Consumer prices MAY go down, possibly costing you some profit, but I know most if not all gun owners will step up to the plate in any way we can to help. Those of us who are patriots have your back!

    3. This military waste has been going on for years, and is still. The republican controlled Congress just voted for a bunch of new tanks no one wants and you blame this waste on Obama?? The Pugs are and have always been the war mongers, and the champions of deficit spending, ever since Eisenhower!!!

  2. The entire government is so populated with bureaucrats, instead of MANAGERS, that WASTE is simply a given.

    1. why else would the government use funds from the DHS , post office , TSA , IRS , and Fema to buy BILLIONS OF ROUNDS then throw them away

    1. Do any of you actually believe that the MIC really gives a crap what Congress or the White House has to say about the actual budget?

  3. Ummm, I regularly fired ammo that was over 60 years old out of my Mauser K98. How could this ammo have “degraded?” BS

    1. Because most of the old stuff was put together with a forthinking that it might need to be held for a while and sealed. I have Russian ammo from the 60′s that look and shoot as if it was made yesterday.

    2. All the ammo I use for my Lee Enfield British 303 is 70 years old and I can hit a dime at 500 feet no problem !

    3. Had me scratching my head too. In 1995, my Armor unit was doing live-fire exercises with .50 BMG ammo from WW II

  4. Put it on the open market and recoup part of the loss. I’m sure that there are plenty of us to buy it.

    1. WTF??? Are you nuts? And miss the chance to spend $3billion destroying $1.2b worth of bullets? That just wouldn’t be like them at all! We’re being led to slaughter by corrupt shepherds. WE’re the morons!

    2. Well sir, if you believe the vote has been legitimate then I have a very nice bridge cheap. There is WAY too much evidence that the potus (makes me sick to use that term, I prefer usurper) isn’t even eligible and no one will allow it to come to even the discovery portion of trial and a TON of evidence to prove there was widespread voter fraud, not to mention a soros company counted the votes IN SPAIN and there is NO paper back up to even review the vote. dinglebarry was placed not voted in. He’s a crooked usurper and his skank first ape is smoking us like a fat Cuban. They’re ALL a bunch of crooks for not even investigating. They say that if they do we will be in a Constitutional crisis….and we’re not now? BULLHOCKY! I wonder if you were are that his first advisor is an Iranian born muslim skank? Yep, jarret was born OVERSEAS! The founders are done rolling over and now looking for a ride outta here to someplace a lot more free….like red china or north korea

    3. well maybe you and the others that voted these morons in I myself am proud to say I lost that election ,I did not vote for ANY OF THEM !

    4. In the days of common sense, that was the way it was done. Surplus rifles and handguns were available to the qualified public. Would absolutely love an M1 Garand of the million or so that South Korea (storage) has repeatedly offered to return.

      Crime, assaults were far less, during the well armed society of the day. Far and away less than today’s statistics. Then came ‘The Great Society’, Pandora’s Box was opened. The Liberal Left infested the Democrat Party. It has now realized it’s dream and will take drastic action to ‘Control’ what they have unleashed.

  5. That’s not true. I was in the military for 6 years. We ABSOLUTELY kept records of the ammunition and when they were too degraded for use. Solution? Destruction. It’s just the way it is. It would cost MORE in materials and manpower (pay) to dismantle them safely, remove the degraded powder and blast charge at the end, just so you could save the brass casing and the lead/copper jacket bullet.

    I’m a Libertarian. I don’t like Obama, I can’t stand Liberals… but even I’ve noticed the dangerous propaganda this site sometimes tries to create. Make sure you do your research on the subjects posted here as often as you can. Get both sides of the story…

    1. If they are going to destroy the ammunition, the excuse about the record-keeping is a sham. Ammunition has an extensive shelf life – it’s doubtful any of it would have gone bad. Even if it had, there would be a substantial market to sell the ammunition into and recover costs (our money). Millions of us would buy it for practice ammo and then reload it. Destroying would clearly be a gun-hater idea.

    2. Ammunition during the Vietnam era, was produced in one million round lots. It had very good records kept on it. Three misfires in a lot constituted burning the lot. Sounds bad, or wasteful, unless your life depends on one of the three misfires. Or, a 16 million dollar aircraft loss, from a misfire jam. It happens, and there was good reason for astute record keeping.

    3. I fully agree with you, William. I would like to be able to buy it, as well. I was just speaking of a war situation, and the fact there were very good records kept, at that time. Times, they are a changin’.

    4. you may be right , but there should be a better way as there regulations are by government and there regulations are usually way off , I dont disagree that these sites are bias but to keep up with the misinforming liberal media its back and forth,,I just wish the uniformed voter would get informed

    5. I also spent time in the military, 20 years in the Air Force to be exact. 14 of those years was spent in a career field call AMMO, and any one of those folks will tell you that at least in the Air Force every single round had to be accounted for. It has been that way for 30 years that I can personally attest to, and I’m sure its been that way for much longer than that. Also, I have inspected many, many thousands of rounds of ammunition and know that there are definitely reasons for disposing of Ammo. Sure, if left in a sealed can it can be be capably of being useful to the military for decades. But a lot of ammo gets taken out of those cans and used for exercises and such, not shot up, and so put back in storage. Eventually that exposure wears on it causing corrosion and other effects making it useless and/or dangerous.

      I am a conservative, am a supporter of the Tea Party, and can’t stand the Liberals and their holier-than-thou attitude. But FUD and disinformation are not helping our cause. We have enough absolute, indisputable facts on our side, printing information that is “slanted” at best will not convince those that have already been misinformed by the likes of MSNBC. I’m not saying this entire article is false, but for those in the know it sure is contrary to what we personally know to be true. That leaves the rest in doubt in my mind.

      The words Integrity and Credibility should be foremost in your mind when writing these articles.

    6. I shoot ammo my dad bought in 1978 to 1987 routinely. I load and know that it has a shelf life exceeding my life if stored. What are you talking about they destroy year old ammo that is “degraded”???

    7. why not just send it back to the suppliers for recycling, thats brass, copper and lead, how will they destroy the lead safely?, it could all be recovered.

    8. so i took advice from the first 2 veterans, research mode initiated-Ammo is stored for 4 years, shipped to distribution points for another 4-6 the only ammo that is degraded and disposed of is the ones that show signs of corrosion pitting caused from High PH and high acidic Moisture so corrosion hardly ever exists if stored even in a standard ammo can as to why they use the is actually a brass/ copper mix in the ” Brass Case”? Mainly because the Steel / Brass mixed cases are crap to reload.
      ( I had often wondered why some brass casings have a different color sheen to them after fired than others) at any rate they are All referred to as “Brass”. As for the Topic at hand This ammo that they intend to destroy was purchased within the last 4 years for 3 different departments listed under the home land security force, Fema, and SSA? wow didn’t know the Social Security administration needed AMMO. (Hmmm another secret police force we haven’t heard about maybe?) Even Sorros (the Corrupt psycho communist), in his mental derangement openly agree’s that the ammo was purchased for Civil unrest in the time of financial Crisis. The most fact-bound conspiracy that i have come across so far is They are trying to Piss off Americans bad enough to retaliate< martial law is declared, Ole Berry Stays in Rule over his Deranged Totalitarian Clan of followers and his imaginary Kingdom in far far Crazy land.

    9. or you could sell to legal American people who would readily buy and recoup most of the cost and not cost the taxpayers to not only buy that ammo but to destroy it

    10. then don’t dismantle , use for practice or sell as surplus , its not gona hurt if a round fails in practice and it would bring some of the wasted taxes if sold

    11. I got a great idea give it back to the tax payers who bought. I for one can tell the difference between good and bad ammo!

  6. The gun nuts are entrenched in the government. They know they will never to be able to confiscate the citizens weapons. The only alternative is to buy and destroy ammo so that the ordinary citizen will not have any for their weapons. Hitler did the same thing when he took over Germany in the 1930′s. If the rational voters of this nation doesn’t wake up and eliminate everything connected to Obama and Holder, we are going to be in the same state of affairs. Our congress is impotent against Obama. If they were not all scared out of their minds of him this crap would have already ceased.

  7. this country is doomed.this piece of crap in the white house is destroying us.when will our elected officials stand up to him ??

    1. I’m not a racist, but I can call a spade a spade. That n!gger in the white house needs thrown out. We all sit around and talk about it, but until a few thousand of us get together and march on the White House nothing will ever be done.

    2. May 16th Operation American Spring, OAS, will march to reinstate our Constitutional government by demanding the removal of all Oath breaking political scum!

    3. I’m a Racist, Just like ALL the Blacks and Hispanics are Racists too! Don’t believe they’re Racists??? Just “AX” ‘em!!

  8. This is of course ridiculous. New ammunition is always best, but I have some WWI ammunition, which if placed in the appropriate firearm would shoot just fine.

  9. There is so much waste of tax payers money in this goverment Plus every state in the union has wast U would not believe.Probably enough to fight several wars and not have to colect aniother dime from TaxPayers.

  10. Maybe it has something to do with Obama shutting down our last lead smelter, which means all lead imported will be under Government control. Since they are destroying billions in ammunition, and also at the same time buying up all the ammunition (which makes no sense), the sales of ammunition will be under government control.

    1. The biggest problem with your argument is that 95% of ammunition is made from recycled lead, such as that from automotive batteries, etc. Doerun is keeping it’s secondary plants open, only it’s primary plant is shutting down. The secondary plants are the ones that recycle expended lead, the primary smelter processed raw lead ore. Also, the EPA rules that are causing Doerun to shut down were passed under Bush Jr’s watch in 2008.

    2. The Doe Run lead plant was a primary lead smelter, virtually all ammo is made with secondary (recycled) lead. THe closing of that plant will have almost no effect on supply or prices of ammo.

  11. The DHS is clearly intended to serve the role of domestic shock troops, and the Obama Administrations greatest fear is military–current and former–fighting back. It occurred to me some time ago that Obama could simply either order military units to destroy ammo, or to work to stockpile it in central locations it could easily make inaccessible in the event they choose to launch a war against the American people and the American Constitution. That is why it is so critical that the public at large be well armed. It is a factor which must be placed on the table for all calculations, and it makes the use of force substantially harder to contemplate. That, in essence, is the PURPOSE of the Second Amendment. ALL of the Amendments were intended to protect States from the Federal government.

    1. If it’s degraded the powder may not burn evenly, or at the correct rate, and cause damage to weapons, or troops.

    2. I have been shooting for over 50 years, the only degraded ammo I ever had was when I inadvertently sprayed it with WD-40, it does penetrate,

    3. Powder does not degrade. The only degradation I have ever seen in ammo is corroded casings and you can see it. I have ammo in tins from WWII and it shoots just fine. Never had one single round misfire or blow up. If it’s packed in tins it’s just as good as the day it was packed.

  12. Most of the mil ammo I have seen has this nice “lot number” on the can that Lake City was nice enough to stencil on the side. One would think this could be used to date it???

  13. If the government does anything, it will create a program that combines the WIC program with foreign aid to Syria policy, and start giving out free ammo to urban gangs.

  14. Someone needs to go to jail for this!!! Old ammo…LMAO!!! They used tax payer’s money to buy it so they can run up the cost to tax payers. Again…someone needs to go to jail.

  15. Does the Social Security Administration have a BATF of their own that I didn’t know about?

  16. End the ammunition and there is no need to disarm us. Get ready because it is comming.

  17. I would like to purchase any .45 ammunition that they would like to recoup $$. However, if the government sells it…they would more than likely take a loss on the sale and…what do they care? It was purchased with taxpayer dollars.

  18. This is just more government lies about its gun and ammunition agenda. They know very well how much they have been buying and where it’s going. Another cover-up.

  19. At this point, we don’t know how much of this is small caliber ammo, medium caliber or missiles. It’s about 1.4 % of what they have on hand. I don’t like waste, but that’s not the end of the world.

    “Whether intentional or not, the byproduct of these ammo purchases means less ammunition on the shelves of stores, less ammunition in the hands of civilians and higher costs for those lucky enough to find ammunition.”

    -This is misleading at best. For the past 2 years, DHS has purchased less than 1% of the ammo. All these other agencies combined no more (probably less) than DHS, and they all are purchasing for the training of their law enforcement agents.

    “Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz , recently noted that the DHS is purchasing enough ammunition to allow for each person to use roughly 1,000 more rounds of ammo per person than the U.S. Army.”

    Not true. Somehow Chaffetz got bad information. DHS uses 1100-1300 rounds per armed agent per year. Chaffetz’s number used all Army personnel, active and reserves, and assumed that all Army personnel (mechanics, office workers, computer technicians) carry firearms every day. They don’t. Very bad comparison.

    1. Because they carry HP while on duty.
      -HP is a better LEO round
      -HP is less likely to pass through and cause collateral injury to bystanders.
      -Training with HP reduces the likelihood of mixing training ammo with duty.

      Why shouldn’t they train with the same ammo they carry?

    2. HP is a better all around round for all of the reasons you stated, but don’t get caught with one in the state of NJ or you will spend big time in prison. The legislators in NJ obviously aren’t very ballistics smart or they would realize FMJ ammo is a hazard for collateral damage for unintended victims.

  20. they probably sent ammo over to some foreign country,they sure would not let american citizens have it

  21. Don’t blame it ALL on the government. I personally have witnessed people buying ammo for guns they did not have, nor intended to get simply because “that’s all that was left on the shelves”. Fellow consumers using ammo as their 401K, hoarding everything they can get.
    Also, particularly with .22LR ammo … the plants and personnel used to produce this have little government purchasing change over the last 40 years (Some practice can be done with converted side-arms and rifles…but this has changed little). .22LR lines are being expanded and are operating at capacity, 24/7. No problems with raw material (remember the supposed lead shortage?). No problems with shipping…Who then is driving the price and clearing the shelves? The consumer hoarder, who MAYBE went through a brick a year or-so, but now feels vulnerable if they have less than 30K rounds.
    My humble perspective (I only work in the industry and communicate with shop owners all through the NW USA AND have friends/family who are upper management at one of the larger ammo manufacturers…how could I possibly be knowledgeable about such things) is that we are doing this to ourselves on a MUCH greater scale that any nefarious government contract or scheme.
    And for perspective, my little youth oriented range goes through about 50K .22LR rounds in a summer season.

  22. It’s blatantly obvious that Greg was never in the military, let alone Law enforcement so lets dispel some of the fallacies of his reporting and shed some light on the possible “why”s of certain quantities of purchases.

    What the military is destroying is not used by the Civilian world. 7.62 NATO? Nope. The other calibers that cross over would not and have no created shortages as the Military and Government contractors go to big name bulk suppliers for these orders. These suppliers actually make more money off of civilian contracts than they do off military contracts so no, there is no shortage of ammunition on shelves.

    As to the amounts acquired by various agencies. Take your average soldier going thru basic training. It varies by branch but each soldier spends an average of 2 weeks at various ranges as they zero their weapon, learn to properly fire and then actually qualify. For an M-16 or AR variant that is 7-12 rounds to zero and 40 to qualify. If they fail to qualify the first time around they have to repeat. After 4 times they are deemed a no-go and recycle.

    Soldiers fire 10′s of thousands of rounds in JUST practicing and qualifying. And we qualified on handguns, M-16/203, M-60 4 times a year in non-combat times.

    Now go into a civilian setting where you have people that probably have never handled a gun before. You have to get them acquainted with a firearm and get them qualified. All this practice and training eats up a LOT of ammunition. And let’s not forget about jams and misfires as that eats into munition counts as well. I don’t know the numbers of people being trained but they are probably size-able.

    Training done, now the person has to be armed and fitted out with a basic load. This means a magazine in the butt and at least 4 spares. Let’s assume the number of agents is 200. Low, but it’s a number to start with. That is 200 agents running thru at least 10 magazines at 13 per mag just in training and then outfitted with another 5 once qualified. 15×13 = 195195 x200= 39,000 rounds.

    Assuming that Feds have to re-qualify twice a year that is a hefty chunk of munitions right there. Not counting extra time at the range as well as training scenarios. In all likelyhood there is more along the lines of 10-20 times the number of agents.

    1. Agreed. Most of the people who write and comment know very little about LEO training in the Federal Government. I didn’t either, but i investigated it over that last year and learned a lot.
      -Fed do train with their duty ammo.
      -DHS agents qualify 4 times per year.
      -DHS bought less than 200 million rounds in the last 2 years, not “billions.”
      -In addition to the 70,000+ armed agents under DHS, there are at least that many more in the other other various Federal agencies such as FBI, etc. Agencies such as NOAA, USPS, Dept of Education and many more have Law Enforcement to make arrests for law specific to their agency’s responsibility.
      -Most of the articles, such as this one, are written to stir up fear in the name of “patriotism,” “freedom” and “liberty.” There’e nothing wrong with being patriotic, but writing such drivel without verifying its accuracy is poor journalism, and means that these writers have no more character that the left-wing loonies who carry water for Obama and his minions!

      Let’s get it right, folks! Do your homework, or you are simply proving the libertards to be correct when they say we are gullible.

  23. I have shot ammo which was manufactured during WW2 and these people say that that modern ammo is past its date? I still buy ammo from the late 1940s through 1950s. Even if it is older, why not use it for live fire training. Don’t step in that expired ammo story – it smells bad.

    Why not sell it through the Civilian Marksmanship Unit? This would make money while also promoting responsible gun usage.

  24. Poor excuse…I hand load ammo myself…old powder burns just fine. There is no reason for them to destroy it simply because they can track it’s age or rotation. I know plenty of people who would buy the ammo if they offered it for sale…might help out the national debt a little!!!!!!

  25. I no longer believe a word that comes out of any mouth in DC. From the top down they have lied so often and gotten away with it that they no longer bother to make those lies believable.

  26. About the Ammo, I hate that when stuff get wasted.
    so melt it.
    If they destroy it they should at least recycle the metal and use the power for something else.

    Btw Tea Party is a racist group and hate mongering fools.
    Do not believe their bias-base hate-based non senses.

    Also about TPN
    Tea Party Nation is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and is the only Tea Party-related group to be noted as such
    Tea party is racist, supports white supremacy and other racism related hate groups.

    1. The Southern Poverty Law Center is in the hands of leftists and calls any group that disagrees with their leftist agenda a “hate group.”

    2. Where is your source?

      Even if they are liberal at least they fight for racial equality, they’re anti-neo-nazi and oppose white supremacy.
      So you’re defending racism?

    3. No, I’m not defending racism. I am saying the SPLC calls those who disagree with it racists, whether they are or not.
      As is often the case on internet discussions, I have read several sources describing the views of the SPLC, but can’t recall the sites at the drop of a hat.

    4. The SPLC is a supporter of the NWO & the UN Agenda 21. Do some research & you will find it to be true. The Tea Party is also supported by black Conservatives & is not race biased in any way.

    5. Allen West is black.
      There are few blacks but they are GOP.
      Republican party only care for the racial majorities.

      Like I said before.


      Either you lack in source or don’t have it.
      Tea party is racist and is not just SPLC says.
      Many white supremacy groups hugs tea party.

      Many people like that are racist to very racist.
      Tea party is worst than republican party, racism is an issue on the GOP mostly xenophobia.
      Tea party are more extreme.
      Politicians supporting tea party are racist most of them.

      Sarah Palin is a race baiter.
      Glenn Beck is racist.
      Ron Paul defended racist newpapers,
      Rush Limbaugh is racist
      Carl Paladino did some racist acts.
      Allen West defended racism and he is black.
      And a lot more I wont spend time listing them all.

      Many pro-apartheid and apartheid defenders who attacked Mandela are pro-tea party.
      like these bias-based news that attacked Mandela and people opposing apartheid.
      They ignore the crimes against humanity apartheid committed because of their pro-white view.
      Overall GOP has a racist ideology because they only cares for the majorities.

      GOP most of them attacked Mandela and defended apartheid.

      Conservative party of Canada (I don’t like them either) but At least they were more friendly to Mandela and probably opposed apartheid.

  27. I’m still not certain they’re destroying all of it. Whose to say they didn’t “plant” this story themselves, added a deceitful picture, and are hoarding the ammo to use on “we the people” at a later date? We KNOW the government lies about everything, especially when it serves their purposes the most. Not only can’t I buy the ammo; I can’t buy all of this story either.

    1. That wouldn’t leave very much government left! None of it works efficiently & some of it illegally.

  28. Wake Up! Neither side knows what is going on inside their own Pentagon! This isn’t new, this has been happening for Decades and the ammunition is fine but Obama is destroying these stock piles to inflate the costs yes but also to help his broken economy! Our new motto should be,” don’t use it if you didn’t cast it” @ teach US how to make our own ammo and then the Feds would crap! The farce will be uncovered come November due to the Midterms!
    Because a first impression means so much!

  29. Some Tea Party members better witness the destruction of this ammo. Obama will send it to our enemies otherwise!!

  30. You know, the USA is my home. Why doesn’t the gov’t run some of it’s program like a homeowner would? If I have a product I can’t use anymore, but it’s still usable, I either sell it or donate it away. I don’t simple waste it or burn it. Ammo lasts for decades. Hopefully, the Obama administration’s stain on the USA won’t last for too much longer.
    As far as ammo goes, with the exception of .22 LR, I make all my own by “bunches”. Obama is a traitor.

  31. Ok I call bs on this play. All ammo the military has on hand is tracked by a lot number and date of manufacter. The reason being is that it is required to have these pieces of data in order to ship any ammunition IAW 49 CFR/IATA/ICAO/AF MAN 24-204 HAZMAT. How do I know this you ask? One of my additional duties when I was in the military was as the unit HAZMAT shipping representative.

  32. Obama’s arming the agencies that report to the office of the president, while disarming the military, who swears to uphold the Constitution. Things are going to get a whole lot worse before it’s all over.

  33. they want to buy more ammo in order to use it against American citizens, just in case there’s another American Revolution

  34. That’s the whole ideal the gov. Does not want citizens to ammo. If nothing more it could be used as practice ammo for the military or police. It’s still all about control . The New world Order. The bible tells us ” when they say peace and safety then comes sudden destruction . Almost everyday you here those very same words ” peace and safety “. The ammo Nazis say ” No ammo for you “.

  35. NOAA uses the ammo for their law enforcement agency know as the National Marine Fisheries Service. A Federal LEO that combats fish poaching in the Oceans, like salmon poaching, illegal shrimp netting, turtle poaching, etc. That is the reason ammo is needed for carry and training.

  36. gentlemen, don’t post how much ammo or what kind of weapons you have. remember big brother is monitoring just about everything now, including these social sites. when key words pop up, you are noted and all your messages from now on. and its easy for them to track you down without you ever being aware of it going on. I am not a conspiracy nut, it has been written many times, but few are aware of it. as an after fact, I spent twenty years in the military also. if someone can tell me of anyone or any department, that keeps more and better records and inventory lists than the u.s. military, I would sure be impressed. over the years I was around a lot of different kinds of ammo, and every damn container that had ammo in it was marked with so many numbers and type, that there is no way that there is not a record of it somewhere. if they are able to track down one certain cow in America, they can damn well discover the missing records. or just admit that they are flat out lying to the American people

  37. Dear U.S. Government,

    I hereby volunteer to do my patriotic duty and take all of that nasty old ammo off your hands, and dispose of it for no charge. I just want to do my part for Earth Day and all that other “green” stuff by keeping all of this dangerous material out of the environment where it could potentially harm some poor little endangered cricket or something. Just let me know where my buddies and I should show up with our pickup trucks, and your problem is solved!


  38. OB is really redirecting this Ammo to all the Muslim Terrorist Training Camps here in America…the FBI admitted 4 weeks ago that there are 22 Muslim Terrorist Training camps on American soil (I heard it’s really 88 Terrorist Training Camps)…!!! OB has allow 10 Million Illegal Muslim into the U.S. since he stole the WH and OB, Reid, may have order a drone strike on the Bundt Ranch, that will take the Current Cold Civil War II, HOT and anyone with brain knows that…!!! God Help us, PLEASE!

  39. In the “REAL AMERICA” the government would sell the surplus back to the citizens who paid for it in the first place. We all know that will never happen. They think we the people might use it on them.

  40. WHY do all these DEPTs need tactical teams. always thought when you needed arresting power you brought U.S. MARSHALs

  41. this is all a big pile of bull poopy I shoot ammo from ww2 in a kar98 a brit 303 and an m1 and m1 carbine and never had an problem so this is just a way to spend my tax dollars wrecklessly and keep me from buinng new ammo they can use it or sell it to us

    1. The postal service is Buying ammo; we are going to have those delivering our mail riding around as armed federal agents; this is of course for their own protection; yet the American people don’t need their guns; RIGHT; any one who trusts these Evil Lawless corrupt federal agents is a fool; when Governments control the Guns the people are slaves to the Government;

  42. INEXPLICABLE? I think not; I think the Obama civilian military will be making good use of the ammo to stave of radical farmers like Clavin Bundy in Nevada. You don’t really think they will destroy the ammunition do? Not when you have so many patriots filling the holes in the front lines of resistance at the government showdowns.l

  43. You have to remember that things likethis are common place in the government, and not for the reasons most would assume! It is akin to the SELL BY date on Canned goods in the grocery store… I was taught and thought that canned goods pretty much have an indefinte self life and they do! However it is a mind set that has been impressed upon thee youth of this nation that everything needs to be thrown away at some point! Here is where the economics of it come into play and the real reason for the governments apparent waste! The governement contrary to what it likes to claim and talk a bunch of crap about, CANNOT in any way other than it’s own federal footprint CREATE JOBS! It cant do it! To even think it can is a joke of magnificent ignorance. It can however throw away and then have to repurchase goods and services even thought it really doesn’t or shouldn’t have too. In this way it does have a positive influence on the economy and job creation because those disposed of products and services will have to be repucrchased through the private sector…

  44. obviously planned by obama to make ammo scarce for civilians.
    obama has been trying hard to incite a civil war, so that he can cancel the 2016 election and declare himself el presidente for life.

  45. And the feds wonder “why the people do not trust the government” after all we know what is best for you.

  46. The NRA has stated a number of times that the government has not stepped up ammunition purchases. I don’t think it’s a good idea to mislead people like both the Democrats and Republicans do. I count on the Tea Party to be honest with me and a story like this concerns me. If we act like the entrenched parties, how can we ever hope to unseat them? We can accomplish much, much more simply by telling the truth!

  47. What are they worried about? When I was in the Marine Corps in 1981-’85, we were firing .30 cal & .50 cal ammo that was clearly with marked 1957 production dates!
    We seldom had a misfire and if there was, it was a simple matter to recharge the weapon and resume firing! If it is kept dry, ammo really won’t go bad! They could at least use all current ammo on practice ranges and there would be no problem.
    This would be a clear and deliberate manipulation of the ammunition market by our government! We all know how Obama works by now! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

  48. They are trying to prevent law abiding citizens from having ammo. An unarmed population can’t fight back when the Feds declare war on us. Guess they couldn’t test couple hundred rounds to assure viability of the stuff.