Obama EPA Chief: Pollution is Racist

Gina McCarthy and Barack Obama

Less than two weeks ago, we reported that the race card had been taken to new levels when a University of Minnesota study absurdly made the claim that air pollution is racist

Apparently, Obama EPA Chief Gina McCarthy has received the memo and is jumping on the bandwagon to push the ridiculous meme, in a sleazy attempt to recruit more lifelong communists. 

Speaking at the “Hip Hop Caucus” at historically black Clark Atlanta University on April 24, McCarthy suggested that somehow air pollution was as racist as a hooded Democrat at a KKK rally:

“That pollution has become a barrier to their economic opportunity, and their ability to get what middle-class security they deserve to be able to achieve,” McCarthy blathered, and that minorities must be part of a “diverse coalition of climate justice advocates.” 

Using the communist code word, the ill-defined, “economic justice,” with the newly word-smithed leftist term, “environmental justice,” McCarthy indicated that the whole racist pollution narrative is just part of Obama’s “promise of opportunity for all.” 

McCarthy continued her irrational and incoherent babble:

“You can’t ensure environmental justice, and we can’t deliver on this president’s promise of opportunity for all,without giving people clean air and clean water and clean land to live on. You cannot climb a ladder of opportunity without those vital components that are necessary for healthy living.” 

In other words, here comes more tyrannical and unconstitutional EPA laws forced down the throats of American citizens by out-of-control, power-hungry, unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats. 

McCarthy became the Obama EPA chief last July, replacing previous placeholder, Lisa Jackson. Jackson resigned in disgrace after it was determined that she’d slealthily operated under the phony name, “Richard Windsor,” in order to advance tyranny she couldn’t do legally under her real name. 

Obama has obviously jump-started his community organizer mentor Saul Alinsky’s use of the word “pollution” as a way to further his radical communist revolution, aka: “fundamental transformation.” 

Alinsky himself gave the blueprint for the tactic used by Obama and McCarthy:

“Remember: once you organize people around something as commonly agreed upon as pollution, then an organized people is on the move. From there it’s a short and natural step to political pollution, to Pentagon pollution.” 

Notice that it used to be called, “global warming,” then “climate change,” and now “environmental justice.” There’s only one thing that ties those terms together. More government control over our lives.

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