Obama EPA Chief: Pollution is Racist

Gina McCarthy and Barack Obama

Less than two weeks ago, we reported that the race card had been taken to new levels when a University of Minnesota study absurdly made the claim that air pollution is racist

Apparently, Obama EPA Chief Gina McCarthy has received the memo and is jumping on the bandwagon to push the ridiculous meme, in a sleazy attempt to recruit more lifelong communists. 

Speaking at the “Hip Hop Caucus” at historically black Clark Atlanta University on April 24, McCarthy suggested that somehow air pollution was as racist as a hooded Democrat at a KKK rally:

“That pollution has become a barrier to their economic opportunity, and their ability to get what middle-class security they deserve to be able to achieve,” McCarthy blathered, and that minorities must be part of a “diverse coalition of climate justice advocates.” 

Using the communist code word, the ill-defined, “economic justice,” with the newly word-smithed leftist term, “environmental justice,” McCarthy indicated that the whole racist pollution narrative is just part of Obama’s “promise of opportunity for all.” 

McCarthy continued her irrational and incoherent babble:
“You can’t ensure environmental justice, and we can’t deliver on this president’s promise of opportunity for all,without giving people clean air and clean water and clean land to live on. You cannot climb a ladder of opportunity without those vital components that are necessary for healthy living.” 
In other words, here comes more tyrannical and unconstitutional EPA laws forced down the throats of American citizens by out-of-control, power-hungry, unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats. 

McCarthy became the Obama EPA chief last July, replacing previous placeholder, Lisa Jackson. Jackson resigned in disgrace after it was determined that she’d slealthily operated under the phony name, “Richard Windsor,” in order to advance tyranny she couldn’t do legally under her real name. 

Obama has obviously jump-started his community organizer mentor Saul Alinsky’s use of the word “pollution” as a way to further his radical communist revolution, aka: “fundamental transformation.” 

Alinsky himself gave the blueprint for the tactic used by Obama and McCarthy:
“Remember: once you organize people around something as commonly agreed upon as pollution, then an organized people is on the move. From there it’s a short and natural step to political pollution, to Pentagon pollution.” 
Notice that it used to be called, “global warming,” then “climate change,” and now “environmental justice.” There’s only one thing that ties those terms together. More government control over our lives.


    1. Nothing wrong with THESE morons. It’s the morons that BELIEVE these morons that are the problem. You don’t really think some UoM prof, or EPA bigwig, truly believes this crap?

  1. Democrats are racist but mostly they are nuts and without the liberal national media the whole Obama democrat mess would cease to exist. The real enemy of America is the national media.

    1. Sadly, most don’t even keep up with current events at all. If there were an Intelligence or Current Events test that people had to take before being allowed to vote, the Democratic Party would no longer exist! That is a simple but true fact.

  2. Is this the same university where one prof declared north Africans once could fly and were killed off by “whites”? In the same ridiculous ballpark at least…

    1. Yeah that’s why most racist reside on the right…. makes sense that it democrats though, lol.. .you people area a joke.

    2. You’re an idiot! Seems you’re always telling people to look in the dictionary for the meaning of words. Me thinks you could use spell check smart guy! Especially when trying to be superior to others. Now who’s the joke?

    3. Your spelling is a joke Spencer. Maybe you can get Obamacare to pay for Hooked on Phonics. Learn some history. the Democrats are actually the founding fathers of slavery and racism.

    4. no Spencer the racist are on the left starting with odumbo the left are the ones that started the KKK

    5. Makes sense that democrats though?
      You people area A joke?
      Pal you need to get off Discus and go back to school and learn to spell and write A coherent sentences before you start calling other people names!
      And by the way, the laugh is on you and your illiterate brain!
      You need to get A conservative to tell you how to write and spell, none of your brother libtards are smart enough to know how!
      Have A great time attending 2nd grade where conservatives learned how to use the English language properly!

    6. Spencer needs to look up Nathan Bedford Forrest, Hugo Black, Robert Byrd, Al Sharpton, George Wallace, Bull Connor……….Also he needs to ponder why Rutgers University is throwing a fit about Dr. Condoleezza Rice speaking at the commencement
      and why Dr. Ben Carson withdrew from the commencement address at Hopkins last year. Finally he needs to explain why the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican. Oh well if everyone were informed, there would be no liberals.

  3. I ask God to watch over our great nation, and all its people. I ask God to give us all good thoughts because when I read things like this I just want to throw up. How stupid.

    1. Unfortunately God will not get involved in peoples lives unless they ask him!
      That’s how we know he’s not A liberal, He doesn’t try to run every bodies life and try to run it in A way that He thinks best, although He would be right!

    2. Give me a break. Did the entire population ask him to get involved when he flooded the entire planet and drowned every man, woman, child, and infant? This ridiculous bible thumping is as bad as the freaking liberals.

    3. Pal you got your break, you can believe anything you want but if you believe I won’t make comments about something that makes you uncomfortable then you are sadly mistaken!
      I happen to believe in A god who will allow us to do as we please, it’s called freewill and it doesn’t mater whether you like it are not!
      If you don’t believe in God, how do you explain miracles where An infant can survive several days by itself under tons of building debris, or haw some people survive plane crashes when everyone else survive, or how people who pray recover faster from injuries and illnesses, ask any doctor about the last one, just to name A few?

    4. Free will is bullshit made up by St. Thomas Aquinas. There is nothing in the bible that validates free will. Free will is impossible with an omnipotent all-knowing god. If god knows the outcome of everything, then you have no option, you must do what god has foreseen. Otherwise you would prove god wrong, and he wouldn’t be omnipotent. It’s contradictory.
      Miracles are in the mind of the beholder, how do you explain birth defects, or childhood diseases, or freak accidents? As far as prayer goes, have you ever heard of the placebo effect? Same theory. If prayer worked, no one would get sick or die. Prayer is a self fulfilling prophesy, when the thing prayed for occurs, thumpers believe it was because of the prayer. When it doesn’t happen, they say ‘god works in mysterious ways’.
      And people only pray for things that might happen anyway. Why don’t you get a bunch of your thumping friends together and pray that the Statue of Liberty pulls up her robes and moons Canada. I’d make a large donation to your favorite church if you people can pull that one off.

    5. Free will allows us to do pretty much do what ever evil we desire, If you had ever read the Bible you would know that God, through Jesus Christ gave us the free will to either follow him are reject him nobody including God will force you to do either one!
      You can freely choose to commit A crime or not, you can freely decide how your going to live your life, you can freely choose what religion you will follow or not follow any at all, and you can even freely choose whether you want to live or die!
      You can call it the placebo affect if you want to, that’s your choice but please explain how it is self full filling, if you could do it yourself, you wouldn’t need to pray and if it is A placebo, why does it work for so many people and the doctors can’t explain why!
      Miracles are unexplained phenomena that can not be explained by natural means like the person who suddenly recovers from A cancer that was close to killing them, or the survival of A person that has who was in an airplane that fell from as high as five miles up in the sky, or an infant that survived being buried for as long as A week with no water food or anyone to take care of it!
      And why would anyone pray for something that ridiculous, people that pray sincerely, pray for their enemies, their country and for their families, they don’t waste their time praying for such A silly thing!
      And by the way God has three answers for prayer, yes, no or wait! has nothing to do with his mysterious ways, it has to do with whether it’s what you need or not and he knows far better than I do what I need!
      I feel sorry for people like you who go through so angry and hating people like me who have the confidence to accept the truth and live with it, if only you had something to believe in maybe you wouldn’t be so hateful toward me!
      But you do have the freewill to believe what you choose so if you don’t have any objections I’m going to continue to exercise my freewill and believe in the loving God who has sustained me through all the hardships of my life!
      On second thought, if you do have any objections, keep them to yourself because I will continue to exercise my freewill regardless!

    6. Nope, that’s crap. If god knows you are going to commit a crime (he’s all-knowing, right?), then you will commit it. You have no choice, you will commit the crime. If you have no choice, you have no free will. An all-knowing god and free will are mutually exclusive.
      Your saying that prayers work for so many people and doctors can’t explain it, is just a lie. There’s a thing called spontaneous remission and it happens to atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. It happens to people who don’t pray. If only prayer to the Christian god worked, then Christians would never get sick and die, while the rest of the world would. It would be so obvious that everyone would be able to see the reality of Christianity and the effects of prayer to a Christian god. But it doesn’t, it’s all in your mind. Either that or the other gods answer prayers too.
      Why would prayer be required anyway? Doesn’t god, being an all-knowing supreme being, realize you need help? Why would you actually have to ask? And since god is all-knowing, the outcome is a foregone conclusion anyway. Why did god let the infant get buried for a week to begin with? Was he not paying attention? Was he teaching the infant a lesson? Did the infant forget to pray? What about the infants who didn’t survive? What did they do wrong? The whole thing is ridiculous in the extreme, prayer is as illogical as free will in conjunction with an all-knowing god.
      You do have free will, that’s because there is no god.

    7. Sir, I do not agree with your above statements: Yes, God knows what each of us will do… but he lets us make our own choices, anyhow. It’s not preordained, it’s that God knows what will happen & even so, allows us to make our own choices.

    8. And that’s the part that gets me. If I know my kid is going to commit a crime and I allow it then I’m technically an accomplice and not a very good parent. So you follow a god that allows murder knowing It’s going to happen. Wow

    9. That’s totally illogical. If god knows you’re going to commit a crime, you will commit that crime, right? Yes or no.

    10. I will commit that crime, but because I’ve made the choice. I don’t know what else to say.

      And my belief is that God allows choices because He wants each of us to WANT to come to him- to want to help others. Not logical to us, because we’re control freaks, but that’s the way it is.

    11. You will commit that crime because you had to. No choice, no free will.
      But, it’s really a moot point, there is no god.

    12. Though it’s no concern of anyone’s, that’s the way I was taught, that’s the way I have done it all my life and that’s the way I will always do it, same way with the letter “I” when you use the single letter as A word!
      it only applies to “A and I!”
      Now if you have A comment concerning issue, I would be happy to hear it, if not I would suggest that you find something better to do with your time than worry about why I capitalize my “A!”

    13. What moron taught you to capitalize your singular ‘A’s? It’s wrong. Now that you know that it’s improper, quit it!

  4. Environmental Justice? Look at how people live … those that want a clean environment start with their own neighborhoods!

    1. I concur Jo. These nitwits need to take more rides through ghettos occupied by all races.

      Lack of pride in their surroundings and themselves is no ones fault but their own.

  5. ok,I am not the smartest guy in the room by a stretch but.even I can see through this bullshit

  6. Is this stupid woman for real?They should take OBama and all the worship him somewhere and shoot all of them

    1. She my friend, is A typical Obama appointee!
      The worse the persons ability to be rational, the better chance they have of getting appointed by Obama!

  7. If she believe this, she is an idiot. Yet we know this administration is full of incompetent sixties radicals that couldn’t run lemonade stand let alone the U.S. Government. However they are more Saul Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals than they are about racism. They are now demonizing their opposition using racism as the bat they are hitting their opponents with. That is the reason why Pollution is racist. Remember when ever problem is a nail, every solution is a hammer.

  8. They are all idiots. Everyone contributes to pollution to a greater or lesser degree. How stupid are the people who conducted that study at U. Minn?

    1. I can’t believe anyone would waste the hard earned taxpayers money on such A ridiculous and stupid wasteful study!

    2. We’re talking here about out of control spendaholics in the WH and Congress and their appointees and agencies. You can bet that the U. Minn study was funded by taxdpayer dollars.

  9. The only threat to minorities that has anything to do with the environment at all is Obamas destruction of energy related jobs and his refusal to okay the keystone pipeline!

  10. The totalitarian socialist countries have the worst environmental records. In this country the agenda driven, environmental, regulations are destroying the industries and jobs and raising prices that hurt the very people that the Democrats claim to represent the most.

  11. Obama himself is a racist, completely cutting off his white half. He is the most divisive president (small p on purpose) ever.

  12. don’t white people also breathe this same air? Or – do we somehow have a gene that allows us to still work, prosper, produce and pay taxes while breathing the same polluted air that apparently has the opposite affect on many AAs?

  13. There will come a day when someone hears the terms used by modern liberals, such as justice, and not know what the intended message really is.

    Are these liberals brilliant but hoping that their audience is so impassioned but ultimately ignorant as to accept these terms in their traditional sense. Or are the speakers oblivious that they themselves are slowly eroding the meaning and usefulness of these terms? Domestic terrorist? Sexist? Racist? When will we look back and realize that these were once powerful words–words that meant something?

  14. Dems have become the great used car salesmen of our time….how do they continue to not only make racists comments, but make policies that have clearly been TERRIBLE for African Americans, yet still get 95% of the vote???

  15. I like being racist. I’m white. I hate white people just as much as any other race. Your all a$$holes. You cant trust anyone now days so fuq them and fuq you. So am I racist or just an a$$hole

    1. I am rascist towards slimeballs that are wrecking the American way of life, whether through their ignorance or for their personal gain. Skin color doesn’t bother me.

  16. Because only minorities are breathing the air arounds us? Are they like Pigpen from the peanuts; their own personal pollution cloud? I’m glad I’m not a minority; the air is so much cleaner for me and oh, the opportunities I have had from my clean air! Be ready, probably some clean air breathing tax is on its way down to us in the majority!

  17. When I visited China in 2007, I never saw blue sky. The sun was an orange ball shrouded by haze. From Beijing to Xian. Since we now know that pollution is racist, I have to assume that Beijing was targeting this foreign devil and that it had nothing do to with their fine citizens.

  18. The “Hip Hop Caucus”??????? LOL!!! One day, the American africans are going to look back on all this ridiculous crap and wonder why they allowed themselves to stoop so low. You guys really have to get over yourselves. You really aren’t that special and you definitely aren’t that important enough to be getting all this attention.

  19. “A diverse coalition of climate justice advocates”??? Seriously??? To quote my friends from Jersey, “Geet da fok otta hee”

  20. This woman’s liberal babbling blather has to be one of the biggest crock of crap I have ever read. Lets go Tea Partiers! We need to get out and vote this pestilence out of our government and never allow them back in again.

  21. how absolutely incredulous is this proclamation.?this is really beyond the pale that someone can be this stupid.

  22. What amazes me is that these seemingly well-educated idiots can say this with a straight face….

  23. The Looney’s are getting even more extreme! Why is it that every person that works for or is appointed by Obama look as thought they just broke out of a school for the mentally challenged? No offense meant to anyone who is actually challenged, but all Obama seems to hire are Corrupt Criminals, Liars, and very Mentally Incompetent people who have never accomplished anything in their lives, at least, nothing that was beneficial to society.

  24. At American University’s commencement exercises on June 10, 1963, President John Kennedy delivered one of his most stirring and timeless expressions of his fervent hope for mankind and for peace. This small but powerful quote is from that speech:

    “For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet.

    We all breathe the same air.

    We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal.”

    Indeed, we DO all breathe the same air…
    How can environmental pollution – which is a consequence of both our existence and lifestyle choices – be regarded as an act of “racism?” This stretches credulity and manifests a further mockery of the continuing racial dialogue in America.
    The World English Dictionary defines the term “racism” as shown:

    racism or racialism (ˈreɪsɪzəm, ˈreɪʃəˌlɪzəm) — n
    [1.] the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others …
    [2.] abusive or aggressive behavior towards members of another race on the basis of such a belief

    The most overused term in the public and highly-charged world of political rhetoric today in America is “racist” or “racism”…

    The EPA’s new chief is another in the long list of people Obama has placed in positions of widening power and influence (“control”) over American life who are quite willing an’ ready to throw down the race card to make a point, however irrational and thoroughly baseless the point might be…it appears to be the ultimate “attention getter” and “1,000 pound gorilla in the room” term, epithet, or expletive.

    This is a phenomena unique to this administration, because every criticism of this president’s policies and positions has, in one way or another, been met by someone at some time with the single putdown comeback term, “racist.”

    It should be clear to everyone but the lowest-information citizens that – truth be told – Obama is not the President of the United States, who happens to be a Black man… … he is the Black President of the United States, who happens to be a racist.

    This kind of pejorative and provocative language is a top-down aberration of the civil discourse that should be taking place in our culture today. It started at the top with the POTUS, and by implied approval and consent, has filtered down to the lowest levels of our society…

    This is a most dangerous trend, and a reflection of one aspect of Obama’s modis operandi…”divide and conquer.”

  25. Are there any non-industrial areas of the country more dilapidated, rundown, filthy, and untended than minority neighborhoods?

  26. sick and tired of the word racist its immature and quite frankly is the stupidest word around anyone that uses it is a big bonehead lol

  27. The word racist gets thrown around more so since obummer took over office then any other time EVER