Blatant: 32 Year Old Woman on Why She Abuses Welfare, Doesn’t Work, and Happily Takes Your Money


This did not get nearly the circulation it should have.

A woman named Lucy called in to a Texas radio station as they were discussing welfare abuse. What happened would surprise anyone. Not that this happens – just how proud this woman is of it.

Lucy proceeds to laugh at taxpayers like they are suckers taking bait and proceeds to detail her marijuana usage and laziness. She admits that her parents and most likely her children will also take advantage of living this lazy, no-work life.

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  1. It’s hard to not wish the absolute worst for this person. She’s disgusting and vile. The epitome of the problem with America. When America goes bankrupt these are the people we’ll be shooting as they try to loot our houses and businesses.

    1. I think so, but making them accountable for what they spend should make them want to do more for themselves.

    2. I just wanna say that you are the best of people. Your statement could not be any more true, and I wish the very best for you and your (hopefully) hard-working life.

    3. I am just shocked that there’s no shame on her part. As to her million dollar analogy, it falls apart from the onset. IF someone OFFERED me a million dollars, that would be their educated and informed decision. I can assure her that I am shocked, appalled and disgusted that she is “stealing” mine and other taxpayer’s money to sit around and do nothing. Even the Bible says that if you don’t work, you don’t eat. I expect no less.

  2. I like the old radio and telephone touch to this lady that is lying through her teeth and pretending what she speculates about her sister.

  3. Hey, at least this lady is honost about how she feels. This is what the problem is with the welfare state. To easy to get free money. The system needs to change, and this lady needs to get a job.

    1. WTF should I care if she is “honest” or not? Honestly the bitch should be in JAIL!

  4. I live on welfare and social security. I wish I could go out and work. I don’t like living like this. She needs her kids taken away for smoking weed and being the lazy sap she is. I hope the welfare system where she lives catches her butt and cuts her off for good.

    1. In all seriousness Charlene, do you not work because of physical disability, because you can’t find a job?

    2. she may have been working and lost her job or she may have a physical disability.

    3. I have been diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune disease- that not only has no cure, but will be terminal at one point in my life. In addition, I have a deviation in my leg from a crushing injury to my left femur, a thyroid problem, chronic migraines, (which include a previous surgey on a brain anuerysm) ALL of which entitle me to live off of welfare, SSI/SSD and eventually SS. I would like to challenge anyone who says it is impossible for them to do ANY type of work for the rest of their lives. It’s the difference between people who give into a handicap mind set and those who are disABLED. Note: The caps emphasis is not a typo.

    4. Christina – I actually work with a lady in my business who also has an auto-immune disorder. The manufacturer who we work for specializes in helping people just like you. Send me an email at and I can provide you more information. Best wishes & take care.

    5. I cant work either and have gone back to school again. do you think it would be ok to email you too? I have a degree and worked in my chosen field until i was unable to work due to Lupus. I am only in my early 30′s and would love to continue working in the area i have been working for many years. i know that there are some people that abuse the system. I personally know people that do. they sell the food stamp cards for cash each month and use their disabled child’s income to buy things. neither work, and they have 2 really nice cars. they live at low income housing. now how in the world!!!!

    6. You absolutely can email me! I am always willing to help people who want to help themselves. I look forward to hearing from you!

    7. When you know someone that is abusing the system then you need to report them.

    8. Agreed I am almost 60 and I cannot work I cannot get anything fighting with an attorney for my SSDI… I was on it for 5 years I had a surgery that enabled me to go back to work and I got off of the SSDI. I worked for 11 more years until I had a surgery 3 years ago that failed and I can no longer work. I hate this crap more than words can express! I’ve paid into this my whole life and I am being punished for getting off of SSDI and working for 11 more years… what the heck? You would think that they would be more understanding as only 1% of people who go onto SSDI get off of it… I am the 1% on the other end of things. URRR

    9. Agreed I am almost 60 and I cannot work I cannot get anything fighting with an attorney for my SSDI… I was on it for 5 years I had a surgery that enabled me to go back to work and I got off of the SSDI. I worked for 11 more years until I had a surgery 3 years ago that failed and I can no longer work. I hate this crap more than words can express! I’ve paid into this my whole life and I am being punished for getting off of SSDI and working for 11 more years… what the heck? You would think that they would be more understanding as only 1% of people who go onto SSDI get off of it… I am the 1% on the other end of things. URRR

    10. Deb – I’ll give you the exact same response as Charlene: if you truly want to work, truly, then send me an email at: I work from my home and am partnered with a manufacturer that specializes in helping people. This is a real work from home (or anywhere) business, no start up costs, no inventory, no selling. All you need is a phone, internet, and honesty. If you are coachable, you can do this. Some of our most successful leaders were at rock bottom (living out of their car selling pizza by the slice to get by to swiping left over toiletries from hotels to supply the necessities for the family). YOU can change, but it has to come from YOU. I look forward to hearing from you asking for more info. Best wishes.

    11. That’s the problem Deb. Those who need the benefits are losing them or not receiving them all together because of those who THINK they are entitled, or as in this case, have no qualms about stealing taxpayer’s money. And don’t even think about holding people accountable; then you will be called hatemonger, racist and every other P.C. thing people can drudge up.

    12. Charlene – if you truly want to work, truly, then send me an email at: I work from my home and am partnered with a manufacturer that specializes in helping people. This is a real work from home (or anywhere) business, no start up costs, no inventory, no selling. All you need is a phone, internet, and honesty. If you are coachable, you can do this. Some of our most successful leaders were at rock bottom (living out of their car selling pizza by the slice to get by to swiping left over toiletries from hotels to supply the necessities for the family). YOU can change, but it has to come from YOU. I look forward to hearing from you asking for more info. Best wishes.

    13. the difference is that some like the caller and there are many.. have an entitlement attitude and.are just lazy baby breeders and abusing the system and liberals let them and enable them and when conservatives try to cut it they are labeled racists and uncaring… I am a disabled vet and cannot find work because employers don’t want the liability and health care costs .my last job of 10 years I only missed 2 days because I was in the hospital. Never told them I was disabled and was in severe pain all day I had to lie to get the job…but managed at a desk job…Thank god I have tri care military insurance. and if I earn money I have to report it and reduces my benefit so why work even if I want to

  5. She should be ashamed of herself. Unfortunately, she’s been ‘educated’ to believe she deserves the largess of others.
    Nice group of leeches the Dems are breeding.


    2. In Mississippi as of July 1 it is the law now, ALL welfare deadbeats are required to take drug tests and if the fail they are cut off, period!
      If the south would have won we’d have had it made!

    3. Dan, I was unaware of this becoming law, but am thrilled to hear it. There are too many deadbeats and illegals living off our backs. This should become the law nationwide.

    4. I would do one better, END WELFARE, we did fine without it and families were closer because they needed each other, they didn’t have a sugar daddy to turn to and have more babies they can’t afford so they can get free housing, food stamps, and cash!

    5. If welfare ends, the USA would see riots ,robbery, breakin’s, murders, etc. like no one can even imagine in this country….where would all the welfare dependent people get food from, if not receiving food stamps and welfare checks, free medical cards, housing assistance, heating assistance, Medicaid, etc…….just think beyond all the hatred about the welfare system and how much WORSE- OFF we’d all be…there really is NO SOLUTION from now on…..generation after generations of single parents and homeless in this country…what is the answer? That would be a Million Dollar prize if anyone would come up with a solution to the problem and fix it. It has come to be a really sad and desperate situation for any government to be able to control……God Bless America!

    6. They would then understand nothing is free and yes do whatever it takes to eat, but why is that bad, I just hope when it does finally happen, and it will because we can’t keep spending like this, that I have enough ammo to protect me and mine. I will live off the land not the government, and if you want a meal, you will have to put in a hard day work at the farm. Realizing that food doesn’t magically appear is a good thing. I welcome this revelation, survival of the fittest. It may sound cruel, but life is hard no one is promised a bed to sleep in or a full stomach, and what makes it worse is these people on welfare think they are owed it, for what being born to crappy parents or making bad codices, you rep what you sow. Let nature take care of itself.

    7. No problem, I have more than enough ammo for all deadbeats, besides if they are too lazy to work they are too lazy to fight. You really haven’t thought this through!

    8. It amazes me that you’d find fault with a “deadbeat” (whom I assume you mean lacks morality & a sense of responsibility) and then turn around and threaten to murder them ( which is a much more serious lack of morality, more irresponsible, against the law & if you’re a Christian, a sin: breaking a Commandment) . How do you reconcile that ?
      You’ll have to forgive me, but It makes it difficult to find you charming when you threaten violence. And if you’re serious about being “too lazy to fight”…. well, that is what guns were made for , right?. Doesn’t take much muscle, energy or good sense to pull a trigger. I suppose that’s why we have so many firearms. I might caution you not to consider that the ‘deadbeat’ might have one one bigger than yours.

    9. …where would all the welfare dependent people get food from, if not
      receiving food stamps and welfare checks, free medical cards, housing
      assistance, heating assistance, Medicaid, etc……

      They would be forced to get jobs and from that they would earn money that would pay for those things —- WHAT A CONCEPT!

      And yes, there are many jobs — about 10 million of them being worked by illegals. Deport the illegals and there you go – BINGO. Lot’s of work. NO they won’t be paid as much but you start somewhere and work up. Just like many from my generation who started work at age 12 for a dollar an hour to learn the value of the dollar.

    10. REally? I mean, REally? Have you thought this through?

      1. Not providing the basics of care for those in trouble or disadvantaged can KILL. Someone once said that a country is only as strong as the weakest among the rest… you want to put the poor down even further.

      2. Many of these folks are trying to find jobs, but guess what, there is no transition program from welfare, which is part of the problem. If you have a single mom who needs daycare and she gets a job, she has to come up with money to pay for daycare, the necessities of life and all, until the first paycheck. Which given the minimum wage (which is not a living wage almost everywhere), she won’t be able to do. But if she was given assistance to bridge that gap, then people can get themselves out of welfare.

      3. Seriously, 10 million illegals work in the fields to pick your food, clean your offices and homes, do grueling day labor for lower than minimum wage. This country was built on the backs of immigrants, and continues its success on the backs of immigrants. Do you really want those jobs? A farm in Georgia, I believe, went to hiring non-immigrants, and they could not fill the positions, and those that did fill them, left quickly. And these are not jobs that come with advancement opportunities that allow you to work your way up….

      Finally, if you’re white, black or Asian, you are an immigrant. It’s just a matter of when your family got here. And the Native Americans don’t care, they just want us all to go home.

    11. Exactly. There is a demented element in society that is akin to mongrels turning on other mongrels over a scrap of food, instead of realizing that the lack of food is the problem- not the other dog. Do I believe some people cheat the system.? Of course. But I don’t believe people in fur coats, with lobsters & “thousands” on their welfare account are run amok down at the Walmart. We shouldn’t be fighting over feeding one of our own countrymen. Lord knows we pay enough tax for that. What I don’t like is the WASTE that our officials throw away everyday. If we had that money, it would solve a lot of problems . twitter @hoodstr govt.waste

    12. You better open your eyes,illegals don’t just work the dam fields anymore,the ones who aren’t taking our teenagers jobs or the construction ones or just every day ones are using the welfare system,have you ever sean three or four families in one house and all collecting welfare while the husbands are working under the table and not paying taxes? I have many a times here in Calif! Im not a immigrant,i was born here and I didn’t creep across any border!

    13. Guess you didn’t study your history very well. “Native Americans” supposedly walked across the land bridge in what is now Alaska from Ithe Asian continent. Others sailed here from Iceland, Wales and elsewhere. There is plenty of evidence to support this. Everyone who is here is from another continent. Buy the book The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History.

    14. REally? I mean, REally? Have you thought this through?

      1. We are weakening our country by making it so easy to abuse our welfare system. Do you honestly think that having millions of people DEPENDENT upon the largesse of our government makes us stronger? It doesn’t. It creates people who are willing to sell themselves out to the highest bidder.

      2. We do have programs that help pay for day care for
      low-income families who need child care due to work, work-related training
      and/or attending school. Do your research before you post…. Try Googling “government day care assistance”…

      3. You are right, America was built on the backs of immigrants, but that doesn’t mean that we are BETTER than immigrants! Wow, talk about racist tendencies… A job is a job and if someone wants to eat and have a roof over their head then they should never regard any job as being “beneath” them.

      Finally, as someone else has already pointed out, even the so-called “Native Americans” are immigrants as they also came from Asia and eastern Europe. But I REally don’t expect you to know that as your comment proved quite well that you do not know how to do any research and can only regurgitate talking points….

    15. I grew up in the south and at that time there were no illegals working the fields or orchards at harvest time. Teens and farm families did the work. No one felt that actual work was beneath them. I know people who would work those jobs today but we are being told that it would take away from the “poor immigrants”. Teens today feel entitled to be lazy and let their parents take care of them because it might mess up their self-esteem to be seen actually earning their own money.

    16. People would still do the jobs if the farmers would advertise in this country instead of the governments Hispanic website. I have seen only one advertisement where I live for field hands ans they want someone with 2 years experience. Really 2 years experience? You show someone what you want harvested, give them a sample and they do the job. Not rocket science. And before someone tells me how hard it is, I’ve done it as well as worked in a pickle plant. Anyone can do it, you could probably teach a 2 year old how to do it. I do not feel sorry for the farmers that get subsidies and still can’t hire Americans.

    17. Thais a fact teens today feel entitled to be lazy and let their parents take care of them because it might mess up their self-esteem to be seen actually earning their own money.but certainly not picking tomatoes,

    18. If people want work bad enough, they’ll do what they have too. Send the damn illegals home. There’s a way to gain access to this country without invading the borders. If you can’t get in that way, we don’t want you here. I don’t care what work you think you do. You don’t belong here taking up the funds that Americans need. Goodbye.

    19. Yeah, but the jobs have to exist for them to get hired. Some are on welfare through no fault of there own.

    20. The Lucy’s of the welfare world NEED to removed from welfare. She herself said that if that were to happen then she would go to work. Make it so. Cut them off.

    21. but what of the ones who can not, or worked there entire lifes or have served their country and can not work, that’s the part your missing, and what sucks is people like Lucy who take advantage of it

    22. There are solutions, and many people have suggested them. The problem is that as soon as some mentions fixing the welfare system, they’re demonized, vilified and destroyed. The first step of this solution is to stop voting for the politicians whop are so eager to give away tax dollars.

    23. In order to stand together against the corrupt politicians, we ALL need to stand together, including those of us who have done well and those who haven’t. Please don’t buy into the hype that our nation’s problems are caused by poor people. There are a lot more caused by rich people- paying off politicians- to get their way (which means to get the stock market up and a big fat bonus in their wallet)

    24. That in itself would improve the employment rate. Undertakers, casket makers, grave diggers. Sounds good to me.

    25. If they steal form me they will die, if they riot in my neighborhood they will die!
      God bless Sam Colt!

    26. in my history, my dad worked for food on our table for 3 years solid and he had a photographic mind that no one knew about until he was 56 years old.

    27. Bring back morals to society. Say what you want, but its the loosening of morals and rampant no fault divorce that has brought us to this. People need to have respect for themselves and others, or we will all watch it escalate until society is destroyed. History has been full of societies which have allowed themselves to become destroyed from within. As the nuclear family has fallen out of favor, and single parent families become the norm rather than the exception, societies ills have increased. In the end, we will all self destruct, because societies checks and balances have been removed.

    28. How about sending people like Lucy out to the farms and fields. Government pays half of the labor and the farmer the other half. Saves the government money, reduces the cost to the farmer, gives Lucy some self worth and ends the need for illegal workers.

    29. There is no governmental will to fix it because that is how they control votes – pure and simple.

    30. I know, I remember, I was there. But in it’s original form it was intended to help farmers when they had a bad year, not for deadbeats that pop out kids like a pezz candy dispenser to get more welfare money.

    31. The south are the ones that brought the slaves here because they were too lazy to do their own work. This problem wouldn’t even exist if the south wouldn’t have brought them here in the first place. Just saying

    32. trupit: Don’t Forget to mention, The AFRICANS Hunted Their Own People down to Round up And Sell them to Buying Slave Traders!!!!

    33. trupit: Don’t Forget to mention, The AFRICANS Hunted Their Own People down to Round up And Sell them to Buying Slave Traders!!!!

    34. Did you really just put slavery back on the African Americans????? How totally ignorant are you?

    35. Workin on it: Thank you for Pointing out That Fact… Thanks… Some people just See What They want to see…

    36. Actually without a market for slaves there would have been no round ups…

    37. No, he put it onto the various African tribes that enslaved, and then sold, other Africans.

    38. which would not have happened had there been no buyers.. goes both ways,…

    39. No, the various tribes were enslaving each other already, the Arabs were also enslaving anyone that was not Muslim. Both found out that there were other consumers for their “product”.

      I do not condone slavery, but I researched it for a thesis. As far as the majority of slaves in the U.S., they were treated better than the serfs (freemen) in Europe. In fact even the ones in the northern states were treated better than those “free” persons that came over.

    40. Where did I state a specific??? I said “it goes both ways” and it does, nothing you have said changes that… No market = no product… I didn’t specify a place, people or country…

    41. Slavery is still going strong in Africa and both southeast and southwest Asia, along with a few other areas. You will always have a market when you have people, that for them, must control others in all areas of their lives.

    42. Where does any of that change what I said??? If there was no market there would be no slaves…

    43. Many buyers were other africans and muslims….. Your point? In that era of history slavery was a world wide issue. There would have been a demand even if they were not brought to America.

    44. Yes, it was an issue….. Did it mean that whites had to participate??? No they did so because they chose to…

    45. Yes, Africans and Arabs were slave traders and slave hunters, auntieang69. People from both the caucasoid and negroid races participated in that abominable result of greed, but it certainly wasn’t the slaves themselves who were guilty of this travesty!

    46. we do not have to actually give them MONEY because they don’t want food so they sell the food stamps and then use that money to buy drugs. girls getting pregnant at home, then they should be getting birth control or let them foot all the bills for every child and see how far that goes

    47. Yes, Palmer, you’re right about that. However, the food that is purchased with the SNAP card can be sold at a discount in order to obtain cash. Since items like toilet paper, soap, detergent, diapers, etc. have to be paid for with cash, many recipients barter or sell their food in order to get the non food items they need. Unfortunately, some do buy drugs.

    48. Not in Mass. they can buy what ever they want with the ebt card…

    49. AND THOSE CARDS can be swiped at ATM machines at strip clubs and casinos.. ya know to stimulate the economy with your tax dollars you work hard for..people WAKE UP fraud is rampant

    50. Some people get cash benefits on their EBT card. Gladly they have stopped them from being swiped at any adult establishment. Strip clubs, bars, liqour stores and so on.


    52. The only thing you are wrong about (look at what you said; it’s illogical and no one would pay $50 for $40 worth of groceries) is the value exchanged. People usually sell food stamps for 50%, or if they’re lucky 75%, of the value of the food stamps. They get their hands on cash and someone gets a bargain on groceries.

    53. Are you for real? Food stamps used to come in booklets and were the size of monopoly money; now they are credited to an plastic card but that just makes it easier for people to buy items, e.g., $20 worth of merchandise, hand the merchandise over to the person who decided what they wanted and the person pays the card holder $10 for $20 of merchandise. I handled interstate food stamp fraud (and state welfare fraud) until I retired seven years ago. The joke on tax payers is for the last 6 years, states have discontinued what was ONE person handling welfare fraud for each county, because the money recouped went into the general kitty, not to Dept of Social services and those guilty of food stamp fraud three times were supposed to be on a state-wide Federal register making them ineligible for food stamps for the rest of their lives; this administration deemed that too draconian and stopped it.

    54. I know people who use their food stamps to buy a friend food and the friend then gives them the cash. That is selling food stamp benefits.

    55. Where the F have you been hiding … come to da hood i’ll show you many examples.. liquor stores being raided and fined for letting EBT card holders buy booze and smokes and giving discounted cash for cards..WAKE UP

    56. Yep, you are wrong. It’s terrible but true. People will give up 50.00 cash and give you 100.00 in FS. Sad but so true!

    57. Selling the food stamps is illegal though. They are committing fraud by selling the food stamps because it is the owner of the food stamps that is supposed to use the food stamps. The government does keep track of the people who are using the food stamps.

    58. After being sold by black men from their own country before coming to the US. Just saying

    59. After being sold to the southerners by black men from their own country. Just saying.

    60. Not entirely correct, the way I understand it: Warring black tribesmen would capture some of the enemy, which they sold to Arab slave merchants, who then sold those slaves to British sea captains, who then brought them to the New World–of course, the Yankees saw there was money to be gotten with this disgusting new “business, ” so, they started getting their own slaves to sell–the Southern land owners were mostly very rich, British noblemen in the beginning who had NO idea how to work anyway–so, the idea of slaves (Britain being one of the leading slave dealers of the world at the time), appealed to them! The Brits were not above selling some of their own people into slavery, either! This came about through debtor’s prison, or indentured servants–neither of which were as well-treated as blacks–mainly because the white slaves “should have known better, than to get themselves into such a mess!”

    61. Search: Irish Slaves in the Bahamas. Before we had black slaves in the Colonies and on the Plantations in the West Indies, England kidnapped Irish youth, (over 50,000 children taken from their parents in one year) and sent them to the Bahamas & other Islands in the West Indies as slaves. Plantation owners had to buy black slaves but the British army brought free Irish slaves as a way for England to “clearance” Ireland as they had in Scotland. The Irish made terrible slaves, never giving up trying to escape, and because they were free to the owners, the owners executed them where they only whipped black slaves because they cost money. The British also convicted Irish & Scots with a joke of a trial and indentured them for 25 to 40 years, which was slavery when the average life span was 40 years. This was totally different from the several year indentureship people signed on for as payment for their passage to America.


      from 1609 – early 1800′s between 1/2 to 2/3 of all the whites who were in the new world were brought as slaves. They cleared the forests, drained swamps, made roads. Worked & died in greater numbers than anyone else. Many of the union soldiers in Lincolns armies (from TN, IL, KY, etc.) were either survivors of slavery or descendants of white slaves.


      In the 16th – 18th century, Africans enslaved 1.5 million white Europeans in the Barbary Slave Trade.

      Whites were the first people to stop slavery in modern times, whereas slavery still continues in Africa to this day.

    63. Samara, you are preaching to the choir. I’m a history freak, especially Irish history, and have spent many a summer in Ireland as Secretary for the McBride Campaign (Sean McBride, chief of staff of the IRA, founding member of Amnesty International, 1976 Nobel Peace Prize winner) back in the 1990′s. This was based on the O’Sullivan Principles in South Africa, where any American Co. with branches in a foreign country had to abide by the same non-discriminatory hiring guides as they did in America. How many Irish or Irish-Americans do you hear whining about their ancestors being sold into slavery? There were more white (mainly Irish, Scots, and Welsh) slaves in the history of America than there were black but we just survived and worked our way up. There is an ancient Irish saying: “It’s not the one who doles out the most pain who wins but the one who endures the most pain and survives to win.”

    64. I really liked what you said “How many Irish or Irish-Americans do you hear whining about their ancestors being sold into slavery?” It rings with truth. I never heard of any ‘white’ American whining about their ancestors being slaves. I don’t even recall being taught in school about ‘white’ slaves only ‘black’ slaves. I probably would never have know the extent of ‘white’ slavery if it weren’t for the Internet … which is kinda sad.

    65. Here’s the funny thing: I told the guy above your post to google “Irish Slaves in Bahamas” when I meant “Irish Slaves in Barbados”. I am in the process of adopting a dog from the humane society of the Bahamas, and had the word “Bahamas” stuck in my head. It is a lot of semantics or misdirection, calling slaves in the Colonies “indentured servants” as if they’d soon work off the indentureship. In reality, they were sentenced to a lifetime of indentureship and any children they had belonged to their “holders” as those sentenced to indentureship had no rights. All they could do was escape and flee west. In Barbados & the West Indies, there were no bones made about the fact that they were slaves. Do google “Irish slaves in Barbados”. The sheer number will amaze you.

    66. the British sent criminals and people convicted of other felonies to the colonies to live out their sentence and some were pardoned and awarded with land here.. Proven facts !!! Some of them became wealthy and purchased slaves.. This was the start of the Plantation life in the South !!! Georgia was heavily involved in this !!!!

    67. Read a bit more history. Very few hardened criminals were sent to work on plantations; just the opposite. When slaves were needed, poor people were rounded up, charged with ridiculously petty crimes,(jaywalking today) and given a sentence that amounted to life (life span 40+ years; 20 year old sentenced to 25 or 30 years servitude (forced indentureship) making him a slave until he was 50) The Brits “made” people “criminals” to justify this type of free labor for the British nobility and wealthy class. However, you are correct saying whites were slaves first and they were treated much worse than blacks because blacks had to be bought with real money; whites sentenced to involuntary servitude were supplied free to the landowners by the British government and delivered by the British Army.

    68. trupit, the first man to own a slave in this country was a black man, with the blessings of the courts. Learn some history. Also, the blacks worked in the cotton fields to raise cotton for the cotton mills in New York. I believe that is what caused Lincoln to be assassinated, Lincoln was going to send the blacks back to Africa, and those cotton mills would lose lots of money.

    69. Close, the South was beginning to industrialize, part of that was building factories and eliminating sending the materials to the Northern factories. The businesses in the north could not have that, hence creating the conditions for the war. If the war had not happened, slavery in the south (for the most part) would have ended around 1880.

    70. Trupit, there are far more whites on the dole roles than blacks or hispanics. Not only are you ignorant of current events, you are ignorant of American history. There was a time that slavery was legal in ALL colonies, not just the Southern ones. Furthermore, not all slaves were African. Ever heard of indentured servants?

    71. There is a reason there are more whites on the dole than blacks or Hispanics (due to affirmative action, and being politically correct) the black population has the jobs (government (city,state,county as well as others) fill the positions. Even black teachers that cannot speak proper English are teaching our countries children. It is also a fact that the government is the #1 employer in the United States. Since the entire country has been duped with racial tension and party lines (demoncrat vs. republican) the secret societies that Bush,Obuma,Reid, Clinton are involved in their main goal is ONE WORLD ORDER.
      Our country no longer has factories, and if they do they are gov. ran. We the people have been outsourced and so the black population will not take notice or heed warning signs about our Great Country being in distress they have all the government jobs. And for your information most not all have some sort of set up within the gov. I have actually witnessed a manager at a super large retailer paying for her groceries with at least 3 ebt cards (now this mgr. did not shop at the store she was a manager at)! So to put it bluntly most blacks have the jobs and still get assistance more than likely it is set up in the system. It is a well known fact that if their is a test for a job, black man scores 50, white man scores 60 guess who gets the job? The black man because they automatically get a % say 10 to 20 count added to their scores. Research this if you don’t believe me. But my God takes care of me and my family. I am not a racist, I just believe in the truth as I see it.

    72. Try some simple math. According to gov’t census, Whites make up 64% of our population, Hispanic 17%, Blacks make up 13 % of our population; Asians, native Americans make up 5%. There are five times as many whites as there are blacks, while there are slightly LESS whites than there are blacks on welfare: I’ve never figured out where the myth came from saying there are more whites on welfare than blacks and i retired from a career as a case manager for welfare. Hispanics make up the smallest portion of welfare recipients and there are more Hispanics than there are blacks in the U.S. Here are figures copied-pasted

      Welfare Demographics. Percent of recipients who are white, 38.8 %. Percent of recipients who are black, 39.8 %. Percent of recipients who are Hispanic, 15.7 %. Look it up your self; don’t just buy into what someone says. Look up multiple sources too, to get something close to the truth.

    73. The north also had slaves, and longer than the south! Pres. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation ONLY freed the slaves in the Confederate States!

    74. trupit , why isnt washington dc diamond shaped ? so they could make a lot of money selling them and leave the south broke.

    75. uh white people be doing the same sh8t too, many of them are collecting as well and abusing it

    76. uh this b8tch on this video sounds white lol, so wtf does your comment have to do with this post?

    77. Wrong dumbass, the slaves were brought in on New York Jew owned slave ships, flying the U.S. flag!
      Do your homework fool!

    78. Not all welfare people are deadbeats. There are some that can not work, Yet do not abuse drugs or alcohol. I do draw and am not at all ashamed of it. I have 3 grandchildren that live with me. Not to the ones that draw and don’t do anything..that is deadbeat. The ones that let everyone else raise their kids while they claim “homeless food stamps” is wrong, and a lot more ways is wrong. Homeless benefits are 200.00 a month and I draw less then that and feed me and 3 kids on it.

    79. Why are you raising your grandkids? Are are their parents deployed with the military, dead, or in prison?

    80. The children were placed in my custody, and I really don’t why is really important enough to post for the public. It isn’t so I can draw welfare though, its more for the well being of the children. I have sole custody of them and I am disabled, so that is why I do not work.

    81. They should be made to help support their own kids they are the dead beats sounds like a drug problem here >>>>

    82. They pay their child support to the state. You should not name call for people you have no clue about.

    83. When it is my money you are stealing at gun point I have every right and ability to judge.

    84. See that’s the problem and unfortunately you are part of the problem, You are drawing welfare because the parents cannot take care of their own kids, so im sorry but you are one of the examples of why welfare has got to go, you are being responsible but we are all paying for your grandkids not you alone. Something went wrong with their parents obviously.

    85. Dianna, I am sorry to bust your bubble but you don’t pay for my welfare. My parents and my family has paid enough in to take care of these kids. I will not feel bad because of what tiny bit of food stamps I draw. I pray to God you are never put in the place to have to draw. I would LOVE not to have to draw anything but being disabled (heart failure and COPD) it is impossible for me to work. Thank you for pointing out that I am the problem. The parents are ordered to pay child support also. So Unless you know a persons story, mind your own.

    86. You are doing the right thing taking care of the children. Don’t let some of these idiots bother you. I think you should be getting more food stamps than what you are getting. It is more expensive to feed the family now a days.

    87. Um yes, tax payers pay for your welfare. Just like you paid for everyone else. Taxation is theft pure and simple. You are literally stealing from me to feed your family. Also you can type so you can work. End of story. Unless you’re brain dead you can hold some form of a job.

    88. You arrogance is astounding!!! Did you not see, she gets all of 200 a month and the parents are paying child support to the state…

    89. Actually I get under 200 a month. Don’t waste ya breath on the ones talking…I have wasted too much. They clearly can’t read or comprehend or BOTH. Peat and Repeat got tired of talking. Some people have way too much hot air…LOL Their words don’t bother me. I have the love of three precious babies that I take care of no matter what. That is better then anything. I lead a Christian life, no men running in and out, I do not go out and rarely ever take a day off from the kids, I don’t smoke, don’t drink and rarely treat myself to meeting up with friends.I bet they can’t say the same. I would be glad to test for drugs alcohol or anything else. This is me and my family just so I can show the world I am NOT ashamed of anything :)

    90. Beautiful family hon!!! :) NEVER be ashamed of doing the right thing and doing your best…

    91. I see, arrogance and assumptive ignorance :) Ahhh well… I honestly expected no better… BTW I do not get welfare IE: Cash aid… So I suggest rather than making an idiot of yourself you quit making assumptions :)

    92. God bless you, the fact that you’re raising your grandkids. Most of us don’t have a problem with someone like yourself who HAS TO have welfare to put food on the table to take care of your loved ones. We have a problem with those who are ABLE to work, and refuse to, especially since this president did away with the welfare work program. People who go, “look – I get this, and this, and this – why should I get a job?” Then there are people like you who use welfare for what’s it’s intended for, to make sure you, and your loved ones, have a place to stay and put food on the table. Not like the “surfer dude” out in California featured on the O’Reilly factor who got food stamps and all he did was surf and had no intention of even looking for a job because he could get food stamps.

    93. amen !!! I know people on welfare that can’t work and they would if they could, I promise you that !!! But I also know some that are intent on making us pay their ways !!! It’s time to put an end to this now !!! Our country will become more and more dependent on it if we don’t get back to work and make this country great again .. Problem is that these people are a disease and it is spreading fast !!!

    94. as john smith at the james town settlement stated.” he who will not work shall not eat”… they didn’t like freeloaders then and the American people now should not put up with it NOW either

    95. Yeah, Jamestown. John Smith’s quote was actually: YOU MUST OBEY THIS NOW FOR A LAW, THAT HE THAT WILL NOT WORK SHALL NOT EAT (EXCEPT BY SICKNESS HE BE DISABLED). Even then they recognized a group that would not be able to work for sickness or disability. Also it should be noted that it was a small community, and so charity to the ill and infirm would have been expected. KInd of puts paid to your whole argument.

      God forbid any of you get ill or injured enough to need welfare…..Because you’ll be singing a different tune then.

    96. Smith was actually quoting the Bible. The Bible also states that it’s the church’s job to take care of widows and orphans. The church needs to step up again. The church dropped the ball after the Great Depression when no one had any money to help anyone. Our church has a food closet that feeds 120+ families every week. Our youth group does yard work for free for widows, the elderly and single moms.

      If more churches were busy helping the poor rather than spending money on sound systems and bands that pretend to lead worship or getting new pews just because they can and not because they need them. I bet welfare would decrease quite a bit.

    97. Agreed……there are some great churches doing good work for the truly needy but folks are taking advantage of some ….,I was just talking to an old timer yesterday who stated at his church the pastor is very strict about the food pantry with people come expecting a “generous handout” . I see it often where people are making collecting charity from multiple sources a regular job this too should stop….and on the other side of the spectrum . I see churches whose only job is building giant empires of opulence

    98. It’s not often talked about but government waste costs billions of dollars a year. We need to stop the waste (see ‘govtwaste’ on twitter for some specifics); along with : Military Industrial Complex, Millions to countries with runamok corruption, Allowing Lifetime congress people to fund their Pork Pet projects with our dollars. The ‘pseudo-news’ programs should stop trying to make us begrudge our fellow man for sharing a bite with him, when there’s a lot more money lining the pockets of contemptible government contractors & duplicitous Politicians.

    99. Thank you Ahcma, I love the babies and would not do anything different. They get good care, are loving and respectful for the most part. I would LOVE to work but have heart failure, and COPD and NO people, I have never smoked. I don’t buy pop, candy, chips and so on, I strictly stretch the fs to get food to get us through the month.

    100. As I said, welfare was meant for families like yours. I’ve had friends who have had to go on welfare due to various circumstances. One, like you, was unable to work. She didn’t live fancy like some of the deadbeats do. May your grand babies not cause you too much trouble and may your health carry you over till after they ALL marry and give you many great-grandchildren.

    101. where are the parents of these grandchildren why are they not taking care of their own children???

    102. That’s my question too. Are they deadbeats? on drugs? which is typical when the kids have to stay with the grandparents. I’ve seen it too many times so yeah that’s my question. Why aren’t the parents taken care of their own kids?

    103. That is true in most cases but not all. Sometimes the health of a parent plays a role, maybe not physical health but mental health or other issues. Regardless grandparents do what we feel we should do. At least they are not in Foster care and the state is NOT paying for me to watch my babies.

    104. Many of these are minorities and are one parent families. Typically the father is only the father in a biological sense. They have babies and then move on to the next one. Then the mother tries to parent herself and in many cases is into drugs or just lazy. Many become parents at a very young age.

    105. yeah and they use the freaking govt to help them take care of these kids which is a shame, my thing is if you needed help from the govt to take care of one child then wtf are you doing having more? that shyt doesn’t make sense to me, we even have people from other countries having babies here getting all this help, i swear we’re a stupid country at times

    106. Dead in a car accident? Dead from Cancer? In prison?

      Does it really frecking matter why she has them? She has them and the care of them. That’s what matters.

    107. And you have a computer to make this post on. Or a O’bama phone. TV too. I followed a woman thru the grocery check out that paid for 20# of rib eyes with her EBT card. She was wearing a full length fur coat. Let us give charity back to the churches and get government out of it.
      The fraud would quit real quick.

    108. You followed someone around a grocery store? That’s kind of creepy. How do you have any clue how they used the rib eye? Or how much of it they can eat in one sitting? Or how she got a full length fur coat (in May? Where do you live, Alaska?)

    109. Yes I do have a computer that I have had for years. I do not have an Obama phone Thank you, I do not buy hardly any meat at all and defiantly not ribs, or other expensive meat. I don’t buy my kids candy, not drinks, not any snacks of any kind. I do not buy candy bars at the counter or anything else that is considered junk. I buy discounted stuff and the cheap store brand items. I don’t have to explain this to anyone and since it really doesn’t matter because there is always someone to judge regardless. As far as seeing people in certain clothes, there is goodwill and salvation army where most people shop, even you judgemental people on here. People that have loads of money shop goodwill so tell me, whats the difference?

    110. You’re right. You don’t have to share all of this as some kind of justification for the hand that you were dealt. I am sorry that people are being rude and nosy about your family business.

    111. Sir/ Madame. the average SNAP benefit is $124 a month. Our congress people spend that much on one meal & refuse to fly coach. I don’t know where you saw someone in a fur coat buying 20 # of rib eyes with an EBT card. That is most unbelievable. Are you sure it was an EBT card.? There are limits on what you can buy with SNAP, You can’t even buy dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent.
      The “Obama” phone was started as a lifeline in the 80′s by Reagan but you probably already knew that. (It was for health reasons. Can’t call 911 without a phone & a lot of the folks with low income had health problems)
      The blatant cheating with the Obamaphone is done by Businesses who erroneously sign up people who don’t ask for it or people who don’t qualify, not the poor people themselves.

    112. some gas mart stations allow you to buy cigarettes with an ebt card, i saw it with my own freaking eyes

    113. Even if not, many get cash benefits. I’ve watched them while working at a grocery store hit the ATM then right over to the counter to get their cigarettes.

    114. If they do they (the gas marts) are breaking the law. The USDA has a list of approved items for EBT TANF cards:

      Households CANNOT use SNAP benefits to buy:
      Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco
      Any nonfood items, such as:
      pet foods
      soaps, paper products
      household supplies
      Vitamins and medicines
      Food that will be eaten in the store
      Hot foods
      You can turn the store into the DHS office: but I’m telling you. What people spend on cigarettes, etc. is small potatoes compared to what Congress wastes everyday.
      And a congressman’s lunch will cost more than the $134 average food stamp benefit.

    115. debby with a Y I see it every day ribs ,lobster tail, rib steaks, and mountain dew by the gallons plus cookies,candy ,ice cream and other junk.. its just not an isolated thing its rampant and I for one am tired of it

    116. I worked at a grocery store for 4 years in MA and can easily back this up. Yes, you see some that are embarrassed to use it and are only buying the cheapest of foods that they can stretch. Those FEW and let me emphasize FEW actually need it. The vast majority pull up in large new model escalades and lexus. They buy nothing but sweets, chips, soda, meat, and lobster. While I worked there I could not afford many of these things. I have rang these people out, after spending 200 dollars on pure garbage the receipt is printed and so many times I have seen that they have thousands left on their accounts. Some as much as ten thousand.

    117. Matthew with 2 tt’s , I go to the grocery store every week & never see ANYBODY with ribs, lobster tails, etc. Plus they don’t sell mountain dew by the gallon. I have no idea what it means but I’ve always been told that what you ‘hate in others’ is what you ‘see in yourself’. Nobody likes to be bamboozled. I have no patience with a cheater: whether on welfare or Wall Street. True, we spend a lot on welfare but there are SO many other inanimate objects that our taxes are wasted on:
      Halliburton made billions of dollars off the war but turned around and swindled us out of $17.2 billion.
      EVERY HOUR :We spend $2.2 million dollars on nuclear weapons.
      $6.82 million dollar on Homeland Security,
      $1,610,000 EVERY HOUR for FOREIGN military assistance
      The Dept of Defense spent $633 BILLION in 2013.
      The Dept of the Interior owns $276.4 million in property that it does not use.
      We gave farmers $2 BILLION dollars last year NOT to farm.
      Northrup Grumman (military contractor) charged the DOD with $91.4 million in fees that they could not account for.
      We spend trillions of dollars on Defense each year but a 1st year soldier makes only a little over $15000. In the meantime we hire military Contractors at between $150,000- $250,000 each in annual salary every year.
      We loaned banks $700 billion dollars (Tarp) because their predatory lending, mortgage fraud & perverse incentives. But they continued to pay their CEO’s Bonuses (for failing) with our tax dollars.
      And for a wrap up of the insanity, between 2006-2011 the govt paid $175 million for penis pumps, What’s worse is they paid 2X the normal cost for each because of some govt worker’s lack of attention when negotiating the contract.
      twitter @hoodstr ( govt.waste)

    118. and debbu with a Y ,,the phone deal was a good thing when initiated.. but the attitude now is just low life hood rat mentality gimmie gimmie hustling phones like crazy making the dope deals

    119. come to stockton ca. and i will show you!!! snap is for food idiot, not dishwashing liquid !!!

    120. Exactly, it’s one thing needing help and it’s another thing being greedy and using our welfare system for fraud, Do you know people who are on section 8 can stay on it for as long as they want?

      There is no freaking time limit so what freaking incentive is there to do better when it pays to just rely on the freaking govt? I cannot even see a damn doctor now that obamacare went full affect,

      I was paying around 80 bucks a pop before but now I have to pay around 90 a month plus 125 doctor visits but get this, if I was getting ebt, welfare, section 8 etc then the govt would gladly help me, it’s like shyt, help me out a lil since I gotta pay my own rent, my own food, etc

      but yet they want to keep helping these low income lazy people forever, something has got to change here I swear , no wonder this country is going down the tubes.

    121. And the country wouldn’t be becoming a godless nation. If you had to attend church to eat, some of it might just sink in.

    122. Skivvy, I find your comment a bit counterintuitive if you’re saying that people who don’t go to church should not eat, but if they do go to church it is Ok for the church to feed them. In this country, I assume you mean a Protestant Church & the God of the Bible, where people go to church to become more Christ-like.
      Matt 6:5-6 says:
      “And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray… that they may be seen by others. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father”
      Everyone interprets the Bible differently, but we could give the non-church going hungry people the benefit of the doubt & say they believe in that parable; or are not physically able to attend. I don’t think Jesus have them go hungry.

    123. Ummmm I have no idea where you get your information but the welfare to work program has not been done away with… It is in full force across the country… I suggest you do some real research on this instead of passing on rumors…
      There are cheats on everything and everywhere this does NOT mean the majority are cheats… in fact statistically less than 3% of people on welfare ‘cheat’ the system…

    124. Well, sorry, but for this I’m glad to be corrected. When you are told, via the news, that this administration has ignored lots of laws, (the work program to work being one of them), I’m glad that they were wrong on at least one of them. I still believe that if you’re able to work, you should. It’s a great learning tool for the kids. And NO, I don’t believe that most who are on welfare are cheats, but, unfortunately , there are those who are. THEY need to be weeded out of it and reported upon. Right now, in this day and age, we cannot have a few ruin it for those who need it. “Surfer dude” in California is one example who is allowed to make a joke of the welfare system. He refuses to work because he gets over $200 a month in snap, which he uses to by such things as LOBSTER, for parties. HE is whom I’m talking about, those that exploit the system.

    125. Actually, most on the system are cheats and abuse the system intentionally. California dude is actually the norm, not the exception.

    126. Speaking from the experience of when i was down on my luck some years back, i was making minimum wage at McDonald’s living on the street and was told i couldn’t get food stamps because i was white, single and had a job. Mean while one female person came out with 8 kids, got in her Lincoln Navigator, the kids changed coats, turned around and walked back in with a different female person that had got out of a newer model escalade.

    127. I know a poor mentally retarded liberal such as yourself will never believe the truth. Go back to your rainbows and sucking unicorn farts from their assholes.

    128. Wow…. your nonsensical idiocy is laughable… Thank you so much I needed a good giggle….

    129. I can back this up from 4 years in a grocery store seeing the vast majority doing the same things and having the same mentality of “surfer dude”. So maybe not an expert but still very knowledgeable and do know what I see to be a stone cold fact.

    130. Your wrong, it might be in force in your state, but several states let it drop (like california) due to the requirement being “temporarily suspended” but never put back into force by Obama.

    131. Actually dude, you’re wrong…California did not let it drop and a simple visit to or a google search of CalWORKS indicates as such. As for the percentage of welfare recipients “cheating” the system, the idiot who threw out the 70% number is in serious need of intellectual welfare. The federal government reports that fraudulent payments in benefits account for about 10% and close to 3% of those are either errors in amount of payment or in to whom the payment is made. If any of you brain trusts even bothered to investigate your own states applications for welfare/unemployment/etc you’d see that it’s quite difficult to lie and qualify for benefits and all in all, the total dollar amount spent by the federal government on safety net programs (not including SS, Medicare/medicaid) is roughly 12% of the total budget, about $339Billion. Compare that to a GDP of roughly $17Trillion. Meaning as a country we spend less than 2% of our income providing help and resources to people going through a rough time and in need of a little assistance and less than 0.2% of that ends up in the hands of those cheating the system. If the average annual income in the US is $42380, then that amounts to $847.60/year ($70.60 monthly) each person contributes to a safety net that they themselves would have access to should they need it, while only $7 of that goes to cheaters. How much money do you spend a month on car insurance, homeowners insurance even health insurance and end up NEVER filing a claim? I’d imagine a significantly larger portion of your income and yet here you are bitching about $7 fucking dollars a month?? Try funding your own personal private safety net on $70 a month, and when you end up unemployed with kids to feed and no insurance let me know how far you get…

    132. I don’t look at numbers sunshine, I look at the people with thousands left on their accounts and lobsters in their cart. I’ve worked in grocery for 4 years and have seen that that is the rule, not the exception. That is fraud even if it is never documented or prosecuted. Please bury your liberal brain dead self in the sand.

    133. I called 3 counties in California today, I called the San Bernardino County Human Resources in Riverside, The Los Angeles Human Resources in Van Nuys and the Kern County Human Resources in Mojave and every single one of them said that the 5 year limit, not adding new children onto cash aid and the welfare to work program are in full force so I don’t know where in California you have gotten this information but from actual phone calls and web searches it seems you may have been mistaken…

    134. They are still open as options, you are no longer REQUIRED to take part though. This was done by executive fiat.

    135. WTH are you talking about??? The 5 year limit is not an optional thing… I know a single mother who got kicked off last month for reaching her limit…

    136. If you’d point me in the direction to find out where President Clinton’s Welfare Reform act was ‘dropped’ I’d be obliged. It is hard to keep up with everything, but I haven’t seen that one.
      I notice one item of utmost importance that seems to be left out of the conversation. Remember the recession that began in 2007, when some big financial institutions closed, the stock market tanked & Corporations sent jobs overseas putting people out of work here?
      The people who remain unemployed and/or on unemployment/ ‘welfare’ didn’t cause that to happen. They were just the ‘casualties’ in corporate malfeasance & greed..

    137. You need to get out and see the world, not rely on TV for your “facts”. I see it every day and its way more than 3%. Maybe 70% or more.

    138. WOW!!! you are so far wrong I do not even know where to start… Luckily David does…

    139. No it is not in full force. Out president did do away with this program. They also could not get more welfare for additional children also but he also changed this law to.

    140. Not according to web research and actual phone calls to offices… Hmmmm I wonder why they say they are enforcing and you say they are not… Could you be just simply rumor mongering.>>

    141. Please give a reference for this information. 2 years ago MN Gov Pawlenty (along with 28 other GOP Govs) signed a letter asking for ‘more flexibility’ in the Welfare to work program. Our president has issued the fewest executive orders of any president over the last 100 years. I’m not able to find one where he ‘did away’ with the program in the site or Wikipedia.
      Also, the vast majority of people who receive Food stamps DO work. But their jobs paying minimum wages, while the CEO’s earn big bonuses , make them eligible for SNAP

    142. Hey Timothy, thanks for the link. I do believe though, it says the states had requested a ‘waiver’ (not really that Obama did away with it). I know the first state to ask for the waiver had a republican governor, so I think we can safely say the problems in America can be blamed on both parties. That is the worst news; we can replace a president, but we can’t replace all the crooked politicians that are ruining our country.
      I’d add to the chart from ‘factreal’ that unemployment was another part of the increase in food stamps. thanks again, Timothy

    143. Liberals don’t like reality or facts. The world is rainbows and unicorn farts to them.

    144. Retail workers mostly have no real skills. If you want to be paid more get yourself a skill and don’t work at wal mart. Retail unless you make it to upper management is not intended to be a career. Maybe a place to gain experience or a second job or supplemental income to a spouse with a well paying job.

    145. Timothy… Here where I live ALL the requirements are in force… My sister cannot get aid and is disabled as per her doctor but because she is not on SSI she has work requirements to get aid… Work her doctor says she is not to do… Soooooooooo

    146. Comprehension is not your strong point is it… Did you miss where I said??? “she is not on SSI” “requirements are in full force” “she has work REQUIREMENTS to get aid” Perhaps you need to learn to pay better attention…

    147. Yes it has been done away with. If you actually were to get yourself educated you’d know that obama has waived it for all individuals in one of his many executive orders. No longer are you forced to attempt to find a job or train for one. 3%? I agree with pcn, but maybe that’s because I come from a far left state but I’d put the figure at close to 90% that cheat the system. 3% is probably the number that lie about income or are prosecuted for it. Many are not but still buy lobsters and steak. That is fraud. If you truly need it you will be buying pasta and other meals that you can stretch for days to feed your family.

    148. Well, in Ohio, New Mexico and California it is in full force… In fact, in New Mexico which is one of the lowest benefit states in the nation you must also do job search for food stamps…
      Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I see it now, your one of those people that bitch and complain about how people on food stamps are fat and don’t realize that the pasta and stuff that can stretch for days is unhealthy and causes obesity… Ahhhhh well… BTW if you keep your eyes open often steak is less expensive than hamburger or so close to the same price that it doesn’t matter which you buy.

    149. I know of someone who was on unemployment for almost 2 years sitting home intentionally collecting money. The month before it ran out they went out and got a job without any problems.


    151. I see that a lot, I once took a crippled guy to the food stamp office in his wheel chair.. he got 10 dollars for the whole month.. WOW I see welfare breeders getting 900 a month to feed their kids and the boy friend

    152. I know, I have a saying. when you’re at the market you can usually tell who are the welfare breeders by looking at their shopping carts, when you see all the name brands and carts filled up to the top, most likely they are collecting welfare ebt etc, where as the rest of us have to buy generic stuff when we use our own cash or our own credit card, I hate seeing that sh8t and I see a f8cking man in the picture too, either the deadbeat boyfriend or husband. I can’t stand that sh8t but it’s American’s fault for allowing that sh8t to happen

    153. You would see me with all generic, no pop, no candy, no chips and counting every dime I have in my cart, You would also hear me telling my babies no to juice pouches and snacks. We don’t buy prepackage items either, we buy bulk and stretch every meal we make. While others that have all the fs buy ribeye, steaks, and all the other stuff. We rarely even buy meat because if we do that we would not eat most of the month.

    154. Unfortunately from where I live you are the exception to the rule. Thank you for being honest.

    155. Same here, we are a family of 4 on disability getting 1082.00 a month and 72.00 in food stamps because we make too much money…

    156. doesn’t make sense does it?….and if it is for you like it is for me I have bills to pay out of my disability check…..and that leaves very little for groceries and when I was getting medicad I had share cost…..each month I had to meet $898.00…..before medicad would pay any thing……

      There is always enough to share…

    157. Rent, electric, gas, phone, trash, water, medications, school clothes for the kids, food, car insurance etc… Yeah, we live high off the hog alright!!!


    159. Why from home? There are many offices you could work out typing or answering phones.

    160. I WORKED and got less than you a month and wasn’t eligible for food stamps so what is your point?

    161. I have Two part time jobs and work a third during off season’s and yes l live in a tourist town, so jobs around here is seasonal and hard to come about and yes we have a abundant supply of Illegals here to compete with at the same time which is another un- warranted tax and burden, but yes to make ends meet I get state assistance for my two children and l do not abuse this system and actually pay back into the same system I use and not abuse…

    162. you pay into but receive it all back?? with the child tax credits and lower income you do in fact pay no or very very little taxes

    163. Education. You would readily be given government funds to receive an education, why have you not used that part of the system, you talk about working and competing, education is the answer. I see it all the time,people who use the system but don’t want to better themselves while doing so. It is easier to receive welfare than to get educated and actually be competitive. The sad part is, there are so many government programs for education, you might make money while attending college. What do you have to lose? Stop blaming others for your less fortune and look into the eyes of your children.

    164. Degrees are barely worth the paper they are printed on anymore. What about not being able to afford not to earn money well going to school?

    165. I understand your situation….why not make personal responsibility a law aww but liberals would never go for that kind of common sense while poor saps are still working to pay for their freeloading voter base

    166. After your comment it is none of your business. Sorry but you simply feel you should make people feel bad for having to draw. I could give them up and be one of those parents that let their kids starve…oh wait, that would be you before you would draw right?

    167. I’m talking about your kids who weren’t’ responsible to take care of their own kids but they would probably draw as well huh. I understand why you need too, you’re much older I’m assuming and can’t work or maybe disabled but most of the commentators here are talking about the kids parents. That’s the issue

    168. My daughter is not capable of taking care of the kids and the fathers…well they are doing their own thing and I can not answer for them. Needless to say none of them are currently involved in the kids lives.

    169. You OBVIOUSLY need to go back to school and learn reading and comprehension… She has said multiple times that she is disabled…

    170. You need to obviously stfu because you’re over here stating certain things like it’s none of my business well it’s none of your business to be telling me anything. If anyone needs to go to school is YOU. You are probably mad because you’re on welfare too. Your comprehension stinks because I’ve said MANY TIMES I don’t care that she gets welfare what pissed some people off here is that THE PARENTS ARE NOT TAKING CARE OF THEIR OWN KIDS, DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT? YES SHE EXPLAINED STUFF BUT i’M NOT OVER HERE READING EVERY FREAKING COMMENT SHE HAS MADE OR REPLIED TO SO I SUGGEST YOU LET OTHERS FIGHT THEIR OWN BATTLES AND WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN SELF BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY YOU NEED IT.

    171. If you are going to read an comment on a thread the obviously INTELLIGENT thing to do is to read the ENTIRE thread… I apologize to you for believing that perhaps you actually had a semblence of a brain in your head. Do not think you can tell me to ‘stfu’ after all you just got done telling me in a different post that if someone is going to say something in public then YOU have the right to comment… Such blatant hypocrisy!!! I am not on welfare :) and your arrogance and ASSumptive attitude OMG! How do planes keep from running into your head it is so far up in the clouds!!! She has said several times that the parents are paying child support to the state OH WAIT I FORGOT you didn’t bother to read the entire thread instead you prefer to blindly comment on a subject which you have no knowledge of!!! Now as for your yelling, really, are you so immature that you cannot carry on a semi-civilized conversation without acting like a iskitini ulla throwing a temper tantrum??? My intelligence and education are not in question here, I always read an entire thread before commenting… I do this for my own sake so I do not end up making the same errors you did and look like a complete and utter ignoramus :) When I see a BULLY which is what you were being I always intervene… I do it because it is the RIGHT thing to do!!! Ulla, I am OBVIOUSLY a much more stable person than you so to say I need to worry about myself is an inanity :) But then you seem to be very good at being inane… I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful life ulla… One day you may realize that hatred, anger and blame will get you nowhere… See what you seem to have forgotten is that even if she is raising her grandchildren, even if the parents are unable to care for their own children… those parents are still HER children and she still LOVES them and your nasty insults and demanding to know why the parents did not have their own children were uncalled for and yes, downright cruel… You are one of those people who believe you are better than others and anyone reading your postings will agree with that statement… Saying things like ‘welfare breeders”, “Something went wrong with their parents obviously.” and even worse things were… A sad statement to your character :(
      So here are some words of wisdom from an old Chahta Ohoyo… Walk in Peace iskitini ulla….. Walk in Peace!!!

    172. omg who the f8k have time to read this book? take your meds because you’re obviously in your manic mode lol
      I’m done here. I rest my case.

    173. Why yes, yes you do… You have proven yourself to not be the good Christian you want to act like ;) But then I didn’t expect any better ulla… I honestly expected you to say just what you did…
      Walk away in Peace iskitini ulla,,,


    175. Not a Christian… got it… BTW you “idiot” and ignorant ‘bitch’ as you called me in another post… *I* am a Native American Tribal Member so do not even attempt to try and go there where Natives are concerned!!! You are nothing more than a iskitini ulla who basks in her own glory she gets from insulting and putting down other people… Walk in peace child this Chatha ohoyo is saying have a nice life…

    176. Exactly what is ‘ludicrous’??? That I acknowledged that you are not Christian or that I said I am a Native American Tribal Member??? that you are a iskitini ulla??? or that you are basking in your own glory that you seem to get from insulting and putting people down??? All are true and correct so how is that ‘ludicrous’??? And no ulla… I am not

      and what the h3ll is an ulla, NEVERMIND who cares.

    178. DID YOU MISS where I said I am NOT Christian??? Here I will quote myself “And no ulla… I am not Christian,” Perhaps you might, as I suggest once before… Try reading entire posts before making responses that make you look silly. Ulla is a Choctaw word… IE: Your behavior is that of a iskitini ulla…

    179. 1. I don’t smoke and 2. I am Native American… 3. You are obviously an idiot… Have a lovely day!

    180. Please ignore arrogant know it alls hon…. People who think they know everything are all over :( You are doing what is right and what is good for those babies and deserve to be commended not condemned!!!

    181. of course you sound like a welfare queen, if someone comes in here talking about their business then be prepared for people to ask things, if you have a problem then don’t bother commenting about your freaking life.
      It’s that simple !!!

    182. How funny you are hahahahaah :) In one message you say you have the right to respond to anything someone says in an open forum and in another you tell me not to comment on what you have to say HAHAHAHA Yes, you are a ‘mart one….. BTW When you ASSume things the way you KEEP doing you make one of yourself…

    183. ok now I see the kids it makes sense now, I can see why the kids dads are not in the picture, typical

    184. WOW, you just continue to amaze me with your lack of character… To top of being an arrogant ASSumptive idiot your a bigoted racist!!! Because the children are of mixed race you again make ASSumptions… HOW DARE YOU!!! You keep talking ulla… Showing people just what type of person you are…

    185. F8ck you, who cares what you think. I’m thru wasting my time, sorry that what I say is true and the truth hurts lol
      anyways talk to yourself from now on, I’m done talking people who don’t mean sh8t to me.

    186. Ahhhh see, here you go again showing just how much character you lack :( I feel sorry for you that you could look at those beautiful children and be so insulting!!!

      Not a word you said hurt ulla because all it was was air exuding from the ignorance you exhibit.. Love your sweet words ulla… Is this how a good Christian behaves???


    188. Ulla, you have some serious issues. I just said in 4 different posts now that ok you are not a Christian… got it… Now ulla, I think it is you that is deeply confused…


    190. Iskitini ulla… The liar came from you LYING… You said “anyways talk to yourself from now on, I’m done talking people who don’t mean sh8t to me” and I was perfectly fine with that and then days later you come back with ignorant and unfounded comments… Just like a iskitini ulla would do…

    191. I had to reply back telling you I’m not a christian because that offended me not that other hogwash you said earlier, I couldn’t care less but yeah I won’t be back and won’t bother with the notifications I get when someone responds.
      I have a life unlike YOU.

      Must be nice to sit all day commenting/replying back to everyone the way you do. I see your profile that’s all you do hunny, you sit there and reply to I don’t know how many article posts and reply back and forth. Must be nice when the govt is taking care of you but for the rest of us we need to work so enjoy wasting my tax dollars.
      bye felicia!

    192. Iskitini ulla… Your ASSumptions and insults mark you for who you are… And that is plain for all to see.
      Walk in Peace iskitini ulla… Perhaps one day you will learn patience, understanding and compassion for your fellow man…

    193. The kids look biracial so they have at least one parent whose white. I’ve heard/seen a lot of mixed race children get sent to foster care or the grandparents take care of them because either the mother who is most of the times white and the dad is black, anyways the mom is either on drugs or got with a man that’s some deadbeat person. So many of them in the system unfortunately. At times those kids get sent to foster care because the white mothers family doesn’t accept the kids especially if they look more like the dad who is black.

      There’s many biracial celebs that had a white mother who ended up being adopted.

    194. I happen to be one of those you speak about. I worked hard all my life from the age of 15. Most of my jobs involved standing on hard factory floors for 8-12 hours a day. I worked until my body couldn’t do it anymore. I have severe arthritis/bone degeneration in my knees, hips and back, and I have heart problems. I collect foodstamps and I’m not ashamed. I paid for the right with every paycheck that money was withheld from. These able bodied people living off the government teet disgust me. They should be made to look for work and provide proof they are and given a time frame in which to find a job or be cut off. Drug testing should also be mandatory. This is why this country is failing, not enough people working and too many leeching off the system.

    195. Allison I’m right there with you…we have custody of our granddaughter and now 2 of our nephews. We get 57 dollars which is fine but only my husband works now my problem is a completely healthy couple with 2 children don’t work, drive escalade and get TANF, Medicaid and 600 dollars in food stamps.

    196. What would you do if you had no safety net, you would find the time to work and take care of your family, when true need is met the system works, but most people who claim they are not mooches are just as lazy as the ones who tell it like it is, either way depending on the government is slavery,. They keep you satiated enough to not do more and fearful enough to vote for keeping those in power who you know will keep paying your welfare. Your no better than her, she is just more honest.

    197. Only the stupid will be cut off! Any semi-intelligent stoner knows how to detox before a drug test. When they did this in Florida they discovered that the program was not cost effective. Very few people were kicked off the roles– just a handful. It’s a waste of money. We need to go to a system of “WorkFare” where, if you aren’t eligible to do a job in the private sector, the state finds a job for you and you earn your check. (You can’t wait tables? Here, put twenty plastic forks in each of these little boxes. Something simple, and easy on the body for those who are disabled.) Provide childcare for anyone who needs it.Then, throw RANDOM drug tests at the recipients, and if they fail, they are out, and if they have them, they lose their kids.

    198. Exactly, mhgaots1. The tests have to be random in order to really be effective. The way most states set up drug testing, the recipients know when their test is scheduled and can head to the local head shop for detox products. When my brother, a notorious weed smoker, served in the National Guard, he would eat an entire jar of dill pickles the night before his weekend service or two-week summer camp and drink the brine as well. It would make his urine so acidic that he passed urine tests for two years. That was some 20 years ago, and perhaps tests are more sophisticated now, but stoners are sneaky by nature and will just come up with ways to circumvent the tests. But fooling a random test is nearly impossible.

    199. You can always try your hand at seceding again. I’ve a feeling the north will not try to stop you this go around…

    200. If only that were true. It’s good that you are proud of your
      heritage, but as it happens, Southern States receive more federal funding than
      other states. And your home of Mississippi holds the number 2 position: Farm subsidies, military spending, nutrition
      and anti-poverty aid, retirement programs.

      On top of that – 45% of Mississippians pay NO income tax. So
      the rest of us are kind of saying- “Where’s my love for feeding your
      face?” It’s been big in the news
      lately. Surprised you haven’t noticed it. BTW, much obliged.

    201. Stay the fuck out of Mississippi then, bitch, they are following the tax code set up by the federal government, and you are more than welcome to move all those deadbeats out of Mississippi and into your house, are you so stupid that you think we want them, not to mention you are taking all your information from an internet article, this world is doomed because of morons like you that have no ability to think critically, help save the world, kill yourself!

    202. I call that rude. I have no intention of trodding the soil of MS, especially if all the people are as hateful as you, I’d suppose the ones on the dole might be that unhappy, but it surprises me you’d be. Hope life becomes as delightful for you as it is for me. (oh , btw, I can’t really kill myself to make you happy because I have a multiply-handicapped son who relies on me 24/7 & he thinks I’m the bomb)

    203. I believe it was struck down in federal court claiming it violated their rights. Sad.

    204. I take this argument one step further: think of tax dollars going to welfare recipients as an investment. What’s the return? They don’t die on the streets, rather live another day to find a job–ideally. What’s the return on your investment when tax dollars pay for welfare recipient drug tests? States have experimented with this before, and it was a failure. The few recipients that test positive are removed, right? Does that offset the cost? Remember that we’re talking about taxpayer dollars.

      Companies test employees for one reason: boost revenue.

      It would be far more effective to save those taxpayer dollars and invest in a program that holds recipients accountable to work 40 hrs/wk. Even if it’s community service, fake call centers, phony high school papers to grade, computer based training and job applications. Also, issue vouchers to parents on welfare to be used at local, government-approved and regulated daycare centers. No person should be able to use their children as an excuse not to work.

      When being on welfare is as bad, or worse than having a real job, recipients will apply for real jobs–THAT’S A RETURN ON MY INVESTMENT!

    205. anyone being paid as a gov employee should be tested for drugs an alcohol,to many fkn drunks in positions of power,same with gov handouts

    206. HA every time I see Pelosi she looks drunk or stoned out of her mind.

    207. This is an issue to factor also…the drug companies charge 4x the amount to give you a tripton called Inderal and it dings you out all day and into the next – so this is a legit problem having doctors dope up society when medical marijuana does less damage to the body, is out of the system in less than a few hours and can be dosed in a more customized way so people can take it and get back to work not losing a whole days work. So I’m saying if she was using it, this would give her even less than a reason to say she couldn’t work all day from a migraine. Hey, when you want to work, you’ll work; if you don’t, you won’t.

    208. There are 7 types of triptans, people respond differently to them. Also, he was taking the preventatives also, which do make you more tired. But just using the triptan made him tired also, but when people report this it is all subjective because the migraines themselves make you tired. Hard to say which is causing more of the fatigue, but yep, each person definitely responds differently.

    209. I’m randomly tested and I’m a Federal employee. I think IQ tests should be administered before you’re allowed to post on a message board.

    210. As a federal employee who gets randomly tested are you for or against the president and congress members being tested also?

    211. Absolutely; however, we are more concerned that those on welfare be tested before they receive welfare checks. and they should be required to show they tried to get work, but in this Obama economy that wouldn’t be fair since there are no jobs. Obama is too busy rounding up illegals to dump in Utah and Texas to bother creating program that would create jobs.

    212. Congress has been receiving welfare benefits from all of us since 2008! and at times in the past as well. If welfare is pay for non-work then they need to be taken off the dole to set the example!

    213. first it would seem you have to quit sending welfare checks to dead people, felons serving time in prison etc. etc. what a great country we are living in one that is governed by the laws our politicians want to enforce and not by the laws they dont want to enforce.

    214. Oh and don’t forget all the welfare checks going to mexico. Those p.o.boxes where they get checks then walk back across.

    215. No jobs? My son just got a job at Chick-fil-a and he’s 16. There may not be the ideal job, but if you want to work you could probably find SOMETHING.

    216. There are jobs out there as those who want to be independent and self-supporting manage to get hired. Are they ideal jobs? No. Are they full-time jobs? No, and we have Obamacare to thank for that one. The problem is more & more people do not want to work and would rather look for the easy way out which is government hand-outs, a.k.a. welfare.

      People today whine about everything because they are so used to glut and instant satisfaction. There used to be a time when people worked and saved to buy a car/house/T.V./etc. but now they want it immediately and, like the spoiled children they are, they throw temper tantrums until Mommy Government pulls out her teat and gives it to them.

    217. There are some jobs, but you should see the attitude and the ‘get-up’ on some of those coming in to apply! They would scare the —– out of my customers! And, you should hear how upset they are when they are told that 1. they need to be ON TIME EVERY DAY (gasp!) and 2. They may NOT use their cell-phone to call OR TEXT anyone during the workday. At that statement, more than a few walk out!

    218. There are some jobs, but you should see the attitude and the ‘get-up’ on some of those coming in to apply! They would scare the —– out of my customers! And, you should hear how upset they are when they are told that 1. they need to be ON TIME EVERY DAY (gasp!) and 2. They may NOT use their cell-phone to call OR TEXT anyone during the workday. At that statement, more than a few walk out!

    219. I think people should be drug tested with ID in hand
      before they are allowed to vote! The liberal agenda is destroying this country!!!

    220. Along with a basic civics test and knowledge of current issues.Too many voting for whoever guarantees the handouts.

    221. It’s ok for obama and democrats to violate the constitution but, nooooo, don’t even suggest the republicans wanting to impliment common sense.

    222. Bullshit! IF I have to take one to make the money for you to deadbeats to take, you damn well should take one to prove you aren’t deadbeats.

    223. The point Vincent made is that too many Federal government people are NOT tested…Congress, staffers, President, etc. And that welfare recipients should also be tested as a condition of getting the handouts. It wasn’t that difficult to discern from his post…aren’t you bright enough to figure it out?

    224. It’s not that people are low IQ, just really fed up with feds. Yes we are randomly tested but how would people know if they don’t work for a federal, state or local job? No need to talk down to people Sonja, as it is, most feel federal workers are already arrogant enough.

    225. So you work for the Federal Government, good for you. Are you a member of Congress, Obama’s cabinet, or Obama himself? Can you confirm that they receive random drug tests like you do? Where do you get off saying IQ tests should be administered before you can post on a message board, perhaps you think the rest of us have no right to freedom of speech?

    226. HERES THE PROBLEM SO DONT BLAME CONSERVATIVEs… ITS THE VOTERS mostly liberal WHO VOTE THOSE “DRUNKS” IN the kennedys for one and many others so why not change that and get out and vote republican for a change.. and put those crazy libs out of office.??

    227. ALL federal jobs to do blood drug screening and intense background checks. Stick to the problem

    228. If you can’t see the difference between someone who buys drugs with other people’s money and someone who buys drugs with their own money that they have worked for, then there is something wrong with you. Every time the issue of drug testing for welfare comes up, some mindless parrot regurgitates this statement as though they’re making a great point. I don’t condone drugs, but if you work for your money, do what you wish with it. If you take others money rather than working, buy only necessities. Simple!

    229. Some of the lawmakers would love that. As they have relatives or stock in the drug-testing companies. It’s VERY Expensive to test all recipients to find the few that cheat. And taxes would go up. But the winners are: Those who run or have financial benefits in the Drug Testing businesses (Helloooo Rick Scott and co-founder of Solantic Health!)

    230. And? How will that solve anything? We know their hopped up on something. I’m with Joe. Test these people on Welfare. If on drugs of ANY KIND not prescribed by a doctor, cut them off COLD. And no money for illegals either. Those bastards need to go choke their own countries.



    233. Sadly Joe, I do not believe we should go there. It’s just another government expense thing and it won’t solve the problem. We need to devise a plan to gradually take people off the program, period. But that can only happen if we start making people “uncomfortable”. Such as mandate that they do some work for the income they receive. I won’t get into all the details but instead of mandating drug testing, we can mandate them to get off their butts and contribute….there’s plenty to do out there in communities.

    234. Mary – I agree. I have worked in social work, and I’ll tell you, the only way people like this will get off welfare is if it is no longer comfortable for them to remain there. We can’t force them to work, and many people are not comfortable letting kids starve just because their parents are doing drugs. I believe we need to stop giving them MONEY. We should set up large welfare inns (hotels) in every city, and provide everything they need in the inn – including food. No more food stamps, these people will eat in the cafeteria, and they will eat what is given to them. All of their toiletries and daily essentials will be provided for them, but they won’t get ANY money. If they don’t like it there, classes will be provided to help them get their GED, complete a resume, and get a job. Once they have a job, they will receive TEMPORARY assistance to help them move out. It sounds expensive, but trust me – some of these people, (and I KNOW, because I’ve worked with them) receive free house cleaning, and other benefits which can cost the government more than $250,000 per year per person!! Housing them all in an inn, providing a cook, extra police guards, and even house cleaners for those who need it (or refuse to stop living like piggies) would be much less expensive than all the entitlements they currently receive.

    235. you are a raciest for even suggesting people work for their free cash, why here in da hood they have welfare rights organizations that say working for their benefits is slavery.. OMG this country is a mess

    236. giving away free money to people who sit on their buts and expect it everyday to just smoke weed, do drugs, and live off the people paying–that’s a mess

    237. A raciest is someone is doesn’t like a person simple because of color, or religion or etc. This country is a mess because people expect to much from others, that are not wiling to do for themself. (Not the people who can help themselves, those people who need help.

    238. hahaha the biggest racists dont even belong here,blacks,illegals an criminals crybabies an whiners an troublemakers, can all leave

    239. Except for the elderly disabled and children, most people that collect benefits work. So they are paying for the benefits. There is no free money. That is a myth. It hasn’t been true since Clinton ended that program in the 90s.

    240. Thats BS. They do NO WORK to collect their free food stamps, free housing, etc. Get your facts straight.

    241. No they don’t. I was a county employee for several years, and as such had access to the county budget breakdown. In this particular county, 65% of the county budget was for Welfare. The largest group to receive funds were unmarried couples/single adults with children. Close to 2/3. Perfect health, fit to work.

    242. Matthew you are an Idiot. Where the F@#%. Does race enter. Not until your nimble brain injects it. Grow a brain not weed. You frigging slug on society. You should have no rights at all if you don’t pay into the system… go get shot ya banger

    243. Thank you Marie, that is how I took it, but the way everyone attacked him I thought maybe I misunderstood and he really was serious!

    244. Sir it does enter into it when the very same people who make those statements are black and resent the idea that they should not work for their freebies because of a perceived connection to slavery, I live in da hood and the liberal rats are taking over.. so when a white representative even suggests that maybe people contribute back for which they receive they are immediately called a raciest . and belive me mr blue I pay more taxes a year than you and your mama make make on welfare combined

    245. Matthew’s comment was meant as sarcasm, not to be taken literally. I would agree with you if he were serious, but he’s not. Please re-read the entire comment.

    246. matthew, did I misunderstand you or did everyone else misunderstand you? i thought you were being facetious, but apparently everyone else thinks you were serious.

    247. What about the people who do work whose tax money is used to provide for the welfare recipients? Are they “slaves”, too?

    248. Thanks, Ponyrunner. I actually went to my congressman with the idea. He was too busy, so I had to meet with one of his underlings, but I presented it none the less. Unfortunately, because of the abuses of the asylums in the past, people have a real hatred for “institutionalization.” But I think in the case of people who just plain don’t want to get jobs, it’s a good idea. And as I said, anybody who doesn’t like it is welcome to leave!

    249. I personally think it could work for those who are habitually using the system. The area needed the most are young girls who get pregnet while living in housing with their parents, who are already getting assistance and their are some who just like doing nothing. I think having them turn in monthly receipts for all basic expenses and food from grocery stores, and setting a limit on how much they can spend on certain items could help. It could be less to have a few workers in the offices to regulate this monthly could be more cost effective.

    250. The problem I have is the fact that they have money to begin with. Give them everything they need, but NOT MONEY. And foodstamps are just as bad – they can be used to obtain money, and then used to buy drugs, or visit strip clubs, or do whatever. You can have people make up bogus receipts. If somebody wants to cheat the system, they will. But if you just plain REFUSE to give them any actual money, it makes it a lot harder on them.

    251. there are enough jobs illegals take millions of jobs from americans,all americans should work before one foreigner gets work

    252. Hence the Obama Reasoning,,, He WANTS Everyone Dependent on the Government, it is much Easier for Him to Rule People this way.. I have Always Worked and will Continue to do so until I become Disabled and Unable to work… I Love Knowing that I Made my Own Money to pay for anything that I might need. It is not always easy and I occassionaly get behind in my bill these days, but God has always gotten me back to where I need to be..

    253. That’s BS it does him no good if people are on welfare. Besides 900,000 veterans are collecting because they were either injured and cant work or there is no jobs to be found.

    254. If people who are able to work, but refuse to do so, and think they are “entitled” to benefits, they will vote for the party that gives them the benefits. That is how the government maintains “control”over the recipients.

    255. This was something that I’ve been preaching for a long time. NO CASH.

      And, I know it sounds cruel, but take their children from them until they’re on their feet. State monitored group homes. No foster care system (that’s broken now, too). After two years, if the parents can’t get it together, adopt the children to good people who can provide for them.

      There are two things that must be done to *truly* help the poor. 1. get the economy thriving so that they have opportunities and 2. stop making them so comfortable in their poverty.

    256. Why can’t people be forced to work? you don’t work, you don’t eat. It’s as simple as that.

    257. Hunger is a good motivator. No work no eat. I like the idea of doing some form of public work for welfare “benefits”

    258. John Smith of the Jamestown settlement said those who will not work shall not eat.. .pretty simple.. yet we roll out the food trucks every day in every city in America so people can fill those escalades with free food

    259. It is a complicated problem. You have a generational welfare class. But we cannot continue to give people money for doing nothing. Churches and charities can pick up the slack.

    260. Mary–if they fail make the people pay for it why the state or gov got to pay they and we already paying for a bunch of that don’t count the honest ones cause its good we have something in place to help who needs the care.

    261. Welfare hasn’t been long term since the 90s. Clinton did away with that system. Short term only. The only people that collect unending benefits are the elderly and the disabled. And they don’t collect much. Not enough to live on.

    262. well not exactly correct.. I can show family’s who have been on it as long as I can remember from the 70′s ,,keep breeding illiterate imbecilic morons and they then have kids that are just as dysfunctional .they cant find work because they are just not “employable” and live off the system of never ending “HELP”

    263. Welfare changed in the 1980s. Before Ronald Reagan came to office, there were lots of social workers who made sure everything was on point. A mother on welfare had to walk the line and her children too. There no live in boyfriends, not even a pair of men shoes could be in the house, or someone else’s mail, like a ex-husband or boyfriend, you would lose your benefits. The children had to go to school and pass and stay out of trouble, if they didn’t , you would lose your benefits. Social workers made unannounced visits to the school and home of welfare recipient. Social workers back in the day talked to the neighbors about who or what was going on at the house. During the 1980s many social workers were laid off, along with Truant Officers. I remember walking to the store one day @ 1:00 pm after I had graduated, and a truant officer stopped me and he was ready to take me in for being truant, I had to show him my senior class ring, before he would believe me. My point is there is no one to keep check anymore, to make sure that the line is walked.

    264. So what happened to these people who lost their benefits? We just let them starve? We had them evicted from housing? Or did you mean they were threatened with loss of benefits. When my sister was caught with a live-in boyfriend she was told she had to keep all his food in a seperate cabinet and would get 100 dollars less per month or lose 400 dollars a month and not have to worry about seperate cabinet. She opted for the 400 dollar option and still had plenty of money with no noticeable loss of quality of life. I thought it was supposed to be subsistance, not subsistance + $400. Now times how many times? A lot of money.

    265. Sorry, it was Ronald Reagan. A child could stay on Welfare til 22 years old if they went to college. Ronald Reagan signed for it to stop at 18 years old. He laid off a lot of state and government social workers working with welfare, no more home, school, or medical inspections. That’s why it is so much fraud and so many abused and dead children.

    266. Solution: ANYONE on the govt teat MUST work for it.. I dont care if its picking up trash on the side of the road, you WILL earn it or you dont get it.

    267. I say hand them a broom and a trash can and make them sweep the roads to earn the money. Take a welfare mother and teach her how to take care of children then let her baby sit the children of other welfare mothers while they get a job and work.

    268. I think random home visits to determine whether there were drugs in the home to ascertain if a drug test in required. Random testing doesn’t mean they call them and tell them that’s why there coming.

    269. A drug test won’t find the two jobs that welfare recipients work. And apart from the elderly, the disabled and children, most (98%) of assistance IS collected by workers who still can;t afford to live. So they wouldn’t be buying drugs with the pitiful amount of money welfare offers. OH, and if they’re working, they’re paying for welfare THEMSELVES through payroll tax. Leave your myths out of this, please.

    270. If they still qualify for welfare then they do not pay taxes. They may get the money taken out of their checks but at the end of the year they get it all back. If they have kids they get more back than they paid in.

    271. maybe the cost of their benefits should be taken from their taxes every year… :)

    272. So Joe, do you think that the majority of people receiving assistance are drug addicts? That’s so funny because I used to think that the majority of people receiving assistance were trailer park meth-head trash. Well, technically they qualify as drug addicts too. So I guess we’re both right then.

    273. So the party of “let’s get back to the Constitution” appears to want to not include the 4th Amendment.

    274. If you join the military you lose rights, if you are on government hand outs you should lose some rights as well. Cost of doing business.

    275. Demanding drug tests has been tried and failed due to cost. Florida is the example of this. It is time to begin weening these types from the help they are given. Short term help max of 1 year and you have to obtain a job and work at least 20 hours a week for first 3 months. Months 4-6 25 hours a week. Keeping 60% benefits. Months 6-9 40 hours with daycare help of 40%. Months 9-12 no daycare 25% daycare help and 25% of original amount of help. They have to learn to do it on their own.

    276. You do realize that this failed miserably in the two states that implemented it right??? It was discovered that the proportion of those on welfare actually have a lower (by a small amount) amount of drug use than the general populace…

    277. They tried it in Florida; miserable failure. Just because a few assholes abuse the system doesn’t mean everyone gettin assistance is a drugged-out mooch.

    278. Yeah, only no. It turns out that it is far more expensive to drug test welfare recipients than it is to just give them the welfare. Not to mention that opens up a whole new can of worms.

    279. THey already tried this in several states and found it to be a HUGE waste of taxpayer dollars, as they are finding FAR FEWER people abusing drugs on welfare than they expected. It’s not cost-effective to drug-test everyone.

    280. How about anyone collecting any income should be also be tested, there are plenty of honest people in dire straights just hanging on while plenty of people who actively use drugs are in the current workforce. Drug test those people too, when they get let go, it will open up avenues for non drug using citizens to get back into the work force. I don’t care if drug testing gets done or not, but don’t do it to just one group of people, do it to everyone.

    281. i doubt it…then we would have to pay for rehab while they still recieved all the other benefits!

    282. You do realize that this was tried in Florida? They spent millions of dollars on drug tests, only to find that the percentage of welfare recipients was in the single digits. So that does not really work.

    283. Time for drug and alcohol testing for those getting their paychecks from the government or welfare. Fail a test and loose your job or benefits.

    284. With all the government data collection equipment that exists they could find this leach easily. They could put a stop to this kind of arrogance if they wanted to. The sad part is this woman has sold her soul to the very government that enables her. When the system fails and there is nothing left to “give” her I won’t be feeling sorry for her or her children.

  6. She needs to be out picking up trash along the highway or doing custodial cleanup in some government building somewhere instead of sitting on her az$ and arrogantly sucking up the free cheese provided by hard working Americans and self-serving politicians!!!

    1. tax payers would have to pay for her child care while she “worked”. Cheaper to keep her at home.

    2. No it isn’t because at least if her kids are in daycare, maybe they’ll learns something about morality and decency!

    3. That would be a really great thing Iwainscot except for the fact that morality and decency isn’t taught in the public school system anymore. Are you hearing about the “common core teaching” well guess what? The public school system has been systematically teaching this for years in hopes that nobody has been paying attention or at least enough attention to draw complete awareness to the ever changing curriculum being shoved down our children s throats for the last decade!

    4. That’s why we shouldn’t pay people to breed. Can you imagine what kind adults her children will grow up to be?

    5. her husband should be out there. and when he isn’t he should be caring for the kids while she is.

    6. I would rather pay for daycare and have her put in effort, that “save” money by having her sit on her a$$ and smoke weed. The scary part is that she is instilling this lack of achievement and effort into her children.

  7. $50/mo rent; $425 food, $150 elec paid, free cell, $100 free water – 3 kids – hubby works doesn’t work very much – Why should she get up and drive to work every day and pay taxes when she can get all of this free. And she’ll take under the table payments. It’s free money.

    1. She gets $550 / month for rent. She pays $50/month to say in a $600/month home.

      I suspect many tax payers cannot afford a $600/month home so they have to stay in a $400/month home while they would to pay her $600/month rent.

  8. and no one is on the phone calling the welfare office while she’s blabbering, or recording it.
    or better yet the police.

  9. Actually they get per month:
    Free Rent: $550
    Free Power: $150
    Free Water: $100
    Free Obama Phone: $100
    Free Insurance: 3 kids 2 adults : $500
    Free Food : $500
    Free Land Line: $50
    Free Internet: $50

    That is $2,000 in hand. One probably has to make $3,000 to get $2000 in hand. $3,000 per 4-weeks / (40 hours * 4-weeks) = $18.75 per hour.

    Thus, they make $18.75 per hour with no over head. People who work have over head.

    But the biggest advantage is the IRS can not hound them. They never have to worry about money or the IRS taking their money. April 15th to these people is PAY DAY.

    1. If you are going to throw out some facts.. at least use accurate ones. Spewing lies just makes YOU as deceitful as the people who are scamming the system.

    2. You are correct, such people get more than $18.75/hour in the top 5 states. I was being conservative with my numbers and the actual amounts are state specific, and thus, no one general number is correct.

      2013 Numbers – Top Five States (assuming a 2000 hour work year)

      Hawaii (49,175) : $24.59/hour

      District of Columbia ($43,099): $21/hour
      Massachusetts ($42,515): $21.25/hour
      Connecticut ($38,761): $19.38/hour
      New Jersey ($38,728): $19.36

    3. Show me the programs that actually provide any free internet, free land line service, $100 worth of free cell phone service, cell phones, free electricity or free municipal water service.

      As far as I know (and please correct me if you can, because I do NOT want to be misinformed and welcome the chance to correct myself if I am incorrect!).. there are no state or federal programs that provide:

      *free internet (well, most of the public libraries and city halls in the US have computer access, but that’s for all people, and comes from some of those little fees on our phone bills).

      *free land line service [With the FCC's Lifeline program, which was instituted in 1985 under REAGAN, not Obama, households with an income that is less than 135% of the federal poverty level were eligible for a discounted (not free) basic home phone service. With the advent of cell phones, that discount is now applicable to EITHER a land line OR cell phone service, but not both, and not more than one discount per household. The discount amounts to roughly $10-$20 per month, whether it is applied to a land line or to certain pre-paid cell phones (see more about that below)]. The number of minutes that are provided with the Lifeline cell phones vary by state, but I’m pretty sure most of them offer between 100 and 200 minutes per month. (I am sorry for the guess, but I am unable to check on exactly how many because in my state you actually have to apply for it in order to see how many minutes are provided!)

      *free cell phones (in your Obama Phone scenario, the actual phones themselves are donated by the carrier, whether it be Safelink, LinkUp, Assurance, etc. They are the most basic of phones, not iphones or smartphones- we’re talking the exact phones you can buy outright at WalMart or Rite Aid for $10.)

      *free utilities (unless they already included in the rent, in which case anybody that has the utilities included in their rent is getting those utilities for “free”). There are programs such as LiHeap which help to reduce those bills for households with limited income, but do not pay for them entirely. Sometimes it is the utility company itself that chooses to provide a lower rate for those households earning less than 135% of the poverty level. Other temporary aid (such as General Assistance) may be provided by local agencies to help some people with utilities and other things, but in most cases, the municipality dictates how often that can be applied (usually once per year unless there are extreme circumstances) and what other requirements there are to receiving it.

      If one is going to throw out numbers and facts to support their position, they should at least use accurate ones. (And I mean anyone, any facts, any position. If you have enough passion about a subject to stand up and defend it, or rally against it, at the very least make sure that the information you are using to make your point is accurate.)

    4. Well, she said in the recording that she gets $150 to pay toward electricity and money to pay toward the water bill along with $550 to pay toward rent.

      When I was living in Greenville South Carolina I was working as an electrical engineer. I was looking for a place to live and I saw this very nice housing complex so I stopped to see how much the rent was. The lady said cable and water was included in the rent. The rent was about $600 per month which was a lot in 1990.

      I notice there was an abnormally high number of black families living there based on almost all the people and kids outside were Black. I did not care as I had lived in Black neighborhoods before.

      IN any event, the lady in the office said I did not qualify to stay there. I thought that was strange as I made enough and my credit was good. So I asked why and she said I made too much money. She said this housing project is for low income people and most of the tenets paid no rent.

      So those tenets good free rent, free cable, and free water because it was included in the rent and rent was free.

      As for the cell phones, as I understand it, most of the people with Obama get at least two phones even though they are only entitled to one.

      In any event, the article I reference gives the actual numbers per state and those numbers are higher than mine.

    5. there are many programs out there and social service outreach programs that actually pay for utility’s salvation army for one I ve seen personally folks getting utility handouts along with generous amounts of food and housing/rent vouchers with nothing required of them.. most with habits that if they just quit would have plenty of cash to pay the bills..

    6. Well, she said in the recording that she gets $150 to pay toward electricity and money to pay toward the water bill along with $550 to pay toward rent.

      When I was living in Greenville South Carolina I was working as an electrical engineer. I was looking for a place to live and I saw this very nice housing complex so I stopped to see how much the rent was. The lady said cable and water was included in the rent. The rent was about $600 per month which was a lot in 1990.

      I notice there was an abnormally high number of black families living there based on almost all the people and kids outside were Black. I did not care as I had lived in Black neighborhoods before.

      IN any event, the lady in the office said I did not qualify to stay there. I thought that was strange as I made enough and my credit was good. So I asked why and she said I made too much money. She said this housing project is for low income people and most of the tenets paid no rent.

      So those tenets good free rent, free cable, and free water because it was included in the rent and rent was free.

      As for the cell phones, as I understand it, most of the people with Obama get at least two phones even though they are only entitled to one.

      In any event, the article I reference gives the actual numbers per state and those numbers are higher than mine.

    7. whether or not how they get the services a whole lot of folks live way beyond their means and quite lavishly I’d say so where do they get the money for the nails weaves, car rims and hanging out money?? drugs is a good place to start.. selling food stamps is another. stolen goods another. while all people receiving cash aren’t crooks a lot are.. the poor area burden on social programs police depts. and crime units

    8. Show me the programs that actually provide any free internet, free land line service, $100 worth of free cell phone service, cell phones, free electricity or free municipal water service.

      As far as I know (and please correct me if you can, because I do NOT want to be misinformed and welcome the chance to correct myself if I am incorrect!).. there are no state or federal programs that provide:

      *free internet (well, most of the public libraries and city halls in the US have computer access, but that’s for all people, and comes from some of those little fees on our phone bills).

      *free land line service [With the FCC's Lifeline program, which was instituted in 1985 under REAGAN, not Obama, households with an income that is less than 135% of the federal poverty level were eligible for a discounted (not free) basic home phone service. With the advent of cell phones, that discount is now applicable to EITHER a land line OR cell phone service, but not both, and not more than one discount per household. The discount amounts to roughly $10-$20 per month, whether it is applied to a land line or to certain pre-paid cell phones (see more about that below)]. The number of minutes that are provided with the Lifeline cell phones vary by state, but I’m pretty sure most of them offer between 100 and 200 minutes per month. (I am sorry for the guess, but I am unable to check on exactly how many because in my state you actually have to apply for it in order to see how many minutes are provided!)

      *free cell phones (in your Obama Phone scenario, the actual phones themselves are donated by the carrier, whether it be Safelink, LinkUp, Assurance, etc. They are the most basic of phones, not iphones or smartphones- we’re talking the exact phones you can buy outright at WalMart or Rite Aid for $10.)

      *free utilities (unless they already included in the rent, in which case anybody that has the utilities included in their rent is getting those utilities for “free”). There are programs such as LiHeap which help to reduce those bills for households with limited income, but do not pay for them entirely. Sometimes it is the utility company itself that chooses to provide a lower rate for those households earning less than 135% of the poverty level. Other temporary aid (such as General Assistance) may be provided by local agencies to help some people with utilities and other things, but in most cases, the municipality dictates how often that can be applied (usually once per year unless there are extreme circumstances) and what other requirements there are to receiving it.

      If one is going to throw out numbers and facts to support their position, they should at least use accurate ones. (And I mean anyone, any facts, any position. If you have enough passion about a subject to stand up and defend it, or rally against it, at the very least make sure that the information you are using to make your point is accurate.)

    9. You do not have your figures correct, they do not get free power etc. They have to pay for utilities just like anyone else unless they are included in the rent payment. There is heating assistance that some people can get. I do agree it is wrong for people who take advantage of the system.. REMINDS me of our gov’t.

    10. add onto your list: free medical, dental programs for the whole family. no co-pays. probably gets her pot subsidized. there are programs for assistance with transportation as well. her kids increase her allowances, and also make her eligible for WIC programs which are in addition to food stamps…her kids get free food at school too (@$3.60 each per day X 3= 10.80 X 5 days= $54 a week X 4=$216 a month.) And she bitches about how illegals are worse than her, ’cause she’s a US citizen’…

    11. Actually Monty – the statistics are posted on the internet on a study based on the Welfare system in 2012. It states that what they receive is equal to them earning $31. per hour. I make $21.00 an hour and I go without lot of things. I often live paycheck to paycheck and have no luxuries. I haven’t bought clothes or shoes for myself in about 8 yrs. I can’t afford a night out. It’s a sad day when these “Welfare leeches” wear better clothes and drive nicer cars than the working class. I hurt my back last yr and was out of work for 4 months. I tried to get food stamps and was denied. They said I made too much money. I have worked 2 jobs since I was 17 yrs old and I am now 48. I needed a hand and got nothing while these slugs sit on their A$$ES and get everything handed to them. Sickening to say the least. This woman has no pride or integrity and she is teaching the next generation to be worthless members of society.

    12. put it simply if there were no social service programs a whole lot of workers would be out of work providing them.. think about that for a sec.. mental health workers, case workers, child protective services and all down the line to the guy who cleans the toilets in those buildings and cuts the grass.

    13. This is what upsets me the most Belinda! Someone like you and I, who have worked our entire lives, and paid into the system big time, qualify for nothing!! We would probably have to sell our homes and cars to get any help, while lazy people sit home and collect! I’m currently dealing with a back injury that doesn’t allow me to do the type of nursing I usually do. At this moment, I’m getting Workman’s comp benefits (while doing light duty) but if the company I work for ever decides to “drop me” like many of them do, I will be totally screwed while trying to find a position that isn’t physically demanding. There is no help for those that need TEMPORARY help. Our government would rather take care of the parasites in our country that contribute nothing to society!

  10. You should work because when the American People are fed up enough with people like you Lucy, you’ll be on the street without a pot to piss in! And nobody is going to give a plug nickel, nor are they going to care about you and your hungry kids. Your worthless and a drain on society. And your fleecing of America is criminal!

  11. Good G$#! I had to stop listening less than halfway through. People like this make me sick.

  12. The Government system is to blame for this mess, they get more on welfare than they can get working !!! What a shame on this country !

  13. WTF and she doesn’t have the welfare taken away????? She is a f.. lazy bum. Time to get a new president to take care of this and put new rules on this. Just because you have children doesn’t mean you can be lazy and get paid for being at home. She is taking money from our Senior Citizens that need help.

  14. There are at least 50% of those receiving assistance that can work but refuse to. We have to find a way to get these people off the government dole and back to work. I chopped cotton starting when I was eleven years old then later picked cotton, fruit and vegetables. It did not hurt me or my family to get in the fields together all spring, summer, and fall. It brought us closer as a family. I’ve worked hard ever since, it taught me allot. If we required that those who can work to go to the fields and do the work that emigrant farm workers do then they can earn their money, feel better about themselves, learn work habits, skills that someday they may use to find full time employment. It would give taxpayers something for their money and reduce the need for emigrant farm workers.

    1. On that note bmooneyhamelectric, the government will also pay her to get a college degree or a trade school certificate in hopes that she will get off assistance! Without drug testing and/or terms on this system we are going on 4th generation dependents!

  15. She is only using the system put in place for her. She has a better life then most, and it’s all because the state, county and city she lives in encourages this activity. In her opinion, it’s all us Stupid righteous people that want to feel good work. It’s because of our vanity, that we work. OK – So where is this taught? Should they feel wronged if we want to deny them that life? Won’t there be a number of people that would scream if it was take away? Baby hatters, war on women… ….. who is John Galt?

  16. So she rationalizes her lifestyle by saying illegals are doing the same thing? What an idiot… Drug testing for all of them. I am not against helping those that cannot work because any of us could at any time be in that situation but not workng just because you are lazy and want a free ride should be illegal and needs to stop.

    1. Oh and those that are able to work there needs yo be a tine lot on welfare at the very least.

  17. Everyone on here gets pissed off, why? Parks and forest services post signs “please do not feed the animals or they will become dependent” (Animals will forget how to feed themselves in the wild). When you hunt, it’s illegal to “bait” (Game will come right to you). So maybe, just maybe… someones plan is working, feed the animals (freeloaders) long enough for them to lose or forget any type of skill set. Give them a decent but no where near comfortable living, as stated above (18.75hr tax free) and they’ll come right to you every time. My parents raised me with morals and work ethic so I choose to be a poor sap. All i can say is if you push a man or a group of them (women too) they snap eventually and the tides seem to be changing. Now all we need is for mass amounts of middle America and the silent majority to figure it out and snap all at once.

    1. I don’t think 150 million people could come to the conclusion that they should work and be responsible. You are right about feeding animals. (If you have a pet it is your responsibility). Do you think these people think they are Obama’s pets? If so this must be why he rewards them for not working. I know one thing half of this country can’t take care of themselves and the other half. Mostly because they don’t want to work.

    2. I don’t think 150 million people could come to the conclusion that they should work and be responsible. You are right about feeding animals. (If you have a pet it is your responsibility). Do you think these people think they are Obama’s pets? If so this must be why he rewards them for not working. I know one thing half of this country can’t take care of themselves and the other half. Mostly because they don’t want to work.

  18. Tar and feather this lazy good for nothing.She doesn’t do anything wrong? Doing drugs on your couch in your home while your kids are there, and you’re taking care of them is the worst kind of bad. We need to stand up and stop this immediately cut her off any type of aid for life, and take her kids away as soon as possible because they are growing up in a toxic home environment. Hearing this lady talk is actually making me sick to my stomach. I have a serious back disease where I’m constantly in pain and can hardly walk most days, but I still manage to suck it up and go to work. I could easily get on disability and SS but I have a conscience and would not do that to my fellow countrymen and women.

    1. John, Disability and Social Security are based upon the amount of money you have made while you have been employed. So, I’m not sure how that would affect your ‘fellow countrymen and women’.

    2. SSI disability is given to people who don’t have enough credits to actually draw social security credits off the jobs they have worked. I vote straight Democrat but this is bullshit, and one of the things I disagree with. If you worked the biggest part of your life an became disabled is one thing, if you never struck a lick at a snake and get a government check is something entirely different.

    3. I was born with a type of muscular dystrophy and I still managed to work up until my disability took over at 49. I would love to go back to work, but that’s just not possible. I wonder if she were physically incapable of visiting her friends or smoking that weed or even walking the mall, if she would feel as proud of herself for being a king-size sponge?

  19. Welfare receipients should have to do something to earn their money that We The People,,, are giving them!!!

    1. We are not giving it to them, the govt. steals the money from the taxpayer and rewards the welfare queens.

  20. If someone gave you a million dollars, it would be because that person decided to give you their money because they wanted to help you. The government TAKES our money and decides to give it to this type of person who won’t work to get their vote. That is why people who work can talk about morality to those who won’t work. Workers didn’t give them the money, it was TAKEN from us!!

  21. I wish they could find out who this woman is… and this is why they should have drug testing!

  22. I came off of SSDI and I worked for 11 more years after I had a surgery that enabled me to work. I had another surgery that didn’t work so well and I need to re-apply for SSDI. I paid in my whole life, and yet I have to get an attorney to fight for me to get my benefits that I worked for my whole life. If I could work I would work! This just ticks me off to hear this kind of crap! URRRRR!!!!

  23. I came off of SSDI and I worked for 11 more years after I had a surgery that enabled me to work. I had another surgery that didn’t work so well and I need to re-apply for SSDI. I paid in my whole life, and yet I have to get an attorney to fight for me to get my benefits that I worked for my whole life. If I could work I would work! This just ticks me off to hear this kind of crap! URRRRR!!!!

  24. In the early 60s a study was done, the predictions were what is happening today, speeded by LBJ and the great welfare give away in 1963, How many trillions have been wasted on welfare queens, and flocks of off spring with no fathers , but they get the welfare checks and its a way of life.

  25. In the early 60s a study was done, the predictions were what is happening today, speeded by LBJ and the great welfare give away in 1963, How many trillions have been wasted on welfare queens, and flocks of off spring with no fathers , but they get the welfare checks and its a way of life.

  26. This situation had to become a reality. This is what happens, when you allow an entire segment of the population to get hand outs, instead of working.

  27. This situation had to become a reality. This is what happens, when you allow an entire segment of the population to get hand outs, instead of working.

  28. This situation had to become a reality. This is what happens, when you allow an entire segment of the population to get hand outs, instead of working.

  29. 23 per cent of tax dollars go for welfare, 6 per cent of tax dollars go for interest on borrowing, 22 per cent for social security trust fund(?) and it keeps growing by leaps and bounds, at least a lot of people paind into SS and its still going broke, they just will not admit it. Bankruptcy is the future of the USA.

    1. SS had Trillions of Dollars in the account and the Govt. twice has said that there is to much money in there and we can use some of it here and here and there, and has twice robbed the American People and that is why it is going broke! Besides all of the Illegal and the Lazy non-working people collecting that never has to pay into it!

    2. About Social Security and its trillions, the sad fact is that the “Trust Fund” is a drawer in a file cabinet, Social Security dollars collected from the pay checks goes directly into the USTSY and is used as just any other tax dollars,
      The Govt. started stealing the SS Fund during World war Two, and improved their stealing methods as time passed.

    3. You are Right and Wrong! There is a Trust Fund for SS, which is the Retirement Benefits program but as I said it has been raided twice (that I know of) to fund the General Fund and special projects. Medi-care is paid for by those who get it, I have not found anywhere in my research that the Govt. also pays into this as any type of subsidy. SSi is a Federal Welfare Program for those who are considered Disabled but either didn’t have enough work credits for SSDI or those who did not pay into SS at all ie: immigrants, illegal immigrants and those to lazy to get a job. The Govt. claims that the SS Trust Fund has never been apart of the Federal Budget but it was listed on the Budget as a way of showing it (whatever that means). I believe they show it on the Budget so that they can tell the public that it has to pay for it through the General Fund so that they can Tax us more in order to get the Billions every year that it produces! I think we all know that you cannot believe anything the Govt. tells us especially about Money! Because they have been allowed to steal this money and use it wherever they want makes it impossible to find the real Truth as they will produce documents to prove whatever they need!

  30. 23 per cent of tax dollars go for welfare, 6 per cent of tax dollars go for interest on borrowing, 22 per cent for social security trust fund(?) and it keeps growing by leaps and bounds, at least a lot of people paind into SS and its still going broke, they just will not admit it. Bankruptcy is the future of the USA.

  31. I’ve been working 50 years and I’ll work till I drop because I can’t afford to retire. She doesn’t have to worry about that.

  32. I’ve been working 50 years and I’ll work till I drop because I can’t afford to retire. She doesn’t have to worry about that.

  33. I’ve been working 50 years and I’ll work till I drop because I can’t afford to retire. She doesn’t have to worry about that.

  34. When Clinton was President congress forced him to sign a bill for welfare to work, Obama decided to get rid of that program. On top of all she said she and her family get healthcare for free.

  35. yeah drug test and if she has one child without a father she should be fixed so she cant have any more !!!!!!

  36. As lazy as she is, she’s got a point. There needs to be some kind of limit on welfare. It’s a good system for when people unexpectedly lose a job or has an unexpected hardship. But I know plenty of people who abuse the system and it’s not fair. There’s no motivation for getting off of welfare.

  37. She says that she is a good person, Ha! She is worthless as a human being, a parasite living off of those of us that are and have worked all of our lives! You work and take care of your Family because you are a responsible Person and Parent and want to be able to hold your head high as a productive part of Society not a leach! People like this do not deserve anything! If you can’t work that is one thing but not working because you are a leach is another!

  38. I have the answer to this problem. We need to amend the constitution to have 2 classes of citizen, 1st class and 2nd class. 1st class has all rights inlcuding the right to vote BUT MUST BE EARNED BY WORKING AND STAYING OUT OF TROUBLE. 2nd class has all the rights a child has as that is what they have become, wards of the government if they are getting any kind of welfare assitance, they don’t get to vote until they have become employed for 5 yrs, then they can apply for voting rights and prove they are a responsible citizen. Don’t think it can happen? Tell me where in the constitution it allows for a criminal’s voting rights to be withdrawn? I say, go all the way and make it part of the constitution though. Put a bunch of 5 yr olds in a candy store and ask them to vote on if they get free candy. IE, take a bunch of liberals and ask them if they would like to vote themselves free money with ZERO obligations to lift a finger or take any responsibility. Guess what you will have, more and more people becoming lazy good for nothing leaches. Don’t think we can get it done? I say we do what ever it takes to get this done or we lose the country. As they say, we are at a tipping point and we have just been tipped: IE obumer got re-elected. How could that happen after obumer put the country right squarely in the toilet? AS I said, we have been tipped, can we tip ourselves back? Not without a fight so contact your congressman and senators and tell them you want a 2 tear citenship system put in place. No work – no vote. Print up t-shirts and paint this on buildings NO WORK – NO VOTE – scream that out loud NOW – scream it and say it over and over and get yourself ready to fight for it NO WORK – NO VOTE | NO WORK – NO VOTE | NO WORK – NO – SCREAM IT – SCREAM IT WITH ME:

    1. In may colonial states, one had to own land to vote. I am starting to see the wisdom in such system.

  39. My mother in – law use to work for welfare and she saw the abuse of the system and she was told by her head of welfare department they can NOT report anything or it is means of termination to the reporty . No wonder the system is been abused and nothing is been done.

  40. People can only become independent by “overcoming the generational dependency”, that the Democrats have put onto the masses, like a plague of heroin addiction. They are so afraid that the “medicine” will be restricted or eliminated that they will do anything so as to not get sick. This attitude is the cruelest lie of socialist entitlements. I was not hearing any reason other than it was offered and you are just preaching your morality at me. That voice must come from within, however maybe this “child
    must be pushed into the pool to experience the joy that her own ability to swim to safety would bring her, her husband and kids.

  41. Lucy there is a difference between someone generously giving you a million dollars and being forced as a taxpayer to give you all of the welfare benefits you receive.

    1. Well, the “government” is GIVING the money away. It is true the government takes the money from workers at the point of a gun but such government was voted into office and the government is the agent of the people. So, yes, we the people are giving the money to her. Such is not all her fault. If the tax payers do not like it they should not vote Democrat, ever.

  42. start the drug testing if the check positive cut them off take their dam check and make them pay back what they all ready drawed

  43. This is why ABLE-BODIED adults should be given benefits for 2 years MAX without being able to work for a week and then go back on the dole. There are programs out there to help them get some skills or an education or whatever, but this perpetual pay-to-be-lazy system we have is crappy.

  44. “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.

    From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy—always followed by a dictatorship.

    The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”

    1. That sounds like either Tytler or de Toqueville. Either way, I agree with the first half but disagree with the implication that the world’s greatest civilizations were democracies. With the exception of Classical Athens (and possibly modern Switzerland, depending on your defn. of great), I can’t think of any great democracies of history.

  45. This is one of the systems that is fleecing America. Not only does the government constatntly say that taxpayers OWN money paid into the Social Security System and Medicare is in danger of running out, we let our government missappropriate these funds to pay for the entire federal government Welfare system. We never hear about Welfare ever running out, do we? It’s no mistake that all of us were involuntarily FORCED into a sub-par socialist medical system- this is the only way to bandaid a problem that the government had no other way to solve. I wonder how little they give back to American workers, and how much the government has to take before a patriotic uprising occurs. America has bceome like a beaten dog- complacent. They test that theory every time gas prices gauge, when government armed forces and armoured vehicles can take over huge metropolisis in the form of martial law and in instances like this where ALL government, whether democrat or republican take from workers and give to able bodied, lazy, entitled people.

  46. All Welfare receivers shall be Drug Tested, they shall perform community service until they find a real job. They will pickup trash along roadways and parks, they will paint public buildings to remove the grafetti painted on them up to and including tunnels, and overpasses. They shall wear jump suits provided colored a very bright lime green both for safety and to ID them as Welfare workers. Best way to get into a lazy persons head is to shame them into doing the right thing.

    1. Teachers say it isn’t fair to test them to judge their competency (WDIV 4 Detroit) so why should students take tests or why should welfare recipients take drug tests if that is reason enough ??

  47. What an absolute piece of Human Garbage! 32 years old and stupid, she is a real dipstick!

  48. She is black, 8 kids, no daddy, on drugs, free obama phone, on food stamps, free housing…..she has it made!! She has to be a demoRAT!!

  49. We have a significant amount of this type of behavior in this country and it is growing. Yet the biggest problems Democrats can see is Global warming and tax paying law abiding citizens having guns.

  50. They should have forced her to make her example more true to the situation. “Would you take a million dollars if someone stole it from someone else in order to give it to you?” That’s the right question. Lucy is not a “good person,” she’s a thief and should have been confronted with that fact.

  51. Please she thanks Obama every single high day. He screwed this country with handouts for VOTES! This is the outcome all over this country.

  52. I understand how people feel about this and I am so upset that people do this but they do.I know for a fact.But not all people abuse it and some need it. My daughter gets food stamp and she works and goes to school. She is a single mother raising 3 children do to a dead beat dad who does nothing to help provide for the children and he gets away with it. He gets everything handed to him because he ran himself in a tree when he did drugs and injured himself. He will always milk the system and get away with it and he will always be a drug addict so why does he get help and my daughter has to fight for anything she gets and they are always finding a way not to help her.I am upset that these people get help and hard working people that need a little extra help does not get it and deadbeats get everything handed to them.

  53. There should be no government welfare. None. Zip. Lucy should either go to work or go dig in the dumpsters.

  54. This is why welfare should have a limit on the amount of time you can be on it. There should be a requirement for looking for work, submitting legit job applications. Not the requirment like unemployment ask for of 5-10 a week, ridiculous. Drug screening should be implemented. Yes I know those of you will hoot and holler about that costing money and unfair, whatever. It would probably save the country millions when people fail their drug testing and loose their benefits. These people treat it like a job, so it is time to treat it like a job. You fail to meet requirements in looking for a REAL job, fail a drug test, you loose your “JOB”. On a side note, if you are looking for a job and want off welfare, move to a conservative state that has a lot of jobs needing to be filled. If you do I just asked this, if you are a liberal, leave your liberal views in the place you are fleeing for a better life dew to your liberal policies. We are doing just fine with out them.

    1. Welfare DOES have a limit. Clinton created it. Drug tests won’t save money, it’s already been done and failed.

    2. See, this is why there should be an intelligence test before posting comments for the world to see. Work for welfare? If there were jobs to be had, then those on assistance should be paid to work them just like everyone else. Welfare equals out to about $4 per hour. The federal minimum wage (paltry as it is) is $7.50 per hour. Are you proposing to pay welfare recipients more money to meet the minimum to work at these non-existing jobs? Seriously? Is that what you’re suggesting? Smh…

    3. jg408 you should do your research before commenting. There IS a two year limit on Transitional Assistance. There is also a job search requirement where you have to submit actual proof of applications and resumes submitted. I don’t do drugs, drink or even smoke cigarettes, but almost every one I know smokes weed. (Not around me though… that stuff stinks to high heaven) Even some of my co-workers smoke weed, so I’m all for drug screening if it excludes weed. Sometimes I feel like the whole world is fighting against the poor and they don’t differentiate the good from the bad. If you are poor, you are already a criminal to be despised and scorned. I understand working your butt off to take care of your family and resenting people like the scum this article is about. But the intense hatred I sense here for EVERY person who receives assistance is scary. I feel bad for poor children, the elderly, disabled, the unemployed vets and the truly good people who are trying everyday to do the right thing. THEY make up the vast majority of the poor, but still get swept up with the bad so that society, even people who call themselves Christians, hates them all. Smh…

    4. I am not opposed to getting people help that can not do it themselves. There are well bodied people how can work, juts choose not to or apply themselves period. A lot of people, like you mentioned, are well deserved of the help. They are not the ones I was talking about and I didn’t label the poor as criminals. There MAY be a limit, but, you can be on welfare for as long as you want. No one is on welfare for 2 years and that’s it. We are smarter then that, and I am sure you are not that naive. Why do people always twist this subject? People take advantage of welfare and everyone knows it. Welfare does nothing for anyone. When people wake up and realize the true intention of welfare for the poor, they might just revolt. In my opinion, as a man, as a Human Being, I would rather work and make more money to give my family a better life, then depend on a government program to do it for me. I been poor, I been strung out on drugs, I been rooming with friends, bouncing house to house. I got help too, but, I didn’t stay there with my hand out becasue it wasn’t enough. I guess some people are more hungry then others.

    5. And help I mean by friends and families letting me stay with them until I got myself reestablished as a productive man. Never took 1 government check in my life though.

  55. I would bet my entire paycheck that “LUCY” is a far to the right repub, disguising herself as a “free loading liberal” just to get more people to vote for far to the right repubs. What she and all you other gullible kool-aid drinkers fail to realize is that REAL people on transitional assistance and food stamps would NEVER, EVER say things like that… and especially on a radio broadcast. Come on people, don’t be so stupid! The vast majority of people on government assistance are the working poor, military vets, the disabled, the elderly and people temporarily unemployed. Those who can work, desperately want to and you see them at the various employment and temporary agencies every day. Jobs are extremely hard to come by these days, even for those with college degrees. Most people absolutely hate being on welfare. I personally have never even heard of someone preferring welfare to working. That is completely ridiculous. Living on welfare is just a disgusting miserable way to live. Where I come from, welfare is something to be ashamed off. It would take a person with a total lack of self-respect, self-love and self-esteem. If this woman honestly felt that way, then I would have her children taking away from her for being an unfit mother. Look, I grew up and still live in the inner city, and yet almost every person I know works and a few who are looking for work. I can think of only two people that I know on assistance. One is a good friend’s daughter, who is a full time college student, and who works part-time as a bartender. She has a two year old daughter. The other, is a mother of five, (all under the age of seven). Her husband passed away and for almost a year she refused to get government assistance. However, her job as a home healthcare aid only pays for $10 per hour and eventually she had to apply for assistance. To me, it’s so obvious that this woman’s rantings is nothing more than her trying her best to fire up all the Repubs. And you are so quick to believe this nonsense because you so desperately want to reaffirm your views on the poor in the first place.

    1. Maybe she is a disguised Republican, but the story is still the same. Our welfare system is abused in this manner every day by an unimaginable number of people.

    2. I have a family member who was an undercover cop in LA. He tells my stories about families who are on their 3rd generation of government support. They now have paid for their home and have nice cars by abusing the system. I agree that there are some who don’t want to be an assistance but there are a lot who are trying to gain as much money as they can without working.

  56. ‘if someone gave you a $1million would you take it?’ you betcha, but she is taking money that people are forced to give her.

  57. So what happens when we working class people stop paying you??? then what are you going to do???

  58. get ready lazy people the government is going to run out of money as soon as the revolution hit this country!

  59. This did not get nearly the circulation it should have.

    A women in Texas called up a Texas radio station and said she was the Queen of Texas. She gave her name as Mary. Since she called a radio station we know it must be her and she must be believed! All hail Queen Mary of Texas!

  60. It’s a shame that people like that use the system, and can afford to get &100.00 weaves, smoke all day, drink liquor, keep having babies, have the latest clothing styles, and the latest electronics, my husband works and we have four kids and i don’t have a cell phone, had to learn how to do my own hair, can’t afford to party or visit friends all day long. Somethings just are not right . And the one time we needed assistance we had to separate, use all our savings, sell a car, and use all unemployment benefits. It has been a long time since that happened but i still know people who do these things who have found a way to cheat the rules of the system and get away with it. My mom says back in the day they had inspecters come to the home and checked how you were living. I think it would be easyer to have these people turn in reciepts to their case manager monthly for expenses and if you cant prove cut he benefits!!!

  61. Ahhh yes, ‘The Great Society’ in all of it’s glorious leftist manifestations. My how it is maturing nicely. Soon it will be ripe and only a brief time until overripe into decay. It has already spawned the last sustainable vestiges of US society. Far too late to late to ‘pull out’, the climax is inevitable.

    The Pendulum must complete it’s full left swing, in order for reversal. ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’ describe it as a razor sharp instrument. Ratcheting and Slicing deeper on each pass. Then there are ‘the Rats’. Gnawing parasites exemplified. The red hot glowing walls closing in. Always leaving the welcoming, cool abyss of the ‘Pit’…. for eternal relief.
    Is it possible that revolution at the gates, again save the hapless innocent victim?

  62. Sooo, what makes her any different from a CEO making $10M a year, minus the weed?

    1. Both are leeches to the working people. Those sucking in $10M (or more sometimes) while living off the company dime (i.e. not spending their own money for lavish trips, ridiculous hotel fees, etc) do more damage than a welfare mom who can’t get hired anywhere, and as soon as she does they cut her welfare.

      Both ends of the spectrum are really bad, and the middle and lower suffers the most.

    2. Hmmm… CEOs provide jobs for others. And that is just one difference. Those jobs generate taxes plus the people who work spend their money which contributes to the economy. Lucy rationalizes that she if being offered this so why no take it? Well, because she is able bodied and those programs are intended for those who are unable to work do to disabilities and so forth. This is lunacy and occurs because our society enables it. It is sick.

    3. Lol. Either you’re a CEO making $10M a year and took offense to me calling a you a money-sucking, good for nothing dirtbag (which I was, in an indirect kind of way), or you’re an idiot because you don’t understand how CEO’s who make $10M a year for doing nothing play a huge part in sucking America people out of their money while they live on the company dime (on money gained by overcharging consumers for everything) and retire with millions that they use to influence idiot politicians, which mean they come up with stupid laws that hurt ONLY the poor while wealthy bastards soak up all the money.

      I’m pretty sure you’re the latter and all of this flew over your head. :-)

    4. For the record, I am not making $10M – nowhere close – but I know you have to have some accomplishments to attain that level of success. To the victor goes the spoils. And may I remind you, we live in a free market. Not only are you not obligated to buy anything (except health care), there are laws preventing monopolies thus preserving competition.

  63. So if someone offered you a million dollars would you walk away from it? The difference is OFFERED not taken from you to give to her. She is equating this as if we are all so happy to just give her money so she does not have to work ever. Parents were on welfare, she is on welfare, kids will probably go on welfare – you learn from example. There is a difference from offering money to having money taken from you via taxes to give to those who are able to work but refuse to because they are getting free money. Everyone stop working and let the government take care of you is her philosophy. If she had to work she would – I say stop giving her assistance and let her get off her butt and get a job. I worked, my husband worked, my kids work, why can’t she work? She is perfectly able to work.

  64. She has no conscious! I am on disability and was offered Medicaid, but I turned it down because I could afford to pay to be on my husband’s insurance. I felt like there were others worse off than me who could benefit, and I didn’t want to take advantage of the system. It irks me that she, and many others are taking advantage of the system. There needs to be more investigative constraints on welfare applicants, and I definitely, they should be drug tested too!

  65. Wow. Just wow. There’s so much wrong with this that there is no place to start. I’m a Texan and even I had to take notice of the station’s call letters: KLBJ. Thank you so much “Great Society”. From all of us who take pride in our work, and the fact that we actually DO work, you suck, very much.

    1. Jlittle don’t let this woman’s rant jade you against those people who are looking for work every day but honestly need temporary assistance. Widowed mothers, college students, disabled vets, and even some single mothers who made a mistake, but are trying to go to find work or go back to school. I am not condoning what this woman says she’s doing… (personally I think she should have her children taken away for being unfit to parent and charged with fraud). Unfortunately there will always be ignorant degenerates in society, but most people take pride in themselves and honestly want to work. Good jobs are extremely scarce, even entry level jobs. My niece is still looking for work after being laid off from her administrative job in November. She is well mannered, articulate and a hard worker. Her resume is very good with excellent references. She goes to the career center almost everyday or either comes over to my house to use my computer. But I know that each day she applies with no call back or for each rejection letter after a promising interview, she gets more and more discouraged. The last job she applied for had over 60 applicants. I know for a fact that she hates getting assistance but she has my four year old twin great nieces and was about to lose her apartment so she had no choice. The majority of people on assistance would gladly take a self respecting job any day over a government handout. But you don’t hear about them because they aren’t on the radio ranting crazy stuff and trying to make news. It’s a shame that society always sees and hears about the bad, but never know about people like my niece. Look at it this way: If the unemployment rate for Black men is 17% compared to 8% for White men, your first reaction (not you personally) is probably a negative one. You see the 17% loud and clear. The typical reaction would be “Wow, that’s alot! Probably all lazy deadbeats or drug dealers”. Well, maybe some are… but guaranteed that some aren’t. However, what I see in that statistic and what I take pride in, is the 83% that ARE working and DO have jobs, that are taking care of their children and being productive law abiding members of society. Only the bad get the attention and that is the real shame of it all.

  66. I’m not saying this is right but she is right in that the government doesn’t encouraged people to get off the system. You look at what happen to me. I was on full disability then went off of it for 5 years. When i went off of SSDI my medicare got cancel. Because my medicare got cancel after i was already on it for every year my medicare was cancel they added a perfect for a penalty of medicare being cancel up to when i went back on full disability or went on retirement. So now that I’m back on full disability after being off if it for 5 years I pay 137.00 a month for medicare because of a penalty fee for going off the system for a wile when normal medicare is only 100.00 a month

  67. END ALL WELFARE, PERIOD. If some one is to old, or incapacitated to work, fine. Give them what they need to survive, but those who are just to damn lazy to work, let them sell apples on the street corners, like they did in the ’30s depression.

  68. She would win the presidency if she were to run for it….all of the blood suckers out there would gladly elect her.

  69. The welfare system should be replaced with a modernized version of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

  70. LOL I get to live wherever the gubmint tells me to live. I get to buy whatever the gubmint tells me to buy. Man, y’all suckaz. I ain’t gots to do nuffin’ and get to do anything the man tells me to do. Don’t be hatin’

  71. You guys are a bunch of judgmental racists. The world will be a better place when you die off. So this woman is leeching off of you guys. You let corporations do even worse to you, every single day. QUIT WHINING< YA BIG BABIES!

  72. She’s spot-on. What is her, or thousands of others, incentive to work? Possibly, even likely, to make less than if on welfare? Yes, self-respect should force her out of that situation but our society has bred self-respect out of the welfare class with years and years of oppression.

  73. Someone laughing all the way too the bank should be ordered to clean toilets until she can find a job. There is no reason; unless obviously disabled, should be allowed sitting home watching TV collecting Welfare/Food Stamps. I’m 69, worked 50 years and feel guilty that I just don’t have it in me to be working anymore and retiring. I’m tired, I’m done, I’ve paid my dues.

  74. I firmly believe in drug testing for welfare. I have to drug test to get a job. The on ly way we can stop abuse is say you must get traing and look for work just like in unemployment. after a certian amount of time you will be cut off. the only exception to this work is the elderly if they cant work or disabled people who have an illness that would prevent them from working that can be verified by tests and a doctor

  75. The “system” she is speaking of is not intended for the lazy. It was meant for those who fell on hard times and is trying to fix their situation and are in need of temporary help. Yet on one side you have politicians and bureaucrats who are willing to bend it and allow the lazy to jump on in exchange for votes. Drug testing will kill this advantage real quick. This woman, if drug tested, will find that she’ll have the choice of work or living under a bridge the rest of her life. And I’m okay with that. Can’t work? Let’s help. Won’t work? Don’t eat.

  76. easiest solution and it would solve two major problems put them to work in the so called jobs americans wont do put them in the fields and fast food and other jobs I bet they will get off the system then and it would stop the excuse for illegal aliens

  77. Not going to lie, it almost sounds fake…I agree that lots of people are abusing welfare, but her statements sound set up.

  78. By paying for a college degree or a technical school degree in two years, the government can get them off welfare and back to being taxpayer citizens. If they do not get some type of degree in that time, they are off of welfare. It is better to pay for something with a return on your investment than to continue to throw money into the wind!!!

  79. I find it interesting that the “Talking Heads” in the media and in D.C. are constantly talking about how Social Security is gonna run out of money. Why don’t they ever threaten that for the Welfare System? Of course, if SS does run out, that means there will be no taxes coming in to pay for Welfare benefits. What a travesty on our society..

  80. Welfare was meant to help people to get back on their feet NOT support lazy, fat-assed garbage like this! We need WELFARE REFORM NOT IMMIGRATION REFORM!! CUT THEM OFF NOW!!

    My daughter gets food stamps only while she goes to college & raises 2 children on her own, no help from “dad”. She hates taking even this much!

  81. do you see what would happen if democrats actually told the truth? now i understand why they all lie.

  82. How can Welfare repentant be driving new Cadillac’s and other high priced autos and trucks?

  83. Many of us who may get some of those benefits, who work every chance we get or do bring home a paycheck every month, pay our bills have very little if anything left. I resent those who won’t work when some of us would give up everything to have a job that provides us enough income to meet our own needs and a little left over to go out once in awhile or take a trip to see family. I have worked hard all my life and past 50, but can not get a full time jobs. I work as a sub in the schools and until recently, homeless shelters which has changed so much with all the strings from those who donate money … they don’t want an old person there and keep hiring the younger ones because they can work all hours which I am getting to tired to do. I can do the job and do it well, but getting closer and closer to retirement age and no real retirement fund (some), I will have to keep working till I drop. I cannot afford to stop working, my health is good, I can lift things, quick on my feet and wish I was young again so I could get hired again. I just keep getting temp jobs no one else will take because many of those jobs are for or with people who gossip, backstabbing, lack good work ethics, lazy, do not work well with others, unwilling to learn new skills and computer programs or incompetent. I am not perfect, but I am reliable, trustworthy, respectful to others, have a good heart and an awesome work ethic (pride in working). I hope this mom gets it soon. If you don’t value work, education…. respect for authority and others…. become “takers instead of givers” then her children will also stay in this cycle of poverty.

  84. There of millions of Lucys and tens of millions of Illegal Invaders living off the backs of wage earners.

  85. Yeah, but you’re TAKING (a.k.a. STEALING) our hard-earned money!! Nobody is giving you this money. You’re taking it from the people who are busting their butts just so YOU can have it and spend it on drugs and other stuff that’s harmful to you. It’s not about being a better person. It’s about making your own living in this world. Nothing in society is free.

  86. Give a boy a fish and he eats for a day. Teach the boy to fish and he eats for a lifetime! Instead of making requirements for drug tests and forcing them to find flunky jobs, maybe we should educate those on welfare to get jobs that pay well and help them find jobs. Then if they don’t make the cut, help them find minimum wage jobs and supplement with welfare.

    1. Teach the boy to fish and he dies from hunger because the government monopolized the river and banned people from fishing in it.

      The main point this woman made is that she doesn’t understand why she needs to work if she can get everything she wanted without having a job. What is the point of teaching people like her professional skills if jobs which require these skills are not available and these people are happy enough living on welfare?

      There is only one way to broke this vicious cycle of ever growing number of welfare recipients who have no intentions to start working: reduce the amount of welfare money to the absolute minimum which barely covering only the necessities for surviving, so every job should pay better; create business-friendly economic environment to create enough of decently paid jobs so every legal American resident who wants to have a job would be able to find it. This is the only way to reduce both number of abusers of welfare system and a poverty in America. But then who will vote for the Democrats?

  87. No Pride for herself or her children. Things to catch up to people like this….You get what you put into life not what you get for free… It is only a matter of time; but it does catch up to people like her.

  88. If she goes to work how will she afford obama care to cover herself and her family? How will she make enough to cover the rent? Child care, food, car payment, insurance, tags, taxes? She wont!!cant!!

  89. Never in my life would I have thought an American would have this point of view. Where is the pride?

  90. As accurate as this little charade is it is not true. “Lucy” is a plant. Don’t get me wrong I think the system has created a generational problem of people gaming the system.

  91. So.. she’s saying the government is enabling her to do nothing. Which we already knew……… Welfare doesn’t work except to keep people on the Government Plantation. Welfare should be restricted to a maximum of a couple of years. A hand up, not a hand out.

  92. By the way. In California a woman with two kids will rake in at least $3,000.00 a month. At least $3,000.00 a month. More kids = more money and they give it to illegals. Why???!!!

  93. I get $442 a month for my Social Security Disability. Make to much money to qualify for any help.

    1. There has to be other income coming in such as earnings from a spouse or you would be eligible for SSI (Social Security Supplemental Income) to supplement your SSD income

      so you received the same amount as SSI. (if the SSI standard in your state is $650, you’d receive a supplemental check of $208 plus your SSD of $442). If you are not married and have no minor children receiving income someone dropped the ball and you need to phone SSA to apply for SSI.

    2. If there is no other money coming in, you have to phone Social Security Administration and request SSI be supplemented to your SSD $442. Oh, by the way, you must “start” paying rent or property taxes or SOMETHING towards your housing (even maintenance if you own your home outright) because if you have no housing costs or even “less than your fair share” of housing costs, you get a reduced amount of SSI. I had a client who was receiving around $500 SSI when SSI was around $600. I questioned the client and found she was paying 1/3 of the rent and the other woman was paying 2/3 of the rent so Social Security Admin decided my client had “supplied” housing. I had to explain that the roommate had the bedroom/master bdrm with private bath in a one bedroom house and had squeezed a twin bed into a large storage closet as a bedroom for my client, thus the disparity in rent paid by each. Unfortunately, it seems only the scammers know the rules and how to work the system. Also, you need to pay SEPARATELY for your heating costs to get the full acknowledgement that you pay for your own heat, even if it’s a token amount paid separately. Food stamps are figured on the basis of paying for shelter and SEPARATELY for heat; if your heat is included, you get screwed on the amount of food stamps you receive. Hope that helps you get some help.

  94. I retired as a case manager for welfare from WA, the last nine years as the sole person who determined which cases were simply mistakes resulting in over-payments owed the state & which cases were fraud, needing to be sent to the prosecutor. All cases of fraud, whether prosecuted or not, included the penalty of assigning a payee who received the future money & food stamps, paying rent & power directly to landlords & electric co’s, shopping, etc. to avoid penalizing children. This was finally deemed “prejudicial” and stopped. Even then, stores would accept food stamps without even looking at the food stamp ID card &/or let people buy candy and give change from a $20 or $50 stamp or buy cigarettes & booze. TANF meant TEMPORARY assistance to needy families, not “Total All-supporting needy families”. It was intended to temporarily help a family get on it’s feet after a death, desertion, divorce, serious illness or injury where family income stopped; it was never intended as the way of life it has become. Adults in a family, excepting mothers of babies, were required to attend FREE classes, college or vocational, with free child-care provided. People would do anything to avoid participating in programs intended to help them get off welfare.

  95. Remember when they caned some young boys that had done some graffiti in Singapore and everyone here was shocked? People like this should be given 10 strokes with a bullwhip.

  96. Lets be honest, the same people rambling about welfare bums are the same people that want you to be on it and not better yourselves. I am 29 years old, pregnant with my first child and decided to go to a maternity home run by catholic charities because they claimed to offer all kinds of parenting classes and a bunch of stuff they ended up not doing and when i first got there they shoved low income housing applications at me which i refused to fill out. When i said i wanted to get a job and off the ssi and welfare so i can provide my baby a better life than what i had they looked at me like i was an alien and the thought of anyone being off welfare was a foreign idea to them. Same thing at the religious homeless shelter i was at, more low income housing paperwork. Nobody will help you find a decent apartment if you can afford it, they only help you to sign up for low income places because they dont want you to do better but then they will turn around and complain. One night at the shelter a true christian volunteer gave a little boy a snack and the head lady a supposed christian went and took it from him and he started crying, she said no snacks at this hour and then told him to say his prayers before bed. Yeah okay. Some of you say outright you dont care about taking food stamps away from parents even though the kids will suffer but you expect us to bring our children into a cold world like that. Yeah i know all about conservative christians and what they are really about because now ive seen it myself and im not sure how you people are able to sleep at night. Needless to say that volunteer quit after that and im back on my feet but no thanks to christian or conservative values. Shame on you for the things you do to defenseless children you force into this world.

  97. Just what will Lucy do when all working Americans decide she is right and they sit down and stop working? Uh-Oh, no one gets anything-the govt. will be totally broke. Watch out Lucy-it’s coming sooner or later.

  98. A few days ago a co-worker and myself almost got into an argument because she said if a person don’t work they don’t eat. I said that isn’t true they have welfare. She told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. she went on to say they don’t just give money to people they have to do some kind of work to get it. She said it was the same way with food stamps. I knew she was wrong because I know people who get food stamps who don’t do nothing. instead of keeping the conversation on that topic I didn’t say anything else, not because I was scared but where I was at I am the minority and it would have caused a big problem.

  99. This is EXACTLY the reason drug testing needs to be part of welfare. And anyone who is able to work and doesn’t…shouldn’t get one fucking penny!

  100. This is such a phoney caller, she throws in illegal aliens and Obama phone, not to say this isn’t the way it is but this phone calls was way too convenient

  101. We’re late on our taxes WE PAY MORE, we’re late on our electric, phone, mortgage, WE PAY MORE. We bust our rump and work to be threatened our items will be taken if we don’t PAY PAY PAY … and these master manipulators scam the system and don’t have a care or worry in the world about any of the above …. our GOVERNMENT is very SAD!

  102. It’s an old story that was proven to be fabricated and untrue. But the facts don’t matter, Teahadist eat this stuff up.

    1. Proven? By who? When was the last time you lived in the ghetto, or even came close to driving through one? How many welfare recipients do you know personally? Go ahead, let’s hear what makes you such an expert on this.

  103. do any of you welfare bashers know the richest people pay NO taxes, and receive more government subsidies (welfare) than poor people? Most people on welfare have worked at some time, so its ok when they are paying in, but when they fall on hard times, its not ok to get help. do you also know under fed people get sick, and healthcare costs much more than food stamps? the US spends over a trillion a year for war, that just fine, but 80 billion to help the poor, thats insane, right? Drug tests cost money, money TAX PAYERS pay, look at Florida, it was a complete waste. You are all penny wise, dollar fools. Waste 3.00$ but save .30 cents, make sense? federal income tax is the largest tax taken from pay, NONE of it helps the US, it all goes to the IRS and on to the Federal reserve. What would happen to the economy if 50 million people on welfare stopped spending that money? what would happen to jobs where that money is spent, “Thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods” this is how bad you are brainwashed, trained to think helping the poor is the problem, while the richest people suck up way more than the welfare program. You know corporations have deals with the government, the corps, that allow you to buy their goods with food stamps. and those corps are making money hand over fist. Doing a little research goes a long way, not just shooting off at the mouth. I understand most of you dont know whats going on, cause you worry about the NFL and kim kardashion, but you got to blame someone right? so might as well go after the weakest and most unfortunate. ATTACK THE SYSTEM, not the people who are controlled by it. If there were enough jobs, people wouldnt need welfare.

    1. Th e RICH WELFARE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM !!All the govt is on RICH WELFARE!!! THAT WE SHOULD STOP!! But there is alot of people TAKING FROM WELFARE and abusing the system, that are NOT RICH!!!! SMOKING WEED ALL DAY LONG is abuse!!! need help make them go get it so they can get off of welfare!!! their medical (paid by taxpayers) pay for it !!!!!. enough is enough on BOTH SIDES!!.

  104. Wow what a gal?she needs to learn what it takes to live and live on her own with out all the bennies.These kind of people just rune it for those that truly need it.

  105. There are way too many people with the same mentality. Welfare needs to be ended all together. Go to work. I’m sure if you were hungry you would work like the rest of us.

  106. The whole “will you take a million dollars for free if someone gave it to you?” argument is not the same thing. If an individual GAVE up a million of his own money to anyone, that is HIS/HER business – not the same as taking tax money illegally.

  107. She makes 1 very valid point. You have to make at least $15 an hour to just break even when you are on welfare. Not many entry level jobs start at $15. therein lies the rub.

    1. That is true, but instead of writing their representatives and advocating for change that will bring jobs and higher wages back to America they get behind the representatives and groups that lobby for more money to add to the welfare coffers and artificially inflating the minimum wage.

  108. I feel like ll STATES should have Drug Testing for food stmps and any other welfare.

  109. Completely fake!! I don’t believe any part of this is true. I think it’s staged it sounds too scripted.

  110. just rolling along slowly to total destruction. let the dems/gop destroy this great nation. vote for freedom and equality. vote libertarian.

  111. Her comment about “Would you accept $1M, if someone gave it to you and you didn’t have to work for it?” is ridiculous!! There’s a HUGE difference between sponging off the taxpayer….and accepting a gift from someone!!! The Welfare system was supposed to be help for those who NEED it…not a career choice!!

  112. President Kennedy said “everyone deserves a hand UP; no one deserves a HANDOUT” and he was not talking about the truly disabled, elderly, or mentally disabled; he had his entire salary while in public office go directly to charity for the mentally handicapped. I believe he would have included the jokers who receive disability for a “bad back” while working under the table among those who do not deserve a handout. TANF, Temporary Aid to Needy Families, was intended to be TEMPORARY, to help families in catastrophic circumstances, e.g., loss of income due to a death, disease, injury, divorce or abandonment, or anything drastic & unexpected I overlooked. TANF was never intended as a way of life, but there are generations of families who do just that. I retired from a career as a case manager for welfare, and we offered FREE college or vocational school and free daycare while attending and many clients would do anything to avoid being trained for a job and getting off welfare, including getting pregnant, which gave them 18 more months to be exempt from job training/school. WE were subject to drug testing and clients were not. Go figure.

  113. Yes, there are folks out there that take advantage. This conversation, however, is set up, an act. It’s bullshit.

  114. here is some irony: the radio station is KLBJ honoring the very man who helped create the welfare system in the first place!

  115. She doesn’t work, she pops out kids one after the other and WE support her. But considering how she was raised what do you expect. But then I guess its our own fault because WE work, WE pay taxes, so the lazy, worthless people can benefit from it. I think EVERYONE who applies for government assistance should be drug-tested when they apply and EVERY MONTH thereafter, (And I don’t mean bring a sample from home, no way!!, give the sample right there in the office) at their own expense in order to receive assistance. And I agree that ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS should be drug & alcohol tested since they are actually the absolute worst welfare precipitants on the planet!!!!!

  116. I’m speechless! I get tht she’s tryin to defend herself an anyone else for getting benefits but if the table was turned an her an her husband where having to struggle to keep a roof over there heads put good food on the table an keep clothes on there kids backs she would be irate just like the guys listening at the radio station! I don’t know what to say I’m not in her shoes but I feel it should be for people tht dont have family/husband help n support something to help single parents or people in a misfortune position get on their feet an as far as the free million dollars comment goes thts money being giving to u from most likely 1person at 1 given time not from an entire community of people tht get up every day work there butts off to support their family not only loose out on precious time an moments spent with their family but to contribute to the welfare bucket! Now like I said I’m not knocking it it’s a great thing to have for those in dire need but there comes a time to step up an start contributing as well an allow the next unfortunate individual get help. …

  117. This b9tch on the video is just country redneck trailer trash
    no such thing as an obama phone, these radio host are ignorant as well

  118. Who is this Lucy? Does she have a last name? Is this a ‘set-up’ call? How can this be verified? Rumors run amok in the media and more than 1/2 is not true. I don’t believe things that do not show me exact specific criteria. Oh and all that ‘make them take drug tests’…. Why? If you’re trying to save money, paying for the drug tests will cost more than the 2.6% of the people who fail the test (most for marijuana) The $46,000 was just for 2 months

    1. Are you really that stupid to think this is a setup call? I can tell you no it’s not. I have known people who were like that. The crap about drug testing costing more than it saves is bs also because if people know they have to do more to get the “free money” from the government than to work they will work.

    2. I can tell you, sir, that I am not stupid. CPCU, AIM,ARM,AU, AIC. 123 IQ.
      No need to dumb-down your response me as if I am with your use of ‘street’ language. (1) All I can do is point you to some information to show you that, while it may make you feel “good” that someone has to take a drug test to get ‘welfare’, it won’t save the taxpayer any money. On the contrary, it will wind up costing more- meaning higher taxes. It’s your right, as an American, to ignore that evidence if you choose.
      (2) It might be morally right to cut a moocher or drug-user off benefits for punitive reasons. However, you have to consider if there are children in the house. Do they starve due to their parents bad-behavior?
      (3) What alternatives might occur if you cut someone off public aid: Lets’ say the person can’t get a job nearby because they have no car & no marketable skills. They are most likely going to steal, loot, cause an innocent person bodily harm. Those are costs enough for society- but then if you lock that person up for crime, the taxpayer will then pay (depending upon state) between $30,000-$50,000 a year.
      That is substantially more than the $8-10,000 a year they would get on welfare.
      (4) If their children go into state’s custody while they’re locked up – that is still yet more money.
      (5) I’m looking at this from a fiscal approach. If I’m a business person & I can pay someone $10,000 or $50,000 to get the same outcome, I’d go for the cheapest.
      (6) You say the % of people caught on drugs is lower because the welfare-recipients know how to play the system. If that is the case, what good is it then to implement the drug-testing program?
      These are the questions I would hope my congressman would ask-because the cost of the tests and everything else is coming out my pocket.
      Finally, everyone seems to be outraged that someone would be so trifling to take Govt money & laugh. I look at someone like that & feel quite sad. For whatever reason, (perhaps they were a crack-baby, or have mental retardation , or some other disabling condition) they’ve decided this is the best they can do. This woman is settling for the ‘bottom of the barrel’ & is headed for a miserable existence, instead of embracing all the joys of life that a good steady job would provide.
      She is cheating herself far worse than she is cheating the system.

  119. A random person calls a radio station and makes up a bunch of crap and this proves what?

  120. Just bc grandparents raise their grandkids dont make the kids parents deadbeats! My parents raise my niece and its bc both her parents were killed in a car wreck. Also my parents do not receive any type of assistance. It just ticks me off how people judge others and have no clue about the situation!

  121. Can you prove that the person talking to that radio station is in fact telling the truth – no you can’t.

  122. As long as the idiots in government don’t get out of bed with the treasonous robber barons, they should be willing and able to pay Americans not to work.

    PREDATORY-EMPLOYMENT AND OTHER-FOREIGNERS’-ECONOMIC-ADVANTAGES IMMIGRATION ( what I call our stupid systems of illegal immigration and unnecessary immigration industries ) must be abolished by those idiots that represent us. PEOFEAI (abbreviated ) is the drug that this sick economy uses to destroy itself. No one can say that an economic system that puts its own citizens in the unemployment lines in favor of a guaranteed job for illegal aliens and unnecessary working visa workers is a good system.

    Underemployment, unemployment, homelessness, disability and welfare follow each other in that sequence. In the meantime the foreigners are busy invading, buying the country in one property at a time with the money they make with every job that they steal, and sending money needed here out of the country.

    I am in favor on the 14th amendment being changed into bloodright only citizenship, so we don’t get taken for a ride by countries like China and the European Union that can invade us , but we can’t invade them because they don’t have birthright citizenship.

    The only necessary immigration should be the one of spouses and children of US CITIZENS and people that can do a job that no American can do. That should leave jobs to Americans and their families while cutting down immigration, guaranteeing more loyal citizens, and bettering the economy with truly intelligent immigrants ( the ones that can do a job that no American can ) .

    Countries like Mexico already have had tough immigration laws for decades. You can not own any property in Mexico if you are not a citizen, you have to pay every year a fee if you just want to live there without working, and you can not immigrate into Mexico to do a job that some or any Mexican can do- like anyone can do here.

    These proposals are not only beneficial to this dying country ( because of the lack of such policies ) , but also to our neighbors to the North and South , as well as our allies around the world, who would not know what to do without the presence of this country in the world.

  123. Welfare recipients that are on drugs know how to hide them finding any trace of the drugs in their system…so that means they will still get by with it…We will be paying for the lazy people that don’t want to work as long as a Democrat is in office, especially Obama…

  124. this turned out to be a hoax, the woman called back a few minutes later and told them she just wanted to bring awareness to the issue of welfare fraud, but was good none the less

  125. You just keep counting on the welfare sista! This country is about to reach a tipping point and your sorry self is going to have to go to work or starve. We the working people of this country are almost to the point of saying no more and when it happens you are done! Sick loser!

  126. Demoncrats, this is just what they want. She is right about it being a trap set up by the welfare state democrats to garner votes.

  127. Please do some research on this! This woman called back like an hour later and retracted her story. I remember when this story was new last year, and I was as incensed as everyone should be! But no one is bothering to report that this woman called the radio station back about an hour later and confessed she was just trying to rile everyone up! I’m very conservative and read your stories every day! But this one bothers me, please report ALL of the facts!

  128. This is a bogus call. She is too precise and too you don’t get a check. A plant.

  129. She says she is a moral person. Really?? I am almost 99% sure she was lying in her initial application, and continues to lie to continue the benefit/s. BTW: Lying by omission is still lying. Her rationalizations and justifications are pathetic. Several simple solutions. If you are on welfare on a permanent basis, you should be sterilized. Having kids is not a right, it’s a responsibility. and if you can’t take care of yourself on your own then you shouldn’t be able to compound the problem. In addition, we need to better monitor/supervise these people getting welfare to weed out the fraudulent cases. Lastly, she is an idiot. Most people doing something illegal get caught because they brag about it to others. What a tool.

  130. That’s alright loosey. A umm I meant Lucy and when welfare runs out or Obama decides you’ve had enough that will be alright cause we will still be getting paid and you’ll be crying and begging us for a dollar. While your lazy kids are starving you’ll be scrounging for some dope. That’s if the illegals don’t cut you up and eat you first. .

  131. This is why their needs to be more oversight on these programs . It is. Really sad to see the society we are creating. People who actually need the help don’t get and people like this do. The quote I get to watch tv all day and smoke weed. That is horrible. Yet people that work all their life pay into the system come time they need the help can’t get it. Just does not make any sense.

  132. There should be a limit on receiving free money and housing like 1 to 5 years.

  133. Ah well, I gave up on our broken system long ago. There’s no fixing it as our government is being run by the insane and intellectually challenged. I would suggest that they make these able bodied people look for work and provide proof they are, giving them a limited time frame to find work, or cut them off, but that just makes too darn much sense and we can’t have that now can we?

  134. When you think about it, this is basically a slave nation. We work hard to provide for our families, become disabled and have to depend on disability and foodstamps. We barely get enough to survive, let alone actually do anything like traveling, going to the movies, getting our hair done, things most people take for granted. The system is designed to keep you down. If you get a raise on your disability your foodstamps go down and your rent goes up. So, you’re no better off than you were before. I basically paid into the system my entire life just so I can barely survive. Doesn’t seem very equitable to me.

  135. Since a person has to give a phone number when calling in to a radio station, why not turn her info into an investigator to check for fraud?

    1. One problem here, I’ve called into a few radio shows and never had to give my number.

  136. What is ironic is that when you consider what it would cost to prosecute and incarcerate her, it is actually cheaper to let her commit the fraud as long as she does not get greedy or stupid.


  138. I sincerely believe that if we are going to pay these people, then they should have to work doing public service to earn it. Let them clean up the roadsides, mow public properties, etc.

    1. That would be taking work away from government union workers. lol Honestly though, I do agree with about putting them to work in some fashion.

  139. She says “you would take the money too”. No i wouldnt bc i have SELF PRIDE and would be embarassed to openly be a SCUMBAG!!!

  140. There only one reason that the government makes it so easy for people like Lucy, and those that are illegal to get welfare and other free benefits like paid collage, medical insurance, ect…………..that reason is VOTES. if there is anyone to blame for this bullshit it is the democratic party and their hunger to rule, to force their socialist/communist agenda on all of us.
    There is one way to stop this insane out of control abuse of our country and that is an armed revolt, we have to take the fight to those that are trying to destroy our country.
    Now, that being said there will not be one person that will do the right thing, we do not have the courage or the stomach for a fight, so accept this fact that we have lost the United States of America and we ALL will be socialist slaves to those democrat masters.
    LOL I sure am glad that our forefathers are not here to see what bitches the American Men have become.

  141. she should marry that surfer dude…they are a fine pair…..
    ooooooooopppppppppppssssssss…never happen…they might get screwed out of taxpayer $$$$….unless 0bum writes another exec o

  142. What kind of POS goes out of their way to prove what a lazy notching POS really are. This has to be a joke.

  143. I’m, no bitch, I wouldn’t. There’s something to be said for actually earning what you have.

  144. I live in public housing and I have a job. I work for the State of NC and because of that, I pay the full flat rate rent of $442 a month. I have neighbors that have a two story, 4 bedroom apt. that they only pay $50. a month for. My neighbors are two able bodied people that can work, but don’t. They have 5 children and they get $1,100. a month in food stamps. My hard earned tax dollars help pay for these people. I’m am sick of the system that pays people to do nothing. A system that gives a 4 bedroom apt. to a family of 7 for $50. a month. Before anyone starts bitching about why I live in public housing, I moved here 12 years ago to assist my mother who was on disability. I was on the lease and we paid the full rent. She passed 2 years ago and I put the lease in my name and I have been paying the full rent ever since. I do plan on moving as soon as I pay off my car in about 16 months. They need my apt. for those who don’t work and can’t pay what I pay. It all just makes me sick. I see neighbors driving new cars with 22″ wheels and their kids wear the same damn clothes for a week.

  145. Lucy, age 32, is on welfare in Texas. She and her family receive welfare as follows:
    > Welfare monies arrive on time each month.
    > Easy days: she sits at home, visits friends, even smokes weed, has no daily commute.
    > $550 per month: she pays only $50 per month in rent; her full rent in Austin, TX is $600+ per month, but she receives $550+ per month as a housing allowance.
    > $425 per month in food stamps (apparently for mom, dad and 3 kids)
    > $150 per month paid on the electric bill
    > She has an “Obamaphone.”
    > $100 per month paid towards the water bill
    > She has 3 children; free Christmas presents for her children arrive on time.
    > * Not mentioned: SSI for mom and SSI for dad: probably $850/month each or $1,700 per month. They must receive some income in order to pay bills, maintain a car, buy gasoline, buy clothes, furniture, TVs, etc.
    > * Not mentioned: Medicaid for 5 people; prescription drug benefits for 5 people
    > * Not mentioned: TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
    > These are family benefits; her husband only works occasionally.
    > Sometimes she takes temp jobs and is paid “under the table.”
    > Her illegal immigrant friends also receive benefits.
    > She states that over 80% of the applicants at the WIC office are illegal immigrants.
    > She can go to college for free.
    > Her parents were on welfare too.
    > Sometimes the welfare office will pay her to go to “programs.”
    > She intends to stay on welfare for life, and possibly her children will be on welfare too.
    > Total: $2,925+ per month as follows: $550 + $425 + $150 + $100 + $850 + $850 = $2,925 per month + Medicaid for 5 + prescription drug coverage for 5 + TANF + Obamaphone + free Christmas gifts + other benefits.
    > Question: what is the likely monthly figure including Medicaid coverage for 5, prescription drug coverage for 5, TANF and other programs? Perhaps $6,000/month or $72,000 per year for 5?
    > Good point: if she worked, every dime she’d earn would go to pay for childcare. Perhaps we should have a government program to pay for child care, as in France.
    > If she reported $10 in wages from a job, she would be required to pay the welfare agency $20.

  146. So I’m seeing a lot of comments calling these folks deadbeats, and a lot of them probably are. But let’s look at a few things before we start casting stones. Let’s look at the huge influx of legal immigrants being shipped into our country every day taking high paying jobs our college grads, veterans and others would love to have. Are qualified for even. Meanwhile our American born citizens are having to fight for the scrap low paying jobs that are left over. I’m so disgusted by the policies put in place and the difficulty, I never had before, of getting a decent paying job. And I have a degree. At this point I would gladly go on welfare and let the foreign born working in this country, paying taxes support me too. But I probably wouldn’t qualify so I’m out there fighting for a scrap job too.

  147. Its legal to smoke pot in Washington state, so drug testing welfare recipients in this state would not work. However, taking tax money from working citizens ~~~> keeps our pay wages down, increases overall debts and may be the reason why military are not being fed properly anymore, etc. it causes this nation as a whole to suffer chain reaction consequence(s) in other ways, including both welfare and non welfare recipients. She should feel guilty for extracting this welfare when she and her hubby can work so that funds dont run out for other families that truly need the assistance. How would she feel if one day we cant afford to protect our country because welfare abusers sucked the funds dry or to see babies of disabled parents on the streets starving literally to death? Her and her hubby should not feel proud to contribute to such a disaster. How selfish can they be? GO TO WORK AND PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!

    1. OK, please elaborate on how “taking tax money from working citizens keeps pay wages down, increases over debts and may be the reason why military are not being fed properly and what exactly are these welfare and non-welfare chain reaction consequences the nation is poised to suffer from?

    2. OK, please elaborate on how “taking tax money from working citizens keeps pay wages down, increases over debts and may be the reason why military are not being fed properly and what exactly are these welfare and non-welfare chain reaction consequences the nation is poised to suffer from?

  148. Meanwhile all across the country hardworking ppl go to work, come home exhausted and sweaty down to their socks just to try to stay afloat! But hey, I guess its ok so that this scumy bitch can live the carefree life!

  149. Why should she work, she would make less because she has no skills, she is just taking the golden carrot and becoming enslaved to the government welfare system. These people think they are pulling one over on the government,truth is the government has you right where they want you, you are now their puppet, dance for the little they give you and vote for democrats who will give you it. Just another form of slavery, and these people gladly accept their shackles.

  150. We should have no litter In this country or over grown grass, or dirty streets, why because they should force welfare recipients to work forty hours a week to earn those benefits. If they refuse, they are not helped, that would stop most of the welfare mentality in this country. If they knew they had to actually work for those benefits, the would prefer to work for themselves instead.

  151. Someone should humanely euthanize it. It is a pest, worse then any raccoon or rat or possum.