Sharyl Attkisson: ‘Well-Orchestrated Strategy’ by the Obama White House to Delegitimize Benghazi Story


Former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson said on Monday that there is a “well-orchestrated” strategy to marginalize the Benghazi story by the Obama White House in order to make it go away.

Reacting to a heated exchange between conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham and Obama spinmeister David Plouffe on ABC News’ This Week, in which Plouffe attempted to spin the narrative that the Benghazi story was being promoted by a “delusional minority” of the GOP, Attkisson told Fox and Friends  on Monday that:
“The key words they use, such as ‘conspiracy’ and ‘delusional,’ are in my opinion clearly designed to try to controversialize a story — a legitimate news story and a legitimate area of journalistic inquiry.” 
“I see that as a well-orchestrated strategy to controversialize a story they really don’t want to hear about.” said Attkisson. 

Attkisson goes on to say that if it were up to the left, she’d be left covering nothing but weather. 



  1. Name a current scandal: Any one is worse than what Nixon had done.
    There are three fundamental reasons why conditions haven’t prompted this president to resign his office: There is no integrity within the Democratic Party as there was with the Republicans in 1975; there is wide disinterest with investigation and reporting by the media compared with 1975; the electorate is far-more ignorant, fractured and distracted by trivia than in 1975.

    1. 4.) And we are dealing with a higher rate of racism than we had just five years ago, thanks in part to his seemingly intentional division of multiple groups of Americans. In addition, this President just happens to be a malotto who clarifies himself to be of the Black race.

    2. Actually, among the American public there is very little racism but fear of being called racists. The real racists are the ones like Obama who keep bringing up that Republicans and Tea Partiers don’t like his policy because he’s black. And further statements he’s made indicate he hates whites (does that mean he hates his mother, grandmother, and grandfather?) Also, he’s appointed people in his cabinet who have the same intolerance he does.

    3. The difference is Nixon had a sense of respect for the office of President, this current one not so much as a smidgeon.
      Nixon also had a sense of respect for the American people as not to drag Americans through a long drawn out affair. This current one could care less what the World or Americans think just as long as he holds the title.

  2. We all KNOW that something criminal is associated with Benghazi. There is absolutely NO DOUBT that that. The question is simply……what were the crimes, that were committed by the administration?????

    Just as was the case with Watergate…….we have to keep demanding the answers, until we find the truth.

    1. Howdy tsigili. Well, we’ve discovered the first crime. Mike Morell altered a CIA report (the Benghazi talking points) to fit Obama’s political agenda. Morell was not a political hack spinning a lie for political reasons. He was the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency who falsified a report for political reasons. That’s a crime. More to be discovered.

  3. Knowing what they knew,what kind of counsel would the military minds given Obama in the situation room that night had he actually been there instead of showing such little concern that he never showed up and instead prepped for his fund raiser in Las Vegas for the following night.

  4. I wish I could recall the number of years ago it was that Brian Williams spoke at an annual luncheon for “journalists” and without any disguise claimed that it was not just okay for journalists to be activists, but that they actually have a responsibility to be the activists. I am sure I heard the report on Rush Limbaugh, but, again, wish I knew exactly when because that was the moment I knew elections were no longer going to be just covered by the leftist news media.

    For the most part, the news media, academia, supposed anti-war movements, women’s rights groups, racial groups, government subsidized medias and arts and Hollywood are components of the Democratic Party and loyal to their standard bearers. And they vote early and they vote often.

    1. Howdy Michael F. I agree. For 40 years liberals have been working on our kids (90 percent of our educators, journalists, and Hollywood movies). Ever since “3 Days of the Condor” the US government has been depicted as the bad guy in just about every action movie. Journalists are constantly talking about how they talk truth to power, but what they really should say is, we are the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

      And worst of all, our kids are being bombarded by Socialist viewpoints in their education. They don’t know why we broke free from Britain, why we fought the Civil War, why Japan attacked us, why we used the atom bomb on Japan, why we created NATO and COCOM, why we fought in Korea and Vietnam, what the difference is between Communism, Fascism, Socialism, and Laissez-faire capitalism, and what Keynesian economics is and why Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman opposed it so strongly. Our young are defenseless. And everyone please note that I did not mention any “Social Issues.”

  5. THIS Lady Is SO Good-Looking, I Have NO Problem Listening To Her ‘Recounting’ Of Events ….

  6. Did anyone else see that spinmeister David Plouffe was one of the people who received the talking points memo? That guy is in it up to his elbows. No wonder he’s trying to divert attention.

    1. What was the crimes commited against the citizens of the untied states??? 4 days a go the hearing on Bengozie uncoverd …threw the freedom of information act…that according to zero foot… That the president was running Arms to russia..using a terriors organization known as alkida …To run guns and weapons to Bladimer Putten… Those weapons was capable of taking down military helicopters…. Which Brock admidit to a couple of days in a speech… remember!!! The reason he did not call in back up to protect the 4 americans that was fighting for their lives… Was the fact that their would be an investigation and they would be asking why all of those weapons was their at the embasy…He had rather that the attackers take the weapons so no evidence is left behind… Brilliant…He was not thinking about protecting his presidence…but thinking of how not to get caught….. Why would the president be running arms to russia for??? Why was it so important that he would let our men die…reather than the truth to be known ??? Is Brock setting up america for war war 3??? by shpping our guns to mexico and russia??? Good questions… But agents was killed in Fast and furious…and Bengozie for the same reason….. Do you see a pattern here now??? and the our borders are left wide open for any forigner to come here… He is not informcing the law to protect our boarders…and making enemy out of russia…when they were our allie?? The worst Lying Hippocriticl presidet ever of the usa… doing everthing to attack us form the inside…period!!!!!

  7. The democraps don’t like the cure just the illness and that is the biggest problem anymore with that party of Scandalous men and women who seem to hate this America while collecting a huge paycheck from taxpayer’s that have no alternative? Please wake up and remember who is lying or talking on Russians Propaganda Channel?
    Washington, D.C
    Thank God because when this Pendulum swings Right it is going to wake up alot of good American Patriots who now know for sure that the the democrapts have ruined their party and probanly for some time! If the Republicans play it right, and the Tea Party gains seats and steam it could make these the Two Parties of Americans future political landscape? I mean who in a Free America would even want to be associated with a Socialist or Communist Government? Being a Socialist or a Communist is no different than the Confederate Flag or Swastika! Wake up and learn all of the facts and where is all your money TAXPAYERS?
    In ten days Americans will be able to send a HUGE MESSAGE to both the RINOs and the Democrapts! Read the site and please try to get involved and show up to show support for America and her Military men and women! They need you to travel to Washington and not Iraq or Afghanistan to make a huge difference!