Common Core Alert! Holocaust as a ‘Propaganda Tool’? That’s What One CA School District is Teaching

Those in opposition to Common Core are frequently told that there is nothing controversial about the program. It is simply way to better prepare students for college by increasing their critical thinking skills. Many arguments have been made about Common Core’s nonsensical Math lessons, its abandonment of American literary classics for progressive reading materials, and the Common Core based anti-American lessons that have been reported across the country. The latest Common Core controversy out of California is beyond imagination. It is a dangerous, anti-Semitic rewriting of history.

The San Bernardino Sun reported on the lesson at the center of the controversy. Students in the eighth grade in the Rialto Unified School District were asked to hone their critical thinking skills by debating, in essay form, whether the Holocaust was ‘merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.’”

The district says the assignment is merely to teach students to evaluate the quality of evidence made by advocates or opponents of an issue.
“When tragic events occur in history, there is often debate about their actual existence,” the assignment reads. “For example, some people claim the Holocaust is not an actual historical event, but instead is a propaganda tool that was used for political and monetary gain. Based upon your research on this issue, write an argumentative essay, utilizing cited textual evidence, in which you explain whether or not you believe the Holocaust was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain. Remember to address counterclaims (rebuttals) to your stated claim. You are also required to use parenthetical (internal) citations and to provide a Works Cited page.” 

Asking junior high students to prove that the Holocaust was real or was simply a made-up event for propaganda purposes is not critical thinking; it is anti-Semitic. The Anti-Defamation League spoke out about this inappropriate and hate based assignment. The associate regional director, Matthew Friedman, sent the following in an email to Rialto Unified’s interim school superintendent, Mohammad Z. Islam.

“An exercise asking students to question whether the Holocaust happened has no academic value; it only gives legitimacy to the hateful and anti-Semitic promoters of Holocaust denial. It is also very dangerous to ask junior high school students to question the reality of the Holocaust on their own, given the sheer volume of denial websites out there.

If these questions do come up, it’s better to show the huge preponderance of evidence that’s out there (testimony, documentation, death camp sites, archaeology, etc.) and to also question why people would question the reality of the Holocaust (many motivated not by historical curiosity, but by anti-Semitism). Also, who are the people questioning the Holocaust and what do real historians say? This is more of an issue of teaching good information literacy.” 

Even worse, this anti-Semitic project was assigned during the unit focused on the “Diary of Anne Frank,” the story of a young girl who, along with her family, was a Jewish victim of the Holocaust.

Local news affiliate KTLA, channel 5, offered an even further look into the offensive nature of this assignment. 

The 18-page assignment instructions included three sources that students were told to use, including one that stated gassings in concentration camps were a “hoax” and that no evidence has shown Jews died in gas chambers.

“With all this money at stake for Israel, it is easy to comprehend why this Holocaust hoax is so secretly guarded,” states the source, which is a attributed to a webpage on “In whatever way you can, please help shatter this profitable myth. It is time we stop sacrificing America’s welfare for the sake of Israel and spend our hard-earned dollars on Americans.”

The district claims that it received no complaints from parents , teachers, or students about the assignment, which encouraged students to question whether the Holocaust, the killing of 6 million Jews by the Hitler Nazi regime, between 1933 and 1945, really happened. They initially defended the assignment as simply one focused on critical thinking and research. District spokesman Syeda Jafri made a statement via email on behalf of the district.

“One of the most important responsibilities for educators is to develop critical thinking skills in students. “This will allow a person to come to their own conclusion. Current events are part of the basis for measuring IQ. The Middle East, Israel, Palestine and the Holocaust are on newscasts discussing current events. Teaching how to come to your own conclusion based on the facts, test your position, be able to articulate that position, then defend your belief with a lucid argument is essential to good citizenship. This thought process creates the foundation for a good education. The progression is within district board policy and also supports the district’s student inspired motto: ‘Today’s Scholars, Tomorrow’s Leaders.’”

After her adamant statement that actually admits that the assignment encouraged students to decide for themselves if the Holocaust truly happened, Jafri then offered a contradiction to the district’s stance. 

“There is no doubt the Holocaust was one of the most horrific, traumatic time-pieces in our history,” she wrote in an emailed response Friday afternoon. “We want our students to engage in developing critical thinking skills and have an in-depth perspective on the importance of the Holocaust. Although I received one email last week in reference to this subject, the district has not received any concerns about this writing prompt from any teachers, administrators or parents. However, due to its sensitive nature, we are always open to go back and examine the prompt.” 

As news about this assignment was spread around the country, people were not buying the district’s double speak about this controversial, anti-Semitic assignment. After defending the project for days, the district finally, under pressure, changed its tune and altered the assignment. On Monday, Jafri revised the district’s stance on the assignment stating, “This was a mistake. It should be corrected. It will be corrected. We all know it was real. The Holocaust is not a hoax. … I believe our classroom teachers are teaching it with sensitivity and compassion.”

Ms. Jafri, there is no sensitivity and compassion in encouraging young, impressionable minds to question whether the Holocaust was real and provide them with materials filled with vile, anti-Semitic, hate-based lies and ask if they believe it. The assignment was wrong and dangerous. Anti-Semites have been trying to rewrite history by stating that the Holocaust never happened and a school funded with taxpayer money just supported that twisted stance.

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  1. The most laughable part of that…….is the liberals are dong that………and the Jewish community is almost entirely Democrat.

    Talk about asking to be abused……..

    1. Yes I have.. Now the question is have you read it and do you agree with the way they “Accidentally” changed many, many historical events to be something different than what they are. ie: the Second amendment. You communist liberal fvcks need to be drug down the street.

    2. If you have read the Core I’m sure you could site a specific standard that backs up your assertion?

    3. well I have been there, done that; that crap has been infiltrated in our schools since clinton I honestly know that it is a race baiting; indoctrination, it forces smart kids to take a step down while all the lazy ones get to be passed through the system without having to lift a single finger, now you tell me what is so good about this kind of ignorance??? oh wait you must have been taught with this education while your mom collected a welfare check, right? get real, this is the reason why I stop supporting schools and am homeschooling and teaching the real history not using the internet but getting real books to have my SMART CHILDREN read!

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    3. I’ve have already reported you to the officials about hate speech and terrorists threats to our country!

    4. Just like my great grandparents who were in those concentration camps, I still have old photos of them when they were in Poland, they had tattoos of numbers on there wrists. My great grandmother was polish and my great grandfather was Jewish.

  2. Why don’t they do that same assignment and try to prove that slavery didn’t happen? You already know why not…

    1. Or be asked to study the rancher Bundy’s poorly spoken question about whether the African-Americans were better off as slaves as opposed to now. Its in the news, people are talking about it. Topical.

    2. Bundy made a great point because instead of America having a few slaves the whole country has become a slave to the federal reserve and their interest rates on loaning
      money they don’t even have to loan.Are Americans that stupid they pay it back to a freakin cartel with no money to loan?No one needs these idiots so tell your government to get it together and tell the the fed to GET LOST!We owe them NOTHING!They are nothing but a bunch of liars and crooks who prey on debt.

    3. What African Americans you mean Black Americans most people have ZERO ties to Africa. You say white not European American chicken dhit

    4. Thank you Steve. It seems as though the California School Systems are doing their best to remove violence from history. I am willing to say that the Mexican – American War of 1846 to 1848 will be next. And that it never happened that Mexico just gave us the territories that are now California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Western Colorado, Southwestern corner of Wyoming, and the Western third of New Mexico.

    5. No that will be we just took the territories. Now they want it back and have a right to be here.

    6. I’ve been saying to La Raza, for a long time, “You can
      have it back if you just pay for improvements.”

    7. Actually we bought the territories, paid money for them and assumed he debts of both Mexico and Texas. Not satisfied with that, we again purchased additional territory from Mexico called the Gasden Purchase.

    8. You and Jim Newton are correct, but the treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo signed in 1848 also stated that there would never be a blocked border between the U.S. and Mexico and people from both countries will have free access to either country. This treaty is still in effect but not acknowledged by our government as are so many of the treaties this country has made. It was ignored because of the Depression and the jobs the Mexicans had been coming up from the border to pick crops and help in harvests, were going to go to unemployed American workers. As it turned out not many Americans would do that backbreaking type of labor and the farmers and ranchers were left out to dry. I just bring this up because if Obama gets wind of it he will use it to bring in more illegals to become loyal Democrats.

    9. Yeah! Sure! All our fault! Tell that to the marine that is sitting in a mexican prison right now for ACCIDENTLY crossing into Mexico

    10. Perhaps an assignment researching how slave traders got slaves to begin with. Oops. No political correctness in that research!!

    11. The holocaust happened, they can even bring in survivors to talk to the kids about it, real life history!

      And slavery never existed in the U.S. It is just a ploy by Democrats and Liberals to gain status and transfer wealth to those of African descent. Give me real proof it happened, bring me someone that was actually a slave in the U.S., working on the plantations, picking cotton!

    12. Apparently Representative Sheila Jackson Lee is, herself, a freed slave.
      So, there is one.

    13. Mid fifties I think.
      I don’t believe she was ever ACTUALLY a slave, but her constituents ARE stupid enough to believe her.

    14. Sheil Jckson isn’t tht old to have been a slave. I’m older thn she is and it sure wern’t any slaves back in 1934.

    15. My step-father was in world war II at the end of it. He walked through the camps. I know this because when I was in high school I had a teacher who gave us the assignment of asking a relative who had been in the war about their experience. I was so angry at this teacher because I innocently asked my step-father about his experience it was the first time in my life that I had ever seen him cry. This is a strong, intelligent man who was very well respected by everyone that knew him and the mere question brought him to tears. I told him it was OK, he didn’t have to tell me because I felt so horrible that I had made him so upset. He said no, he needed to tell me. He didn’t ever want it to be forgotten. The holocaust happened. It is important that we teach that so we can make sure that it never happens again.

    16. My father went through the same, never talked about it until it came out in bits and pieces as he succumbed to his dementia.

    17. seti, my grandfather on my fathers side, my fathers side were all German, was there in Germany with his family,two of my uncles served under Hitler. Yes, it happened and it was much worse than even history recalls it.It was so bad my fathers family left Germany by night and traveled out of Germany and ended up coming here. My two uncles, the oldest were loyal and stayed and served under Hitler. Yes, grown men can cry over horrific things The hardest parts were they burned the Jews alive! As well as gassing them, torturing them, starving them you name it, it was done. It was the murder and treatment of the children that did them in and they left. I am ashamed of my German blood and what it stands for:(

    18. It wasn’t just Jews, but also homosexuals, disabled/handicapped, artists, Polish, Russians, political descents, and the list goes on. Most Germans did not say anything because to do so also meant relocation.

    19. You think this makes you look big? You are so STUPID to make such an asinine statement? It’s easy to say something so Ignorant when no one can see you isn’t it? Come out in the open and say something like that to a survivor or a family of a survivor! You are a low life scum sucker from the deepest part of the underworld. Go slither back under the rock you came from.

    20. You think this makes you look big? You are so STUPID to make such an asinine statement? It’s easy to say something so Ignorant when no one can see you isn’t it? Come out in the open and say something like that to a survivor or a family of a survivor! You are a low life scum sucker from the deepest part of the underworld. Go slither back under the rock you came from.

    21. You think this makes you look big? You are so STUPID to make such an asinine statement? It’s easy to say something so Ignorant when no one can see you isn’t it? Come out in the open and say something like that to a survivor or a family of a survivor! You are a low life scum sucker from the deepest part of the underworld. Go slither back under the rock you came from.

    22. Living in a Germany now I have spoken to camp survivors, to deposed survivors from Poland, to those who were in the Hitler Youth, and others!

    23. there are very few survivors left but there is plenty of evidence – basically they are trying to teach them how to debate a subject but this is not the subject – they might debate whether or not we allow people to come here illegally, or if Obama is a good president, or if we should allow the death penalty or help Iraq but as you said not ‘slavery’ and for sure not ‘ the Holocaust’

    24. When the head honcho in charge of the US European forces entered the first concentration camp, he ordered nothing and no one touched until the photographers got there with plenty of film–he also had the troop transports go into the nearest town and bring in every German citizen they could find to bear witness to what the US Forces saw there. Several women fainted, a few vomited. His reasoning for the witnesses and photographers? He knew that someday, somewhere, some jackass would begin to argue that none of it had never happened. His name? General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    25. Why not, 95% of the problems relate directly to the actions of Democrat politicians and wealthy/powerful Democrats.

    26. As opposed to Soros and many other wealthy that buy and sell Democrats, all the wealthy Democrat politicians and Hollywood elites. And do not forget all of those voting places that had over 100% voting!

    27. …sir, I do believe you need to learn your history – when do you think slavery was abolished, to ask for someone that was one to be brought forth? Slavery was real, Thomas Jefferson himself had slaves!!!! Go learn our history before you go spouting political agenda nonsense again, please… and I am a conservative tea party republican, so don’t say I’m refuting you because I’m a danged libtard

    28. You do not understand the concept of sarcasm do you? Slavery happened and existed the same as the Holocaust happened and existed!

      The first slave in what became the United States was owned by a black man, and yes he did come from Africa and eventually when the United States was formed one could actually say he was “African-American” but back then everyone called themselves “Americans” with no hyphenation. Slavery existed in the northern states after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves in the south.

      Also do not forget most slaves were sold into slavery by other African tribes or by Arab slave traders!

      Also do not forget that slavery still exists in Africa and in the “Middle East”!

      Yes, I do know my history, I also know that my ancestors were treated worse than slaves of the same period!

    29. They wanted to be slaves so they could get out of their miserable country where they were enslaved by other factions, lack of technology, etc. Now look…educated, athletes, etc. Far cry from the ones still running around cutting heads off and living in huts. Wow, that was an easy argument to win. So now let’s all go out and spread the word.

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    42. You are delusional, at best. If you want Shariah, then, go to a Muslim Country where no other religion is allowed, instead of America, where we came to worship freely.
      You have never said or shown any compassion about the 3,000 people killed, Christian and Muslim alike, by those you claim have hijacked your religion of intolerance and hate.

    43. When you can explain to me why in your belief that it is OK for men to marry children, beat their wives to death, allowed to have a prostitute, and have virgins in heaven I might listen. A true religion does not use sexual awards to get its men to obey the word. Therefore, I will consider Islam a cult with the devil until you can prove otherwise.

    44. As you may try you will be taken out by our REAL MEN AND WOMAN OF OUR MILITARY! sorry but you need to read the real story, Muhammad is not real, allah is the false god baal, and Isaac was the chosen one NOT ISHMAEL! If GOD almighty made a decision it is final you cry babies have been pitching a fit…you have no right to try and take land that is not yours! GOD gave the people of Israel their land NOT YOU!!! you will not try anything with out a bullet in your head first!!! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU AND YOUR BS!!! GET OUT OUR COUNTRY AND TAKE THAT COMMIE WITH YOU! YOU WILL HAVE RIGHT AWAY, YOU WILL TRY TO COME AGAINST THIS COUNTRY AND GOD’S NATION ISREAL AND YOU WILL BE DEFEATED AS HAVE BEEN PROMISED BY GOD! WE SUPPORT ISRAEL AND A MAJORITY OF US AMERICANS ARE CHRISTIANS AND WE SUPPORT ISRAEL! NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER!

    45. matts

      What do you mean come get some?

      You have spent way too much time at the gay bar.

    46. I AM! A real Man!! Don’t tread on me!!! Bring it, You and Obama. I AM a real MAN And This Is America! We will NOT Go quietly We Will NOT Stand down! We WILL GIVE SUCH A FIGHT, That will be worthy of being Remembered. Signed Reborn American Patriots.

    47. I think your going a little overboard with your assertion Christianity is a pagan religion muffy. Did you get your sixth grade diploma from the local pig pen mokse lol, but anyways just remember we have the upper hand and will not relenquish that to you EVER! So, just keep engaged so us Christians stay motivated in our Crusade to put you back where you belong! Amen in Jesus name!

    48. I think you and Ali are just a hoax trolling this site and getting your jollies doing it. You don’t fool me.

    49. If you ever want to try to show me what a real man is like, I have a shotgun that needs some target practice…

    50. This has to be some ignorant silly preteen behind this screen name just to get people riled up. No intelligent mature person would write this BS.

    51. My real men is god so I don’t need you’re type of go play in the sand.


      If you are a REAL MAN, you will demonstrate your literacy skills and read how Christianity and Islam share the same mystical roots of philosophy, as do the Jews. We are all Brothers and Sisters.

      Feel free to comment on this commonality. TL, DR is not an option unless your mind is weak.

    53. Don’t you mean what sort of death sentence should he get for lying to the American people and advancing our enemies? This is what is called “High Treason” and is punishable by death.

    54. Obama has produced a Birth Certificate. Its an obvious fake. But if its not good enough? Its because you are just a birther racist.

    55. I have said many times in my discussions on this topic that he is a US citizen by birth. No birth certificate is required. According to US law, as long as his mother was an American citizen, he is a citizen. Furthermore, the law says that parents cannot change that status…only the child can when they become of age. As long as Obama has not denounced his citizenship, he is a citizen. ON THE OTHER HAND, there is a difference between being a citizen and being American. Obama did not spend his childhood growing up American as most of us do. He did not play the same games, sports, etc. There is a difference in how we perceive things when we are immersed in a culture and when we participate on the fringes. Many of us are “brats”, that is we grew up in the military all over the world. In most cases we lived on military bases and not much really changed for us from being stateside. Some of us, like when I was in Greece, had to live off base because there was no base housing. We often made Greek friends and played soccer, and I even went to a party or two. That does not make me a Greek. Obama does not relate to being American as most Americans do. He spent only a small part of this youth growing up in Hawaii. Because his mother was involved with foreigners, Obama spent time in Muslim school, and other activities on a full time basis. This has only caused him problems as he tries to tackle issues with a view most of us do not hold to….so, yes he is a US citizen; but a very weak American.

    1. Mannish Marri: when your male owner sees you have been online unsupervised, he will beat you for being an uppity harlot.

    2. The only thing fake here is the name that says FATHER on your birth certificate. Your wh0re mother has no idea who that drunk b@stard is.

    3. I flagged your post. If you can’t post without being ignorant or vulgar, then you should shut your mouth. Your insolence should not be allowed. You are not contributing anything worthwhile. I will continue to bring this to TPNN’s attention.

    4. When your husband beats you or being on his computer when you should be preparing some freshly rinsed figs, pita and humus I trust he will throw in an extra slap for me.

      Ha! That is joke. We all know you sail the tuna boat.

  5. OThe holocaust did ocular and if you can not draw that conclusion from existing evidence then it is hard to believe your brain works well-enough to keep you heart and lungs functioning. Common core is crap and another attempt to shap minds with lies which is comming from Washington…

    1. Common Core is as much to blame for this ridiculous assignment as the paper it was written on. The Core does not tell teachers what topics to use in these inquiry based assessments. The blame falls squarely on the teacher. Blaming Common Core for this awful lesson is like blaming guns for what their owners do with them.

  6. I have mixed feelings about this one. Elementary school is probably too young but the concept is valid. People are going to run into folks that will claim something that actually happened did not. They will have different motivations or reasons, but every adult runs into this in their life occasionally.

    Preparing students for this is a valid and worthwhile concept. I would probably do it in high school, Freshman or sophomore year. They need to learn to find sources of information, evaluate them, and to be able to quote them with appropriate references.

    1. Unless you think it was right for the Nazis to slaughter Jews for whatever………..what’s the debate?
      If you tell a lie often enough, some idiot will eventually believe you.
      Ask OBAMA?

    2. Hairy Lou

      The irony of you talking about saying a lie enough times in order to defend a lie. No doubt you bend over for the jewish rats to support their zionist propoganda.

    3. The HOLOCAUST is not up for debate……no one has to PROVE it happened!

      The FACTS are legion.

      What a slick way to promote anti semitism…..shame on you!

      Next you’ll want to debate whether we should have gone to war after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor……

    4. That’s a horrible analogy. The occurrence of the Holocaust is a proven fact. Whether or not we should have gone to war is not a fact, but an opinion. You clearly demonstrate how people have lost the ability to REASON.

    5. I’m sorry if you think I was being childish. I think I might have come across as harsh, but I’m not sure why you thought I was acting like a child. I was only pointing out the fallacy in your argument. I agree with you that the holocaust is not up for debate, because it is a proven historical fact. Therefore, there can be no debate about that. But there can certainly be a debate about whether we should have gone to war after the Pearl Harbor attack. That is a matter of opinion, not fact. That would actually be a good assignment.

    6. I don’t think so after all SM look at history and we didn’t have this hate teachings and look at some of the people that shaped history with out it

  7. it was not only jews who were killed. it was blacks, asians, gypsies, gays, anyone against them, disabled, drug addicts, drunks, old people….now I’m talking about NON JEWS. not to mention all those still alive, both Jew and nonjew, those who came to liberate those in the concentration camps….germans…..who say YES it happened.

    1. And it was not just the 6 million jews, but a total of 15 MILLION human beings lost their lives to those maniacs. All schools should have mandatory field trips to the Holocaust Memorials/museums!

  8. This is the crap that is wrong with our nation and it is just about time for we the people of America take our Nation back from these idiots or should I say “Academic Fools” who have never lived outside of the class room. There is a deadly show down coming

    1. The so-called ‘educated’ Liberal elites push this crap in an attempt to prove to the unwashed masses how intelligent they are.

  9. Sounds like typical BRAINWASHING tactics to me !! My father and three uncles fought in WW2 and the Holocaust was real and implications saying it wasn’t is blasphemy !!! They are making idiots out of our children ! Just like the Nazi’s they are teaching the children that the parents know nothing !

    1. My Muslim brothers have fought the jewish pigs in Palestine al our lives, but I don’t see you standing up for our righteous Jihad you filthy harlot. Where is your male owner by the way? I’m surprised he hasn’t struck you with the back of his hand for using his computer without the proper permission.

  10. This is not common core. This is the school district’s attempt to interpret one of the critical thinking standards. Common core is not this specific and this assignment should not be associated with it. There are plenty of things wrong with common core but this is not one of them.

  11. Isn’t it interesting that both the interim superintendant, Mohammad Islam, and the spokesperson, Seyda Jafri, appear to be Muslim and are defending the assignment. Kind of makes one wonder, huh?

  12. This is an outrage! They should be learning, math that is actually doable without having to have a PHD. Literature that is pertinent to history and current events. Science that is progressive and useful. Not this hate mongering BS our government seems to think is good. If I still had school age kids I would pull them out and homeschool them.

    1. Don’t forget that it was us Muslims who invented math. If you want to do it properly, you should teach them how to count using dead bodies. 2 IEDS + 1 convoy = a shitload of dead infidels.


    2. You are an idiot, accept it and move on. By the way if you think a dead body will help i have a bullet with your name on it.

    3. Muckchele Ashylips

      You are the idiot, because you don’t realize that I have a pressure cooker with your name on it, along with any other infidel who happens to be within the blast zone.

    4. Michele this guy is a fraud. He’s never even seen the inside of a church, mosque, or synogue

  13. No one has to DEBATE the Holocaust..its victims and survivors serve as dead and living witnesses.

    How dare anyone with half a brain suggest to students that the Holocaust is a subject for debate. No one can debate TRUTH!

    It is fairly obvious to anyone, who can read, that the comments by Muslims on this post are filled with ANTI- SEMiTIC hatred! Islam has nothing to do with peace!

    1. Those aren’t Muslims, they are likely kids living in their mom’s basement trolling you rubes. Use some common sense. They are obvious caricatures of what right wingers think Muslims think and sound like.

    2. I know what muslims think and sound like and what the Koran teaches…I lived in the Mideast.
      Go away…stupid, clueless people bore me!

    3. Marylou all you have to do is look at the teachers principal to understand why they wanted the kids to debate the subject

  14. How is this “Anti-Semitic”? A critical thinking exercise, which seems geared heavily toward helping students, using the historical data available to them, arrive at the conclusion through research that the “Holocaust” was an actual historical event. How is this Anti-Semitic? It’s not. At all. If the protocol for this read “Determine based on historical evidence and critical thinking if the Holocaust was an actual or event or one fabricate by THOSE DAMNED JEWS!” ….this would be anti-Semitic. What I read above was not.

    1. If you refer back to the article, the assignment didn’t merely ask students to prove that the Holocaust occurred. It asked the students to determine whether or not it was a “political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.” This a leading question, which implants a sinister idea into the students’ minds. What if the same question were posed about African American slaves? Students, “was the enslavement of African Americans in the United States a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth?” Does that question seem ridiculous to you? It should, because they BOTH are. .Ridiculous and obnoxious.

    1. Please go to your department of education website and read the standards for the Common Core yourself. If you can find one mention of anything resembling Holocaust denial I will eat my hat. The standards are guidelines, what teachers choose to do with them is another matter. You want to get rid of Common Core because what this one foolish teacher set as an assignment? Fine, then we’ll outlaw guns tomorrow because someone used one in a robbery yesterday.

    2. Ask the state of Indiana what those “guidelines” mean.

      And I have been helping DE-”educate” my son from the “common core approved” garbage they are teaching.
      Their methods of teaching SIXTH grade math – which is the same stuff that I learned in THIRD grade – are needlessly complicated and pretty much useless in any real world usage.

      In his “history” text, the section dealing with China doesn’t even come close to condemning Chairman Mao, and completely dismisses 80 MILLION MURDERED human beings with the phrase “there were some deaths because of Mao’s policies, but….”

      And you want to make excuses for that?
      You might put some katsup on that hat, sunshine.

      As for the “Department of Education” – since it was instituted by jimmy “peanutboy” carter in 1979 – American kids’ scores have been steadily DROPPING compared to the rest of the planet, so it’s time to get rid of FEDERAL interference in education.

      If the Founders had wanted a Dept of Ed, they would have specified it in the Constitution.
      Those men created the least-worst form of government in human history.
      ….and the majority of them were SELF-educated.

      “common core” is a FedGov Trojan Horse that is of the teachers’ unions’, by the teachers’ unions, and for the preservation of the teachers’ unions.
      ….you wouldn’t happen to be a union teacher, would you?

    3. Quote me a standard that backs this up, from the Common Core standards. You can’t do it.

    4. Then answer me this, teach – how did it get there?

      And are you a union teacher, or simply a fellow-traveler?

      I am dealing with the common core garbage in a FIRST-PERSON EXPERIENCE framework, holding my son’s “common core approved” text books in my own hands.
      You appear to be merely just another propagandist, since you have yet to provide anything to support YOUR assertions.

    5. I’m sorry if we got off on the wrong foot. A parents concerns for their child’s education are very important. I assure you I am no propagandist, I am simply attempting to cut through the alarming amount of misinformation on this topic. I will be the first to tell you Common Core is not perfect, but it is a huge step in the right direction and nowhere near the boogeyman it is made out to be. Now concerning your child’s textbook, depending on where you live, textbooks are approved by either your states department of education or by each individual school district. The state of Texas is also a huge influence on which textbooks are adopted nationwide. Common Core itself does not tell which textbook a state or district must accept. Rather the Core is a guideline for the curriculum. Imagine there was a rule that all books had to be written in size 12 font and in Times New Roman. A book such as 50 Shades of Gray could technically be published in accordance with those guidelines, yet still have objectionable material. The Core does not dictate content, nor is it responsible for it. If your child’s textbook is objectionable you need to find out at what level it was approved and take it up with that particular body. Note also that even if such topics as Mao’s despicable human rights atrocities may be underrepresented in your child’s textbook, this does not mean that their teacher cannot add a higher level of understanding of what occurred to his or her instruction. I hope this helps further your knowledge of this complicated issue.

      Here is an example of how textbooks are approved in North Carolina:

      And here are the Common Core State Standards for Ohio:

    6. Alright, down to cases.
      How is it that someone in D.C. should have ANY influence over what kids in rural Nebraska are taught?
      One size does NOT fit all.
      …evidence, the wonders of obamacare………..

      The Founders grasped an inarguable truth when they set up the Constitution – any LEGITIMATE government derives it’s sole authority to govern from the CONSENT of those who choose to be governed by it.

      FACT: The FedGov used tax-payer money to BRIBE states into accepting the common core “guidelines”, and is now using EXTORTION (the threat of withholding said money) in order to maintain their grasp on the various states’ education systems.

      A “guideline” is ONLY a “guideline” as long as it is not backed by a threat – then it becomes dictatorial, and is completely at odds with the principles on which this nation was founded.
      (do a search for “Gleichschaltung” and tell me whether or not you see any parallels)

      Like it or not, this nation is following the same trajectory as the Weimar Republic in the 1930′s:
      * smearing groups of individuals (Christians, home-schoolers, TEA partiers, “the rich”) in order to polarize the country,
      * blaming others for policy failures,
      * nationalizing private companies,
      * ridiculing and twisting traditional values and morals,
      * institutionalizing spying on citizens,
      * building a cult-of-personality around a “leader” with questionable abilities,
      * using phony race “issues” to divide the nation,
      * frantically printing money which became increasingly worthless (the Fed has been “monetizing debt” to the tune of $BILLIONS for over a year),
      * centralizing more and more power in Berlin D.C. with layers upon layers of bureaucracy,
      * side-stepping legal authority with bureaucratic regulations,
      * ignoring or breaking laws too “inconvenient” for the regime,
      * elevating the importance of the collective over the rights of the individual…..
      At least Hitler had the balls to simply dissolve the Reichsrat and end the farce of representation for anyone but himself and a few Junkers.

      All of this is documented and verifiable, and should scare the living snot out of anyone with a basic grasp of history and an aversion to the news propaganda spewing over the TV from D.C.

      Here’s another one for your consideration:
      “When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I say calmly, ‘Your child belongs to us already.
      “What are you? You will pass on.
      “Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing but this new community’.”

      — Adolph Hitler

      “No Child Gets Ahead” and “common core” are merely the latest attempts at “standardization” and “equality” and “fairness”.
      …and the worst part is all the data-mining which goes with it.
      Ask yourself this:
      WHY would the Department of misEducation need to know the religious and political affiliations of the parents?

      I’m retired Army Infantry – standardization is a GOOD thing when you’re talking about creating a cohesive, collective organism to obey orders and perform the tasks appointed to them by a central authority.

      Do you really want that for America’s kids?
      For YOUR kids?

    7. I think you may be confused by a lot of the misinformation on this topic. The list of talking points you listed off surely point in that direction. One of the biggest fibs going around is that Common Core is a government takeover. “There were several myths that kept rising to the top,” says Cheryl Oldham, vice president of education policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and vice president of education and workforce at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. But the Common Core is not a federal takeover of education, she points out. “If that was the case the Chamber wouldn’t support it,” she says. Here is more of what Oldham, a Bush appointee, Texan Christian University graduate, and definite non-liberal, has to say about the Core. I believe you will find that it addresses each of your points, including “the core dumbs down our kids education”, “standardization is bad”, and others and sheds light on what how some of these myths originated.

    8. It took me a spell to wade through all the fecal matter and smoke screens spewed on that site – and the others I checked – but the fact remains:

      They did not provide even ONE valid reason why the FedGov has ANY business “standardizing” the education system.

      Neither was there ANY base-point for what they claim to be “raising standards”….as in: “compared to WHAT”?
      (my own first-hand experience with my son’s homework verifies that subjects once taught in THIRD grade particularly math – are now put off to at least SIXTH)

      Nor was ANY rationale given for the VERIFIABLE data-mining – such as the FedGov has hired private firms to collect about the sites visited and search parameters of students on school computers.
      (the questionnaires given to my son had me explaining to him WHY race should be irrelevant to schools, and how voting is SUPPOSED to be private)

      In short – YOU are the one who has (at the very least) fallen for the propaganda, or (at worst) are a union/democrat shill spreading said propaganda.
      You REALLY need to do your own research, not just surf the “official” spin-cycle sites.
      Learn to read between the gummint-sanctioned/sanitized “talking points”, and look at the facts on the ground.
      …otherwise once known as the “real world”.

    9. It took me a spell to wade through all the fecal matter and smoke screens spewed on that site – and the others I checked – but the fact remains:

      They did not provide even ONE valid reason why the FedGov has ANY business “standardizing” the education system.

      Neither was there ANY base-point for what they claim to be “raising standards”….as in: “compared to WHAT”?
      (my own first-hand experience with my son’s homework verifies that subjects once taught in THIRD grade particularly math – are now put off to at least SIXTH)

      Nor was ANY rationale given for the VERIFIABLE data-mining – such as the FedGov has hired private firms to collect about the sites visited and search parameters of students on school computers.
      (the questionnaires given to my son had me explaining to him WHY race should be irrelevant to schools, and how voting is SUPPOSED to be private)

      In short – YOU are the one who has (at the very least) fallen for the propaganda, or (at worst) are a union/democrat shill spreading said propaganda.
      You REALLY need to do your own research, not just surf the “official” spin-cycle sites.
      Learn to read between the gummint-sanctioned/sanitized “talking points”, and look at the facts on the ground.
      …otherwise once known as the “real world”.

    10. It took me a spell to wade through all the fecal matter and smoke screens spewed on that site – and the others I checked – but the fact remains:

      They did not provide even ONE valid reason why the FedGov has ANY business “standardizing” the education system.

      Neither was there ANY base-point for what they claim to be “raising standards”….as in: “compared to WHAT”?
      (my own first-hand experience with my son’s homework verifies that subjects once taught in THIRD grade particularly math – are now put off to at least SIXTH)

      Nor was ANY rationale given for the VERIFIABLE data-mining – such as the FedGov has hired private firms to collect about the sites visited and search parameters of students on school computers.
      (the questionnaires given to my son had me explaining to him WHY race should be irrelevant to schools, and how voting is SUPPOSED to be private)

      In short – YOU are the one who has (at the very least) fallen for the propaganda, or (at worst) are a union/democrat shill spreading said propaganda.
      You REALLY need to do your own research, not just surf the “official” spin-cycle sites.
      Learn to read between the gummint-sanctioned/sanitized “talking points”, and look at the facts on the ground.
      …otherwise once known as the “real world”.

  15. NEA CC FACING A LOT WORSE Matthew 18:1 – 7 Children are under Divine Watch, Liberator or Terminator Global Message Leading to the New Order Rule and Reign of Righteousness by Personal Choice, No Escape.

  16. Just for the record, I am part Jewish. However, its time for Jews to stop whining about what was done to just them, like no one else who was killed because of nationality counts. It is not the religion that causes anti-Semitism, it is their culture of whining, then abusing other’s trust in them that makes them so unpopular. “Ethics before money” should be their cultural change, if they want to stop anti-Semitism.

    1. OK.. let’s all be educated by a “part-Jewish” anti-semite who represents himself with an avatar of our failure-of-a-president smoking weed.

    2. Did not grow up with this opinion. I moved to NYC, worked at a Wall St firm and learned from experience. It certainly does not apply across our entire population. The more embedded ones it does. If it doesn’t apply to you, then do not take offense. It is a culture that does not universally apply. I lost people in WWII, besides my Jewish ones. That is way in the past and better to look forward than to keep asking for sympathy.

  17. Next on the school agenda.. We will prove the claims Muhamid was a perverted little boy lover, and we want you to limit your essay to 100 pages as we are sure you could write a book on it, Oh wait they already did it is called the Quran. Oh well next topic.

  18. Do your homework people. Common core sets the standards, in this instance an argumentative case, the districts and classrooms set the content of the assignment. School districts like having their autonomy, and some cases, like here, teachers made a bad decision on subjects they covered.

  19. How about they critically think on the validity of Islam being a “peaceful” religion? Now, that would be a short read…

    1. Good one. How about whether democrats lie to and cheat gullible people to stay in power?

  20. Debate whether the Holocaust was real or not can be summed up in a few short words. The perpetrators admitted it. The debate is only were they liable for following orders.

    1. And they were not liable. How can we hold them liable when we let jerks like Ollie North get away with dirt.

  21. maybe if they had some real americans running that district they would not be trying to change history, and spread their liberal or foreign beliefs to our kids. with more and more stories like this being reported about the absurd and dangerous subjects being taught to the kids from kindergarten all the way through college, is it any wonder that the young of today are so screwed up. drugs, money, violence, racial hatred, lack of respect, no desires to succeed, just live for today, wanting the elderly to die, and much more. not all are like this, but the ones that are make all the noise and usually we give them what they want, just to shut them up.

    1. But the Tea Party doesn’t care about the truth. They’re trying to start a religious war between Christians and Muslims, like their empty-headed ancestors did during the Crusades.

  22. There is a bit of truth in the holicaust being used as a propaganda tool. Israel frequently uses the holocaust as a means of guilt tripping others into sympathizing for its inhumane acts toward Palestinians.

    1. You mean those poor Palestinians who were never considered a country and don’t hesitate to fire rockets into Israeli civilian areas and blow innocent people up on buses and in restaurants? Are those the poor down trodden Palestinians the evil Israelis are treating so badly that you speak of?

    2. No, I mean the Poor Palestinians who were run off their land by a bunch of greedy east European migrants.

  23. I’m trying to understand which part they’re complaining about. The fact that schools are actually, for first time in 50 years, trying to teach critical thinking or the fact that they used the Holocaust as a teaching tool? There is as much evidence that the Holocaust occurred in Europe as there is that slavery existed in the United States. I would think this exercise in critical thinking would force the students to look at that evidence and come to an understanding of what occurred and maybe even form some opinions as to why it cannot be allowed to happen again.

  24. It isn’t common core. It is the ultra-liberal teacher who is teaching lies to their students. I recently retired from teaching history. I made it a point not to teach my politics in the classroom. I taught the history. Politics is a personal thing and leave that to their family, community, and friends. My students did not know what my political pursausions were and many asked me years later where I stood on certain issues. Once they were graduated and adults, I would talk to them about it. As a matter of fact, I never joined any open social media such as FB until after I retired for this reason. Too many ultra-liberals who have no clue what being an American is about. I will say that my competency in history is also backed with travel around the world and discussions with foreigners. I have lived in many countries for a year or more so I was able to make friends the world over. I served this country in the military and in two different wars. I have seen how things work in countries like Germany, Japan, and Iraq up close and have a better feel for government than many teachers. It is a violation of ethics in this day and age for a teacher to teach their political leanings in the classroom. This isn’t America of the past where people who settle together in an area normally had the same religious and political beliefs. This isn’t the old America where the preacher was also the teacher and the Church and school were the same building. History should be taught in a neutral mode, without the teacher’s politics being expressed.

    1. You can never be 100% objective, unless you are a Muslim. We are always right about everything.

    2. Sigh. Teachers like you are in such short supply these days. That’s it. I hereby decree that you must come out of retirement, and start teaching education classes at the university level in order to repopulate America with actual teachers that care about their students and their students’ future.

  25. It’s no wonder that Rialto Unified School District wants to teach that the Holocaust didn’t happen, what would you expect with a Superintendent named Mohammad Islam…..just another goat trader

  26. This is very funny since critical thinking has ever been a part of the lefts agenda. Their goal is no thinking and mid control so the sheeple will climb on to the next train load of boxcars to the new American Holocaust camps without questioning why they are going. It is for this purpose that so many are working hard to squash the 2nd amendment.

  27. This is the MUSLIM point of view on the Holocaust that they are teaching. We have been infiltrated from within. It’s hard to tell who is ahead on these infiltrations, the Muslims, or the Communist. Both need to be stopped.

  28. It would be fairly time consuming to create a “hypothetical” event. It would take actual work to do it. Our educational institution is inherently lazy and devoid of any impetus to apply critical thinking to themselves. You give me the same amount of money spent on this “prompt”, and I could have created an entire fictitious backstory for both sides of the fictitious argument. These are the people we stupidly entrust with our kids 7-8 hours a day, five (often four) days a wee,k over nine months a year. And we wonder why America is in decline…

  29. The Rialto Unified’s interim school superintendent is named Mohammad Z. Islam. The District spokesman is named Syeda Jafri. I am sure that it is just a coincidence That they have Islamic names, and that they have no hidden militant Islamic agenda. YEAH RIGHT!

  30. I’m in complete agreement the class assignment was very wrong, and very hurtful and stupid. However, the picture you have at the head of this article may actually be allied POW’s. Evidence: The guys in the top bunk, appear to be newly captured fellows, sporting their “GI Haircuts.” They are not wearing striped “Pajamas” as all Jews were issued in the Death / Slave labor camps. Just helping to try and remove a possible point of contention.

  31. Nothing here shows that Common Core is the culprit for the topic chosen. Common Core guided the type of essay, but it didn’t force the teacher to choose such a ridiculous topic. This seems like propaganda.

  32. It seems to me that this article is more about insulting Islam, than it is about telling the truth about falsified history. If the holocaust happened…then where is all the evidence?
    And I mean real evidence, not the photoshopped stuff like at the beginning of this article.


    1. Them Jews are always bumping up that number. It was far less than 6 million Jews. More like 1-2 million if those can even be believed. The Jews use the ‘holocaust’ for political, emotional and financial leverage over the kuffar or, as the Jews call them, the goyim.

      That’s why all of the US of A’s media is owned and/or ran by kikes and why Americans accept sinful things like homosexuality, gay ‘marriage’ and feminism.

    2. Khalid you and Abdullah are frauds and most likely the same person. I guess that would mean you talk to yourself

    3. lame-jegu

      You need to read the Qur’an and better yourself.

    4. How could you deny that there is tons of evidence? Do you have a brain in your skull?

    5. gay guest

      Silence infidel swine!
      The brain of a Muslim is far better than any lap top computer ever devised by the chinks or japs.
      And for your information, there is no verifiable evidence that Brother Hitler holocausted even one jew. So go back to your gay bar and stop trying to annoy us Muslims, unless you want a fatwa.

    6. michelle Alice

      No thanks but feel free to drop by Tikrit any time. You will get a warm welcome and a tour of the Euphrates.

  33. Is it just me, or does this seem like a dumb excuse for a research assignment? Didn’t the US Army take thousands of photos, collect thousands of documents and records and recover thousands of survivors clinging to life in the camps as the Allies found them? You don’t have to be a Zionist to see that some profoundly genocidal evil was taking place within the Reich, and you don’t need to be Holmes and Watson to find the evidence. Holocaust deniers are just ignorant sectarian peasants who hate Jews for the sake of hating them, and Progressives love them because they’re easy to subvert for their own powerhungry purposes.

  34. I dont care what they dont teach , my youngin will know the truth in a complete manor . :)) I intend for her to point out all lies and half truths . :)) I feel some some school court suits in my future ?

  35. This is a shameful way to try to teach a worthwhile subject (discerning truth from propaganda). But it really has nothing to do with Common Core; it’s simply one stupid school’s (or teacher’s) lesson plan. There are lots of legitimate complaints to make about CC; don’t muddy them with stupid implementations that are in no way required by the actual standards.

  36. The Superintendent is Mohammad Z. Islam. So why is all this effort to brain wash these kids NO surprise?

  37. Actually there has been many events where we have been told a story that hides the truth. Nothing new there. Corrupt lawless people do it all the time.

    And yes people should question all stories and question authority and power.

    Can you prove gas was used?

  38. You people are stupid. How do you not understand the point of the assignment. It’s not to show that it didn’t happen it’s to show kids by doing their own research that it did and there really isn’t an educated way to deny the fact that it happened. If a kid came in with a paper saying it didn’t happen the teacher then know the stupid kid in class.

    1. But it plants a seed of doubt and there are many Holocaust deniers out there who have written volumes. So the damage is done. It could have been phrased differently. For example: “Despite the tens of thousands of witnesses to the Holocaust, there are people today who claim it never happened. How would you respond to them?” By assigning it the way they do is unethical and wrong. But they are as dumb as foxes since the purpose of common core is to undermine truth and propagandize future generations. This assignment they give does it brilliantly to the detriment of truth.

  39. Well, I guess these so-called “Progressives” ARE really Fascists rather than Socialists (although they both do share some of the worst elements of each, including antisemitism). I wonder when Obama and his crowd are planning the new holocaust? A great many of the elements are already in place, including a health care system being run by bureaucrats and, it would seem, Fascists.

  40. Let’s use this same argument of ‘critical thinking” anf apply it to say…..GLOBAL WARMING

  41. Having visited gas chambers and seen where they burned the bodies, this assignment if true, totally floors me. It was horrible what these people went through.

  42. oh really well I have personally heard what they did from people that their parents were this so called propaganda tools these people that say this was a lie all of them need to be institutionalized and psychiatrically evaluated, reeducated if possibly the holocaust was very real every little twisted bit of it and should never be dismissed or forgotten, these idiots that say it wasn’t true make me sick and they should never be allowed to teach or run in any place of power like congress how in the heck could they deny all the facts and documentation and real stories told by people that their families were there? I mean they almost wiped out the Jewish population and that’s a fact its been noted there is proof of that, see this is what you get when you let retards get in high positions or in our schools teaching our kids they should be removed just for making comments like this..

  43. “The district claims that it received no complaints from parents , teachers, or students about the assignment” In the 1960s there were so many Democrat families of all walks of life who were dead set against the integration of Southern Schools that The National Guard was called to facilitate school integration in Little Rock, AK. in 1957 as well as in many, many other cities ruled over by the Jim Crowe Democrats all aacross the South at that time? Oh , that’s right, You are receiving a “Common COre ” education so certainly you don’t know that. Let’s just assume then that you already knew those facts then. According to “Common Core, was that wrong? If you think it wasn’t then write 15 words as to why amd if it was wrong site as many sources as you find using the nearly defunct Lycos search engine as you can in the next 5 seconds. Be specifis and the typing of the web site where Lycos is counts in the 5 seconds allowed in this portion of your question. You found what? You found that the same Democrat families of note in those days are still involved in public politics and were the very same who intrduced the “Common Core” curriculum without even mentioning it to the NEA or Boards of Education in any district in America? Class DISMISSED! EVERYONE OUT! FIRE DRILL, FIRE DRILL , GET OUT NPW !!!

  44. My only problem with the memory of the holocaust is that the Jews forget the other 7 million people killed, It’s only about them. 13 million people died in the death camps not just 6 million Jews. They included homo’s, mental patients, Poles, and may others.

    1. I don’t think they forget….but I haven’t heard anyone trying to claim that their deaths and suffering were a myth or a hoax.

  45. Oy vey goy! You must feel pity for us and only us! Disregard Stalin or Zedong, goy! *hissing intensifies*

  46. Incrementalism. No need to dive in immediately, attempting to change history. Much like passing a whispered message from one person to another, all it takes is a seed of deceit. Plant that seed, and twisted it slightly at each telling. Soon, the lie becomes the truth, and the truth is presented as wild ravings of stupid people. (conservatives) This tool has been used very successfully by the left. Just start the doubt, and your job is done. A certain percentage of people will believe it. Control the media, present your view as the status quo, and before long, your view is the darling of the “people in the know”. The math is just a cover, a diversion. The real problem with common core lies in the insidious planting of deceit in the wording of the questions/assignments. People are sheep. They are being led.

  47. Just one more example of how anti semitism is running rampant with liberals. One of these days Jews will realize that the Democratic Party is against Israel and Jews in general. Just look at who obama has surrounded himself with – Samantha Powe, Valarie Jarret and Susan Rice – all have a history of anti Israel and anti Jewish positions. Not one Dem Jewish political leader spoke out against it. Not Schumer not Cardin.

  48. Just one more example of how anti semitism is running rampant with liberals. One of these days Jews will realize that the Democratic Party is against Israel and Jews in general. Just look at who obama has surrounded himself with – Samantha Powe, Valarie Jarret and Susan Rice – all have a history of anti Israel and anti Jewish positions. Not one Dem Jewish political leader spoke out against it. Not Schumer not Cardin.

  49. Middle row of picture, sixth man from the left is Elie Wiesel. Denial, the tenth stage of a genocide. Is it just a coincidence that the interim school superintendent is Mohammad Islam? The liberation of the concentration camps was 70 years ago, you may as well be talking about the Battle of Agincourt for today’s ungrounded generation. I teach the Holocaust as the paradigm of other genocides including Darfur, Rwanda, Cambodia and Armenia among others. To give credence to the deniers on any level is an affront to any rational society.

  50. Maybe showing our president was really born in USA would be an assignment?..I was fortunate to have worked with not only a lady who was held in one of these camps
    ….but a gentleman who help liberate one…Will we lose the lesson so soon?

  51. Everything else aside, this is not even a good topic to try and develop critical thinking when there is only fact versus fiction as the possible conclusions. Intelligent assignments along these lines have two or more very possible conclusions that are still up for debate today among scientists or historians and your research to your conclusion determines your grade rather than your conclusion itself.

  52. I wish the Tea Party would learn that when they use such strong language, it turns most people off. Just like most other news companies out there, they have an agenda. That’s fine, but there’s a time and place for that. When trying to give the news they should just state the facts and let us decide the rest. What I’m getting at is if they continue reporting like this, the party won’t ever get any stronger. To beat the other parties they cannot act like them.

  53. As offensive as this assignment was, this happened in California. Should anyone really be surprised at all that California would do something like this? Californians are the stupidest people in America.

  54. I was surprised when I read this. But then I saw the superintendent’s name: “Mohammad Z. Islam.” and everything became clear.

    Why isn’t the right of Californians to exist the not be killed isn’t brought up for debate? why not sharpen your “critical thinking” skills on that? What gives Californians right to exist? why should this be taken for granted?

    But NOOOO… the “Critical Skills” are to be developed on holocaust denial and the question whether Israel has a right to exist. What a wonderful choice for sharpening critical thinking skills in young unsuspecting minds. Now the holocaust will always be a mystery. Happened? hoax? who knows. It’s up for debate.

    that’s what you get when you leave the education of your kids to someone named “Mohammad Z. Islam.”

  55. So my posts and comments keep getting denied or removed but they let this “Imam” cat troll and post some truly evil stuff? What’s that about?

  56. Truly disturbing. To even suggest that the anit-semites who are holocaust deniers are to be taken seriously is NOT teaching critical thinking. It is encouraging young, impressionable children to open their minds to this claptrap and assume that the deniers actually have a “side” to explain. They don’t! It happened and it should be taught as such. Welcome to the world of Common Core a federal government scheme to twist the minds of our children.

  57. You can put this assignment right up there with did we really land on the moon or was it done in a Hollywood set! Training young minds to be conspiracy theorist!

  58. Let’s change the assignment to debate whether or not slavery really happened. How about we change it to explore and debate the truth that Islam is a religion of hate? How will libtards react to these hot button issues?

  59. An 18 page instruction handout for an assignment to 8th graders?
    This is to overwhelm them so they are inclined to consider, “maybe the Holocaust is a lie”.
    The socialists took over our universities in the 70s, and now they’ve taken over our public education system. The parents are intimidated by the educators, who at the end of the day – work for them. The school systems tax at a higher rate than the towns we live in. They have their own laws, police and act as judges of our children behind closed doors. If it smells like fascism, it is. That’s why they are teaching our kids that fascism didn’t exist in the 1940s. They are hiding in plain sight.

  60. Would TPNN please STOP with the Common Core outrage stories? 90% of commenters don’t even know what Common Core is. There are no “Common Core assignments” or “ways of doing math.” There are a ton of reasons to oppose CC, but these are not among them.

    1. You can always go away and read Huff Puff news! I think you underestimate the “commenters”. They do understand the concept of Common Core. Their angst is directed toward the fact that CC is being used by certain factions to promote political or social agenda instead of being used as a purely educational tool.

    2. I agree that some seek to use CC to promote a social agenda…certainly. I disagree that most people (particularly those who comment here) have any idea what it is. Part of the problem is TPNN and other outlets running misleading stories and headlines. “The Insanity of Common Core Math Explained in Under Two Minutes!” scream the headlines. The internet is replete with memes about “how we learned subtraction” vs. the “Common Core way.” It’s highly misleading. There is no “Common Core way.”

      Understand, though…as a teacher I fully oppose Common Core. First, it IS being used as you describe. Secondly, one-size-fits-all centralized planning rarely works in the student interest. Third, it’s nearly exclusive focus on Math and Language Arts (reading/writing) devalues the Fine Arts, Physical Education and Social Sciences/Humanities (as a Fine Arts teacher, I think this is huge, obviously). But lastly and most importantly…Common Core “standards” were not passed by any legislative body or with any public debate. As much as its proponents claim it was designed by teachers and school administrators, it really wasn’t…at least not in any meaningful way.

    3. OK – points made – but while Fine Arts are important and obviously dear to you, this country is falling way behind in math and science, we need some kind of standard in those fields. Before I retired I worked with fresh-out engineers that could not do simple Calculus, if there wasn’t a computer program to help them design they were hopeless.

    4. If you look at who we are behind in math and science, you’ll find that those nations place a much greater emphasis on the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences than we do. Students also tend to spend less time in school and, culturally speaking, take more responsibility for their own success and failure.

    5. Get real! That’s just plain BS from someone hawking his trade. Arts, humanities and social studies didn’t invent Polio vaccine, build bridges and skyscrapers, invent and advance air travel, find cures for diseases, put men in space, invent and advance computer technology, cross vast oceans safely, advance medical procedures and technology, etc. etc. etc. There is a place for your trade but if our livelihoods depended on arts, humanities and social studies we would still be trying to cure diseases with leaches, traveling with pony and cart, living in wretched conditions, dying at earlier ages, and in all likelihood be subjected to serfdom!

  61. The Social Democrats in our school systems invent or redefine words. Must be employing laid off Hallmark Card writers. Take “diversity”. Sounds as American as apple pie. Send us your tired, hungry, etc. it is the new code word for Affirmative Action. When we finally realized after 2 decades that Quotas, which led to Affirmative Action was really Reverse Discrimination ( no help from the ACLU here) the social activists (socialists for short) came up with the redefinition of “diversity” in our colleges. It was sold as a value which meant the admissions and scholarship people would still consider race in their decision making because the student population clearly had to include a lot more minorities. Happily, the colleges more money because hey could admit lots of unqualified kids, arrange loans for them, and then let them drop out in the first few semesters. So, the Junior class was whittled down to the normal 1000 students, but there were 3000 in the freshman class paying for new buildings.
    Same concept applies to code words such as “common core”. .. And “critical thinking”.
    Let’s face it. What parent can challenge a Ph.d. appointed and anointed as the authority on “critical thinking”?
    Parents – these bureaucrats work For You! Take back your schools before your kids actually believe “there is no such thing as fascism”.

  62. Our educational system has always been a tool for propaganda – Common Core was intended as a method of standardizing curriculum nationwide but like any government sponsored program it is being abused by politicians and sociologists.

    Remember – the winners write the history books.

  63. The name of the acting superintendent tells about the assignment, he must be a fanatic and anti-holocaust and Israel, a progressive who is looking for a way to implant the wrong ideas in the young people’s mind. it is time for real American and Conservatives to take over the academic environment before it is too late by teaching the young one about the real unadulterated history so that when they grow up, they will change the country. all the progressives we have to day were children in the 40s brain washed and let them grow with it and now changing the country (good investment for the progressives)

  64. And idiots like these were the reason that Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower made sure pictures were taken, film was recorded and pages upon pages were written about the Holocaust because he said that someday down the line in history some idiot would say it never happened and he intended for there to be plenty of proof that it did.

  65. The real answer is both. Yes, it did happen, and yes, it was used as a tool. You think we’d ever let a crisis go to waste?

  66. Wow…I thought one major aspect of history was to teach the truth therefore not leading each to his own conclusion but all of us as collective whole being one the same page so that we can avoid the mistakes of yesterday.

  67. This is how tyranny has operated in the past. Beware America we are on the path to destruction.

  68. Syeda Jafri, is that a middle eastern name? I believe that’s Pakistani. Hmm, she couldn’t have an anti-semetic agenda here, now could she.

  69. I ask holocaust deniers how they got 100s of 1000s of USA and German soldiers to keep quiet and/or lie about this. German people were made to walk through the camps, to prove it to them. There are some cover ups in history, like 911, but they rarely stay covered up completely. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all the people some of the time- but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. – Honest Abe (1st Republican president )

  70. It is a shame that Americans are instructed to teach that bull, millions of people where killed by The Hitler Regime, now we face the same bull with the Obama Regime. Teach what I say and not the truth. The truth is welcomed in heaven, but now it is not welcomed in this administration

  71. If you tell a lie a million times although some might think it is is still a lie.

  72. WTF people, why is a muslim allowed to be a school superintendent? We expect them to acknowledge the holocaust? To be fair with history? Let’s get the filthy muslims out of the country before we look like France!

  73. I am so incensed that these people would ask this horrible question when those with memories of the camps still tattooed on their skin remain living. I am mortified beyond all reason. Critical thinking? Bull! Critical thinking would ask why this would happen? What were the social and political impetuses for the Holocaust? How could the Holocaust been prevented? But did the Holocaust happen? Let’s ask if the moon landing happened, or slavery, or the March on Washington? Was Ronald Reagan a real person or a mythical creature imagined by the Republican Party? Was Dr. Seuss a real doctor? These are equally ridiculous questions.

  74. I can’t wait until the San Andreas Faulf shifts and drops California into the ocean. Too bad because California is such a beautiful state

  75. As a teacher, I am all about critical thinking skills. If we have fallen short in education… is teaching kids thinking skills. In regards to this particular post and topic, I have no doubt in mind, that any student with half a brain, who debated the reality of the Holocaust, will come up with the truth.

    1. …and isn’t THAT the point of the assignment? Yes, yes it is. All this faux outrage is unbelievable.

  76. As a history teacher, I encounter MANY biased and incorrect lessons (most based on common core standards). I refuse to teach them. I alter the language and adjust them for my classroom. Of course some 16 & 17 year old students will question me, so I also teach them how to THINK. I teach my students how to research issues using reliable sources. I teach my students how to use multiple and diverse sources and look for patterns. In other words, I teach my students to be rational thinkers. Sometimes I become the “devil’s advocate” and propose a point of view that I don’t agree with to challenge my students. However, I ALWAYS make sure the lesson ends with the truth, and I explain WHY I present a lesson a certain way. Inexperienced or uneducated teachers may not take the trouble to complete all the steps necessary to ensure that students are understanding the purpose of a lesson or an approach. This is why teaching is a profession, not everyone can do it well.

  77. Perhaps the most insidious quality about this exercise is the fact that you are sending your young people to some potentially dangerous websites. let’s face it those who will deny the Holocaust are generally not the most savory people out there

  78. General Eisenhower knew the Holocaust deniers would surface after the war. That’s why he required the local German villagers to walk through the death camps to see what their government had done and why he required photographs of the horrendous conditions of the prisoners.

  79. California is a culture all (by itself) they will be the Hollywood hype in the tabloids,save the whales,save the Great Whites Shark
    because they are really not dangerous,just miss understood creatures.I wonder do Californians think that Charles Manson was
    a hoax or REAL.I wonder if the Japanese internment camps was a hoax during WW11.Leave you state and go find your answers they are there,and also are the wild fires in California a hoax or are they just computer generated to make people wonder/and study if it’s real.What is wrong with you new age idealist???????? One more thing did Vietnam really take place?
    Wake up and smell the coffee,just don’t try and teach these students these events never took place(it shows you ignorance) to History and the ability to honor those which died for this country.I believe that you are a group of snotty nose grownup,which
    have been this way since you were a snotty nosed brat.

    1. Two things, goyim.
      1. There are mountains of death certificates and unfalsiiable evidence for the Holocaust. Just look at the Nuremberg Trial and all of the eyewitness accounts and pictures.
      2. There is absolutely no evidence that Charles Manson, the Japanese internment camps, or fires ever existed. They have photos of them, but those could easily be falsified by anyone.
      Stay smart and support Israel

    2. Concerning the wild fires in California,ask the widows and children of the heroic fathers and mothers who fought those fires and died,”where is your mom or dad”.I did like your remark to me STAY SMART,it shows you recognized that right off the bat!!!!!!!!!! .I will support the USA,it seems we are the ones that are the worlds
      savior/but not so “JESUS is the Savior”. I would like to ask you a question? If you were dying in the emergent
      room,who would you call to save you? Mom can’t Dad can’t there is no # to call.Just a name above all names
      “JESUS” Jesus doesn’t panic and his palms get sweaty he is in total control.The name above all names,I am not an anarchist nor some radical.I like a good conversation with respect to one another,if I stay on this site you will find I am a man of calmness and kindness,trying to win the heart of Jesus,so he may say one day
      please enter.I have never seen him,but he is more real than anything or anyone I have ever spoke to or sat across from having a cup of coffee .His power is overwhelming and unexplainable.

    3. Concerning the wild fires in California,ask the widows and children of the heroic fathers and mothers who fought those fires and died,”where is your mom or dad”.I did like your remark to me STAY SMART,it shows you recognized that right off the bat!!!!!!!!!! .I will support the USA,it seems we are the ones that are the worlds
      savior/but not so “JESUS is the Savior”. I would like to ask you a question? If you were dying in the emergent
      room,who would you call to save you? Mom can’t Dad can’t there is no # to call.Just a name above all names
      “JESUS” Jesus doesn’t panic and his palms get sweaty he is in total control.The name above all names,I am not an anarchist nor some radical.I like a good conversation with respect to one another,if I stay on this site you will find I am a man of calmness and kindness,trying to win the heart of Jesus,so he may say one day
      please enter.I have never seen him,but he is more real than anything or anyone I have ever spoke to or sat across from having a cup of coffee .His power is overwhelming and unexplainable.

  80. They teach everything except the Bill of Rights, constitution etc… To do that would teach how out of control the government is. How our god given rights are being trampled on. How common core is nothing more than the feds trying to gain control over your children.

  81. The holocaust was no hoax. My mother worked for a Auschwitz survivor I.D No. tattoo and all. I went to school with a guy whose father was in the Army in Germany when they freed a couple of camps. None of these people had anything good to say about their expereince.

  82. How about an assignment inviting critical thinking regarding which national party was truly instrumental in civil rights legislation being passed in the ’60′s Hint – without the GOP pushing it, the Democrats would never have approved it.

  83. It’s time to send teachers and school administration to Auschwitz for an up close and personal tour but before you do fix the showers and lets see how they feel and react the fascist morons. the reason they won’t focus on slavery is their own people sold them into slavery they may have been treated badly but millions were not gassed to death. But then they wouldn’t be able to cry over slavery because if you compare the two slavery was a walk in the park.

  84. Most teachers are so far left anymore, they can only make left turns in their car! One of their agendas have always been to belittle the plight of Jews in ww2. It just continues with every generation, until it’s brought into the light. I did find the acting school supervisor interesting though.

  85. Ok, so why is it wrong for us to teach questioning? Literally everyone who says this is wrong needs to actually think about critical thinking and why its important.

    1. Really? Why, because I see a lot of terms like ‘anti-Semitic’ being thrown around because they teach that one should not blindly accept things? You SHOULD look into the evidence, rather than trusting. You’ll come away knowing that, yes, the holocaust happened, but you should know the details and what people say about why they think it didn’t happen.

    2. No one is say questioning is wrong you fucktard…… I’m questioning why you even deserve O2

    3. That’s not an exercise in critical thinking, it’s planting doubt in impressionable minds. The Holocost is not the right subject for the assignment.

    4. Good! Let them doubt! Why is doubt bad? Let them doubt, study, and then realize their doubt was unfounded. Blind faith is bad! Why is the holocaust not the PERFECT subject? Something that happened yet had a large section of people who think it didn’t, for various reasons and motivations. What could be better?

  86. Maybe not use this subject for the assignment but we do know leaders have pulled stunts to gain more control. Sandy hook looks to be fabricated along with most terror plots, or we were involved in saidplots for more control towards the govt way. I can uunderstand the assignment, maybe not that age bit you need to get them thinking outside the box. Maybe it’s being used as the USA would never do it, but other have tactic meaning don’t trust others except good olé uncle sam.

  87. Amazing. Goes to show that when a society is so detatched they do not remember history and the importance of the past, then society will be doomed to repeat the same stupid mistakes. The socialist/ progressive (uh…just don’t confuse the term progressive with actual progress!) regime in Washington D.C. is truly creating such a mess it will take several elections and years to straighten out. We the People really must fix this by ridding all levels of federal and state governments of those lousy progressives. Thatr means most Democrats and all RINO republicans like Mc Cain, Mc Connell, Boehner, and others of their ilk.

  88. this is why so many pictures of the camps were taken, because they knew one day people will try to say it didnt happen

  89. now, I wouldn’t say this was an attempt by government run schools to make students think the holocoust never happened – any student worth their salt, even going at it with the claim of “it was a hoax” or “it was political propoganda” would research properly, be able to find out which sites were spouting nonsense and which were credible, and be able to come to the conclusion that it was real, not faked. However, I will say it is insensitive to the victims of this tragedy and their memories, real or not, to put it to the students the way they did – putting a seed of doubt in their minds that the incident might not be real, then saying that was a sensitive and compassionate way of teaching the holocoust, is such a load of bull.

  90. As a teacher who spent a good deal of my career teaching students to think critically, I find the thesis and the accompanying “research material” beyond the pale. This assignment was just a ploy as are so many of the lessons provided for use in Common Core to denigrate the USA and agrandize Obama.
    I have already ordered my tickets for the interactive movie theater presentation on Common Core on 7/2?/14. Colorado has a huge number of movie theaters that are showing this program. Go to The Blaze and find a place where you can look up which theater near you is involved. I know it is being presented in at least 15 or so CO theaters.

  91. THIS is NOT common core… this is an assignment that someone wrote, text book company, teacher, someone… NOT COMMON CORE. IF you look at the Common Core standards, they do NOT pick certain events, etc. to be taught or focused on. Those that are angry need to take the anger where it needs to be, to whomever wrote the assignment.

  92. Informative article. The author needs to give the publisher and the curriculum title for those of us who want to share. We must have all the info for the naysayers. Please pass that information so we can be on the lookout in our schools.

  93. This article (particularly the sensational headline) is the real propaganda here. The assignment is totally legitimate as it teaches critical analysis and reasoning in argumentation. Indeed, if students have previously read the Diary of Anne Frank, it is certainly reasonable, in light of the horrors described in Frank’s journal, to make them aware of the fact that there are those who have the audacity to proclaim that the holocaust was a mere fabrication. At this point the student has the opportunity to respond to such nonsense with a well-researched and effective rebuttal to those who deny the generally accepted account of that era. The reality here is that such teaching strategies will better prepare and encourage our children to use sound reasoning to dismantle arguments that are based on ideologically driven fallacies.
    Yesterday at 2:41pm · Edited · Like
    The assignment also requires that rebuttals and counter arguments be acknowledged and considered. Objectivity.