George Will Destroys Common Core in Under 90 Seconds

With the federal government’s constant claims that Common Core does not represent a federal takeover of the education system, those who connect the dots understand that their claim is not true. In addition to the concerns about a federal takeover of education, there have been reports of disturbing Common Core lessons around the country, including students being encouraged to be Holocaust deniers, and parents being arrested for challenging the curriculum. So, there is much to be concerned about when it comes to Common Core.

Earlier this week on Special Report with Bret Baier, conservative author, columnist, and commentator George Will had a response for his fellow panelist, Democrat Juan Williams, and those who are pushing for nationwide Common Core standards. It took Will under 90 seconds to destroy Common Core on so many levels. (transcript follows video)



Juan Williams: “And, I don’t think it’s out of place for our governors, for our school leaders, local school leaders, to say, ‘Here are the common standards that we want them to achieve.’

The military’s on board, the Chamber of Commerce is on board, even Condoleeza Rice and the Council of Foreign Affairs are on board.”

George Will’s response is powerful, even connecting the lies told about Common Core to those  lies told about Obamacare by beginning with a play on words of Obama’s ‘Lie of the Year.’

George Will: They’re all wrong, and here’s why.

“The advocates of the Common Core say, ‘If you like local control over your schools, you can keep it. Period. If you like your local curriculum, you can keep it. Period.’ And people don’t believe them, for very good reasons.”

“This is a thin end of an enormous wedge of federal power that will be wielded for the constant progressive purpose of concentrating power in Washington, so that it can impose continental solutions to problems nationwide.”

“You (common core supporters) say it’s voluntary. It has been driven by the (federal government’s) use of bribes and coercion in the form of waivers from No Child Left Behind or Race to the Top money – to buy the compliance of these 45 states, two of which – Indiana, and I believe, Oklahoma – have already backed out, and they will not be the last.”

“Watch the verb ‘align’ in this argument. They’re going to align the SAT and the ACT tests with the curriculum. They’re going to align the textbooks with the tests. And sooner or later, you inevitably have a national curriculum that disregards the creativity of federalism.”

“What are the chances (speaking to Juan Williams) that we’re going to have five or six creative governors experimenting with different curricula, or one creative, constant, permanent Washington bureaucracy overlooking our education?”

“We’ve had 50 years now of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act – 50 years of federal involvement that has coincided with stagnation in test scores across the country.”

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  1. That’s not the half of it. They are simply brain washing our kids in the liberal agenda, in our public schools.

    1. they are doing a good job in brain washing the college students. no university in the country ever allows anyone other than the lefties to even make one speech on all the campuses. if this is what people want then they should not complain when all freedoms are taken away by a powerful dov’t, Constitution or no Constitution.

    2. Yes they are! My son went off to what i thought was a conservative babtist private college and now he is spouting liberal crap! I didnt raise him this way and he didn’t think that way when he left home 3 years ago. But you know if the professors say it’s true it has to be true! They wouldn’t lie! We just don’t know what were talking about! His parents now know nothing and we are narrow and racist! It’s very disheartening! Don’t know where would be safe to send a kid to school!

    3. A good writer of the current state of affairs on at least one public campus is Mike Adams, column writer for Some of the incidences of free speech infringement make you want to hack a fur ball.

    4. Exactly: Director’s law. The director will always use power to improve their personal situation: Just as yuppie architects redesign the inner city to make it attractive to yuppies, Educational bureaucrats will redesign education to increase the power, perks, pay and pensions for educational bureaucrats.

      What we need is parents, directing local school boards to increase the quality of education for their children.

  2. One thing everyone forgets about this discussion is that congress is strictly forbidden by the constitution to pass any laws regarding education. .. forgive my not having reference offhand but I do remember reading that recently somewhere. …

    1. It’s actually part of the constitution, whatever is not expressly mentioned in it for the government to control is up to the states to take care of. But, our “leaders” have already taken control of too many things and now they think they can keep going.

    2. AAAhhh…..but don’t you see, this is not a Congressional act, this is an Executive Branch act.

    3. That is true. However, the Supreme Court ruled, in a rare unanimous decision, if I remember correctly, that the federal government CAN place conditions on receiving federal dollars. This means the federal government cannot control education directly, BUT it can control it indirectly.

  3. the DOE passes down the rules they want and the States can’t say no because federal dollars require that they run to the rules. Who loses? Teachers and students… and I’m not sure the order. Politicians, watch out, I think the people are going to vote everyone OUT that is in… no more career politicians. That is CHANGE…

  4. The coercion Mr. Will speaks of is the withholding of Federal Tax Dollars to a State. You know those tax dollars that every person (or at least those who actually pay federal income tax) of a State to deny or punish the children of that State. Either you do it our way or your we will keep your tax dollars, This is taxation without representation if ever there was one.

    1. That’s a tried and true tactic, Jimmy Carter threatened and used this to get a national speed limit. States were threatened with loss of highway funds if they did not adopt a mandatory motorcycle helmet safety law. The solution is to stop pooling tax revenues under the federal dome, to be allocated back to the states, to the taxpayers with conditions. Let each state take care of their own issues, including their roads, schools, etc.

    2. As a rule the government should let the states collect their own taxes and take care of their own issues. Specific schools, roads, and other infrastructure that is a necessity should receive the necessary funds with no strings attached. There has to be a balance somewhere. There is no reason for sparsely populated states and small communities to suffer because they lack the funds for roads, schools, and utilities. But the government should not be able to use those funds as a way to coerce or dictate a federal agenda.

  5. Bribes, coercion, you name it. Read between the lines folks, this is indoctrination at it’s very basic levels… Stop rotten (to the) core now, before its too late.

    1. In Texas they changed the name, but it’s the same thing. They call it Texas standard common curricula.

  6. any normal thinking seven year old will come to the correct conclusion that all of these so called experts and leaders will deny and defend their denials to the death. Since the ‘takeover’ of the schools through the use of federal dollars, fifty years ago, every, that is e v e r y empirical indicator, and every walk down the street and talk or try to talk to what passes for ‘students’ now acnedotal indicators say the the education of our children and their abilities to read, write, do math, and think for themselves has gone to the devil. so obviously one would think, these approaches have not worked, indeed they have given us two generations of basically, idiots. So obviously, we should stop these approaches, that of federal governments involvement in education, and that of listening to so called well educated and always liberal ‘experts’, right? Wrong a second grader will say correctly say “no, stop doing it that way! It’s not working!” but all these agenda driven, aye, even it is their religion, a religion that trumps sanity, that trumps commonsense, a religion that trumps any relation to what is actually good for the students in the first place. (What a novel idea, that of doing what teaches the students!) and trumps any true religion, even those obstensibly practiced by the cesspool of liberal educators. The latest test results released yesterday put the number of Black students proficient at math at 7%, the lowest of the stated race results. The others are not much better. In New York state, which spends the greatest amount of money per student on education, the result is the same, at 7 percent. Any fool and certainly any seven year old knows this is beyond terrible. Why anyone would allow this to continue is insane. Why the parents of all of these students, especially the Black children would allow this to continue, to allow their childrens’ lives to be eternally compromised by the schools is insane. Why anyone at all would just defend their little education career world and keep doing the same thing is criminal. Why Juan Williams and other liberals continue to defend the government and its results in destroying the lives of our children is beyond puzzling. It has to be their religious belief, their belief in government is a religion, it is not a policy, not anything but a religion that require them to sacrifice everything holy, everything just, everything that actually is good, and sacrifice their own children at the altar of government and their little ‘god’ and its demon minions. Please defend the results of the last fifty years of government intrusion into education, defend the other results of fifty years of the great society. Please defend and explain how the septic tank of society and the sacrifice of two generations of children and their opportunites has been good for us, and them, Please defend seven percent, or any of the percentages. Without typing the words george bush. You are failures. You are wrong. You are either idiots, fools, or you are evil. These are real people whose lives you are destroying by controlling them. Defend your destruction of their lives and dreams.

    1. Obedience ends with never questioning.
      Never questioning begins with punishment for thinking.
      Thinking begins with observation of facts.
      Facts speak for themselves.
      If you remove factual content and replace it with falsification, you change children’s view of reality.
      Reality and reason go by the wayside.
      Thinking is replaced by emotion.
      Emotions are there to tell you the difference between right and wrong.
      When you are punished (given pain) for thinking and reasoning, soon you will simply be obedient, won’t you?

      That is Common Core in a nutshell.

    2. Sour Pea, Go to your library, Barnes & Noble or Amazon & get a copy of “Anthem”. We are so close that it is scary. It was written by Ayn Rand about 80 years ago, after she escaped from the USSR. She also wrote “We the Living” about living in Communist/Socialist Russia.

    3. Ayn Rand is my favorite author.

      What amazes me is that you and I can read her writings and extrapolate meaning from her writings as prophecy and others can read her writings and their “eyes cannot see and ears cannot hear”!

      Young people aren’t taught to think and even though it took me YEARS to eschew emotions for reason it finally happened.

      I wonder if there’s any hope for the future?

    4. Hang in there, SourPea. Anthem & We the Living are not the most read of Ayn Rand’s books, but they are the most interesting. She lived the Socialist/Communist/Collective program before she got OUT! But, you are right, youth are not taught to think for themselves. They are ridiculed if they try to ask real questions. I have to believe that everyone will wake up soon.

    5. I wonder how many of these common core defenders and promoters actually send their kids to schools where common core is taught. not many I would bet. that is what private schools are for

    6. Private schools and home schoolers teach using Common Core or something very similar. The problem is not with Common Core but the curriculum that local schools are choosing to implement Common Core. These crazy math problems and liberal reading assignments that everyone is whining about are NOT even in the standards!

  7. One item was left out. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act has produced a rate of TOTAL illiteracy among high school graduates that is now over 60%, according to the US Dept. of Education. And some education experts believe the number may be as high as 80%.
    60% or 80%, this high a rate cannot occur through oversight or students “slipping through the cracks.” This high a number can only occur BY DESIGN.

    1. The first courses that high school graduates have to take at college are remedial. English, math, algebra. High school graduates cannot comprehend a text written at eighth grade level. They do best when the level of their course texts are about fourth grade level. A student with a tenth grade reading and writing level is rare, about one in twenty.

  8. This government is doing every thing to take over THE UNITED STATES OF AMERIC IF YOU CAN’T SEE THIS THEN YOU DESERVE WHAT IS COMING.I have little Eduction but i’ve seen this for a long time now. You can call me what ever you want but its the truth.

  9. Par for the course: Juan (The Marxist) Williams validates his beliefs on the basis of those who support it.

    George Will validates his beliefs on the assessment of the truth and history: the inevitable results of Marxism, which is built on a lie.

    CommonCore = CommieCore

  10. Big Government must stay out of our children’s education. Education is a state matter not a government matter. Government is too big now and must leave the states to help our children advance as they can keep tabs on what is going on much better and know what our children need. SO BACK OFF BIGA GOVERNMENT. Leave education alone

    1. Patricia,
      i agree except, the state has no business in education either, it should be left to the local area and parents

  11. I usually don’t usually listen to anything Juan, the Kool-Aid drinking Lib puppet has to say because he’s never agreed with anything Conservative and never criticized anything Liberal, but I had to see his Lib, ‘Talking Points’ exposed as the complete BS they are.

  12. I don’t usually bother to listen to anything Juan, the Kool-Aid drinking Lib puppet has to say because he’s never agreed with anything Conservative and never criticized anything Liberal, but I thought it’d be entertaining to hear his Lib, ‘Talking Points’ exposed as the complete BS they are. I wasn’t disappointed.

  13. If you want to have a say and help education improve then remove the union influence from your schools and reignite the PTA to get back parent participation. Give your kids a chance to learn how to comprehend and weigh information to form opinion and compete, at present they are stagnating and one government is not the solution, it is the problem….

    1. Look, that “remove union influence from your schools” is a red herring in this case. Unions don’t involve themselves in curricular decisions, at least not at the local level. They are about making sure money from the local populace (usually people with land) goes to teachers, so teachers make enough money to pay high union dues to the union, so they can pay the regional bosses enough money to make the whole thing worthwhile. I have been involved in education for two decades and got involved in the union heavily (hated it). But, never has the union involved itself in recommending curriculum to my school district. That is simply not a part of the collective bargaining process. Yes, NEA and any state version of it (they’re all the same group, really), is a rabidly liberal collection of socialists and communists at its heart and head, and they aggregate monies at times to be shunted to progressive issues or political figures. They are terrible. But they aren’t the target to focus on in your area on this issue. It’s your local school board and your state lawmakers, who need to shut Common Core out or down as it creeps in through other means. The main union influence is in collective bargaining, and it is keeping your teachers well-paid and holding onto good benefits packages. (In some states, they are doing more than that, in others, no so much–that really is different from state to state) That is its own collection of positives and negatives, and a battle totally worth getting involved with (you’d really have to be on your local school board to effect any change there), but not a curricular issue. If you think your local teacher’s union is influencing the school district on curricular purchases or educational outcomes, I think you just don’t have your head around how things actually “work” (or don’t work) in public education. Your actual enemy here might be your own school board–they are “god” to your local school district–nothing can happen without their approval and nothing can be stopped without their say-so. If they are impressed with Common Core or at least don’t think it’s dangerous, then they are your number-one problem locally on THIS issue.

  14. one choice….fire the government, vote 2014 and prepare to take America back in 2016!!! that’s the bottom line!!

  15. Liberals are brain washing our kids…one liberal said: the children belongs to the state (Gov), now if that don’t scare you, I don’t know what does….we have to stop this in its tracks…

    1. Close family associate, ret professor, NYT worshiping ‘Progressive’, believes exactly what you just said. With the ‘State’ (‘The great Society’) now providing for the subsidized support of 3/4ths of the school children in the US, he may just be correct… the govt in effect Does own the children. ‘Their’ govt subsidized, perpetually dependency addicted children for sure. The next US generation of adults from this experimental society, will be interesting…. to say the least.

  16. Did I miss something or am I the only one that saw the words “the military is on board”. My question is WTF does the military have to do with educating our children? Nothing unless they are going to use the military as a means of forcing their will on the people. Not the US that I grew up in.

    1. The military wants children who can read a technical manual and do the math necessary for their jobs.

    2. The ‘Police’ officers are expected to do likewise. Only as they are ‘ordered’. Deni-ability in the event of malfunction, as a result, possible (not likely due to union restrictions) termination (followed by rehire elsewhere) of the officer/s that attracted the ultimate attention. The DOJ is currently investigating ALBPD NM for just that reason. Dept moral is suffering, as a result of this military ‘training’ bringing about predictable consequences. The newly programmed ‘illiterates’, will be happily filling the coming openings.

      DHS supplied all of the gear and training necessary for the coming Police State. Now they are blaming and sacrificing the individual officers and the hierarchy that trained them to the DHS criteria, using the military hardware that DHS provided. These are truly perilous times for the Freedom of the Citizen.

    3. Pol Pot (and others) used ‘children’, for the exact same reasons that you mentioned, albeit with more basic weaponry. We all know how that… ‘The Killing Fields’… worked out.
      added note: ALB PD is now ordering all of the 900+ officers to relinquish their own personal weapons, forced to carry only the dept issue (Glock-S&W).
      DHS ‘recommended’ the move… ostensibly to standardize. Apparently DHS advisers, after DOJ investigations, believe that the officers are ‘enjoying’ shooting their own weaponry way too much.
      Little to no mention of the full set of circumstances and known repeat offenders actions, leading up to and causing the officers to fire their weapons.

    4. Again, what does any of that have to with Common Core? Please read my post, if you can.

      Perhaps it is the same reason the military does not allow personal weapons. If you are in a firefight and you run out of ammo for your weapon, wouldn’t be cool if your buddy had the same ammo, so you BOTH don’t die?

      Come on man, think!

    5. Common Core? following No Child Left Behind. NM educational $ spending per child, ranks NM at the 20th position among the 50 states. Resulting in 50th in actual educational results. Only Mississippi was formerly lower, now ranks higher… 49th… due to “remarkable strides”… is the relative qt. While scraping bottom, not scraping as deep, is apparently an improvement?

      Fact. ‘Traditional Family’ is dying across the USA (Thank you, The Great Society) On avg only 25% of school children now live within the only sustainable societal structure throughout history, a ‘Traditional Family’. Any connection? Will C.C. cure that? Can C.C. even deal with it’s long term ramifications?

      note: DHS made little to no public mention of Hollywood (bank robbery) styled ‘firefights’ and swapping ‘spit’. Contrary to your ammo exchange scenario, DHS has equipped APD with all of the latest array of military weaponry (no ‘COAX’… yet:>) and it’s various calibers and effects in active fire situations.

      They did publicly describe and obviously influence, removing ‘pride’ in personal weaponry. They, DHS with DOJ support, are attacking the current mentality of well educated officers…. predictably, with ever more intrusive Fed involvement, officer morale is not at it’s zenith.

      You are most likely educating the next generation of officers. Are they of the individual discernment caliber (no pun intended:>) to fairly enforce code, supporting the US Constitution. Will they fully understand the historically unique US Constitution?

    6. You still cannot stay on topic long enough for me to see any point in your rant. Next!

    7. During Carter administration, in Europe, I carried my personal weapon, a .45 Combat Commander. No sweat. When it wasn’t in my quarters, it was in the company arms room.

    8. The DOD is also responsible for maintaining DOD schools for military members in some locations. There are DOD run schools on some bases in the US and at some bases overseas as well. That is a piece of the DOD that most don’t know about when they are all about cutting defense spending. They look at the overall budget the DOD gets and say Holy Crap!!! We should cut there first!!! Well guess what folks, the DOD budget includes paying for schools and teachers for our war fighters, it pays for housing, commissaries, parks and recreations, it funds programs to support the spouses of deployed service members, it pays for relocating service members and their families every three years or so, it pays for financial counselors, grief counselors, victim advocate services, medical, dental and food for our service members and their families. Can they cut programs within the DOD? Absolutely!!! But also consider the DOD is not just war fighting, it is taking care of the war fighters and their families as well. Those E-1 – E-4′s join the military because they want to make a life for themselves, they want some stability in an unstable world for them and their families and yet they are constantly threatened with downsizing and loss of benefits all so we can ensure the money is available to pay someone who doesn’t work, who chooses not to be a productive member of society because apparently society and or government don’t require that anymore????

    9. I believe what they mean (unfortunately) is that the military is on board with common core being implemented for the teaching of kids or military personnel. If they can indoctrinate our military personnel’s children that is just one more group of potential next generation opposition that will be neutralized. They are trying to circumvent parents from instilling the values that we hold dear (like morality, responsibility, consequence of action, and pride in the history of the United States as we have known it since the founders formed these United States.
      ( Just one mans opinion)

  17. Arnie Duncan was CEO of Chicago Public Schools for about the last ten years I worked there. Chicago Public Schools have been failing by any standard of performance, with the exception of the “magnet” schools, which have very selective enrollment. The per pupil spending is higher than ever, the teacher-student ratio is lower than ever, but it makes no difference. Race to the Top? Federal bribery to states awash in high debt and high taxes (My Illinois). The government model for public schools is the one-size fits all, central planning, top-down, we-know-what’s-best, and don’t question us, ever approach. Mr. William Ayers (Weather Underground) and Community Organizer Barack Obama worked together during the late 1990′s as part of the Annenberg Project, on key Chicago Education Reform committees. The Socialist- Progressive agenda became the center piece for very small, but key, incremental changes, especially in the Social Sciences, particularly, American History. Howard Zinn’s “Peoples History of the United States” became the main text utilized at many high schools. His historical point of view is leftist revisionist to be polite. Common Core will be the crowning dictate of our “Brave New World.” The Federal Education Bureaucrats will be very difficult to overcome.

  18. It’s all about the feds getting control of the education system. Do it our way or we’ll cut your funding. They did it back on the 70s with the speed limits. If the state didn’t lower their speed limit to 55 they lost highway money.

  19. That’s why we’re IMPORTING well educated people from aboard… H1B visas !!

  20. People need to get into the texts, to see what their agenda is. Here’s an example: “The nasty rich guy driving the SUV eats 6 cookies, while the bunny hugging gay teacher eats 1, and shares four with the homeless. How many cookies are left?” Children are easily manipulated by that type of bias.

  21. George Will is just another in a long line fo useful idiots who do not know what standards are and the difference between them and curriculum. He assumes way too much. Curriculum is a local choice and always will be. Look at the standards and see if you can tell me what is wrong with them.

    When did George Will get his degree in education? Obviously never, because he gets everything dead wrong. If you don’t like the curriculum, contact your local or sate school board that is responsible. Common Core is a set of standards that tell what students need to know That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. No data mining. No liberal, communist, or socialist propaganda or indoctrination.

    I defy anyone to quote a standard that does ANY of those things. Send me a message!

    1. The people do not need the federal bureaucracy to set the standards. The people don’t trust the federal bureaucracy and the people don’t like it either. Common Core is useless as is 90% of the federal government; and most people would be better off without such governmental largesse.

    2. My sister is a 8th grade teacher, very Progressive, sickening so, but she says Common Core is a Communist grab of our youth for the future! Like the Soviets training kids to be perfect Commies or the Nazi’s training kids with Hitler Youth to be good little Nazi’s!!! Your in dreamland!!!

    3. The federal government has been in control, ssupporting teacher’s unions and directing education requirements for over 50 years. We are now near the bottom in achievement and at the top in money spent. No matter what kind of pretzel you twist your mind into, those are the facts and the case is closed.

    4. Interesting use of the term “useful idiot.” On this, at least, Will is not being a classic “useful idiot.” Those people help liberals and the progressive movement by being ignoramuses who repeat lies and propaganda which they have mistaken for truth–like you.

      However, I suspect you may know exactly what you are saying. One thing’s for sure, I know what I am talking about: I am a public school teacher for 20 years now. You get into the field when you’re young because you want to do a job that makes a difference in people’s lives, work with youth, and do right by them. Everything good I do is IN SPITE of the system around me.

      The curricula used even in the Northeast (typically where the better school systems in the country are located) has, for years, been sub-par and, frankly, bizarre. Fuzzy math, invented spellings, unhelpful classroom setting restrictions, and loss of high expectations–even less than mediocre expectations–have become the norm. Common Core doubles-down on this approach. We already teach WAY LESS to kids at each grade level than we did 2 generations back, and the curricular alignment meetings I have just attended are telling me we are dropping even more. Math will be less rigorous and challenging. Reading of high reading-level material will be replaced with “technical manuals.” Important historical figures involved in America’s founding will be replaced with lesser-known progressive icons known for getting the “workers of the world to unite.” This curriculum is so much LESS that is necessitates an alteration of the current college entrance standards in order for it to work.

      Now, to your point that Common Core is just a list of things to know or have kids do. There are a number of lists of things the federal government would like for states to have their schools do, and they’ve tied much-needed money to them, so they are now federal “mandates,” Then there are actual state mandates (handed down to local schools that cost money to execute, but for which the state provides no money). Then there is the fact that most school boards are run by people who have no background or higher education (if they have any) in the field of education, so does it really matter what mandates or suggestions are made? The folks at the decision-point level are the LEAST QUALIFIED. So, they just do what the feds, state, and academics tell them to do. Then they tack on their own stuff, and the system is a ridiculous waste of time, money, and lacks focus and meaning. These folks will do as they are told, and tell their schools to follow Common Core.

      Now, since the biggest textbook sales fields are to states like Texas and California, where the state picks the texts and everyone there uses the same one (so . . . curriculum is NOT a local decision everywhere), all you need to do is have Texas and/or California buy into this “list of things students should know,” and we’re all using the same textbooks anyway. The textbook companies make what Texas and California want, and the rest of us can take it or leave it. So, you win a few key states out of 50, and the rest WILL FOLLOW. It’s a brilliant, insidious, terrible plan for creating an electorate of mush-minded, malleable, and vapid voters who will be all to programmed to stand around with their hand out and their agenda ready to be written for them by the federal government and its lap-dog, the American media.

    5. So far I have yet to receive a single message from anyone regarding a standard that addresses a single concern raised in these comments. Not one!

      Ladies and gentleman, if Common Core is so bad don’t you think that someone who makes all of these ridiculous claims could back up just one of them?

      No one will step and admit they have been duped? The feds had NOTHING to do with these standards. My state was the first to implement them We have had three years of experience with the program. None of these horror stories are true!

      The conspiracy theorists are running amuck and you are willing accomplices! You should be ashamed!

    6. AAArrrgh! It’s as easy as A-B-C – you are hearing from people who are seeing the consequences – what stubbornness! It doesn’t matter what you see as “the standards” it matters how they are being implemented!

    7. The people I keep hearing from have no clue as to what they are talking about. They bitch about curriculum which is an entirely state and local decision because there is no Common Core curriculum. I teach Common Core! Who writes the curriculum? I do! Who writes it for the other algebra teacher? She does!

    8. A “teacher” who thinks George Will is an idiot and uses vulgar language to address the concerns of the rest of – I suppose – worse than idiots. I would never have wanted such ilk to teach my children then nor my grandchildren now.

    9. George Will has fallen for the same misinformation that everyone else has simply because he does not know what he is talking about. Spouting so-called facts about something you obviously do not understand is being a idiot. I am sorry you are so sensitive about language. i thought I might be addressing an adult since you have grandchildren. I am one of the best teachers you could ever hope for your children or grandchildren, but I am frustrated with people (like you) who spout propaganda and will not answer a simple question about your complaints. So, if you want to gain some respect, tell me which of the Common Core standards involve indoctrination, socialism, communism or anything similar. Show me an example of a standard that requires teachers to accept incorrect answers. Show me a standard that requires reading a specific book that is not age appropriate. When you can do anything of these things we will talk, but I won’t hold my breath because just like everyone else, you will either blow me off out of fear of being proven wrong, or you will come back with another pile of disinformation or outright lies about the program. Which do you choose?

    10. It amazes me in these sorts of discussions that anyone could infer that George Will – who by his peers both sides of the spectrum – has long been considered one the truly bright lights of intellect out there, as an idiot. Because he hasn’t taught school he cannot make a judgment about education? I have had three children go through college and graduate degrees and married into a family of educators and I can tell you there are a huge number of non-bright lights in that profession.

  22. About like how Obamacare is an individual’s choice to have insurance, but if you choose NOT to then you just have to pay a fine!! How is that choice? They just make every financial incentive to FORCE people to accept the common core like punishing those states that don’t accept common core!!

  23. The Department of Education, created under Carter, has done more to destroy this country than any other department or piece of legislation in the history of our country.

    1. The 16th and 17th Amendments were put into the Constitution for the point you are missing! To repeal these two things from our Constitution only adds validity to the “Left’s” arguments. If “We the people…” will stand unified against this “leftist” onslaught and “…support and defend…” our Constitutional rights, there is nothing to ground the left’s assault on.

    2. The 16th and 17th Amendments sent the power and money from the states, and the people in those states, to Washington D.C. and to all the thieves that live there on the public weal. Did you see the video of Harry Reid talking about the Bundy versus the BLM matter? Harry Reid was talking about the millions of acres owned by the federal government as though it was his land. Reid isn’t a public servant. Reid is a petty despot. Enough of the Washingtonian ruling class. Enough. Why should citizens have to report about their business to the Washingtonians every year? Because of the 16th Amendment. Down with that. Repeal = freedom.

    3. #1-”We the people…” elected them! Whether we admit it or not, we are responsible for Washington and all of its faults.
      If we as Americans want to remain a free country, then we are going to have to continue to “report about our business” in order for the Government to collect taxes to pay for our security(Military). I am with you 1000% on this, but, we have to remember that we created this monster and ONLY we can control or destroy it!

  24. George Wills is right. 50 years of this. I was 10 years old and in 5th grade when this started. I remember every bit of it. When NCLB was started, my children were in school and now my grandchildren are in school (or starting within the next 5 years) with Common Core. When the Federal Government stuck their nose into education and the control of education was taken away from the states, THAT’s when education hit the crapper. I just earned my Master’s degree in education, Special Education, I’ve seen where this is going, and I don’t like it, as a teacher, as a parent and as a grandparent. This has succeeded in “dumbing down America”, and it will only get worse until someone or several someone’s (Governors) take back the control over their states education. Everything the Federal Government has attached themselves to has gone to crap.

    1. Wait a minute! Half of these comments complain that the math is too hard, yet you claim it is dumbing down! How is that possible? Why don’t you guys get your act together so we can decide which half of you are messed up and deal with them?

  25. Yes, yes I have witnessed this with grandsons 7, 11, 13 and 16. How bad the political slant or downright illogical the math lesson depends on how very seriously the teacher is into the Common Core thing. First graders had a class that told them that “President Obama wanted health care for all the children . . . but the Republicans were against this!” That is absolutely brainwashing – it’s another case of politicians passing something they think will have a positive effect, but like Pelosi with the healthcare debacle, they don’t follow up or know anything about how it is being implemented because “it is not then their responsibility”! English literature has been turned into something like a fourth or more of the material not being the classics, etc., but papers written with a definite political slant. What in the world are we thinking?!!

    1. Which standard is that story about health care contained in? I’ll bet you have never read the standards, yet you are pontificating about them, That is truly sad.

    2. As I indicated – the politicians have one idea of standards, but by the time bureaucrats get done it has a huge political slant. I know what grandchildren in Georgia and Kansas are being taught and just how unhappy two sets of parents are with the result. Would you agree that parents are any judge of what is appropriate for their children to be learning?

    3. You did not answer the question simply because what you stated is not true. Why do you find it necessary to lie about something?

      No , I do not agree that parents who are mostly high school graduates at best and high school dropouts at worst have no clue as to what their children should know.

      Do you let your auto mechanic operate on your kids? Does you tax preparer do dentistry on the side? Let the educators make the decisions about how something is taught.

  26. George Will has suddenly come alive and is more than persuasive in his view point which is the very same the Tea Party that the MSM finds so much disfavor because they back the Constitution, the rule of law and want a less intrusive government over all….I would like to see the government take a 25% cut in size and a 20% cut in pay overall in all agencies/appointees and the congress..they do not perform as does the private sector, from whence their money comes but they sure do seem to think they are immune to down sizing….

  27. Yes, Mr. Will is absolutely correct. Common Core is nothing more than a massive takeover of our nation’s education system by the elitist left (atheistic-socialists/secular-humanists) in DC for the sole purpose of pushing their so-called progressive agenda. Moreover, as Mr. Will points out, this is not about elevating the education standards, as fifty years of federal involvement in our nation’s education system has produced nothing but stagnation and a steady stream of students who are less knowledgeable, less capable, less ready for higher education and less prepared to meet the demands and responsibilities of being productive citizens. It is time for the states and local communities to exert themselves and take back the control and oversight of their local education systems–period. As President Reagan stated, “The federal government can’t fix the problem, because it is the problem.”

  28. Aside from all the other arguments, I think the simplest one is the same as the healthcare argument. When has government ever improved something? 10 times out of 10, government involvement results in less efficiency, more regulation (control), and greater cost. I fail to see an advantage….

  29. Control the Education of our children and you will eventually have a totalitarian Government – and we are almost there. Common Core my A$$. Run don’t walk to the nearest exit and take back our schools for the sake of our country.

  30. This is nothing but a government take over. What i think that is being taught to your childern today is pure a liberal agenda take over.

  31. George Will is right on! We have a local radio station that airs a call-in “your opinion: show. The host, who has always been bright & conservative, is encouraging the Common Core agenda. I tried to argue with him & got slapped down with insults. This is out & out brainwashing! No one can argue otherwise.Juan Williams is so pathetic with his bowing down to the liberal/progressive antics!

    1. You were probably told the truth, didn’t like it, and thought you were being insulted. Please post a standards that you think is brainwashing. You have read all of them, haven’t you?

  32. Remember, Bill and Melinda Gates – libs/progressives/RINOs to the core – funded development and implementation of Common Core (CC) through their humongous financial trust fund. CC had originally been meant for only math and science to encourage studies in math and science, but now has expanded into language arts, social studies, philososphies, humanities, etc. like any other government program out-of-control, contagious virus – it is growing and consuming all that is good till it kills it off with liberalism and lies. First review textbooks – they are ripe with tripe – untrue, half-truths, anf focus on how great Islam is and all it has contribued to our society. Really? I thought the Catholic Church had started the hospitals, orphanages, and schools in the USA. Look at the schools where they pledged allegiance to Allah in that language; look at the schools where the persuasive essay question on the written exam was to disprove the holocaust even occurred. Do your own research, folks. This is bad to the core, the common core is progressive spin for brainwashing and dumbing down education which the NEA and DOE have already ruined. Let it not go any lower!!!

    1. What do the textbooks have to do with Common Core? I use textbooks that are at least 5 years old. Also, there are no social studies standards in Common Core. Only language arts and math. Your information is dead wrong and you are spreading lies about something you should learn before posting your opinions.

  33. this is getting crazy as far as common core is concern and the rest of the president polocy

  34. I have the greatest admiration for fox news. they are always letting both sides of an issue to be shown and talked about. now that being said, for the life of me, I cant understand why they would hire to idiots like juan Williams and bob beckel. I am all for an intelligent conversation on any issue. but these two idiots spew such obviously democratic lies, it is unbelievable. I have read and seen programs that state that the democratic policies and the democrats themselves, just refuse to even consider that the garbage that they are trying to get the americans , with even half a brain, to believe. beckel and Williams, every time I watch fox and these two idiots pop up, I get ready for my mouth to drop open at the nerve of their lies and how they refuse to even consider that they may be wrong. what is amazing is that life long democrats and liberals have not even begun to realize their own stupidity.

  35. Welcome to Obama-World….. No Education, just Indoctrination by the Federal Government!!!!!!

  36. Ever since the federal government became involved in education, the results have continually declined. Even read a book, written in the late 30′s- don’t remember the author- in which he bemoaned the fact that he saw too much meddling with what students were being taught, so much so that he said, “The increasing aim of education is not to turn out men and women of letters, but rather to produce a docile work force.” I’ll never forget the chilling effect those words had on me. We are seeing what the politicians hope is the culmination of that concept. This is the “Camel’s nose in the tent,” but they have been working at it for more than 70 years. Anybody remember the “New math?” That crashed and burned years ago, not before it so confused my neice that it took her years to catch up. Common Core is nothing but the latest attempt to bring liberal indoctrination down to the lower school levels, they hope with the same success that liberal professors have had in colleges. If this massive propaganda effort is not resisted, we will wake up one day when parents and local schools will have absolutely no say in what is taught with the danger of job loss or worse if there’s disagreement. That, my friends, will be Hitler Youth on steroids.

    1. “A docile work force” is why the national Chamber of Commerce (a socialist organization, a completely different animal than your local CoC) is behind this.

  37. Without Common Core, how else will Obama force our kids to worship Allah and deny Christ? How else will he force our kids to crave welfare and shun creativity and entrepreneurship? It’s brilliant, and Obama gets all the credit !!

  38. Here’s the ENTIRE point of the “Common Core” Curriculum; Brainwashing of our youngest (Therefore, the most vulnerable to it) with the standard Marxist Party Line. Note the “aligning” i.e. “standardizing” the SAT’s etc with it. You’ll NEED to give the “Correct” answer to pass. Correct answer meaning parroting the Marxist agenda, etc. Typical Marxist “Double Speak” in full effect. If an accurate answer is not the “Correct” answer you’ll fail the standardized test. (Re-Education Camps, er, ahem, I mean “schools”, anyone?) This is Marxist Social Programming and Cultural Conditioning of the Old Soviet Bloc. Unfortunately, We’ve become too lazy, complacent, stupid, and dependent on our “I’m Entitled” handouts to notice.

    1. Please tell me the Marxist answer and the correct answer to this question: Johnny invests $4000 at 2% interest compounded quarterly for 5 years. How much money will he have? That is a question based on an Algebra I math standard in Common Core. Please explain what is wrong with that.

    2. I don’t personally know about algebra, but in 5th grade where the building blocks of math are equally important, they give the traditional instruction, followed by two or three other ways one could look at the problem and while not important if the correct answer is found, show that this 5th grader understands the concept. If you have read from other parents who have heavy math backgrounds, you would know that the “concepts” done in this way are very convoluted. One of my husband’s toughest math professors in graduate school told them at the beginning of the class “I wouldn’t give a nickel for a wrong answer”. I have read that one of the main math people who helped write the standards has completely withdrawn his name as a supporter because of how the bureaucrats interpreted them.

    3. You said “instruction”. That is curriculum, not Common Core. Common Core does not require any type of instruction. NONE!

      Oh, by the way, the high school tests are multiple choice. You cannot receive credit for a wrong answer.

  39. Well, George will has expressed the true facts of Common Core and he is spot on!

  40. Now the bureaucrats have added that any state pulls out they loose federal funding for other things……..gotcha

    1. as you state, this is no longer a free country!! just vote for more Dimmocrats.

  41. Stop money from going through Washington, and you’ll stop the influence and control of Washington!

  42. Will someone, anyone, PLEASE show me a Common Core standard that you dislike and explain why? I am so tired of reading this crap about socialism, liberalism, Marxism, data mining, indoctrination, and propaganda. Folks, these are language arts and math standards.

    You all have been duped by educational wannabees that think they know what is best for your children by scaring the daylights out of you with ghost stories of Obamacare in math lessons! There is no such thing!

    Educate yourself! I have taught Common Core math standards for 3 years. None of these things that you fear are true.

    I am a die-hard conservative, but I am questioning those who claim to be conservatives but when the rubber hits the road, you are so gullible as to believe anything placed in front of you!

    Wake up people! You are being used just like a Democrat will tell you to vote for them to get more free stuff!

    1. Well Glenn, apparently you haven’t been paying attention, because I see examples of it on FB every day. From the ridiculously complicated math process just to add and subtract, to liberal proselytizing praising Obama. The history of our founding has been rewritten, leaving out important documents such as the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, barely mentioning important figures such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, while dwelling ad nauseum on social movements. If you are so dim that you don’t see it, perhaps you are part of the problem, one of those teachers who needs to look for something else to do.

    2. I am a teacher and you think I haven’t been paying attention? The math processes are not Common Core. That is the curriculum being used. In fact, you comments about history show you REALLY have not being paying attention because there are NO social studies standards in Common Core. How do you explain yourself? Please cite the standards you have a problem with.

  43. They have been trying to brain wash our kids since I was a kid…Its just more prevalent now, because the spot light is on this out of control gov and how they have been getting away with all of this injustice on our society…They have managed already to brain wash 40% of society already…. Then you have parents with no better education that the children… What happens all of this comes crashing down on our head…Their have been a select few to figure this out…And as society see the dramatic affect on our leaders we begin to track it back to ourselves…. But, all to late with devastating affects…

  44. Darryl Lee • a few seconds ago
    They have been trying to brain wash our kids since I was a kid…Its just more prevalent now, because the spot light is on this out of control gov and how they have been getting away with all of this injustice on our society…They have managed already to brain wash 40% of society at this point…. Then you have parents with no better education then their children… What happens at this point then ? The structure that is not stable comes crashing down on our head…Their have been a select few to figure this out…And as society see the dramatic affect on our leaders. Then we begin to track it back to ourselves…. But, all to late with devastating affects…

  45. I know the safest place to send a kid to school…Is Seventh Day Adventist Church School 1-8… Then send to high school boarding academy… Places like uchie pines. sweet water Alabama… Bass Memorial Academy Hadisburg Mississippi…. Montgomery First Sevenday Advenst has and excellent program for children and they also have a jim…. They are not liberal nor discriminating…..Lots of non seventh day Adventist have found that its better to put their children in seventh day Adventist church scool… Because they learn at twice the rate than do public schools teach… And they do not push an type of agenda on your children……

  46. If I ever have kids, they’ll never step foot in a Public School. (beware some private schools as they’ve become glorified public schools with fancy names and tuition)

    1. every school should be vetted before you put your kids there an checked all the time while they are there. put the principals on notice too

  47. Its sad, some 69 years ago, Japan was in ruins due to ww2. Yet, even being victorious in ww2 we are still some 20 spots behind them in education. Even Cuba has better education. Thank you Department of Education, for soaking up tax dollars, while dumbing down our children.

    1. they can only do that with the tacit support of the dumbest parents our kids ever had. the dept. of ed should be closed and all its employees scattered, maybe then they cannot do do so much damage to our kids. save our money too.

    2. Cuba does not. Do you believe cheap propaganda?

      Cuba has been common core for over fifty years and now very few professionals can show anything of value.

      Don’t even go to elementary and secondary education: 100% indoctrination.

      Collapsed system… for the same reasons.

  48. Yes, they brain washed our kids in college where they could, now they are moving to the lower grades and going after the youngest…They are Anti -God, Anti- gun and Anti -family values…

  49. But, every one of you will sympathize with the Teacher’s Union when they feel they can scam more $$$ from you.

  50. You love the police and the teachers at voting time…and then complain about them the rest of the time?

  51. First and foremost: Has anyone read or have a copy of the common core guidelines???? I don’t and I can’t seem to find them. I have a funny feeling that there is a lot of propaganda flying about that is so far from the truth. We have so many people(government, school boards, and yes-teachers) that have hidden agenda’s, I wouldn’t trust any of them till I see it in writing. Why is everyone condemning something that they have no idea what it is? Why is it that I cannot find a copy? I am starting to wonder if all the hype isn’t just another ploy to separate people and get everyone riled up on this while something bigger is going on that they(gov’t) doesn’t want us to focus on.

  52. Did you know this program was created by the American Terrorist….Bill Ayers…along with the help of Barrack Hussein Obama ..if that is actually his name??? The project was funded by a huge grant from the Annenberg Foundation…a liberal group that also hosts the site called…They gave huge grants to any state that would accept common core and the gov. { Obama } threatened to take away federal money if any state refused it…I suggest anyone who thinks c/c is good…simple read some of the b/s it teaches our kids…I think they call it INDOCTRINATION…

  53. It’s quite telling that Juan Williams, the liberal that he is, raised a son who is a staunch conservative. Juan agrees with Obama 99% of the time and never backs down in the face of the truth, as in this discussion. Common Core is nothing more or less than a federal takeover of public schools nationwide so they can dictate what is taught. Don’t forget the data mining that they are prohibited to do, but the states can, and will turn over to them. Get your kids out of public schools!

  54. An ignorant population is much easier to control. And the government wants to make sure they get people started as early as possible.

    1. And the more people Oba-Mao can put on Govt dole, the more he can control. Ignorant, low-information Obama voters. They voted away our free nation.