Sriracha Hot Sauce CEO Says U.S. Now Resembling Communist Country

David Tran with his famous Sriracha Hot Sauce

David Tran with his famous Sriracha Hot Sauce

David Tran, CEO of the popular company that manufactures the popular Sriracha hot sauce, fled communist Vietnam in 1978.  In 1980, he started his company, Huy Fong, which he named after the freighter that brought him to the U.S. 

Tran was living the American dream and enjoying the fruits of his labor in the at least somewhat free market, capitalist system, developing his own hot sauce, Sriracha which he named after its place of origin (Si Racha, Thailand). The product has become so popular as to almost have a cult following. Bon Appetit  honored the product by calling it one if its favorite foods last year. 

But now Tran tells NPR in an interview that the U.S. is feeling more like the communist government he escaped because of the many government intrusions:

“Today, I feel almost the same . Even now, we live in [the] USA, and my feeling, the government, not a big difference.” 

Tran’s company has been harassed by the Irwindale, California city council, which claims that the factory’s spicy smells harm its neighbors. 

Amazingly, according to an article in Businessweek  last year, the company doesn’t advertise and the last time their website was updated was 2004. It looks more like 1994

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been courting Tran’s company with open arms, saying in the Lone Star State “we know a thing or two about hot food and even hotter business climates,” referring to the state’s business-friendly tax and regulatory environment:
Texas’ low taxes, predictable regulations, fair courts and world-class workforce make our state the ideal place for any business looking to relocate or expand, and I trust our sriracha delegation will communicate that effectively. Beyond that, we’re Texas: we know a thing or two about hot food and even hotter business climates.
h/t:  United Liberty
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  1. My parents left Cuba due to castro and they feel the same way, they know what its like and how it begins.

    1. Unfortunately, people here are so uneducated that they even vote for tyranny after being told what will happen. They will fall for anything that sounds good because they believe in nothing. America deserves tyranny if they give up on freedom.

    2. You’re kidding. After you tell them how to vote, they still vote for someone else? That is just not American.

    3. I have a friend who’s dad was able to escape Cuba after Castro’s tyranny started there. And you’re absolutely right. Those who have experienced the horror of communism know what it’s like and despise it. Unfortunately, those who have been brainwashed into the idiocy of left wing political correctness in this country are those who are falling for communism the hardest. They’re in for a nasty surprise when the you know what really hits the fan.

    4. Our family also escaped fro communist Germany , and as you say they sure are in for a surprise and it will be too late .

    5. Berlin Wall sound familiar? I guess you are a product of the liberal revisionist history classes.

    6. that is correct, unfortunately that is why we have so many twits voting for african candidates that support communism and towel heads….

    7. Susan, East Germany was most definitely Communist from the Stalin Era to the Reagan Presidency.

    8. East Germany was under Russian command until 1989. My husband grew up there and Americans have no idea what it’s like under Communism but now I do since I married him. You do not want the United States to become Communist!

    9. East Germany was under Russian command until 1989. My husband grew up there and Americans have no idea what it’s like under Communism but now I do since I married him. You do not want the United States to become Communist!

    10. Really Susan? Before you act incredulous at someone else’s comment, you might want to check your history first. Germany for decades was divided into east and west with the east being controlled by the communist USSR or did you conveniently forget this?

    11. You win!!!!! You get the blue ribbon for being the most incredibly stupid person who ever wrote on this forum. CONGRATULATION!!! You should be oh so proud!

    12. East Germany? Berlin wall? Shooting people trying to escape to the West? Here we have a perfect example of what people have been commenting upon. A young miseducated Obama supporter.

    13. devastating comeback back right there….you and the beachy doggy must have matching pink, rhinestone encrusted leotards on to compliment your super woman suit…

    14. Communism doesn’t work, what the current government is doing is only considered “communism” by sensationalist right wing media outlets like Fox News. It isn’t anything close to Cuba or China.

    15. I would say the person whom this article is about knows more about communism than you.

    16. You would say that, but it would still be a silly comparison, unless you really love lots of over dramatization.

    17. For anyone even close to informed, we have only begun. The obvious directions and manipulations of Obama and his admin make it very clear of their near future intents and the ground already laid for it.

    18. Yeah, right. Just keep on denying that this country is getting closer and closer to full blown communism. You and the frog who are in the pot of slowly heated water can keep company until you’re both boiling.

    19. Yes, communist cuba is EXACTLY like America. You got it. I can’t think of two places more alike, really.

    20. And the key is showing these kids and adults in this society how bad socialism/communism is and there really is no way to teach them since they have never lived it and regretfully it may get to the point were they will need to burn themselves on the stove top which at that point we are so deep into it that there may not be any turning back. And as my parents say when the US falls we all fall because at that point there is no where to hide.

    21. I lived in Miami when that occurred. Very interesting to talk to those who moved there at the time. A teachable moment.

    22. I would assume that was the immigration discussion of that time . I am Cuban and my parents came here legally and became US citizens through the legal process so we are 100% for legal immigration. Although the liberals will tell you that Cubans came here illegally they were fleeing an oppressive communist government such as the Venezuelans are today, but in their case they are bringing a lot of income with them. My parents told me quite a few stories we immigrated through Spain, but once they got to the airport in Cuba to depart they made them leave everything behind no passports no money no jewelry nada they were stripped bare before leaving to Spain where fortunately we had family.

    23. Yes, it was around 1973-74. I understand that a lot of people left Cuba because of the regime’s oppression. And they had to leave through the dark of night with very little time to gather up much of their belongings. I heard some stories that those who didn’t make it out faced the firing squads.

      Our immigration system is pretty expensive to get through and the paperwork and requirements are horrendous.
      By the way, welcome to America!

  2. That is, oh, so true.

    This country is now operating as we know so many communistic and socialist countries operate………..totally against the people.

  3. Liberals apparently have never studied world history; they can’t grasp the subtle changes in political climate that lead to tyranny; they live in an inner-generated world of their personal making, oblivious to reality. They will destroy the greatest country ever conceived, and they are doing it with a stupid smile on their faces.

    1. History has been purposely left out of required curriculum in our Marxist controlled universities and colleges for years now. That’s always been a tactic of the communists. The first people communist insurgents take out when going after a country (i.e. Viet Nam) is the educated (doctors, nurses, missionaries, etc.) and leaders. “Reeducation” is a must when a country has been taken over.
      We’ve had generations of adults graduated from higher education with the substitute histories now taught to show both communism and Islam in a favorable light and western civilization in a negative one. Bald faced lies are trotted out routinely as fact. Ludicrous as it sounds, even the white male is being blamed for every ill on planet earth. It’s a methodical game plan being executed almost nonstop.
      Prepare for much, much worse. You would be aghast at what’s being taught on our campuses now. Part of the fault lies with those who do know better, so instead of sending their kids well prepared to college, they send them to exclusive and private schools. That leaves the majority attending college with only their fellow clueless. So the few stay informed and the majority stay clueless and easy cannon fodder for the leftist university venue.

    2. Liberals have been diagnosed as mentally ill by Dr. Lyle Rossiter, a psychiatrist.

    3. of course…in a way this sounds more like the rise of the planet of the simians or stupid pet tricks

    4. True for some, for others, they are intentionally sabotaging what America once stood for, they resent liberty.

    5. Well, this liberal studies history for a living. So thanks for your snide remarks, but you are making an ASSumption.

    6. I am 25 almost 26 now and when I was about 21 I went to the ASU campus area here in AZ with a friend to hang out with him and some of his college buddies. During the last part of the night I ended up getting into a debate with a girl who was going to college there. Mentioning the fact that I had never been to college but had learned what I knew about American history on my own as an adult I was already doomed to lose the argument because in her eyes I was “uneducated”. What I mainly remember from the discussion was her incessant citation of all the books she had read including ones from George Soros and how all the literature she had consumed as fact made her not only smarter than me but somehow more deserving of her rights she so obviously took for granted. What abruptly ended the conversation when I immediately turned around and walked away dumb founded at what I had just heard went something like this…

      Me – “Do you even understand what our founding documents mean and why the founding fathers wrote them after they left Europe with our ancestors who fought and died to ensure your freedoms? Do you actually understand anything about American history and why things happened the way they did?”

      Brainwashed Ignorant Communist Girl – “Yes I do understand but YOU need to understand how long ago that was and that we live in the new world. None of that matters anymore. You need to get with the new program and progress with the rest of us before we leave you and your beloved “ancestors” and “founding fathers” in the past.”

      Also, she would barely let me talk during this whole discussion and constantly tried to talk over me. Anything I said regarding American history was met with a pair of rolling eyes. God forbid I mention anything about the Tea Party. This is the mentality of most college kids who don’t manage to make it out of college without becoming a raging progressive communist, which is the majority of them. Public schooling and the majority of universities is where it all starts and it will only get worse with time. For now, I will play the part of the conspiracy theorist attached to the old world who is going to be left behind by the new world. Fine by me. I’ll be posted up aimed down range while this girl and the rest of the robots all permanently become part of the system they thought was their friend and savior but turned out to be their enemy and enslavement.


    7. Bummer dude. You tried to pass on what you learned from the radio, but apparently she wasn’t buying it.

    8. that is because, like most supporters of kenyan boy, she feels that it “should be free”….

    9. First of all, some education might help you. Millions of Americans came from Europe for millions of reasons: escaping overly liberal, that’s right liberal, church dogma; starvation, constant wars, and on the positive seeking opportunity, the new frontier, a new beginning.
      That freedom means that you are free right up until you bump into the freedom of another person. And the citizens of the town where this American’s company are located are complaining that the volatile pepper oils are leaving the plant and causing burning, eye tearing and discomfort of the residents there.
      Why does the Tea Party claim to love America and the Constitution when its membership so clearly hates Americans?

    10. So my rights end where yours begin. Which in turn means your rights end where mine begin. The hot sauce company has been in Irwindale for what…24 years? Why now? What changed? This is the same logic of people who move into the area around a military base (lower purchase prices of homes) and then complain about the noise from aircraft, training, etc. Instead of moving away, lets complain about it so that the factory or base is shut down and all the jobs are lost and that will fix everything! Yay!! Dimes to dollars this is just people trying to increase their property values so they can sell while the market is still rising. Greed…the true driver of the left and the right.

    11. WE had the same problem when they put in a housing development near dairies and farms that had been here for 100 years or so. The housing developers lost. The people are unhappily stuck with the odor of fertilizing the fields every few years. Too bad, so sad. They should have thought more about their environment before buying.

    12. This floors me. What about the air, water, food pollution we take in on a daily basis. And they are complaining about hot spice? OMG..wake up peeps..this makes me crazy. Once again, its ok for the government and big corporations to poison our world with real bad stuff, but someone trying to make a living, making something many people like. How bad can it all of a sudden be? The man has been there for years. Maybe its now the combination of all the other crap in our air combined with spice.

    13. Quite a few years ago, I was chief engineer of a radio station in Connecticut. We shared a tower and transmitter building with another radio and a television station. The tower and building had been there over twenty years. The road up the mountain had been improved and several contractors had built homes within falling distance of the antenna. All of a sudden, the homes noticed that our signal interfered with their other stations (DUH!). They tried having the city condemn our tower and even went to the FCC (which in those days, actually stood for something). Long story short, the transmitter and tower are still there and the people are still pissed. Too bad. We happened to be there first and their home encroached on us, not the other way around.

    14. Yea, me running 6 meter SSB Ham Radio and one neighbor decides he didn’t like it, his tv getting interference of course. His attorney gets the FCC into things. FCC did not slap me with quiet hours, did tell his attorney, him, and neighbors to purchase and install filters on their tvs, that went over really big. But first-come first-serve is the rule = horses have right-of-way over autos. Radios have right-of-way over tv because radio got here first ahead of tv.

    15. I agree, too bad WE didn’t have the same philosophy about the American Indians when WE encroached on them…. just sayin’

    16. I agree, too bad WE didn’t have the same philosophy about the American Indians when WE encroached on them…. just sayin’

    17. I totally agree, the company has been there 24 years, why is it suddenly beginning to bother people?? If they did not like the odor why did they buy there in the first place?

    18. The Tea Party – composed of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Whites, Blacks, Hispanic, Asian et Al – opposes the direction that the country is heading thanks in part to an incompetent congress and an overly giving socialist in the Immoral Office. I think the kid is smart enough to know history unlike the progressive revisionist version that is being forced fed to mind numb ignorant kids across the country.

    19. the tea party doesn’t hate americans. they believe people like you smoke too much dope.

    20. Why don’t you first try to express yourself without using absolutes and extreme language? “Hate”? Really?
      Viewpoints such as yours expose you for the two-dimensional thinker that you are. If someone opposes something they must hate it? If someone supports something they, therefore, must love it?
      Here’s a clue for you. In the real world people may oppose anything without emotion. You sound like a teenager. Grow up.

    21. Liberals love to throw around the word “hate” to encapsulate all viewpoints which counter theirs. That’s why if you disagree with this president and his record, then you are a racist.

    22. Your history lesson is quite a bit skewed. Those attempting to escape religious persecution did so not because of ‘liberal’ church dogma. They were escaping a king who thought he knew best when it came to religion. Further, your attempt to paint anyone in the Tea party as hating Americans is just a plain lie. I personally subscribe to the Tea party as it is the only group of Americans who are trying to preserve the constitutional republic and save it from the Democrats and Republicans who have been progressively destroying it for decades. The only thing a Tea partier hates is the lying, cheating, stealing politicians and the ignorant masses who continue to support and make excuses for them.

    23. If you REALLY want to preserve what was founded as a constitutional republic, then siding with either of the mainstream parties won’t serve that purpose. Both of these parties serve the same master. I suggest you look elsewhere to place you vote. Perhaps you should check this out-

    24. vote libertarian at the local level…as we take power then we have a shot at state and national

    25. I do. So should everyone else who actually pays attention. I’ll bet money that Mr. Tran will start doing so, if he hasn’t already.

    26. Where did you get the insane idea that Tea Party people hate Americans. They dislike the tyrants who are taking away our liberties and entrusting more power in the government. This is what our founding fathers feared because they had witnessed that first hand. Power in government hands is always abused as history has shown. Government must be limited and restrained and control left in the hands of the people.

    27. Where did you get the insane idea that Tea Party people hate Americans. They dislike the tyrants who are taking away our liberties and entrusting more power in the government. This is what our founding fathers feared because they had witnessed that first hand. Power in government hands is always abused as history has shown. Government must be limited and restrained and control left in the hands of the people.

    28. I know the area where this is made, drive by the actual building several times per year. It’s in an industrial area, not a highly residential area. If you live here, you are going to be inconvenienced by automotive shops, railroad tracks, all types of manufacturing and more… The owner took a huge blighted block of old commercial/industrial buildings and put a nice new building which raised the values for everyone. Personally I think the owner should take his business to Texas where he is being welcomed with open arms… Irwindale and California don’t deserve the tax dollars.

    29. I’ve never seen or heard anything remotely supporting your claim that the tea party ” Clearly Hates Americans ” . They do however, clearly disapprove of stupid ones, and so do I. Stupidity has nothing to do with education either. A person can have multiple PHD’s and not a teaspoon of common sense. Common Sense cannot be taught, given, or acquired through schooling or a little green pill. You either have it, or you don’t.

    30. BS – You know what that means.
      MS – More of the Same
      PhD – Piled Higher and Deeper
      Most of the big idiots I’ve met in life have college degrees because they actually believe that being an “expert” in one field confers that they are experts in everything. There is a reason the first website I visit every day is Dilbert.

    31. You got to expect that from youts now a days. They’re well grounded in the indoctrination that their mommy and daddy are paying for. The former soviets believed that in order to ensure that communism flourishes down the road, control of the future begins in the classroom with the indoctrination of young and impressionable minds. That’s what you encountered with this girl. They’re going to arrogantly and condescendingly act as they’re smarter, more knowledgable, and more rational than you and that you’re nothing. They will mock and attack your intelligence, which is a common characteristic of Leftists, and they will come at you with a bitter angry tone, talk over you and cut you off when you try to speak their peace. They don’t care what you gave to say because in their minds they speak truth to so called ignorance and it’s only their opinion that holds water and not yours. It’s just better to laugh at these fools and walk away because it makes no sense arguing with a jackass. They’re just spewing because it’s a part of their mental programming and they really have no clue what they’re talking about short of regurgitating what an extremist Left wing professor ingrained in their heads.

    32. You got to expect that from youts now a days. They’re well grounded in the indoctrination that their mommy and daddy are paying for. The former soviets believed that in order to ensure that communism flourishes down the road, control of the future begins in the classroom with the indoctrination of young and impressionable minds. That’s what you encountered with this girl. They’re going to arrogantly and condescendingly act as if they’re smarter, more knowledgable, and more rational than you and that you’re nothing. They will mock and attack your intelligence, which is a common characteristic of Leftists, and they will come at you with a bitter angry tone, talk over you and cut you off when you try to speak your peace. They don’t care what you have to say because in their minds they speak truth to so called ignorance and it’s only their opinion that holds water and not yours. It’s just better to laugh at these fools and walk away because it makes no sense arguing with a jackass. They’re just spewing because it’s a part of their mental programming and they really have no clue what they’re talking about short of regurgitating what an extremist Left wing professor ingrained in their heads.

    33. I totally agree with you. Our college kids, are not as educated as indoctrinated in the communist manifesto.

    34. She’ll make a nice useful idiot for the dems. Anyone who talks about disregarding the founders and their wisdom in lieu of the “new world” makes me want to puke. Where would little ms. liberal be without those “beloved ancestors?”

    35. Unfortunately she is probably in a public school system trying to condition other peoples children. Notice I didn’t say EDUCATE.

    36. Does everyone know what a “College Professor” is? I know many of them and it is true with ALL of them I have met…. A College Professor is someone who teaches “His knowledge” of how the world works because it didn’t work in the real world, therefor he “teaches”.

    37. I once had a young man, a member of the Socialist Workers Party, tell me that American has never fought another white nation. I was so flabbergasted I didn’t even respond. I wish I could relive that moment. And I had a neighbor once upon a time who grew up in Estonia tell me that Russia alone fought against Germany in WWII and that the war was over before the Americans even arrived. When I challenged her with facts, she said, “You really believe those lies, don’t you.” Yet she lived here in the states.

    38. Had that discussion thousands of times…

      Here’s what I learned from that experience. Left-think is unsustainable. And it is unsustainable because it rests upon Relativism, which means that it rejects all sense of principle.

      Next time, note the principles of the Charter of American Principles… When she declares that there is no such thing, LAUGH OUT LOUD! Then, as if you were annoyed at a pesky fly, swat at her ignorance and simply state: “You claim to be educated, yet you’ve no knowledge of the Charter of Principles that define your own nation?”

      Then nod knowingly, pause, shake your haed in slow disgust, turn and walk away.

    39. Boy, I wonder how you guys ever got that Party of Stupid label with all these historians and economists and mind-readers on board. Not fair!

    40. better than being a brain-dead democrat…..the democommies have some really fine intellects, I give you maxine headwaters…..oh and that $lut that keeps being voted in from sanfran sicko by all the transexuals by the bay, you know, nance pe$lut$i….

    41. When people make blanket statements like: “Liberals this…” and “Conservatives that…”. all it really shows is that person’s inability to articulate the English language.

    42. Oh they study history alright. Just where we take the tales of oppression as a cautionary tale, they take them as class. “How to set up a tyrannical oligarchy 101″

    43. So you’re one of those guys who thinks your side has everything right and doesn’t need somone pushing in the opposite direction. Liberal and Conservative ideologies are to politics what yes and no are to language. “No” can’t ALWYAS be the right answer, neither can “yes”. Sometimes liberals are right, sometimes conservatives are.

  4. People take comments seriously if you don’t start them with an inflammatory remark. I’m neither liberal or conservative – I see both sides making grievous errors. It isn’t just the democrats.

    1. It always amazes me now lazy Leftists are, not wanting to put in five minutes of research to see the Truth! They always expect everyone else to do the work for them, and even then, they refuse to believe! Such a worthless crowd of LIV’s! (Low Information Voters)

    2. I find it ironic that I say EXACTLY the same thing about Conservatives. I am an Independent by the way but because I do a lot of research and am knowledgeable and reasonable (I will never pay homage to any political party), I see that business, the economy and the middle class have done and continue to do better with Moderate Democrats.

      Obama and Bill Clinton, based on their policies are Center at best. On many issues, both are actually center right.

      What I find the most disturbing is that so many people on the Right either do not or will not realize it. I can only surmise it is because they don’t know history and refuse to do any research from verifiable sources.

    3. The economy was a disaster under Carter.
      The economy grew at an unprecedented rate during the period from the end of the Civil War to 1913 when we surpassed Great Britain. There was no income tax and no Federal Reserve. Those both came in 1913 courtesy of democrat Woodrow Wilson.

    4. So, your economic strategy consists of going back a hundred years? Really? Don’t you think the world might have changed just a tad since then? I knew you folks absolutely adore the McCarthy Era, but I had no idea you were a fan of the Gilded Age.

    5. Yes, the world has changed a “tad”. The Fed, CFR, Tri-Lateral Commission, Brookings Institute, UN, and so forth have successfully fooled the morons as they continually assert more and more control over our political arena. Throw in a healthy dollop of various financiers and the picture will become more clear. Do any reading outside the Communist Manifesto?

    6. You have no strategy. Though the ideology you love and depend on goes back a lot farther than 100 years.

    7. I’ve been doing considerable research for over half a century and find that the Democrat party doesn’t even exist anymore. There’s something very fishy about a party that votes in lock step over every single issue – of course as the insidious corruption of Obama becomes ever more impossible to hide and the truths come out, we find a few starting to bail now that elections are coming up. I wonder if this trend is George Soros approved? Your extensive research has of course informed you of his total take over of the party starting in 2002 through his secretive billionaire/millionaire club? You know of course of this club’s yearly donations into the hundreds of millions of dollars? My research has found 22 typewritten pages listing Soros controlled and conceived leftist organizations. He’s just a conspiracy theory – right?

    8. I am also not a Republican, but an Independent, more Tea Party leaning, obeying the Constitution, obeying our Laws, balancing the Budget and living within our means, not going into more debt than the entire last 200 years, or spending more than any other Leader has ever spent in the history of our planet. I also research, have the Constitution and The Federalist Papers here beside me, on my desk, but, of course, I don’t Brag about it, like some love to point out how knowledgeable they are. And, maam, you have proved you are not all that knowledgeable if you think Bill Clinton was responsible for the surplus he left office with, if that is what you are refering to. Do you know why he left with a surplus? Because he had a Conservative Congress his last two years. And if you think Obama is more Right than Left, I have to truly laugh and question your intelligence, lol! Obama is the worst, most divisive and destructive President America has had in it’s entire History! I bet you voted for Obama too, both times, didn’t you? Are you also a TROLL, that Trolls Conservative websites, proving your ignroance to all? All of you always state the same, almost as if someone sends all Obama Zombies a Form Letter on what to reply, lol! Enjoy your state of mind, Susan, I am sure they like you there, lol!

    9. Everyone makes mistakes but to try the compromise route with the old “we all make mistakes” routine is deadly. We don’t share and take turns with the truth and being right. Anyone who is well informed has seen that the Democrats don’t even exist anymore. That was a well thought out, planned, funded, and executed plan started by multi-billionaire George Soros back in 2002. He put together a secretive club of leftist billionaires and millionaires with the help of a few others. He hates the US bitterly as does Obama. The plan is well orchestrated along the principles that Obama once taught in his community activist days – Saul Alinsky’s teachings and those of the Cloward/Piven doctrines. Google and study these and you will find out the game plan that the leftists have very effectively used to take over our nation.
      In the Democratic party at the national level ALL moderates have been either driven out through various methods of intimidation or blackmail, or they have been bought out.
      There is a short book called “From Shadow Party to Shadow Government” that very well lays out the entire game plan carried out by Soros and his fellow leftists. The Republicans are increasingly falling under the exact same tactical maneuverings.
      To think this is still the same old bickering back and forth by the Dems and Reps is a serious mistake. The enemies of our nation recognized a long time ago that our self indulgent nation wasn’t paying the least bit of attention to “politics”, and so we haven’t. Even the Muslims realized after 9/11 that violence was no longer necessary. The American public was paying no attention at all and was willing to bend over backwards to show how obsequiously accommodating we could be. We’ve been played like a fine fiddle.

    10. Everyone makes mistakes but to try the compromise route with the old “we all make mistakes” routine is deadly.
      Agreed .

      In fact the complete Latin saying is “Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum” . Unfortunately the second part is not known/used and/or forgotten in purpose .

    11. Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum, et
      tertia non datur (To err is human; to persist [in committing such
      errors] is of the devil, and the third possibility is not given.)

  5. I love Sriracha hot sauce, ergo this CEO is one of my sources of political insight.

  6. They have a you owe me aditude.they don’t work they just want what you worked for.j

  7. I have said this hundreds of times by doing research on communism that America is rapidly becoming a communist country. The big problem is that the majority of citizens either are living in denial, don’t care and the rest don’t know because they are not on top of things or don’t learn. Those of us that are alert see it clear as can be.

    1. Denial… isn’t that a river in Eqypt?
      Seriously, all one needs to do is visit the Communist Party USA website and Facebook page as well as Youtube to listen to Sam Webb to get an education.

    2. Are you really that stupid to think that I get my info only from talk radio? I don’t trust anyone and have to see all for myself. If your insinuating that talk radio is where I get all my info then evidently it must be your source

    3. Yeah…..who would ever think you guys get all those lines that y’all repeat like parrots from talk radio. You’re right, every one of you must come up with the exact same lines by coincidence, like the old saying “great minds think alike.” My apologies, I was waaaaay out of line there.

    4. Says the Marxist trained parrot. Do you use a rubber stamp or are you capable of any independent thought? Conservatives have quite a number of sources that your leftist govt is trying to shut down. Common Marxist tactic. Bad mouth with mindless insults, eradicate, intimidate, and blind hatred for the truth. Your blather sounds very familiar. Which other ids have you abandoned so as not to be recognized?

    5. For scary stuff about communism and socialism? I confess, I really don’t have sources for your make-believe silliness. I use common sense instead, and that tells me that your mascara-streaked faces and your panting about economic theories from the 19th century is the result of listening to those clowns all day, every day.

    6. You would be talking Marxist common sense of course. “don’t have any sources” says it all for you brainwashed leftists.

    7. You tool! You just admitted you have no facts, you are relying on your common sense alone. Yet you refuse to educate yourself as to what others speak as fact for having lived under Communism and Socialism. You think you’re a big shot by insulting via a computer, but have no meaningful dialog. People like you think you are smarter than everyone else with your immature name calling and arrogance. You are pathetic! Get out of your mom’s basement once in awhile and speak to some of the older people who will tell you how bad it has gotten. Unless your mom is a scumbag like you, she should be disappointed of what a jerk you really are and how miserable of a job she did raising you!

  8. 5.14.14, Nevermind the abuses & negligence of allowing unproductive aliens to come here (Tran’s key word is ESCAPE) with relative ease, you’ll know communism has set in when we’re not allowed to leave. [W]e may one day have to escape, but whereto?

    1. Getting tired of being ignored like a common piece of furniture “FriendofThom”? Come on earn that pay check.

    2. you’ll know communism has set in when we’re not allowed to leave.

      If you are lucky you get your passport in 1-2 years ….. Many were waiting even more so they decided to “escape”.

  9. yeah, he should move his company to Texas….ANYONE who is a real American should move there is conditions permit. Eventually Texas can close ALL it’s borders and be what America used to be, a free society with minimal government intrusions.

    1. If only. Then it could become the third world country that the Wrong Wing desires so badly.

    2. Oh, come on. Come out of the closet. Identify your previous aliases. Ashamed? You should be. But, I guess the pay must be good. Sell out simpleton.

  10. I recommend Mr Tran move his hot sauce factory out of the USA to a Third World Country with no regulations and cheap labor. Just import the sauce. For tips on how this is done talk to your local WALMART Manager.

  11. I left the communism more than 30 years ago. After I come to America, I was telling my colleagues what is the communism all about, many of them did not want to believe me asking me if I contacted my “representative”. They did not understand the meaning of “yesterday was better than today” .

    Discussing about S-t-a-l-i-n, I mentioned that his was born in Georgia only to be told by one of them that he did not know that Staalin was American .
    Due to their ignorance , they did not have any [common] sense of history then and they do not any sense of history today.

    Communism collapsed 25 years ago and still there are people who are enamored by the communist/collectivist concepts and behave like mouton de Panurge
    [ The sheep of Panurge : individuals that will blindly follow others regardless of the consequences ] .

    I am more than sure that those non-believers [ aka mouton de Panurge] are among those who voted Obama twice in WH .

    The liberals had at least 50-60 years to prepare many mouton de Panurge generations. Sadly, there will be long time till America will get rid of those sheep Let’s hope that the beginning is Nov 2014, then Nov 2016 ….

    1. Glad that you were able to escape. Now, of course, you are seeing what happens when the education system is infected by communists as far back as the end of WWII. The idiot twits reply to some of my comments with the brain-dead verse ” you do not know what communism is ” and other assorted empty barbs. Our youth are led on with taunts such as “that is not fair” and “demand social justice” and the epitome of snarky comebacks “share the wealth”..

    2. I’ve been reading your little quips up and down this “discussion”… you and “Beach Dogger” are quite the pair, if not the same person. It wasn’t until I came upon this response that you lost all credibility. When you’re wrong, and you know in your gut you are…then the personal insults come out. I have no problem ignoring liberals, they have nothing of value to say anyway. But this end result is always the same. “I can’t fight true, historical facts. So you’re old, stupid, and living in the past.” What is especially poetic, is that some day…the “liberal youth” will turn on you, disregard your actual experience with delusions of grandeur and a utopia that is never to be achieved…and spend your retirement & benefits, chip away at your freedoms, and tax away what you worked for to achieve it, because you’re old, stupid, and living in the past.

    3. Well that’s really the goal isn’t it? To separate the “classes” of people and then make them dependent on the Government to survive in order to control them. It’s like they can’t see what is ACTUALLY taking place around them. We are now forced to buy health coverage that is not affordable…which makes people rely on the government subsidies. So how long before “cost savings” makes a bag of Doritos off limits to some people? “You can’t eat what you want because you cost the system too much money.” Freaking liberal communist New York banned Big Gulps for frick sake! Seriously? That is not freedom, that is not liberty. We have more people on Gov’t assistance now than at any point in our history. The Gov’t keeps spoon feeding them to keep themselves in control of the masses. If people were able to take care of themselves, then we wouldn’t allow the idiotic ideas coming out of Washington today. The NSA, IRS, BLM…the list keeps growing. And these aren’t conspiracy theories…Its happening right before these kool-aid drinkers eyes.

    4. I think the handle changes on a regular basis. I frequently encounter this train of thought under all kinds of guises and deceptions. We will probably find more paid leftists to trot out their mindless and insulting tripe as time goes on. When they start losing their grip on reality and the American public finally catches on to their games, the insults start coming out. What else do they have when they’ve obviously no other substance to offer to the debate?

    5. I find it very interesting to consider that those who were against our involvement in the Vietnam war are the one’s that are now pushing us very hard down the socialist road to communism. While Mr. Tran escaped from the Vietnamese communist he did not escape yet from their “fellow travelers” in California. A move to Texas would give him a short term relief but the rising up of patriotic Americans in November 2014 demanding freedom from even the slightest possibility of any further movement down this path by electing a senate wherein the majority is clearly in the hands of patriots bent on breaking the socialist grip on this Country and leading us back to being the constitutional republic our constitution requires.

    6. I can understand that Stalin being born in Georgia could mislead you into believing he was born in America, but to be accurate he was born in Gori, Georgia in the south of Russia. His real name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. I don’t think Russia would ever entertain having less than a natural born citizen lead their country, no more than we should ever consider it.

    1. Hmmmm…..maybe because it’s the most populous and wealthiest of the states? That could be the answer, although they really don’t mention that on Rush too often, so I can see how you missed it.

    2. Texas is the fastest growing state in the country. California. Residents and businesses are coming here in droves.

  12. Good for Him. I know I didn’t spend over 25yrs taking fire to come home to a socialist cesspool,which unfortunately our Gov’t is headed.Need to hear more from people like this Gentleman. God Bless America.

  13. The only good commie is a dead one! Thus always to Commiecrats and the Tyrant in the Immoral Office.

    1. Now go practice that quick draw in front of the mirror and fantasize about your awesomeness, tubby.

    2. Yup, faceless cowards, much like yourself, are all mouth and nothing but, that tend not to live long. I’ll drink your demise, douche nozzle.

    1. Yeah…..go for it! The Beer Belly Militia is the ultimate in gosh darn patriotism, bubba.

  14. This is a prime example of what “coming to America” is about…now we what to be all about coming to a third world country because folks like La Raza want to make us into their image that they have run from…

    why didn’t they stay and fight their own repressive regimes??

  15. David Tran should move to The Republic of Texas. With the BEST business climate in the US, Texas is where I am going as soon as I can retire and sell my house. Also, I hear Texas could use a huge influx of Pats and an exodus of Libs.

  16. Definitely should move to Texas, a state that appreciates hot sauce. This is a great life story; I learned where the name of the company and hot sauce came from and just about every Chinese restaurant has it on their tables. Just wonder how valid is the hot sauce smell compliant by the people of California, I have been to the Tabasco Plant/Sales Office in New Iberia and I did not smell anything that was sickening or undesirable. It sure would make a statement to California if another long established company leaves for another state like Texas.

    1. California doesn’t give a crap. They’ll just raise the taxes on every business that remains to compensate for the ones they lose. It’s hard to believe Hollywood is still there, but I guess those guys are probably getting all kinds of tax breaks.

  17. It’s a shame when only “old timers” and people who suffered under Communist rule are the only people who understand the dangers of the Socialist road we are on.

    1. Yeah……ha ha ha ha. Too bad the old timers seem to be more concerned with “republican uber alles” than the country, really. The contrast between this administration and the last one could not be more stark, but y’all would have everyone believe that the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression is no biggie, and should have been fixed up in a jiffy. The idea that you might learn from your mistakes is a crazy one.

    2. Once again the common communist rhetoric. I don’t recall anyone mentioning a love affair with the Republicans, but lacking anything else of substance, it’s always of some value to deflect from the topic, insult, and offer anything else that shows your rubber stamp reasoning power.
      “ha ha ha, etc.” sounds familiar. Ashamed of your previous id? In your shoes, I would be.

  18. Mr Tran needs to take up Texas’s offer, California no longer supports the American dream. Result, businesses and residents are fleeing in droves.

    1. Yeah, that’s what y’all keep repeating. For years now. There must not be any businesses left in our most populous state by now.

    2. “FriendofThom” hiding behind all his other aliases. Must get lonely being the only hiree trolling conservative sites.

    3. Aerospace and technology, California used to be the leader, no more even in movie/television industry is moving out to the southeast and Canada. As for your population, California’s greatest growth is in itinerant illegal immigrants. not exactly a formula for future success.

  19. My wife, born and raised in communist Laos and brought to the US by her parents in the early 80′s, has said the same things to me. She asked me once, “What is so great about America? In Laos, we owned land that the government didn’t make us pay for. In the US, if you don’t pay the government, they take everything from you. What is so great about that?” It’s hard to explain our ‘freedom’ with that backdrop.

    1. Maybe you could try to explain “revenue” instead. Aiming for a country like Laos is hardly what any American with a brain should be doing, but if you believe that having a nearly nonexistent government is the best thing, then by all means your comparison is valid.

    2. Perhaps because Laos is representative of all communist nations – paid troll, “FriendofThom”.

    3. Revenue is a justification for losing your home to your government? Extrapolating, you might support the collective ideals of communism that everything is owned by the government? If so, it might explain most of your comments on these pages. With regard to your hateful comment about my wife, she became a citizen legally and is more than likely better prepared and learned to draw comparisons between the US and Laos than you might be.

  20. Mr Tran is unwilling to relocate to Texas because the amount of time the harvest gets to him would be increased too much and would possibly affect product quality in his belief. Maybe moving to Nevada might be possible. But his current facilities just had $40 million invested in it a year ago.

    As for communism in America. I used to manage section 8 housing NYC. Can’t recall the number of times I’ve spotted a socialist/communist book, or even an entire book shelf. These people were not stupid. They knew the law well enough to work it to their benefit. Damaging the right things, keeping you from fixing them, introducing bed bugs even. Whatever it takes to receive free rent. Simply because in their mind, you own property, then you owe them. Now you’d think the courts would be the answer. NYC courts are overwhelmingly on the side of the tenant.

  21. I miss the old USA that I grew up in during the 50′s and 60′s. This current progressive, socialist, marxist USA of today sucks out loud, and there is nothing “good” about it. Why are voters voting for marxist/socialist/uber liberal candidates? Why do voters
    insist on being taken down this particular road?

    1. You kind of forgot that you folks absolutely buried the country once you got your big chance, didn’t you? The voters didn’t forget you guys though. Ever learn from your mistakes, or do you always just double down?

  22. The Only Hope is To VOTE in November 2014…Take The Senate and House…Impeach “Bath House Barry”
    Turn The Ship Around…Only Save the Liberals That Understand “Free Pones and Obama Bucks” …..
    Sempre Fi’

  23. Mr. Tran would do well to relocate his company to Texas. California has a very anti-business climate and ridiculously high
    taxes to boot which is typical in any democrat controlled state. Democrats ADORE taxes, and will come up with the most creative and ridiculous schemes to generate more tax revenue. I don’t understand why ANYBODY would want to establish a business in this whacked out liberal, marxist, socialist, communist, 3rd world septic tank. Seriously, I don’t.

    1. No. I rarely listen to the radio, and I hardly watch television except if there’s a decent documentary on. I’m able to read and form my own opinion without the influence of talk radio or television “news” and “opinions.”

    2. Odd how you consistently jump to the same old erroneous and preconceived conclusions. “talk radio” – Yes, for the record, I listen to it – one of many sources that don’t ignore the real news, corrupt or lie about it, or just plain follow the rubber stamp approved news of the leftist mainstream. It’s always refreshing to find independent, logical, factual, and intelligent conversation and news reporting other than the Pollyanna tripe that the leftists put out.
      Come clean “FriendofThom”. Quit hiding. Don’t be bashfull.

  24. I’ve been saying the same thing from the first day that Obama took office. Slowly but surely we will become a communist nation if people do not wake up. It’s time the people stood up and stop this ruination of America.

    1. A free government unemployment check for a few years, food stamps and phones will help buy votes for communists from the dumbasses. When we go full communist, no more voting, no more free checks or other free items. Appointments only for offices.

    2. Wow… noticed on the first day? That doesn’t sound slow at all, it sounds like you could just tell on day one, almost like you have super powers or that you judge people in a very odd manner.

  25. What’s wrong with this guy? It’s California. Remember Bill Gates, circa 1990′s? The media were screaming that he was too rich, too powerful, just too TOO. The government was yowling that he should have his assets seized, his house burned to the ground, his land salted so that nothing would ever grow there again. It was on every night on the national news. Something Must Be Done About Bill Gates! Then Gates, who was a Liberal anyway, started giving big bucks to the Democrat National Committee, and Liberal causes. Just like that, he fell off the radar screen. What this Tran fellow must do is find out which city council members are the most vitriolic about the evils of his presence, donate to the individuals’ re-election campaign, and watch how quiet it gets. In the long run, though, its probably wise to start hunting up a new home.

  26. Down with the Communist American Regime! Even though corporations do not exist in a communist nation because the state owns everything, we are still a communist nation. Even though American corporations are the mightiest commercial enterprise the world has ever seen does not mean we are not a communist nation. Even though communist dictators murder entire populations for speaking against them we are still a communist nation. What we definitely are NOT becoming though is a fascist nation because there is no clear sign of a collaboration between the corporations and the government. There is no sign of corporate profiteering in any of our wars either. No sir, no fascism here. Only hardcore communism. We need to empower the corporations even more to avoid communism. Get rid of the minimum wage and exempt the corporations from taxes!

    1. And the patriots say this country is just as bad as Laos, so it must be true. *sigh*

  27. Who cares if people are “disturbed” by siracha burning their eyes. Wimps! This is communism! What right do the people have to tell a business man what he can and can not do with his business? What is this country coming to? Something needs to done about this system that allows people to decide what is good for them at the expense of one man’s profit.

  28. Am a hot sauce freek but never been able to find your sauce. Move to Texas, human beings are welcome there. Born Californafreeks wont go there.

    1. Well, it is pretty much the biggest step down a person could make in our country, so I think it’s understandable. Although it would be nice to see one of those giant refineries spewing carcinogens into a third world village.

  29. Lots of room here in Texas to put your factory. And the land prices are cheaper…. dump that factory over there and come here! I left 7 yrs. ago and don’t regret it one bit. Best thing we ever did…Hot stuff is normal food in these parts…

    1. Gosh, I wonder why land prices would be cheap in such a desirable place to live? Any guesses?

    2. I’m sitting on 5 acres w/over 3000 sq. ft. of house and low taxes in gun carrying Texas. Try to get that in crappy CA. controlled by liberal commies.


    1. You forgot to mention teleprompters and golf vacations in caplocks too. That would have been more neato.

  31. If America don’t wake up we will be in worse shape than some of these people escaped from.

  32. There is no question anymore –there never was among informed citizens– that Obama favors authoritarian Big Government. He often has expressed his disgust with the US Constitution and now ignores our country’s basic law almost daily esp. with regard to obamacare but also with environmental issues and other areas. His appointments reflect his dictatorial tendencies, notably Holder at Justice but many others throughout the federal government. Mr Tran is right –he probably couldn’t even start a business like his today in this economy being strangled by onerous regulations, high taxes and obamacare. . I will try his sauces.

    1. I’d love to hear some of those examples of the President expressing his disgust with the US Constitution, gramps. Since he often does it, you must have numerous examples to share…….and that would be awesome.

    2. Start by reading his two books and Google from there to his latest statement that he doesn’t have to pay attention to the Constitution as he has a phone and a pen. In between those one can find numerous words and deeds in which he rejects Americas founding ideals exemplified in the Constitution. That’s why he promised to fundamentally change this nation. Look up fundamentally.

    3. Well done, but you will find that this leftist troll who appears on conservative sites and is always changing his id, won’t accept your facts. They’re anathema to the leftists.

    4. You’re right, of course, Kirby –I’m just trying to impart some info to a low/no information type. You never know when a fact will register. Longshot as it is.

    5. Don’t mistake my intent George. I truly respect the value of your comment. Both of your comments were excellent. If nothing else, you also respond to the audience at large which is pretty much what I was doing. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    6. Start with his own words in his two autobiographies and Google your way to today when he says that he doesn’t need the Constitution as long as he has a phone and a pen. In between you’ll find numerous examples –here’s just one: in an 2001 interview with public radio Obama he told how he views the Constitution as a flawed document from which we must “break free.” We need, instead, a “living” Constitution that refocuses from “negative rights” to requiring income redistribution from the Haves to provide “positive economic rights” to the Have Nots. Further, in that interview he provides a clear statement of a judicial philosophy that displays little interest in the original intent of the Constitution.
      Obama has shown in both word and deed that he rejects our founding ideals as exemplified in the Constitution which is why promised to fundamentally change this nation. Look up fundamentally.

    7. Whew, that’s a whole lot of bull…. As you seem to have copies handy, let’s see you pull them out of your butt, and we can go through them one by one. Shall we?

  33. Irwindale is a tiny little town located around 15 to 20 miles east of Pasadena,Ca. The city itself reflects no real attraction except a large gravel hole along the North side of the 210 freeway. Decades ago the owner of the Oakland Raiders threatened to relocate his team to Irwindale when they where in the Los Angeles coliseum for a while since Los Angeles simply refused to improve the Coliseum for his football team, most of us thought this was clearly a ploy at the time.

  34. This story is probably not a good example of government overreach, or intrusion. David Tran has been there for over 30 years,but his company and its hot sauce product has grown dramatically. To accommodate the demand for his sauce he built a new state of the art 600,000 square foot building at a cost of 50 million dollars in Irwindale. He employs up to 200 people. The problem is that the strong odors from the sauce have been hurting residences eyes and breathing, which forces the city council to demand some remedies short of calling the company a public nuisance. Tran has made it clear that he prefers to stay in California even though he has received numerous offers from several other places.

    1. So, if you remove all the emotion and self-righteous anger, it’s actually two groups of opposed people with legitimate concerns involved in a permitting process? But, that way of looking at it doesn’t compare the USA to Vietnam unfavorably or make the rich man into a victim, so what fun is that?

  35. Clue: You can NOT elect commie leaning politicians, and not expect this nation to resemble a commie country.. but only for as long as it takes to actually becomes one!

  36. People who are insecure and afraid of life and its inherent insecurities like the
    idea that government can manage them as a herd where they’ll feel safe.

  37. I have to ask this question….was there an air quality issue before the facility was expanded and didn’t the neighbors have enough sense to know when the permits were pulled for the expansion that it was going to get worse if the business got bigger. When the neighbors found out the place was going to be expanded why didn’t they complain then before this man spent millions on this property. I am shocked that environmental studies weren’t required especially in California.

  38. So this immigrant moron who can’t even update his website, doesn’t care about environmental protection acts and only cares once it harms his money? Typical Republican behavior: ruin the the planet and then compare the Dems to Hitler when they call them out on it.

    1. Yeah, 20% annual growth, $80 million in revenue with basically 1 product, and no money spent on marketing… What a moron.

    2. This is America, any idiot can make millions. You right wingers only care about the $ bottom line and not the destruction of the earth. Your kids kids are going to have nowhere to live because of people like this clown.

      Not addressing the environmental impact of his company until its too late = moron.

      Then to call the country who took him in and supported him when he needed it silly buzzwords that only the right wing media brainwash its members with = coward.

    3. You got a million dollars laying around?
      How can you assume he or I are right wingers? Don’t make up facts – There’s more evidence he’s just a guy trying to make some sauce and maybe I’m just a guy calling you out for correlating the ability to make a website to intelligence.

    4. So, the neighbors complained about the air quality because they’re just mean then?

    5. His manufacturing company has been in Irwindale for how long and NOW people are complaining? Maybe these whiners shouldn’t have built homes or moved by a hot sauce plant.

    6. Ha ha ha……love the wrong wing mindset! The rich man is the victim here. Why isn’t everyone happy that he is trickling down on them?

    7. And what is wrong with him being “rich”? The man came over here to escape communism and built a business for himself. Oh that’s right, as odumass said, “You didn’t build that”. Sad that people like you and all the other kool aid drinkers hate “rich” people.

    8. a liberal is one to talk about “Websites” LOLOLOLOLL, one word: Obamacare. ’nuff said? pwnage.

    9. We realize that you are too challenged to visit an exchange and learn how you’ve been bilked for years (or not, if you have been a deadbeat without insurance, thereby driving up others’ premiums).

      You are no Paul Newman, or Edwin Newman, or Alfred E.

  39. And Mr. Tran, you probably also know that there is a boatload of Vietnamese in Texas now, too. They’ve fled from the People’s Republic of Califruita. You should, too.

  40. The farmer that grows his peppers said he didn’t think that they would grow well in Texas because of the climate. I hope what ever Mr. Tran decides that his company does well as it has from the beginning.

  41. Wake up. Stop ranting about who is at fault. Liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, black, white, or green. Communism is well on its way. Communism will take America over while we argue over which group we think is responsible. The group responsible is WE. Each one of US. The label makers, the couch sitters, the “other person”. We need to do more then complain and blame

  42. Well, it sure didn’t take him long to find out that no matter how wealthy you are, in America you can whine like a drama queen whenever things don’t go your way, and you’ll always have a group who will buy into it.

  43. Yes Tran, relocate your company upwind from Perry’s home. That way you and Perry can smell the sweet and spicy smell of freedom, each and every day.

    1. Hopefully, one of those fertilizer plants with the 1940 safety features and the minimum wage Hispanic workforce hasn’t already staked out that spot, right next to the faith-based grade school.

  44. I’ve been calling Obama a Communist Muslim and believe he is just that. Since the Democrats in Congress blindly support all his Communist policies I believe they are also believers and followers of the Communist Doctrine and as such should all be tried for Treason. Then, and not least by any means, the lame stream media are also complicit and guilty. They have deliberately kept news from the people and lied, just like Obama and the Communist Senate.

    1. Yeah, the neighbors have heard you ranting incoherently for the last six years. Any chance you could take a break from it for awhile?

    2. Perhaps it’s because your response is so in lock sync with “Know Em” who regularly changes his id so as to appear as many. In either case, you’re a leftist nonthinker who has nothing substantive to offer on a well informed opinion to which you responded with the usual insult – lacking, again, anything substantive to offer.

    3. Your response is in sync with every stupid right wing troll that I have ever encountered. I look forward to ignoring you in the future.

    4. This is our site. That makes you the troll. You trolls continue to make our case for us. No substance, only insults because you can’t face the truth.

  45. I mean, how many years has Siracha been there and the neighbors are only complaining NOW?!? sounds fishy to me.

    1. It must be a conspiracy among a bunch of mean neighbors who all got together to ruin a perfectly nice honest man for absolutely no reason. God, I love conspiracies!

  46. The tyranny is coming from the right!Trying to impose their whacked religious beliefs and their lack of caring about those less fortunate than themselves.We’re not in danger of communism so much as elitist,religious fascism!

    1. Keep telling yourself that bebop. As usual, instead of contributing to the conversation, you do what you have been trained to do, and that is to insult.

    2. Ha ha ha……wouldn’t want to bring any insults to a right wing website, would we?

    3. Well,had enough,there’s no having a conversation with right wing religious idiots who think they can find the answer in their 2000year old book of fables…or arrogant conservatives who deny science and anything else they see as a threat to their limited little lives!

    4. So, just how long have you had a worldview based totally on a combination of bigotry and narcissism?

    5. My apologies–I didn’t realize you’d need help to understand them. To rephrase, how long have you spent hating whole groups of people and telling lies about what they believe, and thinking that your own tiny way of looking at the world was the most perfect and special way ever?

      Were those words small enough for you, whoever you are?

    6. Oh, am I harshing your mellow? Dude. Come on back by when it wears off, then. Perhaps your responses will be closer to being coherent.

      Seriously? You’re in the wrong place, you have too flimsy a worldview, and you’ve picked the wrong hobby, if those comments are examples of what’s in your repertoire.

    7. MORE KOOL-AID!!!!!!!!!!

      Caring is giving YOUR money to those in need, not demanding that OTHER people’s money be taken to give some of it to the needy.

      Generous Joe Biden, in the ten years PRIOR to be VP never made less than $300,000/yr.
      Yet he found it in his loving and near perfect liberal heart to only part with $369/yr to charity.

      This is the REAL face of caring, ‘eh Bebop, he gave at the office with OTHER people’s money.

    8. And I suppose the Koch brothers and Carl Rove are the real face of caring?Or perhaps Paul Ryan…IDIOT!The only kool-aid we oughta be talking about here is Jonestown kool aid for all right wing religious nazis!

  47. I think we should take a break from crying for the poor poor casino owners, and cry for this poor rich victim for awhile instead.

  48. What Texas always fails to mention about their ‘world-class’ workforce is that the vast majority of jobs created between 2008-2011 were filled by immigrants (both legal and undocumented) making less than $15/hr.

    I guess by world-class, Perry means ‘coming from other countries’.

  49. Takes one to know one. What I mean from that is he obviously knows how to recognize the signs and so do many other Americans. We see it, we feel it, yet only a handful of those we vote in to “represent” us in Washington are doing anything to try to control the direction this administration seems want to take us. Why is that?

    1. Well, I know an idiot when I see one, but I am not one. This factory is making people sick, so what is your point?

    2. Well, I kind of doubt that. If a few hundred of you and your fellows could manage to share all your brain cells together, you would still be short of a brain. More of a hive mind at best.

  50. This reminds me of the people who build/buy a house near the airport, then sue the carriers because there are airplanes taking off and landing all the time. Denver’s “New” airport was built to solve that problem. Now all we have to do is keep people from buying houses and businesses near the airport (not going to happen). There are people in the world that just want to penalize a business, just because it’s successful. As long as they can harass any business, they’ll do it. Kind-of like taxing people that are successful, instead of thanking them for creating a business, employing and paying people, and bringing in tax revenue to support their children’s education. It used to be a good idea to be successful, but now it’s “Evil”. Doesn’t make sense, of course.

    1. Yes, but what if someone builds an airport on the flight path to your house? Or decides to reconfigure the runways, thereby changing the flight pattern long AFTER you have bought your house?

    2. You do realize that they will all do that, don’t you? Distance from the airport (not just current flight paths) is the key to avoid the issue, right?

    3. Well, I live in a part of Illinois where, if they were to actually build an airport in Peotone 45 MILES SOUTH, the flight path would be over my house. You know nothing.

    4. Well, I live in a part of Illinois where, if they were to actually build an airport in Peotone 45 MILES SOUTH, the flight path would be over my house. You know nothing.

  51. All respect to David Tran, just because the neighbors object to the spicy smell coming from his factory does not mean that this is anything like a communist country. I’d complain, too, if I couldn’t breathe decent air in my own home. Could it be that his factory is not in the right location and he is not being a good neighbor? It sounds like a move to Texas and a more rural setting for his factory would be a good idea.

  52. um, of course it smells. It’s hot sauce. It’s not a pig farm. Bottom line, someone wants a cut of the action. Follow the money.

    1. Are you aware that capsaicin is a chemical weapon? How would you like to breathe it 24/7/365?

    2. i would to breath it 24/7, i eat jalapenos like breath mints, and nobody in my house goes a meal without putting some sriracha on their food. Go complain somewhere else, and if you live next to the factory MOVE. Irwindale is a crap-hole anyway.

    3. Well, you certainly have come up with the ultimate way to have no one visit you ever. Your personality, that is.

    4. They have not been determined (for obvious reasons), even acute exposure by inhalation requires medical treatment. Chronic exposure would certainly not be a good idea.

  53. More and more I am being put on hold to be approved by TPNN. If this keeps happening, they can quit sending me their emails.

  54. He should tell California to take a hike and move to Texas. The will appreciate them more.

    1. Yes, everyone in the country appreciates the dive to the bottom that Texas represents: wages, environment, education, health care,…

      It’s the perfect negative barometer of what we want the U.S. to be.

  55. Wow! How one comment can make people talk to each other in such disgrace. Come on people we are to be working together and helping each other, not fighting against each other. Let’s figure out a solution for the gentlemen and not fight over petty things.

    1. Brenda, that is realy hard to do when you have “progressive” plants here to change the points, attack and completely confuse anyone that brings a valid point of truth to the debate.

  56. And people ask me why I don’t recite the flag salute….. “so this is how liberty dies…. with thunderous applause.”

  57. This
    argument fails on many levels. He claims that he is being harassed by
    the government as embodied by – not the Fed – not the State – but the
    City Council. Who are the City Council? His neighbors. If anyone has a
    right to ask him to move or change the way he operates its them. The
    article also says he is being courted by Texas where they understand hot
    sauce. How does this prove the U.S. is resembling a Communist country?
    Now I would be worried if the Fed or the State said he could not
    operate his business at all. I would also be worried if, in spite of the
    local protests, the state told the local population to “stuff it”
    because their concerns meant nothing compared to the revenue of having
    his business. Cause if he was able to use the force of government to
    pursue his interests against the will of the people what we would have
    then is Fascism. The only thing this proves is that TPNN.COM doesn’t
    know a good argument when they hear one.

    1. I suspect he has more concerns than the city council. California is not exactly a business friendly state and the Feds attack small business from every angle. Not the least of which are the EPA, IRS, and ACA.

    2. Well, the article only talks about his battle with the City Council (i.e. his neighbors). And if the people who live together in a commuity don’t have a say in how that community allows and restricts, that is tyrany. That is fascism. So far, this article says nothing about Big Goverment stepping in and imposing top down restrictions on local business. Unless that is the case, it would appear the author has no idea how the government works.

  58. Move already! If you area business owner in California…GET OUT!
    Starve that beast… WHen there are no jobs and no more tax base, the people will take care of the rest!

  59. Move already! If you area business owner in California…GET OUT!
    Starve that beast… WHen there are no jobs and no more tax base, the people will take care of the rest!

    1. If you are quoting Huffington Post than you are reading and following, or at the least being brainwashed by the arm of the progressive liberals..really, get a brain All one has to do is look up who runs these companies that LIE and twist and turn the truth!!

    2. First of all, people choosing to carry health insurance or not, is called freedom! Secondly the stat is pure crap because it’s skewed by the border jumpers Oblahblah is encouraging. Lastly Texas leads in many many things, cherry picking a couple of stats for communist propaganda is just typical troll behavior!

    3. Texas also has the largest number of illegal immigrants. Many choose to work for cash and pay cash for their healthcare. No one can be turned away at the emergency room. There are jobs, with benefits at every level. If people choose not to have insurance, that is their decision. There are welfare programs for those who need it. There are jobs here. Good jobs.

  60. Sounds like Texas is opening it’s arms to you. CA only wants to deal with prostitutes in Silicon Valley.

  61. I’ve been saying all along that the pres is killing our economy and businesses. Now that thought has come true. Nice going pres, you’re the problem, and will never be the solution.

  62. I watched c-span last night ( 7-12-14) and watched the tech think tank communists from The New America Foundation (communist regime of George Soros and the new world order) about how the NSA is going to protect us by monitoring our computers. MY FELLOW AMERICANS! AMERICA HAS FALLEN TO THE EBEMY AND IT’S OUR FAULT! ON OUR WATCH! It’s time to move to the last bastion of hope freedom and democracy has.. I’m moving to Texas to join Cruz and Perry.

  63. Not looking at all the comments, under this President and administration, this government is NOT WORKING, DOING THEIR JOBS FOR THOSE THEY REPRESENT. Enough executive orders! Obama’s FAILED on EVERY ISSUE. The current invasion of illegals from other countries with parents who obviously don’t love or care for their kids (forking over thousands to get them here)! Expecting others to care more for them, with more free housing, food, education, healthcare! No, enough is enough! Americans cannot afford this display of an orchestrated game by this President. Close the borders for the security of our nation! Other countries do the same! Americans have lost businesses, jobs, Obamacare a disaster, and billions of $’s to other countries, on and on, while Obama continues to disregard the country he represents! Obama turning America into a 3rd world, and yes, disregarding AMERICAN VALUES AND OUR CONSTITUTION, while he is vacationing, playing golf, making jokes about his failure! Impeachment isn’t soon enough!

    1. [Lberals] worship him like a god; they follow any order, no matter how ridiculous.”
      [Obozo'"] operating out there without any constraint, or sense of humanity.

  64. Tran’s hot sauce is in every supermarket in the US and possibly worldwide. If he were back in Thailand, he would not have the opportunities of growth and financial reward. He should go back to Thailand with his hot sauce. Every successful company has to endure lawsuits, even frivolous lawsuits, because of freedom.
    One last point, the modern economy is much different than the pre-Internet Reagan era. Big box stores, Amazon, eBay, and loss of the manufacturing sector has removed millions of jobs from US soil. This is why there is an income equality gap. By zapping government services, pharma, police, hospitals, government contracts, you will further take more jobs away. The answer isn’t more government jobs; it’s reigning in the “pure profit” motive because technology takes away many jobs yearly. NAFTA and Asian slave labor is not sustainable or morally justifiable. There has to be a plan for America first; population growth and speculation economy are leading to a complete break down.

  65. I suppose all companies who pollute can go to China to escape regulations…stupid jerk. Dump that crap in your backyard first before crying foul.

  66. Heh. If anything its a blend of Libs and Cons that are adding to the feel of “communist state”. The greatest trait of a “communist state” is forced homogeneity (i.e. everything must be as one). The current US cultural state is “be like us or leave” or “if you are not like us you are not us therefore against us.” This dogma perpetuated by both sides is what adds to this feeling of living in a “communist state” and not actually the so called “communist indoctrination” in college, please stop acting like its 1950s you are making the rest of us conservatives look bad.

  67. I hope he does move his company to Texas. California has sown failure; let it reap its just reward.

  68. here’s an article that says nothing. what is he referring to? what similarities is he noticing? maybe he isn’t talking about business law but a surveillance state: maybe he is referring to increased restriction of freedom by corporations. or an increasingly militarized police force. who knows what he means? you can’t tell from the two sentences quoted here, but you sure can take it and run with it in whatever direction you desire.

    1. You could find all that out for yourself, if you did some research.. It’s been an on-going problem for a few years now.. We’ve actually made a pitch for him to move his company to this community here. We could use the jobs around here. They will move, for sure… With the ever increasing regulations being legislated in the city and county where he is now, they just want to run him out of business.. Screw the folks that will lose their jobs, so since they feel that way about their own county citizens, he needs to move somewhere else, to a community that actually appreciates the people he will put to work.

  69. And I bet most of the citizens who complain are new to the area. Just like the idiots who move in next to a refinery or airport.

  70. Mr. Tran is a canary in a coal mine. But most won’t notice his words, as they won’t get the megaphone they deserve.

  71. Pff. This is ridiculous. According to the same logic, maybe I should file a lawsuit against people who smoke because the smoke irritates my respiratory system. Or maybe I should sue ugly people because it hurts my eyes to look at them.