Fly the Gadsden Flag, Get Kicked Out of School? Guess Where That Happened

As high school seniors near graduation, they very often pull senior pranks. One young man in Colorado, however, was suspended from school and banned from graduation because of his prank. The incident caused no damage to the school and was pretty harmless. But, the visual of what he did angered his high school principal so much that she immediately lost it and went on a rampage. His prank? Raising the freedom representing Gadsden flag on the school’s flagpole.

The Examiner reported that on May 9th, Greg Stoneburner replaced the school’s flag with the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, one that is used by the Tea Party movement as an expression of freedom and the willingness to fight for it.

According a Facebook post by Stoneburner, he was not attempting to push any political affiliation, but was merely trying to “encourage historical and contemporary discussion about our student rights.”

Upon seeing the flag waving in the air with Old Glory, the principal of Central High School, Jodie Diers, went on a rampage yelling to take the flag down. Stoneburner was pulled out of a scholarship breakfast, along with his parents, and told that he was not welcome at Central High and that his prank was ‘a slap in the face’ to the school.

His flag was confiscated and he was not awarded his diploma until after graduation.

Stoneburner had strong words for the principal in regards to her actions and her claim that flying the Gadsden flag was ‘a slap in the face’ to the school.

The Gadsden flag has almost an identical history to the American flag, and was born from a very patriotic cause, and its suddenly a “slap in the face.” This shows the ignorance and misinformation of the people in power over our children. History like this used to be taught in schools all over the United states, and now not even most adults, let alone high school age people know what this flag stands for. 

The Examiner reports that Stoneburner identifies politically as a libertarian and is a firm believer in the Constitution. He also shared concerns that he feels should trouble everyone with regards to the abuse of power and questionable teaching within the school system.

Administrators all over the US are excising power that they do not have over students and other adults. Students are being taught to obey baseless authority and to never question anything. Is that the real message we want to be sending our children, who are the future of this country?

Stoneburner’s wish is that this story will go viral so that people across America can be made aware of this the blatant abuse of power from a principal who took out her anger based on political views on a student whose views are counter to hers. 

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  1. people should be starting to get the idea……..our public schools are all in the hands of liberal dictators.

    1. Infidel,

      Your schools will soon be under the guardianship of an Imam.

    2. <—–Infidel! My children will never be under the guardianship of an Imam! You are kidding yourself! Here in this part of the world we will protect ourselves! This is why you are free to say what you want on this post…..AND SO AM I !

    3. iddybiddy Infidel,


      How dare you speak to a Muslim man with such tongue!

      Where is your male owner? Does he know a women is on his computer and not doing her choirs?

    4. iddybiddy, SCFoI may be a fake online presence but his point is very clear. If we don’t start fighting back to take back what is ours Liberalism and eventually Islam will take everything we have.

    5. We as, freedom lovers, and many Christians need to be very careful how far we take the “retaliation”. Look at what hitler did to the gays. He used them to disrupt society so he could declare martial law, then he had them herded into concentration camps. Then look at what the vatican did to germany and hitler. They payed for his treachery so that the most powerful Protestant nation in Europe would become catholic. It worked well. Watch out for legislating morality. Nobody has the right to play God, but it will happen and the vatican is not above that task. They have been playing God forever, and all the world wonders after the beast!

    6. Actually it is referred to as the “mother of harlots” by John in Revelation 17:5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHEROF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

    7. Again Mayla, obviously some place other than Kalifornia. Yes it is true and they wore pink triangles, 2 3/4″ high and worn on the left side of the jacket and on the right side of the pants. Google it !!!!

    8. We have been fighting back and have won many battles. Each one the schools have pulled, and if you take notice, they are all in Common Core states–the fight has been won by the student. Colorado was the same state the high school senior a year ago took them to court and won when he was told he had to remove his NRA shirt and he was suspended. This principal was wrong, and she will soon realize it. The same as the principal who told the little girl she could not say her prayers over her lunch. It was within a day she was apologizing. Fight back and do your follow-ups, we have been winning the many battles, especially the school ones.

    9. this is what happens when you let communist from California move into your state. This is why Lincoln made US one nation(empire) and not individual “free and several” states. It was never about freeing anyone, rather enslaving ALL !

    10. I live in and was raised in Cali. your remark makes no sense whatever. Where were u educated? And we are suppose to be “ONE nation under God, UNITED we stand, DIVIDED we FALL”. That’s because, as individual states, we don’t stand a chance against the rest of the world. Texas may be admirable, (I don’t think so), for trying to secede, but can they stand alone against the rest of the U.S., let alone the world? No, they can’t, that’s why we need to stand together and fight the government.

    11. Unfortunately Mayla a large portion of, mostly Southern, California has been taken over by the extreme left, which is why they keep electing the morons that they do, i.e. Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, etc.. Then some of them move out to other States and take over and elect more idiots, Colorado being one, but now the people of those States are seeing what is happening and starting to turn things around. It’s just going to take hard work and start using the same tactics that the left uses. If your enemies are succeeding turn their tactics against them.

    12. Good luck and God bless . . .we knock California and the New England states for their screwed-up thinking and politics . . .but we have to remember and feel sorry for the many good people who are “trapped” in those hells . . . who can’t or don’t want to move out and who are fighting a very difficult battle to bring sanity back.

    13. Amen Lin, I am one of them. We are stuck in San Jose just until we retire which hopefully is just a few years away. Yes there are some Conservatives here but we are far out numbered by the libs.

    14. Good luck getting out soon. We would be honored to have another Conservative here in Texas. Welcome any time.

    15. Keep fighting Laureen –

      We lived in California from 1985 to 1992. We saw how anti-business the California government had become and relocated to Nevada.
      That was about the time many companies decided the same thing – and made the same move.
      Too many of the transplants brought their illogical ideas with them and turned the Las Vegas and Reno areas into the same politically-stupid environments they had just fled.
      When we retired in 2010, we relocated to Florida.

      Have faith – there is a better life after California.

    16. They are not held here in California. They can leave anytime they want. We clearly don’t welcome them here with their 19th century beliefs and we don’t especially welcome those of you who believe the earth is only 6 thousand years old. That would all you here at TPNN. Stay out of California and check your bibles made in China at the door.

    17. Duel , you outed yourself . . now we know what you are. You’re a bigot and hater . . you hate Christians. Rest easy . . .if you hate Christians, no one will force you to be one or have one.

    18. “if you hate Christians, no one will force you to be one or have one.” What does that mean. I don’t want one or would have one either way. I hate the ignorant by they Christian or not, Christian.

    19. Who is we, that implies more than one when you refer to ” we clearly don’t welcome them here ” , So let me guess, you and you pet cat, because you can’t speak for all of California, just the stupid ones.

    20. Another empty and vapid comment from an extremist of the religious fanatical RIGHT. Shut up already..we live in a secular society.

    21. I dont believe in SINS dennis. What god would set up a system whereby he punishes you for having fun.

      Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.

      Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.

      When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.

      If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.

      Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.

      Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.

      Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully
      to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having
      called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.

      Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.

      Do not harm little children.

      Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.

      When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

      I am also a member of the tea party,

    22. duel, you must be a peter puffer from San Francisco. Remember that aids kills. The earth is a little over six thousands years old.

    23. You mean rocks in your head. Read Genesis and learn the real age of the earth. But if you don’t believe in God it won’t matter. You are the soul planer of your own destiny. Chose it wisely.

    24. I love SF and the entire Bay area, yes. As for being a ‘peter puffer’, not my bag but since you mention it, it may be yours secretly. Am I correct? Those that scream the most enjoy it the best and I believe you may be of that ilk and you may not even be self aware of it. Do some soul searching and ask yourself why it is that you even brought it up. And most of all, don’t be ashamed…

    25. I’m one of them Lin, a very Conservative guy that can’t leave yet….once I retire I will try to make your state more red. To all you Red Staters, don’t be hating all NYers…there are plenty of Conservatives here, but the liberal scum in NYC has us outnumbered….

    26. Thanks for clarifying that Northern California is NOT the same as the south. We do have the capitol but I would send it south if we could split in two. Southern CA is a low information area, mostly, and vote dem no matter what. That is why we are the lucky owners of 3 felon senators, all democrats. But the morons will still vote democrat, stupid is what stupid gets. California would be much better off being two states, not six or one. The Sacramento politicians cater to the south because of the voting power neglecting the north actually ruining the north. CA has Brown rot again.

    27. I don’t know where you guys live in Kalifornia, but I live in San Jose and it’s lib central. I do know some Conservatives but for the most part the Bay Area is exactly like Southern Kalifornia, run by libs, unions and low information voters keeping them in power !!!

    28. Arizona will soon be Blue by 2020. Imagine if California, New York and Tejas all in Blue control would mean the Reds would have no chance in winning national elections. This combination of electoral votes will be something the REDS could not overcome even if they were to win every other state in the union.

    29. Sure and imagine the country going broke because the government wouldn’t be able to afford all those free phones, birth control pills, free abortions, etc. . . .and you low information Neanderthals would quit voting without your freebies and the country would revert to totally red then all you vermins would be relegated to your closets for a long time . . vicious cycle.

    30. You sure do dream big, as big as Texas. Comb your hair and don’t think we all want to take us back to the 19th century with your religious dogmas and backward social acceptance. People who fell for the ‘Free Phone’ issue are truly ignorant, and you know how I feel about the ignorant.

    31. Just wait until the world stops accepting our US Dollars, aka Monopoly money….the end will be quick for ignorant hungry leftists like yourself.

    32. Worry not about me Rex. I am not dependent on the value of the US dollar to sustain me. Pay it in Euro, Peso, Yuan or Dollar of any country is my motto. Yes, fear is all over your post.

    33. lets hope that doesnt happen. The current administration is already pushing us into a position that may be unrecoverable. If the dollar is replaced as the international standard, we are done. The recession that will occur will make this last one look like a party, and the inflation will be crippling (think about what would happen if everything went up in price 25% over night and kept going from there…)

      Now go home troll.

    34. Have you not been saying this since FDR? Get some new talking for the ones you have are as staid and as stale as the conservative movement is in this country. As our population gets older and the old timers die off, the youth of this country have rejected your political platforms time and time again. Welcome to the New America.

    35. Well, since I was not alive when FDR was president, no I have not been saying that since FDR was President.

      This has not been an issue until recently. As the US Debt soars, and the Fed an the US treasury print dollars to pay for our out of control spending problem, the value of the dollar weakens. Additionally, as we get closer and closer to a point when it is clear that we will never be able to pay our debt, the rest of the world loses confidence in the dollar as the reserve standard. As that happens (and it already is happening) there will be growing calls to replace the dollar as the reserve standard. since you appear to be one of those people that is clearly too young to understand that you really dont know squat, I will explain this to you. As the reserve currency, any country wishing to do business with another country must exchange their currency into dollars, conduct the transaction in dollars and then those dollars are converted back to the recipient country’s currency. There is only one country that need not worry about its ability to purchase dollars… So what happens if the dominant reserve currency were to change to the Euro, for example? Do you even begin to comprehend the problems we will have? My guess is no, since you think this has been an issue since FDR was president (hint the Dollar was not even a minor player until 1945 as a reserve currency).

      As for you thinking that conservative values are a thing of the past, lets hope not, and someday you may even understand why.

      As for rejecting my political platform, since you dont know my politics, how can you say that, once again, i must school you in thinking that you know more then your betters. BTW, you are aware that more than half of the registered voters did not vote for your candidate. Also can you tell me why we are a constitutional republic and not a democracy?

      And yes the youth of this country are the future, but if they ignore the knowledge and experience of their predecessors, they will have no future. Those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

    36. Paul, yes you “guess”, “think” and certainly assume all you want. It is nothing more than that…a guess, a thought and an assumption. As for your affiliation, the fact that you actually read this site tells me all I need to know.

    37. I see no attempt to refute what I have said. The only assumptions I have made are that you not a troll. Guess you were right, my assumption was wrong. So unless you can put together a coherent argument that shows that out of control government spending is a good thing for this country, why personal responsibility is a bad thing or why we should scrap the Constitution, I’ll politely suggest you go upstairs, thank your parents for the home htey provide you and go outside and try to make some friends.

    38. Tell me this, are corporate tax breaks or subsidies a form of unnecessary spending? By the way, my parents have been dead for years and live in a loft space on the 5th floor. No basement here, unlike where you are sitting in your dirty undies thinking that spending on the common good is a wasteful thing.

    39. not exactly sure how to answer your question, other than to point out that tax breaks (corporate or otherwise) are not spending. You seem to be under the impression that taxes are anything other than legalized theft.

      Are you not aware that the corporate tax rate in the US is the highest in the world, and is a contributing factor to companies leaving the US? Since you clearly are of the opinion that corporations should be penalized with high taxes, can you tell me who owns corporations?

      Maybe you need to go back and take some history and civics. The constitution specifically limits federal government. Why? Because our founders knew that large government is inherently corrupt. Another quick question for you, are we granted rights by the Government through the Constitution/Bill of Rights, or our rights inherent and the Constitution/Bill of rights are merely enumerating our natural rights so as to remove ambiguity?

      And yes, depending on how you define “the common good” spending is wasteful. The government is not supposed to be the provider for the citizens. Please show us where in the COnstitution the Federal Government is given the authority to provide cell phones, food stamps, welfare, housing, and insurance. Show us where in the Constitution the Federal Government is given the authority to control education. Show us where in the Constitution the Federal Government is given the authority to mandate that I purchase a product from a private company.

      If your parents are dead, why do they live in a loft space on the 5th floor?

    40. Yes I do believe that we all have to carry the burden of those given tax breaks to corporations owed by shareholders or privately held. No difference.

      The reason jobs are headed overseas is not because of the level of taxation but the low cost of overseas labor and because those foreign manufacturers don’t have to pay for the healthcare of their workers. We can’t compete and yes some companies have left for lower taxes but the great majority have not. Why do you suppose that is?

      My interpretation of ‘promoting the general welfare’ does support the concepts of the Great Society. You just don’t like it, it’s that simple.

      Let me clarify…my parents have been dead for years and I live in a loft on the 5th floor.

      Clarify if you will ….. do you mean to say ‘are’ rights inherent or are ‘our’ right inherent, for it does make a difference.

      We believe in very different interpretations of the constitution and if you are implying that the ACA is unconstitutional, that argument has already been decided by the Supreme Court and like it or not it is the law of the land. Love it or leave it.

      You see, as people like you die off, our society will continue to change for the better. You on the far RIGHT would have us go back to the 1900s if you could take us there. But there are more of us than there are of you and the only thing that holds the dam from bursting open is that you have control of the House and the redistricting. Come 2020, you will lose that and you shall be relegated to the sit out you dim presence on the shelves of some basement accompanying the Whig Party. I await your retort.

    41. Duel you are also going to find that when we are relegated out of politics as i agree will inevitably happen we will also remove our support of the economy and YOU will find out exactly how bad off things are because right now people like me and Lin are holding up your entire house of cards. as it stands right now there are going to be about 40 50 more years of pain till the last of the baby boomers die off but there isnt enough working folks to keep them all supported Right now. so with out Capitalists like Lin and myself and others here making money for you to tax to keep your social spending solvent youre screwed ecconomicly just as we are screwed politically. The funny thing about money is we can send it ANYWHERE. I personally am saving every dime I can and am moving to Belize or Costa Rica where I can live pretty well. I can do my job from anywhere. I dont NEED to be an american. My skills are marketable ANYWHERE. are yours?

    42. Again more conclusions made by subjective analysis on your part. Your fear, even of your own future is evident in your statements. Costa Rica has a large movement to move it to the LEFT. Are you aware of that? It is easy in Latin America to promote socialism, the many outnumber the few.

    43. Are you just as happy with the new rulings of the Supreme Court? Love it or leave it?

    44. No, not exactly but as you know, that pendulum swings back and forth. Precedent at the US Supreme Court is not exactly practiced. Do you think Hillary Clinton will be our next President?

    45. i can do that.

      Origination clause, the interstate commerce clause as interpreted by the scotus under the Ogden decision among others.

    46. I am familiar with the SCOTUS findings saying that it is legal for them to tax us. Too bad the SCOTUS rewrote the law to make it fit the Origination clause. It still does not change the fact that the Constitution does not say that the Federal government can dictate that I must buy a specific product or service. The Constitution does no say anything about the Federal Government can do anything with Healthcare.

      OK, let get specific here, where in the following do you see anything that specifically grants the federal Government the authority to regulate Healthcare:
      “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.” (hmmmm…. Didnt Obamacare originate int he Senate, and sorry, completely rewriting a bill in order to bypass this is complete BS….)

      And now show me int he following where you see a reference to the Federal Government controlling education….
      “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;”

      Regardless of what the SCOTUS says , these are both clearly not powers granted specifically to the Federal Government…

      “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor
      prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively,
      or to the people”

      Had the left never been successful in passing the 17th amendment, we would not be in this mess. The founders were adamant that the Senate be appointed by the State Legislatures, as the Senate was supposed to represent the states and prevent Federal overreach, like we see today. It is past time to repeal the 17th amendment and get the Federal Government functioning as is should.

      BTW, if you are going to say that the SCOTUS cannot be wrong and cannot find incorrectly I will refer you to Dread Scott v Stanford…

    47. Leftists on the Supreme Court, starting with FDRs appointments, have managed to turn the new meaning of the Constitution 180 degrees from its intent. Social Welfare, Federal Gov’t owning businesses, Gun Control and a HOST of other things are CLEARLY Unconstitutional. But if the right people are on the Court there is no need for an Amendment process. They simply rewrite the Constitution with an “opinion”. James Madison was actually ASKED if there was anything the the Constitution that allowed the Gov’t to give Citizens money from the Treasury and he said there was nothing that allowed this. Gun control? That is what STARTED the American Revolution. For how this was viewed by the Founding Fathers in relation to the Federal Gov’t read Federalist Paper #29 at
      The Federal Gov’t since FDR (at best a socialist) has repeatedly overstepped if Constitutional mandate and in almost every case the Court has voted for big gov’t over our rights. But then we are operating under HIS state of emergency and Obama just layered ANOTHER on top of that. I would think that by NOW FDRs reason for the “emergency” would be pasted. Except I suspect that a LOT of the things the Feds do would be unlawful without it. So how about writting our members of Congress and demand these things be rescinded. I may do this just to see what answers get…

    48. Paul, he doesn’t understand. The liberal school system has screwed him up so bad he doesn’t know how to think rationally. He has been submissive to the liberal brain washing.

    49. Dual, welcome to the Banana Republic America. You don’t seem to understand that the left is destroying this country economically and morally. Don’t believe it. Just wait. We can’t afford to pay the debt now, and all the illegals being moved in by Obama will be the final breaking point. When you finally see the result, it will be too late. You will be crying then, But realize that you caused. Thank you for helping to destroy this once great nation. You twit.

    50. before I die I will do whatever it takes to stop the liberals and their lies. The FN president lied about healthcare in order to push ahead with the NWO. You morons are too FN blind to see what is really happening here, The IRS threats to fine those that don’t give in to the ACA now has increased to $7000? Are you stupid or retarded? If retarded well then I will give you a break but if your just stupid, go back to school but in another country for you will learn more about how the world views the USA and our current POS so called president. Weak liberals make a weak country. People like you do not deserve to be Americans.

    51. Oh you betcha. and go I will. If you resided in CA you would know the corrupt ways of the democrats. The extensive taxation on every business and person. The fees for everything these crooks can come up with. They have taken a great place to live and turned into a welfare dump. They have chased thousands of middle class jobs out of state. The sad part is they continue to chase out business so the only thing left are minimum wage jobs. They have welcomed illegals with open arms and our open check books. They take better care of criminals than they do the citizens. Murderers have more rights than victims. They have released violent criminals to our streets while imposing the most strict gun control in the country. Crime has increased because the crooks have the weapons. The cops are only there to take reports. Yeah life is good under the democrats. Almost forgot, we have 3 democrats that are senators that are either convicted or waiting trial for felony charges. There are more but they haven’t been caught yet. Our Guv is a burnout who disregards the judicial system and is a chronic liar. We have ignorant voters that don’t have a clue what is really going on. Nothing else needs to be said but there is a lot more to say.

    52. Again, more subjective garbage from the trashy mouth of some T-billy. Yes we have forced those that believe as you out of California and we do not need to have a conservative to in our state house to even form a quorum. The rural country side once taken from those very people who made is so prosperous are once again taking those lands back from those who leave. California will never again be a conservative bastion, the world has changed and with it comes the Asian and Latino waves that are making up the New America. California is a beautiful place, certainly the Southland and the Central coast and the Bay area. Riverside, Orange County and San Diego County, not so much.

    53. Wrong, you will not force me out of California. I do not run from you and your types. Are you denying the three felons? are you denying that Brown has dismissed the judges ruling on the train to no where? Are you sure you can win this fight to keep CA a welfare state? There are many up north that will take back this state when the time is right. All you liberals are in for a treat. Are Riverside, Orange County and SD a little too conservative for your likes? I got news for you, when the media is taken down the democrats will fall fast and hard. The day nears when the world will have morals again and that day marks the end of an era of special rights for some and not equal rights for all. Come take my guns, I dare you. Our voice may not be flamboyant like yours but pay attention, you will hear it soft and clear. Step back while you have a chance for the ones you support are as corrupt as they come. That day will be history in the making, or not. Maybe your right. Either way I will not leave my birth place nor will I give in to the lack of morals and lack of family values the left propagates. The way I was raised lying was not acceptable, but your kind you don’t even know what the truth is or how to tell it. California has Brown Rot again and again…….. Just because the democrats are creating laws that will try to make it a one party state forever, don’t bet on its success. There are many who are now seeing the true colors of the commies in charge and they will not support it any longer. The fight will be taken to the streets someday, where will you be hiding?

    54. before I die I will do whatever it takes to stop the liberals and their lies. The FN president lied about healthcare in order to push ahead with the NWO. You morons are too FN blind to see what is really happening here, The IRS threats to fine those that don’t give in to the ACA now has increased to $7000? Are you stupid or retarded? If retarded well then I will give you a break but if your just stupid, go back to school but in another country for you will learn more about how the world views the USA and our current POS so called president. Weak liberals make a weak country. People like you do not deserve to be Americans.

    55. Point taken . . .however one has to wonder how things would have turned out during the Civil War if the economies then, were the same as they are today. Back then the south had only cotton and the north was industrialized. Today, the south’s economy is much stronger and diversified than, say Californication and New Yuk.

    56. California alone has a SDP greater than all the South put together. The South is and has always been a taker region. Not one state in the South is considered a donor state as CA and NY are and have always been. What this means is for each dollar these states send to DC they get less than a dollar back from the federal government. That is primarily because we have to support the poor South.

    57. actually Duel. California is a donor state has been for years. The SOUTH is a donor state because it has a enormous cities (Atlanta Memphis, St Louis, every large city in Florida New Orleans ect ect ect) that act as social spending money sinks where money from the entire state flows into the cities. Social spending and welfare spending when you get OUT of those cities drops off dramaticly

    58. The SOUTH is not a state. It is a region. And they are all, taker states. Every single one of them as they have been since before the civil war. How the SOUTH thought it could win a war against the rich NORTH, is beyond most of us.

    59. You are right Mayla! OK; Lets lock and load! America has never been threatened like it has been since Obama and his following of political and financial traitors began their programed conspiracy. I can understand various states being so disgusted with “not” our government, but the traitors within it that they want to succeed for safety sake. The American Patriots are armed and strong. True Americans will stand together. Keep the bells of freedom ringing. Together we will stand! GOD BLESS AMERICA

    60. I am from cal. to then I got smart and left. True we are 1 nation under God, United we stand, but we are still individual states. Thus the united States of America, not “The United States of America”. The United States of America is that corporation in Washington that claims to be our government and is being run by a bunch of greedy, corrupt politicians, most of whom should be in prison.

      The government is the People of the individual States united together.

    61. joecrouse, I find your lack of understanding of the foundation of this country especially troubling on this day celebrating our independence. Have you ever heard of let alone read the Federalist Papers? Have you ever read about the history of the Constitution?

      The concept of federalism is EXACTLY what the Founders of the country and Framers of the Constitution intended. Federalism is the concept which defines the relationship between the government at the national level and its constituent units at the state and local levels. In this type of government power and authority is allocated between the national and local governments. Each governmental unit is delegated a sphere of power and authority only it can exercise, while other powers must be shared.

      That’s why the Constitution was written after the Articles of Confederation failed. In the Constitution power is shared by the central government and the sovereign States. So concerned were the States that they demanded more constraints on the central government, hence the Bill of Rights including the 9th and 10th Amendments.

      I strongly suggest you go back to school and take a course in US government civics, but not one in USSA government and civics. However, seeing you as how you don’t need, or perhaps want, to be an American, I can see why you choose to be ignorant of the founding principles of our type of governance.

    62. That is incorrect. It was not written as”One nation under god”. Under god was added in the fifties by the evil empire known as the knights of columbus as a way of forcing their religion on others starting at a young age. Keep your religion to yourself , we dont all want to believe in boogeymen.

    63. Yea right, so I suppose they didn’t use the Bible in school to teach reading with and George Washington never dedicated this country to God, right???? Go learn some history and stop being so damn thin skinned, no one is forcing God on you. That is YOUR OWN discomfort with God himself that you’re feeling because trust me your spirit deep down inside of you knows God !!!!

    64. if you were truly comfortable in your beliefs, you wouldnt care… what was added or when.

    65. Actually Mayla it’s you that needs a little more education, but it’s understandable since you went to school here in Kalifornia. City and County governments are supposed to have most of the rights because they are closest to the citizens and they know more than anyone else what is needed, next would come the States rights and then the Feds are dead last. Their (the Feds) original duties were to protect the citizens and not much else because they are furthest away from you and I, the common citizen. Think about it…….

    66. actually we are not supposed to be a united nation thats why we are refered to as the Several states in the US constitution. the central government should never be as powerfull as they are.

    67. We on the LEFT could in no way stand next to you regardless the threat or consequences. You are everything we despise and that is what divides us so rabidly.

    68. Ummm…. Are you mentally challenged? Oh, that’s right, the word’s retarded. So I guess you voted for obummer? I wouldn’t let word of that get out. Didn’t wanna lose your food stamps and monthly check, huh? Dumbsh**!!!

    69. Your retort is classic to the rhetoric of the extreme RIGHT fringe; empty and vapid. It is full of emotion with no fact whatsoever. Yes I voted for Barack Obama along with 65 plus million people twice and Hillary Clinton will be your next president like it or not. You folks in the T-billy movement seem to think that ALL liberals are poor and destitute. Why is that when a huge number of those on the RIGHT accept SS and Medicare. They even support the VA, a wholly socialist system. Try to run on the platform of eliminating these programs, you’ll have you butt handed to you once again as you face great odds in gaining the needed coalition to call success yours.

    70. That is why I fear for my state of birth, Louisiana, and my adopted state, The Great State of Texas . . . they are very clean, happy, attractive “nests” for the the liberal, perverted, baby killing, progressive, socialist cockroaches leaving their dirty, filthy, infested nests . . . Be aware, you’re welcome here, but check in your crazy ideology at the border and if you find that clean living is too much for you to handle, leave and pick-up your ideology at the border and take it with you . . .or you’re in for a hard fight.

    71. Be careful Lin!

      It doesn’t happen that way! We have example after example of places the liberals (and not just Calif. Liberals – though they are particularly virulent!) have moved to and brought their crazy warped sense of values with them; they have proceeded to ruin almost every place they have settled!

      I’ve seen it happen in Oregon, starting in the 60’s (There was a reason for the ‘John Blaine Society’ – look it up).
      I’ve seen it happen in Nevada, starting in the 90’s (Just look at how the Liberals infesting Las Vegas and Reno have taken over state politics from the Conservative rural folks there).

      Liberals cannot seem to connect their disgusting politics and societal policies with the putrefication of their strongholds, That eventual forces them to move out seeking more pristine and liveable places to find their nirvana – and, they repeat the same process all over again!
      Liberals are like Muslims – they feel the world is theirs to ruin as they please.

      The result is now being seen in Colorado, Texas, Arizona, ??. It starts in the large population centers and even if it doesn’t spread into the rural lands, they take over the population centers and then (by ‘the rule of numbers’) state politics. . . .and the cycle repeats itself!

      Squash them (by being vigilant and defeating their political efforts) while they’re still getting a foothold and don’t have the numbers to overrule the folks with good sense.

      Good Luck and God Bless.

    72. Texas will be deep Blue by 2020. The demographics are against it remaining in Red hands.

    73. Lol lol lol lol you funny creature . . .does that disorder of yours kick in very often or it just last a long time? Silly boy

    74. Keep on laughing Lin, you too will turn Blue and maybe even just croak and find yourself 6 feet under.

    75. Lol lol lol . . .maybe all you blue people will die first from that Californication disease and we’ll be rid of that cancer and won’t have to worry about. Lol lol lol

    76. What color do you think is Austin? Houston and San Antonio are blue. Dallas and Fort Worth are dark purple. Bob in Florida is right. Liberal infestations like plagues generally begin in the cities. Once they gain a foothold, you just about have to burn ‘em out to get rid of them or at least make their lives as miserable as they make ours.

    77. Could be – it was a long itme ago; and, even then I was always confusing their name with the ‘John’ Birch Society.

      But, I remember the billboards on the highways from California, north into Oregon, with the message – “Welcome Californians – Now, just spend your money here; then go home!” I believe those signs were sponsored,and paid for, by the James Blaine Society. Unfortunately, too many Californians moved to Oregon and stayed.

    78. Tim and Lin, I am in Kalifornia and yes they have destroyed this state. At one time we were number one in everything and now we are lucky if we finish 49th and not 50th. One of my daughters and her inlaws have migrated up into Idaho (another beautiful Conservative state), my son-in-law and his uncle are crazy, extreme left wingers and they have no clue that the reason they left Kalifornia was of their own making (most of them want to move back but can’t afford it, HA) The horribly sad thing is that you can’t forbid the crazies from migrating to your state and if you get enough of them how do you stop them from voting the same garbage in that they just ran from ???????????

    79. Texas has the highest infant mortality rate in the union. How great can that be? Oh yeah, you folks in Tejas care more about oil than you do about the well being of your citizens. If it were not for oil and gas, Tejas would be one big stink farm of pigs and cows, much like all you here.

    80. Texas has the highest infant mortality rate in the union. How great can that be? Oh yeah, you folks in Tejas care more about oil than you do about the well being of your citizens. If it were not for oil and gas, Tejas would be one big stink farm of pigs and cows, much like all you here.

    81. Lol. . Duel, infant mortality high??? I don’t know . . . if it is, maybe it’s because genetic defective peverted carpet-begging butt wipes like you move down here and drop a few of your welfare babies and stupidly leave them in hot cars while you getting your butt manicured.
      Oil??? I guess you either walk everyplace you go or your parents give you rides, since you’ve been living in their basement for so long . . .your jealousy is showing, Queenie.

    82. @Lin. That is one weak retort. But then, what does one expect from a T-Bagger from Tejas. You forget that the greatest amount of people on social assistance, even in Tejas are white folk.

    83. Ah and they do vote. Fear not Lin, relax, it will all be over soon enough and your struggle will end quietly.

    84. in raw numbers yes. but the percentages of your various minority populations are MUCH higher percentages of the individual populations.

    85. YES!! Asians voted for Barack Obama at a higher percent rate than did Latinos. I believe Asians voted 79% Barack Obama and Latinos voted 77.8% Barack Obama and Black folks voted 97 plus percent for Barack Obama. As for the electoral college, Barack Obama won 34% more votes than did Mitt Romney. The only reason the RIGHT holds the House is because of gerrymandering, nothing else. It is not because you had more people vote for those people in conservative districts by no means.

    86. duel, do you have an obsession with being a liar? Please come visit me if you have the guts. What great state do you live in?

    87. Sit your butt down. There is no way I would want to visit such a wretched state for any other reason than to recruit democratic party members of which you know there are many yet to be enrolled.

    88. you realise that they include all the infants that die from poor CARE BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

    89. Texas is the greatest state in the U.S. Why don’t you come and visit me. I’ll show you some BIG Texas hospitality!

    90. Never liked the humidity of Eastern Texas or it’s vast flat and aridness west. I enjoy mountains way too much to every consider ever living in Texas and there is little culture there to boot.

    91. Texas happens to rank 28th in infant mortality rate. If you can’t count, that is lower than half the states

    92. Texas remains a TAKER state. It receives more in federal funds than it pays in taxes. For each dollar sent to the federal treasury, Texas takes in more than a dollar in return. That makes it a welfare state. The statistics on this matter regarding Texas as a TAKER state are very clear. TAKER states are those only controlled by conservatives, not liberals. The wealthiest states are BLUE.

    93. Even if we take your interpretation of Texas ranking 28th in infant mortality, is that good to you in the over all standing? Hmmm, you don’t expect much of Texas I suppose. I sure don’t.

    94. I was going to comment on the infant mortality rate you referred to – then I read the next few comments and saw how badly this discussion had degenerated and decided to not bother participating.

    95. And yall wonder why I left colorado and am so damn glad my kids chose to go to college else where as well

    96. The U.S. voter’s problem is that we generally assume when someone says he will do this or that, if elected, then he will! He is NOT particularly inclined to WANT to be in politics, and assumes others feel the same.

      That this is an odious, but necessary DUTY, to be done quickly, and get back to the home fires and the family business! This is how our Founding Forefathers felt, and envisioned our government upon that dream.

      Unfortunately, there are those unscrupulous types who ENJOY the power and prestige, or see government as a way to fill THEIR pockets while draining OURS! Many of these seem to be Democrats, strangely!

      To these, working for continual re-election to their position fills their every thought! Some convince themselves that they need just ONE more term to accomplish whatever they said they would, or at least, try to convince US of this!

      Some idealists believe THEY only need one term, but nearly every one succumbs to that ‘Foggy Bottom’ (old name for Washington) disease of NEEDING to remain in office!

      Democrats seem to be a breed that befouls their own nest. (I’ll use California as an example!) They THEN move out to another area, and proceed to foul THAT one, and so on! Some of these are the same vermin who NEED that power and control and/or the cash ‘accrual’ possibilities, and run for positions in the NEW areas, beautiful, unspoiled Colorado, in this case!

      They then work earnestly to create ANOTHER cesspool like the one they came from, finding it easy to do when people trust you! Again, i cite Colorado! There WILL come a time when the people wise up! Hopefully, SOON!

    97. Lincoln was as bad as the left wing extemists who want to use schools for nothing more than a way to push their one world govt. communist agenda. The Confederate States had every right to fight for their freedom from Lincoln’s central govt. tyranny. Unfortunately, the cause was lost and now Dixie is in the same sinking boat as every other state although we southerners are the least likely to go along with the left wingers who push for an autocratic central govt.

    98. Oh look everyone!!!! A product of a inflitrated interpretive history instructed student…..RIGHT HERE!!! Examine the ignorance and the institutionalized bred hatred of things that never were and the product of instructors who have hated the US as a nation since the civil war…..

    99. What should supprise me is that the parents of that school district are not enraged and demanding the principal be removed from education forever. Where is the pride in our country from these people who sit by and do nothing?

    100. So many of the parents are not aware of “American History” and they themselves don’t know what the Gadsden Flag stands for. The “Dumbed-down” education system is responsible for the lack of America’s history!!!

    101. Seems like they know the American people have just about had all they’re going to take and that the people are getting ready to take this nation back. They’re arming themselves to turn on their own citizens if you ask me.

    102. These socialist union types don’t want our children to know the real history of this country, that might cause a little patriotism and that is forbidden……How can you feel patriotic about something you don’t really know anything about ??

    103. obviously this teacher/principal wasn’t schooled in History. Love the comments by Stoneburner. Very mature. It is nice to see a young man who “gets it”. If I were his parents I would be ALL over this. This woman is so wrong on so many levels…she needs to go back to school and learn some American History; must have been one of the classes she slept through? Totally agree with you George…our education system is really sad these days. You can almost always recognize a “homeschooled” kid these days…polite, courteous and can carry on an intelligent conversation. Stoneburner is an example of a kid “overcoming” a public education.

    104. we need to close our education system down completely and start from the beginning, without communists putting it together.

    105. Like I told Chop Doc, propaganda has had history replaced for quite some time now. A dumbed down society is easier to manipulate, fool, and control than a well-educated, informed society.

    106. Most parents are so involved in sports activities and having parties with their friends that they have lost all knowledge of the trials and tribulations that were overcome along the path to freedom and independence. And most schools have not taught the true history of this country for decades.

    107. Chop Doc, American students haven’t been given an accurate, complete picture of American history since before WWI. Since WWI a revisionist version of our history has been systematically and gradually introduced into our history text books. What kids have had for years now is not history; it’s propaganda.

      Example: Our Continental Congress issued a series of proclamations that sound more like a Sunday sermon than a political speech, but political decrees they were. They made direct reference to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

      They issued general orders to the military for officers and enlisted men not to curse or take God’s name in vain. They were ordered to go to church on Sunday. The Continental Congress declared no-work days for the purpose of having the citizens of America confess their sins to God and beg his forgiveness. Our founding fathers realized that if this new nation was to succeed, it needed God’s favorable providence. They were honest enough to admit that they would NOT have God’s providence with sin in the camp.

      Our founding fathers opposed slavery and many were members of Abolitionist societies. Yet today our founding fathers are besmirched with baseless accusations of being racist slave owners.

      Here is a link to a series of videos that go into this with much more detail

      You are seeing the fruits of indoctrination. Nobody has the backbone to stand up and fight this because they’re a product of the last several generations of indoctrination with the idea “Don’t question authority. Bad things will happen to you when you do. Just go with the flow and it will be much less painful.”

    108. One good contact that is helping many of these people to win their fights is the ACLJ. The American Center for Law and Justice is working very hard all over the world to protect our rights. Their website is:

    109. Correct Blue..sadly though our “all empowered media” never reports that and in this day in age, (although they shouldn’t) most people DEPEND on the media for ALL their knowledge of what’s going on in the world….Hell, some don’t even know “it’s not raining” unless they turn on the news. No one looks outside for themselves anymore. We have become to lazy to research our answers before arguing a point, not good.

    110. So don’t just post here – write to District #51 and complain about the principal at Central High School’s behavior and lack of knowledge! Do something!

    111. You can tell he’s an American teenager……he can’t even SPELL “CHORES”…..

    112. You bet . . .communism or Marxism couldn’t “take a hold” because people held on to their Christian faith no matter what . . .remember ZerObama’s remark cling to their guns and Bibles???? Well, here’s a theory . . .since, as we seen many times, it is difficult to outright do away with Christianity, the Muslim socialist is using the homosexual agenda to force Christians in the closet . . . creating a vacuum which will be filled with the “religion of peace, Islam”. Oh, what about the perverts???? Their “usefulness” will be over and will no longer be needed . . .So, how does Sharia feel about homosexuals??? lol lol.

    113. Everyone knows what sharia does to gays, everyone except for the low information voting liberals. What a sad surprise they are in for !!!

    114. Now um Mr. Supreme you can’t just scream at people you have to work at them very carefully. Screaming in America makes us think the screamer is weak. We are a people of subdued emotions, it is the European stock in us.

    115. let the honor student drive the car (you suck). Let the Beretta do the talking (don’t be a coward).

    116. Women do not need or want a male owner, we are free to do as we please and believe. We do what chores (not choirs) when we feel like it.

    117. Susan the reality is just what these men are speaking about. I agree with you whole heartedly but our country is headed down a path of destruction and one of the by products is the taking of freedom and returning to chains. We must be vocal and speak out against losing our freedoms. This government has come off its chain.

    118. will you escape the punishment for half of the white sisterhood voting for the incompetent half breed? You will be given two choices, lay down or I’ll knock you down. The chaos will not be pretty…..GOOD LUCK !

    119. He’s doing a satire. But most of his words are on bull’s eye that I would admit that he scares me.

    120. We American women aren’t owned by anyone. We do as we please and you need to shut up

    121. Teresa Putz,

      Soon you and all your female relatives will be wearing the burqa

    122. Get off the computer, leave your mom’s basement and do something useful to help her. Maybe you could do your own laundry, wash the dishes, clean the bathrooms or mow the lawn tomorrow afternoon.

    123. Better yet, maybe he could go on a rampage and take out a few hundred of his raghead brothers before using the last bullet on himself! Now THAT would be something useful!

    124. I know why you are against women. You use all your time making love to camels and goats because you don’t allow your women to take baths.

    125. if you are unable to say anything with intelligence– then we would appreciate you take your stupid A__
      back to your worthless country an tell all of your worthless family that you failed in America! The only part of your name is supreme= is that you are a supreme fool!! If you wont leave this country willling–
      then we will send you back in a body bag!! You know this is true as we have a REAL GOD on our side.
      You worship Allah— everyone knows this is a false god ( except you ) so get out now wihile you still can! AND– get your eyes OFF our women– you pervert!!!!!!! EN-SHALLA———————

    126. Don’t be so sure. Democrats already have. Have you seen who occupies the White House?

    127. Have you noticed marypolo that you mentioned the obvious without noticing Teresa was talking about we…..does that mean that you markypolo believe that we normally follow the idiot currently in the white house and his misled bretheren or do you also believe that WE are just as vocal and WE have just as much say. As for me….I am sure.

    128. What I believe Mark is that “WE” are greatly outnumbered by the moron deadbeat voter. Obummer won by fewer than 5,000,000 votes. I do not believe voter fraud is the culprit. 5,000,000 votes? I do wish I had your optimism. I fear things in America will get far worse before TSHTF. All in All, the world IS round. And things should right themselves. After all, the “Renaissance Period” did follow the “Dark Ages”.

    129. if there was no voter fraud, please explain how the repubs kept the house, obummer won, every close election in the senate the dems won, so people voted for dem pres, dem sen, but a repub in the house, makes no sense

    130. Obama kept just enough to keep him safe. He lost big time here but the Democrat, rubber stamp everything Obama wants Senator, won over a really good guy, by his voting record, who was our man in the house (we only have one) lost his run for the Senate seat. But the Republican won the House seat to replace the guy that ran for the Senate. So Obama did not need Montana (1 vote in the Electoral College) but the SENATE SEAT WAS IMPORTANT loose to many of these and the one world Gov’t agenda is tougher to implement and Congress might actually pass something the HELP the economy. This would not do so the Senate staid Democrat even though people voted against Obama they voted FOR the guy that voted lock step with him. Yeah i really trust the way elections are run with all those voting machines around the country that would not let people vote republican until they had tried several times. This is no accident. Kennedy won when the mob in Chicago got out the dead vote. Had Nixon done this it would have been all over the news cause the press hated him and always did. Obama does far worse and it hardly gets in the news.

      Yeah it makes not sense alright. But without the Senate the Republicans are basically powerless and cannot even impeach with any success. THINK!!!!

    131. I once thought he might be Muslem rather than Christian but I now think he really is an atheist.

    132. Nobama is acting iranian. He has been trying to remove sanctions from Iran since he has been in office. Iran has been motivated by him to carry on with their dreams of world dominance. . .I know it will never happen but they will make huge strides toward that. Once USA starts to support Israel again muslims will be back on the terrorist lists. One thing that cracks me up about muslime hypocrites is that they fight so much against each other! They will never unite. The hypocrite islsime religion is set up where every imam or whoever has the seniority in the group decides how far to go with their hypocritical treachery. Some go as far as to rape children in public like they did during the egypt uprising, some will fight against those who rape children, some will fight against both. Brothers become extreme enemies among muslime countries. How could they ever dominate the world. Their own households don’t even agree on many issues.

    133. Iranian and possible Saudi. They hate America and liberal MSM covers it up. Saudis owned America online and several other entities, that is why liberals flocked to it. Liberals in America love to aid and comfort the enemy. Saudi is no ally, they are feeders controlling our fuel and now our internet. India is on board with them Two of 0bama’s top buddy tyrant nations.

    134. Osama bin laden was saudi along with most of the supposed terrorists who perpetrated 911. Why we invaded afghanistan, and irag is anybodies guess. I guess it just shows how much amerikkkans love lamestream megaliars.

    135. The most powerful org on the planet will rule the world again with the same iron fist and that is the church run state of rome, the vatican! Many are not even noticing there gigantic influence that this jesuit is having on the whole planet. America has completely forgotten what PROTESTANT AMERICA even is, or WAS!

    136. Possibly with pleasant memories of islam. He is quite narcissistic and arrogant, two traits that go well with atheism !!!

    137. Do some research on how many muslime brotherhaters are in powerful offices in DC! Odumbo has filled his cabinet with MB baby raping hypocrites!

    138. Currently, the most noted ones in the Obama administration include Huma Abedin, deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (and wife of former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner); Rashad Hussain, who is America’s special envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and Farah Pandith, the State Department’s special representative to Muslim communities. Two out of 535 members of Congress are also Muslim, both Democrats: Keith Ellison of Minnesota, and Indiana’s André Carson. Several other Muslims serve on federal advisory boards, including Dalia Mogahed, who advised the White House office of faith-based and neighborhood initiatives, and Mohamed Elibiary, who has consulted for the Department of Homeland Security.

      On the state level, high-level Muslim appointments can also be a controversial issue. Last year, New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, appointed Sohail Mohammed to be the state’s first Muslim Superior Court judge, but only after facing down a hail of charges from conservatives in his own base that Mohammed would bring Sharia, or Islamic religious law, into American courts.

    139. Not really a current list. In case you apparently haven’t been paying attention, Hillary Clinton has not Ben sec of State for about a year or so.

    140. You forgot a couple. Valerie Jarret, member of the MB and whose mother is a member of the women’s arm of the MB. Salam al-Marasgati, Obama advisor, founder of Muslim Public Affairs Council and current executive director. Arif Alikhan, Ass’t Secretary for Policy Decisions, DHS. The three have ties to the MB.

    141. and the head of the cia is a converted muslim, brennan, he converted to the muslim faith in saudi arabia.

    142. who are proud communists? Are you a “real man”? If so, what are you doing to help? To me, you sound pretty ignorant, maybe u should do some actual research before u post something.

    143. Mayla, I’ve come to the conclusion that you are a liberal, pretending to be a Conservative. You are clearly an uneducated buffoon. Just so you know, with every insulting “you’re uneducated” comment you look more and more stupid !!!!

    144. ISLAM can be cured with a bullet, just like last time…..but you CANNOT be a coward. Bullets in the hands of a coward are useless. Like Barry’s brain. useless

    145. Of course it is….and very well executed with accompanying avatar even…..

      kudos, supreme!

    146. Love it, especially “a women” and “choirs”. Please excuse me. I must have my Half and Half. Half camel urine half camel milk. MERS, my gift to you my brother. Partake of my libation with me so that we may have our virgins quickly. I yearn for Bacha Bazi, don’t you?

    147. How dare a worshipper of a man who raped a six year old girl speak to a decent woman!

    148. Hey muslim s.t.f.u!
      lol male own ha bitch we have no male owners we are equal at everything even free speech and us woman control our own money & children without a mans help. So f*cking shut up with ur beliefs on control of woman.

    149. Fuck off, Camel-Jockey. Women have just the same Rights as men in this country.

    150. lol, I can not even go into detail on what you are, pedophile is about the closest word I can think of. You support a religion of raping 3 year old girls. Not to mention slapping, hitting, and abusing women. Or the sale of women. Not to mention the idea that the those that follow Islam have the right to attack and kill anyone that is not a believer. A religion of lies and aristocracies. Where the high and mighty and priests are free to do what they want, while those that are of lower standing can only follow their teachings.

      And you expect respect form a people that think women should be treated as equal. But your religious texts says to silence all those that stand against you. Sounds more like a religion of war. A religion of a terrorists. Worshiping a hole in the ground when it has been told the devil lives there, yet you praise him as your God. God in heaven has said to test the prophets when they come. How many that tested Mohamed about being a prophet of God ever lived? 0.

      That is the tactic of a false prophet, the one the true God told you to test. There has never been proof that your texts of the Koran have ever been found to be older than that of the true God, the dead sea scrolls. So keep up with the warlord who wrote you text, raped children, and was a plight as all warlords are on the land. Because your heaven will be what evil you preach. Remember, the devil will try to convince you of lies. Even that there is somewhere worse than the worship of him.

      So take that mightier than thou attitude, and walk off a very tall bridge and see if you God will save you or let you die.

    151. Glenn, that was a lot to type to someone who is spoofing. He is not real, he is writing satire.

    152. If it satire, where am I wrong? Tell me that the Koran does not promote the killing of those that do not accept it as the word of God? Tell me it says not to kill the evil of women. Tell me how many times Mohammed was tested as a true prophet? Tell me the Koran does not say it is acceptable to lie to unbelievers.
      Tell me Islamic law does not allow for a man to kill a woman and not be a criminal. Tell me Islamic law does not say that if a woman is raped, she needs at least 3 other men to testify on her behalf and say the person actually raped her. Tell me Islamic law does not allow marriage to a 3 year old child. Tell me that Islamic law does not allow the killing of the non-believers and not be charged with murder.
      And their claim is that it is a religion of peace?!?! A piece of crap.
      Look at how close the liberals and democrats in America are are close to Islam. This should scare you if you support this mindset. What does that really say about the type of person you are?

    153. You are NOT wrong. I agree with everything you said. I did not agree with the jokester at all. Lighten up friend. I have multiple degrees which enables me to think critically. I know satire when I see it. Yes, I have read Lord of the Rings as well as the Hobbit. Thanks for the insults. I believe I am done with you.

    154. Oh. You can dish out the insults, but when it comes to receiving them, you can not take it? I wonder why that is? Calling me not real, referring that for some reason I am fake? No, I am not. Just showing you an answer to the first insult. I have read some of your past posts and never seen you act with any thing as you did with my post. As you see on mine, I write, and do think, and am real. So please do not act like I insulted you, when you act out of character as you did.
      If you wish to apologize be my guest. I will be more than happy to accept it. But please do not act offended, when I was able to show my stance and how much I hate the Idea of Islam, especially a religion that claims it is acceptable to rape 3 year olds. And you think that is satire? You insult me. Instead of pulling the crap you just did, I point out that this is what Islamic Law allows. I will leave it at that for now.

    155. islam is the devils answer to christianity, it is a total counterfeit, 360 degree opposite of christianity.

    156. Supreme: I don’t normally come on board to correct someone’s typos or spelling errors, but since you think you are such a comedian……I couldn’t pass this one up? How to you do a choir?

    157. Maybe you should check your own grammar/spelling/sentence structure before critiquing same – especially a great piece of satire. I don’t believe most of the the folks who are responding to the fake cleric really know what satire is…unfortunately. But it is very good to see that the overwhelming majority knows what a travesty islam c/would be if fully implemented in BO’s Amerika.

    158. Since when has really poor taste and incorrect English been labeled as satire? This sounds like a 15 year-old troll having a laugh, thinking he will stir up a fight. Looks like a lot of folks fell for it.

    159. Bimbo Whorever

      Silence you fat harlot! Don’t ever try to correct a Muslim man as educated brother Farzan, for he knows more than your weak and small female brain could ever take.

    160. OH, come on, JERK. You are not even a little bit funny! If you can’t contribute to the site go suck down some more kool aid and leave the grown ups alone!

    161. Tell you what, Supreme Cleric, or whatever you think you are. How about you come to Ohio, and we’ll see who the Imam is going to be. But bring a lunch. It’ll be the LONGEST DAY YOU EVER HEARD OF.

    162. Bitch589

      If a Muslim goes to the trailertrash state of Ohio, it’s not have lunch with a homosexual like you, it’s only to pass through to better places.

    163. You are a freaking asshole. You think you are above all but I assure you that you are not above any of us here.

    164. I will use my Desert Eagle in .50 A.E to make them HEAR the call of the CONSTITUTION!

    165. Go lick a foot. you, and your so called religion of peace are lower than ANY sinner in America. I’m not saying this out of anger, or to be rude, but perhaps if you didn’t force your belief down others throats, your religion might have more believers. Sorry, but that’s just how I see it. Also, I’m not sorry about that last bit.

    166. Lesbodyke

      No Muslim man would ever give your manly frame a second look without aiming a stone at your head. The only credit you lesbodykes will get is you are more manly than your feminine homoqueer men.

    167. To do her “choirs” she better have a good singing voice or be stoned to death. Since “women” is plural that means all you girls not just one.

    168. You are as much of a Muslim man as Bill Clinton is black! You need to stop watching the Comedy Channel and the ventriloquist with the puppets, “Silence! I will kill you!”

    169. OH how you have no idea about Americans– , I lived in the middle east for 4 yrs an i know what you un-educated muslims are about! You dont remember our history, you know nothing of the cowboys and the indians! Well get ready for the same thing with the cowboys an the Muslims!

    170. 17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
      The Communist Takeover Of
      America – 45 Declared Goals

    171. 30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.” 31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

    172. and you don’t even know the language and how to spell what you are trying to spout. In this country males do NOT own females. Muslim men be damned!

    173. The REAL “war on women” is conducted by the Muslims, with the silence of NOW and the tacit approval of the Democratic Potty.

    174. Mohammed was a misogynistic pedophile and a madman who is being followed my a bunch of psychopaths

    175. Choir? So she’s supposed to be singing? Who’s the infidel you moron? Learn to proofread or is that too hard for your infidel mind to do?

    176. Dream on rag head! You camel jockeys haven’t been able to beat Israel (God’s chosen people) much less the USA! Go eat some pork:P

    177. First of all, I don’t believe you are what you say you are. I think you are probably just some punk kid who is looking for a cheap thrill by acting all big and bad on a keyboard. Tell you what, I am a United States Naval Veteran. Why don’t you come meet me, or any other active duty or veteran, and say those same things to our face. We will happily send you on your way. My blades have pigs blood on them and dipping our bullets or even just wetting our knuckles will be NO PROBLEM for our little meeting. ANY religion that preaches death is NOT religion. It is nothing more than an excuse to fill your own personal lust to murder. MY GOD is the ONLY GOD. Yahweh is my GOD’S name. Not Allah. You preach false doctrines. YOU are doing the work of Satan. Yahweh, or “I AM” is a God of love and YOU WILL BE JUDGED.

    178. This bragging about being a member of the gay navy has me laughing hard. What are you going to do homoqueer? Are you going to get your village people boyfriends and start singing “YMCA”?

    179. Hey, camel jockey/diaper head, get your filthy, diseased, satanic, perverted, hairy butt out of the United States which has been, is now, and always be a Christian nation! Go eat some bacon, you’ll feel better.

    180. I can speak to you any way I want to….I don’t have a husband, may he RIP, and NO MAN will EVER OWN ME!!! My life belongs to JESUS CHRIST–not allah!!!

    181. There is something very much wrong with you. We live in America no Muslim can tell our female’s what to do. So you can go back to Arabia and act against the women over there. But since were not in the Arab countries you need to shut up and never say women are weaker than men. Women have done amazing things in history and deserve the same amount of respect as men does. And last time I checked the scriptures showed women being treated as equals. Jesus never hated them. Also God never said anything about hating on women. So shut up.

    182. Gay Gabe

      You ignorant idiot, brother Farzan is from Iran not
      Arabia. The only amazing thing a woman can do is extract the baby batter
      from my tunic snake with rigorous determination.

    183. Gayson the D Melts in your mouth

      The only grip we will get, is
      the one around your wife’s neck is we slam her guts with our meat scuds
      as she has multiple fits of pleasure.


    184. Rita got Slayed

      These words are most blasphemous, it’s like they come from the mouth of the great Satan himself. I will exercise the demons out of your body with my AK47 you useless lesbodyke.

    185. Come see me Raghead…..

      I’m a Hill-billy and I’ve never had the opportunity to meet some one like you… It would be a pleasure to shake your hand.

    186. Redneck Ron

      It would be degrading for a Muslim to shake the hand an old backwater homoqueer like yourself. Keep your hand to yourself or it will be cut off with my scimitar.

    187. You speak with such clarity and power. How can I learn more of this “Islam?” I have three women in my house who sometimes are out of line. I think ” Islam” might be just the thing to bring order from chaos.

    188. HomosT

      You can start by using your common sense dumbass. Give them a daily beating just to remind them who the man is and have them plow your fields.

    189. Are there rules concerning when it’s okay to just honor kill a female member of the household if they get out of hand?

    190. I’m not a homo-sexual. I know that most muslim men aren’t either, although its a well known fact that muslim men will use other men in that manner if women are not available. I, myself, could never do that, so if I convert to Mohammed’s religion, will it be okay if I decline the advances of other muslim men? Is that considered rude? I hope its okay to say “no,” because its a deal breaker for me.

    191. Iomen am a male. And a believer in Jesus Christ!!! I will pray you see the truth one day that freedom is for all who chose it. And that Christ Jesus is the only Way, The Truth and The Life!!!! No one can come to the Father except through Jesus Christ!!! Women are to be treated like Christ loves the church!!! So no the should not keep silent and above all if you want respect then you have to earn it! I pray that you see the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and that’s who you need!!!!

    192. Her choirs? is she part of a singing group now? Granted your post is in jest but seriously, spell it correctly… it’s chores…

    193. Where’s your woman? Does she know that she is married to some clown that doesn’t even know correct grammar nor how to spell?

    194. You are one of the IGNORNANT ONES…..The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will repay you for the EVIL intents of your heart.

    195. @ Supreme cleric ( I mean Supreme Idiot ) Fk off loser.Your mom is doing me right now,thats why she cant speak

    196. Hmm, wrong “number” on the word woman, and I sure hope she finds time to do her choirs, that would be very musical. SCFOI, you flunk English.

    197. Farout Zan of Iran, you need to go get you Huggies changed. I can smell you all the way to Siam!

    198. hey SupremeCleric Farzan of Iran that wont happen in United state Women are very Smart in United State, Women is not slave. we respect men and we expect they do the same,,only stupid women let it that happen,

    199. Check your spelling! A choir is a “group” of people singing! A chore is what you were referring to!

    200. Try to out me under the under the guardianship of an Imam and i will shot you and yours so fast you won’t know what hit you.

    201. I am owned by no one! The son of God died on the cross to give me equality with a man. A real man would not stoop to the level you have! You are a disgrace to decent men everywhere. What is it, are you afraid of women? Are you afraid that one might sneak in your camel tent in the middle of the night and slit your throat? You may in your country treat women the way you do but here you will be shot on sight if you tried to lay a hand on any woman! This is still America and we WILL NOT give in to you or any country or race that wants to own us. You have the audacity to call us names well you are the dogs and pigs of this world and you will never win. We may be divided on some issues here but try to take over and we as a nation will hand you your head on a platter! You disgust me, you are nothing more than trash to be thrown out! Afraid of you, I think not. And by the way you look stupid with that sheet on your head!

    202. Sherlene Stroud • 8 minutes ago

      I am owned by no one! The son of God died on the cross to give me equality with a man. A real man would not stoop to the level you have! You are a disgrace to decent men everywhere. What is it, are you afraid of women? Are you afraid that one might sneak in your camel tent in the middle of the night and slit your throat? You may in your country treat women the way you do but here you will be shot on sight if you tried to lay a hand on any woman! This is still America and we WILL NOT give in to you or any country or race that wants to own us. You have the audacity to call us names well you are the dogs and pigs of this world and you will never win. We may be divided on some issues here but try to take over and we as a nation will hand you your head on a platter! You disgust me, you are nothing more than trash to be thrown out! Afraid of you, I think not. And by the way you look stupid with that sheet on your head!

    203. I am owned by no one! The son of God died on the cross to give me equality with a man. A real man would not stoop to the level you have! You are a disgrace to decent men everywhere. What is it, are you afraid of women? Why, think they will out do you then you won’t have any more slaves?
      You may in your country treat women the way you do but here you will be heavily dealt with if you tried to lay a hand on any woman! This is still America and we WILL NOT give in to you or any country or race that wants to own us. You have the audacity to call us names well you are the dogs and pigs of this world and you will never win. We may be divided on some issues here but try to take over and we as a nation will hand you your head on a platter! You disgust me, you are nothing more than trash to be thrown out! Afraid of you, I think not. And by the way you look stupid with that sheet on your head!

    204. well just about every one in the …USA .. get on the computer ans women alway have work their work never end they need a break just like men do do shut the fuck up about woman………….

    205. Boy, are you ignorant!! It’s “chores”, not “choirs”!!! FYI idiot, chores are assigned tasks. A choir is a group of singers.

    206. That may not be true in many cases. We are restricted in what we can say by political correctness which is a way to silence debate. Many of the people in control would willingly silence any descent.

    207. I am HAPPY I am not silenced by political correctness, I will say whatever I please!

    208. YOU are not free. YOU won’t stand up. YOU pay for the school to brainwash other’s children. YOU need to wake up to reality. This is Amerika, the EVIL EMPIRE

    209. Easy to say, hard to do. Just how much encroachment by the liberals are you willing to stand for? Because the liberals WILL take EVERY BIT of your freedoms that you allow them to. It’s only by refusing, vocally, and in some cases more, that the infestation will be stopped and driven back.

    210. Your people are under under my feet and I look forward to using your turbans to wipe my A$$

    211. Great we hope to meet him soon and look forward to the positive changes a Muslim Imam will make in our public school system. Many people, young and old, will submit to Islam and make Allah their god. Our country is ripe for the picking, “molon labe” as they say. :)

      Don’t be afraid just come out of your closets and tell us what to do. Our citizens are aimless and wandering peoples looking for power and a strong arm.

    212. Mung,

      Americans are weak and cowardly. A country full of pathetic sheep that let their government dictate their lives.

      You will all beg at our feet when Islam has conquered the US of A and our flag is flying over your White House.

    213. THIS American is neither weak nor cowardly. AND regarding a government dictating lives? How’s that 7th century, animalistic ignorance working for you, you POS rag head?? You people are so freaking imbecilic you think you can kill ALL women. Guess you are too STUPID to comprehend that without women there would be NONE of you assholes to abuse them

    214. ThisIdiot,

      We will see how tough you are when Toyota trucks full of mujahideen warriors are riding through your town.

    215. One show of pig blood and these cowardly jihadists will run with their tails tucked between their legs.

    216. You rag head camel jockey, we will shoot all of them with lard coated bullets, then throw them in the hog pen for the pigs to eat.

    217. Don’t forget a great many women are crack shots. Again, does your mommy know what you are doing on the computer in the basement?

    218. I urinate on your face, boy, and on your moon goddess and her false prophet (on whom be fleas.)

    219. This camel humper only has 10 followers,bet they all dress in black trash bags to:)

    220. Sorry,this country is full of pig farmers and they are all waiting for numb nuts like you! PORK PORK PORK and yummy pigs blood waiting for you:)

    221. Get this straight, I will never be under the guardianship of any Imam. My guardian, lord and savior is Jesus Christ. Just because Christians believe in praying for our enemies does not mean we will submit to your false, evil prophet, ever.

    222. Susan Colon,

      Convert to Islam now or you will face Sharia Court for your blasphemous words.


    223. Teresa Putz,

      You wont have a choice…….convert to Islam and wear the burqa

    224. SCFOI, keep up the satire. the true conservative fighters are coming out of the woodwork to speak their piece. but, I must say, you are hilarious! truly killing me! keep it up.

    225. Gay,

      You wont think so when the Grand Imam issues your death sentence and the mighty stones of justice are smashing into you.

    226. Infidel Ron,

      You dumb drunk redneck……You will shudder in fear at the site of us powerful jihadist when we are riding our mighty war camel’s through your trailer park.

    227. Infidel SCFOI,

      You bring that “mighty war camel” within 500 yds of Wisconsin, lol you may as well have been crawling on your hands and knees. We have the world’s second biggest militia, next to the entire southern half of the country:p

    228. I really don’t think we have to worry about some towel head riding a camel. It would probably be much better if we concentrate on the POS in OUR WHite House.

    229. They’ll have to wait for quarantine before you can get them into the country. LOL! Does your mommy know you’re still on the computer?

    230. I do hope your camels have Armor Plate………………………………..Jackass
      I was going to call you an asshole, but I can’t. An asshole has a function!

    231. Satire, in this specific case is pretty darn funny. It’s somewhat sad that most posters don’t get it – I guess the thread of the story (that was hi-jacked by our friendly neighborhood cleric) hits closer to home than we would have hoped…perfect testament/reason for home-schooling.

    232. Don’t live in a trailer park and I don’t drink and if I see any camels on my property they will be with out riders. My second amendment rights will see to that. Oh yeah no one will hear your cries for help in my area. Alah may have mercy on your soul but I will not

    233. Kind of like the Imams say you can screw goats? How is that going for you??? hahaha!!!!

    234. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! You truly are a whack job.
      Run along now, go back to your sand box and play.

    235. That is not just an idle threat. Great Brave Warriors of the Prophet of Mohammed, will hurry up and stone an innocent defenseless girl for getting raped by one of the great brave warriors of the religion of peace and tolerance, and the most valiant of the followers of A’llah will show their bravery by cutting the hands of of a nine month old baby for sins against “Allah while in his fathers arms. One must remember the great most bravest warriors of Islam are so very brave, so very profound, that they must bully their women into obeying and silence, While they may look to us like Keystone ‘Cops in their great brave acts of running from real men and real armies, and injuring themselves trying to hurry up and raise the white flag of surrender when ‘Americans arrive, we should read this as what it really is, incredible bravery, great warriors taking it to the enemy with their great weapons of white cloth, of them upholding allahs commandment by holding down a baby and cutting of their little hands. And killing their rape victims requires way more than we can give.

    236. Impacted Dumbass

      No Powerful Jihadist would run from the homoqueer marines. I actually remember it being the other way around. How is Iraq and Afghanistan doing by the way?

    237. I always think it is funny that muslims in this country tend to vote democrat when that party is for all the things your crazy religion is against. You should be on MSNBC and CNNs website chatting with the infidels. lmao.

    238. scfoi I am prepared for you and your kind. I have coated all my bullets with pig grease. Then you will get 72 gay virgins.

    239. Everybody relax… is just schtick from a guy who is trying to be funny. His english is way too good to be from a real “Supreme Cleric”.

    240. If you are for real you are as insane as the pedophile lunatic you revere.


    242. Your attempt @ sarcasm won’t go over 2 well with enough people, but I get where you are trying to go, lol!! :-)

    243. ROFL! really? You primatives are going win against the ONE TRUE Son Of God Jesus Christ? good luck to that LOL! You have to use force to control your own womwn ,but you are going to TRY and control a man of GOD? I’m LAUGHING at your whole primative culture now!!!

    244. Islam will soon fall you will see. Dont worry their a bit Christians and jews will fall down beside you. God has come again and now new will arise.

    245. actually FARTZAN, you and your IMOM will be under my sites and then thrown to the pigs.

      hey!! isnt that my butt towel on your head?

    246. You’ll be too busy trying to murder infidels. But the infidels will get you first.

    247. Not if we start eliminating an imam every time there is an attack on a Christian or Christian Church/School.

    248. over my dead body!!!! get out of our country!!!! take your murdering was and get lost..

    249. Homoqueer Polack

      Us Muslims will do like brother Hitler and stick your people into concentration camps and gas each and everyone of you.

    250. 50% of white women voted for the muslim…TWICE ! I say, give them their sharia law. POW !

    251. GayTimmy,

      Your a massive homoqueer……case closed……enjoy your fatwa.

    252. You’re as fake as your other libtard buddies who profess they want only what’s best for this country. Get yourself another user name like “I’m A Moron Libtard” and go troll somewhere else.

    253. Maple Syrup Homoqueer

      You must be the libtard if you don’t accept that we are pious Muslims on a righteous Jihad against the infidels on this website. All of you homoqueers are haram either way and AK47 ‘t kills indiscriminately regardless of your gay party affiliation.

    254. They already are , he is the Muslim homosexual communist dictator sitting in the white house spewing the same filth people like you taught him , the angels that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah were sent down to this nation at the beginning of Obama’s dictatorship and they are only here for one reason that is to destroy, you Muslim sexual deviants, and adulterers and rapists and slave traders are going to be wiped from the face of this planet , and it is going to be done by fire , you do not know the creator of the universe …you are filled with vile spiritual pride and murder, these are the attributes of Lucifer and all his angels , you are of the same spirit that controlled the church leaders in Jesus’s day and led to His cold blooded murder, out of your own mouth you will confess your own guilt before Him you and all the rest of the corrupt churches of this country modern day scribes and pharisees….”if they do these things in a green tree , what shall be done in the dry?”… ” the wicked knoweth not that there is a lie in his right hand…”

    255. May the bird of paradise fly up your nose
      may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your arm pits
      May an elephant tread upon your toes
      Most of all, may the Bird of Paradise fly up your nose

      Take THAT you ignorant camel jockey and goat lover.

    256. REALLY? You will notice, of course, that is NOT a dozen roses I am holding in my hands.
      And in case you missed it, SandSucker, we already have and illegal alien muzzie as a self-appointed dictator, but not for much longer.

    257. cleric you are low life scum and do not deserve to breath the same air I do or my loved ones. and please do not confuse me for some one that is not educated you will not survive an argument with me or a physical confrontation. stay in your little bubble and out of mine and no we will NEVER teach your writings to our kids if I have anything to say about it.

    258. So you are saying that our schools will be under the guardianship of pediphiles like Muhammad the Pediphile, your so called prophet !

    259. Bring it on supreme cleric. I am not new to battle and would look forward to meeting you in combat. I and my friends are very good shots and would love to help you receive your 72 virgins.

    260. Not before we turn Western Saudi Arabia into a giant ball of irradiated glass you outdated reject. You and your kind will be swimming in Jahannam before too long.

    261. Your a jackass, and you and your kind will never rule anything here as long as I live. My cold dead hands. Do you know what that means?

    262. Cut the bullshit Farzan. You’re not a muslim and your not a cleric. You like to stir the pot. Don’t fall for it guys. Farzan ( Or more likely Fred ) is trying to get a rise out of you.

    263. YES they are and that is why the government run schools refuse to allow people school vouchers to chose the schools which best represent OUR social values to be taught to OUR children. What is wrong with allowing parents free choice to spend OUR tax dollars, giving OUR children an education which reflects what WE believe? Because then the government run schools cannot indoctrinate OUR children into their culture of immorality and dictatorship.

    264. The kids of our Great Nation are being ‘dumbed down’ by the Communist Left! Just like the Facist/Nazi’s did with the Hitler Youth! You can thank the Commie Teachers Union for sucking the life out of America!!!

    265. Brother Ali,

      What a beautiful flag

      Soon these infidel swine will be practicing salat 5 times a day and quoting from the noble Qur’an.

  2. One day very soon the only flag that will be flown through out the US of A will be the flag of Islam.


    1. Mr. Schiffer you have to have patience with our Muslim guest. He’s dressed nicely and deserves respect. Name calling is not going to cut it with our future masters. They won’t like it. Just remember ‘Arbeit macht frei’ and we will be fine. Also remember ‘Spielzeug mit dem Kopf’.

    2. OMA!—-“Oh My Allah!”
      Its Mr. Burns…come to life!
      Satan is working overtime in the U.S. of A. which means you infidels need Islam more than ever.

    3. Now don’t be too hasty you have to have the patience of the centuries. We have redwood trees in California that are 2,000 years old and they did not sprout out of the ground screaming” allahu akbar I am 300 feet tall”.

    4. mabutthole

      Allah planted those redwoods a million years ago as a way of claiming ownership of the land for us Muslims. We are now ready to take back what is ours from you land thiefs.

    5. May the God of Love fill your heart with compassion for all of mankind and reveal the truth of life before your eyes! If you hate USA so much why would you even consider bringing your people or flag here? I live with the right to bare ARMS…..Deep in the HEART of TEXAS! I will defend myself, my family, and my friends…SO WILL MY NEIGHBORS!

    6. iddybiddy Infidel,

      When Islam has conquered the US of A i will rename Texas ” Texistan ” then i will build a grand palace there and you will work in my camel stalls.

    7. sambo bass

      Texas ain’t nothing special. It looks like Afghanistan….with a bunch of taco carts.

    8. ms pitts

      There was a time when they said no woman would ever get to vote….so you had best buy a burka.

  3. “In relation to the political decontamination of our public life, the government will embark upon a systematic campaign to restore the nation’s moral and material health. The whole educational system, theater, film, literature, the press and broadcasting – all these will be used as a means to this end.” Adolf Hitler

    1. We have a winner! But the majority of the dumb-masses are too busy watching the idiot tube to realize they are being marched slowly and methodically to the proverbial ovens…

  4. Sue da beyotch! Lets’s start a “price-tag” movement here! When the progs go overboard, MAKE THEM PAY! Works in Israel!

  5. The Principal is a liberal robot, with no incentive to think on her own. The liberal movement is like the Borg on star trek, 99% have been brain washed and 1% control the everything related to the liberal agenda. The principal could be called 57 of 589 in the liberal collective.

    1. Then you are already lost and prisoner of the collective. Now get back in line; you have NO say here.

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  7. Wow! I would definitely not let this one lay! I’m assuming right before she went on her rampage she forgot to smoke a little of her medical marijuana available at the nearest corner store!

  8. Sue the school principal into poverty. She is the disgrace to the school, our country, and history. She has no place in a public school system in the United States of America. Shame on her!

    1. Although I agree this hag principal should lose her job and be run out of the “teaching” profession, it is the sue-happy masses (something for nothing crowd) along with the ambulance chasing lawyers who’ve gotten us deeper into the trouble we currently find ourselves in…think ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, CAIR, etc. etc. etc.

      Remove her, but keep the lawyer scum and unions out of it.

  9. I’ll bet if it had been a rainbow flag, he would have received a special award at graduation.

    1. What ever happened to you make a decision and you live with the consequences of that decisions. This a fact of life.
      But not since that deviant has gotten himself elected. And too think that he has followers that is what is scary.

    2. Yep… For some reason, he would have been some kind of hero!? He would have been HELD UP for being brave… & fighting for what he is and believes in.
      Liberals just cannot see the depth of their hypocrisy.

  10. The schools are now in socialist’s and communist’s control. Shame on the principal. Parents, make some noise. Boycott the graduation.

  11. Time to start FREE co-op parental home schools.. .Parents can take turns in the glass…

  12. Wow, just wow. While the zero-torlerance kooks and other leftist-socialists have so warped our schools, our society, to be expelled for a totally harmless prank just takes the cake. Forget the politics of the action, just look at the prank as a whole. Was anyone harmed? No. Was any property damaged? No. Were any laws broken? No.

    This prank should have been fun, get a few laughs, send the custodian out to replace the flag and move on. But expulsion? My God, what many schools do to kids and get away with are way more offensive. (See North Carolina elementary school child has lunch confiscated by school, as just one example.)
    In many ways, we are seeing a total sterilization of our society: don’t do anything because you might offend someone. Which ends up becoming we are offending everyone. And has everyone lost their sense of humor? Again, you can’t say or do anything because it might be mis-interetred: see how the speech police silence everyone. Can’t anyone take a joke? And, seriously, senior pranks are an expression of creativity, or should be, so one would think the liberals would love this. Guess not.

    It won’t be long before you will be arrested for owning a copy of Blazing Saddles…….

  13. This shows how stupid the principal is to not know the meaning of the Gadsden flag. She slept through her college class the day the Gadsden flag was discussed?. Her stupidity is no excuse for her rampage and tirade. I hope the parents and students let her know in no uncertain terms what they thought of her juvenile actions.

  14. Hopefully the parents will take this sick principal to court and sue the living day lights out her and make it for the rest of her life that she pays this patriotic young man money every month to remind her, this is “AMERICA- THE LAND OF THE FREE”!

  15. Are public Schools are under the control of the federal Government because of there 501c3 statice if they don’t follow that statice then the IRS can yank there chains from them

  16. I Think all Schools should fly that flag it part of are history and is important to understand its importance in history

  17. Jodie Diers got all bent out of shape about the flag because in a couple of days he will be hosting Obama. . .liberal butt wipe didn’t want any thing associated with the Tea party around when Obama arrives. So he is more than willing to deny someone their right to freedom of expression. Jodie Diers this is NOT YET a communist country.

  18. Parents should DEMAND THE REMOVAL of this MARXIST PRINCIPAL! She represents the vast majority of administraters of STUPIDITY! This CRAP has been festering for a long time and it now is time to LANCE THE BOIL once and for all! STAND UP FOR YOUR KIDS! DEMAND THESE TYPES OF PRINCIPALS BE DENIED A JOB IN YOUR SCHOOLS!

  19. It used to be the colleges….now it has infiltrated into the high schools. Liberal agendas, overreaction to harmless pranks, and slipshod leadership. This woman principle needs to attend the history class in her own school. What a turd.

  20. If you want Change then vote TEA Party and ask for School Choice where the Families have the upper hand and school would compete for the best students! Vote smart and Vote the TEA Party and support the Conservative’s!

  21. Hmm, does that mean his parents are entitled not to have to pay school tax anymore? After all, the schools have made it clear he is not welcome there any more, and thus by doing so, declared it private. Last I checked if you did not want to fund a private entity it was up to you. I do not see why any adult that do not have a child going to this private entity known as schools should have to pay a dime if they do not have children using that private service, or any parent that has a child that is no longer using this private service. Or is it like the ACA where if your a male, you have to pay for birth control for a female somewhere? Equal suffering, is that not the socialist moto? Is this not equal suffering?

  22. I stand behind the Gadsden flag, and agree with everything it stands for. But if this young man wants to display this or any other flag, I suggest he invest in his own flag pole, and fly it at home. The principal is within her right to discipline him, but not over her personal feelings. He tampered with school property and did not have the authority to add or remove anything.

  23. So why do people leave their kids there to be indoctrinated? With the White Privileged crap being taught, kids thrown out because they drew pictures or arrested because they had a nerf gun. One kid was arrested the other day because he had a bb gun in his car and it was parked off campus. It won’t change unless people say enough is enough and pull their kids out in masses. This is getting way out of hand and unless you parents stop sending your kids to these indoctrination centers, it will only get worse.

    BTW – I am a single parent and my child is in a private christian school. She is currently enrolled in a private christian college for the fall under the duel enrollment program. I’ve already had a son graduate in the private system. My point being, if I am a single parent doing this, a dual income household can do this. You have to sacrifice to make it happen. There are many homeschool program available too that can help you ensure your kid can learn, and not get indoctrinated. You will be happy you did and your kid will flourish.

  24. Thats not even the worst so I found out that there are pro-Sharia law zones in America witch in these zones no Constitution applies.

  25. Stoneburner’s strength appears to be in history and civics, not grammar. I hope the kid’s parents look in to suing her if he was not allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies. Citizens need to keep an eye on their government schools!

  26. I THINK we should all, send that teacher a very simple message, this flag means I am patriot America, I will fight for America, God and Country means something more than life to me, It means that I support the constitution and will defend it and enforce it, The Constitution for your Information Is the law of the land, the peoples law, the law that governs the Elected and those appointed by the Elected; You Got A Problem with that. as a matter of FACT I think the TEA party should use this attack these un American IDIOTS.

  27. I think we should all pressure the local school board to fire that principal. THAT will send a loud and clear message that this will not be tolerated or go unanswered.

  28. Freedom is kryptonite to liberals. Just imagine what she would have done if it was the Molon Labe flag with an AR15 on it. She would have gone Linda Blair like in the exorcist. Her head rotating on her shoulders as vomit spewed out of her mouth.

  29. TPNN: I am commenting on the article written by Jennifer Burke! And songs about the fascist, tyrrany of our schools, politics, buying and selling of politics! I didn’t know I was supposed to talk about islam. Ok I will say it Islam sucks and blows. There, wasn’t the topic though now, was it? Approve this, Hope you aren’t becoming a sellout and equalizer in legitimizing first amendment rights! We have too many of these already, don’t need another. Print the comments or get out of the business.

  30. After years of servicing equipment in many schools I found
    that a great number of teachers & administrators don’t have any common
    sense. They see most things as black or white. They don’t understand that every
    day life doesn’t follow that pattern. You just can’t beat people over the head
    with their liberal ideas and not expect some push back.

    Conservatives have Rights to

    1. Teaching is the “welfare program” of college degrees. Most of the people who go into teaching are lazy, not very smart, weirdos or all three. The education degree is a joke…a few classes from a bunch of subjects but not enough of any one area to make you proficient in any subject. Even single subject degrees like biology, math or history are not equal to a BS or BA in an actual track degree. And then look at who now runs education…crazy women, libtards, and foreigners. It is no wonder Americans are dumber than a box of sand.

    2. How about the guy who taught me medicine? Is he useless??? Or the guy who taught your doctor how to perform surgery?
      Americans are dumber because they don’t study. They’re dumber because they’ve been dumbed down by the likes of reality TV. They’re dumbed down because they’re too lazy to learn a foreign language. And they’ve been dumbed down by lack of rigid national standards.

    3. tamarfartsniffer

      No dumbass, the people you speak of are in higher ed. The public school 4 yr degree fools are a different breed. They are under educated and lazy. Wise up asshole!

    4. boo hoo hoo. If you weren’t so dumb…I wouldn’t have had to say it.

    5. TamarDumbInfidel,

      Your ignorance towards a wise Muslim Sheik like brother Abdullah and your blatant homosexuality have been reported to an Imam……prepare for Sharia Court !

  31. The Gadsden flag is not the flag of our country or any of its states or territories. It is merely a historic and decorative item.

    1. check again libtard
      do some reseach before you make a studid statement like that

    2. I did check. It is merely a historical flag and has no legal status. It’s a decoration and quite frankly, it’s been out into disgrace by the wing nuts. Whe I see it, I tear it down.

  32. It’s a sad day in this country when flying a historically accurate Revolutionary War flag is grounds for being removed from school. And had said flag not been flown back then, this principal would not even have the freedoms he takes so granted. It shows you how the indoctrination has already been going on for decades now, by NOT teach actual US history, but replacing it with left wing indoctrination teaching. God help us.

  33. Well it’s pretty obvious who the lady principal voted for, isn’t it? We have turned the education of young men and women over, totally, to shrill harpies.

  34. another obamacrat reveals himself. it’s the principal who should have been barred from graduation and then fired. America does not pricipals who freedom is a a slap in the face.

  35. Hmm. I grew up during the 1960s and I recall that the students were complaining about the fact that they were being told to toe the mark and walk the line. NOW, those very same students, i.e. people in power now, are demanding that the students of today toe the mark and walk the line. I guess it’s true. What goes around comes around.

  36. One need only look to virtually any news source on virtually any day to read of the ridiculous, outlandish actions of school administrators. This is absolutely true in the bastions of the Far Left — specifically, the west coast and the entire northeast. That this happened in Colorado, however, is not surprising, as Colorado was stupid enough to legalize dope. Why should they be expected to exercise good judgement in anything else? But, knowing me as I do, my response to the principal would have been “GO F**K YOURSELF.”

  37. He should have flown the Mexican flag, he’d still be in school and allowed to graduate with his class. Sad, but true.

    1. Especially if the took down the US Flag first and then replaced it with the Mexican flag.

  38. As a young student in high school, I actually read about the significance of Don’t Tread on Me. This is one smart young man who reads the real history while the admins want to either dismiss or rewrite it.

  39. I hope these parents sue that school and the principal into the ground, get enough for a great college education for this kid, who one day might become someone with power, who will remember this crap, and do something to keep it from happening to others! These people only have the power we let them have, and it’s high time they all got put in their place!

  40. Yep, that principal needs to be out of education and out of the US! What a traitorous bitch. Her picture should be on this story along with her home address and phone number. Hope it goes viral and she loses her job and is forbidden to ever teach or administer again. Of course she is always welcome in the Obama administration where the Traitors of America prosper.

  41. They the progressives in education will be well-paid, cosseted parasites on the society that feeds them and which they work to destroy.

  42. I fly this same flag. Drive by my home and see. To me it is not political. It is just my way of saying, ‘if you screw with me I am willing to fight back…and I’m tired of being screwed with already”. This principal needs to be put back in her place and reminded she is not a god.

  43. Believe this kid was a scholar, active in his community, an Eagle Scout, avid outdoorsman – just a shame to punish him for this. Perhaps the community will rally to his side and get rid of the weasel Principal.

  44. That principalette seems to be a wee bit nutty. Out of curiosity, where are that school’s history teachers on this?

  45. I’d already be in a lawyers office, simple terms the principal apologizes, resigns and is not allowed with in 500 yards of any school for the rest of his life or I sue for say 100 million for violating my civil rights.

  46. What is this schools official e-mail address? I’ve got something to say to this ignorant @#@#!

  47. What can you expect from a liberal/progressive piece of garbage like this principal? I bet the moron doesn’t even know what the Gadsden flag is. Most important, why are these fools in charge of our kids?

  48. How long is it going to take for the American people to wake up. We should stand behind this young man. He pull a high school prank. I think the punishment far out weighs the crime

  49. Good for him! It’s time the next generation understands what they’ve been brainwashed into.

  50. Sounds to me a lawsuit in the making. This principal need to be taught about freedoms of speech and expression i this country. This young man did nothing wrong and punished for being a patriot. People need to rise up and support acts such as this.

  51. What the media is missing here is this H.S. kid knew more about American History than the principal, who thinks the TEA party first flew this flag.

  52. Somebody might be joking, but at this very moment i can’t laugh anymore
    I live in a nice neighbourhood and the park is just around the corner. I used to walk there with my dog every Sunday, but lately we have an invasion of muslims. First they came after sunset, like zombies, afraid of the light of day, but now they invade our neighbourhood every Sunday( except when they have their so called Ramadan). People are insulted and sometimes attacked, when you call the police they seem to be brainwashed by left wing politicians. They placed a large Bbq in the middle of the park, muslims only. The smell was terrible, the noise, the foreign language (arabic) … So the neighbourhood was divided how to act, i started a weblog and a local newspaper. It ended in rebellion, the mayor was removed and the people removed the bbq themselves with a large truck . That’ s the central question : are you prepared to fight those creatures ? Are you prepared to act and fight these politicians from the left ? This was a small matter but it always starts there … Sometimes it starts with tea and it ends in freedom.

  53. I strongly suggest the principle, Jodie Dries, be mandated by a judge to attend counciling on American History, The Constitution and what it is to Be An American. Her actions are deplorable.

  54. CO. is a scum state full of pot heads. CO. is becoming a left wing state that wants to dictate every part of their lives. I live in New Mexico and we have to deal with these stoners. The schools are so far left Carl Marxx would be proud and their government.

    1. There`s a huge difference between legalizing pot, and being a left-wing state..O`Reilly and others are on a moral crusade, and the drug cartels DO NOT want drugs to be legal either. A true “right-winger” would welcome the right to choose, just as Americans had until the 1930`s.


  56. This “principal” should be sued for everything she has and then drag the school system into, then the school
    Board and then go after the people that hired this banshee!

  57. schools need to start putting a stupidity clause in administrators contracts, first offense ,suspended week w/out pay, 2nd offense fired. this principal just violated it the first time

    1. Unfortunately, its very typical . Public schools are no longer run by local communities. They are an arm of the federal government and leftist. Just go to a school board meeting and try to present an opposing view. Be prepared to be arrested

    2. Yup, we regularly go to our local school board meetings. So far, they’ve only threatened to sue us. We are a thorn in their left side. We are going to take over the school district. We’ve already turned two of the largest school districts in Colorado. Sounds like there is another one out in Mesa County that needs some work.

    3. Bravo. … you should give some instructions and encouragement to those in areas less fortunate.

  58. People need to forget about trying to find politicians to help. ITs time to start seceding and yes, begin segregation. Not based on race but on ideals, There is no compromising with leftist. Let them have their broken down cities and gangs and crime. Partition them off and let them ply their intolerance on each other.

  59. We are to blame for the mindless people that follow these kind of people, are you proactive about getting out the message, I am. Just last week I talked to and convinced three hard line democrats to at least look at the facts, not the hype, two have gotten back to me and said they had no clue that the democrat party was so corrupt. Show them some facts, make them do some research for them selves for find the truth, when faced with the truth most will fold. I am a retired MSG from the U. S. Army, clinging to God and guns, plus a tea bagger, that make me a terrorist in their eyes.

  60. First I would tell the principle that he obviously thought I would care if I couldn’t go to a prompt & circumstance graduation. Then I would do as this person did, make sure that it got a ton of press. Also, would tell the moron principle that they’re looking at a nice law suit for denying my rights to free speech.

  61. The principal puke tore down a Legitimate US Flag. Historical flags have as much validity as the current flag, and can be displayed on an equal footing. The principal should be fired, should lose any pensions he has, and should be prohibited from ever working within 1000 yards of a child.

  62. Slap in the face? Somebody ought to teach principal Jodie Diers what a real slap in the face feels like. And somebody ought to teach her something outside the field of education. Most fields teach you what to teach instead of just how to teach. These kinds of problems are outrageous and unnecessary — and they have nothing to do with flags or diplomas. The problem of course is the parents have no economically viable alternative. Our public school system requires everyone to pay forever. And everyone pays whether they participate or not and regardless of their wishes. The solution of course is to offer a voucher equal in value to what would otherwise be granted to the public school. A voucher system guarantees no more arrogance, drugs, bullying, lavish spending and education would improve. Other problems related to religion, ROTC, racism, violence, litigation and illegal aliens would vanish. Costs would decline. And in some models, private schools pay income and property taxes as all businesses do. Seems odd that public school advocates are afraid of voucher systems. When faced with a message they consider offensive, they should be willing to tell the parents and their kids to take their money and get out. But perhaps the public school agenda no longer includes education. Perhaps now it’s more about unions and big money. It’s a bad idea for any government to educate its children.

  63. This was an overreaction by the principal, certainly. However, what he did was not OK. From what I gather, he took down the school flag and replaced it. That in itself is not the end of the world, but it’s also not permissible (and for good reason). If they allowed this, any idiot could replace the school flag with anything. What about a pirate flag? Would that be OK?

    He has a point about the Gadsen flag, its history and its meaning. And the principal sounds like a bit of a loon. That said, his statement about “encouraging discussion about history and our student rights” is simply an excuse in my opinion. He was clearly protesting something…maybe just school authority in general. I know I certainly felt like that in high school (in fact, I might have pulled this same prank!). The point is that this wasn’t some benign historical lesson, and he knows it. Unfortunately, because of the emotional overreaction of the principal, this will now turn into fodder for the “Our Schools Are Facist Communist Liberal Anti-American Godless Ditatorships” crowd. Speaking as a teacher and conservative on most issues (libertarian on others), I can say that’s not true. Most schools do, in fact, teach Patriotism, though I agree many curricula have a liberal slant. In any case, this should have been no more than a slap on the wrist. Talk to the kid, explain why you can’t let people just replace the school flag, and maybe offer him an alternative place to fly/display it. That should have been the end of it.

    1. It was an end-of-the-year prank. If you (as a self-described “libertarian”) are so offended by a teenager making whatever kind of non-violent, non-threatening statement he was trying to make, your man card should be revoked. Pathetic.

    2. Did you read what I wrote? I’m not offended at all. I actually like the idea. I’m just saying that while the principal overreacted completely, it’s understandable they can’t allow a school flag to be taken down and replaced with something else. Doing nothing would open the flood gates to all kinds of similar pranks. Do you honestly disagree??

    3. I do agree with you she over reacted, I graduated high school in 1971 and that was during the Vietnam war period. We had our protests then about it. I did not protest about it and would have went had my number been called. I was too busy studying to worry about it anyway.
      We had very good teachers back then they were also non-union and their primary goal was education. They encouraged free opinions from the students, had that happened back then at my school anyway nothing would have been said and I think they would have let it remain flying as free expression at the time.
      It would have been a teaching moment for the history teachers anyway and those who taught POD (problems of democracy) courses. Those years are gone now, today’s education system is not about the students anymore its about unions and money The students are only relegated to a minor concern if at all. I have witnessed myself the decline of the standards. I think a lot of it has to do with common core and the no child left behind philosophy and a deliberate reduction of standards to allow mediocrity in education. Sort of like the grading system of grading on a curve it produces a bad product not suitable for the needs of education in the 21st century, and reduces our competitive advantage with other countries having a highly skilled and educated work force.

      In my opinion private schools are better they produce what is needed to be competitive in the world market and that includes some of the better parochial schools

    4. Well, as a teacher myself, I don’t entirely agree. In many schools it is VERY much about the students. This is exactly the kind of incident that people use to pile on teachers, unions, and public schools in general. That’s unfortunate.

      As for Common Core, that’s another matter. Most members of the general public don’t understand what it is. Grading on a curve has been going on for many, many years and is the least of the problems we have. The problems of student readiness for college and life are much bigger than we can discuss here.

      I wouldn’t generalize about public vs. private schools. It really depends on the schools you are comparing. I know many public schools that are far superior to private and parochial schools.

  64. You gotta shake your head at all these frickin’ moonbats like this principle. They are a part of a growing blight of suppression moving across this country. Like ticks on a dog.

  65. He should have flown the Mexican flag. The stupid jerk principal would have made all the students pledge allegiance to it in Spanish, I bet.

  66. Stoneburner sounds sure enough like a Good Patriot! They should celebrate this as Stoneburner DAY!

  67. OK, let’s take a breath. At my school (about a hundred years ago) it was a very large bra that got hoisted up the flag pole. No one got expelled, but they did get yelled at by the principal. It was funny to the students, but the parents were shocked and offended (at least in public). A “prank” is usually not a political statement. Raising the Gadsden flag these days is a bit more than just a “representation of freedom,” but more like a call for insurrection just like it was in eighteenth century. That isn’t a prank. How would you feel if that flag had been a swastika? Still a prank? I don’t see it that way.

    1. I wonder what the principal’s reaction would have been if it HAD been a swastika? Because a kid flying a swastika (no matter what point they were trying to make) doesn’t warrant being removed from graduation either, IMO, and I’m guessing not a peep would have been heard from the office.

    2. He could have flown the red & gold hammer and sickle and I bet that principle would have wanted him to be the valedictorian that year she is just another tin horn tyrant

    3. Comparing a Swastika to a Gadsden flag is moronic, that is equating American Revolutionary Patriots to blood thirsty murdering Nasis. Read up on you history Sir.

      “The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Positioned below the rattlesnake are the words “Dont tread on me”. The flag is named after American general and statesman Christopher Gadsden, who designed it in 1775 during the American revolution. It was also used by the Continental Marines as an early motto flag, along with the Moultrie Flag…”

  68. Folks, this so-called “Supreme Cleric Farzan of Iran” is no muslim. He is likely nothing more than a libtarded troll who must be bored out of his cramped, confined skull. Think about it, he says things like, “Your schools will soon be under the guardianship of an Imam.” Since when did Shiite Iranians start calling their clerics “Imams” instead of the proper Shiite term, Mullah? Look at his avatar. He is dressed more like a Gulf Arab than an ethnic Persian from Iran. About the only thing he gets halfway right is the name, “Farzan,” which does sound Persian, rather than Arabic. He is likely a liberal troll living in “Mama Puffy Hoe’s” basement, trying to play upon (and ridicule) our well-grounded concerns about islam, of which he and his kind ignore at their (and our) own peril.
    Though I disagree with many things said by the late Christopher Hitchens, he did get some things right when he said, “Islamophobia – a word invented by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.”
    Well, we are not morons to be manipulated. Kool-Aid is the beverage of choice for the sheeple, especially “Lysergic Lemonade,” generously provided of course, by the liberal/left. As for me, I’ll choose Earl Grey (or Swiss Premium.)
    Pan Aaronowski
    “Amor Patriae Nostra Lex”

    1. randysuxjism

      No doubt Earl Grey is your “man lover”…AKA homosexual husband.

    2. How many satanic incarnations do you have left, libtroll? Well, since you’ve now signed up for 0vomitcare, how about seeing into getting some iodine put on those knuckles before the blood coagulates on your keyboard? Oh, wait……………..on second thought, never mind.

    3. You stupid fool, in Iraq we have “SaddamCare” the best medical care anywhere.

    4. rump-ranger63

      Shut up homosexual. The closest you’ve been to Iraq, is the sand box at your local primary school.

  69. It’s reasonable to say you can’t unilaterally choose what flag flies on the school’s flagpole, nor can the school censure what flag flies on the flagpole at your own house. All the same, the incident caused no harm, no expense, virtually not even any real inconvenience. Going ballistic about it is out of order. this is in a category of madness that includes sanctions against a pupil chewing a pop-tart into a shape resembling a gun or wearing an NRA T-shirt. Given the occasional reports of these incidents and the irrepressible madness of youth in the spring, it seems most schools handle such incidents in a much more rational manner. It would seem Ms Diers would do better in a low-stress job that doesn’t require interaction with people.

    1. There are schoolIndoctrination districts that allow the messycan flag and the mawzslum flag.

      The HATE AMERICA and her History crowd do seems to get their panties soiled easily.

  70. Freedom disappeared from public schools when prayer was removed. Liberals don’t know history anyway, and I dare say few if any can explain the roots of the Gadsden Flag.

    1. Teacher-led prayers isn’t freedom. Administrator-led prayers isn’t freedom. Both of those are just different people imposing their will.
      There are some stories describing active interference with INDIVIDUAL prayers of students by teachers and administrators, and that’s clearly wrong, but that was not supposed to be the intent of the SCOTUS decision you are obliquely referring to.

    2. Wow, such anger. Imposing whose will on whom? “Dear God, please help us to be better people and do well in school.” Is it any wonder the public school system is producing a multitude of narcissistic psychopaths? Strange how the parochial schools in America are producing better educated students (as compared with the public system). Peace.

    3. Firstly, I don’t believe public schools should exist. Having them means putting bureaucrats in charge of the curriculum and keeping parents out the loop. It also short-circuits the feedback that private businesses get from their customers when those customers are dissatisfied with the product or service. Hence the steady decline in the quality of education that public schools provide since the 1900s.

      Secondly, you set a very low bar for “such anger”. Anger would have included capslock, at the very least.

      Thirdly, there is no such thing as a non-denominational prayer. America has always had plenty of minority religions, so government officials leading prayers in official settings or in the course of their official duties is a violation of the separation of church and state. It’s not wrong for a politician or bureaucrat to be part of a given church or religion, just wrong for them to use it in the course of their duties.

      Thirdly: parochial schools don’t do better because of prayer; they do better because they are privately funded and don’t have the issue of the teacher’s union protecting bad teachers. In short, the feedback mechanisms are more effective. Islamic and Jewish and Hindu schools would probably produce better results than public schools do, and non-parochial private schools ALSO produce better results than public schools.

      Removal of prayer was not the problem, and re-admitting it is not the solution. Getting government out of the school business is the solution; then issues like religion in schools don’t become big public political fights and can instead be resolved quietly.

    4. “Firstly, I don’t believe public schools should exist.”

      Strange, but every American child has the right to an education from 1st thru 12, that is a societal obligation.

      “Thirdly, there is no such thing as a non-denominational prayer…”

      I do beg to differ, please read the prayers that lead the House and Senate, not to mention cities and municipalities across the nation. If you can read one public prayer and tell me exactly what faith or religion that specifically sponsored it, then you might have a point. Currently there are over 4,000 different denominations of “Christian” churches in America. There certainly are “generic prayers for help and faith.”

      “Thirdly: parochial schools don’t do better because of prayer;…”

      Again, I beg to differ, they offer something that public schools cannot offer, God. Prayer is only a small part of it, but without God you have socialism being taught, and as Lenin once said, “you cannot have communism without the bridge of socialism…” And I do use the name God in the generic, a higher being or power that is greater than one’s self.

      We do agree here, “Removal of prayer was not the problem…” It may not have been the problem; however, I see it as a major symptom of today’s societal mess that is producing nothing more than feral thugs in the inner cities with no sense of history or purpose of life. Life has become cheap, and no one seems to care about anything anymore.

      Please enjoy this beautiful day.

    5. No, no one has the “right to an education”, in the same way and for the same reason that no one has the “right to healthcare”. These are neither rights nor privileges: they are services which must be paid for.
      Claiming that someone has the “right” to a service requires that the people who offer that service have the corresponding obligation to provide said service whether they want to or not. Meaning slavery. The essence of slavery is that the slave has no right to say no: he doesn’t own his time or his labor. The claim that someone has the right to healthcare is the claim that a doctor must serve him regardless of the doctor’s will, that the doctor has no right to say no; in the same way and for the same reason, the claim that someone has the right to an education is the claim that a teacher must serve him regardless of the teacher’s will, that the teacher has no right to say no.

      Educating our children is definitely a good idea, but no amount of public agreement with the idea that education is a positive good requires that the GOVERNMENT RUN THE SCHOOLS.

      Think about it. Food is certainly a positive good; in fact its something we can’t live without. But no one is really suggesting that the government should take over food production. Likewise even the fact that not everyone can afford to pay for their children to be educated requires that government schools be the answer. Making the money available is whats necessary, and that can be done without creating a massive bureaucracy that is constantly expanding and being infested with whatever the latest NeoMarxist fads are in vogue.

      Secondly, our options are not limited to “God” and “Communism”. That is a false dilemma. There are more options than that. You may be unaware that there is such a thing as an atheist anti-Communist; I assure you there is such a thing. Atheism predated Marx, and Marxism in any of its flavors is not actually atheistic: it has simply replaced the supernatural deity with the State. It still functions exactly like a religion. It is state-worship.

      Religion is not something that should come from the state, and its not something that children, or anyone else, should get from government officials. They should get it at home, where no one has any business interfering. If the parents send them to a parochial school, then it is appropriate for religion to play a role in the school setting.

      And when I say there is no such thing as a non-denominational prayer, I mean to say that there are non-monotheists and atheists who live in America too, who are patriotic citizens like you. I don’t have much of a problem with the Congressional chaplain; that’s a formality, and an old tradition that’s functionally harmless.
      You can’t create a prayer that includes Islam, Judaism, and Christianity together, because these faiths believe fundamentally different things, so the only way to have a “non-denominational” prayer is to ignore some of the faiths for which your prayer wouldn’t apply. Maybe you can have a prayer that’s acceptable to all 4,000 denominations of Christianity, to which I answer: so?

      As for your last paragraph, you are ignoring a fairly large body of study of exactly that topic: urban thug culture. If you are interested, you might consider the work of Thomas Sowell; he’s written extensively upon it, and he is neither politically correct nor cowardly. I assure you that problem has little to do with the lack of religion, so much as it has to do with a lack of civilization, period.
      It’s also not a new problem. Neither is anything else you wrote about. All of these are cyclically-recurring problems across history, and they happen each time a civilization ceases to be vigilant to its structural problems.

  71. Any wonder why so many children are home schooled and in private schools? Idiots like that principal have no business in the education system? Guess she has risen to her level of incompetence?

  72. Did not appear on any local TV, Tadio, or print media.

    WHY would Mesa County ‘news sources’ attempt to keep it SECRET FROM THE PEOPLE of Mesa County?

    School district 51 needs to answer some serious questions about “Freedom of POLITICAL Speech”.

    Why is it legal to burn a US FLAG, legal to raise a foreign flag, but ILLEGAL to raise a flag that has nearly identical roots as the US Flag?

  73. “Christopher Gadsden was an American patriot. He led Sons of Liberty in South Carolina starting in 1765, and was later made a colonel in the Continental Army. In 1775 he was in Philadelphia representing his home state in the Continental Congress. He was also one of three members of the Marine Committee who decided to outfit and man the Alfred and its sister ships.Gadsden and Congress chose a Rhode Island man, Esek Hopkins, as the commander-in-chief of the Continental Navy. The flag that Hopkins used as his personal standard on the Alfred is the one we would now recognize as the Gadsden Flag. It’s likely that John Paul Jones, as the first lieutenant on the Alfred, ran it up the gaff. Hopkins’ flag was presented to him by Christopher Gadsden, who felt it was especially important for the commodore to have a distinctive personal standard. Gadsden also presented a copy of this flag to his state legislature in Charleston. This is recorded in the South Carolina congressional journals:”Col. Gadsden presented to the Congress an elegant standard, such as is to be used by the commander in chief of the American navy; being a yellow field, with a lively representation of a rattle-snake in the middle, in the attitude of going to strike, and these words underneath, “Don’t Tread on Me!” Also, “In December 1775, “An American Guesser” anonymously wrote to the Pennsylvania Journal:”I observed on one of the drums belonging to the marines now raising, there was painted a Rattle-Snake, with this modest motto under it, ‘Don’t tread on me.’ As I know it is the custom to have some device on the arms of every country, I supposed this may have been intended for the arms of America.”
    This anonymous writer, having “nothing to do with public affairs” and “in order to divert an idle hour,” speculated on why a snake might be chosen as a symbol for America.First, it occurred to him that “the Rattle-Snake is found in no other quarter of the world besides America.”The rattlesnake also has sharp eyes, and “may therefore be esteemed an emblem of vigilance.” Furthermore,”She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage. … she never wounds ’till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of treading on her.” Finally,”I confess I was wholly at a loss what to make of the rattles, ’till I went back and counted them and found them just thirteen, exactly the number of the Colonies united in America; and I recollected too that this was the only part of the Snake which increased in numbers. …
    “‘Tis curious and amazing to observe how distinct and independent of each other the rattles of this animal are, and yet how firmly they are united together, so as never to be separated but by breaking them to pieces. One of those rattles singly, is incapable of producing sound, but the ringing of thirteen together, is sufficient to alarm the boldest man living.” This “American Guesser” was Benjamin Franklin.”

  74. This principal is obviously a stooge of the liberals and probably the islamists..Please keep posting until she retracks what she said and is fired for what she did to that student….

  75. Unfortunately the schools have always been in the hands of liberals. The only fair treatment I got was in grade 1-6, after that it was all down hill. And I don’t even want to mention college. The only hope is that parents bring their children up to think for themselves. This principal was way out of line and the parents need to pursue every avenue available to fight this stupid maneuver.

  76. If his fellow students had any balls, none of them should show up for graduation ceremony… NONE! But they are all nutless sheep… BAAAA BAAAA… Obama should be proud!

  77. Fire the stupid principal for her ignorance and abuse of power. I would think it would be up to the school board as to whether or not he should have been held out of his graduation ceremony. This idiot woman is unfit to be a principal or even in our educational system.

  78. Obviously, this “principal” as well as many of her staff are a product of a misinformed “liberal’ arts education.. How sad that this woman was never properly educated in the History of our country and it’s Constitution.. Ignorance… is NOT Bliss, it’s pathetic..

  79. one more liberal that needs kicked out of education!!! like he didn’t burn the school down..and being a senior..bound to happen- the country is going overboard in this stupid reasoning..there are a lot of serious things that need tended Common Core!!!! and shoving the liberal ideas down our children’s throats..

  80. I kind of hate to say this, being a woman and all, but it seems that it is always a woman principal or administrator who goes insane over the tiniest meaningless prank or drawing or whatever. I wonder why this is? At any rate, this is why my daughter and now my grandson attend private schools. The public education system has become merely an indoctrination camp for leftist ideology.

    1. Anyone that doesn’t believe that should pay attention to what is going on in our schools. Children prosecuted for playing with “finger guns”, eating their sandwiches into the shape of them, and in several cases they were attacked for carrying tiny (less than 1″ across) guns that they played with. This is Unforgivable and Unconstitutional. In at least one school system in Maryland the students have been being told that NO ONE should ever own a gun and were asked if there was one in their household of if they knew of someone else that owned one. This is a direct violation of our basic rights under OUR Constitution. The ONLY reason for this line of questioning is to enable some government agency to force the owners to relinquish their legal weapons Illegally. In every city where the local “government” has decided that the citizens are no longer allowed to own and mush give up their weapons, the violent crime rate has skyrocketed by 400% or more. Murders, Kidnapping, Home invasion, RAPE, and too many other to list have gone through the roof because the Criminal element is NOT going to give us their weapons and without any to protect themselves, the entire community becomes nothing but a city of Victims. There are not enough police in any city to prevent or control that element completely or we would have seen them decline, not get bigger and better in what they do. The Second Amendment was added to the Bill of Rights so that the private citizen could: Protect himself, protect his family and loved ones, protect his property and last but NOT least, to Protect his Country if needed. NO single official has the authority to take this basic right away from us, and that includes the President and the vice president. It would take a majority of the population to make that big of a change and if that day comes I feel sorry for this nation, because its time in the sunshine has come to an end and the citizens of that America are doomed to tyranny and dictators.


    1. Pretty much yes. IT was used to show solidarity between the different parts of our society in the beginning. It could be used for the same thing in this day and time where there are so many unsatisfied with the actions of our government and those running it.

  82. Nonscense that is a flag of the USA he didn’t hurt anything shouldn’t hav been pulled out of his celebration and not allowed to get deploma until later pure crayness

  83. get your kids out of government owned schools immediately. You can home school them. Hire good retired teachers to teach them. If 20 parents got together and paid a real good retired teacher $100.00 per month, this would give this teacher an additional $2000.00 per month income. Many good teachers are retiring early because they are fed up with the system.

  84. I would like to see her severely reprimanded by her school board. I know she won’t be fired. That would be wishing for too much. She is incredibly ignorant of our history if she objects like a lunatic to a patriotic flag from our country’s beginnings.

  85. @Jennifer Burke, thank you. I found your article enjoyable and encouraging. Even though I’m disappointed in many of the people who’ve quietly worked themselves into “the machinery” as defacto community leaders. I’m greatly encouraged by people like you and Greg Stoneburner.

  86. Commie principals don’t like that gadsden flag! They prefer the red flag with a yellow hammer and sickle.

  87. That flag was instrumental in spurring on new Americans to overcome. ..In the face of overwhelming odds. …..The tyranny they faced!….it is a befitting epitaph to her career teaching children because she just took the side of true tyranny. …by her order to take down that flag….something only a tyrant would do…..GOOD BYE PRINCIPAL……HAVE FUN WORKIN AT THE CONVENIENCE STORE….IF UR LUCKY!

  88. Slowly but surely these radical liberal school officials are making themselves irrelevant. Their ideas are archaic, there methods are that of tyrants and their school system is backward, inefficient, and a burden on this country.

  89. So what has happened since?
    That Gadsden flag is the 2nd best known flag in America and should be respected as well…..the principal ought to be banned from the education system for ignorance and failure to acknowledge American historical fact…..

  90. The school principle is an idiotic fool. The was no harm in raising that flag. Goes to show some students do pay attention to what us going on in the world today. Great job Mr Stoneburner.

  91. It has taken nearly 50 years to prove Senator Joe McCarthy right, communist are every where, and have been laying in wait and laying the groundwork to take control.

    1. And the TRUTH shall set us free, now the hard part of rooting them out of their entrenched positions. This is the reason congress has repeatedly reversed term limits voted on by the majority of the people in this country. At least twice in the last 3 decades the People have voted for mandatory term limits on Congressmen and Women and each time Congress has VETOED the new laws WE tried to put into the system. That is one of the main reasons we have Corrupted Senators like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who have been in office for decades longer than they should be. Those jobs were NEVER intended to be permanent jobs, Our Forefathers expected that those serving would do their time FOR the people that elected them and then return back to the Private Industry. With what they get paid and the fact that they DON’T pay for their travel back and forth, they DON’T need to be paid a retirement that can be more than $100K a year. We NEED to fix the broken system and force mandatory term LIMITS on all of Congress. This will make it MUCH harder for Corrupted leaches to force US to do what THEY want, and start working FOR US, not themselves. However first thing is to root out the Corruption that is running downhill from the White House, root and twig. Start in the White House and go down from there. Any elected official that willingly violates their Oath of Office and attacks OUR Constitution should be IMPEACHED, Tried and if convicted should be treated just like every other TRAITOR and punished accordingly. A message needs to be sent to these Corrupted Traitors that they no longer need to apply for elected positions, they are NO longer acceptable since they don’t think the Constitution. and the rights and laws of this country should apply to them. We need Americans, NOT Communists leading this country.

  92. Contact the school district to have your voices heard – just don’t post here. Write to them seeking censure of the principal and a PUBLIC apology to the student and his family. This woman should not be a principal because of her inability to handle the situation professionally. Her lack of knowledge underscores the lack of education of students across the country right thorough to universities who are producing uneducated individuals who think they know everything.

  93. Years ago, I was against homeschooling because I felt kids had to be prepared in life by being around other children during a school day. My views have changed over the last few years due to these liberal teachers that are responsible for brainwashing our children. These teacher’s unions are nothing more than arms of the Democrat party. In some cases, after years of this indoctrination, these kids are off to college and MORE brainwashing. You young couples out there, if you have a chance to homeschool, DO IT.

  94. NO educator should be not only IGNORANT of the use that flag has with the Freedoms of this nation, nor should any educator be allowed to continue in their position if they DON’T support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This is Unexcusible and there is no excuse for this action. I can see her getting upset that a student raised another flag on campus, but her actions go above and beyond any accepted standards. I think she needs to take another look at her profession and decide if maybe a different job where she doesn’t have authority over others, especially OUR Children would be a good career choice. Maybe working in the private industry where she can get an appreciation for individual choices and the Rights of others to speak their minds would help her learn that her Opinion is NOT LAW, Obviously she is no longer qualified to perform her job properly.

  95. These kind of emotional outbursts from progressive democrats serve a purpose. Their guard is down, and they don’t cover up their real beliefs, and voila – the tyranny that is part and parcel of the left comes shining through.

  96. Jodie Diers should be fired and stripped of any honors ever bestowed on her. She is a disgrace to this country and a common marxist traitor that should be given the maximum penalty for a “TRAITOR”.

  97. Our government is tyrannical.Nothing is going to fix it except rebellion. “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson“ “When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes a duty.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson Does that statement apply to anything our government does.YES many things “

  98. why do you think that the department of education was formed??? So they could rule the agenda of what and how our kids are taught. Since it has been formed, look at how left leaning most of our students are now. Because they are being taught the government is right in EVERY situation. And that us mere citizens must bend to their will. I hope those of you in charge of TPNN have no problem with this post. You seem not to like most of what I say, Funny, since I back the TEA Party 100%.

  99. For those who want to express their thoughts about the actions of this liberal, here is her contact information acquired from the school website. Far to many teachers and principals are using graduation as a blackmail tool by using to threaten students to do as I say. These students spend 13 years of their life working toward graduation and something so simple and harmless as a Gadsden flag inflames a ignorant principal who has no idea whats so ever what it represents, all she knows is who is attached to it in current society being the tea party by which has been tarred and feathered by the democrat/ communist in DC as domestic terrorist.
    Jody Dierscentral high school Chs (970) 254-6142

    1. That wikipedia article should be assigned reading for Ms. Jodi Diers, the petulant principal.

  100. The muslims are the actual infidels as islam is a cult, not a religion. They have been fighting the Christians since the Crusades.

  101. As a retired high school principal, I find the over reaction by this principal dead wrong. She obviously is a leftist loon with a limited knowledge of American history.

  102. this principal should be fired, and the student complemented for his so called prank, it is criminal teachers like this and principals all over this country who should be fired and never allowed to teach anything in this country. and as for the muslim infidels in this country they should all be kicked out of here. and the only good Muslims, stay in there own country. imam what is that, a demon under the devils control.

  103. This woman should be imediatly removed and the board of education should issue a diploma and an appolgy.

    1. You don’t comprehend what you read! The article clearly states that the student was given his diploma.

    2. Oh I am so sorry I missed 1 word in the entire article, but that does not excuse the behavior of this administrator nor make my point any less valid. This administrator should still be fired and an appology should still be issued. Had this student dammaged school property, or disrupted school business I would say punish him and do so harshly, but he only ruffed the feathers of a knee jerk reactionary and if she can’t handle something like this she has no business having the position she has.

  104. I would like to see as many of the student body as possible perform this same “flag ceremony” as a large group when school resumes in the Fall. Grand Junction school administrators clearly do not know as much of US history as the students.

  105. I sure wish some fkg leftist would try to remove my Gadsden Flag or try to force me to remove my Gadsden Flag. Just one more reason to spit in the face of the far left wing, radical extremist, anti-American p.o.s. Democ-RATS, leftists and liberals are all the same filth

  106. Since it is apparent from her actions that this principal in not fit for duty, I think someone should overrule her decision. She should also then be assigned to teach American History next semester since she obviously is ignorant in that subject.

  107. Won’t be long before the US flag will be “a slap in the face”. The US Constitution, Christianity, morals and family values are already there.

  108. Since when are liberals aloud to voice their opinions, but conservatives are not??? This principle should be FIRED for what she did! When are the conservatives in this country going to stand up to idiots like this??? Local conservatives…. WHERE ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING THIS SCREEMING LIBERAL TO HAVE HER WAY????????

    1. I can only guess why. But I think we could ask liberal HolyGods at Home and Garden TV and Sun Trust banks (before they reversed their decision) to stop the Benham brothers from having a TV show and if that didn’t work, it was decided these brothers don’t warrant a bank account.. The Jack Booted Fascist policy of taking your job, your livelihood, and now your ability to operate in the financial community simply because these brothers are Christians and believe in Christian distinctives..
      Christians prepare to be silenced!

  109. The real problem in public education is not the line academic teachers but the predominantly liberal administrators. Most were failures in the class room and are political chameleons.

  110. we the people,who are the real government.just got back from Washington dc,it was great.any one have the phone# or any info on this principal or school/school board.were gong to start a campaigh against this principal/school.we demand this un-American be fired.god bless American veterans/citizens

  111. A good many “educators” have the IQ of a lizard and are actually pathetic people who must have failed Civics.

  112. Thanks for the deletion monitor, some of these guys posted some really foul language and threats and for some reason you deleted My post. Why don’t you guys who like to censor stuff just delete my profile then? If this is what I can expect after being with the Tea Party since it started then I don’t want to be here anymore. Just delete me and I won’t be back, very sad guys.

  113. No school tells ME what to do!
    If they act like a bully, they PAY for that folly and get SUED POOR!
    MY money PAYS for THEIR salaries, making ALL SCHOOL EMPLOYEES, PROPERTY of the people that pay for them!
    Schools are beginning to act like small governments, with their ridiculous board of directors, and handing out edicts as if they were the king, and NONE are!
    The people MUST rise up and SHUT DOWN any school that acts in DEFIANCE of the people that OWN THEM, and those people are WE THE PEOPLE!
    Schools are built with OUR money, they are OWNED by he people, and are staffed on OUR money as well, so WHEN did they gain the powers of a king or royalty?
    I hope that family SUES every board member personally, and SO WHAT, a student raised a flag!
    That flagpole is also PROPERTY OF THE PEOPLE!

  114. Wouldn’t it only be considered a “slap in the face of the school” if the school is claiming to be against freedom and the liberties every American is guaranteed by our founding documents?

  115. There are too many administrators today that have not spent one day in the classroom as a teacher. They do not understand the real world, only the world taught in books writer by Liberal Educators, who have drank the Kool-Aide

  116. I’ll share it on my Facebook page, but I won’t be surprised if Facebook censors it. They’ve apparently blocked a lot of people’s conservative posts, including many of mine. Communist censorship is everywhere. I don’t have much hope for this country – it’s too far gone. The only hope I can see, is for conservative people to migrate from Blue state to Red states, and maybe, if enough people do this we can start a new country, one like our founding fathers had in mind.

  117. MY first question to the principle would have been, “How is the Gadsden Flag offensive, and a slap in the face to this school?” Regardless of her answer, I’d have stood my ground on the 1st Amendment. The next thing I’d have told her is she’d be hearing from my attorney and that I would be asking for her resignation in addition to a huge settlement. ZERO tolerance for Constitutional violations. End her.

  118. Reading the comments, you people are all loons. And you wonder why you tea party nutters are despised by the vast majority of Americans and no longer even have much influence within the Republican Party.

    1. Sassan….You are a loon shut the F up you Moron and one more thing you are nothing but a communist LibRat F ing Moron.

    2. It’s not the Tea Party you should go after. Try the United States Navy as well. Shameful ignorance.

    3. If you had any intelligence, you would have realized that she not only insulted the student, but also you, me and every AMERICAN, and American soldier in America. Pull your head out of the sand comrade and begin to see what is really happening in America!
      GOD bless the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

  119. Time for that “educator” and I use the term in jest to be informed that she best find a new job for which she is better suited – say garbage collector.

  120. I a veteran that holds our constitution as a very high value , and if your going to administer or teach our children then as you get your degree you should have to be tested on the constitution and the various different flags that made this country what it is today. I know years ago it was part of our curricular to not only know the Constitution, but also our State constitution in order to graduate . Thank you and God Bless Everyone

  121. not surprising. the school system is fucked the system that the schools force one to rely on our fucked. we are all fucked… i need a beer.

  122. Central High School
    550 Warrior Way
    Grand Junction, CO 81504
    (970) 254-6200

    Contact Information
    (970) 254-6200 Main Office
    (970) 254-6101 Counseling Office
    (970) 254-5858 Attendance Office – to excuse absences
    (970) 254-6169 Fax – Main Office
    (970) 254-6102 Registrar
    (970) 254-6176 Fax – Registrar
    Central High School
    550 Warrior Way
    Grand Junction, CO 81504

    1. I sent the Principal an email and told I would give her ample opportunity to explain why she treated Greg Stoneburner the way she did.
      Her response was: Delivery Failure……….
      This despite the fact that school website posts her name and email address.

    2. Figures are you sure you didn’t have a typo in the address if no typo then she must be getting flooded with emails and that’s good.

    3. Oh yes, I’m sure it was spelled correctly. That’s okay, I’ll send the whole works to the district offices and if I get the same non-response, I’ll send it to the Mayors office and from there I’ll keep going higher even if I have to go all the way to the top. This young man deserves a public apology and apparently the supposed role models in his school have failed to be role models. It’s shameful.
      Spend some time on school web site. It’s one demand followed by a threat throughout. Fees, fines, threat. Pay for your cap in gown ….. yada, yada yada. Maybe she has forgotten that the parents of this young man have already paid for his education. Typical Sycophant.

  123. What do you expect from a Commie Principle. She probably has a Che Guevara t-shirt in her closet.

  124. This makes my blood boil. I’m a teacher and if this
    had happened at my school I’d have gone directly to the school district Board
    of Education and then I’d have sent out a message to every parent showing this
    picture. I’d attach the Instruction from the Department of Navy, ordering
    all Navy Ships to fly the Gadsden in place of the Union Jack.

    Then…. just for the effect, I’d have sent the Board of
    Education my personal picture of the Gadsden that I personally own from my
    service on the USS Prairie (AD-15) U. S ship (at that time the oldest ship
    in the Navy). Before 2002 that HONOR was reserved for the oldest ship in the
    Navy, no matter what class of ship it was.
    Finally, I’d tell them that I gave 20 years of my life protecting tise woman’s freedom on speech that she apparently doesn’t pass on to her own students.

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
    …and so typical of many school administrators

  125. Such idiots permeate countless school districts.

    When illegal aliens forcefully remove the American flag from a public school flagpole and trample it underfoot then run the piece of butt wipe cloth known as the Mexican flag up the same flag pole, the school officials do absolutely nothing because the “Hispanic students were only expressing themselves”.

    Here we have a patriotic student who is an American citizen who’s parents are taxpaying and law abiding citizens pulling a kid’s prank which results in suspension. Where do they find such piece of fecal matter to fill the roles of school administrators????

  126. WOW! Talk of an OVER-THE-TOP reaction! Unless this student is a HUGE habitual screw-up, this woman is wound tighter that a $2 watch! Seriously, has she been too long without a vacation? If this is her USUAL reaction to a little stress, I pity the teacher staff, and, ESPECIALLY, the students! And, if so, the school board needs to review this situation, NOW! If the school board is reluctant to act, remove THEM, and get someone in there who RESPECTS the students, AND the parents, and will NOT let petty tyrants lose it, then viciously attack a hapless victim! Flying an old flag from when we were colonies? Really?

  127. My memory is a little fuzzy on this. Back in preparation for the 1976 Bicentennial celebrations, Congress passed a law making several Revolutionary War battle flags official American flags. One of those included was the Gadsden Flag. What i don’t remember is if that was just for the bicentennial year or if it was permanently. Either way the Gadsden Flag is/was an official American flag. The boy should sue. And I should get my Gadsden Flag back up. I took it down due to the harsh winter we had.

  128. On my last day of high school, we ran a XX-large size panty up the pole. It stayed up all day and no one was upset over it.

    this ignorant principal has a limited knowledge of the history of our
    flags and what it took to form this unique county named “America”. She
    is in need of “schooling” which should consist of a pink slip.

    I fly an American Flag, a Texas Flag and a Gadsden Flag twenty feet high beside my pool. No neighbors have complained yet and it has been four years.

  129. This principal should flat out be fired. She seems to not even know the basic history of this country or its heritage to this flag. Maybe she should be ran up the flagpole to illustrate America’s public school system’s ignorance towards American pride and history!
    GOD bless America!

  130. This principal reacted as if it were the hammer and sickle of communist Russia or the swastika of the Nazis flying in place of the school flag. She really needs to calm down and check the history of the flag before going ballistic.

  131. I bought a Gadsden flag in Lexington last fall (during the GUVAMINT shutdown).
    It’s hanging on my wall right now. I have neighbors who fly theirs outdoors.
    Flying this flag is NOT a crime. The principal needs to be fired AND sued!

  132. The damn principal should be fired. The Gadson is a legally recognized US flag & has has much right to fly in this nation has The Stars & Bars do! The kid should sue too!

  133. The principal’s actions were the disgrace to the school, not the flag.The only reason this twittette (new word) was a school principal is because she isn’t qualified for a REAL job (kind of like Hillary), Will someone on the school board with any kind of spine get rid of this piece of trash? Because she deserved to be tossed out!

  134. To be expected. Many of the parents of today’s students were born around the time the federal government introduced the 10th plank of the communist manifesto into what was once one of the greatest education systems in the world. That happened c1971 when the Department of Education (indoctrination) was created. Communist (common) CORE is just the latest addition to it.

  135. I am currently ashamed of being a citizen of Colorado. What young Stoneburner said was exactly correct. Academia in the US is a crime.

  136. I guess this principle wants people to tread on her, and her students. Perhaps this kid just didn’t learn the indoctrination message well enough.

  137. This principle is the type of person that just follows the daily dribble spewing forth from DC. Its the liberal way or no way. Face it, they know that Shts about to hit the fan, and they’re in panic mode over it. See, I believe they thought Owevomit would be able to get us to turn over our guns through a series of false flag events. But fortunately for us, he been big on promise and tiny, very tiny on delivery. So, the sight of the Gadsden flag really upsets a liberal to no end, because they see the end, and its not pretty for liberal progressives.

  138. This student and his family should contact the ACLJ-American Center for Law & Justice. They are the Conservative counter to the ACLU. This is 1st Amendment written ALL over it! Maybe WE should start a fund to help the family with legal expenses when they sue that principal!

  139. Good for you, Greg Stoneburner! On national holidays which honor the birth of our Nation and/or honor the sacrifices made for our freedom, I fly Old Glory. On all other days, the Gadsden Flag has flown from the front of my house 24/7/365 since late 2008, and it will continue to do so as a warning to any tyrant, foreign or domestic, that I take The Bill of Rights and the remainder of the Constitution very seriously.

    1. Brother Ali, La il laha il Allah, Muhammad a rasool Allah

      ALLAHU AKBAR !!!

      ALLAHU AKBAR !!!

  140. Communists are running the public schools. Our next generation will be complete morons.

    1. If you prefer communists running our schools, then you are part of the problem and an insult to American patriots.

  141. So much common sense among the “educators” of today. The same kind who suspend a kid for biting a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun! Seems like the only thing they want to teach is how to be a good “drone” …. like them.

  142. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS … Is a doctrine fostered by Ultra-Liberal-Socialist-Subversives and rabidly promoted by the Lamestream Media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

  143. The facebook page for the school has been taken down! I guess too many conservatives let their feelings be known.

  144. People need to start having their beliefs to themselves be political views on homosexuality, freedom, etc. Not come and display these beliefs in public buidlings and expect others not to be outraged. Freedom is not starting a fight of ideas over a flag or a homosexual agenda or abortion. Freedom is to exercise the liberty to express ourselves without offending others or compromising public venues.

    1. Right. Like in the First Amendment where it says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, as long as it doesn’t offend others or compromise public venues, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      You should keep that belief to yourself and not post it here. Otherwise, hypocrite.

    2. So if you want to display this cute flag in a public school where every sort of students go you must be allowed to display the swastika, the ax and hammer or the confederate flag in public schools where all races of kids go to get an education.

    3. Common sense, man. A Gadsden flag is not a communist symbol, or a swastika, or anything else like that. Take it down, sure. It was a prank and it doesn’t have to be there. But to go after the kid like that is absurd. Something tells me this principal wouldn’t have been as upset by the sickle and hammer.

  145. I would consider this his freedom of speech, (maybe he
    shouldn’t have touched public property which his parents pay taxes on “the flag
    pole”) but he’s making a statement and it wasn’t harming anyone! no different than posting a sign on the wall or the door.

  146. We need to take the schools back from these administrators. You mean to tell me she had NO GODDAMN idea that WAS an American flag. She’s racist against the USA!

  147. Good job bud, keep standing up for your rights. Our country is still the best in the world, in my book, we’re just going through some hard times. The future needs courageous, bright leaders to fill America’s needs, and I hope that you will step up and be one in the future.

  148. Perhaps this principal should be greeted by a sea of Gadsden flags when school opens next year.

  149. Someone should provide free T-shirts with the flag on it to anyone who will where them to school next year. Pay the kids to where them all year long.

  150. If you click the high school link you can get the principals email, I suggest sending her an email.

  151. Colorado hasn’t been the same since Progressives from California moved into the state. The principal needs to be reeducated about what patriotism means and its symbols.

  152. Jennifer Burke, are you a black woman draped in the confederate flag and all it stood for? Wrapping yourself in the Gadsden flag is tantamount to that very belief and mentality. What is wrong with you.

    1. Ms. Burke is, simply, farther along in the evolutionary process. She’s not hanging on to things from nearly 200 years ago! Let her have her intelligence. She’s NOT ‘dissing’ you or your people!!! It is NOT all always about YOU, believe it or not!

    2. The Gadsden flag is Revolutionary War… Not Civil War. It was a symbol of throwing off the tyranny of an oppressive, unfair government, and had nothing to do with slavery.

    3. But the mindset of those who wave it around is the same as those folks who remain with the white sentiment toward minorities, especially blacks. Everyone knows that.

    4. Well, Duel. Your comment seems to indicate that you are totally innocent of the difference between the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. That’s pretty funny. I guess you were out for a short beer when they did that lecture, hey? :D

    5. The “seems to indicate” part of your post, suggest to me that you yourself even doubt what you say. It is not a statement of power of even of self conviction much like the rest of the conservative platform.

    6. Actually, it was an expression of hope that you aren’t as illiterate as your posting makes you appear.

  153. Turning the American flag upside down or flying the Mexican flag about the US flag would have been fine.

  154. Politics aside, the kid should not be messing with school property and his actions warrant possible administration action by the school district..Unfortunately with the dangerous climate we live, with school administrators have had to take a harder line. And the dangerous climate has in large part gotten worse because of increase of guns in this country and lax laws promoted by the likes of the Tea Party, GOP, NRA and the evil Koch Brothers..

    1. “Politics aside”? You just went on a hypocritical political rant. Once again, there is no “tolerance” unless you follow the liberal line. BAAAAAHHHHH, BAAAAAHHHHHHH!

    2. You just broke internet rule #357. Any mention of Hitler or the Koch brothers means that you automatically lose the argument… Next.

    3. Or the F word. The minute I see that word, it negates anything else they have to say. It’s just morally-deficit, brain-programmed fools showing themselves. Happy 4th of July, Shay.

  155. we the people,who are the real government,thanks for the information on principal ms jody diers,we just called her at 970-254-6200 I called 3 times but got her answering machine on the 4th call and left her a very strong message.that we the legal American taxpayers,who foot the bills,will not stand for her or any persons unconstitituional behavior,i told her this is america were the constitution rules,and we will be watching her deeds very closely.and we will add her to our list of unconstitituional people.god bless American veterans/citizens

  156. we the people,who are the real government islam is an idealogy not a religion,the non musmutts or the unbelievers or the be ambushed and beheaded,a muslum comes into a neighborhood and stays under the radar,and stays amongst themselves,until there needed or are big enough,we call them sleeper cells.ovomit/satan is part of the muslum brotherhood,and has muslums in key positions in his administration,even the military are taking out everything said bad about the musmutts in there textbooks,and the cair group is a frt for the muslum brotherhood.there are muslum terrorist camps in the usa,like Dearborn Michigan,maine,texas,upstate new York near the book the muslum mafia,do not trust them,they are like a Trojan horse they use our laws,until there able to try and force there sharia on us.fight them at every level there very good at deception/lying/covering alerted/focused/prepared.and ovomit is allowing these terrorist to come into our country,along with illegal aliens so he has his own group for jihad.god bless American veterans/citizens

  157. I’m willing to bet this Jodie Diers is a dyed in the wool lib-turd lefty. Colorado where I was born and raised was at one time a fine place to live. Not so today what with all the liv-turd’s moved in. I’m ashamed of that state.

    1. What is truly sad, is that the Libtards were all Kalifornians fleeing the results of their Liberalism.
      So they went to Colorado, and immediately started to turn it into what they just ran away from.

  158. I just graduated HS last year and Stoneburner’s observations is the same as I have observed –

    “Administrators all over the US are excising power that they do not have over students and other adults. Students are being taught to obey baseless authority and to never question anything. Is that the real message we want to be sending our children, who are the future of this country?”

    Schools are statist institutions meant to teach obedience to authority instead of individualism. Very few of my teachers welcomed being questioned; they simply wanted us to ACCEPT what they say as fact.

    If we ever hope to halt the spread of socialism and authoritarianism, we nee to get government out of the business of education.

    1. What is surprising is that this is nothing new.
      I graduated in 1975. During my junior year I had a history teacher say “They’ve found an Island in the
      South Pacific where there is No Change.” (Note: This was a Hoax perpetrated by Ferdinand Marcos, but that wasn’t learned until many years later)
      Anyway, I immediately said, “That’s Impossible.”
      She said, “What?”
      I replied, “That’s impossible, Change is essential to existence. Without Change nothing in the universe
      can operate, only in an area devoid of light and matter can change cease to exist, and I couldn’t state that for sure.”
      Anyway, the teacher became annoyed at my intransigence, many students kept telling me, “She’s the Teacher
      she ought to know…” etc. etc.
      Finally the teacher asked me, “I’m the teacher and you are the student; when a student and teacher
      disagree, who is right?”
      I answered, “It has been my experience that the teacher will get her way, that has nothing what
      so ever to do with being right.”
      I was kicked out of her class for being disruptive.

    2. Sounds like some of the debates I had with teachers. I seldom observe people saying what they actually mean. The teacher in this instance probably meant “no change” as in unspoiled by mankind, but her ignorance and misuse of the English language didn’t allow her to see her own mistake. The reality is that her words, “No Change,” means things are exactly as they always have been. That, like you said, is impossible. Life cannot exist without decay, matter cannot exist without atomic decay and so forth and so forth. Therefore, the mere existence of an “island” means that there is “change”.

      Yes, it is also my experience that the teacher will get their way. They have the assigned authority and generally the arrogant mentality to go along with it.

  159. This would never have happened in Colorado before it was Kalifornicated! I weep for the place where I grew up!

  160. In the Spirit of King George, upon seeing the flag waving in the air with Old Glory, the principal of Central High School, Jodie Diers, went on a rampage yelling to take the flag down.

  161. Always question authority when the need arises. Star Trek quote “The needs of the many, outweighs the needs of the few”

  162. Do not dare uplift the American Revolution because this represents the people revolting against Gov’t. That firearms confiscation was the final straw that sparked it indicates just how important the Second Amendment is and why it prevents or was SUPPOSED TO PREVENT gov’t interference with the peoples right to arm themselves anyway they see fit. But they have convinced the sheople that they need to Gov’t to control firearms to “protect” us. I think that US vs Miller needs to be revisited by the Court. With their using the Federalist Papers as a guide AND that the PEOPLE’S rights be adequately represented this time. In the Miller case only the Gov’t appeared to make its case and as a result I think the whole decision is void. If nothing else the JUSTICES should have defended the Constitution as their OATH requires.

  163. Teach your kids young to question everything. And back them up when the school administrators attempt to bully them, or you. I have dealt with this in my kids’ school district. It escalated to the point to me standing before a judge in a judicial hearing. My wife and I refused to stand down. The judge sided with us, as well as the sheriff’s office. There are still sober-minded people out there. Unfortunately none exist within the walls of the schools’ administration building.

    1. My daughter has been pulled from public school. My two boys wanted to stay in. They get enough training and lessons from me to counter the nonsense the school tries to tell them.

    2. I agree wholeheartedly. My daughter is now homeschooled because of this. My boys are still in school because my youngest boy gets speech therapy through the district and my oldest boy works well with others in a school envoronment. We homeschooled him for one year, and he hated the fact that his friends went to school and he didn’t. So he got lazy and defiant.


  165. The fascists are trying to take over. The last 6 years have been a disaster for America, and its legal citizens. Extreme control exist , now, by every agency out there. Non of these agencies are doing any good for the people but only for the governments agenda.

  166. This principal probably is a liberal who thinks Common Core is something to be proud of. Well she is wrong. I have flown that same flag ever since this country was slapped if the face by the election of Obama and will not fly the Stars and Strips until the country gets back to the right principals it was founded under. That means freedoms from this tyrannical Federal government. Prior to that I flew the American flag 24 hours a day lite at night for 40 plus years. The only exception was when Al Gore made a farce out of the election in 2000 during the Florida debacle created by the Democrats naturally and at that time I flew it up side down during the entire time that went on.

  167. Severe action against the school, its principle and principal need to be taken. We need to set an example of this school that our freedoms are to be taken seriously, that we are not subjects of the school, school is to build character and not sheep and that traditional values need to be restored. If it doesn’t happen then YOU THE PEOPLE have nothing to complain about.

  168. This is really disrespectful. Our troops didn’t risk their lives defending a pathetic snake

    1. Brandon, this pathetic snake as you call it represents the battle our country fought to win our independence as well as its ideas and society. Do some research!

  169. In what way exactly did that insult the school or the principal? If it did the principal should be removed; not the flag.

  170. Is this Jodie Diers still working for this school? Has she been sued yet for violation of the students rights? Probably not since she is a liberal moron. She did exactly what her masters wanted her to do.