Should Women Receive Paid ‘Menstrual Leave’ from Work?

War on Women

The Huffington Post has long served as a bastion of moonbat defenses of rights that simply don’t exist. From a “right” to earn an extraordinarily high minimum wage to a supposed “right” to healthcare, the Huffington Post has defended rights that, frankly, are not enumerated anywhere in our laws.
Now, The Huffington Post is pondering a new right: Should women be offered paid menstrual leave?

Do women deserve paid “menstrual leave” for the days when cramps, irritability or more complicated issues like endometriosis distract from the day’s tasks?
Menstrual leave is a part of the employee experience in several Asian countries, prompting think pieces on the topic from The Atlantic and Slate.
HuffPost Live joined the conversation with a panel of women who spoke frankly about the idea. One of them, founder Rebecca Watson, took issue with the way the premise is presented.
“Just by asking the question, ‘Should women get paid menstruation leave?’ biases the listener into saying, ‘Oh, of course not,’ because you’re talking about special treatment,” she said.
But what about men? Should they get time off for a kick to the testicles that sends them into a tailspin of discomfort? Doesn’t everyone need an unexpected day off now and then? HuffPost Live’s panel tackled those questions and more. 
Of course, any conservative opposition idea is likely to be attributed to the fictitious “Republican War on Women.” Still, the very idea that paid menstrual leave can be equated to a possible kick in the testicles is absurd.
Women have their periods each month; men do not often get kicked in the testicles. While companies offer sick leave for a wide range of ailments, allocating a reserved “menstrual leave” sends the wrong message: those with uteri are offered a benefit not offered to those without.
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    1. If not,, all men should get the hunting season of their choice off… Isn’t not being able to hunt quite painful??? and emotionally straining to all men??? Stand up men take our right to hunt back… If women can have “menstrual leave” Men can have hunting leave…

    2. Hey! You are right! All that time in a deer blind? I am sure you back is hurting. You need sporting leave. Someone else might have injured their thumb with a hammer, or a drill or have lawn mower blisters, and need some recuperation time! No problem….just take a MANLY day! (Heavy sarcasm)

    1. This actually would be a great way to get women back in the home… Don’t think there will be to many employers hiring women that will need a paid week off once a month…. Great idea,, strengthen the family unit by forcing women out of work. (sarc) …. Seriously though how many employers do you think will hire women??? I wouldn’t,,, would you??? Especially knowing how this would get abused….. Every month,, every woman would have such bad cramps that they couldn’t work… Meaning 12 paid weeks off per year… “”REALLY”” And how many do men get?? Equal right….

    2. Most of those people in the picture are past a menstruating age.

      Liberal men menstruate most of their lives, liberal women are always on the rag.

  1. Why not make it just part of the sick leave offered to all the employees. When they burn up their number of days or hours then they have to deal with it. Just make it in the system as excuseable as long as they have the time

    1. Why should it be included in sick leave when…they’re not sick? This is a step backwards for women, not forward.

  2. Hey dumb chicks….. suck it up buttercup! You don’t want to be treated as a parasite, quit acting like one. It’s part of life, promise you won’t die!

    1. Well if they want to embarrass women this way then why don’t we just go back to the OT laws in Deuteronomy….. where the men had to leave the camp for a certain amount of time until they were “clean” after a seminal discharge.

    2. Rebecca,

      As long as those men pray to Allah and the women are wearing the burqa i see nothing wrong with what you are saying.

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    9. Your logic on the subject seems to be nonexistent. In other words, you make no sense at all.

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    13. where did you come up with that information, I wasn’t aware of anything like that. would like to read that article, if one exists

    14. Typical liberal-think where you pull statistics and other pertinent figures out of your posterior.

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    17. Rebecca would be the first to say don’t mix religion and govenment then she makes that stupid comment.

    18. Yes you are right. Very stupid. I guess I’m used to being on Christian mingle, but don’t really know how to talk nicely to these kind of men without being rejectful I fear.. I don’t even have a husband (man in aramaic)

  3. Just like ACA-its a wealth transfer from men to women. That’s all. Women apparently arent getting money from men fast enough so they have to invent new laws so women dont even need to make themselves attractive to get money from men, daddy State will do all the heavy lifting.

  4. No. If women want to be KEPT, and I mean that strictly, by the government, then let them be mistresses to the government, and make them WORK FOR the government. Then, at least they will be earning their hand outs.

  5. ok, Well if they want to embarrass women this way then why don’t we just go back to the OT laws in Deuteronomy….. where the men had to leave the camp for a certain amount of time until they were “clean” after a seminal discharge.

    1. Men were not considered ritualistically clean, and were not allowed into the tabernacle until they were cleansed, usually by time, meaning a period(sic) of roughly a day.

  6. and lets not forget menopause and whatever else one can possibly conceive, oh waits there is another one conception time off and I’m not talking about paternity leave either….gotta have time off for when its that perfect time…..lmao

  7. This is just probably another subliminal assault against women in America….so don’t go there Mr.!

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    5. You, Sir, do not seem to have a very high opinion of American women do you?I am a married Christian woman and I love God, Jesus and my husband, who IS the king in our home.My beloved husband says I am a perfect wife, I keep our home neat, am a very good cook and I respect my husband very much.Not all Christians are infidels as I do not consider myself one.I know many woman such as myself that share the same lifestyle. No, I would never convert to Islam, nor cover myself as I already dress respectfully and conduct myself modestly. I would never bring shame to my husband nor would he to me. I am treated with great love and respect as well.So, please, respect the fact that all Americans are not the same.

  8. And then they wonder why women are paid less than men. Take an advil and work your 8 hours! (yes, I am a woman, no, I’m not PMSing right now…)

    1. Did you notice that the crowd in the picture protesting is mostly beyond a menstruating age?

      Liberal men menstruate most of their lives, liberal woman are always on the rag.

      They should all just take a Midol and calm down…

  9. Wow I must be a day late and a dollar short LOL … There was no ” sympathies” for Aus women who worked amd had ” PMS ” or cramps or menstrual discomfort . Take 2 aspirins and go to work amd carry on your day . Since the ERA has been voted in there has been more outlandish positively downright moronic ideas floated . Now if a woman can do the same job as a man yes pay her equally . All humans are equal and should be treated accordingly men and women. But if this is even a remote idea that somehow becomes a law then men should have an equal say . The writer ” jokingly” suggested testicle pains . Well why not it effects their neither regions like a woman’s . I’m sure there could be a more medical reason to give for a mans issues . But leave it to the Huff Puff P.O.S. rag to even entertain this notion let alone report on it. But the ignorant will glob onto this as another freebie to be paid by the tax payers. Signed …A Mom Against Obama in California ..,

    1. How about hangovers Monday morning? Sounds good to me! That’s at least 52 days! Oh, and Fridays, cause a bunch of us would go out on Thursday night. We’re up to 104! Gettin’ closer. Pretty soon, we’ll just get paid for not working……….oh wait, isn’t hat what Obama is doing? Wonder why the economy SUCKS?

  10. Of all the lame-brained ideas. Oh my God. Men, you allowed this by laying down for womens’ rights, now the ride just gets bumpier. What’s next? Time off to breastfeed your baby? Men you allowed this, you let these women roll right over you and now you’re not even men anymore. I hope you enjoy reaping what you sow.

  11. Every Liberal with an Obama sticker on his car should be kicked in the testicles at least monthly. Rather than giving him a day off, how about the owner of the Corporation terminate all Libitards with Obama bumper stickers…

  12. Seriously? I guess I’m old. While you young whippersnappers were in diapers I was on the front line. This is the most asinine entitlement. If you want equal pay and work — show up, do your job and quit whining. Good grief! I can’t even begin to tell you what we used to go through to climb the ladders in corporations and now you want menstrual leave?

  13. We already have menstrual days. My employer (and most rational people) call them sick days and personal days. Use them wisely ladies!!

    1. Nothing but some women are asking for special leave on top of the regular sick leave.

  14. Endometriosis is a medical condition, not a normal part of having a period! I do believe that receiving treatment for that would fall under standard medical leave and it’s not something that has to be done monthly. Unless of course you choose the take birth control route which would not result in a need for time off; take the NSAIDs your doctor prescribes and go on with life. It really annoys me that some numbnut grouped a serious medical condition in with a normal menstrual cycle.

    1. Brother Ali,

      Hopefully her owner has an old tent to make one with……….if not its the stones.

    2. Did you notice that the crowd protesting is mostly beyond a menstruating age?

      Liberal men menstruate most of their lives, liberal woman are always on the rag.

      They all need to take a Midol and calm down.

  15. Maybe it would be a good idea to give these ladies 5-10 days off every month in the name of “equality”. The claim that equal pay for equal work will then get a good chance for discussion–with people claiming that women are underpaid vs men, and that the should be given up to ten days a month off in order to deal with menstral issues.

  16. Since I’m not a woman, I really don’t know how to answer this one. While some woman have really bad cramps with their periods, and bad P.M.S. (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms, others seem to handle things just fine with no real problems. And I know from what my daughters have told me that lots of ladies’ restrooms have couches in them where the ladies can lay down. (That’s supposed to be of some help with the cramps). So that would be a way to help women who experience bad cramps while at work. Of course, there are other women who suffer from P.M.D.D. (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), a much more severe form of P.M.S., and their symptoms can be completely disabling. Medications, including birth control pills, can often help with both of these conditions, but I guess each situation needs to be decided on a case by case basis with the woman’s doctor having the final say as to her ability to work during her premenstrual time of the month, and during her period. Now I know this may sound like somewhat of a cop out, but as I said, I’m not a woman, so I really have no experiential basis to use to comment on this. But this is one man’s opinion, for whatever it’s worth.

  17. Will she be asked to prove she is menstruating? Ha ha ha ha ha! And people want to know why women earn less than men. Suck it up, ladies.

  18. Do they realize that employers will privately look at this as a cost of employment both when looking at who to hire and determining a compensation package?

    Just think about the cost of giving all female employees of child-bearing years a few days to a week off every month. Could any employer afford to pay a woman of child-bearing years as much as it paid a man or an older woman?

    Would it even be fair to pay such a woman who could be expected to work about 20 days a month as much as a person who could be expected to work about 27 days a month?

  19. As long as men get an equal number of extra days they can take at any time. The U.S. already has one of the lowest rates of PTO in the world. We could all use a few more days. Lets run with it and have more time to fish or golf or whatever.

  20. Sick leave is sick leave!!! Use it for whatever you need!!! You don’t need specialty sick days!

  21. They don’t want equal treatment, they want special treatment, example in the army there are two different scales for scoring on the pt test, basically if you are a women all you got to do is show up to pass, a 18 yr women has more time to run 2 miles than a 40 yr old man which is 18:18 minutes where as a 17 to 21 yr old male has to do it in 15:56 but if they both pass with minimum scores they both get 60 points for that event and which ends up on the promotion board worksheet, NCOERs, and OERS.

  22. I understand what they are saying, but if your on the war front will you suddenly say I need time off for menstrual pain? I don’t think so. That’s no different than an upset stomach from eating something that upset you’re stomach. I totally understand the concept, I had the worst menstrual history, but I still went on with my daily living; first in school and then working. My sister didn’t need special treatment, nor my cousin who retired working in the Pendegon. Women don’t join the service to be treated different, they join to make a difference and defend America!

  23. Lay them off, let them collect unemployment, then I don’t have to tip toe around a PMSing bitch!!!

  24. That would discriminate against guys who never have “cramps” a more equitabvle solution would be to let eveyrone WITHOUT CRAMPS stay we don’t have to work with those that do. Want to see a war on women? Watch how the Muslims do it.

    1. Dennis D Cockmouth,

      judging from your picture you diddle little boys and know nothing about women.

      Muslim women could not have it any better…..

      What women would not want to spend the day wearing a burqa while cleaning camel stalls, plowing the fields and practicing salat 5 times a day?

      And to top it off they have the honor of being violently sexed in all orifices by us pious Muslim men and our massive tunic scuds.


  25. How about Hemorrhoid Hump Day to mix with Minstrual Mondays? My wife who spent more than 6 years in the US Army was 8 months pregnant running PT, changing oil in the cold of October and November in West Germany and she says, ” Women, toughen up and don’t think more is better if more strips away dignity!”, Thank you dear! Anyways, this is the weakening of American values and to just get anything and everything they can! The same sort of behavior that closed down the factory’s in the 70s and 80s, laziness and getting out of work!

  26. This is just disgusting…..

    Women should not be allowed near a place of business, let alone be able to work at one.

    Their place is at home cleaning toilets, digging wells and milking yak’s…..all while wearing the burqa.

    1. You are a male chauvanist pig and need your head examined. This is the 21st century!

    2. Shitti Bustley

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    6. Typical uneducated woman. You should give up trying to psychoanalyze a pious muslim man, for your puny female brain could never comprehend something so simple as rational thought.

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    14. Brother Ali,

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    15. Brother Farzan

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    16. Cocksucker Farzan:
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    26. Brother Ali,

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  27. If you do not agree with Liberal’s unending demand then you hate women, children, gays and Muslims.

  28. What? Paid menstrual leave once per month every month? Once every 3 mos, how often, then? And you want equal pay when men don’t do the same? You will never be taken seriously.

  29. UH, haven’t they proven women who hang out together for a length of time, tend to have their “cycle” at the same time? I know from a Dad’s experience with Mothers, Daughters, and granddaughters, this is absolutely true. A small business could lose half their workforce every month! Besides, they already get sick leave if it gets intolerable, so why would ya want to change the status quot? Next question?

  30. I guess they want to make Menopause a Paid Vacation next. I mean they already have the right to kill the unborn against the will of the baby’s father or father’s family and not be charged with murder for it. Yet the same can’t be said of a man that kills an unborn. If the baby dies he is still charged with it’s murder and if the pregnant woman dies then he is charged with 2 murders. I will not consider paid menstural sick time nor a menopausal paid vacation until you reconcile what abortion really is and why it must be different for men.

  31. Yes I agree women should get paid Menstrual Leave… after all it’s not their fault… beside who needs the added stress around the office.

  32. Taking anywhere from two to four days off a month is not going to put you on the fast track to the corner office. Not to mention getting your workplace advice from the Huffington Post is not the smartest thing you can do either.

  33. If people want to be treated equally then people should not ask for special treatment. just my thought

  34. …and stop flirting with me Ali-bahba, my man will get jealous and make me get off the computer ;-)

    1. Rebeccho

      If you are trying to seduce a pious Muslim man like myself, you are doing a poor job of it. In order to join my harem, I need to see that you can plow my fields and scrub the toilets in my palace. Only after you show me this will I consider putting you on my waiting list of potential concubines.


  35. If they allow this you will have the same Women taking 5 to 7 days off each month. That is crazy! All us Women over the years were able to deal with it. If it is bad enough you could already call in sick, But this is crazy. I had to work 12 hour shifts on my feet during the night when it was my time and I had bad one’s. This has to be a Joke! OMG there are Women who are dealing with Cancer and having kemo and still working. I am with Carrie when she said Suck it up buttercup!

    1. Wendy

      I see your male owner has kept you busy and working. I am prepared to offer him 2 camels,10 goats and a golden AK47 in order to have you join my harem. I look forward to a response within the next 2 days.

    2. No one own’s me, I have been Married for over 35 years and I do not tell him what to do and he does not tell me what to do. That’s called respect. Your a Joke, Being a Women and Bleeding does not give you extra’s rights. Grow up and be a responsible Adult.

  36. Nope. just reacting to all the pet names you have called me in the gracious way a southern lady like myself would. But seriously….you need to think about the truth I said. need to go.

  37. This is a pathetic question. Maybe some of these women need to go back to pioneer days so they can appreciate life a little and quit the winey bit chin….

  38. my roomate’s step-sister makes $89 /hour on the laptop
    . She has been fired for 6 months but last month her pay check was $12025 just
    working on the laptop for a few hours. look at this now F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

  39. It is proven that many women that hang around each other, end up with their cycles synchronizing. Most schools have women teachers and a period can last 1-2 weeks. Does that mean the kids can take time off from school during those times of the month?

  40. Wish it would happen I will not have too clean up the mess they leave behind (on the underside of the seat)and Men will not have too see it or touch it to “LIFT” the seat

  41. A form of “entitlement”! Huffy entices “doesn’t everyone deserve a day off now and then?” What voter could resist a candidate that promised a 4 day work week ? Since only half of our work force actually works, the rest live off tax money channelled to them, this is the new target of the nanny state. Big Government/Big Brother – the Social Democrats, having beat the abortion rights to death under the guise of caring about women, smelling fresh blood on their push to increase the minimum wage 40%, have now identified another cause. All the 60s bra burners daughters will take up the baton.

  42. This is so stupid I can’t believe it got offered space! While people are on about equal pay, they have to go off in left field about special days off for when you have your period ? Now, some men might even think this a good idea, as severe PMS is a running joke, but get REAL. What about the ladies whose periods seriously last DAYS, or even a couple of weeks! Been there…
    What happens when a woman has a hysterectomy? Or goes through menopause? Or takes the pill so she doesn’t HAVE periods, as some do? She just loses that sexually based benefit?
    Clearly, somebody ain’t thinking….and it ain’t the Republicans as much as Huff and Puff wants to make it out to be!

  43. this is ridiculous, if it’s that bad use your sick days or PTO, don’t want to use these? then it’s not that bad, no special treatment, suck it up.

  44. you’re kidding right? Face it little girls, you are not half the woman your predecessors were. Yeah I am a man, and if you want 7 days because you are on a period, then I want double time and a week to go fishing if I have to listen to your little girl rants, what’s next another week for PMS? You want to be equal, but yet want less ( work). and more everything else. Keep going like this, and you all will convince me Islam is right…. LOL evidently shaving completely, has mentally made you the little girls you always wanted to imitate

  45. The several “Asian” countries that give menstrual leave include and/or ARE Muslim countries. The leave is NOT because women have cramps etc., it is because they are considered UNCLEAN. They are not even allowed to pray. However, as usual, uniformed writers toss out these kind of news articles…or informed writers just don’t give the whole picture on anything just to get a controversy going. Or maybe just some dumb bimbo who wants 4 days off a month is trying to tout better treatment of women in Asia and we should follow suit.

  46. In the first place, no decent woman would be working anywhere near a male and second, when a woman is leaking her “sin juice”…AKA “the period” she is not Halal and must be removed 100 feet from all other individuals, animals and food stuff. No wonder america is so messed up….the whole place is contaminated with the fluids from millions of harlots.

  47. Cry me a river! My cycles never stopped me from working and I had some awful days, but had to help support my family. This society has become so lazy!

  48. They could even it out by giving men three days off every month if they have a raging erektion! lol