Should Women Receive Paid ‘Menstrual Leave’ from Work?

War on Women

The Huffington Post has long served as a bastion of moonbat defenses of rights that simply don’t exist. From a “right” to earn an extraordinarily high minimum wage to a supposed “right” to healthcare, the Huffington Post has defended rights that, frankly, are not enumerated anywhere in our laws.
Now, The Huffington Post is pondering a new right: Should women be offered paid menstrual leave?

Do women deserve paid “menstrual leave” for the days when cramps, irritability or more complicated issues like endometriosis distract from the day’s tasks?
Menstrual leave is a part of the employee experience in several Asian countries, prompting think pieces on the topic from The Atlantic and Slate.
HuffPost Live joined the conversation with a panel of women who spoke frankly about the idea. One of them, founder Rebecca Watson, took issue with the way the premise is presented.
“Just by asking the question, ‘Should women get paid menstruation leave?’ biases the listener into saying, ‘Oh, of course not,’ because you’re talking about special treatment,” she said.
But what about men? Should they get time off for a kick to the testicles that sends them into a tailspin of discomfort? Doesn’t everyone need an unexpected day off now and then? HuffPost Live’s panel tackled those questions and more. 
Of course, any conservative opposition idea is likely to be attributed to the fictitious “Republican War on Women.” Still, the very idea that paid menstrual leave can be equated to a possible kick in the testicles is absurd.
Women have their periods each month; men do not often get kicked in the testicles. While companies offer sick leave for a wide range of ailments, allocating a reserved “menstrual leave” sends the wrong message: those with uteri are offered a benefit not offered to those without.